K&C - The most sensitive person in Boston; The Celtics and Cavs are in a best of 3 5-22-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, May 22nd
Hour 1: Gerry and Kirk opened the show by discussing the most sensitive man in the Boston media and a tough loss for the Celtics in Cleveland. 

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Kirk and Callahan patriots start page three of their offseason program got less. United church gets a little bit of dental work done so with my front. Red Sox take three out of four what was left and it's the Celtics and he fractured his jaw get your teeth around it that is the startups go to you got a trivialize it. It'll didn't want done market Shalit cannot match singled with Currie committee has covered is not going to be here for the start of phase three of the patriots offseason program fraud. But it's a red flag that says all is not corporate wealth of weasel move. Used to be the patriots play it's no longer than it is the Brady way Brady's big man he's been a complete think about. That's going to be flying player and a slew of other quarterbacks can barely heard it right important Gerry Callahan half way. I have baseball. I got killed and it'll have chills even now just Terry Jo Lynn and Lou and Dave there on the call him an NBA logo that's actually. Jerry West. I never will then we don't know we'll see your problem on the game guys best two out of three to go the NBA finals and get better on Sports Radio telling you. I understand so obviously. You know we've always rules give us all the time we can't talk about this we can talk about that and talk this week don't like what this newspaper about what system that. So we're allowed to make fun of when order ways voice seems strange we can make fun of him correct it's showing him correctly can't do anything. Well I mean this I was tired not a fun with client. Those guys all right. So I'm always confused as we would be really certain level of these people are crying and moaning and sales this studio some salesperson was upset that some of the purse is upset and they GM's upset VP he's upset do this and don't do so. Or we beat him urged. Yeah I do you rarely say anything nice about anyone that's won and you your real charms tonight but it was at a break when data so think about four or form forward -- they'll make fun anymore true because he's got to take a seat and nobody else and he walks righted here you run by somebody portrayal I don't know he knows I love and he never complains he never he doesn't care at all he understands it's part of life part of the job it's a great reason for his success this past and their president can you imagine actually being in this job and and be like monitoring of things at once now I have no respect for wasn't texted Kurds and complained. Patrick you're a Gilroy this is confirmed that Gloria Hillard gallant confused but I think Roy means business -- about what. He was asking if I was really seriously when Kirk asked me to show that it wasn't a man that won a whirlwind being serious doubts. Members handle the duties of good radio talent I don't think he's one of the country's biggest stars and now now and I am and I can tell you he's not he's a nice guy and everything I like him. Is they tell people it's not for these tough you can run a marathon on a treadmill and that. Which you could never do I don't know he can do that I'll I'll let I don't know if I had 230 miles how's that for instance. That does sound rather like to mark and and just to do so I'll practice yet must release of a privilege and a must have been brutal god but to write in it and it was funny at some I laughed along with the one format our very funny. And and but it felt worse any number of other personalities on the station are details and pitch as an album as a 102. You know I'm myself a mechanism if I get to see. Dolan who talk about it doesn't care as far as I know not only that you're talking to some bonus I think he's a he knows the part of the job but yet the deal yet to keep on the radio it's apparently with the rabbit ears and say one key thing about me and that's pathetic correct I give Gilroy credit as he errors. I guy I guess here's a set that what's the Genesis of Chris in dollars as well which will recap Tabasco human. But just to recap I just say it's also from idol. Equivalent to implement series how's it was the Genesis of the soup to Roy's dog died and they are making fun. Yeah so on that scroll door discussed his dad on his dog dog and one of the other dead dog. Then India in the break. I saw something I've really got to do this because at some point here. It's gonna come through in the air and you guys candidate will what's wrong with the guys go so goes the last one you don't hear do we late night and for those you guys that don't stay up until 2 o'clock in the morning when he what do you think it's they're able to Whitney. Well we're here limited time to get really wild between one and two way ample get to the point we are just upset last week my dog is thirteen years old sick. And he required surgery. And big decision but we did it. Because she's a member of the family and a touch and go at that point infinite and she came homes this week and things looking better and tonight she passed away about our house before. I had to come here so I'm still getting over that and she was fine. 6 o'clock she was you know it's literally dozens on the god we'll he'll handle it I'll be I'll stay home you're the drug prize an hour and half we you have to quote the show yet Toby said you're on your on my company and global appeal and but but he spent now that is sad would they cried. They spent a lot of money on surgery. For thirteen year old dog that died how how much long after the surgery. He said he did we hope they hope to heck it's pretty lollipop sales and spend the money in the thirteen don't like Saturday it's. Been. That's in the thousands pathetic rent or. After mother or something what some zone happened right to the guys responded. During the week in San Diego. Whatever order we had its own issues and thoughts and mocked him for his dog when you talked about to enjoy it like he did not go boy he missed the show that I'm surprised captured. Put and would you make fun of me when my dog dies. I'm going to be ready to drop the gloves like you know that would mean if you missed shall because guys that's what happens dies at thirteen after you know some meager salaries haven't that anyways I was last let's was supposed to have also. Ten have a good run he's got us. He has I don't want to be. When in fact my son and I keep joking about this course there was it. A scene in Family Guy when they talk about old dogs and implement a pathetic it is and it shows them. It's as Peter Carey in the dog if you're the drugs the down it's not yet. Not Brian bright outlook and other don't care down the stairs he sold it became too rank so. He has the pull is pulling out of his wealth and put it in the water and showing that history can now I think he's okay yeah that's would you do you dogs really old. Right can't function can it get up the stairs he can hold its you know he and you say owns its okay you know it's it's worth it was. They're supposed to die at that age Patrick was Gilroy. The doors on the big big big guys make fun yeah officer earlier this was making fun of the fact that you were dog died he questioned. My saying that my dog Tuesday he thought it was an excuse for bad take I had a David Price to your on solely. Yes. This is what our final hour was this final segment by rock out the words nearly suing a little fluids are really guy or is this like men don't know I don't Heatley. Don't mess with. People there and their loved ones with the that dogs loved ones that I loved one I doesn't augur Petr just economic parents dying although I am and we're doing here. That's of the people out there that don't get it with threaded apps ER and England surprised me please pack well he's somebody on it now or any chance I'll. Beagle won last Israeli chance to dog was listen to Gilroy on the air to signal has jumped in front trunk exerted is that could have a huge problem with them rated. I wanna know how much money spent on the surgery because that is embarrassing you you do it I know as you know what I'd be embarrassed three times a week later a Philip fool. You know you're done in each heel surgery. Sort of yes it's sort of utility rates I don't know it's exec said some kind of surgery and it was well worth I don't want to limp. And he wasn't that holdings all the lights is sure there was anyway. Seven non he's doing great maturity to gripe session by the way they they said he needs the other one done the other whenever ACL dog UCL. And we put it off like to like a few months and he'll to colonel so and the word of warning to people when they tell you this you know. You'd think it through Gibson time for you might take such. A low blow I expect more from a guy like little little sincerity nothing. Means that that seeks to question a low baloney expected more. Clinton's white police no one ever says about you know never say expected more. Kirk minute off I'd I think it's it's fun George Doug. Well what's the funny part. Suggested this and he's Bosnian radio in the of the dock. On these cells lollipops and I'm missing anything. But you're way is still early is essentially today right now going is gonna happen throughout the show to say you know he's taking hits for other places I want people that's. Right and the you know he's probably. Have probably have. One of them better takes on the celtics' cause it's his life. The world's gonna say does everything I like it was a nice if it works hard I don't come thereto in the morneau is I feel bad I Adams opened up like 5 in the morning so lollipop and also back for people in the dugout and thirteenth they feel bad for Paul. Is this the use thirteen of them have for Doris Kearns Goodwin has been done what he's a good and yet that's a pretty good run yes it could win. An 86. That would England 486 yeah whenever you click Kia had a good time and again it says golf he was one of the most marvelous many of her hopes stores currents move that would six book is on the keep its right which means that you plagiarized from rob Bradford. Hit it Richard Lugar yet. To be what could idea yeah. It's but them. Is it is all you're here today is it's gonna go seven. And it is just as I predicted. I guess and it could cause I mean you would agree Cleveland wins on Wednesday answers over Friday shore right now the Celtics gonna hold serve I mean we're doing this dumping more of overreaction underway now and on the way home in Cleveland home game seven will be sent him angry whoever wins game seven I think windsors what which you know don't give some credit for this thing that got the home supporters believe that. Get it at home court in we all just a given credit for when to think about it. And we Cleveland coast and reducing you say it doesn't matter does amount of them LeBron anymore it matters to his teammates sure -- last year via that matters now it feels that amount as a slot Friday night yeah double that by what he needs of runs they go on runs and in the crowd matters when you're that kind of team. When you're three point shooting team that relies on. No momentum and emotion. You need the home court. And they've gotten and the gonna go to that game seven Sunday night Memorial Day weekend. At Sox hosted. In the afternoon. Topic yes or no but what is the matter. Matters to me I think they're thinking that most Americans on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend tonight it will be doing that maybe maybe that's how we use to beat the old days right. Larry when I get the old days people you know people are more balanced world. It and will then put it on the afternoon did you learn from your mistakes was correct in my guests and the ratings of the masses aside I don't like that time of not coming in monitored three more c'mon you realized in the gallery kept the game badly. Good he showed so gonna be and listen to Gaza is much different. So we're not gonna recap I think you will laugh from Clyde does cause Kirk who kill him he hacks out I'll feel bad for Kate nets. You'll have to dispose of the body. Happily here's pick in the ass the whole thing those pictures I showed you and me digging my grave for my dog. That was yesterday I sorted yesterday at eight it's not real life okay get a dog. You have to lose thirteen he died stop pouting cookie puss soft calling Chris Kurdish baby. You're lousy weekend show shut up and be happy getting it checked. He Doggett who's thirteen cape Coast Guard dogs I think Clinton or Jimmy Fund view. Okay this part of the job you make fun of us all the time people calling from my parents died without a much forgetting he do you why. It's this is the way it is republic Kurt Thomas I a couple of years ago I mean this is this is how it works. Why does take ten hours to do good dogs grave I had two dogs tied right in front of me. He killed my father veritable the backyard. It took them like twenty minutes to join the Q will what was is that us was that like. With so it was like it was it was a big red dog was a different. What we're died he died in Italy don't. Mean to put my ice in my years I was. Absolutely devastated that my wife starts texting she's in the car. Going to pick up some things from my dogs race and she says you're talking about you wouldn't slow go away go away years older drugs currently wag what is wrong people my father would even tell me win the hole like he wanted to put across personal BC there was dogs because we've for the and it takes ten hours. One neat things for his gritty. Things. Like an elaborate. Quarter horse. Favorite is favored bullet which while to get him gifts. They bow and treats. If they plan won't slow his push his favorite movie you saw the exit the Sturgis tasted just as Toby funeral Buehrle is for average employee dies. There's a carrier around the city where he says he puts it head stone in this among lose all respect for deal life like. I don't disease is that obviously is no such a humorous if he if he's totally he's not joking you know. I don't police are looking at it more from the stump we hear what or ways that we have Aaron heard yesterday but yet. But let them do Maloney you know despite all the average Al stuff that we've had all year long that people think this heated fight whatever I don't think Maloney lakes you know personally on Angela nobody unless it was classy enough. Two drop in line make sure everything was okay and any stood up for me with this thing with with Glen so it was Lou Maloney come to the rescue there you tune. Luke dropped from the line to offer his condolences. That's ligament parents wake or funeral by this important note. Questions. A woman you Gilroy a memo to friends I don't know. That's stupid average Al thing going every night exits not tired at all now. Now carried by the way how many shots he only had two in the first quarter. I didn't give bar feasts. To write notes. The may be he would he was five for thirteen average Ohio based terrible it's seven rebounds zero offensively throughout players last night. Now now. And nobody playable us thanks are for brown in the fourth quarter those guys aggression toward the end that was really at the beginning basically be game at all and they gave manage and you know moderately sure Howell. Lieutenant chip away chip to Richard toward she never got the sense last I ever even a cut down seven's at the closest they get sick twice twice said it was cooler never got the signal now okay he rose seven I never jury in the sense I didn't win I'm not go down. Mean it was again it was kind of a home court thing he knew that there were gonna hit some Big Three all those guys chair Smith and Korver. Well feeling good and obviously Tristan Thompson was feeling great to have it going on and by the way. When we were making fun of march games where he was on that show would to Marcy. On sacks Saturday. Must see who's Arnold guy who's out Cleveland is a self called acute nursing energy he said he was right now on the series and he said. LeBron James can't play any better that he didn't seem to William last night. Well I would present this is so exhibit today on how we can play better this. We saw the triple double in game two totally. This whole turnovers last via yes he turns the ball over allotments that the ball is hands you'll all the time seven turnovers three assists last. There and only on the boards for five full sized sports that these. Off Claude but he replay we patrol I'd play you play great when he wanted to back somebody in he he didn't have a problem back in guys and any also found I don't know. The three point shooter three best players in the court I thought last they were all oral we've brought obviously Thompson and Korver for shore course and by the way I wanna play via. Analysis from my Gundy in the big Indian and Jackson. Totally racist totally missed the dynamics of blocked shot. That was course 67. He's kind of long and lanky yes blocks a shot in there like aghast that I think it will wasn't just one they mentioned forty. Everything just familiar strip one ball no one was allowed to pocket when I was like him from behind us it is such a general good to strip the ball to block shots I was the third right. But he had one legit block. We had a straight up block on on there on the grounds that countless other browser brown yes yes it was brown and Annie and when we came in from behind which and we can do. As a matter you know athletic Q are many strip one. The went out of bounds they caller block against it wouldn't shut up and easily get jumping in the title plays out over the blocker isolation. Mean is it that we had a minute does that TJ McConnell some mugs bulbs be 67. These long means it's kind of Smart and that's a super athletic but these kind of machines and savvy cerebral. Yes he'll face again he's he sees a future coaches vote before a show us that that weird and kind of core how to block and then he dives for loose ball. And van Gundy again one like who's this great chose not great lessons I get chills. I'm gone. In the god guys taught him this which is supposed to do. He's supposed to do was Chris Rock would say that's what she's supposed to do you posted tried accessing and what did you go even that big twelve million here rebellion and you. The need to skate play basketball now I yeah I sure you're going to sort of a couple kids and every game who will do the picture you go to high school game. And there are ten kids on the floor at some kind of home we'll do that it's not that. Amazing. Please visit to. The festival but they didn't learn she. Is goosebumps is goose bumps. It is ripped his car can't overlook that on athletic team you know these what you look at a slow he's white that's why you. Hold it. I guess he's old dad for 45 years old 36 right okay see that but we watched Kyle Korver played music is the worst signal. But he is a run like Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe does not like a watch and some big stiff Flickr Mark Eaton is something to run up the floor got killed. Chill bumps because he dove on the on the ground on the didn't get the ball practice. Blocking shots slick for him LeBron had been to these 37 years old 67. He probably. We want to talk corporately you know movement of the ball and come off screen she's pretty quick he's still he's equity is held to show off immediately great last night. He's got to. Moute exactly how many blocks he does is amazing you know. Room for white guys. He's got a 379. Blocks in his career where they got decent I think it should be an investigation with whatever he said him against balked twice by the same guys 27 blocks this year. 379. In his career and I gras obviously a great shot blocker now amendments on his thing but I mean he just only if it was put his arm up. And play defense you know to can block shots he knows. If you try really hard to. A lot of times guys don't think you gonna. Contest what I would say the first of when he blocked brown strip on brown post and publish I was rob Rob Brown didn't expect that correct I was supremacy guides is. Going up going hard and doing it would what you have to do. The block a shot the other about the size he can get that was number one the other thing it's now being overs at all times airspace or let's listen I think that's myopia. Stevens Stevens it is but your life started there's enough marked my Mark Jackson. As and is a minor step enough again much Mark Jackson just Boortz out airlift air space as soon as big as space for coach ashtrays and forget collegiate coach. He says it too and it's like you know why is Marchex and there are I've heard there's do you get used to be there and the three started. He went to gold state toll flamed out to be fair the organizations and tatters and see it right it's true Robert Trent did pretty proud of him Roemer told the fine together. And for some reason they said was bring them back which I Bennett Jackson adds a no insight. Indeed no humor at all it's all cliches it's phony Christian Bob Wright should stand by right. Well I Williams at a you know it was there's some story about him and get them text I don't know I forget the story. Ryan gets suspended for that effort that two weeks from SP I don't think it lasted just occurred in a while it gets suspended for saying you guys a phony Christian because the and Barbara and knows things you know covertly for a long time. He's probably seen them text depictions of to a strip workers. Is that true. I would be kind of they run his own church or something. And it's a very Christian sending pictures it was gone nude pictures of Mosul in New York street redundancy tees that well okay. Did you sit humorless he's also more secure as dumb you have to be dropped if to be sent pictures you're naked body to some. Crazy stripper chick. No decision to send the F issues where. I don't know who's not that pretty. See. So what's wrong where would Ryan said. Is who because Jackson's work you ESPN that's an opinion. It's just understand but that again you're you're thinking like a regular person like a member of man right weasel. Howard obviously right we have been that way it is yes it anyway. Point is Jackson if they got these good breed is just agree with his breed is the principle he doesn't bother me you know outlets are saying he's perfectly and offensive Doris Burke is satisfied yes she's ever or a question judge. And it said that you desert thing you know her and blue birds the bills can be. But are breathing and you'll be all right candy is good he says some oddly enough they do it last that you ever. Think it was a big deal that that when he talked about the difference between Europe and the US in in the NBA. When you get like. It's semifinal. Brawn. On the break away but there was a guy back is two shots he said we have to do so but this is dumb and necessary files in Europe is to show Russia keeps the ball. I was thinking at that very point hope they make the game you know flow but this is Sony game whistles. 49. Fouls and 59 free throws which as you face a tough call would be electric from mom. From Marcus Morris because that's going to be a big deal today sure sure that'll be topic number one restaurant every complain about officials. You shouldn't complain about the Red Sox for all of us as Euro issue right there were an issue. In terms of the German repeated that did nothing new to us now knows your just your son was way too long and tedious game to get agreement that was yet. Yeah out of the game pretty boring as it was it was terrible not a great games bounced up and Stephanie good series now it's his. I was saying I was watching my son was at Portland when also zone and this is supposed to be brewing over the supposed to go around the Y conference finals so far this five game snooze. For games right now doctors news sports there's. There's a pollution. It I feel he's going to be the same way it's good news fair and I will lose paging doctor snooze I keep wins and I. They're gonna win. We're gonna win Friday night trying to Clinton's gonna win in the only X factors to LeBron go for fifty sort of talk with a series and they and and they that you and I don't know appeared over the last two games. No no audio so there was a Monday morning. Do well there's a game seven more about. Us that there's going to be gained 7000 yards up so market that. We can kill Ryan Moore and we certainly can't. With his best finish with a fizzle. But his kidneys sprained ankle that. He can bring the kitten when the seriousness. That that. Gilroy in Mark James when you're gonna Oklahoma Paris too loud voice isn't it remarkable marching into our show without us what would scare the heck out of me it was thrust he was scared to lose Monday night in addition to oh he's scared. He's he's going to be scared he says just scared they lose Monday night I lost these soldiers went on the air when we get to hear him again ending Thursday. Our board Thursday. He's scheduled to be there Thursday and was doing where was appointed James James. It reminded global. Boston Globe wrote I think we texted some girl listens and he didn't commit crimes just what Harrell what was Moses wasn't. We're gonna check that story can check it was a globe it was similar to the boots dress that right which grossed just I mean he was charged who'd be in charge of saying that the final yes or no one within you can write that. I supposed to be the editor maybe of the that the owner I don't know I'm new Vizio and they'll tickets. A primer or prime and subprime or glory would have had the final say on whether or not. They were right about Mark James and anchor and I think I think he wasn't in the sense he was innocent but then in this year. They painted in that portrayed him as in read you. Starker right he was just rooms interest in the Henley is a totally Jim O'Sullivan now and saying would put to us that he committed crimes. We're gonna separate them for the global real crips. And I'm only Martins was working with the was in Indianapolis power over now I would be. It's definition we came this morning when the elevators Jerry's are entitled Marcin and something and equities this marching bottles disadvantage that do not sit who's gonna do our show Monday morning you said mark K this is who's gonna do a showman and one a couple of hours Z. I holiday I do know what we'll be listening because it's the czar times six to ten who do you want doing the show Huckabee does best. Some posts of troubles she oh. These two each you trust them the best time at age Memorial Day vs movie you you're full you care I am telling you I don't care if you do know what to do list. You want to commend the facts no one will be listening know one person used it well then what if it's a epic games have. And people listen people on here who will be home for the holidays and consider the radio radio right Dickerson recount produce error the essence good argument sickness and in that Mark James and Greg Dickerson Monday morning that would be excellent doesn't matter to me. That embryo to mount Rushmore they'll. Nothing matters to you and cares a memorial don't initiative. Let's leave in the show's over today of course you do that every affiliates like I happen. I was compliment what we've. We're together you never graduates today via news. I appreciate that. 617777937. What are what people call on exactly. Who they want Monday morning. He with me do you need to hear from the man himself mark also if you like that and percent thing that we got Mark James although I think Mark James for show. Amish. On in the morning without us we. I know his wanna be witness now he's two. We need slowly duties dangerous one it made him a god father offer he could refuse. I'm looking forward to realizes we get template that we we have to always thought Colin. We feel like talking to or appointed a six point seven from the on the great yes yes 617777. IV through several. Candy that group we're doing we're here okay. So I do feel bad and I apologize a few days ago there was you know a philosophy and our analysts and I'm on Obama veto any British leaders and it. No Lou explain to us what happened this can't beat the boy as we're gonna now apparently demoted and told Patrick OK Patrick. All mr. gill right. Armed Lou was saying that he was prominently talking about the death of a family that during Red Sox review. I don't know but you. But I actually wanted to get. Worked out an upset not because the host dog died but the fact that once again. Jackie Bradley to do went all for four and had a to to know it was a loser of that record wave that has no no you know clients are bets a little Alaska's. To be fair and who wants much ado Red Sox stuff right yeah there's no way Glenn would prefer them talking about here it's obviously recapping the Red Sox we put some of bookends recap who's your day. We recapping. Idol and I did enjoy your guy at a mental breakdown over his dog dying or him to recount. Bradley junior that's an easy question and revenue breakdown Kilroy was crying was and was yes. And I'm so who's crying. You gotta go with that as opposed to. You know Jackie Bradley right now for three years and once having he give you as an option to send them down. He calls and that we get back or you get partial scores from the San Diego game from Berlin on blast. I think the show's been a lot of fond of you love come into work every day but that is. That's a great thing land that is right he's right right. It is a blast coming to work every day at all last month before them okay. Although ago we did again well maybe next week okay well we're going home. A big deal. It's one of those Franken days that have to sit here either but what you do let's take yourself it's called character because I won't be one of those days how that six was 7779. 7937. It hurts in the mood today can take with that your Jackie Bradley calls and Jerry can. Pocketbook for I don't think home court advantage and yes and Mark James has that and Kyle Korver a corporate grants and how Mark Jackson is trying to figure them about Texas Tech we get out of a certification for money is get it to me please mark Jackson's dawn pictures to those go public public as. A month greens went public. Number Tiger Woods I would look postcard would I would have made about him Woolsey Mark Jackson. I know to get. Is the point error occurred calls up a picture of these strange looking persons previous units traces of note I think he survived it changed a lot to. He was caught because he was being blackmailed extorted correct. You said pictures of himself to a stripper right that she had some partner and they tried to extort him for money to order thousand bucks six years later. It for him at some point yes you know I sent her unsolicited. Penis that's and I mean again he's got that it was a mistake he made. Recall Marchex in the Bible pounding found you Bob Ryan. I mean that's harsh on that's. We do you think about it I mean this is an example of who would physically attacked daughters and his wife. And literally takes the streets to preach the gospel. But also an affair with an extra for extorting him for his own dog shots is awful announcing. That the ago. I. Thought. Can a lot of hello Jonny Gomes and let's go to Tom in Chicopee what's up Tom. They. I got to allow them written Kirkland based beatle but it has. Among the mood for today announced its own talk one on board go for so imagine his parents don't know his telegram first and accurately if you. You are great idol is when you're not in any way with us really doesn't matter by. You are saying he's got scared in money morning church oh that not and that people are gonna it was a new what you record collector right. About we get programming which literally nobody listens you accept this trash anyways. Bright boy Graham okay yeah right. There will be holiday similar Monday recently you were charged booked Monday. Well we have a book the show falling ours is already set leading after talks baseball let's training Tomas. On Monday when I'm sad that what comes a Red Sox gave twelve point one thing led training do. Whether I hate users are gone I teach him I hate you I need you he. Is to be Clear Lake and we CIA or all have fun in the era it's all on the theater known unknown unknown in them. It's. Respect. Now on your children. It. Brought Iraq. Oh you chill what do you want to reform not just existing. That stupid job he has resistor potentially busy stereo wall. That the coast it'll work eventually I think he didn't he chemistry didn't get used to though all that's all back at it. The road success. Tom particularly mixing good point. You rip on Curtis all the time for the the lame weak and program and then. Monday is the same thing it's weekend essentially right. Same people are available I say put anybody and I'm saying we need to do better than OK we have this conversation all the time I agree support anybody that's fine I don't have a problem at the moment anyway here. But the scene here and spent time debating who's in got memorial shrivel you. Okay I'm just asking who's gone. Can't say and I suggest we are marching in a he's not gonna do so wells while he's not gonna do when I hear you're not here but we do Whitney. I would like to me here bore little surprised it would suck on the air crew. Who do we get to have yes yesterday so where did you model is able to Amman had to work politics apple part of the deal to be suckered you Memorial Day I don't think he's he was offended by the question usually if you told does that that it star if you asked if you did he do it. Is your ails the one last thing is superhuman. Jonathan Klein Adam Jones can hear from files with a team. What was who's who's who who's going to be who's gonna be on and who's going to be on our Mark James would do it without you guys here he'd be all right very awesome. The game oh I was so it does give people get so to Mark James and beyond in the morning. Who doesn't wanna work with us we put them on and try you beyond in the afternoon does organist reporter what my initial that's when I did ask marching hatchery and that's that's a reward right Martin. NC wouldn't work these are not ready Owens only lasts us hawks cocaine. You can be you never know inevitable curse was to get all the credit name you know I'm supposed to share credit it's decent it's whenever you intimidate Mark James tree I'm playing a wait and see approach these play noise in a kids. He's playing a wait and see approach I think somebody who commander. And I guarantee you we'll have great chemistry stocks after and a half an hour double edged sword that even matter up because of players. Through the prism of the glass half and who has beaten me. You tell me you're going to be entertaining. At all. All all all all all all over the same. Does an. Excellent little liked him commuting an awful awful awful awful awful awful. He will laugh like that when you say something remotely funny. Is just talk during the breaks and that's the gets I think he's been important to note Arcandor you know we just are the breaks. He goes outside and smokes docket seem like normally populate sport alcohol. The announcers talking security guys. Resign at practice every day able basket past I don't know what in the hell they're talking DB energy guys talking green wants to yell about the Western Conference player of the genius of Brad Stevens that does that and yes you'll be NBA will be viewed as a caddie. She get this guy on China was everyone says get them on these Islam. Russell Westbrook look guys yet. Who wants to talk hoops right I want to groups along you refuse to go what's the big talk from last night the home court is it OK Rex he's good at the Celtics played on the regular season camera is as if this were reverse of the games have more in Cleveland to be done. They would not win the opportunity go get swept a Golden State. Gold states can probably finished up a vibrant. Yes five mistakes have a nice rest all of the dollars a whole new ball game grow. And then hero at the end of the column it's now or never for the Celtics. It's just a little specially for brown and Tatum at that we feel like next three games is on now or never for Jason Peyton was like fourteen years old. So now we're never in any way if they have to lose two more. You know the plane home and then they win the series to go to the finals. Now or never. Would you say that horse and experience and when you say that if you're Kyle Korver. And JR Smith. And your last Stanley eagle runs leaving yet. Yes clear I don't feel like for Jalen brown adjacent if they lose next two games and their okay click on next year's gonna win like 23 games just seemed like there were fewer write the weave back and a lot of poor get them aboard pick and we will. And and screw that up. Picks them nineteen year old white guy from Spain as a matter of he's wife while I was about those because frustrating. At the top technically different card. So annoying. Because concorde is not the most athletic. Young who's not fraudulent as the white people thought of white people. Is that from white light to light blue player that white. Don't play that what does he do it what it is going through whom he no. Much that's what he's due to compete with the first. I think he's got a picture of some group of people. Whom we think that's right the front office of the cost of extra. And you with some that's the whitest cougars senior life. But they'll wag their finger you boil again nobody's business yes that's what they do. I'm when we get back ligament 500 for a friend Janelle who won an award and I just wanna be your first say. Weld as well as part of the board gave a tour and I'm proud vice president I'm happy to say that I was want to announcement yesterday her her award is called the journalist of the year my question was. When you were doing journalism well sure that terrible story when overvote a lesson from her grandmother right that is I would say she should credit Kevin Cullen for sure of the story. 2018. What she did that year we share the TV show that failed miserably went down in flames was canceled. Because the ratings so bad. I don't remember any journalism all the did was agree kept each lousy issue when she really writes sure in the neck and National Association of Black Journalists journalist of the year Jerry won the award in 2006 and 2011. They announced that yesterday she's praised for having distinguished body of work with extraordinary depth scope and significance of the people of the African. He passed that. He is Oreo. I don't know what that means utilized the sounds good and and there the quote from. From two Mel goes quote this is the biggest accomplishment in my career she's right I don't doubt that. What does she do to earn it through pretty woke. She was she woke she as she did one thing you know how she won this what you call Donald Trump at white supremacist right and didn't back down. Didn't them supporter or Kleiman anyway before the rights that were fought for in the civil war. The and a BJ at had AS statement about this she did all of this year provocative commentary your commentary gospel music. Her platform to address national social cultural issues she nearly broke the Internet last year she criticized president Donald Trump. Well somewhat since some like Rosie O'Donnell does that Chelsea handler does she did all this walk away created out groundbreaking rebrand envious peers you're mark Michaud sports that does not. It takes a lot of fellow and a BJ at member Michael Smith. I'm tired lots of black journalists who actually you know did journalism. Yeah this year like Gary Washburn over her I mean I tell a lot of people who like him to Brooks a story like one story. Would you say there are people I mean I know it's going to be lefty but there are two guys the New York Times and in the Washington Post New York Daily News and all these liberal rags who actually did journalism yes. Did you lose out to this woman had Rivera show was canceled because it was so awful we read of her it was a story she wrote in September about her grandmother right through Twitter trouble was awful. Awful thank you for holding this I'll I'll like it was hours ago third page story Kara are grammar there's less than as a lesson through life because she stole beer from was that the one worsens yeah. Yeah. She stalled who's eleven and she still be here from program of them yes. And her grandmother beat the crap out of resentment that say the statement that when the boss the over the Java SE six whose poked out of his mind. I was not a there was another note that though but it should they should be little asterisk next to SE six. Main purpose on the air. Totally Coke had just means is you know humble historically public congratulations actually. Yeah asserted oh yeah that's true wins big banquet Wednesday and ceremony. I'll become a good where there ball definitely maybe to be the same time you go to the talkers compared busy June if that's the case yet for how ladies of Freddie he's talkers all and points coming up coming up soon coming up fast of the Europe want to thank all banks can we have him on. It while we have go right to the top of the dollar little problem their Slaton is who they next afternoon in little food boys who knows insults. On right now. A large number twos there. Had no linger and you have that you don't want to be fair rob it's quite it's more heat it's. They're can't I watch like ten more minutes aside Felder you obviously emperor but there at odds read. It. It really does Bedard did more journalism this year the thrill hill. Puts out. Who on the it was for the previous winners every shot that's a good question like why she win instead of Michael Smith they were together our Bryant. Hope Bryant I Garrett you are bright ones award now. We'll check notes. Obviously when it's only ten times in a row or something to mix it up. What's it Steve Burton. And he does more journalism Cheetah Girls questions and sang. National association of Luxembourg called the present white supremacist he didn't because when he did not you should distribute career apparently no one I can do. Your father last journalist of the year yet it Ol Ryan last year terrific terrific choice Lester holt the year before I only woke. Nicole Hannah Jones from the New York Times on our awesome Stephen Henderson before Detroit Free Press wonderful Roland Martin TV one. You are Thomas ABC news Soledad O'Brien one point and then our brightest wonderful. Outrage catered Bryant Gumbel 93 great. Michael. I do not see our. That's some way let's outrage should win you should she won many times trying to. The great story last week of upload star spangled banner right as America's view right at Davos or that trucker in Indiana at the styles. Cindy doing OK okay which soft nice and gentle hands. Bryant can impose new big picture it does change the size 61777793. Cents. That's your play awarded it to get back to the Celtics as well but to get back into the dog story Patrick York's finest mr. Why do it's very I think it's very strange I don't get used to contain announced that the degree of your dog is you get cities could easily scared rabbit ears like crazy. Kris. Annika I don't personally do with him. Yesterday. I went I got them there. I'm Norma and next week right yeah Jason Cole stated we can Wear you know. Politically. Cleveland has procedures should stay away from him coldly as. You'll be encode and he's under an ugly game six on. Sent pictures of he'll be a reaction a well managed Collins or lose in Monday. It's up to you guys if you want market markings. It's up Jerry wants march since that's. We won't know that's fine I don't I don't consider all the saying it doesn't matter what political machines much else I want Dickerson and James of the goodness are materially terrible I would bring misread it done. Perfect that's. How was a second issue Euro was closed more than one. Build on the capital for Romulus. The app for instinct. Doesn't work and Mark James overreaction games that yes it's mine right what do think lose you'll two games. I Garrett you're not doing more to show more of a particular. OK I can be wrong I think you educators. With who Dickerson. That we correct it cost us yes we will exact low level as oral. It's a senior ex girlfriend. You wanna see her with Salma. Ugly fat gene peroni. I always items to 100 had to offer up the good Dexter Dexter Fowler powerfully. We shouldn't just to at some point. What now. That. Can reduce your extreme you know angry shows you just a little locker in the basement. You've been barking and I will be Alyssa. Will breed in three to. Want I'm going to be in western mass tonight let me know if you can beat up for today. Drink a mode he. Copy a mode he forced them. I've got plans chasm in the hope you enjoy your time. OK Il mode seek yet. I do Medicare like I'm via Getty it's OK I'll I'll I'll puff stuff safe and it's the most yeah okay of motif. I'll make sure next time to book an appointment. Ends I'll be honest mark I'm not sure that's going to happen. I've been really busy with my work and school I was open a network with you professionally when I gave you might contact. I think we run different circles and I'm not really sure getting drinks will be good idea. I really wish you all the best. I'll be honest sort of I'm a network TV anchor Angela and I asked obviously not carry a dock so. All. They're good for those tips if and when they do that you just ruined everything that he's not sure I was so excited. But of course all that you play and I'm talking of them gonna. Curtis and can. What you Damascus summit I think it TV anchor writes his last words to really lose capital Levinson loser with a bunch of exclamation points through. One year old girl that was October that was trying to be nice to meet him again commit these crimes is nothing really. Right now like Mark Jackson we talk with two mark's Mark Jackson with a K. Sen dog is there's so how does this like mark she's just said he just got rejected he can handle moldaschi. She's decades ago and he was so shootings that list text makes no sense she's this age. Would you be adjusted in going to deal for senate dinner with meat that is. What I would eat. The march of these particles and that SS mixed. Mark James that's John with the today's question are you ought to be working with him I think at least one show over. Over and don't screw that up to yes I'm over in your absence. We'll do a deal would come in Monday Memorial Day you want to film work. I think we should just you know. Cut marching in some slack I agree that I don't have any issue I mean it's eat beef looks a Canadian to so why he can't handle rejection suspended for this and the Boston Globe who to be fair bit holy clean history of sexual harasser I can't think of anybody. Starr at the top working all the way down like they can be single person senator Reid detects whether you recently. Whether it be yesterday a year two weeks ago or a year ago yesterday or yesterday or two weeks ago I can't think of anything. Without it well in the united yesterday so if you go all way back yesterday typical one. So they they are located lagged it what did they write that this is too is a we have text and you get the globe story. Because I think the goal was unfair of which grants micro boutique what was Mark James ware in Texas. We don't you ever heard my sexy voice on the air before. We'll make mistakes don't care who's driving drunk it's OK right is a Mark James McKay here no society see it Cecile. I was confused this this happy clarifies that I should you curtain to case is a bit of people still call me Kirk. Yeah a little while you know it is not like coach you know keep softball team of the parents who are great two nights ago 611 response. The Rockies go Rockies that's Smart witty C team won a Paris had to meet Kurt the other night steel 43 years old man of great call from wealth still did you snap at them did you bite their face off. Not and that and I never corrected some surely people spoke in June launch sites they'll they'll. Shoot shorter than just did you say whatever and whatever else of course in Cali and yes it got us out Orson Callahan what did you say Jerry mortenson policy Gerry with a G from now. And yes that don't want to do it's well worth it had to change your second spark change is thick accents you breeder he's markets real first name because I have no chance notes it's Leslie van wart. They are witty soggy here you know whatever. They analyzed over and Harvey are. All well well. My name is Mark James that's mark witty siege came easily and you wouldn't wanna hear that Monday morning came set right up until I get a call for Iran I've done today with the an energy on what I'm am a map you know some sleepy weekend gangs or him. The stock KO nationally syndicated radio host was happy personally. Okay you mosey yet almost hit you from precisely the nerves or emotion. But site. Your with the tail he walked out. Mode he. A motion mode he. Is years ago when we get to the globes it's just unfair mean congress no interest in young lady my difficulty one should take at a dinner. The consummate a deal I mean it a dinner. She's unknowns and national TV anchor yes I was at what was he really pours in essence that is like you know. Hello hello hello soak city and some of those. Coaches move onto the next you know. He sluggish and probably. Yeah and he lost his job and restaurant is yes for autographs at the Braves locker room that she knew what I was as the pictures that it's that it's a country like this. Yes but you'd you'd never criticized some of fan of his work you can criticize anybody you didn't like if they could which skated in the land before you devour him I think it's too late for him at his or just saw that it is a card. We get them. Monday you know we're gonna get the ball as good. It's obviously normal well adjusted guy like mark I want my change sounds. Not exactly like that but I could see you may be being in like group therapy session with him to. Like march because you both have issues to deal with who should make fun of him at this point I went to the mean I think of crossed that point where he wants to come appears that those were made fun for me he's not a morning person. And quitting when he's entertaining he's entertaining for two minutes equipment being smaller it's just not being stupid. Slow response person calling him an old guy who brought the in my equipment in my commode I respect that yes things whose gonna answer snappy. We. All right I'm I don't know you cost I don't see why you wouldn't turn that town he's listening right now. She says he's heard everything's already probably made up his mind I think he already has something in mind to this point since he is coming. This note is a lot of people out there of this ice in the morning show good thing though. There's going to be epic meltdown in your book the last went longer sure I would obviously I would quit right now from marching users showed a loved ones show the permit. But I don't know what it'll he's great. He's he's he entertains. Yeah if you you're mad dogs great thugs off the rails and some kind of Mark James Connolly. Younger Matt. I think you're overeating marching ants. What about what you and Mark James Mundy who. Great to be great show. I perform a 100%. As measured for that show about I'd sent to. If Lou Dickerson. Or butch with Mark James arrival Dickerson will be Monday morning more and so I'm I'm. So so what mark changed to a long march and did not want to Muncie on the other day nobody talks. What do you think what do you think his last fall to lessons on what you guys look marching races. Probably. And some biography. Of wrestler cancer silica. Bobby a little in the brain all the voices I don't know different programs vote quote mental book easier if it's wrestling right now it can't be wrong you count that because newsletter and details that cuts through the belts are superb yeah this exact count. Barry has what does Johnson kids' books doesn't end there you go patriots this thing is stalking Johnson is stocking escrow for what is this is all they have reality showed a little thing. She's not. No option between now and yet so these fans whose whose tax here right like all the time right this movie that. Whenever he talked about. All the artists I'll be on network as mediator tuxedos. Well the fact that you claim your busy quote be easier than me is a joke and almost an insult is the notes that this is not true. No need for the disingenuous. Paction rising at the end users got married ones never do that just to get the afternoon though. It took me two for drink. She also has a hand demotion after he says stop and go outlook and stuff like a policeman with a crossing guards stopped loser. Last general says this because this is video and pictures right she is dealing predictions hold definitely just to be adds up from margins you're on she's coming on so does that it just let's be clear which he does so she wants and publicity. We just awful she released obviously for it. Not that you reduce all the pictures of the video organization released a story that you wanna get rid of guests. So she's still hold on a suspended for us. From from NASA that the I don't think I believe it tees that's right he's everything wrong I agree as stupid and need to see the video in the pictures before the general Alyssa. The breed holy Grail. The issue did want to he spent for a week that's that's it. Yeah. It will assume you do better in your Wal-Mart peroxide dyed hair goodbye Goodridge who supports its wrote that's what we're wanting to you that this guy on. You do it right tell you I grab your crotch when a drug you have to act entertainment eligible that is established history. But again some immediate listening right now here that sent out an email to people like it's real. Let's and that's just to give an idea what we deal with every day crap like that right right and we can we do nothing right to know what has our back no one has served just just want to be. Some people do but not the right people oh. You know I don't know because with a T. And ends with a Y. Don't mess around. I would wanna do we get back ready. And a few little losers let's regrets or refer wreaths on real effort there for mom but he Kennedy when the bad. You make other refs in the start of the charts are targeted as a reverse the refs sucked you agree with that wouldn't. Their meat to a couple replays when there is a no contact at all concerned they should do within the proposed review mall I missed that call the one they talked of for twenty minutes the one where. What's his face knocked Stephen down. The ball ball at the ref yeah Obama's wonderful account and half right. Meanwhile the nothing came of the possession didn't match and how they get the ball back right away to move it for the gig every play. But tour lots of bad call war they weren't all against seldom we got screwed last I don't know we did not just we do and pins today. When that peroxide hair rafting to go away in the yellow. Poetry about Scott Foster as five you have read we not really no chance he's fake he's the fix for the NBA began as tonic he called them 127. Times. The Jesus I'd 617. 777. Nods resembled that we get back Wellesley Chris we toting man as going after Tom Brady yesterday really column all sorts of names floated out. British it was a big national story again. Maybe somebody can come what is a big deal I don't know defend them. Yeah not applicable do that.