K&C - Mut and Pete Sheppard are all about content 8-9-18

Mut & Callahan
Thursday, August 9th
Hour 4: Mut and Reimer close the show talking about Pete Sheppard's new feature 'Breakfast with Pete'.

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Skirt can. Amber's mom blonde named John seeing. California. And sick about what just happened Brian Jones felt sick and it. Okay good he was surprised that after Russian point of the walk with one down there was no activity at the Goldman. Ballgame over the right side where there's six little lull in Toronto with -- committee had not heard pirated ones. Good morning everybody it's. You should ever going to be a new feature call records would be great and I'm like you're being you can find and repeat I'm all for good. Quote whoever got the smoke free agent the courage to get room template prepared. You. And Gerry Callahan Tom Brady is one of the lucky this quarterback players of all time dumb ass and I don't know how to don't take away points. Tom Brady had fumbled at some of the biggest moments in big game. If Tom Brady Sunday we thought we'd lost the Super Bowl this year you're. And then against the raiders don't roll of the child never think that. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. We'll get to our rob Parker at some point here in the next half hour so much Roemer in four Kirk and Gerri at 6177797937. A mixed bag today for our friend. Peach shepherd started off on a I'd say sour note it has to be for Pete are driving an early this morning flipping around see what people are talking about hearing his Cold War is co host. I cried she men from ESPN Fort Myers doing excellent work on national ESPN radio in for Michael. We play and every bar I ever got out west but just what they're trying to battle. This dispersant and Toronto ESPN radio on ESPN app courage and exit in today for Michael junior glad to be here the second time this year for this show and a but if we hear a few more times for the month of August is. Yankees now down to a hot and housing how to Ian Ian Curtis that's not that's an unfair comparison. Proud and three. 2132. And the first of three. In Toronto. Enjoy the rest. Your Thursday of three in Toronto Siemens has broadcast the sentencing song he voiced its funny radio you want three. To Joseph and champ. And the call right here on the go Red Sox open three to. This flies than any cheer this was in the face vote we've heard in what we thought. But the pizza pretty achievements as we all got here that Pete was this program. I thought it's gonna show up there like a hurricane in South Florida Alex and take over he'd be doing. TV spot like that Sunday night's final local lie yet channel four. Do in the radio show taping of southwest far and appearance at a car show restaurant live broadcast all of it and she minutes and should be pushed out the door. But now he gets the shot idiots maybe Siemens that money's England to push. Heat out that. I could see it now maybe his ego getting a little inflated announced a guy who he followed and remodel it junior this is where you've been critical ESP in the past you right that they sort of do the cookie cutter. You know everyone expects him to do what they do it this is of a moment to hire somebody. And given to somebody opportunity outside the box has been critical capacity SPN's the flaky coverage show Boston shall football world. Okay we can make mistakes but also bring somebody was touts the critical loss before yes yes but again I think adding they made to this. If you missed too risky well a safe of that so Pete or instead won't be on with and for goal he'll be in front of his. IPhone I guess I guess. I'm assuming it's optimist and I think a sport that's ridiculous but it was two so well my mistake yes the practice of Pete that is. Segment that is beacon it. Started a couple of weeks ago and to be a regular thing however not a second one that's why. Infection perfection takes time can take awhile and you were part of a podcast that Jerry cal and they get one episode out there and it happened had we gotten opening. With talent and never never guess that it one episode. Of our work there it's a yeah I mean that's an art yet another thing that works so maybe you don't premier revolutionary idea injured at this are gonna talk politics on the pod you guys never do that you guys get it this it used to take the Trump's side I typically take the opposites to be fair don't edit there's a big podcast push at one time and I can see. I can see out some level that would've. Sounded good to say outline how about Alex and Jerry. Talking politics for twenty I Jerry committing to a podcast every week and again it sounded good to like exact in the but at the execution of it as much effort and how they unlike. Can I am I gonna tell at this point I was here a couple months and it's I'm in its military's catches podcast meet. Ideally as has happened where they'd hate. Eight he Jerry King can you stick it to our podcast now. He's going to surround might act carry a monthly Jerry was Jerry which is the studio so long case of the I'm fine Mike is in studio to. We're gonna do on my iPhone today at the studio over there right back there college. Heavily cherries sell but. I admit that impart this thing I've I said yesterday it is great idea had I want this court in Callahan. He want to listen or don't I don't think revealed that on the air yesterday you tie you know I did on the ad because with the one of the thought I get off the CNN. Ridiculous round of the with the trump supporters former top supporters I thought. Let me sit down Kirk and Callahan. And hosts like a lake a roundtable. Town hall. On the show what they like what they don't like this about the not about the inner the ball and killing Kurds to like Ken. Bull rodeo like on the the cathedral treaty and right now there's no it needs no it's it's mean you were people that spot he's. They supported you in the past but now no longer there wanna apologize the world purple or three oil anyway Jerry adds support me now they don't. It is a lot of people I think there is yes I think the tide has turned so I said that. It was wrong. Apology not accepted loser. It's like the idea staff for Gregg the well again. Nothing that the idea it has to be on radio. Now does does the exits contact content they'll be good content. Settings are a teleconference on their knees if you if you like Bradford and it's it's something that I am I thought for today. Long odds are that's light and that's right we have to do more which is why you saw this hostage cells which are terrible but I'm not doing does not as popular and thousands of views but. Car bullets so to his credit Pete has the same feeling I'd be content content content we took out his phone and boom. Practiced with Pete. Came alive. Question and I'm gonna go through kitchen. Are due to parts of this is you don't question me. You're the best not made my best not me anyway not yet. I've got a lot how how how what's what's important is how does his unmade bed. Price is right is a spent in the kitchen no is it but there's the video might capture the bell right out in an issue. She's. And think we've got that oaks farm victory advertisements and a great job. That's it Tsongas McKay. What it omelet with some bacon and had. What exactly that Maltby and she loves to have good relations board prepared or be W. These corrupt. OK again I defer to Chris curtains so I understand got that fought out bacon cooked it. But is it easier to cook at room temperature the cooking it's a cold out of the fridge now frozen out about. Out of the twelve minute video I would say eight minutes on bacon hollers when they're the best way to prepare him. I have never been taught how to which is still in it it's done in by policy on an almond baking in the oven. 400 they can for 415 minutes in the other you'd put a connection conventional and click real late and I like my basic bacon crisp. So don't Christmas smoke break and other bridge should get the room camps or cricket or via W. These corrupt off. I'd I'd I'd never picked speaking in my life I don't know that doesn't sound it's me well. Ticket deep dive into his TV habits he talked about iron chip and an regularly loudly as you Soledad and it's on network. Last night again Washington wants a lot of baseball. Wives I Russia America well rats I've gotten lately twice so do we fight at the layers one minute delay in Washington Bateman talked reviewed and there on that at all that can be some socks but hopeful. It just I've objectives are on board it's not edgy enough. Two of the regret it cheaply because I understand. My laptop here from me. Look for in just. You know you're about what's going on so that's about it. Presets are out of watches sports on TV before he goes and goes and does this work yourself that's good putts that I thought I'd. I listened to station lied on at night I was in the stations and initiate I don't wanna play is hot and we doing I have to admit maybe I'm doing wrong. I am never sitting down and Sally boy what is ESPN talking about what is NFL network talking about I figure if it's important enough or I might react to it. That it's going to be played some world. We rarely in my life in the background so never. But never experience. Different mentality in how local program hi all day here and WB I don't think that's the case to enact. And so there react aren't gonna okay so it's not so it will show you supporting for the national debt totally understand that's a fair apple what is what is get up gonna do that I wanna react then you have spent most of their mourning today. On the NCAA candidates and their new policy on college basketball. Which no one in Boston cares about one ideal and its own Packard and I mean adding that ease the ease policy changes are made you. You did it yesterday and you know they are all it would this was the big national story this was it quite Sheen and broke the scalpel memo went yeah me at this and a boost the does not distractions yes. So that. There's nothing you're gonna get from that. What what is he gonna get I guess if he's doing and ashore on Florida and dole local programming to get it. But even that out of this and there's other locals I don't know. And other local chosen Fort Myers I was there so she goes to see what they're gonna do and make fun of those as a terrorist attack but I think it's I think it's funny idea on its two PC's on two completely corrects social worker was that he was the idea. Again this is a battery to say out loud I'm shore. I've never sat down and watch like full forma. Good morning football and always on the show another woman who worked with Connie Curran. And at Comcast is on that so I Adams and hay Adams. I know Kyle Brandt was the former general producers on that show I'm under support him room. That was so interesting that a guy went from producing national showed becoming a personality critically Chris Curtis will be with some apps so that's sort of I've always found that interest and our interest yeah. Yes. To a lot of producers gold certainly into the dollar it's like this all about horses former producers who know our hosts. A okay. I don't. I don't want the other guys is Peter Schrager and his name and and as a fourth person which no I don't forget their April they and yes they say he's conceit played the NFL. But our sat down watched that show you we are media critic you must've I've not I've never seen it. Now chugging watching without help me do chose here and help denounced him. But that's Pete's morning and it compete with the beginning when intelligent illiquid kinda get all I'd just love I don't know how did I just a little peek humble brag here trying to promote what gets Alex a little after 6 o'clock here and let's play its first. Everybody this is that the shepherd from gene Sheppard going to be a new feature. Call records but Pete still on this less. Part one yesterday so far so pocket. About this that when one of them warning had been almost an hour. Banks not a. Stop at. Seventh wanna have been up for almost an hour sort of say I got parolee and now ready to work he not it's a humble brag. You'd be hard oh Bradley all I got up early to do to draft my show that's that's why Tony with Tony right. Yeah absolutely but the thing that I'm that I take with summit at the content decides so it's so basic I mean it's what you would imagine peach Shepperd as in the morning on briefly do in the morning cook our breakfast watches I was on a video filming it eighties and is happy and it's it's as the guy got to see someone gave you the idea people let's again content content content right we wanna see you behind the scenes you have to give people little bit we're gonna Q bigger personality or the station. People wanna see more of you off the year content content content yes that's exactly when you teacher adjunct journalism course and that's what it's going to be I'm trying to size suburban teach that content content content and I don't be used at some good classes there may have little boy utility for music he must see Nancy. Yes and no thanks I wanna go to a good state school fight summit on the UConn. You go back to O'Donnell I would love to teach class you teach a class that you Kanye did not then not herself like you are so we drier contract and it might not nice of semen at night. I could do I drugstores in the morning yeah do it like at 1 o'clock classic come back and do this. One offs professor met with commuter can do it professor mutt professor Matt and ski. Urgency take hits. This coming and that's exactly what this coming Monday let's go a little road triplets all let's have class outside an X on a cool professor or teacher about radio. I'm on at night. We should get up at 7 o'clock and cook bacon watch these shows in the morning. It waits. My dad ran Gregory. Unbelievable. Who like good morning football. And I wish Peter burns and Marcus Spears was if you see network in the morning but that now. Mark spear okay he. I don't know who either one of those people are. Who who is that. You're veteran Gregory. Unbelievable. I'd really like good morning football. And I wish Peter burns and Marcus Spears was on at UC network in the morning. Marcus Spears is to play for the cowboys. Do you line to SEC network in the morning. Listen we. Get a search for all the content I guess so Curtis have been the I a but the sound was awesome good for Pete. I hope we get a second episode results obviously and it's second episode three weeks ago you've written and I think Curtis like this interview better can you want it it's you who Rosie interviewing you so excited about Pete who. It's Joseph dec I had one question announcements. Complete separate excitement shortly deadly pretty sound on the fly while what we wanna get to that. Want you to what in the show I think we missed Aleks what we we we broke down that that things to watch in the pre season from the Boston Herald the special teams punt ballad I'll be very exciting we had to make we make some predictions yes on pre season games that these these this show is about predictions in football and that is wanted is a patriots pre season Thursday. 6177797937. Forays back in the office. Watching football game and all fired up this when he gets to be start today on The Today Show mobile what was side Lou yes the Red Sox won. But football season our season until February maybe we'll get to that and more Pete next coach ECH. Oh lead entering its thirtieth season it's unbelievable. Could come in ahead. More which can see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Let's welcome of the program Jose Jackie voice of the canes Joseph you bet I joke you guys. We are good stead opponents and a I am so looking forward to a through their recent court you're developing and also. This is that they have good running back through that they have your Travis homer game featured Alison and threw a great. I am very excited about. These multi. In a plethora of options here for Mark Richt and and Thomas Brown appointed coordinator bit. There's a lot of talent on this offers right now. I would be surprised if they don't score quicker. And he is locked in on McCain they have all applied throw arm bonus of talent they're running back and wide receiver. They're loaded this year so eyes watching as Xena. Without access. He's got the college annals Annan who is Marcus Spears and who Peter burns repeated the check and busted. And Hillary's I knew Kyle branches I wanna clear this up and not I don't listen. I don't listen to general. Kyle Brant was on one the original real worlds you too young for this but it was like real world the world once one of the more famous real world's I think he was on the real world's I knew of him. And sort of I don't know why I knew that he showed up on the Jim Rome show on his career is eggs with a a related to. No not at all he's relate to Gilbert. As a grandfather. And so courtesy guess that's why I got on the NFL network but. He's one of the hosts on good morning football and he was on real world. That's telling force I tried out for real world a couple of years ago. When I first graduated from call they made a mistake what you want I was unemployed and large I think you would have been the guy to show that I just. He did you would have been on the guy and the shouted at its yet all my guiding all your money holdings rich Katie went to be you when he's trying to make I would all statements that I really isn't a great agents and I was gain in cheese me can you believe that. It's shocking bit of a real or producers human mistake is that she'll still on the air they still make an estimate yeah. I don't season ice to watch every season I'm not watching probably 1015 it was it was at the spire is the big tryout he went he did like a two minute like it was a big round table in the past due to a three questions. And then if they thought about calling you back people do sat until your picture. My picture taken of nice accent has never he never had to produce a video now do that again the answer that question at Sox got a copy of it yeah no video no. This put another embarrassing videos and clips of me which have been and yet you have time you explain where real world producer. Why you'd be good on the real world would be perfect for I'd be so glad I should I'm so it's a ball like the I have a good time I am but just like time to myself. Again to be quirky little Tia today yet to show all sides. They'd want weirdos which is good at me or people that are OK with confrontation confrontation is good for the real world and you're you deal with that every time you want to show. We have an excellent for that match so do I thought about it bigots bigots thinking. Ky and Alex I'm a radio host and this crazy things that some stuff about the quarterback. I'm ready when my air conditioners are working on my parents say I'd what tonight I'll be back in this moms I'll be sweating might you know me you know what off in my apartment tonight. How are going on every ten minutes like toughen up playing needs that tonight he'll be locked and loaded on patriots and Redskins 730 kick off for Gillette Stadium everybody wants to know. Who starts the game tonight Alex is it Brady. Hoyer at length creates respect. Unity at first he's not playing. Brady like where couple hours away from went to Jeff how tweet. Sources say Tom Brady's not playing tonight Brady is barely Thorne a priest Verizon's is why he's not playing tennis is lies get a plate for a couple of series to. No Brady no way Adelman it's going to be as we know rock yes Brian Hoyer Anderson's point twelve lawyer the first half and the idea yet when show so with some days I watched them -- And rats in various. That's that's that's the reason why he's asleep they he's ironically from Miami we just play that great Pete Shepherdstown double the Miami receiving corps they lost a pretty good player. In various keys here and seen as the next great slot receiver for the patriots also might return punts. DL a lot of burials talk tonight really was broadcast is the I don't know off. Post I've no idea. So much that's that's my focus tonight is I'm be locked load on special teams. Sorry Matt Chatham I'm watching a punt on the offensive line play what what did this bit what is the what's that chemistry between say when you Darrion Scott obvious sign that the areas of Brady. You get out to a good start this year the first four games without Julia I want to get into special teams and cute for you an idea logs are much in the punt Ryan down and who's his team being against. If you can't name the player I'm not in name players how was a chess match can't route the slash and that's the issue. The rookies name is. A botched this. I'm Corey. Oh boy. Meets is that it's. Is it. Boje requests budget was OGC as my guests. On future ritzy Ryan down verses yet Corey. But bush requires. Just it was a squeeze this that the the punter battle opponents of non battle likely to narrow channel and watch chewing on the main headlines last week some candid comments about his need not he's not the I don't have football legs yet. In past years on a patriot players have not receive snaps in the first priest in game animus played the pre season to 2013. So I look at it and I'm nitpicking I mock the soft today. Bull orca is probably when you pronounce imagine how would you say. Bull markets blog archive. With two of the jays NH justice Spanish. Logical eyes said both requests. Yeah he's saying to. And I'm saying the dog I mean I'm I'm botching it maybe I hope Curtis gets it right or wrong I can never announced and it's ugly out while having wonderful for our soccer ace Kevin. We'll come back and wrap up to get rid of the mid day show next we're back with more off Kurds in Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. Care about each other that no. There's only so many more of these nights left. It's about you home they're faceless opponent and they just happen to draw the short strong enough. Get your press is ready to play. Well great what came through. Get your wrapped up. Patriots and it Redskins tonight 730 kick Angela I got patriots 2013 win Roemer. Lou patriots enough beds skin's way Curtis 1713. No little draw on the like that.