K&C - Mut and Tomase argue over protest; Kate "Beckinsdale" makes debut 10-13-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 13th

Hour 2 Mut and Tomase continue debate over anthem protest and Kate "Beckinsdale" makes debut. 


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With core committee act and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. It's a very involved in this time we need to be in position is it because it is very sensitive. It is chipping away popular sport there are people who worked for all. What's happening here people canceling their direct TV subscriptions. To big deal I I don't know how it turns out. I guess we're gonna see more and more teams try to help out the players to give them the support on the issues that are important to them. And look I think the owners are looking for certain support so that they don't. Turn off fans and sponsors. And based effectiveness of the game and that is the game by the way also picks the players because for every dollar that the league is liquid. 48 cents goes to the letters. Waiting he's waiting. Is waiting he's waiting that's another word out obamacare is a broken masts. It's on fire 325 minutes is up about a month pride in his enjoy the rest. Of your Friday presidents' trophy is doing today there are no there are three tweeting bill rallies all in on there. The rights of free press is vital to protecting all Americans corrupt press. The images of the republic. And Donald. Wonderful as this program now. Couple forty point five million frankly disgusting let's wave the press is able to write whatever they wanna write. It is kinda rich to have. Fox and anyone associated Fox News saying you know meteors an actor's show me in an article on an example where a lot about pars as corrupt as NBC was in this story in this -- -- about O'Brien himself and O'Reilly bail out people they pay you know put Roger Roger Ailes and O'Reilly c'mon they weren't killing that does not lose and I I'm I'm not talk about what Weinstein didn't park mall in DC did. When NBC did was try to control the news of protect their friend Harvey Weinstein and there are guys Ronan Farrow who by the way. We knew all is said and done no one has to look better than -- affair I don't think minute I'd just as he looks like Sinatra opposes the bubble headed bleach formed. I know he sounds likes an out and who's got a good voice but. Mean he literally took the initiative can you imagine that Amanda you couldn't put littler hiring his own. Camera crew go into The New Yorker and he claimed The New Yorker didn't change anything NBC said it wasn't ready to. Rare the story. New Yorker ran it as is actually fair and enforced by the time they got to hold the times that are true. On cap and apple but that's another reason NBC. Should have. Could have. Run with these great big explosive story they didn't want to they are corrupt they heads are gonna roll someone's got to play with is job one of these. He knows Comcast NBC honchos whose tighten the Weinstein was product that protect his friend. I walked into the door at The New Yorker with the aid. An explosively reportable piece that should have been public earlier. And immediately obviously new Yorker recognize that and it is not accurate to say that it was not reportable in fact there were multiple determination that was reportable attendees. Hello summer it was looks like social body was due in May be is do we do all the jobs is straight story. So is he woody announced it and it's an actress and this is much to Hanson when he yelled but he short shifting east and national elections though. As I signed to an interview with Jon Stewart on here so laughed in my personal heroes and like he was looking up let's do. SM is a those the only two candidates would be frank yes in Mia farrow's ascetic I would have been for a close frank. That's a question. It's got to be frank there's no way Woody Allen could have a kid this kid is now he's not only handsome he's pretty Miami's. Fighting not just a little off all right I'll that's what it also. I. Woody is pros sex and sexual abuse that whenever Ronan. Says he probably by the rules would be yes the primary. Does he hate he does lately and it wouldn't matter his own daughter yet the vote and my sister is now mine moderate. And Daria. If I had a hard time but I don't know if we'll learn more and he's not but right now he looks so good looks so you know. Smart and I didn't think he was a meanie and it's a Rhodes scholar at the at a phony baloney gritty job at MSNBC. And and I couldn't get rich from how you are Euro credit she put them on the air. And to make her bosses look that give them credit. We really wasn't its public that. Attack their own let's see now they know that Baylor they learn from your success the show is doing so well other shows and I'll start always packed audience there Rachel meadow Kirkland and my dad tendencies. That would be a good hour did she do an F Mary kill about a co workers on her podcast. I she did too she is she'd marry now she is following I'm Kirk with that but you urge chapter there. And this is that this is gonna be story you you just set off the year Jerry is the cowboys are violent this week. This is not going to be story's going to be eventually when they play big it's it's a story this weekend New York Times has it goes the most divisive. Brands in America and a right there at number seven the only brand that is not tied to trump or news coverage. The seventh most divisive brand in the country is. Now the National Football League is go back to September 23. When it's protest activists have little device that can the list to number one is. Divisive brand trump or defensive disenchantment. Now reemerged in this in Asia they do we say device that same errors Euro list of I called carousel this Morocco so what you expected this have brands as this is kind of a weird poll but they do poll among voters yet. Clinton voters from voters all voters and what's most divisive. And number one as trump hotels to CNN three NBC news that pick is Paul before. The fall of the house of Harvey. I would so why would Dem O president Ford in our time now MSNBC is its own separate five MSNBC. Six Fox News seven the NFL medical ABC news Huffington Post CBS news check full eighty. Number eleven to open up on Sunday's thirty owners agreed Christian. Twelve Fox Business there I write Bart fourteen Cabela's. Let's Cabela's device and even know Campbell the outdoor place when they aren't so does it. They'd. Actually course so guns it's hunting in the Phishing attacks are selling hunting rifle is or could this have. This is an anything involving weaponry. Why did NBC's report knows or is it we're which ones in Foxboro that I think that that now that statements and approach I think it's an company now it's like they're always just fidelity one night in East Hartford race for the UConn football the run but I think Cabela's and as partial. I think the same company check that are. They probably. But anyway. People think the NFL is once unassailable and untouchable and you know just too big to fail. And it's and it's not fail but you know and could Dell's office it's a whole department of being count as a PR people and empty suits the ones who let Goodell have the pizza first in those two rival Brian McCarthy you have guys yet how worried sick about the effect of Trump's and that of times campaign against them they will have. Well on the big picture plus the kneeling it's not going away. It every time it seems they're going when something happens. Before trump is a couple of weeks ago expelled son of a pitch off the sun real sun of a bitch thing took it to a new level there was four or five guys kneeling the week before than it was 200. And that's fading away again and Jerry Jones says if you knew I'm going to bench you. Which I mean I'm W boo when the cowboys play a week from Sunday right yet. Mean I can't wait to opt to act Diaz. Xenia O he might be suspended be out but so I don't restarted because those guys or one cowboy supporters said those three players who have three leaders of the team. Were not anywhere to be found when seated there every Wednesday by a weaker not answer questions and they avoided the media coverage because they know. They're gonna aunt and be asked questions about this already evil with a bye week this is going to be an issue I think much like the players stepped in the middle finger to trump by kneeling down a couple weeks ago. You're gonna see more players Neil this week as a middle finger to Jerry Jones one player was asked what happened and he said it would be. Very very divisive if Jerry Jones work too I have some sort of punishment and. I think I. Flag there and not why not cowboys player that is sold so not an ABBA plan Larry jones' some libraries are American patriot. It's awful well what if he wants to see the distraction to and yet that's exactly. What that is the case. A means gutless Aztec dress code that you don't they don't go out there in kneel with a big its morale would you like an FA to stop the look at Cameron Diaz can only pull the camera over whatever shot again grabbed the camera passes get a shot of the captain Moore nobody else. Newly announced it was too from the withers yielded no legal I think you're a journalist Ron to visit it's in the device. Do you like four billion dollars bass pro bought. The balance. So this is owned by the Christian or some why's that divisive it's of Oregon State so that they're hunting fishing is so stuck it stuck dynasty. You know people and left grants made about Bosnia. Anyway he connection to the no one's. Then he would may have some effect that you feel on the chicken parts excellent. But. Did any cowboy and Ohno com was nailed it. I just made a world that's a good deal behind a bunch and no none more on their knees. That day when Jerry Jones states that whole thing they all stood. About two weeks before income was you know we find that a because I need some cowboy Neal I'm a what Jerry Jones on this but what is he gonna do how will this play out Jerry Jones has debenture. But as he bench him immediately like come. Sent orders down from the box or disease go on the field the way it does know and held bench him he'll send ammo from practice the next county but I think out of analyst only that but John if he doesn't pensions that day. All the questions after the game all the questions I mean immediately people going to be Jason Jared goes around saying. You said you gonna benched the guys who nailed nailed you just had two guys Neil and they played. A UU hypocrite you. Combat isn't taken and passed yes that's going to be the biggest story in the country unless some you know some and shoots up a concert this idea and are trumped up here I mean think of that's going to be this week from Sunday this schedule here. It is a Sunday September I mean Sunday October her. There. In second at the 49ers that sucks. That's a good place the neo I don't via that'll be hemorrhaging got to wait 4 o'clock game too little data only that they're at in Washington football team move. Then that's too great back to back they're not a hole well until. November 5. It. So can they kneel on the road of the they lose Elena. I don't think he doesn't say here it's got to be home or away so you're telling me I mean nine is nearly twenty. Like half the team yes all the defense of their groups are holding him thirty for the whole nine and silent all kneeling next week. And not one cowboys and you. This is going to be green I I think they are going through now I think that when he's always in the owner who heads as as we pointed out the other day. Who has fired Tom Landry who has fired Jerry Jones who has cut Emmitt Smith. Is who thinks he's a tough. Texas oil man is going to back down I know he's going to yet he says he's not yet as an at bat it depends I do it he'll sit at a play you don't will be in some sort of fine and you'll you'll play the first place. That that's when you don't do what he's gonna make X down one on the day going to be like Welker its foot press. UC 2000 serious Jerry Jones went on radio again essentially doubled down on this Q big week for now he's gonna decide to change his mind. Was gonna say like I must say you can't bench from that day may be bench I don't know. He has to do something all with the F find out. Did you find out of an income was kneeled. Before that I'm not seeing how that's stupid game where he'd play played in Europe for the cameras and l.'s of that to the raised yes this. You mentioned this raising have to Nielsen may be no cowboys will maybe they're all on board. She's not the only owner Stephen Ross said it's a different dialogue you're dealing with the flag dealing with something different trump has changed the whole. They want the protest is I think it's incumbent upon the players today. As about the public is looking at it to stand and salute the flag so he's not now days is now earlier he pulls this out that's the generosity Miami this stifling anything yet just like our guys. You'd just a graduate Stephen ross' added himself. This is no longer about what you want it to be about what trump has made about that is it's well class fans had an hour at the area and enjoy it while also so is it because this is. It is so it's an exit number seven this was because the tropic is the American sport and and at the open agrees with the president. And says you have to admit it's not too when the what does this list look like when only Kapanen and players before trump inserted himself into what it I don't think James Harrison and I almost like there is definitely did not yeah of course this is -- that's the trump. No it's it's it's the country affect that is being led by from what I EST and playing to his anywhere with the Buckeyes run there was the country a year ago when mr. Just before you were going I'm excited about this on it about where where they on this list the year it wasn't the that is big is an issue with just anybody like Colin -- and it wasn't just it was more than tablets across the now it became me now it's been on another telling it was and he he had opened his mouth this wouldn't -- Japanese a part of it but the country disagree with trump it would not be number seven this was the country agrees with the president ate an angry Shiite its back on the joint project and I don't think problem they could. Are you kidding me trump doesn't but he knows this he knows this is a winning issue gas whatever reason. Whether he's on his finger in the wind sorry poll he knew after he said sons of bitches even though some stupid. Interpol Aventis angels could have done it better he could've done it didn't have to say examples of soft he has necessity. The B just said these guys should not these guys should stand I mean it's important to the veterans the support to the a gold star mothers cops whatever you could make it BA cares about the adults he could have he could've made a great case he didn't he made this is typical bombastic. Then prompt case. Anyway he knows he's on the right side he knows if publishes on his side. And he's not gonna drop this until everybody gets off their knees and when they do who's gonna declare victory. And that is why you can't stand up if your fellow players you'd have to keep you Ozzie what is more a lot of states. Would have more owners. Are get on board with Jerry jones' say you have to stay and Stephen Ross yet you can't you can't argue that like much saying a whole country's whole country does not agree could be a he's a majority countries agrees with the president no other way up on me you don't think there'd be attacked as usual O'Reilly on the fringe you know on the nightstand and I'm part of an -- for an -- team if Jerry jones' Albertine says our our our team policies going to be your standard in the at the who's got a problem that the private company. I think lots of people are gonna have a problem with a with a plus because it's a nice feeling there's like each of the needy ex jog and train Alec. What would what are you leave you just named three if it if they are excited to outright lying before and after gaining just married divisive during the N double what why. Why would that be an issue because it's gutless apparently you know thank you because you have a surprise this I put an end. It's trying to end it there right to free speech like a lot wrote it's a much of an extreme why don't you trust and their obviously it's hurting their business and they are businessmen and their great Americans that period announced this. Now you don't then why did they come out in kneel at their players and I like when he come out utilized players and always try to get another system the guys that work to do your job. But anyway you don't think Jones will fall through with clinching guns I depending on who the guy do you think though let's say it's down. Good luck convincing Jack press. I agree with it if it's -- it'll be one series if it's some special team in you know whatever back a corner in anonymity and oil because. Like in on like Emmitt Smith. What about Rashard Matthews from the Tennessee Titans he said. If they make him stand he will quit and does anyone believe that argument not a million bucks a year notion that it would believe we're chuck Matthews will quit. Before he takes. Before stands up. No can also people lose about this about what's been the guy from the black. Coaches. Union whatever it's called John wooten. He. He made a great case. I don't in his John Wooden Jerry come on the John Wooden it's more salt and anyway he says where the hell are you calling me I think he's supportive bitten at least somewhat sympathetic. And he made it he speaks for everybody in the world on both sides of the aisle also as the issue he says. Called cap and a time for you say something mean we're all on your side we're all waiting even if we're on and so we wanna hear from you. But as we know is being led around by as crazy girlfriend Annie has never fought as head. And he doesn't wanna speak as he knows he'll embarrass himself or he'll speak the truth NC hates the cops who hates this country that's what he says when he. Actually speaks. And I say it again and you already heard it. That's what we need anybody and you don't think he should he should speak for himself he's got thousands of people attempting to speak for him some are struggling and I think those people are speaking for themselves don't think I don't I don't lots connect people at all there's do you think these players who were kneeling you know bared their don't have their own files on the issue they have solved first thought they have. At least from what I see and hear is that. Colin can a prediction be in the league college campus can have a job. My question would be sure he wants to be in the league as we don't know we don't hear from you don't feel like pepper and it should be saying something. I feel like he said but he needs to say okay do you think he wants to play. Yeah it would know you have no I mean at least I have a he's he stays guys I know what you want for these guys all say he should be in the league. I'm not sure he wants to be Italy didn't tell Jason Lott and for any constantly told to select a fours and stand up to which Lockett for another moon bat. Yet and he. Sit and it's just made it up Paris and I applaud cap there's another it's another example of bias in the media it's not important just the football it's not like NBC. Covered up Weinstein but Lockett for a is a corporate easy liberal. And he wants to open it back in the game so he says Catholics and stand up the anthem. Hoping it would help them get given Israel today with that's it and it just. Twenty years. No or yes you can be Jozy you know whatever name is who says why don't these states. That voted blue like New York State while they give him a job. The giants of the jets' leaky action members some songs I neglect before we say that he's his argued his defense and it's not a good one. Was well he told she after before it's just referring to or showed that grew bored if you heard the report he flat out made it out. And he made it up as he likes can't predict a stroke and once cabinet back in the league that that's what any sensitivities that eases the moon Battie is used today. He would want capita come back in the nobody wants him to setting a job. Got some this is really on this in nags the level Machiavellian. He wants him back in the league John showed us. Caused. But occult has agreed they hung up is your way here technical for it sounds of ours is too young mutt and I Callahan show. It's going to be a slow month for today it is yes share roles in Greenfield thanks Cheryl Hawaiian. Who need it how you got. The they are. Here and aren't mean even if they go at it that went to Egypt. It'll eat human about it they had to sit standing silent. Respect it and I didn't think it is Jerry Sloan. Portions of the players peak period I'm now in trouble with that lineup that it's. I don't know I'm not tired yet there's no matter unfortunately the NFL PA would have no real right to do what I know that the LC yesterday. It's against federal law it's not their private business if he says. During the at the more players are going to stand annual that they will have this annual audit that he had never rented a UAL they have we're that violent so NBA has that rule when Chris Jackson Vermont now hum that we go now and Chris Jackson didn't stand for the anthem. He was suspended. And fine and ordered to stand for the I was also twenty plus years right next to having to Don Murray tells insists it's sickness and. Joseph isn't. Quincy and Joseph. Motive. Just let him go total equity prepared either initial a lot X and I've just that you're so long. This is not about a flag it's not about the military. About equality. Not play any certain color so everybody. So why do you why do during the end of why do it wouldn't the fun of the flag circular platform they have all that's nonsense that's really. Rare. A lot of fun doing out there are people putting microphones and cameras in their faces every single day would platitudes they're ready. Without the side there. All you want to look at somebody dictated not try to moderate level you are taught to respect America in the weight. Loss and you wanna go back over it looks Chicago and all it spoke. It's bad out here you know that would do little world as well. Is he doing any doubt that analogy in reality you have to send. Chills all agree palatable to be in reality it's bad out here a unit won a gold let's but it kicked it originated in Baltic to Yugoslavia and it. Sit in Sergio you all and all you guys do you students and I don't hate god well I got. Let's not do it and it's been a blitz on. All Williams. When your profile it. And you and you and you are under your belt while all sweated dug around in noted. Whether it would plug directly loaded gun or two ago I don't make payment on our blue Lebanon. Wherever it doesn't it. It somewhat well I've been obligated to governments. Wouldn't America and Ottawa to. Employ it to kill people that's it for protection to some particular guys oh. Yes help. Action against our government and its second stop what it gave it to multiple real give river Don. You're ripping we'll bring it to slug down to blow Apatow directed of people. You know with the technology yellow went well that govern well. Mexican out that a plea Mexico through the legal arguments and Afghanistan where they can't stop that no number well yeah there's stay. Competitive. And you're going to be Awad played well watch what their predator we got to believe that you know we war. So they can up support them so they're back out at what our awards. I'm saying it right now. Credit to Massey in Clarence rose on Saturday shows have fact gadget shows again that my language I would guess I was that I see is everybody believes that the police broke a gas guzzlers did you not say that he said where did the guns come from Canada blue though that was suggesting they so that's hybrid taken because of people bringing guns into the ghetto he's just talking about you customize light so hide satellites aren't your firm. Well this act means losses for 66 years. This is about cops it is about Catholics it's crime fusion zone cops is about equality stopped set this up on the other side we'll get all your phone calls and your will do a terrible audition I have winds have not looked at one. Headline story yet I hope Curtis is gonna bail us out as it's great what's that plus got a million phone calls on the 617779. 7937. The phone or mideast Madison enjoys an hour from now explain the jets fans are still angry even with the team winning Kirk. And headline. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind of producer Chris Curtis I do candidate dialogue in the city. The man who before his massive weight loss brought the world's great moments like that. How much Robert Blake freehold Redford's. From an animal health secret foot ropes will a lot of seafood that I would not happen if I hadn't Ringo Starr yacht and go partner John McCarty. But this is now who lean and mean. New and improved Curtis whose fault I will break away my I'm Blu-ray movies are here. It tests like we'll see eight months and years and that's just basic you know support multi year. I just Jersey mother. Floods ferocious street he was still functional strength you can Jim a lot of roll program. Want to go out and spaceship sale items are wrong once I'm gonna guess. 8614. Month very close -- 8714. Beaumont ladies unfortunately it's on third time. It's time for Curtis Kurt and tell my hands and pines. John's loss. And not won both come on a drop from there not excellent show was an example occurs trying to be funny that was not one single attempt at humor and they were all. Just layers I'm partial to the lottery that if you make the cut. On the second of a partial the latest one John's law which we compete Wikipedia says it is today on its loss to. I. Mr. Johnson throws names herrings Moscow Wednesday Medimmune says John Austin. The headlines brought to you by doctor Robert letter of the hair doctor Linda buyers have 1800. Get hair the Harvey Weinstein. Disaster continues in this one a most recent involves his contract is pretty good work this and your next contract out. Try to fight for this Jerry according to TMZ. His contract with he WC. Said if he quote treated somewhat improperly in violation of the company's code of conduct. He would reimburse for settlement or judgment to say if he tweeted someone improperly. Treated someone abroad bunker. Other contracts and as long as Weinstein would pay out a settlement out of his own pocket. It would constitute a constitute a cure work misconduct. And no further action can be taken translation. Why is he could be sued over and over again and as long as he wrote the check he keeps his job held a deal you get. A case off my round nobody I get taken to court or I pay them a big deal. Molson so I I assume this implicates vault his brother. I'd say so yes. And everyone else the company I've never let the president on down the present a new contract this is what he did this is this thing harassing ripping. Forcing himself on young women on there. Got a that this past yeah yeah 21 year old Italian was wired by the NYPD. But the corrupt DA decided not to prosecute because I don't know he got a 101000 donate 101000 dollar donation from Weinstein. Everybody it's like. The whole system as though this but you know certain justice for all the old system. This corrupt this when it's close to home for a minute him not here today but Kate beckons dale said Weinsteins and am Kate Beckham's. Reconnect right I assume we can save that for cart you just made it hurts more stale. Well yes it's and it clicks and you're right I will let up right. It beckons Clarence Clearwater. It beckons whatever she's hot and she's victims dale Harvey why don't we all agree on all of she smoke that beckons. Couldn't remember if he assaulted me or not years after he first met her as a team in his hotel room she was seventeen years old seventeen she met the powerful movie exact at the Savoy Hotel in London she said a lengthy post on is to grips now 44. Shields unbelievable for 44 I made me and we've got. He has to look fantastic was told by the reception desk to head on out July 15 hotel room where he greeted her in there. Bathroom quotes he said that India soon. I was incredibly naive young it did not cross my mind that this older unattractive man. Would expect me to have any sexual interest in him she wrote after declining alcohol announcing that I at school the next morning I left uneasy rule but about on. Judy that I school or heard out seventeen Euro wanna drink. Smith trying to get her trunk in races are gusting manatee as you said in a bathroom. With. Back and say yeah rose McGrath on here I was glad to hear that he didn't succeed that would have been awful and we knew I mean it's bad enough. Here's the problem there's going to be some seventeen year old has moved six militia fought him often got out of there for older I held. She's now 44 and looks tremendous. The the late night shows have of course been. Pluses about this for the most part and I was told Seth Meyers who had been awful recently. He did try to you joke about the scanners that turned at least the interest of Kimmel nothing ultra began trim Kimmel didn't mention he'll. Got to see a pathetic little warm he has this. I'm Tony cable about a recover from this who weeping with Willis are honest can't look at in the sayings are comedian anymore is just another. You know. He's our number of his health center finalists moved back are only use. But here's what went so my Energizer estimate by the way to Jimmy Kimmel Live came up real joke out this understand like Seth MacFarlane manager of I know. You think if there's no Rondo listen to this waterfront about if you wanna come out and do that teary like Jimmy Kimmel thing. Mean I call occur in many and then it got into an argument Anthony Ireland you. Who is it so I didn't hear from your job you don't it can be Kimmel should have made jokes about Weinstein he's in late night comedian. By the way what's the joke they called everybody thinks he and it is CNN Osama called the conscience of America Jimmy Kimmel off the next day we we see a bit where he's on camera. Sticking things down his pants and asking women to. Grab his crotch. And try to identify what the end this past which ironically is bloodier than anything he's done on show noted that joke with a potted plant John jones' coach. I'll all the channels they'll eventually get around to making jokes coups and once team will be sold to terrorists who have no dependents no friends left. That we gonna wait till time's right let's hear Seth Meyers at a good job of discount heavily that the status but it should be able to be alone with a woman and not sexually assault there. It was a. That there are other people in the room that's a problem that's like saying it's an electorate kept Kosher those poor people would never be neat. And use our news maybe energizing and rising Ganassi is right to vote. Seth Meyers and Seth Meyers said if you like trump go away yet he does not want to do watch you show some sixty mile an hour Eminem. 63 million Americans. He has no interest in having you in his audience which. Occurs audiences barely registering these days anyway with NBC right. My piece and must skeletons back closet Jane Fonda is the most recent star. To say that she knew but did not say anything this was Jane Fonda explaining why it was not a place to say anything about this creep Paul Harvey Weinstein. I found out about Harvey about a year ago and I am ashamed that I didn't liner in right then why couldn't you just so bull I I. Well it. Because I guess that hadn't happened to me and selected you know it was my place which you know one of the women who have spoken out. Rosanna Arquette told me. And it came as a shock and a great disappointment noticed male and title here this goes on all the time line male entitlement. In Hollywood and everywhere in offices and businesses all over the world in bars and restaurants and stores. No it doesn't there's. Does not higher on I everybody has been Canadiens and these people. This is not every at this not everywhere in the country this is one creep hold you guys kept your mouth shut about a and now it's all happens a lot of poise is woman's suffrage. Each. Pretzel acts of public and get. From that here. Beckons dale. It's expect state Madeline for Kurt he's he's gonna like I screwed up or make you happy for songs ever Gerri it's his show. How about the move which. Is romancing your girls as generally happy you'll for why just because I love her looks awesome my daughter coach wanna with this creep out creepy music total creep he's the move what is it follows you on Twitter I like the bush disaster. I. Page six and that process and you and your fellow jumbos proud of them now we are unmanned lunar base and yet we are handed him off to Harvard law that's. They are. A couple but they don't want to admit their couple everyone is saying around it boots that they're just good friends but it is pretty clear that they are again you why these two front a little while well let's I want each you know bush was hoping she would they it was a rough immediately he did OK from so we found. Lovely woman who looks kind of like him legal questions let's heroes. Notion yes its rules to plea deal for itself. It's a nasty unbelievable. A belief hand on ice rocket and you got married down the case recently released quarters like I mean he's crazy. You met and analyze yeah we've met him Kirk amendment impeccable because I had couple Beers. You can size a view of America I throw out YouTube by the driver and everybody is trying to outline of the year why did you I tried he was just it I served nearly poverty. He evens he's lost purchase them on the podcast. It be good. Edited added it is due Sarah Jessica speaking of Hollywood let's do this record us Erin did we are due for two months it was Gomez got Arizona athletic and has got to play the governor wasn't on that biggest sex in the city OK we've temporarily gone and apparently aren't as Smart camera for the surges park oh please pretty good about her no it hasn't. She's so what goes and tacos to visit W. Oddly governor Puerto Rico is weighing in not happy with our president obviously any. I think I think at I was current I was told. It was the current thought it was a matter of sand on down a former governor Porter received a lot of government news he is all in on Trump's snake. To mossy at your. He's showing up that he he's just trying to these these these that's called great name. Governor that that's that is that's pretty bold assertion there to call the president have not on the average we have reduced that PDs. It deputies. Made it waiting. You you know I respect there they institution. But but but but the way he has done it. Does show us I think what what he's done for. He should be the next manager aren't with whoever is a uncontrolled Padilla the FC Everett does that made you experience. You restraint. You are right in here trumps a racist yet can't argue that. Race what is ordering now Puerto Ricans are hell helpless people who will not. Who just sit around waiting for the government to cut down the trees. Locking their arcane ravaged cities they blew the budget. Yes but still the players are always threatening to bowl team like we can't be there forever at low. Actually can be fearless player in the world owns the gap dealing with the Katrina. The ocean. Can't just drive the trucks there from other states is right on Manny so to speak it's a flight Nantucket it lacerated yes thank god for him because if Hillary Clinton were president. Weinstein would be great in some young girl today the house of once he never would have fallen. And I'm convinced that. Headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard B haired doctor Linda buyers a 1800 get hair I think the beckons doping probably saves that we have that sound forever so makes an okay. Audition I have ones we'll go back we'll get to your phone calls we lot. At some point talk patriots and jets jets are the committee's Matta joins an hour from now no one. And you know what the NFL ratings are down massively. NASA. The NFL ratings are down massively on the number one reason happens to be like watching what's happening on him with here's. And like what happens is because you know today he hit too hard. Right they hit July 15 yards throw him out of again they had that as we can watch for problems. Two guys just let me. Beautiful tackle ball fifteen yards to referee gets on television is like this involves so rather. So much they mean watch if you watched a couple of minutes you would know the game is as vicious and violent as ever. And every level. Minute bothers me when people watch. NFL football and think it's gone soft low key weekly not a concussion within heckler nearly decapitate Dovonte out of debt as we somehow I played the file bigger as those held back Indian lakes and writer is is breed when it yesterday there bigger faster and meaner and tougher guys are going get hurt it there's nothing soft not even one. Aspect of the game itself. That annoys me that's an important when what do you call bulletin board as an NFL players stand and hand them yes stand for the three can add other ought to just models stands for the our heritage is heavy legs anymore but he stance stance on whatever is the skulls stumps. It. I had no right here's the problem someone told you convince them it's a winning issue you're right month if he's on the run he's on the side of the the American public. He knows it which means you'll go. And prepare them yet but I can while California burns who's who cares about now what's supposed I don't sound like you're exposed to tweet about it evident just saying why notoriety has about why you pointed out here unless I get my line. We aired by. Why is legally eligible and let your energy today it's not my outline comes from the actually what's more Sonoma I'll Jesus and what happens to burn out now adjust and drink Australian lineup. I'm. I'm gonna go to Italy Spain do one console now. I genetic or play my my wife Mike's line them. I'm low cost as injured more. Pretty much straight year. As shocked as long as the hops fieldstone bird I'd additional. I'm fixing calls we take some calls or if we just give the president credit for. Shortening. A very tough word in his last week yes. Instead of riding out hurricanes he wrote ages the wonderful people Puerto Rico with unmatched your know how bad things were before the capital H apostrophe S agents and while I'm what is the logic and none of us though Gerri what is the logic that you're not tied 88. And I was one that would Dino would put the letter form from the number affords that are powerful are. What's part of an FOR. So horrible writing the word Harvick. It's not you're not cool not cool one of the school he's not a bad nobody iffy type the whole word out that's not a bad it'll be minding one's characters or minus two. The spurs for a lost with the states or so and also did you sort out McCain's view that is right here is that is that we'll see American national. He could have dropped. When he's over horse and calm this year he was over the one warning. Well I mean this plenty things to prop. You know Alan actually doesn't necessarily read like him the wonderful people Puerto Rico at their match spear it almost sounds like a lot of bad news and world before the agents. Pulled the ancients. Hillary started. Harvey are RB and Hillary. Mixes in New Hampshire and Mitch. They're larger. Us. I had a comment about the well where should John I was longer why. If I would take that all should extremism rosters and all 32 to your new guy's going to be close to millionaire not Alter the leaders. Why not buy that thirty or sixty or ninety in at time. During the game that there are they get their point across to some people work. They don't need a at them Mitch they have people in front of them with cameras and microphones every day. Everybody. And I understand that but I mean the way they they get their their point across uninterrupted and they don't have. What are we talking about all are an ad or that Neil and me and it doesn't make you know I am just name without offending anyway I had never got Eric Eric read a dumb according if they articulated the grievance that would be everywhere on the show would be obvious in it would it would have now but because it's because they neo and it is captured and dealt with capita -- if he came out like he has once or twice and set a wonderful Cuba is and how you Thompson. That eagle viral takes. John and you and the people defending them are saying that they or right to get there in a crock that's what they're doing why not buy some time have uninterrupted access they were there one day. Because the other residents and other things free sort of personalized agonized and mr. Graham and Twitter and social me that they don't need to buy ads -- to get their message across they also need to kneeled there in the end this is how this whole issue has been hijacked you know it started out as something about you might want to play hi Joseph like you docents explained it's about equality and OnStar and now how does not become cops now it has become. Anti American anti military which is is no John bondage it's starting to die awful. And that's a pampered X and I left movement yes he did he see did you see he was he could not understand we felt I was reacting. Could not stand for a stronger and at them for a country that it's. As many as a presses and presses he's a flat compresses black people and then he had the cops in the Sox with the cops and the pigs and any compare him a slave hunters and then he gave money to organizations celebrates a woman who are your chassis any candidate all the boxes. That's the guy who the leader of the movement and you cannot tonight he hates police officers. He thinks this country is he's got out of a race and he does not hate police are you kidding but his act Wentz and speak at it and where. I have talked about it when we're not only that app when he first when he talks about what he just gave 25000 dollars to an outfit organization. That honors a woman who. Murdered a police officer and then ran to Cuba the fat woman accident case speak about it though they are not the couple down and wounded she took his own gun. And put two bullets in his head. Officer forced or were forced to was his name her name is Joseph lynch has a market to change it that. Whatever it is shot moves him cover something and they use that as they're namely that call themselves the bush whatever name his daughter's. On it can't kill. Though he did whatever 5000 dollars holing Capra Nick's actions you disagree with. You'd think that you gave them that mean you agree that that means that nobody else can have an opinion on it no other NFL player. He Neal carry out there playing order a reason that these people all support cap and they all want him back in the early. Can't predict is piece of garbage that's all I want people understand a piece of and we work and get me like it xxx note protectors. No mood to play got them late that's what I think are good and it. That's that's when he said that Cuba is a better country than the United States that bat one vetoes them they're great it's great mass incarceration. Can all read there. You think people who are in prison who can now it was time that was before two sessions became. The terrorists. Now wants to go back to eighties to Ozzie spoke mothers recognized that we. Have a master judicial system where there at the the rates at which we. You are ready especially those values and that's impressed if at a fast gastric cancer takes. It's likely that the idea that we break up families buying. You know throwing people in jail they connect solve the way to solve problems. In the inner cities just to throw people in jail doesn't markets than of the premiere on what's religious homage to kill them instead of putting him in jail as priests can we agree that there are ways to punish people that. You don't go directly to jail the three strikes out back Afghanistan. We estimate on those things that's and that's a Democrat in California and it was a bad idea it was a terrible candidate and those responsible for it admitted that its and that's what is upset about Oscar action oh exit took it well yes I mean that's part of it that's absolutely. And you could say it in that tone and make it sound like it's not it is so part of no gets its we have nothing in my shoes off take a break here we will come back and try to pick through whatever Tomas he's talking about we'll talk to you as well 61777. Weeks and pirated Saturday night 37 on a program that latest ratings from the Michael Smith Cho. I think they're making their move a lot still and that's two I was there for those verses is young with us growth. Probably.