K&C - Mut asked Schefter the hard-hitting questions; Breakfast with Pete is sweeping the nation 8-10-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, August 10th
Hour 1: Kirk and Gerry are back in with Mut, recapping the fill-in shows and Tom Brady's contract incentives. Breakfast with Pete is a huge hit.

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Stern can. Have Mike and Alex this morning how were you there I robot like Dallas based grab your appreciation I said much and Allen yes Michael Roemer I vomit it went up out of it's but leaving. But dreamer here on the other mornings earlier loss tonight you voted out of your wacky rules in the and I have no. Obama pretends what it was a year ago Red Sox open three you want with Kirk committee has now. The time has come to write the next great chapter in the history of our armed forces grant space is a war fighting domain just like land. An error and see. I won't call them monsters. Because they wouldn't like. That there. Time has come to establish the united states space. It's not less united church and Gerry Callahan brake coach. Much was the running game effective in the second half you know you decide to stick with it just talk about that was on movable it's concedes that situation of the ball's going at the end of that anyway. In about 38 seconds good football they're defense going to be really good at. Let's get going on that it's again they're swamp on Sports Radio WEEI. I was talking to Jerry yesterday. He nailed it nailed it nailed Daley said you guys need a third person. Because you guys would say they lack path have yet. Seems like this seems a minor engaged in the literal literally that to their small guys like Richard Memphis specifically but they eat it feels that way to me is that they're they're they're great as we look I think he did a good solid start as much I don't Superman every data that says this is all right well one with a third and every series on one yes in the show as a fan and show a KB so explain to me why we don't have the third man when Kirk and I am. I'm not sure I have no idea OK so I asked the question. And that's G every one on one the tip you well you always answer the question you do I just. Ask okay because there is the third minute when when you guys degree normally do every third man okay it's no I don't we've when we're not here. I'm not sure I've no idea. You're on the show as much as anyone besides him and me all this week it was you should I know I thought Alec tonight were fine our own we need if there are you fine. I want you to be better than fun OK well tell me which third person would have added to our shows anybody. Dickerson were against Hamas C picker to hear Dickerson Tuesday Gerry want exist now. Right okay greatness. I mean you're good month but they need help. I didn't we do not need help this week outs now I think the show was so good that you know and giving us I think the third and emotional I wasn't listening I was able to stick to third and helps every show I don't yes. Asked I I think it does yes I might pull the people on in the first floor yep McClain not anything really adds to an update for now although I think that was one of them out to it and if I'm not doing Alex. Are you worse were better than Dick since Massey that was a bad mix. Obama and I thought those guys were friends in the Dingell on I worked I just listened to the 22 squared the beaded trying to stuff. And we're trend he said and we'll get the trip obviously we have a lot to get you today and again it is a bunch of stuff. I'm back. For now Jerry's back much here we have a lot to get injuries usual was hyper focused on the text line and changed in Vietnam. And probably won't. Did you do between goat that we're here that you and I are here everyone knows we're here not that's not true you can't ever think. Always have someone as one person Joseph DiMaggio said. One person out there hasn't hurt us a teacher no problem last Imus cite your meaning you're sucking up to management you published what. Which had no ramifications mileage on a big deal. Was I saying. The last time you saw me we were at lunch and we were making progress you and I get along great and you sounded good you had everything worked out. And I don't know what pushed you over the edge but I'm not taken the blame for that to an we had a nice lunch I wouldn't. We'll get we'll look at it was saying it also tray is done. I don't this Hughes dog yes I think it's important no one of the reasons she said was that she's training for marathons that's correct I just wanna know is on the record. I did she knows on the year in the morning and ran a marathon NCAA. He didn't here's a row yes although he did lever elect segment George. Because I'll be fair to our your television that night. And managed to do something yet to be before the marathon for its call for Iran that could dump now you buildup that you and the mileage over the course of weeks train. Treachery I think that yeah I think that they take a leave of absence from the more he did not an oracle has gotten a radio shows once a week true triple bluntly she's got herself a little bit of a pickle because she said the same sentence. I'm lazy that's why I wanna do shows in what we are not lazy on train for merit. If why survivors are trained to she's got. She's gone to reach is actually garner. I believe she's not apparently bulls going on with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan does not interrupt or training or two good points not affect her for she's she's she's still she gets certainly for. Gary gets there for 430 for TV. Yeah it's not a full time job try to run in the morning every day. Yes she could trying harder than anyone else of how many people around 30000 yet she has more opportunity between adjustable and that's attribute those. Professional opinion guys in the front right. Which leads me to. Eyes Ellison that once saying workers to must back and forth. I agree analyst at Dickerson Tomas there's no. Let's that chemist I was weird they were both like Tompkins. Ot not but there's no ignore talk to each other right yeah it was strange did you think that Kurdistan just thinking like they were talking. They weren't putting and it. Get it was a bad idea not mornings I'd listen that I was going to be good I thought they were able more chemistry just Dickerson is very loud and moss he's very quiet low energy majors didn't match while ago and they didn't argue that didn't. Some risks Jews are the best part was glossy and Curtis talking about Trent that's ridiculous and should have backed off that they say did you know going in just whose strange sight right. Wrong with him you know he's he's commitment that's what these guys like that what position. That. Maybe he was honest man this. But he wasn't well I thought you better does jumping up shipments. That's my does it depend on the person the case the illegal and add a reflection of an answer I am. I'm hesitant to dive into that stuff right now wanna wait a little bit as the show goes on would you root ravaged I also went to fall book first. If you wait three feet into the air you know if you know August is not nearly as important is like October is is is it's a suicide equivalent asking Roemer is Dade 940 fastball and yes yes I thought by now you've understood the ins and outs of radio and you'd you know time this a little sorry for me is always an event plus. Could you do well I'm not a win and I told that I show I'm Jesus. Aaron injuries. The Red Sox last summer my parents. This this thing it's the summer with the show engine problem Curtis is out all of our last summer. And I was terrorism I was thickened like you know it was look at the next summer and excellent risk is you never do everything you want in the summer. And I said you know what next summer someone's gonna. Her thumbs gonna happen right. You know interrupt my plants as my friend Caroline Kolb says he's a man plans god he's here. I was in what ways your friend who know what went through the eyes frighten a walk the course and watched Brad Faxon played with him years ago when. Also want to talk to your friend and we we text I blame everything on you because he has been on the show he's got the honor of course yes to come once that is the show moved. Books it's sold books for him yeah he misses while he's welcome on any. A real artists the new Workman went gun that was what I when he got here. Beyond a Ewing actually. Yes today that's also where the show's gonna be next week. Our Martin would Jerry ordered a third to third with Terry muck we're in a bit we won't but I will pretend. Jesus and all actually without Kirk you're probably lots of people upset again as I mean. We get trend me re passionate advocate Dickerson and Firefox and I have an idea of Jerry might reverse Rossi Italy you written him off the show yet heard it come back hopeful. I think he's coming back yes you were told yesterday yes he would like to return to get him across no kitten that's good. Yes it was bordering the weekends to view it means to me and people. Okay and great. So have to Maas who might have Gary from one ethnic and rebirth for the for the fall book on good experts on camera and let him. Who has it that you said yeah yeah. So relatively BC's meet the above my lessons and Mike. Mike I fell back in the like my cat allergies to use its word to say your studio but I hear you criticize that Mike Greenberg for being like that's who you wore weren't here Adam might now and Alex you know he was excellent that's it's WWW annually and more personality and Greenberg but. Ask your question yes shore and on what why all this white you just wait here this is one Adam shouted to me this is great reporter the greatness that is against it. Sure to might be the greatest sports reporter at. You break source people scoring union covers the most important stories social media geez yes yes. He doesn't you don't ask about things that which guy's gonna retire first he doesn't care about that. Like you know they let me appreciate that. How important that you don't stick to news it's a waste of everyone's time he has less of a point is that yours if we do you know on a grease. Well I think. How was interview fifteen minutes okay. Slipped slightly from seventeen to seven like shift debuts project got its fifty news we talked about his book at the end argument opera trees got a book coming out in September we could do without some people listen. He wanted to do with this week and that it's going to be all the guys that he would talk about the bull by that you guys have read the book I'm sure to be better I think the book's going to be good looks really. Like to look at it to build two bowl XX. All get your ramp up through a hole what you look and see your circle audiovisual exit except on Amazon and all bio will bring service. Or excerpt I Henry had just look at I I read it. I read it. The act it was like compared what was Cutler that's expected start to answer this it is paragraph talking about has all but. 321. And I read the synopsis of it. It's an ops pick up my understanding is he. Why I don't I ball let the book he began atmosphere of this woman in 1990 nine's right. I don't I don't place that I know is I'm not write up I believe this woman's husband had died in nine lead right he repeating that time and then her little bounce back affair was with that was desperate and he wrote everything worked out great. So let's elect the man I never knew something. Yes I believe that's it. That's good I would ask him if I went media pretend right. As communism right anymore I know he's always gets you are used to write stories he's got a great kid cause umps assume at this point people call him. He doesn't call them. So just kind of carries around as reports cellphones picks calls tweets goes from sports if you need some pitching beats some he's right every day it's always on your knees and removal from. He covers the NBA some units that eats the sun removal from lake phones buzzing right keys if he's always worked right there that's. I guess that they have little down time to my guess matters and Mike did not ask that now might like bush and all of a high praise god for what's what's. So IL six hours that might account is an excellent big Tom Brady news you know backers of the tyrant does not help a white could be given that you I I six hours in his life it is it's a rapport public the same report at the same times of Bellic Webber got the ratio is taxable and nothing gets by you yes well done. But Brooke and that was big news for us. He's not for him really animals that big deal what's the news the Contra. It's pretty thick and I'll raise yes it matters to us we should give it to you too when you nights being who I think he was between before and said yes. And maybe shortly question to get into that Jerry and camera. Yeah just know my kids bright eyes carefully Mike Huckabee says her look at that Gerald. Yeah. Might might Chatham light in that Alex this morning how much I would say your famous enough now to just colleagues Oakmont with in every instance yeah everyone knows you now you will not know and blog out on your first name. Right and I don't. Okay well I'm just on the club in your first and advocates now on no matter what on the year much on the air off the year full time so who's a sykora got the political the other guests if you have nine yesterday. It was a much distance might guest check is Mike yeah definitely ESPN big time out formal professional in match congress as much. Again I haven't met him before also might have been four with the recently he had met who might note it doesn't matter Turkmen hundred times article are equity is all night and yet it doesn't matter. First of three in Toronto so who's up who's in my yes. Brad for being lucky you Brad went on but you know it is there's no. Results we judicious often that it's a strange. Yeah but we have to put that resided was especially guys you think if you guys apart. Before. Not real. You and when I've been on I I think one that question just a matter ethics at a questions at a couple good ones but he's he's answers is terrible when it comes to just conversational things like Jim I think yesterday at circles who's sort of heat and even them Belichick I hear it was a question who's gonna retire for Belichick Brady into less than me like that is great idea. Is ramping up. Don't that's about. As that particular time it was one of the openers what's really in the earlier portion of that was the first question Xeon. I think he wanted to call on talks of football they mention his book is elegantly macho do you push. I just think he's been good to the shores coming Arnold and I got a problem in the wouldn't. The Mac nation that's now and and that is kicking off yesterday at the very important pre season game lot of buzz in the city for that we don't have a big football I have my say I have the same reaction often have watched it. It amazes me that people go to those who watch it but the whole street now what's the first half. As heartless. Yeah well I'm not all met a parent you know I was I was I was doing that those tax pinprick of people it's Iraq. You're one of the lucky. For that evoke so. The pre season football sucks so bad there it is if it's proves it if she knows. How big football he is because the ratings. The of minutes a game at some entry you know marquis gets hit for the cycle with homer in the ninth if you were watching it was pretty dramatic. And you go back to this lifeless and boring practice. Rename Ralph led the way for the patriots in the and they came back and and one. The only digital that was and what they did at 73 it happens it Hernandez elements that yes and it's just like I'll be glad inseparable chairman you know eight to three. This was seventeen nothing but shorts like that yes society is really good Kilgore for have to have agreed to contain nothing would be okay deficit that is deficit early but I have a tendency I've always been down that needs some laughs and is usually get Belichick and bird server nodes are idealists it was Seoul. Belichick was grumpy. Yes and burdens on comfortable right I've never seen this dynamic before I could literally could not stop do we have that Chris careers. What journey now let's pitcher had caused Bill Belichick and coach receives the football's not about winning or losing. What you hope to get out for staff. We needed pretty much everything better just. Lucky enough in an area. It's this c.'s good situation football is going into an. We're about 38 seconds of good football. It'll all. You know I have no respect for bird I don't know absolutely not only been primarily likes them he does he likes you'd like to be in London now is part of the family he and his brother did today a big news outlets but. But if you Burton. Have a second question lined up for the whole you talk about me so my question is use it could deceased situational football again. Well it wasn't for me you know what they do in practice every day situational football old taxis that situation football. It's going to happen anyway. The start of the two and a little tribunal yeah. It's as good situational football really ones yet to Rob Ninkovich said it's a bill wants to see the see the team in those situations made big place. And he's just. He's got robbed it of it because I think there. Lot of it he's not a separate on the packages more. This insights from field level do it. At a Willis hey guys I'm down here on the field pumped up 2018 season I think the defense. It's gonna make a heck of a market in the NFL in general why I think this could be forced back I follow up. And give 70s50. Fours factoid tells what year it is he's pumped up and in what he thinks the defense is going to be the big difference in NFL will make Utley remark we promote. Like that was as you prepping all day for his. Thought they had turned back which will probably the last 23 weeks this will be gone again for the big Richmond you go to CBS again this. They got them down on the field pumped up 2018 season I think the defense. Is gonna make a vegetable market. Let it go can we in the NFL in general why I think this could be forced back hightower is gonna go out there is going to be the captain is gonna get everybody right on that defense. They're going to be flying around they can place I think 2018 watts they're make a lot of plays and make a lot of noise. Ares I let them very very slot and or they're gonna make alone personally I'd say if you're fired you're very nice guy. Because about the save for don't go to CBS what dale said from magic medicine at the Federalist GMC EST sorry. And I mean if she doesn't think they fired forty different apps. Is that true they fired Torre because it via. We told you to open. He seder on. The boy lived on you know I still got hitting. Six they put this off he said on the I was listening. CBS who is who he said he patriots picture a little patriots let him and asked him and he said well I had sort of top offseason. And make joking that maybe was that that's what it sounds a lot so I didn't I had no idea. I got them down on the field pumped up all about all of us hold our previously still like him so he still did the hour pretty good chance that what I pre game you should pregame trouble BC and I'm I didn't watch and he said he was still doing that pregame show bird. What are you talking. He said he still doing the show games of the taken off the actual game broadcasts yes. Because of the dawn Marie don't know he said he had tough offseason I'm I'm who. That was a pretty picture and now I didn't know that idea he should just forget on Sunday mornings they had that what is 11113011. At noon. And the show him and Bert and Roche what the hell are you talking recreational at us unable looks. That's CBS. That we get a chance to replace him he can bring in somebody like Nico he got it and that's true I mean that's going to be at that. I mean it's good he played like these players who were Dicks about never played. It's good he played yet and in football forever because I would person to be able to offer insight to match with some we don't know urinate. Team's season I think the defense. Is gonna make a heck of a market in the NFL in general why I think this could be forced back hides our ultimate fix it doesn't make a mark in the MBA from the he thinks it's personal it's right it's 2000 to thank you. He's pumped up which is good to know I had a terrible that and the defense has been making a heck of a mark in the NFL and unique place in and no way to get high powered yet again there's going to be the captain is gonna get all the all the he's going to be yes security is the capital equipment but that's gonna help mark the difference here is that Fauria would say something Dominick on himself right an individual or may not like oriental assets aren't supports our view it first it's meaningless pre season game yes he would make some goofy you know GO. He bought Jonny Gomes they play it back an hour against Iran election whatever so she's finally the doctor. So she is the radio guy tech and was almost like that's it that. Version with him no issue except out of love them acceptance is its children are without a father well perhaps our football season they say good bye like when. So who's called to war. Don't make a 21 of those videos where he comes home at 6 o'clock. His kids he goes to skip school. Not sure this is that it ESP editing box expected from Pittsburgh that kid looks good I mean the guy looks familiar. They think it's their father but it's pencil on right since we've seen at. Thank you what that is the Trinidad you know but then so it's a text I heard was a special importance gonna get in front slightly. 9/11 you know everyone in the service knew they were hidden overseas definitely associates. Wife essentially easily Prodi's what is our home to paradigm aside right but you get the Bengie gets the call on god actually and to avoid it worked well adjusted its its a great day football's back for us but for the so she can it's it's it's awful it's about it's that office tower in the blocking game how comparative. Imperative. You know those videos and get me every time. Bob junior class one. Due to frequent those ideas with the solutions and Nazi hats and you don't care about the right here in business travelers as the stage that every tax. It made it through that doesn't react emotionally. No just you just you dale cares more. A shore obviously yes it is here's what is the great guys pulse on it. Eyes are Scioscia so she's back with zone last night in me to bitch and for you can't you would need to or else chat rule passed. Correct right chads on the race what was or is always let's put a forty from the pregame jokers we have right. The big that role lightens things up as you laugh and grew from nick of which thinks it's real. Or four I mean obviously. For. Welcome back everybody right at the policy for you got your long weekend. Does soft Texas. God. A poor. You know weathermen. Here to the it's so hot it's the the airports at this time you're just she am. Yes I've gotten everyone's Swinton smelly. Tickets to the side. Through for our creditors to as to why those got a big it's a big weekend down at Texas obviously in the big day Monday. For the afternoons right and look forward to that yeah with a fourteen Richard dale and yes to a crossover and definitely app our crossover. And not be afraid of you and I am Monday just to a question. Just you'd worry. We've Tom Brady huge Monday. It is fascinating is huge. Well both your back to back days and now there should be some circumstances obviously had to get you here in this and these were bolt from vacation days for me all of and Monday I didn't want to do Monday there but we said you know we said we do for the for the afternoon as bonds for Brady right. It's kind of guys we ten players greet me yet always says that's good news team first I try to yes teamwork is insane deductibles you know what you're like 54 elected captain my captain of the old he kept them there the whole station I think you're the captain of the show actions sort of the solid. Emotional leader and yeah I'm no he's emotional leader that's what this shows so messed up. As it is right now you Canada won via steady presence still to catch your your right you're yet you're sort of commitment can you be a steady presence and a six week vacation. And Sergey and I'm sure it's hard to find out here that works out. Right but. Your cue cards torture and acumen bell did this is the institute and I still slow you parking the wrong in the garage agree it's not as always his hunting down on now you couldn't. The all this distance 14 hour fast yesterday. Literally days ago via offs. Do it 24 hour fast eight at that point would clarify hours that eating anything just water resistant you know fast is that just so when you have. Her great work a glass suburban you know better of bugs that does occasionally happily eat less did you get killed and a Q and water grab a coffee I Walsh. Is this a religious thing not every couple of months old the sick one day just reset things they get reset my body resale and I feel better when did you do it. From Tuesday to Wednesday. We are you working. Worked you work without eating for 24 hours later this difference he seemed saying look this thing and a terrible yesterday I felt I felt different if you you feel a little bit lighter you counted in your body flushes them that some things I got a plan that got us let's watch like a lot of water you already see this on Twitter Brazil's men's health TV it I didn't see Gomez felt that does sound healthy. It's it is helpers the Celtics and they would ever so do it every day it would lead every morning for you don't do it every day. I was keen to minimize that and faster every day there are some people who duty literate magazine bodies in one hour special week what. My what I do is intermittent fasting so it's at sixteen and 816 hours not eating eight hours eating. I'm able do 2.4 hour fast so weak that's their practical Muslims five slash visit and he's 52 it's that we. It's called where did you come up with this easily confused gave you five days in two days yes exactly why or why I didn't and number of tests twice a week who'd spent. I think some Muslims open. I are very restaurant laid off the fast open may be here. It would when the sun's upper something serious and that's what they do you. Believe that's what I once a year not not really thought we got Muslims as well. In my yard and see my mother looks like most it's true he's gonna lose thing I'm not the only Brody you know crisis. As far as I know I got great character I am yes. Nets training camp that say asphalt down in Mexico solid a lot of fun all its starving kids learning how to. She she is kids on south of kids. That sell liquor good time good summer camp. The worst supposedly that'll thing for a half hearted made them talk about the back of the retired uniform number it's that was brutal cities cannot that's when they tried to escape. He did it's it's. And I'd 617777937. Kirk might Gerald Christopher Kyle here today yes and them. Kirk's them. It then he's gonna tell the story today out Stoops let's keep we don't know when mama we're trying to maximize the benefits for the I'd say the 8 o'clock. And color before should check the text I see people are pissed that you haven't done already like a lot of reaction yesterday from people who were upset they you know go through the entire project at all like yeah I heard some of that too. So a lot of people suggesting it was a Meehan Roemer who sent out this room are idolized when you are glad I didn't listen and he. Siege there was a lot of that go to my Twitter like a claim like you cleansed from sports talk radio and I feel so much better initiative some fans of assets without the past few yeah you feel better you feel better much I hope. Was it on doctors' recommendations. Now Rosie says stay away from my talk great sports talk radio opportunity and really present itself. Two in effect for five days you too you drove to mean I'm a couple of the new back again. Yet but again that was really I just was in the mood amid plans to Susan would you do Los Angeles. Elect Nebraska. At Stanford match. It was relived Iowa yes it's. Yes so I don't mobile mobile will get their supply it's awesome you Mary queen of markets southern pusher over the edge it's this the worst song ever missed a potential urban is a 23 or worse on government it's the worst song but it could. Not from teens at a church received worst song. We're hungry are dead because because because it goes for some level since it is so terrible. He's like he's 23 wood to its exit from Texas it was only 38 when he urged. Always you arrest. 37 should it be easier the next fast. I don't I don't Rick is this heart should be scheduled. He's your buck in front explain your body feels a certain way and other things you go dig your body tells you ball running you can't really explain. It's I got to explain how his how. Do you feel better than the two fastest yes it I felt excellent yeah did you have trouble getting through which I wanted to say yes that that night takes I'd the last I had lunch at 1230. And then that night was for a couple hours of tough team Saturday Adrian and do not long and it's 810 hour mark they sleep wake up and go. I saw Curtis were pretty good job on the board guys get I was sick man you know on my deck list things that can you gonna screw things up. I was wondering does that make funny you can screw things up lovely you know we might. But you weren't screwed much output was surprising a copyright and on what occurred and occurs to think Kyle's seventeen years old are supposed to score and he's puberty it won't Wear around I think it's much different. 100 plus Abdullah are smaller restrict that like a vacation and and I guess that's a real show here. This is still real shows of pressure on Mike and Alex shale which was a very good show much like after Alan I can Alley club or without the opposite replicas of bracelets that's not out. Shot Alex in any minute and it should they registered outside my race that's. I write what I want. The debris picking your head urgently. Is it just happen. No that is right back into Johnny Radio One 2011 mark joining us let's Abbas are only like Lou nobody knows Mike the boss role I never said I'm never a lever said mutt and Jeff Larson. Just like probably yell acting I not make sense yes. It's it was smut to two Heath Evans wings grabbed harassment by sending those pictures you said not take a look at the club at a Mike and Alex Kelly how are you don't want to send me and skip to Q Sylvain. It does is it distinctive. Yeah identify him yeah that's a couldn't court like me he shaped like that yes. She and he's shaped like all over. All over the summertime exchangeable items view is the issue that private some in February which you would think buddy and you look at your eye toward yes. He's weird dude in this area like everywhere you aria all really tonight not a pretty sight it. The darker. Note that's hitter Kurt c'mon we need to chainsaw. Of Algeria to defy every this garage 630 euros loss Curtis for the day here's the sweat starts it's fair again faced Jesus. Don't dark art 6177779%. When you step to get through all about I was gone for awhile night we got a yes I'll explain why here at some point might really feel ready yet but. I suppose next fouled it wouldn't it that'll be light. No it's just skip that will tiger that gets paid his thoughts on ours at all glass did did did you noble Ralph Webb. I don't know that is that's the star of the game last night I mean you know that was someone under the age of like sixty game around. The world. That's a good point tonight running on your old in his name's Ralph yes abuse the big star game last night. DR I'm 46 yards per year in order for the entire game not put out that he saw on the weekend in Atlanta QB of the future go in there voted back he could actually how lucky lower tomorrow. Fox's so you are where he was tremendous awfully yet it's it's bizarre and I know you don't get in this. The pats would. It is weird. If Brady rolls an ankle or a wife that's your team Brian Hoyer Bryant. That you relying on its amazing that they don't have a better back I agree. Like I don't know to me grapple. The Brady sighed and you'll get it that I suppose 61777793700. Showing. Sports Radio WEEI. The all things Brady and valid check and it's far is that relationship goes and it. That the long term of both those guys if you go on record say which I think he's going to be in the league the longest Brady or Belichick which guys' sticks around. With the patriots. What wha ha map. An incredible especially with Google knew that breaking news that they were poised to Jesus but why these that they didn't know about them that that's another on a fake. Voice Heath but Adam doesn't care about that that's on his job you and me in court we talk about that stuff all the time that's what we do Adam breaks news covers news. He talked about new moves new ZOK well maybe he said maybe he would have a broken some news there that in the last couple months is in his opinion based on reporting. Then Brady was no longer a year year and he's going to be here long term. But it should question about popularity and what is shape now the very easy way to say hey you know I don't have been no constantly since they saved his life announced guys are good they shut them down shelves. Onset of being filled a filling in that was an excellent way to get into vision he answers it doesn't matter to the edges of politics last longer OK but I want receiving ward that debris I contrary questions led to Dulles arguments are council is contrast that led us into a bunch of other good stuff no breaking news yesterday I admit that but was. Good stuff we shipped. X when I heard you and. Heard it's morning I sent a wonder if this is we repeals that brings it that bomb. And the bomb put his eyes incentive based. Which is a little surprising isn't and we figured that that he's a deal that guarantees. I thought it would get a green new deal that ripping up a bug crawled get a new deal a bunch after my break some news on grounds contract nothing on that Brady gets all those incentives. He goes from being like the twentieth Heisman QB in the tenth. Which I think is very simply having you know when he talks to hopefully see my good and what's. For me calling pretend to be hopeless at it that's what the deal is great. But you know I Belichick says okay yeah Matt Ryan makes thirty million that's stupid contract right we don't do stupid contracts right but we we think. The best quarterback of all time is this guy evaluate acts aren't. Yes and it works out for bull guys in in the long run and you know I mean Mac cousins next appointments after its 27 million she works she said top ten if he gets all the accelerated the contract he makes five million bucks that puts him sixteenth. NFL border guard got right back and I don't think politics is too big too badly that's that those are lousy contracts. Yeah amok and it is great as he is I think he's great. Are consigned to a terrible contact Matt Ryan Courtney Kirk cousins right there twenty million bucks all guaranteed military readiness and it was a free agent the Rob Lowe Stafford Derek car deliveries. But it is it is weird one might have to pay an adult that they'd always say like previous two years left those collector it's about time we get a new deals written up and give him I mean that that doesn't you know why why why he's great. And he's getting twenty million a year is in position is the inevitability is you know there's always going to be your point the guy whether it's the freeagent the guys contracts they're always gonna make more. It doesn't always always a this year who's coming up this year. Aaron rock rocket next big one I think he's gonna make more money by. And he's usually are making twenty to make a case she's the best quarterback in the weeks of that but he also get the deal with like a year left. And when you don't you get to free agency could franchise and finally he's a 41. Now owns kennel for the normal he's getting old he is back couple shore but late if he said you know like as if he says the Belichick. You know Matt Ryan speaking thirty million if you're Belichick he sees so right and it's so. And you say yeah he's closing not. A free agent you know it's not too. He's perfectly right Ian doesn't have the leverage here right good luck you know if you wanna wait out this way though going to go go for them you will make more months August of accents he did it for Brady would he did for grown Q rewarded him. He rewarded him I mean I think it's more important with croc he's gonna get hurt. And went what he's doing is dangerous they are done it would crop this year right do last year the and he got all the incentives he stayed healthy is your money and integrate a year ago almost a career year for him he's getting paid less fish that you you ergo the us what you think ads are already do that it's common. I think civilized and it done by now one they had all season just talk on whatever wrong showed up tenth. Well it it seems like this at the time where these things get done I guess before the season we could be I'm surprised not done by now Jerry as well it's a surprise crop this year. And play good soldier going a practice. Under the same dealing had no Brady would break apart writes that this is the reason why these irritation between two just doesn't help the whole thing in all the rights. Like Brady agreed to your question I mean it's the best deal without that best deal they offered. And yes I don't know because it no I want guaranteed money but again Belichick let's say here's your aunt rousing he has no leverage at this point and it's a Belichick. He's the QE doesn't mind people hate them right you know in my mind. He's. He is among when sizzled tension in the I used to be like yeah and I would think. And other people would want a happy breed that would be very important to him. To them on a craps probably one happy greetings from an adjustment to your program wants a happy birdie putts it doesn't care right so it. Well enough true enough but what is that he's this. It was a shot mother let me guess some weird device that you have water kicked water yeah. Watering holes well waters in the metal container so it's hard go towards public they have an army bottled water here. I'll for a better start fresh and top. We have to cut through the building as the fall seven times any army air building felt this October trick like that before never. Never happened in my life first brands no not water that is some we you'd mix of something good old letters like her that much. Well I'm not. Great water Qaeda and tax hikers put some water and I heard it all straight water now I I don't think it's alcohol I think it's some weird mix sounds like an instance of electoral playing girls that. TV twelve electoral lights. There's no issue was has no power Iranian nothing now wants some drops. We got to do BC AA's increase team before the jail on 10 o'clock. RB II pre mixed ready to go. I. I don't that you might read men's health whom anybody would have BC a YouTube rant you know Marino tosses a benefit is that it is studies that say to knock it if you spend more time like it before a slam on that work on that and more from here like you know on the job like. Did you know figured I would words like an average mean. You might be better ask sir what leverage why does a guy out all all of this stuff you're still going to be a little guy and I can be tall I am in Utah I would say I think that's that's not think the more I go to the big stuff. I just it's not an I think delegates with three and always gonna be little to gain two or three days and 321. Seats you have 38 years old your father of two years yeah happily married a nice job. Any BC please. So it's a big deal that pour something in water chestnuts the question why because there are studies that say it's better for you this training fast this is Tuesday not in the energy business plus. Trading fasted well you got to know nothing passed into training waste in a fast state chair now fast fast that if this final words is a fast it's the cities they were training fast what you read you read these studies yes I have from where more Burkett who's got a book coming out next Thursday actually. His book comes out okay Thursday and other big question the study's lead game's big question is how much to BC days cost. Others like one occasion how much money is in cars college fund was there to twenty dollars away from that point dollars. This bug summit really actually almost yesterday move some money news count now I can I can wait an opportunity to buy some new amino. Street thieves get a load Jerry in a great sale on protein in my protein you reprehensible. It's what's at 77. 790 threesome played discussed were gonna get to I guess. You know from the liberties of the 7 o'clock hour. I have to man I am a little nervous on the Asian nervous I'm it's not a word you often use a little apprehensive I'm a little. What's the word for. Nervous. Anxious how old. Oh well then that medication for the relative process and the DA he's he's he's in their opinion alas that you have PA CC's helpful but I don't my nose BAC. Right the ace what is that I know that different and not notes talked about weight on Friday last Friday I had to blow into breathless. When I was admitted to read so I'd never done before. Oxygen to congratulations I did it's I don't zero point zero we you're nervous. What outlet most we know that you are crazy every word out to you but you never know keys. And never you know he had some hopeful something. That's true or some pure pure hell your thoughts determine if I were the there was yes I had with mr. Perot vote to you know last night as a ridiculous ways and really you reached out like I'm over right. Yeah. You WEEI. Former Michigan and Arizona State basketball coach bill freed irbil welcome hotbed like coach I'm doing great guys I did you know and working on gut it out of the day of coaches getting back to Michigan would be here and both similar career with the was he would be. How much pressure did he put on you you have a successful program then did he ever had the kind of well if you. None of you know. Through this no I mean look giveaway from that and what about him is football program as well was ready and up animosity there as far as all the football teams get to do this and I can't do that from my program. Well you know our twentieth set off. I should point out. 28 seconds I've only with the six months. Another use our free or started to the question teams like Ahmad Don. Yeah one more thing pop on both similar career it was a it was CAD. What's your one stop playing La pizza I'm not chide you ask prosecute a ticket Hotspur yes and like everything else. We'll be reached at yesterday's apparently come down and visit them so that's a plan booked a flight a beat them and for the weekend which I you know please looks like thanks to a breakfast and I don't know that's what's gonna watch the video let's practice repeat this is their greatest valuable time thirteen minute video that out Pete post who were tells you about his day. Sits down why ready avatar program to focus cut. So Pete does this post is in the morning as a way to you know propel this leverage moreover the show now as you hear he says that you give becoming regular feature he's done it once. Hey good morning everybody this is that the Sheppard she we shepherd going to be a new feature. Call records to impeach you along with less. Or remember to do whatever date that in check it out. About that chip without one of the younger 200. Almost an hour. And threatened. There. She's fantastic. You could Chavis a girl. She's fantastic she's not a name that is that they know I imagine is his place and well a sea change when you. I mean Tiki torch I don't know what's awesome I forgot what put you to our characters on the big show this. Is right. I think you should do this Kirk. Rather than two I would think all can do my thing where you. You don't ever want conceive how you do whenever next. He's got a quick tip on how to put me as a hunch. Or. Well according got this smoked bacon out of courage to admit the room camps or cricket put on the oh hold on hold. And get to what's. Room temperature who wants to be room temperature to before it puts it. I've already got this that's smoked bacon other bridge should get the room camps short circuit or via W. These corrupt. Accelerate the process of card again not a Flutie but a lot of bacon amid a lot of bacon in my life crowd outrage into open and Dubai I recycling yet I hear your Cochran yes. He did to him he never liked her and it isn't easy actually duel and in the video cook in the vacant U shows the package to the company advertisements. I don't wanna bore you with cooking and so he tells restored the is portion of what he's watching the end that they would see where does he relate these pajamas at the opener and certainly you've sorted them pull out so essential roles and it is Alan that was not a lot of something different is not pizza fast. No not a well it was not work and a fast did it. He was at his AM OABBs. And make eggs and toast and a link to centers of lights which I don't care she says. The aids. Well if Dirk Akron Gregory. Unbelievable. I don't really like good morning football. I wish Peter burns and Marcus Spears was on at UC network in the morning. But that now and I tell you. I say that sounds like somebody who is an institution I'm telling them it sounds like somebody who's been at the I can tell you that's what you're. When I was watching TV it was plastic from host who's got special Randy Gregory. Because of an edge and he's complaining about these couples talking about paid big. Watching TV while he's cook is prepping Kurt he's got a show coming up about 6000 guys in jail and I wish Petersburg and market fears. The network of more. But now we all we aren't we get real estate. I don't we all issues is a country shouldn't be encouraging people to listen whose issues that he's on. This is all about shows you what night as we work on the radio but he takes a quick shot in the article all the way outside normally facilities videos repeatedly think it's his wife and people requesting that. Rule I'd consider all the evidence and why why did not make the full thirteen minutes as the lady in melt just bacon and his dog and I'll. But it MacKenzie yes it just keeps ending to Nationalists. Watching the shows themselves like this morning routine watches NFL network July 20 were pissed Tuesday. He sees Grady Greg Oden in the SEC you're so its its work. Unbelievable. Room like good morning football. And I wish Peter burns and Marcus Spears was on at UC network in the water. Easy talking I don't know those two people also PS or pretend he's a super in the SEC right yes yes are orchard drive a college apartment and talk about NASCAR caller football and mice and I've pretending that he gives. You need what number if he could mean a PC player that's what's so funny. As the greatest thing that's that's some Lanny coach currencies is just a bit college football game this all about the same level mess that I'm Rick what's her face of New York don't. Folks down here south Boston College is so obviously we know about William green and have seen him and just an immensely talented runner but maybe some of the other players on the team that unfortunately they are perhaps we don't know a lot of. Well they you know and did this you know especially in an. You know Willie Green got suspended did you hear read before the beginning of play and you guys know you know and it's so which no doubt. No no question about it he's got one right figure is not a great quarterback he's he's he's a pretty good quarterback it. You know. You know so it's just you know it's just a question and you know decent burgers butterflies. That's pretty good job you also via the Miami game. There're there are no real there there in the real standouts. On this on this football scene you know we're really not I think what we're a defensive effort you know you get a and offered to why I've been through a lot of offensive line that lineman of the in the NFL the last the last few years. There are a few of the guys that brought you know. Then get a look at other guys he's you know would be out within. I'm I'm gonna come to a black and Yugoslavia. I bet that it was just steps in front of it and for some reason that I didn't pay enough you're right. That's so that is incredible. It's sort of raise chances of all time I've got this that's smoked bacon and other career yet socialism tennis whatever and obviously kids now days. Lamenting the SEC network I had talent yes this is he single player Boston call yes I think he should run for congress in New York it could be the perfect fit. More football. I wish Peter is cancer or are there enough no doubt about it. You have now. More than its own without reed if the guy didn't mention what we wouldn't even on the we'll bright figures are a great quarterback he's okay good order because he's okay I'm look at this to be defense designate which look at the offensive line right and a lot of opposite one million fellas you know they've written that FB. Well Tom O'Brien. Now player he's coached. And on and did this you know especially in and I'm officially not. You know Willie Green got. My guess reported it got it's not that yes and they supported transcribe that that's a classic they didn't lose when he's at least on time. Leader again. Thought they'd audited this but I certainly and and I'm just. They know Willie Green got suspended direct. Official so dot official at the official the official. So he's only got one of those just one well July 24 set it was going to be Daly he's done one for she's since and it's they're we were good. I don't know. Please re either really right now because I cried she would we you and I thought he was gonna push out the door. Has been doing ESPN radio morning's national security zone in for Michael junior does Brett Craig Sheen. He's in for my goal yes allied driving yesterday was intro roller no local junior audio. And every. Now the Winston was just kind of wanted to battle it. Wind is likely to last non ESPN radio on the ESPN app courage and exit in today for Michael junior glad to be here the second time this year for this show and a rumor has it wouldn't be here a few more time for the Oklahoma hello so did you like the outlook on resented it. That police as can be exhausting and now a wet just wet how does it go. He's never forget. On hey Adam like Alex is it forget uses regular voice a little Christmas we have so much fun or mrs. replicas regulate visas faithfully I Republican congress. Yeah he's when his wife. Like talking like he's not jacket that tickled she. I do. It but. I thought I got to go I. It dashed to the ash who look and act. Flinched when. God anyway that's. All right well. The national news media have been dancing around different hours so it's this talk to hail from the tees yes yes we're core. Yes you can see com AC AC. Austin for the week of loss. Do you like cheat and Martinis or smoking that's I think movie that's won the MVP last night don't don't peaceable I do I think you have one yuppies can signature moments in the ninth inning home run right there. I started filling in the ballots right well who key bits of BP. I'm happy spirits I've been time to be told he can't. Listeners don't like Sammy on the reds failed to carry confirmed in the meeting with management and management back as it is thought that I did which brings me that's him oh yes and you know three hours later somebody was walking on the river track. Right so. We're gonna get to a well we'll get packages villages in the top 61777. 7937. Has gone from week between that yesterday we'll get through all the details and yes we'll do that right we depend.