K&C - Mut has a big T-Mobile appearance this Friday; An all-time Jerry West story 5-21-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, May 21st
Hour 4: Mut is jacked and pumped for his big T-Mobile appearance this Friday and the Sox booth was booming with a Jerry West story. 

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I thought personal ratings terror podcast downloads are awful already robbed 12% from slash podcast on since 70% doctors here 12% up highest. Remote. The highest most money ever bet on the preakness itself was Saturday. Ratings up 12% and it excellent call Larry Combs to you guys watched the race I'm sure. The flawed hit. Really I saw him oh are you really couldn't see anything to their original. Unjustified. Mutter did you knows it my guest he won the derby in the month treasury and you could see fine I was talking agency which Likud winning note you could not she could what do you do you see through like you can see through fog. He's missing hours Larry Cole missed the people there in the door please call autopsy it will bring a great job all the bad Bob Baffert and I can't see these guys so it's slowed. It's foggy when Moses Harris hopes always some that. Meanwhile you if you listen must podcasted follows a -- brokerage wants all or -- -- welcome a credit card -- to wanted to next podcast are you gonna play that part -- give people look black as a result of the my -- of the new thirteen as the final exam which -- him on a Saturday morning -- strawberry and so I was like other you know not that -- arms and what you gonna network you take you to credit card call it still works. Al hunt how to get out of debt. How. Get on and 64. 50 like tomorrow I'm in. I'm looking again a second house from picking on me first of law and lay off you know Fredricka back. I do is they say not as I do right now I'd opt for and in some water would be. Some or connects. Plus have you'll have to show about gambling or never got that that's what it might be studios over every Saturday you little son of a good show every Saturday Sunday morning you should you expect all the game national recap expected to team to users yet. How LA where the book or the Smart money is where the consulate in nice nutrients like that. On that making up a picture of black eyed Susan's this week last year and we ultimately how do you feel it you own house uses a rental properties whilst it is that it could move overnight what I was right yes it's a good idea can you write it al-Qaeda right up my. I've no idea no previous financial the defining different obviously this is working to find themselves that their program directors with you everywhere and I want. Even on through to hide that nor should she Vilma and that they ride on lawn or to have to pay. Taxes on right now that right on what year is that. It's you know it's it. But not quite John deer but it's kind of looks like apples to viewers not enough we don't pay taxes Jerry and you're really. The sound and he can learn these things readout. You are eagerly reached out for the encore casinos I didn't attend calls this weekend and today it comes in Friday there was an earlier Gary ten season metered as Mike and it's the series it's no surprise 50000 kids pain and I'm not good month by month 68 dollars a time pay that minimum your business have ideas for Rick comes CBT mobile Brooklyn on Friday from new to to look both he could he talk. Which appears before that. Bachmann pockets and really if you meet on this note on board spent kind of ash already had a past it would show up this Friday. Oh or was it Friday yes well that's great that's onsite force she's had an afternoon yeah Newt it's taught. I taught in patriot yes. Where. Google will talks I want you Alter ego at Brookline. And Brooke like that you that you own memorial they fry yes that's 25 that's we undergo a year ago. Look at by the way do you are you giving out anything key chains I don't animals find out and report back it's on the football through that stupid thing we have opened a hybrid in that picture I'm myself that there will be done please why unit Joker I love you stole football pretty raw office yeah yeah what implicates that the so that internal or place of bigger muscles Mott who buys him. It's live my funeral is Friday will be ready to go to future events or are they front you feel what the colonies rates fall or they don't you feel bigger than. I don't know I don't know I am thrilled to be here they'll be there on. I to get anything besides cash you know phoned her. I just get on a case I get to meet the WB yeah this is harder Callahan listeners come on by applicable show again he voted no complaint free phone at 37 years as far as an accident that the dissatisfied over yeah. After actually pay for phones are lower than that he's gonna put it put a good word from shore would be a lot huge listener. Of attends I Curtis and they're gosh it's not it's not hooked up would you have lost my free com for a free phone and my nests and socialist you know so he did that. None of them though. I kept. And gladly. Pay for my karma well. USX that's the assailed me I never an alliance and if you credit all the time life's too short need to sit there and I got a phone you have just whenever just help if I offered the purse and my good friend Kerry who hooked me up the phone for years and years and says I can get Kirk. A phone to parents took her picture phones is money interest tonight arrested. It's free so I don't I don't I don't want anyone anything and even managed to life is leaving it in the phoned him and finally chair right tell us with a funny and then finally runs out you you get a few more phone calls Kevin I'm has got. Like I got away with something. Every year she gradually and and I were Ira is to you know prepare for the car right those days are those days or rates yes about it other gone country on billboards and put down I told these guys the story you weren't even when you were gone usually blue lot of stick around at crucial meeting was really good and we go to the Jimmy Fund to our parents were chickened out and they say just column I was Lugo WR. And bill to park for free. Kurtz of clothing line just gives America the sailor twelve bills it is don't want to. So. I Goldman's I'm with yeah to locate three. So we have free parking if you wanna. Laws that clearly I was what I said that the stronger you feel like yeah I don't know if people only asking all the usual like I don't know it's gonna have to deal might I'm documents like this all I saw one or you're sorry I'm here for re. Free items disappearance for them I remember that should encourage I was elevated you're still talking though I'm glad that I would rather save those nine seconds in my life and shoot. I'm helping out of the rice told these two aides and and Ken says why because it all goes to a good cause prices and a follow that but I guess you're right what. The money goes to Jimmy four or goes from positive and yeah. A much heard exactly goes there should put all you had to do was spend thirty seconds don't know arcs and event free no effects. You have no you know value money. That's on it and it certainly value money but I don't wanna have that conversation hate talking and out do I didn't talk that month onus on merchandise walking you know I did you just like he says I hurt your. I had two words indeed. He was one of two. And and you know what it was working for say twelve goal is greatest Jimmy Fund is. Why is the parking solution does likewise it's as such because they want them to some make it seem like the you know the chemo and the radiation is not that bad. So between the traffic in the parking they've taken so difficult this a good to go and relax it team did you bet did you valley air now. Yes he should they told us an evolution that's taking away from some sick person can that's not did you. No I parked on the blog every time I've only ever found my own way but I'll get you sick. That's okay. When you're on your relative that you take additional somebody else that but they told us that. She is at least people Cho told me that halted idealist and him. You gonna put in for that twelve dollars now to donation Turkey's success it's cute you know it tells tax cut in the diploma is on the launch in the Jimmy Fund. The cafeteria now. I'm always better. You are well that's the way that were older and unless of course you and Curtis will very generous could you grew up in the money from what I've earned my money Curtis is chris' earned his 47 especially here and Curtis lives like somebody who makes like we. Which is not out which is a great way to live because it's not realities Ricardo Richard Conn ago renovated. Ultimately and round stone itself quietly read familiar Red Sox. I insulation it was a had the issues here and or its installation some do it as fast greens salute. It's a noise yes whose idea was that all apart like a month price shouldn't look for Richard Green glue for new ones yes. There's there's my dad's point how much of that cost. You mean something. When some thought I was an annoyance well we it'll work when else was just instantly we had a new. That arm in arm our master about freedom of did you think it was 20000 dollars for re doing back from it's note. I don't know the other you know we have no idea I think of economic teammates not much of it works it's about that he'd listen condom it's worth of removing books. Two car garage in the room to him. Gregory insult people lottery I would hate very tried to go and so. It's not the I expect. When you're young and cool and it was not my irons well this place can be. Access can walk on the beach right it sure is going to wife's idea sick and all the Buick has no probably just tell you to do your dad paid for. That's not what happens at the port au pays for that. Might emphasize some his wife works and you might look like I normally do of course you greetings to report. The thing of course the family trust. Question Curtis. Etc. when you sell when you have kids you remove the suburbs I do remember the most fan and so. Kids love. Couscous you gonna make a fortune no solid place yards of industries that are accredited who have been living itself the city cute but I snaps and has not called a couple. Well it's a cult. And you know go to on the June you poets is healthy lives in Cologne bottle and it's it's guys like Curtis who going to sound young piece. Freedom you you'd agree Gulu. Yeah in the always possible events in a slight fear like from the scene and got the soundtrack of my you use when I needed trains I know I'm home I'm home. Speaker Tom we've adopted religion that we get back 61777. 7937. Boat people walking. Left and right what's going on the following the order was with the governors have been turned out to me yeah I sort of program director to what do what do we do you -- giving that war has pointed Kirkland corpses Luna in the zoo here's and here's your morning there's RC that kind of with a shaved head over there looks like she's a straitjacket. Jesus. That is sort print that title one pit. Chip it bounce back that is of course place where Zeke from cabin creek made me. Jerry West. Superstar college basketball. West Virginia and Morgantown. For going on the NBA fame and becoming very. So let of the logo via via. Quote some doubt that if you didn't. In the NBA logo that's actually Jerry West and never will let you know that. Well I know. Let's just say do it every once you know that's stupid and they call them the logo. Personal it's just great story this and he has is the logo for baseball right now well regrets it really good story that is. Where are you in the mood for this pen yeah. Europe has you have to think of saying I do not know that site is budgeted. It was personal and model there. That's an adult on him ultimately it's not so good model who talker heard him explain that he'd get us in the model that was there in that move with them and Douglas. Honestly my life yes it's a struggle this. Twelve singles repair Levitt singles for the Orioles in every hit has been a basic. Don't talk enough about through an idea what does that mean. For the base ever try to get to the roots of months problem drinking oh there it is imperative. The happy and humble calling during the games sometimes. Under review of the broadcasters don't enjoy it tells the rock Johnson loved O Steve province calls and a lot of that stuff. They really do so almost too much and that's up after after forty whatever it is forecast at the quarter. It don't talk the two of them might often hear the temperature much. At the quarter pole we all agree movie that's the MVP of American doesn't colorful what's that the world argue that's a quarter of the way through the seas. Yes we all agree McKee that's as the MVP. Yeah Che MIT's second TD Martina is number two. It. You believe that curtain Bob's I thought about that doesn't agree it doesn't make sense of the word psych and English. Mean guys really do these executives sat in the of the parties who really good players first and second MVP it's any industry better than dozens Stan. He has not matters a lot to forty games. Think that's all you can go it's true we want to talk about after eighty games has only been forty game that's true. Number one number two in the B a bets are to use and it's an enclosed. Try and please feel complete player throughout my trip so too does the extra will you play a lot out of William BP. And we'll keep us come back to earth trouble when it. Probably all a lot to me he's not and it 368 he writes I'm always gonna let off hasn't and isn't up and try and has 28 via. Martinez has his few RBIs the bats. Was leading off. He's got thirteen fewer than Martinez who argue this whole day I'm a news. Won't do phrase argue one. You phrase argue one with him he said trust more would be out of my team try to better player and that's not the question I would vote for a second when you wouldn't cause illness when he that's not his fault who you are wrong as fault. African countries on issues for forty delegates is faulty Tony Narnia. All we want you of course it easily and walks on base percentage so PS is ice it's ever been. Is fourteen home runs that's unbelievable unbelievable with the angels record. 2621. Case he's not doing enough to help the team win Martinez's. Five games over frigate U constituted the B Burton and Rivera that's not a question of Algiers who's done more to help this team win my trial. Now Judy Martinez a the new ones in the game. Best look you've been cares because pets have an other worldly person on now heard of it blowing out yesterday used wants to have it's two guys Whipple with fifteen home runs up to forty games. It's first time since one month 1873 boot camp was on the game yesterday would pick and would now. For its history for instance to doesn't rule the first time in Red Sox history to guys have been fifteen home runs at 247. Which. What seven games iris and how are you one phone calls. Yes we do give an outright bad. Give them gets vocal as we think should be second in the area BP through forty games correct call what was the question. And that's. What a load among older people column unless I hate interest on Wednesday. But yet our salmon Red Sox history sure. The first time in the major leagues since 2001 due in 2001. Don't tell us of you who think it was that if he gives the team as a giveaway this. No not really wild ideas 2001. Nationally. The Rockies. Was held there in Washington don't know walker a moonwalk belt loop current doesn't count soared last whale was 2000. That was the 2000 and the Yankees two teams mariners and angels. Manners and are clear that you can Martinez. Correct and out on a run to. 2000 angels. 2000 Jerry Garrett Anderson and handled Darin Erstad salmon know it's all about Troy gloves yeah and and samba. Lawrence. Frontline right on yes yes. Of who you. Geithner on Mo Vaughn mobile to mobile launcher like lost 2800. Go downstairs here this week phobos and my podcast. Remember that got us. It was sort of becoming jamaat I don't remember it historically red senate has come out of the curtain and a drop probably excellence. I don't toward Gaza know where it's just for God's champ Perez was good for a dozen classic story aired until he did it. Just suggesting also the fifty home runs yeah right used to Wear tight shirts to work and flexing god they give away massive credit card debt giveaway and there's been caused by creepy and that's true if that's true that's the bearcats thinner right. I like preteen BCA mixed verdict Padilla. To create TV set your own man once it's good for careful. Apparently does me to grow the please look at all the hundred and they look at this cause. Hold on a student I gross tackle black ink we talk about these guys you know this guy has never knew that neither the front page it's all these right literally you know it is almost. And Kirk I don't mean any disrespect in my truck will revoke a local a lot of people and a truck Tucker now notice direct. 280 Martinis is having a better 47 to try it if charges that you know what I've made a lot of money I want to go live somewhere and retired today. He's already well thank you are right let's let him run externally rookie best of the best player based on sounds catches he is right now though because we but he's not the best player baseball market bets is flawless. Born. Nunnery bowler. My trust flawless as well but they're that this offline client these guys big national names. Because he wants apple shark is like no probably knows we as I walked down the street the other day. I saw who keep that's. It used by himself why is that nobody would stop them what Paula I'm a baseball. What is and they settled wants that job promoting us started seven and I got seven. Is notable is a perfect baseball let's go to Randy in some of real life training. You're a lawyer did more closer to quickly momentum can when I was a kid really cared little communities and no one mentioned in Paris. This could fit the swing is risk control and Google being Hank Aaron no mention it in the. For any of you Craig Freddie and Greg Brady do a show. Geology and NBC baby hey Daryn how filed yesterday. Well no you know I was I was. I. Mean that's. We do each point on I wouldn't compare I wouldn't compare him to troll vacancies or I wouldn't trade him on one of. You if goaltending and Martinez. Bet. You got to Bradford. Who's he's suggesting that he wouldn't trade bets for Mike out and we can be can be stop this was you love this I thought was yours is self hate you love people in the card you'd love this cock. But people Ricardo sites like you know they bait based on that all of you and anybody but the media Friday from some rob has a big pitches yesterday over. A. Crossover brought to my number BD guys next century broke the usual praise from talk that the F do you guys have who was on. Just so stupid doors workers but when is marching back that's all people wanna know Thursday ending. Italy for three more days was over the past. You to race and put another request from Mark James worlds you want them you won't work Mark James I just wanna meet them that's all part of I'd much great job really gauge of the podcast you guys. We'll discuss that that's enough that's enough to talk about them. Struggle in Houston which are cold that never goes away I mean they guys that next Jerry Knight back tomorrow morning at six.