K&C - Mut horribly fails the US citizenship test 10-23-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, October 23rd

Hour 4 - Continuing to flex his historical knowledge, Mut attempts the US citizenship test.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. No thoughts about. He's might just killed I really don't know who shot. Ours was me. Pat novel. And I don't know his name he's an actor Roy Oswalt helped to be yes. And of acumen to having it be faked me. I would sell expand ballooned and I don't know labeling it worst case had a quite they're tied for your friend beyond yes and on pace for twelve point six. I will not lab doors the shot not good chuckle I we should destroy all want it say racism abolished. So she could you guys will send me next stroke of one. Strike one is what I wanted to say it has really doesn't make any sense that yes it was you could abolishes the NFL's now this anti. Racism PS but the Red Sox and Boston which doesn't do anything to fight racism. And I was mocking the idea that that would do if Earl is a present anyway and vice president can. Longer serve. Who becomes president. Of. Had a present the senate. That's the vice president. You have to notice more. I don't think I do. Speaker of the house. Nokia they did who speaker of the house right now Paul or so ago. This from the actual suggests send your citizenship test is. When was he declaration of independence adopted 1776. Which date and so did statistics to life for thirty seconds ago. Who did the United States fight more to. Germany okay who else. The axis of evil whatever the axis of evil was with the country's. We fought I beside Germany was our our major rock I don't it was a big rival Google in Japan one more. The dictator and charged in this country. Germany Japan. I. Did you do do do do do do do do do do do do should know this. Way to get the Ekuban wait that long I'm never called the guests. We regret the gas. More greedy and who agreed to what they want a normal person from taking Obama who I know the answer I've no idea. Moves away in what country it was made. Odeo and I really knows he's in a factor and it's as if it was a factor there fracture. Who's a governor your state now. Well mark I know. All the kidding was name I. We just have on I can't think of his name. That that's not. It we're not giving a knock him and now I do I jump our message client and I am. Drawing it's not now exit to the ball pact no this no this is at record now correct all the back. You go the way this. What are the two major political parties United States. I've no idea. No. A set everything announcers OK we elect the US senator for how many years. Four years core. Who is it just two years just to report. Setting her. Idols are for your senator. That's I love that I love the Curtis is mocking yeah I would do that argues that China is. Yeah these things are on it maybe I should still no but I've not thought about these things in decades and so piper dominant senators aren't there. 100 it's had its us your right to the bridge up what. It. We're called the first ten amendments to the constitution. So then what. The bill of rights you see ago. What. It's. Played Brady but after I hear that Curtis and potential lethal. OK who gets the veto bills why am I the only answer these questions are. Mimi two is all the past four years older and what four do you know all these dancers international participants O'Brien panacea. I'm not a tough. You need for cabinet level positions. I'm not not not a position actual patent your house. So you just a I don't know I I I honestly don't know what that question. Like you I've not I've not thought about. I heard Glen give a speech about the three with levels of government government yes the other day OK to cabinet level positions. No the cabinets. The president's cabinet like secretary of state secretary defense they did say. Interest do you said Q4. 144. Chief of staff. It's an attempt level position. Secretary of state yet yarder set. Secretary defense that's right. Well what Betsy devotes the education secretary correctness and rig that's three. Oh it's. I know no news and. My only when is fascinated by this this is unbelievable that it okayed it. What more. The big and as a distracted by anything to answer them on sheets mr. I'm distracted by this now with the Ottawa. Is the there is no present at this and I think lots of something with the Supreme Court and that's yeah department Justice Department to us that it's not as I guess not right in the cabinet level position how many. Justice are there supreme eight. What an even number of Supreme Court justices I've no idea or. Think about trying to get the clock in particular about that while it even numbered. To make sense you have ties all the time someone breaks the tie. It's like that is close runner but as they go. Who break the tie one does have an odd number then the president gets to break that he is I don't work for sure it's outward nine with the current Chief Justice in the states I do none. My anybody in the Supreme Court. I don't think so now. You have to I don't. You know one member mr. McCourt I don't know how the answer is no. I'm telling you I don't. Quote one power of the federal government what one power. Some powers on the federal government with a cartoon out of that you get your these are questions I've not thought about years you can argue give anyone really see what's with the declare war. You print money at the federal government Corey fly things I think about all the time. Who is the governor of your state now the ball packed. What does one responsibility is only for United States it is. To vote. That wallet that's again that's devote. Your right that's right. That's right there for amendments the constitutional who can vote describe one of them. It. But what I'm seeing Norman and ski if you try to into the country right now would be with would be so rat on the boat send me back and I again that couldn't. I'm sure you study for the test that question makes sense as a test that people study for I'd bought about these answers or questions how you older citizens have to be able for president. Eighteen turned Europe's. Who live in America before the Europeans are. That's a question yes. Native Americans Indians won correct that's a question the citizens of this. Kessel mocking your failing right now worker but people were taken American sold the slaves. Why it's. What group of people were taken to America and so the slaves. There from act African aid from Africa where it would. Or group of people yes. Which group of people. It did it feel like that's not a real question what group of people question number six Africa I think a lot of what. That seems pretty I mean. They they were taken from Africa or group of pure not not a group that's a Huey Lewis after produced some of that after right correct. There were thirteen original states named five. States are colonies. And try to. Virginia. South Carolina and Virginia but. New York. Massachusetts. Connecticut and all these and you'd I'm competing states with he hit indoors so far right New Hampshire. That's five and it was confused did. When was the constitution written. On that point they know I don't I don't have. I don't of the year you know OK Curtis to you know Alan jitters he brought. I don't know seventy some basics. Wrong. Would you know not on the apple shaiken said oh forget eat it but yeah palms anything. What is one thing measured Franklin's famous for electricity. There a lot of reports on management fragmented it's not advocates a yes yes that's fine but when things is listed something else waitress. He is now it's used for general butler's report and Richard Franco Harry in my. He whose credit with a here's part of a lot all of us here to paths of these get for not heed the the court credit for what. Got a lot of credit for the relations we have with the France and a lot of time there yup US diplomat a lot yes it go any else. All of my two favorite name one war. Fought by United States don't surrogate or from two wars fought by the United States in the eighteen hundreds. The war reaching twelve. French anymore. And. I guess the second one wars. Another wants what eighteen hundreds by the civil war pretty soon if yes. What territory did the US buy from France in the Q3. On Louisiana part he had go go don't you more civics lesson on the with him so we don't wait. Seriously. You meet three or spot by the United States in the nineteen hundreds. World War I World War II Vietnam BC officials are you one more. You don't want more now now let's another nation let's and had to make my mom just an enemy as gonna be a hard one and it would get a whole again great that a great job myself. Just ago before president I'm not coming in I I would have ever Roemer coming what wars Eisenhower generally. Our World War II correct. And wrap up of this one who was present during World War I. Christ. He was. And and you know yes. FDR. TI and I don't know I'd that's the bears are at that out nation on to better. Couric and Callahan. Why don't Sports Radio WEEI. Tim is being critical stretching nothing uplifting justices guys. It was just. Who is this and listening right now they always is Tom Waits on what turns. Well I enjoy the show and I'm glad you did you have a good time. I agree but the structure issue. No issues was terrible question has Radio One nicely level. The jets week that he didn't really ask the fourth down call they Don Ellis Ellis. He did you define your post. Was who's got next to a school where the guy got guys here that they inertial no I'm not so we elect. A Christian and Glen in new who's on them to know. Cast of character you should get your teacher noticed that shouldn't. Who. Kurt should know who's on the short hours will be Charlie Baker joining the guys that no way it is a Dave's wife will also be doing good things like two touchdown fresh off a big catch touchdown catch last. We're back tomorrow with streamers and join us tomorrow and nearly inaudible. Did and we're going on last half hour show behind machine which I think Al retriever Arabian tomorrow morning that the Mossad. To spot the find out I can promise you this. It's been actually showed just say much I would say so yes yes having. I would listing at 6 AM you well and blocks widely pence on of Carter's era tomorrow night. All the on tomorrow with rob Bradford a blow. My god mr. yourself progress report talk. Get into the Red Sox manager what this might mean. And it's a bucket of rights or alive cards more to that it's really the clubhouse dynamic still want to be discussed we into it this morning by a couple hours that to market excellent in the sense that we're back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock with Alex Roemer what group of people were taken American sold the slaves. What group of people were taken to America and so the states. They're from Africa and read from Africa where it would. What group of people yes. Which group of people. That did it feel like that's not a real question what group of people question number sixty was taken numerous sold the saves. Speak African Americans well it would be African American Idol for me. Don't go anywhere Fort Wayne Primeau who importing coming up next hallway and won't be home of the best pass coverage Sports Radio nine point seven WEEI yeah. Fox News.