K&C - Mut is a pathetic negotiator; Mut can't define leverage 3-2-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, March 2nd

Hour 3: Mut tried to negotiate his new deal with Kirk and Gerry, he failed miserably.  


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Skirt. I don't care they're making fun of me today that's fine that's a lot there's no tears in my I'd love come into work every day because that's a great thing that's about sound great but I also am sick that they got that little thought where it is why we are actually gonna believe it or not start talking about. Other combine in Indianapolis writes a wanna get into special heed it. For a variety of breed with Gerry Callahan Bruins tonight. He's there was a three. 83. Bruins they've winning the mayor of Fort Myers OK out of office over go wherever it's RB and rob Bradford this afternoon the age of forty. What you said Evans you'll take they're going to make the shots you. Was it. You go home built why it makes Washington and Kirk made ahead everybody wants to divide among modern Moroni the final show not to the afternoon show he's joining dale and keep the radio pioneers the two largest strip and radio world war. Factors Ali. It should be a sad trombone they go ahead put the Rangers do a nice job of taking the case who walked out of what you want to do. Imus can throw left field name with senate right now books on Sports Radio W. We all live. In the air base pitching the ball at least I'll go to Athens by myself. What dale to go to meet gays want you to be at night wreckage of the better than mud mud can be a fill in for the feeling guy yet. And now four days making the pitch to be on the more gasoline in the morning. He wants to beat the traffic main coach football's those priorities straight up earlier this area professional parodies we knew which means that have to go well or may you be afraid of us getting get that sense now I don't know exactly what you want for the and I'd be fine. We made this big you know big picture what's in the mornings which we could try and one day now. We're not sure we showed we're in the we need people help out and run out after today he's gone I'm gone. Arab he'll carry a four way eventually Tran he's gone Tomas he's gone Alex is gone gone gone and how are still around here is a relic still the next rob Bradford so I'm right there at the I mean we know it's like the aisles and so Brad full assault or Linebrink solo but I telling us and he held owed relic in Fort Myers he held tryouts for a always job so all of a two wacky calls from guys we have any of those adding sound good. He's just looking to promise emerged give him a cricket no idea. I knew I was on 2 o'clock it's okay Vietnam that's out. Credit up it gets and yet you know. I don't know if a couple of poles higher. Syria. And we and I mean they can do lots of different things in the afternoon sure they can have been along deals. Friends from NASA and can be our salute all the guys scored clues act yet. Eric Peterson. Jeff my vice it would be tried you people that that's that it's fine people in Rome guys you like and give the shot is guys don't. Nobody buying guide to don't like munition a speaker good you when I'm like aren't you guys you think it goes to the 'cause you could then stumble across some good you know some. Potential stars absolutely an elegant be if we get this conversational time nu nu is good and then you tart turn of the game you come up with no that's brought. Available troops and they'll struggle that soups a sure he's a hall of Famer this. Unease in Edmonton this week crowd that's okay immediate health scares Fairfield integrates email doesn't get weekly you know their products and did you get absolutely so I don't. We'll see what happens there going for modesty part of it next week next Tuesday Thursday. And supposedly it is our bonds of actual organization Tuesday Thursday and yes will be sort today's homeless. Who knows I've no idea. I've actually knowledge so you don't want him at all anymore because of a right now final flux right now I do but I know how I think after a few weeks embassies screws know you'll be thrilled with the job of doing there and eager like the fact the have more sound upbeat about it but do very often we do and Adobe Adobe go to will be very good I think you can do fine earlier I don't know yet. Yeah advocate for all day yesterday a market that's a mocking everything he can do fine there. It does he said he said to me. They should hire subways and make the most of 286 to seven with Keith Davis yeah it'll say those guys' bodies deputy could feel lady could be on for dale he believes he can do all that stuff. It's do anything much congress became in the next well they can do anything my buddies times you'll hear Swiss army and ski at times. Thank you did like million ads tell amassed such a name. The name I want you spiteful mean if you ever a conversation dale off your actual conversation. Besides past you know we thought the World Series in 2013 we. It was 2013. When you talk out there on the air but just it's just been on not it's at you passing two ships passing in the wind. Night. Through ships passing in that. Capacity in the win and that's kind way was it ships with his what's going out that that's a military reference them. And the orphans. Two ships is shoot well but I was key figure was his mindset right now. I talked key team is rattles Sears had an easy mourning mourning process it's. It sounds like the were to be right. That's a great thing and and we've for conference once again I would not imagine that in the case. So the way it is Saturday funeral Monday smartest idea of her as a Dino the only afternoons will rewrite its managing Roemer without a doubt if they would I'm not the Vatican's every Saturday rain slickers immunized for radius but I'll be great move pretty awful move I liquor. And Jerry would you like to produce that your. Elected leadership I think payable keep when he encouragement climate here. It's a pick on them heading into him I need kernels and speakers will be perfect and the new birth this guy I don't want it doesn't strike me as the morning guys. No he speaks he knows full life. I just they were you can be the afternoon's no access I would capital but now so you just wanna do your own shall buy yourself I think it's time that you. You know I'm right there I think we're a good time we had a great run together and you're glad you this race for a decline. I'm glad I love love all allowed Kevin Love actually. You guys could you talk Brooklyn I think Glen and and Christian in lieu of found extra apps on their their kick and asks I agree. They sound like them a good time McClendon leave those guys for years he's Jerry's the one guy they believe Daschle or yes I agree. That would be a third guy it's kind of a thing now have three guys that's true don't mean it could use of his heart again and art link to it's gonna be like the show will be football center. Obama's longtime host that show one Comcast have football's Europe football is still as opposed to football guys who have real post your friend on. You can Steve Ross Stevie you can have Chatham and the art on the challenge at a really good depth access you know Lombardi Salisbury Lombardo Ellsberg back at the show though Andy Benoit and even is exactly my thought from an annoyed yesterday. Good show we wouldn't be. William we knew this Monday by itself in the afternoon we just take calls you'd be like Alice Randall Arabia arguments begin to open up with less than two weeks for the fire. And you if I would do you do there was trouble there with Lou Christian. Keep that night. Ma floating in these and so for me to be with you guys Christmas is a Red Sox Christmas what shall I go global that's Kevin O'Keefe. Dale in the hall and and Mike is Mike in key for the Sunday issued to those rights and signing signing. Nine to three hits and no thanks I don't particularly if you can do you do. Again issue or yes I guess that's a huge value human competes as a puppet genes on and so we decided we are human isn't it's you know we've talked about a lot Kirk is all for putting new. With a house full time. Yes a glass not gonna do atlas Hillary's. Yeah I'd they would at the financial aspect of you please don't give you raise what you do senate come in and they say you take you take this job that job where he quit. No race you're gone you just quit. I would quit and family to support from the abortion leveraged. I leverages really well I don't greatest and I told Heidi I need to make no I don't have an agent a strategy that's not the solution we're not a Shia I've advocated that necessarily. You could do their feet like. But. So why leverages a nobody does more police station that's not leverage outside suffered obvious what's not now is what they would say crystal line he can. Albeit not as well side but they don't care about that basically their daycare they care about early as you were with retired Sox client leveraged like relationship with the Red Sox yes you do excellent job much. Pregame against this I guess on my own little neck of a little jail last month very good. They did say that this delegate I want to get doubled on the 50000. Cease he's sitting out a little more than a hazard to appear actual leopard soaking it all market OK we see mark and then. The minute hand. Born OK so mark your Mike and died. Markets Egan is mark right we've never talked a low post a man hiring and radio exit. What would you like to talk about today. I'm curious whether music playing right I am I have sure I had tenuous Mike. Can we get a thirty point I don't need ten minutes at a meeting with Paul Goliath and fiber so let's please my average. I have told you like an increase in salary. It. I knew I would you're asking you my leverage open lever to do much for the call is stuck in a movie actors or not it's leverage like don't leverage much for us. If you average those to probably our editorial ran out till I talk. Tigers cable news Greg I talked to Kirk injured both. The broad strongly advocating. Did it feel to be the third panel on the planet and off the off the year they told me so now we're gonna put you in their starting Monday morning good Israeli you'd like. Yeah like. More money okay the higher profile is OK okay we camera that it hazardous rescue on the bigger role the radio even more important rule the raiders stopped. A management rights we don't have that the budget and and we may June who will take care for you to get high blood that discussion six months from now but we really need you to go full time to the mornings now we need help the guys are tough time right now I like the guys help on quite a bit last year and I think that. It's seat couple things. Nothing in the past matters is not working and out week to encompass what is the fire is Curtis during his negotiation if alchemy drunk or sober accurate soccer game. So callers are drawn to me says you then you say that one moment music where you know we just can't do it so really TV coming Monday or your orders. Ayman Mondesi amendment coming Monday I asked the amendment tremendous degree of Christian steal his human cost of survivor like Gerry Callahan and family to feed at all would be Monday the Red Sox he said the Red Sox you a good relationship. Know on the should I do I do good job with that that part of the angriest with blogs bunny changeup and he would have written because it only gets a sentence with us with Colin birch and some of the good folks the Red Sox that is very good jobs so I would say actually did make the call on behalf I would guess who is now working now will make progress. We have been awesome fairy tale. Just please call Berkshire's a great guy. If he cares about you said on multiple occasions last couple years how good the pre and post isn't attendance was. No huddle you know deferential displays can be to the Red Sox or we get someone the Red Sox. To go to bat for month now. What took Kelley doing he's he's crease he's. That's but that's much negotiation so I mean we're up to me at Gerri at that we may be willing to make them. Short parables association is utterly deferred so we just say I mean you know you have no leverage. Of its leverage. You know tried to get a little averages now I really don't particularly want to get awkward meetings. As you'll live from the station. That climber says that do their job updating scores. I said Milwaukee. Minnesota for any other guy. I get more money. I got a family. I I I've had to bet I realized I am very proud of my situation with a station I would suggest that Republican I don't personally bigger role wouldn't that Atwood. Why wouldn't that was sentenced money list on this. What are you saying I've to a young kids I have a job as night hours. Yeah I I I think I'm the most important person at the station WTO here's a million dollars. That's what goes right you know and you ask them lightly that's how can you know. You should do you should should do recruit Kirk man to go out. Negotiate for. A happy that you're like I'm. But would it okay which I help you out from indigenous moderate I'll tell me I sound awesome right now maturation 88. It won't or try to be here now good night my Omar I departed could I it's playback Meyer says much about this argument of the guys and I edit any of any luck is there too it's a bigger role the station I'd like to be compensated for the bigger role the reason OK we are intelligence we will talk about that on the scene I wanna talk but it now okay your great choppers for six months we're better we're due to renegotiate your deal satisfied with that. Sure yes I'll look at its Syria. Six months and I don't think it's as sponsor that really don't have the budget right now we need to do another six months six months from now we're definitely had that conversation again and I'll say great let's put down books now. In the books let's put that all let's put that meeting on the books right if you let me get let me look at it and let it out of if you stop gamble I would you might again and if you stop gambling when that sort of like a pay raise. Are dramatically more money for your family. Admit I'd make money occasionally over the wreckage. Tricky but the ads. Is that not a lot of money and drinking every night what you think you've got to the books are set to put it it's called putting the meeting on the books yes putting on the blog posting. Now put on the book good to see him physically put on the books I've you have asked have you ever look at it I'm meeting a meeting with bought. I've got a look around I am very happy or emerald. She's so down you not last in question a reality million dollar regions led to fight leverage obviously give it definition of the word leverage. I don't I honestly don't. What's the definition seriously. I don't know much about what's that protects your pay 10% that's victory as this could mean. The 500 hours of my pictures are defined purchasers. The fine I'd I'd I'd I picture at. Let me accurate it is cute they've done I can't say the exact definition of a huge. It why I think you right now. They have to the finds out and leverage your children will die another job there's no to yes on the job that another job to go to get to that of late in his case that would be my editor definition. In this case from the looks of five leverage another job to the states in this scenario is fake scary position. But I can't run well look at that and I can't wait to its careful to. If I give a good show yesterday this is in you come back today and you hate like you just hate because you can't define I mean I'm trying to help you out. I'll just say you know. Look where from the station talked of the stations. It's aide urged the meeting the program for yeah afternoon's practice committee found that twelve illegally within their whatever the other is no need for them to take you. They don't why would they do that. Why wouldn't they pay me to go thanks so much Danny Valencia instead as a source of real world it's the dollar world. Like you know if you. Would we will be performed for. You know I walked warned that doesn't matter in the past matters. You can look ahead yes it why should they pay you more. What's the alternative for them. In the first line and what's it what's the alternative if you wanted to morning's what's the ultimately can't answer question question heard coach Jerry by themselves OK that keep caricature of themselves here -- don't match the version leveraged I'd add in in that case unhappy warrior with a range statements defensive leverages a building that sometimes as a door that opens it you know as an important for you know what I mean. Meanwhile under in this case the leverage is a separate job I'm not looking for separate job or different job I'm very happy or amateur leveraged him because I'm like do you know and I don't know what's the alternative begin to pay somebody else to be very you don't usually get him out relieved another job you just need another job possibility in other job offer to these stadiums said. You know twelve leading Plymouth wants to run the station. I don't want you I love you guys but they're making news conference it's hard to turn down I've got a family defeat yeah I got a gambling addiction right. I mean I mean this is the army used for non organ. I don't certificate be filing a rock yes okay very happy hour every aspect you can exercise about right now. Medical board and work that's being very happy we Israel and we raised a human beings to rats your five. The parents teach about negotiate negotiate or talk to my parents about negotiation. But there's talk anybody else I saw I sold the radio for living Gerri. And you sold it radios for summer radio show I saw a raid on the same as radio Berlin reminded the character radio format film. It's. You're getting it don't hear organ so you'll do it full time we know race. Yes I probably would and admitting that yes I can you do full time actually got to be a solid go to. We knew it full time it is ever and is already cut your pay 20% salary. It was set do you real lucky that we were doing it if we should want to do it they said you. Rick Kutcher Richard touched by 10% here are your god we usually yes. You quit I'd have to look at what it is at that point if if they start again like it they'll continue to do. I. Thought it paper yes. Why should. We go to break please now I don't think so not been reduced from cannot take a break. We're trying to help him yeah we're really you know do what they're doing an excellent job on file with the money and make here on finex a I'm going to say that well done. Balloon. What I want to be on the show every day I want forget that insured you know why do you. So line. I want you to be success why what meant not only did Chris a play successful right now I mean why not let us. I'm confused. When you know how much they paid Dino. And knowing I don't know either but you should find out tighter than a mindless we need the ten years now known. Two years ago all day Webby pick for him. A would be yet not gone up. But that's that's it that's a good pop I think. Say that scar there. Listen you know supposed been successful. You would need a third guy appropriate yeah right now I would say I don't say things like a camera really nice guy yeah that's normal I really liked the Red Sox like me won't go for people out Kevin birch said it you know arduous Oliver talk in person they're very good job guys handle him in the sixth inning that time mate and tell you how happy you. Yeah I'm really happy soak it is on here's my here's my request. Please please appeal let's give me more money and then in the piece of paper that I think if you like 5000 dollar write back and get him on the books yeah at least OK I get that next meeting on the books for sure let's go back in my. All right it's what's. 77793. Sets were the guys right Tim's right I'm getting advice from Chris Curtis in my career that's for these bizarre by some credit temperatures and that is rock pop. That occurred said and I don't successfully negotiate yes yes they had other offers did. Did the culture of connections of the New Hampshire a lot of media blitz and get someone up there and I count on radio station up there probably wants to be there there's a lot of bother much excellent the stations there I locally owned and operated stations like someone. Like myself to do bunch of things yes so the ego yet. Stock I think we're done here. But yes there's an ethic her work on new deal or not departed now ideally you should migrate 5% less in the making now you know it didn't seem fair 61777. Seven that through several right. I like the guys and help they'll quite a bit of last year and I think that. Now I'm a survivor like Gerry Callahan and I would family to feed Colin birch and some of the good folks of the Red Sox that is very good job at McDonald's now. In the books let's put that all it was that beating on the books right it was five left obviously give me definitely leverage. I don't I honestly don't know. What's the definition seriously. I don't Jersey the finest restaurants grass but random like you define. Your random word and the fine. All of opulence. No idea what that were not up to loose. Obtuse that's obscure but it's. If your. You're being of future being yeah that's your definition yep and I don't that it gives you don't orders outfits that's good. Cavalier. I've been sort of brazen. Brazen. Brazen. Cavalier. Eat eat eat the working guy eating nearly ego let go yet ego either and yet I agree with that would you philanthropist. I'd donation being unhelpful yes it sounds a resort to donate money altruistic. When you're not as concerned. With the yet material stuff right correct but it is dumping. One for nine there. We'll take Kabul Karl Shawn Andrews and a car I Andrew. Hey guys Kurt a big issue cola Harry he might be able to define leverage or mark there. Lot of guys desires up I guess I ask Harry if he's on a boost the whole body and drug that's carry. Who was the worst negotiator you have are hurting like yeah I think that's huge deficit. I'm dumb dying on my way to work right now I'm thinking about government and ask him are raised. You should fit and you don't hear nice perk gets on a nice person and tell Richard ETDs a reason for you to get a raise he should just get one because the price of other jobs to go to the push of a sad movie getting money would make you so happy I. And you play a part motto. Oh yes yes. I'd I'm really happy driving half hour to work every day firm. You know my shiny quarter that they can at least. That death should make technical or yeah who. Ego but you know you get to talk about sports. I play in the port apartment but I certainly do so just be happy that the pinch myself method it. Am a Mac is in Boston a map. Yeah it is actually much super driver it's. A bit. They were going on so I think you as part negotiation or part of your new promotion cricket because. Helps you are three parties drinking gambling and not be your kids. When did you ever casinos are. Would open up there on on the ride into work. And at 5 o'clock here true statement the 5 o'clock somewhere but key. Mr. track now the jobs. By the library and Europe home at 7 o'clock here it will be in bed so. It really accomplish opry. And you go to Italy is are you looking forward to the new casino and when it's gonna it's because I'm because of the wind casinos don't know it's not the Gannett news in the Michael Wynne WI and no change everything to get on the money for but he won't ruin changed name. Will that change your life all you can we'll keep you excited the front of big casino right there today and every dollar I know is a big support of Mohegan Sun possibly go on there could be their to every day. Big announcement Kentucky Derby day to doubt I'll end as it did Elena we get teased effort for four weeks that's being outside the manner that. Scott portrait you you could leave you could be for the world the portrait if you were here can tell you obviously and he was nowhere to turn measure leveraged I agree you. They're important I over full and I'm doing all the racing events now. The derby runner up a lot of new apps salute toss for me we brought I brought Nubian lash getting to be might be back for the derby this year I don't advice this year but to go on Jeff Locke the sport and you'd be dink it actually not bad but I'd be there right. All bloody Connecticut we need to get him on the water and thoughts when we went to Mohegan we went together and Alex's team. A week we invited back to this year for the for the golf tournament. And so on out of the window. They told us that it is Thursday and that's true that it that was good whom we weren't that aware that final that political will do golf term this year. Well luckily I just sort of there I mean the golf turn now that's amid days ago and that's would have them additional as they go excellent on Hillary as a great so you and Glenn will be there. Yes I'll go to another clan and me we're in the morning. Well it's the Pamela that's should be about a good time on the strips together you did it every night goes on talk on the phone every day who would do is you Chris costs would make fun of those shows just say real quick about need to dive to deepen this. You like Jeff Obama difference in these nice isn't it but this adult Beckham patriots finished it yet but don't you like yeah I don't okay fine absolutely but it's descent. It was all too well can write about that's not quite disagrees at least interesting the guys aren't but I mean I looked at with the interest and rented did you read that you took out. If you're confused at all the white refused I can confuse as to the motivation for the giants or edit their motivation is he he's a day. This brings a great player cooks is not. In the same position if your option to make the same money right on the play the same position. What's the giants motivation. And how it did just they just they could yeah RV Rick O'Dell Beckham junior the personality. All the they're they're tired act would you think they could do better vote getting jumping in every cook's foreign. I don't think I would I traffic's I would take yes I would think so. Do you think it's gonna happen. No but I like the question is with the paid well the question to me is other pages gonna do something big they gonna make a splash. And this would obviously here. Count that would call on deathly counterfeit luddites and you're rebuilding is Jeff says would you rather just spend less money on cooks when you say giants fans would flip out if there was not pro so unless they Monday got a big draft pick their. They gonna spend the same money princely if you're extending nimble if you think about and either one of those guys they're taking a lot more expensive Brodeur back there are energized its flip out three terms Brandon Cox yes obviously at the game English traffic. A first aid trips and cooks Rebecca Alec Johnson's behalf of all of them that I can recited he said twenty million bucks and Iran's affairs one of these he wants twenty million does and he's gonna candidates yeah items like Hughes and a leverage. He does once you freeagent actual upon true all we can get franchise of its less than act sixteen million dollar franchise tag this year. Jargon has got a middle right I mean you get a big deal some solidarity music will what he gets hurt again when he breaks leg in week two this year. Beckham any mighty takes on its. Richard Johnson still franchise and next year and pay sixteen I think I could they draft a QB with the number two pick I think they probably have to mean that they're matching going to be only that spot of the of the top four QBs. I think that's the only one who's not gonna play you know which is good to me is not complain a lot right the other three. You know go start start probably elect or whoever goes to clear we'll get to ruined careers over right yes we live and learn gamble they played Sean Kaiser for a year let the guy in Cleveland no way that they've learned from them away for a year no way. Maybe half a year maybe we'll depends a minute guy like Josh Rosen is spectacular. When you look at them it's physically he's. Paul he got a strong nominee just looks so good Paul again you can see him began to catch against all know harper hasn't written Barkley running. That has staked the number one the same average somebody's got to shape some report yesterday said he's the best draft prospect in ten years and position. True but what positions you play a not important. I wanted to act understood but yes Panetta now the attitude and that is sort of football. Because it's so undervalued or so long now they think that he would that we're about life and it's just a safe pick he's gonna be good to guarantee he'll be good does it take to take one of the quarterback know what they'll say yes it would be as good. Now god nobody has flame out as much as they're good. I think who any of them goes to Cleveland to be good quarterbacks. And it there's no there's no track record that now. There's no chance zero tracker anyone goes to Cleveland and is a splash at the quarterback position before that for the giants. He got a quarterback they get your. Eagle early early quarterback he sent him money for a couple years at least it easing by the year. Will he will cause you know the closer you get to draft a more tantalized because the giants' secondary. I've no thoughts dollar quarterback situation like go to their linebackers we know most team's quarterback Harlan. We know we know most team's quarterback situations in the southern they would send his ship out to you is right about the corners and into lead Sherman Talib who are. At least 32 weary wary too old. Sherman's thirty which is the age Terrelle Revis was Wallace is washed up right. Of the identities. I like that offend me crap stick against the wall but did not ask app that's what you do at this time naturally we're seeing YouTube brought stuff is is tedious at this point a tedious things. Yes was. It's I pertaining to the Renaissance Peters and I guess actually does yes yes no updates two touchdowns TD correct unity guy so he's he's that that's the right to my to write this stuff during Indy you're wasting money but don't you think do you think the pixel do something to make all you know. Now I just do weird offseason quiet offseason there's going to be some don't know how he's albeit hopes he's a signing it traded. Their retirement some. Maybe I feel. What we don't. Know what it will call for almost lots of other pleasurable league. Sherman. I guess but you'd but we just don't know what you're right I'm the satellite and a meg definitely to leave the chairman's. Younger better maybe Jimmy Graham for your call Jimmy Graham won a load up at night absolute call share this so called. That's he's at the most what you don't think you're gonna see anything like that. What Doug audio plus draft a quarterback which will be flown more than one of these all of you so much fun I can wait that will be fun. I can't wait guys not play extra snow that's against them played next that's thrown their support of city droplets helps write the timing is right this time the timing was not right with grapple mistakes. Was he stinks but we won't know what no well aside we grapple was not right away I mean. And you'd say that seemed to be pretty lapse in its Kansas City yet and ideas how close they get to post two seconds of the first two seconds and so you either. Use one of them on a quarterback will trade out right. And get a quarterback by the way I am back I am not going to grizzlies entity quarterback next year to brace and he could this year at the quarterback that you as a matter he needs a year to. Under you know. There's an annual clinic on the letters he has every day and a fortuitous promotes from Foxboro and a good show from the golf bags well apparently that's mildly I'm glad to act model our show. Yes well professor at the golf expert today. Yes you'll like to be at the golf expo two days really delivered like a range yeah that had some balls chipped putt putt but the clubs I think I think it is desperately need. Defense right real agree yes but nobody cares we almost to the quarterbacks all the matters Luke Falk yes that's the one mr. guy or is what's in the car Lola. He's the one who is this a tie in prison platelet caused some of the navy tied at somebody's dad coached a good reason Richmond yes. Spider. Unlike those navy guys. And sure enough. Production anyway day once pebble get all your draft calls backyards and at what 77779237. Per. One of the on the juvenile that I could think was this that you're in my neck standing up. Look loves looked anxious and didn't listen so when did the voters get the vote is looming on the I had to say they got back. It's possible. That makes you laugh and feel like him and it's what what is news as you talking during the movies or great season it didn't happen so but you talk during the movie signs. She always felt quite sure. It's about this because it's a lie snippets and yes that is right there there yes these explosions. At the end of the olive oil leak itself heard senator pushed on set it yet. Right now Hillary says tonight because I wasn't in the next day means in you're yes I remember a work of hearings all your eyes sparkled and we didn't know terrorism we talker to that not right to I didn't tonight. I sat next to Curtis does the truth and lie and no like Q&A life. I heard I sat next to Curtis it didn't say one word to carry knotted up one and why are we would all potter your wife Patricia take two's screen I'd talk to Tracy yes it to the screen door so she asked the couple questions like who's that until. Chris always the next day was it you spoke more but I thought you would have the movie I would've said you talked nonstop. Your movie talker now but it seats and there that's sexy and I thought oh man I would advise you might ask these you know when you're wrong to please show your raw. It is sad I just. Kirk always about all of us tremendous you don't you don't you don't you talk during movies I will say this Curtis said the funniest thing all week I laughed out with that. He's. It touched her late. How to. I I was sitting Rosemarie left that was how it was broke her lady part of this lady born. We'll let you report. And he's right about the movie and so's mud but well all right you're wrong way about like for like three billboards and I know that told Julia had to watch I know beats at a movie was worth watchman who broke the news acknowledge that nation I want your watch so we could talk about sort of what they do my job yes I'm I would not exactly what hostage reliance on the -- declared I was in the boycotting Oscars like months ago when they shouldn't have shot I don't. Stronger right. Which should have like ten. On known by the city's a lot of the academy voters at the screening we rat they simply could hear these are stronger so they all of its good movies. You don't have to hear it seemed so good while Joseph how's that she should been nominated since absentees. How does it get ignored. You know I don't think any dominate lots of movies that don't do well in the box office look at our blue eyed Tonya agreed. So why did they ignore stronger I don't have an answer it's not so politically incorrect read the reviews were really good it was like was poorly reviewed everybody liked it and I'm I don't know I don't kind of a famous actor. Of death was and usually. People who play you know relies for a pre like handicap amateur and only survivors obvious that kind of thing they get. Like countless men last year remain. All for companies over Steve yes and you place somebody who is now an underdog or rehabilitated in some way you get extra credit. That's happened many times richer when Dustin Hoffman Russell Crowe for gladiator now. Who's handicapped. And I didn't see him now. He figures he does not look quite light cuts on Maximus is he again he's getting divorced he selling everything you loans like everything is a good sign. But I student like. As Mike we've joy are elegant good perspective on moving on my smile like downsizing is actively get that story currencies like auctioning off everything is under where's this is. Don't baseball cards you divorce you assess all addresses media manipulator you know we cannot divorce very caddie or to the sentence which depicts a knuckle match. While I said if you insist like detect that got to see this are their best picture what should win what will respect your protest for stronger and to respect. I'm glad you liked and I'm glad we watched together I didn't see him much but is it I can hear you yet but your most of them but you agree that not only was he great but she was crying over her name was excellent paktia and Europeans who played Aaron yeah she was spectacular cast was great. The movie was well done almost Axl is a good stories if corset via alters the movie was you know I don't have an explanation. In it's always kind of feel good story when you get past all right I'm on the wide ya I forget the cat I don't know what the public just you know. Well there was that with a wallboard pitched a no appetite for the story now I conceived you know ones because it is painful mean yes the scene where he's in real pain in bed poet yet that just rips your heart and he's so good he makes you feel the pain right you know it's like. When you see these great like in Sam Rockwell. You can smell the boos you can smell the cigarettes on his breath for at some goodies or Russell as well too easy please don't like is not a proud of these dumb real as true when he didn't know whether suspended or fired right at an intense and the other cops like no it. Bombs Pullman buys by the chain basically that all his glory she's going to be the cast it was perfection is a great movie great great great. That's seen. With president dormant in Woody Harrelson in in many parts is a nurse sees you whatever the issue of did you see 48. That's cheap if Russell and so I mean her hospital and Kurt Russell little different but she Kooks and what's the basis Jennifer additionally he's tubes of blood and effect I was thinking more the emotional connection missed that sounds gross episode eleven I don't think of what is that obviously. You know let's make a package that's they hit and to cap purple and this means yes and Sharon Tate's sister is pissed and they're working with. I'm surprised about charity it was and ice shall end but neither him will be Manson. No he's one of my Tex Watson must be something that right I guess I don't they'll be good Tarantino and you're the only good. Relative what is this lady's last one who. Yeah I'm sure retires lasted what two years old as well. These auction of 227. I it was a Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe everything movie memorabilia. Motorcycles. Cars. Jewelry. As we your career stuff stuff I've collected stuff in general boxes of stuff. Lebanon people do that when they just decide you know there. We breaking my kids knew and you don't get to picket the marchers or anything I guess they get the money like you know Bob Cousy sold every true and he don't give the money goes grandkids the options April 7 in Sydney. Represent a feature no less than 29 watches representing over half a collection. Art is this some gladiator stuff settlement haven't stopped play alternate explanation that helmet and put on the cover his face secrets resorts great movie. So graduated best pictures what want to but it. So what Kirk. Okay B options are the most. Fit the infrared darkest hour you can call me by your name. Dunkirk lady bird get out. This year water or revoke boards outside Pulitzer for border of the guys such an efficiency and will not elect comic by name when he molested teenage boy. Dunkirk is a little overrated it's good not great out of myself. Should win and will will be revealed through divorce. Three billboards. Should win. And a yeah that's an upset at stubs its factory dead and two dogs that's the worst it won't be it can't be called me by name because it's the most sex in the teenager in them mad right yes. Normally that would be my favorite. But the world is to get out is also the younger doubt it's you know I was awesome idea they'll probably get a win best picture would you. No I think what's that they should be the best actress for sky what's her name's Donna Alison Williams death yes language Donna yes she's so good which she turns evil thoughts emotional problems she credits her history that's as good as the nomination should. She gets she did well mark. Voicing to within three billboards to get outs element ago recent C three billboards you can see Dunkirk now. It's really good it's good not great it's a total I'll now open you like you like this sort of you know. Linear you know he'll need to I need guys you're more it's awesome it's an amazing story that we don't know because it's the lunchroom he doesn't involve the USC that and the victory. He's defeat its. They get worn out just don't get killed they don't win the battle. You know all that the British don't win the battle just skate with their lives through that is a little weird yes. Need to juggle. It has given way it's it's been awful. You are in a don't want Dunkirk for the Oscars I'm if you make. You know it's a big bucks what's the whole thing now it's the four hours to people is hosting on hate with you on would you watch some of the pre stuff to deceive the people secret my secret holes when you can more than a crime that he knows knows a key piece of he post better view of what he posted. I'd 6177779374. And final.