K&C - Mut responds to Dale's comments on Zero Pucks Given; Jim Kaat and Rob Bradford have remarkable chemistry 3-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, March 16th

Hour 4: Dale called out Mut on his latest podcast and Rob Bradford talked baseball with Jim Kaat in Fort Myers. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Didn't realize that it was gonna get stuff for Linehan. I didn't care you know if it's it's kind of comical because my I was co hosting the show the day after. What do I never rocked the podcast on the air you know we we just don't generally feel it. Separation church and state no it's not even that it's just you know I I I try to circle wider audience. When you do in the show from Tuesday but anyway. There was a cut sheet. That our producer Jason Rossi provides to three hosts every single day there. And it was a cut sheet that. Probably had about a third of the cuts were from podcast all the stuff was there. And I heard I hear much on with her the next morning saying yacht which he brought this stuff on the Arab wish she'd done it. Was written from a you wanted to do what do what. You can put him. You don't feel like Alia Ali while on the podcast. On the show to make any sense to anybody. You keep that away from the show when you're suggesting that cash that the song that not the the market change it was a good the Rand was directed mostly curtain and hand. It was a good rant he should do that from slicing Heidi you know podcast fewer people listen to. Well he's only really go in the podcast that let you know. If we usually you know my podcaster Jerry's whoever we're gonna surface and on when -- when it short related to a podcast is somebody I don't know who they are right it does this past week US -- about I don't know why enjoyable when you talked about your parents dying each talked about showed from one Stratford and I yelled each other he did that on the show to suggest that that's not a show topic I thought -- and podcaster nothing personal but Jerry won the brain which those of us what was only had a Jerry's its embarrassing to seasonality humiliate me I mean it's my responsibility when your producer later on this show I'm John Shelby not included a rundown but we eat walks in half hour and the showing put the cut sheet out. Look at during the show for you democratic got a during a shorter in the break I take a look at a cut sheet during a show I don't have a Evers just sits there and get them. What should host the show because the lesser the host you got a call for you know sound its employees are able to put cut number one you can. That's eating habits so you want but the Sunday deal that's fine it's it's a week old I was it would give Monday if you wanna talk about with me you would have brought it up and he didn't which is fine. And so you can high you want talk about it in the air it's only for the pot I guess he's got to talk doing air temperatures doesn't want to quickly can we place some of that they'll rent 'cause it was great and it. It was response to you would we respond to him respond to him you respond to him yet because I thought why thought that they are there was being powered. I thought he was doing his tough guy act on a podcast review of the game they would listen he's right nobody listens that podcast is good as it is. So we that he can hide his anger on somewhere there we found that I want backing him in and he did wanna talk about on the air. Right my rock he didn't know if I could whenever they never talked about it because it on the matter audience. Yeah I guess you don't talk hockey get a wider audience I guess is that recent history. It is in general hockey hockey he won as the bullets so why otherwise exploit is I think when I was not happy. He says that when they get good playoffs when games get paid. He'll be rated not. To speak now Jesus Christ that make sense at all. At all nothing no sense. We use them to the original ran more of it's just one angry is you conform and like angry day. I want it for at least a couple minutes talked about a sports talk radio. And this kind of in a way includes both of the sports talk stations in Boston. Because combined between the two if you combine all of the bodies in one. I think you got a grand total of about two people who can and want to talk about hockey. Yeah and I one hole one you got a couple half ones. Are minute edit and unfortunately that is a fact of life. And I'm listening to our radio station on the weekend and I am listening to Chris for Lonnie and rob Bradford. And and rob Bradford whining about the fact that people wanna talk about it. As soon be good at it it is three since the great awesome because Obama and I mean I know dale and I different instincts and you know he's had in his career had mind. But EU and I I don't I don't really understand what that would be better than when I heard frankly yesterday with with Emerson laughs yeah I mean maybe I am. Pulled the wrong details right now I'm wrong but I don't understand. Why am I getting these glasses on so why should I be on entering Sanford knew I'd argue would do this this is great that. And you know what it is a big part of it is terrible to the pitcher Derek. But let's talk now if talking past finally said he's. Menacing and then the Mercury or what you did say decade. Ago a little bit sure a little bit more UPI who. Like point play with and you're and you're sensitive light and thin skin completely tale. I get to us is pulling him Angela Taylor ran a little bit sure about should we should let him go to the little people hear me talk and it's not him. I think you have no idea. About the game close almost everybody on this radio station in almost everybody on that radio station. There are no. About the game of hockey god now and it's blight to our god that. Alike learn so I watched it so hard to learn. Stuffed and pops a little bit cliche when he has to talk to you could feel anger in his force who liked so. And said he you know we need to hype and why aren't wise united doing on the unit so god. I don't mind he had my us all know debate you guys I think it might alternate between made it very clear to me now meaning they don't want us to make fun of them. Such finding the audience are we going about hockey and keep your team does and listen to our show. If we go back at them the bitch dirt here is going down their face hitters salt on their own from Klein. What does not honestly I guess on the softer target honestly Lagos after I was we've lost sleep on your good idea. Just say positive things and probable. Their lives have a private investigator affordable. Still doesn't talk about hockey from two to six because he knows that he's their better things puck. I I do. So then he's criticizing us for not talking about I know I would call that hypocritical I'll bet first instinct was right now so it's stupid I don't wanna deal with and onto a great our listeners don't wanna hear us talk about that so we want to stock quotes of the beatle wanna talk about. Where are great that they don't wanna hear. Great great against missiles and guns so why should we would we do. Because dale get nice tweets about it. In the text line or all and so what I say what's our greatest post it on my television evidence of an enjoyable boss here my thome added a dale is locked in the text I'm more I don't I don't know Emerson. You never said to me a fear emotion on the year always next to that is that he's a he's he said on the air recently he doesn't look at the text much anymore. He stared in the partnership. He so I think there's other matters are not hers to all the time it's taken out picnic pushed out Scott told try to be the occurred again you do that once this week it's enough. DC Gerri it's offensive but he also stairs that it's on national its pipeline of 3790 would require that you look at that you Twitter. Because you justice. That's why you let you it costs of it pretty like cheap shots he looked funny. There's stuff going on Twitter what's going you know what to excellent every loss sentence could roots at trinity and it's cash and really accident but it's one after another that military. You guys these initiative residues of her goal all week notre ready go on hallelujah. When he's gone bring back pretty quick and it. I thought is why I attack is good and that's great radio that would be great radio segment that was no one else my nose hard nose to. He knows that's a frustrates me he knows. It doesn't look too because I'm. I hear him on with Kirk the next morning saying yacht which he brought this stuff on the Arab what she'd done it was written from a whether it was you want it or not what I was one up it wasn't it to it's it's good radio to shoot a nomination agency Kirk absolutely here tell Reggie doesn't know what hockey was so obvious obviously unions reached few dads so say the true Lou single and rich talking hoops is worst and they'll talk heart you agree with. Mean I think I think we start with a rich he answers yes it's yes well lets them know. Who now will future oops you're going to keep talks. I'd turn your key on hoops than on the podium hockey player you can't talk college basketball than to call up. I want to hear anybody talk contrast that you can't joints are noted that. The answers and analysts are older now I don't want your college group at 2 o'clock that I must act out of -- very important to me. We'll talk to Tim and can he is the best ever saying the last three words the other person says 2% before he's like to ease the Tiger Woods at. Tim wants sick about it trying to what's up to them without them. That a person I would like to say hello to Michael because I have nothing but respect he knocked off another one who. Michael Michael McKee. He is now Michael. Casting doubt. Beat everybody at. Cut the Super Bowl loss treatment almost going to jail. Monty is persona non Grata trainee is suffering from peak he would beat you with that they know us. I. Yeah so it's in this is all that are you a monkey against the. I would I think that's special to them it's who he's quietly good than the old cars is mostly division genius on the same airlines cut so could you. The bullet out and incredibly similar attempt Spacey I find a job. Michael. I would also say. You at night I would like you to give me credit. The region royal issue because I'd always brought it up to that fried when he was a Manchurian candidate apparently. And down the last thing I want to say it's. I gotta go Frederik Fred that is never front door and light that he turned about it so god I guess I won't be calling their. All right now I will say if you rank them all like. I would say to my sees. Frontman from the show perspective would you say did you bosses laws and I think you're with them. Yes I mean we don't really mean this is things we can't discuss on the air right a look at one scenario on to mossy write something you guys wake up you sort of see this column here it's W I'm totally wrong with Celeste and groups. A right Nationalists hybrid that's on site like what I that's ever present itself feeds on reached a bit right it could at some point. Boeing has his ass he's written things you guys wanna talk to about we can talk about the deal would pocket the person or by we you talked him I don't that he element Porsche. Well I think there's a line that was crossed that this noble other people we let back there about wanting me to smuggle back in less Alastair disagrees and even if he does have still won signal obviously had a power yes that's not gonna. Now he meets with them because he takes his time on certain roads and it matters is that what happened there is to me not for you. In that room yes I was known as you heard it 2000 miles away but I heard yes. I thought you agree that Iran OK you guys. I was very surprised him. We we would he will work yeah I think we're doing just fine known. Orton won't miss them on back maybe if what they do with actually wanna watch this think there and a lot that's the other thing and you've you've you do shows and I'm sure I can I think he does care. Or where you know. I think he suggested he's eat you mention on the air in a way that. With out of nowhere and he'd been banned from the morning show almost like he wanted to talk about it. And wanted to talk talk about a about it we talked about on the air I said what I just said you guys you gunnery he's gonna write something you tell your healthier. Not really now. And it's good that. Jemaah. All through the gumption. So I asked him about you heard any more from Thatcher you don't touch your if you missed that we played in the first hour lecture is about to hire a private detective. Go after parody accounts on Twitter yes because he thinks he thinks we or you were behind this. Well I think he can that conclusion later on but I can solve the mystery form if he thinks they're like losers with no I guess the answer is probably yes by the people liked him and these are the people who just from the shall. This nor shall four hours you're definitely loser. But as have put an earlier we can tweet it out. Mostly birds wrote a story about these people and they're not hiding that is their who they think it's fun to have a parity count. And make jokes or tax on patrol the trolling I'm trying to understand that's I think indicated the last. You know your friends of the people. I honestly I also don't think you need a private detective you could tweet at the MC lie you have to talk to you. It would probably tell you I can studio music guys who you know again I. What's Fred get find out. That they have homes and cars or don't work or don't own the skies kind of works that. You know Raytheon well those guys are employed well okay Michael Lohan Pugh works is GR. I Pete help exit Vicky thinks it where somehow cahoots we're not but if it makes him feel better sure we are like now if they make me laugh. And have every treatment they decently funny. Like it like I guess my question is bad. My work Friday and does know that what they're doing is not like criminal I'll not get them in any trouble what's the PRI candidate they don't even did not even get in trouble with their like bosses ordered I asked him he sounds like to defeat. They do they can play our audio today. And they can how often off. And their Prague to say he says sensitive he can't whenever you say that that's her silent not sensitive and specific topic I that's right in my own experience for sure go ahead. Very sensitive. The joke was that Felger were a talk show host or network to which seems like it would be an okay premise but that's kind of not at that now that's that's long gone yeah and lasted for why these guys but I dessert like why you. Something going that was an event the sporting event going on right like below them guys they'd rather go Hillary they add they don't yes quietly what is the whispering what's going on there. I'm glad I have always asks I like Brad Alaska's top right Damascus I can't be aggression or anything. But what what do you husky. Glad they. Going sounds like good time magic something trying to keep it quiet and think what is what what's not quieted those two were Bradford and not familiar threaten and Jones first. I don't know how you get back to a tweet I mean everyone's getting his information I don't care if you get 85 notification. When I don't know how weak in two minutes. You respond to something. And let's unit. That person is not on me yes you you figure you are I didn't work notations. Yes I am and I am that person because you re treated him I use I. Occasional meat but like it. If it's a just read it myself look at what I just think Kirk was one of these parity counts in the I realized he's too lazy unit takes them to work. While they even do that I tweet out. About dump on other people all the time Hitler while I'm doing and I I don't just amuse yourself calm let him back alive in the U the last couple years of a lifetime of the let's go to shore but but we pointed out earlier. These scans that can spend a lot of time. Just Cooper well I'll say what about that I will be able to do like the photo shops and videos they do that I drove slowly and police chase. And a with some of these guys computer people they know we're gonna. Well keep. Hedge fund and a already low scoring ultimatum on Hawthorne told you this as friends of the people you know and I really friends of the people do you condemn. They said here's my name is my phone numbers rightly give you call it like a journal why not. What she saw Matt about. He's very mad and he's also went through like this deep that it's too long to get through but you're used detailed. I timeline of how you to read verses how this summer I I between you and I call him on and it is like way involved with Kirk's timeline and who we follow parity comes themselves what fall. I'm knows. He now is parity I guess have an alert every time my name is Greg is it because there's nothing there was no tore tweet about Kirk getting no. There was this it would resentment at all it was a tweet out of the blue about you did user first ever realized that. It might and that that's a relevant whatever you don't Soledad I think I fold that guy and that's how I found out to sell works for an album. There's just some warning that's morning drop like such an all the guys how Twitter works out these guys knows it's my fault this World War II for August a lot of pub. So he tweeted that out that I fault him tease him you possibly comes in here and time. That Fred torture was saying museum hire private investigator to die look up toward twirls to me that's acoustic who's gonna spend money hire private investigator and I'm going to hire private investigators such that I should wait and it is actually true. Now are obviously before they are known because Chris Applebee's I was responding to some Twitter reaction to which I. And I'm coupons I've idea assert set up for thread culture every time that comes up you re tweet whatever people that your prequel. Pres right. Different wants to touch a much parity does have a good that's a good point and the non I have no idea it's like you know I don't when we come back we're gonna hit the next. Great to duo the next great duo and showbiz would you say I mean. We can go over the Marlow Lewis right. Captain Kenny Wallace Brothers Carol Oates on all notes touchy Roland Martin absolutely and now we have a new and you do you bring guns would you say Roseanne in. John Goodman Bachmann and noble okay sure enough I make a comeback that's true yet stretch there were I think it was tuchman bigger stars so. Bigger stars yes I think for sure and now we have a new one yes absolutely rob Bradford. Yes and Katie Katie Bradford didn't Bradford can show puts the sound of that as well. And I just tell you also Jim. Your album as the best nickname. The flying dutchman I'm going to speak through Friday the gone almost like I knew. I hope to see the fly and that's an idea how do you beat the slide that Jeff very intimidating if it. Shirts to finally. Great duets at all are your job to do my job. I think entirely unique. This week and television. Right that's that that's what's starting to in his eyes yet hasn't yet a little I Hollywood dropped the ball we have an opportunity have a whole weekend. With the stars last showing not to do it. Last time we were invited to a Broadway opening. Of skates to market leader escaped the marker reader bill which was written laughed when Michael mentally opened on Broadway. Lessons can rave reviews is going to be huge hit further reviews. New York Times variety and read them. He's got to keep up your theory guy I am not. But we've we've invited to the premier and the polls now show party. Put we had a job to do can be honest I hate to say it is currently. When your TV star theaters is a little and if you get a little bit there will be a Kelsey grammar doable yeah I'm gonna guess I haven't seen like that gossipy. Columns about this that there were some celebs there. I'm not may gonna level men on the Vegas and illiquid Springsteen is a lot of celebs that wanna. That like Jimmy buffet wanna be part of this is going to be just duplicate check this out through today's studio lot is shared dispute Margarita bill musical on Thursday may students wash them probably easier than ever. The lobby has been Q that was an island style hot featured a few would station complete with Margarito is. A bottle openers who sees other drink paraphernalia. The sound theory wrestlers at a vanity sounding a great time list. Anyway we you know we have to do is we have showed you. But tomorrow we 7 o'clock seven. Three Q I was tomorrow that that sick DVRs two hours. On Sunday yet. In that play look like up huge that agree upon will be critics who hated people people who love it that's exactly these looks like fun fact I had I let us. I was really thinking of going into wind Cheryl picked up as the address he would not address I would point is that it's non B going on just go there yet. It'd be you're gonna Margaret a fun sing along when you don't. I'm gonna go related to it I'm not only to be you know with the you know the good people go on opening night that your poses with a shabbat was there. Trying to find that out of taking immediate opening broke show I think I hope I'm sure there were lots of that famous people that way anyway. Next two nights Saturday and Sunday. Yes Saturday night and Sunday night were on oxygen network is that what's called. Course except in 2:19 am correct that's the best. I've already announced I've Amazon's or stymie a human show would be viewed as a break out star this documentary to be some sort of documentary series well actually I'm definitely Netflix and network stuff made among not really big network I have a right now that's not the hot thing I think is Netflix on demand video streaming but I Jerry can be the breakout sex symbol crash that's my guess I think you know you might have done more talk gonna take a look right you're the sort of all the details awesome and have a college sure my hair is looked just right and I kind of look I'm sort of the dangers. Yes your more than mosque right to a click here you know to try to be hipster right and that the Ramones T sure it was a little much whatever tore. So great tore. He's in in the rip me genes pullbacks at LS yes absolutely and I know we're Ortiz on TV and it cigarette on your ears you know it. And how quickly do you start dating Jerry. After the end of old reports. Who is inclusive. And figure that out yet it was so I'm gonna wait to see you know. Like what there is to offer out there there's page six has one headline Britain and again I think bristle finishes the keeper last name European oh yeah the Kenderick Allen. Right CA my humor. And we shall we got married yes and that's a Kurdish a marriage Turkey to quietly yeah. Husband's last and his Fisher. Aside she's yet she cannot change last they had moved does not wanna be Amy finish Ross again divorced him through but anyway Lucy Burge tune out her story to save. Fred touches some money. So there's not that our chief expose all the parity on guys who get their real names their jobs and stuff Fred will be so thrilled. And excel let's talk to Tony Providence say Tony. Big guys. Believe it or not we're in army yarder late for the early in great used to do like Israel cheesy yarder voice went as far as now a parity augur. Let's that's that's that's on this earth and yummy. Yeah and he would take these really don't like the greatest thing ever so it's fine print in the to a party at cal I haven't prepared somebody doesn't back at. Or what's he gonna do when he finds out who they are. Is give their name is assassinated Austin though he did he'd want to do doc you peace and knocking it out them on knocking and note that it's wanna know so fast it. They went and say about. Aaron Hernandez for four hours now. One of the greats but. As clean guy told the director whatever it is that the guy who's in charge every touch him there isn't the director I guess. He said there's going to be some dirt on she says this nobody knew him. Ducks. Good. But unethically and reveal I just read the let's review or preview. Of it. And they quote him the director guy in the quote by as the lawyer. Who's you know really concerned with Barron's MarketWatch legacy it legacy. I think they're going to spend some time on his and a structural ID part you know Leo Terrell I read part one was available for the critics look at part two was not and that's where the yes Sunday night as we stepped up big time good cassettes William much bigger problem the audience went head to head with sixty minutes. But it can IRS Lesley Stahl. Some late tiger potentially may be. You know NCAA and and white experience. So that's over by 7:8 o'clock Aldi and they play games later his administration don't want sunny primetime right through it doesn't matter now it so long between. Now goes to God's religion tiger. And she is a chance I've obviously he's the past I could leave and have left for for more reasons spasm management of the people station. Now it's just what would you do we knew the biggest television star on the order hosting it but you know breaking big local one usual though. We can't and this is dead yeah. I mean yes anymore how I. And I mean our random two comes out right into it while I was about how random is that tweet that was its effort yet so I've fox or something. Very obscure purpose on there as well he was right there with us it's good for the show because the the public be going national on the keep my -- -- -- syndicate I don't care and I can you do you still came a voice means too much to me August and losing weight on the starlet talked to bring human rejuvenate movement might might Forrest do different things be different home Botox I think so yeah intentional but I'm markets he was the one that alerted me to absolutely first true gonna grow your own doctor dean was denture guy. Jim Ott same guy that. So I think that's going to be really good. You can go for the big white taught us that triplets and it. Our people he urged click on pit lactic anywhere yes either by our so we have to we have had more Brad followed it got to give. And that guy went 283 games at sixteen gold closed Jim Cox Joseph good to see is our ability to have you with this is guys. Currently reading analysts baseball history we'll work quicker you workers. Well I think. We probably both worked. With the same pay who worked a little quicker but how. Half our games were faster because a lot of arteries and if he goes I don't know that I'd say you had any hour 29. It. And it's wanted to that is in no. We go back to a wide white beauty to pitch clock. I want the answer. Was in my heart and was killed and her doom Brad always have one of the great analysts in baseball has ever does a lot of nicely for the future we will. We that was a real loud that there were. Multiple rule out all I know why he's like Marjorie appeared fairly regardless and while those are. With the same page or to a quicker by our game. Or more or reason thought I don't know that Chris is there any hour 29. That's not real bad debt that one's about what. Was Marjorie his reaction if you heard that Bradford can count maybe on the we have to reduce yes sir you said this is like a cult thing now right all the call girls all god it's like it's the hipster is there really didn't like Harry styles fever now it's thousand these those guys are old news these dreadful cutie yet to tease yes please. Off the chart shows a junior leaving the park they're jumping. Girls jumping on top of cars like they have to get through there weren't at their lives and history. That's a women's Cecil B female reaction here Bradford in and time honored. I mean it's you can't just take control it is. That's when my nose should reveal what Brittany can we came to Boston that that he asked me if I wanted to reduce APEC. Your asthma like it introduce the Bradford all this cute kitty or Bradford though she does that in case did a breath for LaSalle that as true right. Yeah loves Bradford and I know like so many good girls like in their twenties now the big finish ventures like that's like. And that's something they love because this is click that little walking the walk he can do some stuff right is Izzy is kitty 79. I sounds like no. The 76777. Years old so to break out of. Got a double dog occurred despite fifty cases a double dogs saw that. Don't look at them now. On the Lincoln as a kid and when these are real that would launch right in the lunch with the Bologna sandwich ideal body and minds ideals of the case and funny bones yeah. 280 hours 120 there is there a trait skates are a terrific product of loan honestly Q1 right now I believe on Broadway we get in the Booth at Fenway people who. They've lost loved them. Is he like them. Loved kiddies to do don't we like funny bone you know my favorite which whose only those special occasion was Susie Q. They would like six pound that was the key and I like those that came he'll actually pick up in what was the pink one. That was it it's a snowball that's why you lose now than agree you pull off that oats. And coconut that separately now symbolic though there are all great donkeys via ups that put us just saw the list please love landings and have one or twenty years you know awesome and I don't think they last longer big wheels via save a gigantic real. I wanna go home it's not having to practice before we left hamstring these coupled with whom I money back but you're more bracket stuff. And by well I shouldn't say. On the gets much somebody else will be because. You know with Tom Selleck be in the Monday after the out of Yahoo! if these guys go Hollywood on available anymore no George I'm losing on the radio radio are starting. Not dummies Woody Harrelson after winning an Oscar that he shall Perot cheers and say we not know we're done so workers and Monday recap. Television history Saturday Sunday oxygen network seven night person take Monday off track and back I'm guessing from enterprise product but there's a separate podcast after the justice aren't back Monday morning without any way an anniversary opium and unhappy and her tennis happy Saint Patrick's Day yes you expect to Wear green again tomorrow Kenny. Got to care I have a pitcher can. Also receive God's own skates front three on three times and they skate Sunday AM studious TS and six eight. I am upset and crying about. It's currently threatened. She's smear that's what's trending well W WEP I'd call. Could we can.