K&C - Mut Rome rips Joe Kelly; Gary Tanguay broke his silence on a possible return to the show 9-14-18

Mut & Callahan
Friday, September 14th
Hour 2: Mut Rome joined the show and discussed Joe Kelly's brutal performance against Torono and Tom Curran joined the guys in studio. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. The without his troops this legendary. On draft day tell me if this is true the story goes that you which when he won here on the same day of the draft there was a big party at those easy corona. Is that accurate so far but you're 21 and Dravid had only murdered her work OK so then this that's tough combination right 21 and draft day. What worries you might have gotten after it a little bit that same day is that accurate you're. All that long rumored that the record. Here. And in your phone call from the angels and that's the hometown team and they said their pick is coming up what would it take to sign you. Did you get that phone call and then what did you tell them. That would phone call I got around. They're only carry every remember. We reverses blend them at all but what out looking at the piano. You know well you're a kid on play date with you yea your not the most common AC picked up thousands. A guy who socked NBA betting is that those national radio interviews. Guy who goes on to you buster rolled you can't throw a strike hey guy worry about your pitching at knuckle politics big Jim Rome. So that was a joke when guy who sets up and instead Graham for his dog hey loser have a lie. Stop posting pics of your dog on instant ramp up maybe start a family do something constructive but no one cares about your dawn. Who do that than I thought that was David Price. You don't know. Who has the dog and his degree in Christian artists. I don't have included below shot obvious on July. Are. The 12 pitch from Joseph killing alarm. He is hit by the pit. So last night Kelly threw zero innings correct the Euro one hit one walk through each BP's. Well and the run comes all or tied it 33 at your eighth inning guy who's the lead mental midget Joseph Kelly. If that's on the same day he'd bought the ballpark he goes and Jim Rome until that would against records. Yes he was telling Jim Rome yesterday how'd drunk he got on draft than those who are just in it and with it cited at age it would be he did an interview buster. Out in the boot he loves talking in the media hates strikes got beat throw strikes you jokingly. But he put a microphone on him when your Bradford or bust roll neared Jimmer home. You'll come on talking money this neighbor told Brad follow that story jerseys reserve that for roll me doesn't go on the proportionally more. Does not. There's some tension here. One happened I just as it was on the complete it. There's some activists. But it's just. So that's a joke Kelly yesterday was real mean disaster that he went out there and Jews. Crap programs he's done that the entire second half the saturate inning guy big 21 game Houston game to get a one nothing seriously trying to. Get up to nothing here comes Joseph kept Steven Hunter yeah. Zippy was swinging the appeal little ponds or Marquez he says he did and you pluses and timer. It's like a plan that refuses to go over the ducks he's not gonna go over and be no to New York wrath and good shouldn't this is just wrong I know you were locked in to AG Dylan NBC last night my guys meet him there and watch other eight inning meltdown. By the Red Sox and it's it's the low hanging fruit it's. It's gonna every dog he's gonna be saying is including me. The bullpen is GNU aptly submarines team and it's gonna be accurate yes it most to lose to browse in the playoffs all of you agree I would agree a 1000%. Because no one's to blame Joseph Kelly apparently a wacky guided Jim Rome's spots. And talks to rob Bradford. He'd eat its socks he sucks Tony mass gave him out of the eight inning it's mop up at this point Kabul this can't. Public Joseph Kelly not on the playoff Ross school. A lot happier sliced red zone group rides on trust right now he's a good putt you. I just Steven Wright more than I trust him sprint work entry pitching the eight inning before Joseph Kelly from eagle at eleven or did they go with twelve dale let's go our question is if I don't Lenin's. What time we gonna rosters of a random match mix and match we jewelry dealers last week's weekly what grasses on Friday will take them of course we'll default you volleys question here my update Kelly out Joseph Kelly go do media during the the player through a mix. Don't put don't pitch. That that he should not be on a playoff roster there's no reason how to guide there the knock in a pitch in the 73 dating be done nothing to earn the trust of anybody. On that pitching staff from that coaching staff to pitch absolutely. A guy who can't throw strikes. In all my Ross there. All fantasy football guide to week two week getting your team's undefeated audio AJ green last night nobody carrots. We do so. Look at it really good show for them so wasting time when it they're running at a time that's Mac office coming up fast. And since so that's a guy who lit a cigarette there at the could take. Guy who opened his windows during the gas futures last night Merrimack Valley you're doing it wrong. You keep your windows closed everybody goes dark out I needed someone has lit a candle. Paid guy in Hawaii. Should there. It's Bebop. To what that sports Wear Hawaiian shirt to Jimmy Buffett's Jerry looks good but to those Glenn were dressed appropriately. It chips I don't have you know coconut bra or. Parrot head is Kosher with slick Yuma best. I would do let's get the type someday take a drummer and always. Always together and baggy clothes known on anyone it's all on the senator Ed is always tell you tickets yet for some lost like fifty pounds but hasn't popular Indian clothes. So whose public xxx ulcers is having an off. Guess that ignores the hat sort of society's got a good kid and radio it's not a good acoustics that reason alone we have here. And you lots of swaps. He's the whole yes he's the biggest. Mountain. And yet he properties. You see you're up you know can you wanna play along the eight inning issues you were you to win to beat I'm with you on would you reach your viewers. But took if you have twelve pitchers you can use someone else I know not used in many high leverage situation opens have somebody else in the right as is there is have been those rumors that he will not be in the rust now I've started shouting it's not a rumor that's a product it is when you I didn't look at the globe on the possibility to play okay. We'll say they started would marked yes I did not read it and the night before Steven Wright at the gates of Steven Reich and heavy from the post season by the way but still I'm here all the eight I hear knuckle balls can go every day don't have the same stress and arms were you breaking news you can go to Linux green execute do that. He can be a long reliever injury that. Listen. I just want the I want to get to next Tuesday beating good mental spot for the big. Rivalry in the Booth. What Bobby boy big day point one I don't know much yes public wondered in the end only yesterday five times last a week and a half for so they give a pretty good hitter and Laura and I Gregory L. Henry on down again that arrow down we go through these are open arrow up or down the most Sierra down the point. Error operator Workman I trust him I like him don't come this and that means you volley Johnson Palmer rants. Alaska's pointer and Scott don't make. Hill's right six point 11 URE for Joseph Kelly since June 1 he kept given opportunities exactly field should not pitch and he can't do it can't be good well on bordering and we disagree. That's all we've got lots cover of going back yesterday and look at it to the rest of the program today. Let out his positive we'll look back yesterday biggest. Don't. Fraud like we do think about he pretends he's about as tough guy it's all pockets flames it's the goatee and says nothing. Says nothing. Literally battles on and says not fully managed liking it or from Joseph Kelly which represented to do. What about getting drunk ten Obama is a draft today and uninteresting now you and he was an interest he answered. A positive he must thirty years old now he was talking about something from nine years ago. It's alone. Yes but that's OK I guess to get drunk on draft day. She in you shares that would Jim Rome Rome because he's from Southern California and he said he wants an avenue at bat in the world so I was a big deal right. He told general. That's your goal Holland we know yeah Russian deputies call. Winning the World Series is goals we throw strikes. About how but don't. Walking guy for cozy up with two outs and nobody on four pitch walk. It hit Batman hit batsman hit batsman tie game yesterday three. So Red Sox play got them on the one anyway they did they want is Ronald socks for the Mets in town this weekend. Sales pitch on Sunday that'll be the thing you wanna focus on its final day I young players guide to grauman's sale. You get their pitching Gibson to drum and error in the garden senator pitches tonight yes. I don't know who pitches Saturday if you're in the pitching. Like low scoring games right this you may get this weekend if I read there's a difference between a tapes and lava. Sent lava that was Lama Europe you just boils telling us that lava that is thought that's much hotter than not take. You say Kelly stinks it should not be on the roster champion team. Should they are now he's a roster knowing just implement a playoff roster. Whether heartache is the JD Martinez is the American League MVP and keep it while he's no one's making his case that's for sure that was home run number 41. 41 yes 14100 I want you to army aren't yet. I don't think it matters if they went to the opposite field and you make your case from BP probably now I don't think it matters when I wake up on. What's the of I don't play anymore he's the enemy now. He's going over to the bad the bad the dark side I don't wanna hear that played him he want no more Joseph Joe's going on these them. Do would inning you should be big yankees why hate you should be mixing in some John Sterling the next couple days of people can. Sort of knowledge you're John is and be ready for job before he goes in the Booth with him that would now or in the port demonstrate to a group remind people Jeremy this is really an M I heard on slaughter. Pedal and it makes from left his name was Harold Moskowitz. As his given name Joseph it's not all it's not Chung Mong Newsnight. I thought it was jobs offs at a Moscow ice will be doing and an inning or half an exit hole and and took a war we editing the holy crap the sixes six evolutionary power loss with a seven hasn't been a stunt like this since Mike Adams locked himself in the studio. John Carlo. All sleep well still. We are now the same company is WFAN and so why not have a little fun some hijinks are to be good will change by like that's like. You're sailing on April 1 it will be B Kirk says this. All the shows on April fools they should be swapped on the station. Like you move people around these 21 we tried that they're going to its territorial and they change they sent on. That'll wake I mean we do we never sensitive to what everything sensitive group of state dissidents there but at that so. Have all the fun house and yuck so what are your John -- that race down that is supposed to joke was England's going to be on the Yankee blue Sweeny Murti does the like ten minutes. It. Revolutionary. Yes that's just bizarre Sox fans have never heard John elderly call and Andy and I greet revolutionized radio aren't thank you might. Absolutely Joseph thank you much it's going to do his fifty minute pregame chew show from New York right. Our guests tonight we Georgia Ivey said physical 45 flight but no more their minds this is going to blow their mind I'd be critical Baird who are going to be critical there's so it's not one whole team accustomed refused to go because oracle in the box and to respect. It's going to be Jokester you know with Susan Waldman. That's an FAA and you'll get them lending and Harold Moskowitz would take him John's loss I. Tim do take revised to look at them don't talk and coach because he's back. You're good. We got so no one enter no publicity photo no Twitter you're no John Sterling L news just can't do no no no. I think this guy really hasn't fallen. In my say take the high road pick arrogant little big hug with sterling get it now's not the right there. I feel like this page thing. Never win. Tim's Rick this team doesn't quit cover on ways to integrate rating responsible time on the news this is a G Ed bliss and wait till policies he's had fifteen minute pregame show. And get more mutt in the posting alternate that in our quickness across. We've gotten more undergo three to want okay that's on as always on call Boston my putter right Bradford do you Yahoo.com rob thanks. I lose scoreboard. Why does that make this first and I ask and I was as an Illinois June cracks have sucked up he just loves it can you do this is a job I do on Sunday regrets our series right well it doesn't matter but Sox open in 321. You don't want injuries to the rotational. This is the first day. Since he as a Sonny took his leave the Kirk. Really wishes he were here as you make him laugh. He would be cracking a producer here every damn near the true polar wanted to love should the Osce day he wanted to be here he was in play he's expected. He like this. They can once they liked was when Reimer when have to do you know he loves them the radio on radio arena doesn't respond though now Dino did they play along negated it read Doug do you recall what Ronald multiple assets as we could put that rant online they said Newton who knew it was much too good I mean it was just two hours talking about. So he's done a couple Rihanna went off on Dino Dina what we're Shalala he walrus and yes he will eventually you know had a chance that in tire Schobel for EA. The day before Roemer on this show. Bury them and they said nothing a week. Asus it was not a lot of reports that are on just as a renters is segment. It doesn't say American I think we need to let's isolate his record that was a good Roemer credit on this one. We didn't interrupt my throat Dickerson tried to interrupt and slap them. We just a rumor go off who's gonna another good re it was John verses and in Boston yesterday muscular stat was I didn't truth I didn't do that on purpose I didn't know it was him did you know did you hear those I did not make in Boston if you missed as the one that set up. Portis. And in them wheels. A very ugly and I hated it I mean it may be sold set at the time when a journalist gets caught and quoting did wrong source are really hurts Kirk revel that it but. Anyway. Upset a lot of people in the Boston media particularly John Tomas it was a good friend of Borges. Who's very upset that this can set them up every all these guys may opt. So the gynecologist. Did nick call I didn't know him did you know so yes now. Did did you know he wanted to go right at monster like that I was unaware anyway tomorrow she went right back Adam who's good it was tense it was ugly. Two months he kind of got out of the system as he's been able to muscle us. He's he's he's like walking around us that these guys complain that somehow I heard I heard Tomas you blasphemy is on. Insinuate that Chris Curtis in the station had something to do with the divided yesterday of Ron Borges. I knew. It's who insist you don't run of course not in my purse is no he he the one thing current goes on the digital trail you know I'll be when you do things like this either textured I don't think Curtis is that I was sitting here I've had pure set the whole thing up I think at a note I was here that morning where he came anything guys something is going on here indicating indeed he. I can tell from the moment he came in the enough and does that mean you knew what was going on I don't think it was orchestrated. By a criminal mastermind Chris Curtis right there was this guy brings ice coats in that Coke bottle like he's on board didn't like. Nick could happen then get hurt exports to disarm Borges is phone number. There's no but a prank we noticed on every captive for year and the figured you know what let me try this and Portland was phenomenal and his life. And he did. It's like any other and to like Portis and saw an opening up with any of this from yesterday on a man I admit I heard questions showings in the united backing for juniors of course we'll get we'll get to. You were watching the Red Sox curse I wanted the nationally ranked Boston College Eagles. Just they didn't kick ass the offensive and that's what kicked us have been had fourteen points during an honorable purposes hot topic on get out of the way you Curtis is huddles say look you can break down BC go where I love these people like a carcass and when nobody can nobody cares its foot Credo. They get absolutely and more people care about that came last night the Red Sox disagree yes absolutely. Curtis weed this out and it might be true not yet a might be true this quarterbacks better than that I'm absolutely it is quarterback is. It's done that right in the just wanna be that a couple of years ago. Matt Ryan EC in big games overrated Matty ice is the worst nickname ever given to a big story at Boston College. Anthony brown was clutch sport touchdowns really do an unbelievable performance on the road out wait for those five we'll talk touchdowns are. If you don't the best in the country offensive line tied and peace is going undefeated going against Clemson at alumni stadium 70. They killed three to. One they don't you know they don't have to go undefeated season but you know that might lose to Clemson but the good news. But my nose there there are kids Jim Kelly Brian Hoyer you expected us obviously this is your life that you expect us to about one response to Arctic and Kelly. Yes most people or people care about the red sizing and I'll see you see people here want the Sox 530 last thing I wanna watch that game people you work of people the restaurant or the Red Sox. Absolutely. But the season's over one does not only on an of this and it's the playoffs are much more important and what happened last night he takes the playoff or glam in this case Arafat's way forest nineteen yes that much employers was to BC. Are they good team I don't know how to fish in the AC I don't know I don't know and Curtis Heidi good ACC football there autograph. Okay as the Baltimore Cincinnati game and bettering the Red Sox less than. I I doubt. Topics. Let's look around seven social bureau six it's what it's football Red Sox have book written an excellent this year. It was a failure last night 31 of three or winning in the eight inning and and gamble and take slam the door shut when bingo and Lou golf honorable and talk to find that compelling to. Openoffice and have a supposedly the problem. I'm sorry that I don't. Let what was about Joseph Kelly it was British secret all the playoff Rocco wasn't out on an ideal and not be watching hotline. Not be able watch this up BC game but there's a difference between Tay. And law you would lob that you were you want Kelly. At least. That's fine them which. Who disagrees. Who disagrees with the sixers. Guy wants a slug BC sixes Curtis. Group the kicked us. Dina would note is that in some commercials. It's an excellent whose commercial. Nobles is the great emotion it. And none may have the one absolutely that's one guy is banned who has been at school. Great name. Nolan the stooges. Noted that when you the most truckers Moe Larry and jump. At that. Emphasis you know the fourth stooge he's not you know a wish champ it is simple stupid. But I didn't watch the stooges whose. Greatest. Bull now well why not opposed to grace to which he didn't name them. Moe Larry curly show her current crew and. Price curly doesn't. Because he has ever watches it agrees anyone if you put a poll whose greatest stooge who. Pro and would win in the lancet wife's explained to me wisely didn't watch the show growing up is gonna want you to understand he's the funniest things that. Though he's the brunt of most of the jokes which is the best. Importantly it's funny looking. Right it's funny look on my money our data remotely like Chris Farley or John Belushi just he's a great character. He's by far the best. It's a common thought among experience. It's like it's that put the pole up we'll get an 80%. Hello I'm Chris Curtis is here for one reason one regionally tan lines is a good headlines bad headlines that Hillary I'm gonna say ago. At the tempered the good is the president weighed in on the death of Puerto Rico he did yesterday Porter people seem to reacted well. He's so stupid we will get to that as part of headlines next Kirk and Callahan on Twitter act car. We've back on Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again floor. Can't lie and six in Boston and that paid out about what's going on is this vinik. Yeah able subject. It's our job I heard you call me or on a few times why is that we called jock Howard. I know you are now look at the line excellence. So that the workers yes so is that obviously different to do more on the situation room get fixed or are you proud are you proud of what you did next. I'm not proud of us know what no respect distraction from distorted and stupid to do about it out of position duke started media. That's so if you're not proud of it's why you call an end to gloat. I call them to global trust you because you've talked. Traction on me I'm I'm I'm talking to your face right now are you proud of it I think your power and I think yours done that. It will expose about. Quarter that was. Now you did you do young guns where you did you did your video here you're real hero next time for Curtis courage and tell my hands. Lack. Yes that's else I was good I like them. Came out of the blue whose travel site. Good job by you headlines brought to my doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew the press TV here doctors. A Wes Welker 1800. Wind again there who Joba in the book Blues Traveler is. Tomas he looks like John Popper cool. He'd get that one. No I did yeah I can't believe me you get to the net of value was not that they where I was sitting there Monday this is a different guys guys into today's Jack the throttle what's cool I'd it will caught be good for you should something. No it's not. Lot of people on the show agreed multiple multiple people agreed. You were nonexistent she. I I studied sticker I was sitting home listening I was well on the bench. And I said these can even energies on an island back. Five days alone well and I couldn't unloading on you know was one of the Prius I know you're like multiple setting up his audience he's going on Curtis cares about McCain doesn't and locked in the what can index Red Sox game hopefully months not work I can take his Red Sox ships for Curtis Jackson and I saw what happened Monday said that talk about a front. Curtis host headlines good morning Chris. Good morning and well yesterday a brutal day in the Merrimack Valley is sixty fires one person eighteen year old selling losses life. Odd due to a gas week from the Columbia gas company and losses left because the chimney blew off the house. Atlanta in his heart it is driveway as is brutal. And they governor of mass Massachusetts Charlie Baker spoke about the reaction from Colombia yes. Yeah. I. I would say that response so far. Has been adequate there's a lot more work that's left to be done you're asking you know give him great I think for all this at this point is actually we have a lot more to do and by the way. We do have. A whole tunnel where do. All of these homes. You know you thank. They're going to be sued they're gonna have to spam should have insurance about covers on the there'd be lawsuits and against Columbia gas he's. The governor seemed a little bit annoyed last night intervals well I think he wasn't gonna cost I think it was he shouldn't say it was underwhelming inadequate that's what he wanted to say. The fire chief an hour earlier today and not heard from Columbia gas so what so why protecting Columbia gas can I ask a dumb question are we out of the woods gonna go home. To me or should we can't just let us. Or you have to be told you're good to go home each will be notified when by local authorities that you're cleared to go home. Unless I didn't used to ask might get permission to go home last night and I was you know. In the what was with the likes competency can corner house. Or was Arturo lighting candles. No idea whose windows open. Candles go in did not lose power which is good and I did applicant a light enough so I came in because it won't leave you alone with can explain. And now I'm not sure hopefully my house is still standing hopefully it's mostly no reports of explosions or anything can happen woods who either have. Child when a gas water no water no gas is no hot water correct hotel let's go. Build build a city or another now a lot of the week much. About it before. That would be a disaster and other natural disasters hurricane Florence initially thought to be much stronger or hurt in the mystery now only ninety mile an hour winds but there is expected to be. Two feet of rain in areas of to a feed up to release 44 inches of rain. Which can mean 24 feet of snow because as it terrain is equivalent to a foot of snow it's good things I've called them. And all the weather men and women are outside this morning and now let's hear from CBS this morning. John good morning with a large can't stop the sun for trying to ride that as we start to feel a little bit light behind me. You can see how intense the think at the water. The water they're going to be brought to walk away had gotten behind you and your other yacht club. Here it won't let most sought a way that it got big within the last six hours at nearly ninety miles per hour the storm surge. Guys get close to four and a half feet and they have that they water level record here with a win in the last twelve hours. It goes into the storm reporter. All what I will never understand why this is necessary snow. No good vision had that excellent visual guides Terry nailed it it is a look is a little radio sounds terrible right there have been on TV it looks Fannie and storm blow it Whitman once I was is dangerous they might get hurt the leg blown away I have heard of reporting what. We both that member of the item you don't carpet. No idea that you copied and they do you do for radio seek it kind of pretended to have that 23. Did a video. Like but it's your port from the streets of Austin where superstar Toby continues to wreak Havoc on this once great city. This one's grades. Will clearly this was once a great network. But true agenda is back on TV recurrence and this is unbelievable she is standing by her man she was all the talk which is set for all Americans but she was back on Big Brother last night. And she used her husband's last name when she signed a Big Brother from outside. A house with friends high pitched. Cheerful guy she doesn't normally sign off when not correct. And I utility sought her and. And let's go to dinner and she had a shirt on that said one word on Gerri love. It's sickening and in a she deserves this scumbag thing about this at least is a twelve women on record I believe well. That he is violently sexually assault that he is. Violent criminal or some barrels to bring her decision she knows it she knows the women she knows her husband she knows what he's like she knows he's. Evil and she knows she's got us talking about it on that that show her the talks if she avoids napping on Big Brother tonight safe shoulder is gonna do you do that thing abundant. Contestants out back and forth and that's safe but got a Beagle on the talk show I actually like you go to. Talk about this like how everyone sees what left like immediately that hot wife journalist long ago but. Mark Melo was. Immediately if the room they were sort of separated for a while before. You act as he was raking in terms that tends to get the winds aren't yet. Well this this broads gonna stick by her man who she knows is he. A rumor out there that the reason why drew attendance connecting with what promises because there webpart is now off the market well. This he's got engaged to a beautiful blog. Much younger than it is one liners holed. So he's 49 she's twenty he's that good they're damn fat load it just have to get ordeal audited for well they met. It was a beautiful story issues a model in Miami and this was announced yesterday you know six months would. And doubled compute to me you're not. Settlement for companies much when he has that she will have happened if he never married at 49 assists this marriage has been a big they confirm that Smart is avoided you know. Women have been beating down to marry him for years and you finally agreed to so don't assume flaw. Anyway Howard another young woman Diane Feinstein in the news she is taking on senate. Mr. Cavanaugh as she's trying to confirm the Supreme Court within a old story. Regarding a me too moment they work really old story. Which included him allegedly walking a woman in a room that have been better this girl he was fifty. Six world room. This is a long time coming. Perle or it was 62 Q who at that age who hasn't. Been that. Replied I don't LC didn't pull their hair all know yeah not a pretty picture it give recruit he's a that's of the she was gonna come out the next bombshell today she gave him cookies and he he's. Older will there be any issues in his confirmation under a week from to know about now now he's then it's gonna right it's going to be great. Look. Look forward to the bill lunatics. It does seem confirmed or next week all the big shows are back this is us and doctor Ross boy have his debut yes of the season will be Roseanne they talk about. Her Roseanne's racist comments about Valerie Jarrett and she says that it was once again the defensive minded of the VA the movie. And that everyone else would be doing it if they are her shoes so that will be the new doctor Oz rose and Bart think she started on TV I don't know what she's. And by that you sort it if she's depressed or she's made she's yet she sticks her life now she threw a ball that social media. I think now she's gonna end up back on other TV network TV or not Netflix is she she's back Jerry I didn't think that when it first happened she will be back. In our lives these somewhere industrial light sentence for one sending one stupid offensive tweet disposed to pay with no I 2018 yes unfortunately. He's not a slave Roseanne. And it's great if it were unbelievable. They were here it was your hero you view your ability to most of the thinks that trump made the hurricane force. Well I think I think my president's complicit hurricanes put him. Yeah that the New York Times wrote you don't agree. As well as Washington Post put Arizona likes it it's what have different dumbest thing I've heard from these complicating nut jobs and must he's writing in lockstep with a well I have had the in and I'm not I was not. Being yeah sarcastically said it's my favorite Jerry. Is climate change Jerry can I have a 1000% with you it is the most ridiculous thing. The Tomas you can sit there and try to explain that somehow president trump is factoring into the west or an office for less than two years he's making explains his fault the F word worse now because two years ago he was elected president. Last night decency. Must we had a from returning in his least favorite we need those together. Michael everybody was on a Tucker Carlson and they got into a pretty heated discussion. I've done a remarkable job from my client and she'll be the first one to tell you that and had you. Listen to any of her interviews where we have seen any of her comments. You would know exactly what she thinks of me I am not I'm not done I am not exploiting my client I'm representing my client. To the absolute someone's yeah. Still have I don't talk for ten video hooker from CNN to get through the end you know that's that's that's disgusting why are you sure as disgusted that is why did you write me back into my client. And me and stop calling us. A porn star and a creepy porn lawyer if you got that big I actually thought. You got that big of. I'm not making fun of us and yeah. She is supports. But cry on on this episode of Tucker Carlson made seat yell for creepy porn wars. Well he's a creep reportedly did slip that congress. He's got that you're in the title mean that you can't you can't cry a defense now he'd been on all these shows now for months. Essentially he's credit for going to run for president which I welcome that lets bring it will be fun. Settlers headlines budget by doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew press TV or doctors Wes Welker 100 get air Tommy kerns conjoined at the studio. Next hour we come back and spend a couple of minutes on this Alex three Merck. Media call sure he'd deed took the gloves off. And went after. Well once certain show and he's got it thank you bit what that's like the big news he has to hang wake perking Callahan news. Breaking tank weighed in his comedic column. He hasn't maybe you can even hear his rant on dean who I don't think so does exist anymore I think it's gonna get us all a little bit of trouble but I think should play anyway Kenny boy we'll get to that and Connie Curran next. We trapped commuters who completely through dragon flies in the as friendly and happy with my holdings being pregnant twice you know by writing the WEEI. He came back like two weeks ago issue. Money doesn't wanna do that he might as well into Louisville so dazzling until prompting the Allegheny and want to sit there and say the same old stuff we get it you know it's erupting hikers missing like. The traffic dealing targets and that happening takes strength he's you know these guys are dealing. Did he know what there even knew went for it that's a fresh take you Latino activist Tina right now tweets into the at this nobody cares what kept you on the air as the Pope on his any of the stuff the only time Dino ever gets react anymore. Is when he tweets about me so that's quite that well. As many as an opportunity two weeks ago coming in you're doing a show we did a whole segment on the morning before the inbox and what does he do. Nothing doesn't respond. Asked all of these Bubba. Okay enough is one more spot that that he'd be the absolutely. That eight that he meets again by Keon of the national. Did a Dino has waited a little bit on rewrite as the mosque in particular block cancer saying that he's not talented. These. Hurting what you guys have built here no one I don't know are now we challenger go with Kurt Mann has gone single and you guys tonight at that. You that you know you've been part of it judge you know so remote erodes I would give you some credit. For what is that going on here but at the ghosts. He was not end of fighting back within hours under again. Courts Dickerson since rock and ran as a look at them let in two ago. Anyways. Rumors. Multi talented and multi tasker so that they. Media column upon line and it worries of very critical. Of Boston sports tonight but he also here is the big news here. Tank weighted headlines sub headline tank weighs dolls that told boulders and WEEI anytime soon which ends today. Ali many hand on indefinite leave the Kirk and talent depth chart is a little thin I disagree. But an old mainstay says he won't be coming back despite rumors to the contrary. In a brief phone call Tang Wei said he has no plans to return to Kirk and Callahan quote from Gary and way. I don't want to put the time in he said alternate language line. I just don't wanna beat jerk the show makes me say things about people who aren't there that I regret regret. So it's not wrong yes I'll put the effort and but it eight okay. He's not a puppet like he he doesn't have to say those things. Right if he's here. Could he do that Joseph tries to not. You do the same thing when I've I've never said anything I regrets about anybody here by seven makes better you are. I mean you just turn against Michael when you talk about something you know what's really. Think it. It's the exact same thing on Karen if maybe he's more it's not a morning to you which reduce at 8 o'clock when I'm coming in and yes the media call by Alex Roemer which leads we're. An entire bodies are thinking that you exist and I agree I sent off the RS SI I I I've got it up you mentioned seven times while driving in Sunday's other government not on what we've done a lot of we need anything or they marketed it as it may it's ironic pick and we in the second portion that column is saying. I end up saying things that I don't want to blow people weren't there. Is a bad job. Framers column you freely and baggage job I jobs those not in a position which anyway infection I would maybe have. CA where it's mainly laments being put in a position to speak about things I feel so you guys bag job beyond that. And as a result nodded and I needed now and now you kind of feel back he's so I don't know what they're gonna commit Affleck wanted to change I need luck yes when you're little to I've had it's just the Chia Chia. That sounds good now I wasn't really got gospel that he that Alex throw their is about to reason I watch BS the lesser related to one of the hosts that fighting as you wait and if you gonna sandbag. I didn't read the way I told that we talked about the sloppy or we end of 48 work at a probably do what we get out there I'm quite confident that makes patriots ice Harlow thank god I can't outrun it. We talked about it 37 times suited you when me what we're gonna I was company and we talked about it once yesterday. You and I talked you're exactly cheesy it many times where you that you texted me saying you're really into the Charlie Weis spot and you're attached I gotta I honestly I didn't with who you're gone you know I'm. I'm too stupid that. I don't ever face of dreamers column that you were on the show these ripping but you're not on an anymore and he's not that's part of it was a part of the operation in those people friends of mine and know how hard they work in the product on some nights is outstanding and if you wanna cherry pick in my and it's actually can probably do that same thing with the issue of same thing with everything we instantly while ratings and in September. Or whatever it was July or August it's running at the Red Sox this morning times the ratings are terrific so. And it has not my bag job. Isn't a dumps a dummy do you think ice cubes on the scene. IT's hit dole all you on that all this this is crap just like any way again and we're pretends he doesn't care what anyone thinks he pretends he's these two different time when he's here. He's one guy was on TV and on the net. I think it puts on a difference handled. So in other words that's phony -- you guys get Comcast he's not the request for the real thing. I don't know so I think don't want to think the real thing that's would be happy to sit on rock with these. Fingers pinched together and his legs crossed trying to find some serene place because there permanently contain myself there's this one here it is the one there. He just wants to find he's happy surrounding me and he said he's honest he says I don't wanna put in the time. He pays exit number he was getting paid well to do this as an effort to do you got to sort of being formed a lot when you don't wanna know that sort of CIU naturally I jobless economy and it night. To go 68 online early edition Jerry in January aghast but you better not to which you would some points I. You know what that's kilometer and so I mean an auto dealer but these people would agree with that yet rare which is why you end up with that quote Alex. I can't help myself I'm not going in there. So that's the real time and I understand things about people that he regrets yes yeah. He's just trying to make the kids laugh. He just whatever room he's sitting senator says it's here's the problem we saw when he gets the room with you guys who knows what to who that you guys are able to detail here at their best yeah right let's do the bottom we live with that a lot people tonic please Kirk you know I'd live with that would consider canyon there and in -- to an extent he's. Although it was more of his own man lately. For awhile you leave to please Kirk you would have been right. Okay and Tommy Kendall yeah when I guess my personality is the reflexive we somehow. Make him happy. Yes I'm an idiot if you're 37 months he'd be a better spot rate increased around here right now yes all the time she loves what she didn't have gotten X Kirk happier especially writes it's comfort timely hits his where we get sick tired of time and I think I speak for Kircus. He's ill informed your committee doesn't do any homework doesn't read up. And he thinks it's charming and he doesn't try to re human. You probably like me I do would actually want to be informed him and news junkies. And I read everything watch as much as I chemist who. He doesn't know I read the WEEI summary. He doesn't read the wells report doesn't read that. Whatever and he doesn't care to seal tightly jaw because you agree a 100%. But not gonna do attack like Clemens and. And here. You get away with that on TV that right until you only when there has been lucky that he and they tell followed it on I'll let you know it's nice that he does. On television and I can't do that you can't do we see he's really really good at process and that's what you need pennies that easy that is the grandest you know. Will be viewed Iran sports and Intel well not so good. But deleted bowler ABC news yes. This naturally funny I'll give me it's about trying to be. I look at them and laugh sometimes like when you guys are talking of some of these making a face or does not pay attention. He's like we mentioned the stooges earlier this time he doesn't know curly ears but who is how could you know unknown. As he's always hedge perform well. What can I prefer a column that invisible all right watched but I like that Larry if you ever watch the stooges and Larry's not in the action that's moan. Look at Larry over the seismic and fate he's like he's like tank and was like Larry Fine and there right you've been an early edition sent right. A new look down will grow in the years. You know Meehan you know like usually male is there some on Tuesday in his training and she's you know games guys are rope and verify. And many think Jerry age he's trying to look and down. And sometimes because I feel like he's because mail that talks sometimes a site and you know Gary and penalties and now plus that's what ushered out of the way we'll weird cult we would goal on their Europe look at the break here he would he's doing on line. Indeed in very moved by sheer buying shirts online our image is learning to scream Lara bush screenplay. Nothing to do with the show ever just totally disengaged let's get back to basketball. That's too bad he doesn't wanna come back when I end. And everywhere broke that news you can read all about it is mediacom accurate all about and our stage of promoting Carden. Like it was the biggest news ever headlines off the Twitter account earlier in the week. Currently has Krajicek on 2019. Will play for the page will you will get Qaeda eyesight responding to give you a chance to react very enough and now you really think. Once was could be serious is Noelle was mesmerizing to me was how life and you'd say after he wouldn't stop talking when he finally get through you would say. That's a good point. Don't like he doesn't mean it but then after a two time after he rolled over and went back to sleep wherever it was. You continue to say how much enjoyment you got from that easy victory lap for these kind of odd he just kept on went. I will be kicking was hysterical at some long answers. This is curious. The opposite corner and for laying kids supposed to be like a sigh of art. I believe he was that's a quarter net Lane Kiffin when he was like it was like three yen as the youngest that's what is so he's like so far right apparently. Is locally that there. Let them do is under Friday 640 football against her talent your word of factual. Or react to Connie Curran I've but the pretty strong take on Tom Brady early in the week here on the stage and pollute pat and check except arcade gal and now.