K&C - Mut's brutal pregnant pauses continue; The debut of Kirk and Stats 6-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 4: Kirk gives Gerry the nickname 'Stats' thus transitioning the show to 'Kirk & Stats'. Mut's ceaseless pausing allows for Kirk and Gerry to experiment with new advertising methods. 

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He skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. We you and I know. Don't don't don't don't don't. I got hit good value back. I ran lacked just that I. I've been actively that that tonight. You know I start that way in excel again demanded bad. Thank you let it go we've. It's great flavors radius and I guess that was truly off earlier I am running around their new week and show this moment. We you know that there were romantically involved. You know this background. Is the best I am glad Satyam I read that this map yet. I don't. Believe the. I absolutely. Now we're Laphen. Months left online from our own people in the cars. From did you he reset that pleas of people just so insane it's interesting to him having this act in front of me I'm not sure what to say about this I don't know what Bob McKenzie necessary to put it looks like there's a new rumor in the NH hours. Our rob puts translate on the shoulder it would appear to me that there is a in the first potential that he was well all. Oh and Ken Rosenthal from the at what that fine publication please tell us. Showing no time he's gonna has ahead obviously homers in the studio with tale didn't ask anything different there as well. The play but I'm gonna tell that would you did your dad added that the reuse and go work for me. I'll you're about I'll hear what anybody said. It brings. It I'll be drawn it's going to be a little bit different for the musical les situation. Is Goldie situation right now. Hold them to get news. Content. I. Am. Not. Why it's not. And I thought every guy we bailout. Right now. Yeah this. Watch. I was on the fence and I wasn't sure. That. The moon act what's. Us. That's exactly it lives. I've I think that I think I've been. It. We get back in the crazy those ratings here. You had dumped by Brad he blew it he might vote me. I. And that we've already you know we'll vocal chords are mine. Here it goes up. You keep this up into perm to my voice on my breath. A little bit older a little right yeah that there. That's a little bit of mass snuck in a year of foreign Bradford topics is same voice sort of Jack you had bad bad apple has a boss the next foreigners you know California and Boston accent. This does sound like that elephant to what is the animal he sounds like yes not a typical were. Who robbed when it's his own thing that's yeah yeah these appoint a character from Howard stern show but that's true yes crack at rock racquet club. Well I'll let the US. Which is where it is due out of them crowded when you're in your days we got our people can do to correct them. Because we don't crack a bubble is that it would say dad sit. I think. You know it's just correct the problem is that's rob is not a crack and weeks. Easily you know he puts on a can be critical care and it's gone on record it for me stop what. Stop happening tactic me to talk to do. So this is market. Tens of Bradford so Bret well when the cleanup of bad guys that we station that's right. That's right it'll hit that to mention my big fan we can't really do impressions not really. Your voice nights it's it's your voices he's one oppression Mac. Yet that's all I tried but it wouldn't work over the for everyone that's normally every one that's norms yes so euphoria and morning Joseph to walk away that it is gonna tell cute and her co host of this studio fastening. My favorite over a year was music's playing things that lawyers since the future of my favorite or we I was on the phone listening. Cordless is unbelievably terrible sexual. Still. It's an. Total segment that you are in the catcher without mentioning that's in these stole everything we sinners. That's not right. The relay here that says that the united whole segment the sun is good idea we have wanted to take some you'll like Egypt would you like just a little Al recently legacy C and I know. Why would like to it which you like about this great sportsmanship. Right this nation celebrate it celebrate with his teammates afterward that his body with unnatural act against Wesley ideology that was afford nothing game when you first. He's and it still goes of one run out what are we talking about. Because hugging the catcher. Under a hitter and he watched. In the take to protect your talking some video that was tweeting UD CI. Ranked I I get the I I know how well the one who won the six race at a last night aqueduct not racing Belmont is. Belmont racing to the stakes are over yeah the race until mid July I go to Saratoga and back to Belmont and aqueduct for the winter. Who knows what do we know he's still like brain power you know much to spare that's a waste of preparation and overdoses. Are scared that absolutely. I ask you this off here and you Milton thank you last month although we use them. Both in Major League Baseball the NF war have tired of those if MLB were enough. Always an NBA three leagues. That's to justice that's 92 teams and leave right. And 92 teams get to the all but one. Are worth a billion dollar I got it right you are in the room for even though I was not now. He's he was I think he was these guys on the yeah. Costs are you you canning I guess it right or not. You've you've nailed it which I thought of recession but it makes but I would have thought NBA elect Charlotte whatever they're called and you know I was suspensions with New Orleans Hornets are yet. TB there. Who mean to seems every single team of those 92. Is worth over Abu handles two point. Oh place. Good to get us a good guess wrong wrong rule of Oakland and outdoor pavilion at a bus or he's wrong consolidating please Jerry you think they Oakland a's with a billion dollars according to avoid this estimate that's a good question though Monte Oakland he had to really wanted to or not much change to the Minnesota Twins now out ideally my dollars. All the did they erase and correct yes. Only team. Or the beauty. Of the same could businessman veterans. Without conflict overpaid for 870 million master of yesterday. Or Marjorie gym or try. Forbes is big news over 300 million. Close to a billion dollars billion dollars that's Lansing Bennett were what would pleads with the onion is really the costs will show you just read it to saving organ bill's wife was serving put this out with. It is trivia Tuesday neck and a residential buzzer beater with. Yeah did you from the drug current newspaper editors got to be wrong okay eligible as a headliner now announced and I couldn't hit city royals' top two or don't know what David Ortiz joined the Red Sox he became a free agent when this team failed to tend to have contracts which team released David Ortiz who nonetheless he New York Yankees I reckon. You don't know which team released its. And it's an easy question right now call. Didn't know the Milwaukee Brewers. And we find it funny story. I can contact him check out. Forbes it's Forbes had missed appointment is sounds legit I was just on Forbes dot org number it wouldn't beautiful by. The soon Tweeter. And then his bread and gave pay uncle panel is not really is a media critic and that predicate is a fine job carbon immediate discount. Superb writer Michael McHale yeah. Insights Forbes dot com. Package melt. In my other fun fact it's a lot of fun collapse mrs. slow down the open this segment we talked about this building the stadium and to bond was it tough. There's. Cutter because. Which posted Brady go to ride camels unbiased secret and try as hard as Charlie pierce has that story. That's right. They estimate 4000 people gonna die goalies. Jesus of text two points out appointment pastor and pulpit texas'. Insurance companies estimate how many deaths will be on a construction project. For the insurer. For example is that the the casino and Everett the on court casino and estimates have been deaths. You know physical media and doesn't seem like a lot yes and my outlook and has been to two yeah one guy that on site the other guy luxury died from a much longer will it. There's an apologist for another posted. The opening this fall. The planned well was it. What it says six more months they're gonna probably committed partnership trying to make some deals and he's feet I've made some calls Jerry got an X ecological slow process did you call. Some agencies are doing some work for those guys in college so so this massive casino which is in major project slots at cranes Leipzig wilders. People hanging off of scaffolding. Is gonna have like two or three deaths stadium in Dubai is gonna have poor house which he just why is that like not liberties sectors of encounters. People like good liberals don't camp at age or dying in Dubai now now now soccer. Can sign holders may I ask. I put an Egyptian soccer player and pride doubled in the sort of shores in their lifetime there's no doubt it's a good good question I would ask is like if the United States qualified you know call fire that is they didn't know. This is not exactly on an excellent civic expecting decisions. President trump will send his people there to go to and an honor of this and and linked to the whole ceremonial thing that seems adamant in not scream bloody murder of notches. What it is we're the slaves all come from the come from different country I don't pregnant definitely amendment only to adults or watch it right go fairly obvious and Oklahoma that are still for the Olympic as a German shepherd did and has lost Jeremy Jeremy Shep and great unbelievable story over there are staying at is electricity. And they don't and they take their passports when you know at least one guy said it was worse than being a jockey. Really gets back as a new stadiums opened the after what he meant that your game has gone when he died he regardless often they give Macinnis yeah there are. This kind of like a riding whip where the caller now and profitable target on us to see where the knickers yes boots does not get it right when it is riding with Corey Williams is where. Does he were held. It was just goggles. Oh. Here's an interesting story as she stood out dosage for your own stupid and you think about much right ironically. Agassi and every NBA team we've got a million dollars. I say is most I don't know I'm NFL obviously you know the stadium on the sort of portals for sex between source and a franchise the kings. King's actual they're worth a billion dollars are probably. Its owner Memphis on the move. Elements and we follow Atlanta hawks' most don't technology and things of missile to the Indian Pakistani yeah right right and this something right weird one tweet among men. It can't be right. The group was targeted a billion. Chris Hemsworth who value degree is all of our bullies who arteries. Petraeus over Curtis I'll text to guide to Ortiz was we split between him. Now police accessible source on it it's right. Name one of the total gold dust twins that's what they called Jerry Jerry Jerry and wanted to do you can't use of butch Hobson Rick Burleson. Rick know which don't include. Who's Dustin Rhodes dusty Rhodes kid yes I believe the gold dust which if memory serves me correctly. It was wil Cordero in Steven Wright are. Much to what else what we salute you out a who's who goes well who Mo he's now known as MVP of the suggesting at a ceremony correct them as soon. That's a question this these people anymore. Now the question on opening day 2005. After having defeated the Yankees in the American League Championship Series the year before our. The Red Sox open the season against New York. Red Sox fans cheered a Yankee player who would faltered again from the previous starts homer when he tipped his cap to the crowd are good or excellent. Cleveland feels. All people struggling with these questions and if you can't. Mr. things. Just some random person that you know that's one thing these are people call up thinking no trivia. They don't know like who released him Ortiz or who should be segment for you usually do trivia segment every once a week I'd love it number eleven I said you can. You get him trying to wheeled out of the phone to work the phones to be good maybe Friday 930 complete and perfect you hit that's the last kind of where 42. A move on that's correct no it's a B Mo Rivera which husky team. I think we have on the show off we onshore and knows that the real though as martyrs there. The review why this was a great moment I was really classy he was classy fans are great it was awesome in dog catcher did he was wonderful value mocking but at the time I was next straight. Crazed fans cheered he tipped his cap was supposed to take your gun and shoot them yes it was it was it was a fine moment when it was so great about. And you just you mocking but in. Stick in an ally in advance exactly we'll see that we did our job dollars and eighteen that would happen to be people tweeting about it again and yes like the kid with a baseball hundred. Tweeters mock me for that it's fixed or from Forbes and mud for the horse racing story. It's that we can wake and the waiter rant that is exactly okay. Go and rent so no I'm renting or another to their own there's Alan Henderson are two shows there's a wild crazy men hand and is the uniform numbers and stats from very calorie. Yeah that's Callahan as you need to take orders for avatar stats Kelly that's. Like okay Travis Beckel let's go ask what's federated. I blood athletic great show I Love Boat we do now. All the taxi drivers hold up LO BC's bodyguard its poets but he's great. It's an agreement is a great figure in America robbery here. Sure is watched Greg reporting that a great leader in achieving great very creative yes sweetie funny what's the best the remote. The best in their own movie is. That it could quit I would say midnight run myself I think raging bulls ovaries I'd YouTube it's great it's good very good. Minute run I love love lust raging bulls uncle why didn't dinero and Charles grow and do more movies. Together they have this great chemistry should definitely I could imagine that Martin and Lewis absolutely I could have been Dennis account of a good fails. Goodfellas is greatly overrated okay the women is. Is missing roster it's great because it's not as it is okay here's a great. Perkins pat from slowly Perkins that's either good or not just perkins' face just shows always is good not great. One of my favorite yeah Jack knife tech has a good vote check us a great. With. That happens is excellent tennis and and they were came back really Olympics but he. Where he is sauce and Eagles on he's awesome once I'm in America. Now now now not. What what he's gone on to our phones don't hate Nadia touching the fosters hate raised hateful thing was he shouldn't expect if you said to me your three favorite movies are made that run good posing untouchables let's say you're right near us all three hours in some Great Britain is also in the untouchables. Also what's the worst movies of that and what are relax and yet. The loan. Than one run is also the last Charles tells gruden did patient isn't good in Iran either on that run this never got no idea. Content with the promises she's a witch who's two in the fourth person aqueduct again. C wasted brain space horse in the fifth today. And a guy who doesn't like minute run that that's good horses if you ban on main the trauma of a power as well as always we know thank god yeah I think it's hard enough in seven. Okay excellence may harmless it's all right ultimatum misplayed what is that right now six days he's got father's knowledge of their own movie and I Kennedy upload to stay here. It's gonna do now and what else before potato dating yet. And it's cool as part is cool well you. Well I've only speak talent off the two and one on Monday finish and with flashbacks I hate aspects and as you anti flashback mentor for us that would force base are flat I don't like it was a clause only dreams. I dream space flashbacks and and cold. It caught the cold so we've suddenly best will do lots of it straight left and into anyone's warm president I don't mud room temperature I don't like collectively on a movie about coyotes or whatever it's ought to call other that's a 130 degrees it's too hot you like that like currently. Marsh for something the movie when Mel Gibson in. In it's called. With that the woman who's a man she's kind of all of your litigate here and living nicely yes it's too hot that's a good movie to a good movie Mel Gibson under Mel Gibson now underrated he's the greatest brother Robin williams' book which is that came out. Mel Gibson rigidly was going to direct in play his role global hunting. Yes which I think you know he's an awesome and good who have better use of direct the movie yes he was excellent he wanted to Braveheart he wanted to direct Braveheart and not be an opiate right and the only way what they would sign and as they insisted he be an. Yes and he's put on the greatest single performance movie history that's well yes greatest movie ever made over it. New England's most listened to morning show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. This team as a need for Howard left the yard out of the pen. The fumble the Red Sox that they can't over pigs and don't have anything. And saw remain convinced after watching right pitch tonight. Like stick in the rotation rights are. Writes what he sees Torrealba can the quotas it's and a really good way to your claim that electricity your claim that and yes some of that. We could just watch analyses are not funny we have SARS we exercise all of that was given by current residents when he can't I don't. Percent yesterday this is arguably. And talks and that was alone but doesn't it sound like before the show we get to do anything to any financing can't hide that. Yes my nephew starting your next week yes. He's learned from you how did you rate. There's no about a personal or from what we yell at Kurds is we had no returns went in and we click sixteen I don't know only hagee and veterans whom they could shock what's gonna do. Listen to the show have I don't know I don't know what they do a series but it throughout the data alternate and articles of interest in the coming in do you yell every elephant you know. I do and I yelled into busier OK and disagreement. Started Aaliyah media things go wrong does. My nephew be treated differently the other interests correct of course I brought good that's on one beat Bridgestone chrome. Leberman toilet. That's right here in the finishing. No but I don't know what to do with the top of the line to toss out wrong. I don't think it really did. We should get those sponsored those losses is sponsored by his idea actually that we reiterate to anyone right now. If he's remained convinced after watching right pitch tonight Roger Milton. Right stick in the rotation. Palmer it's out of bullets on radio for court here what's his team as the need for power lefty arm out of Japan featured a buffalo wings. The problem the Red Sox in that they can't overpaid and don't have anything called revised energy. And saw remained convinced that we don't know about a black eye on those have you electrical 21 not in the second. You go about how long did the second the second to watch it can help Red Sox that they overpaid and don't have anything is the first or second. I was like us to get subsequent injury golfers. The problem Red Sox that they can't overpay aches and don't have anything go into its nationals burgers so far it's our remaining us. Why did you like this tonight you did a good. Right stick in short yes right right that's what what why are smarter right. Is going into the rotation since that seems pricey watch right sticks in the rotation rights rights watch here I get it in the rotation. That's gotta hurt. Or who of course is it is Rodriguez. Right sticks in the rotation. Writes yes sticks in my picture there right states are like 777. My haven't gone through this thing do you think writes fiction either. Is that the question no rights should be in the hole between South Korean forward and into Vermont and takes the here's my parents who have been named after them this weekend policy so tonight and it's a much yet on ice he knew how to. We knew or this trump just created some about the fake news media. As last line is. Our country's biggest enemy is the fake news so easily prom you'll gated influences including why even try. He spelled the correctly did real well against a line cam hundred of these fellow all right. Trump does not know what the word me no never said that word numbness in his words no clue what the work our country's biggest enemy. Our biggest enemy I mean I I agree with them pay dues is a disgrace put. Our biggest enemies fake news. I'm readers so easily and intensity from the game it is good to select holes. If so dumb I returns where MacKenzie I'm gonna what that word means doing months I'm spread. He stressed sorry sensibly as a need for a power lift your mode and starting sentence like that you know. You've you've got to get picked it up the again I would go back again now part of sedated I go back the beginning that we not talking about that subject I was definitely not enough for this team value for a power lefty arm out of the pen. That's worst acts and treats people can't believe months have received in that run that is one of those movies that I cast she's got some bats a top five most Korean market he misquoted me that's why this team has a need for you guys and the person's semen. And you can say it's called errors took. I'll feel better anymore. I'm watching it's afternoon and saw Amazon's got like three box it's worth it is announcing Jackman says you know never. There for her to Harris. And Harris good actor it's easy to please go to enlightenment. Ball rock you're pushing the Harris in the movie and he's a rock yes good or anything else. Drawing a blank for the west world the seamless world. Was brought to show you the right stuff. It was enough to Truman show is almost all thirteen elbows. He's good all those things could Muster major shareholder radio which is a movie you know you have a good head home for you. Why say that should enjoy tomorrow movie Jerry I'll call football movies that in the water borne out of hope a movie was set in the past it was cold. I'd be tough you know like the remake of that prison football the longest yard apps that prison football. And it results ration. It's a real surprise here I would guess you I didn't love it is we years but I watched it it was O. Every all right clear whose stats count good music good fun. Also when it's forty do we transcribed what's right stupid Stephen Reitman right stick on got a picture money's tight T shirts around so must I thought I'll walk through this morning music strike in the always always so long underwear anyway so he's like a little bag loose. We're just enjoy the trip the previous history. It is vulture like she get one yellow now works better surely these immediate equal and if I were right. Number 1 morning show when I. Radio WEEI. Lose some high crossover brought to my national permit big guys up next. Mock interview here tomorrow and that's for sure. I you'll be here Alex hopes ogre yeah. Good fun today than I did fox he said that it was good show us if we're lucky here right now while he's really good we're leaving. I'm taking my right enough to give to Hershey kisses and who's hearse that's a code who writes that at. Right right sick right sticks and rotate like seasonal hurricane Alex relics since stickler compact dry doesn't write off right thick. For a president. Whose own the F do you guys we have. It's actually a baseball to. I had a plan OK good afternoon baseball excellent real fibers that you 51 first got the job that. The writers whose particular who Chris Sale all right I did see sales of excellent good. So was he six though this year the 53 yards or higher image of what's with the excellently cast that's tomorrow at least take notes for the house good. Back tomorrow morning at six due to. The problem the Red Sox that they can't overpaid and don't have anything. And saw remain convinced after watching right pitch tonight. Like stick penalty. The game.