K&C - Mystery wrestling expert tells all on Gronk; Curtis' crash of the Morning Jab crashes 2-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 4. It's now all-out WEEI war of wrestling experts, with Kirk & Gerry pulling out all the stops to get on the nation's top ring commentator to rival Dale & Keefe's Dave Metzer chat. Rob Bradford stops by to derail the show, and Curtis tries to crash a Dan Shaughnessy appearance on the Morning Jab.


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During can. It's not my Tom Brady he's got a Joseph Montana character actor did the vault at. The ball a lot of people give celebrated too much credit. Get it done radio irons and not the art cannot run Tom Brady at the big. There I want this. Job with Gerry Callahan. Has been nothing about Mark Cuban that says to me that he's anything less than an upstanding individuals I can't even believe a man would say this to a woman yeah. If they did Bob and terms of ethics and morals there's been nothing that I can see not fair I like you like Mark Cuban a lot it's disturbing when we talk about what you would not talk about what you've been or what the hell is going all the that basketball and Kirk Manhattan the next question here is Rob Gronkowski rightly so Dave Meltzer write these superb wrestling observer newsletter that I subscribe to for years it's yeah. Are they serious about trying to lure Rob Gronkowski away from the patriots to the WWE I don't. He had no real surprises everybody else Vince Burgundy exit fell back. Who has stricter drug testing the NFL or professional wrestling. I don't know on Sports Radio telling you we. I out of power now. Texas carry all. Four hour right here. For us. And but might be all eyes at you that's. Never. Now that's that's. Things that's true. I articulate vodka and I've. I have I've I've morphed into that out yet so let's work in the this part that the US. Why is talk to each department is like in you'll be you know. It's. The ones that age. That's true. It makes no it's not what makes your argument. Air. The ball. He says he's mad because he lost the credibility. And. Yeah. It's. Okay QB if you're. So it's. Based book. We've already you retarded legitimately. It. Use by elements of the beard. We read files common ground hurt me it's never ever hasn't got that part. We could notes on we don't want the meant to deal on Iraq. Report. Shot swirls Keats and that's part of you know please we're it was showing the only one ever done in studio with these girls run and little. Else. At. Usually someone from some Morales Kevin went on. One dollars. So yesterday they had these notes are on. The use the preeminent scales at wrestling expert. Said he wasn't sure about rock that's fine but we went to hold. Differently by some people would be whatever prepared us on this usual rate of the court and allied subsequent start to focus right now on the eighteenth he outlined to break he's got exclusive. Rob Gronkowski used to break this down is technically is for you you don't know we reckon. Harrison Shamus and audio. Harry how are you. How old. So I had receive wrestling expert huge and NASA's. Matt yes we know it's quite execute wrestling fan. Goes the show is watched on TV loves loves loves it yeah. But let me just what the patriots sources that we get them yet. So does does he know more than Meltzer and melts it took private BS it was definitely. I guess the question Harry LS first to the Meltzer Iverson's arrival of struggle against that whole other world. But is it your understanding. That Rob Gronkowski is going to retire. And join the world wrestling federation. Hello this stuff it's a they attack ads by guts and I expect matters that's basically it melts that's accurate our. It's ridiculous we have a question former. So you. Do you think crook askew would be good wrestler. I. We get paid would get paid a lot of money team to join the wrestling world. Bucks. What was I heard it and who's the U obscene to read them most years and once it. Let me ask you this who who resembles George the animal Steele the most. This is serious questioner. That type what you and I were traffic enroute to remember we saw that guy pulled over I said distribuicao. Him in the back seat of the car because it was what's best for us it was safe. Who was the guy who's getting pulled over arrested yeah that's right yes it was. But it. Most of those horrible things that re all that you know talks about this hate is people these people put it this way. Aboard were talking opinion turns it will mean in terms. Of this and there's a man there who treats he had turned very poor. What was that powers not. Very familiar with months ago. Thirty questions for you got some. Harry you love your godfather more value of the real father. So that's basic you don't noble quality I guess my question is Ricky fest yesterday I was really pertinent relevant question. You think rock regions of the straight to dvd even as it looks like. Oh so that's gonna happen all of you see your peace a couple rod to Rouse asked her pocket and I. That's why it was the worst host on W. While. The other questions very. Good he's been he was better at night guest precious. OK so we've done yes that's Chris and questions for. I think gobble it okay sounds good do you like guns and yeah I saw that is ridiculous that's what you area don't don't don't don't do not that it. Did not. Perry in the worst case scenario does your father ever. Used. Ask your question here you got that you can around the world. What's the stupidest person. I love anybody I talk to you later okay. And right now. Ordinary just place I want to. The other half carriage right there. Which policies in the game the fingers at the guts to come and that's a good transition that is an issue the legitimate top aides today and tiger talked about them today. Mike. Wireless all together wireless. Technology. That set that up trying that was that was so three boost down. Charles Johnson is just flat out to be the right yes and and David which yes appropriate response say thank you goes Garrett was there recently to an old dad. Paris they might. The Senate's Arab supported it doesn't have it come from something else in the past them out now. 1010. Your garment as you'll be getting dressed unified like much more to win more moderate or you Carlo. This tastes better does Harry avarice and now we've. I don't know there's there's like the kitten in ransoms lets himself when he tees. It. It. So anyway Brad for history's Ohio yes he is. Tenacious music. Pulitzer three this shot is next Tuesday Martinez went like it was going to be like in Boston for argument to slow up alerts personal bought back. We will talk and talk to me. Anyway it's been the advice but it Martinez one of the things tells me is that you guys the scariest object. Is the baseball beat reporters gallons actually kind of the club has every Tuesday that you. Are not your enemies of professionals and they treat you professional. Why did yes David Price about that's a good quick I think David Price things that the guys who came in in the club house are locked. Where its enemies right that was that was one of the things that he's like David prices and big bad media and I hate the media this and that. Well you usually the people that come in. The columnist sure once in awhile by. David Price as identifying the right to regulate that. My point is Dan Shaughnessy. Is based CTV Martinez. Don't worry meetings that you totally fine that's his job now he's saying you don't waiting kiss your ass in the fine Torii about it the future. What Weis say this guy. It's guys made a career taking cheap shots Brady where craps or whoever they pick the guys saying yeah let the playoff but don't worry about I think it's because he works the globe. Is my guess he's gonna say guys that you in Abraham and Alex all these guys and Ian on or about you know you treat them professionally what why it says why is. These are professionals is because his receipt or do about the people of the patriots. He says. I am a much whose pocket QB says it's a mistake for the lead at the formidable new in the patriots. Media cartel. Where most everyone either works for the team or is afraid of the tee shot seek legitimately get this checked Simon the same guy who owns the team. Right so who's he talking cues in the people of the patriots would be in the I mean Republican the the important crowd and all that I get that fine. But you know the Red Sox because I guess because he works for the Red Sox actually that it works not what Alan is yes I don't get back. It's in the places you guys are just another comp. Gated in whether it's the beat writer whether it's columnist whether it's radio the TV and make everybody. Went to price got up. It tried to explain himself and he wasn't accountable that everybody had a problem that. Oh. Well everybody including the guys who have to go in there every single day. Gated. So. When he gives advice to JD Martinez is one word accountability that's at. It was accountable Harrisburg that means he's yet to face off but at some point of Johnson who is second in the week. This beat I asked why I I was most important. Is this is a new low. Let's go through listen let's go ruin their view yet that while sinkers get. Darts at it as it was just listen in. Of course worked its burst in Britain Youkilis in when he does that I look at all watchers stark can can be due that logic of that technology. Tumbled. Against Iowa State they're building as we speak. In Mars essentially apartments restaurants and the and we can't get played on the radio station I that it was hurt us under our business open heart surgery Paula outright crystal. What's that doing open heart surgery at feet. In the world deceased. She writes. Out across. This is a public the flight you're on my all over what we get the other subject apple worldwide. Does he games regularly wears sneakers so that he can ingratiate himself with a drought for eloquent. All all Alia. You know it's age it was notice things he has slight wears sneakers I've seen him Wear the same sneakers as players. Where's the saints I I I too much I have never asked him why I don't really is that it charges that he would he's done popular players out on the shoulder. I just don't touch a month shall touch players I do not only have yourself around the I run so I tried to Rubin you're might I don't front it was like so these are talking whoever like Unionists. To blanket job the whole person. So he's a guy that he might be animal league. Well here. Writes the biggest paper and fair enough if I so I of the tightest group that are it would require was on the that's. Writes for the glow around 1 o'clock tonight. About this most on the the other two acres. He wears the shoes and sneakers as players. I seen him Wear the same because at some coaches that I've seen him state data both. So that you like this interview live as we speak now we walkers to breaking ball they're talking with the mics were you know Walter Reich you read this chore. Robbie get our ultimate breakdown whatever Walt Crisco war we can hear you right up here we can hear. Can't you hear is walking down hall yes we tune in now the did you. Lot depends. But this purse first walked in the wrought on moderate as that's good stuff. There are galaxy. Ask her to come all of us that talkers say white stuff that's why. Edouard given the guys the finger through Baltimore a moment for us it was wanted to your eleventh WB right now. What is the what would you condone talk to the guys are going to give them burdened cereal this crap you'll kimono or procurement. Worse we really care. Long they're sitting near their competitors but each other news the climate and what are enormous and or not he's got let's just as quick listen and tell me hey Adam that's. I'm going note yield and good shoppers. I can of course ask what's the you know. We asked him after. That's a problem no problem at all what you should he's like I gave the figure but that wasn't on the radio what. Nobody denies it and I know for its fair Tiki you can. Yes it. Regulars between and we and we see it that we find it. I noted that actually could be heard in that it could uttered a jab those that was all elated to stigma that passed out in turn. So it counselor role John as you rattled right now but so they I think about the this is his ample pushed him rip the patriots left it to the guys although written to me saying enemies and that accent and he gets it means he's in the back at him in and then saves for the decision humor is don't Wear your nice and they did it the biggest players are. Professional mode most but with the media by and large sure they do their job they'll saying that you say hello whatever it does. Friends of except elitists they all these beats they have guys like we've been talking about ending guys are right. The patriots the same way it's okay I've never seen them upbeat guy maybe you have who wears the saints because is either. It touches them I've read it but specifically I I've seen tomorrow so all. Well there was a beat guy on the patriots who rubbed lotion on James Harris I'm sure I am fully support of rest since he gave an issue that because it was back he would monologue without the crevice. They said it's that you that they have little chafing on the it's it's the shuttle and I've struggled in college you have to put this news right OK there's the web and not the. Is it still looks more. These lenders alike 300. Well I don't. There's fifty new. Coca TV is he is in the Barnard and I'd go to the clubhouse both clubs are featured speakers but is asking yeah asked about the clubhouse and the rules don't break the rules. It's true you can take take the pitcher of the snake I get a good picture of a Snickers in the club now. Want to. It's against the rules which rules the rules the club close chaotic picture I saw pictures the club both mr. you can literally can't you have the you have the lineup you literally can't take a picture of the line in the clubhouse really that's major races at this suspect insight would never have as a Major League baseball's rules with the Red Sox. Well not always formed about it bounced perfect out there is their press conference a pair. Yeah just did you see. Setting up and wanna beat JD Smart in the in the dodgers' cocky room over time that. Get around you the idea that you get a sneakers. Which determined they were Jordan's. Some brand New York re on 300 dollar something really. We look I sportswriter played 300 bucks for those stickers that he bought its videos are teammates and we were told it didn't go Wednesday. What's the in waste money in dates girls. Like that's chat rooms. Those costs money 69 AOL that. As it was weird yesterday missing earlier. A couple days ago we saw them justice would does. We saw them following John Henry isn't out yet. That the next day guests like prices were in the same ideals and got them on. It was just it was water. But he's struggling to it was a great so you what you you've been pupil that he bulls you have interactions. Today. Not Al stick around Gerry Hunsicker our. What sport somewhere where back at some times press reports. Who literally have asked me that four times I know it. Somebody should once and one no and yes but it's not that we admits in the shot she took us. All day. That's your call. Yeah that's. We'll get used to this will get to today it will get well Robert Thomas knows. He knows one day I went and please career. Just like Ron Borges. Just like rob Bradford soon enough just like you just like John damaged like Chris Curtis suddenly everyone else here. One note here by myself doing this I mean the Red Sox won't be here. No it's my partner in an endless career guests. What's Bradford what he can get it well at all. This is just breaking it different peaks and it's legal problem the keys and walked my sources tell me fifteen point drinks tonight. Yep this pocket of cash bribe their votes. I like TD yeah oh. Fort Myers what was that does he do was yet know for. Ted has the live feed the spirit of via morning Jeb but more than we heard. When we heard today say yet that me curse that we hear him yelling personal favorite vice spot on that you hear me yelling get. Globally and to object while we're here we heard curbs on the air here 111 billion. Our fathers or Jerry asked the judge okay why why would you as an accident yet and what this makes sense you know. Now okay. Welcome back with that Jesus Christ six point 7777937. Shaughnessy right there you likable he's done. So make sure Ian yeah. Audience that the sound and also have him loose this grip. Great teammate great player obviously. Tons per hour you know being game with the Detroit. 2004 through an inverse it's and engines. Watson wins on the back. Its power all fields are really took. Took afternoon. He wasn't sure it's great to lose but really you know it's. The price of Martinez who I guess who. It's a group of it was just touched so. Well weirdest thing Stan. If they'll pat on the back for the good interview it seems almost insulting. Yes good job. I know as well. What in my. Pocket trouble. It's cool it's gonna hope that whole that whole thing with with. With heated and David priceless it was bizarre to say he's weird dynamic I mean it was like the price crap all over everybody and everybody columnist the writers everybody. And you just keep coming back you not acknowledging. That disguised and on what he'd be bigger these code. The if he's not. I'll tell no question I know who is really good to go back to three years ago what happened if they nice guys that these these bands can pull all last year last year and when he was doing. You still sort of thing he wasn't on anybody's guess. By. Absolutely when he's when he was at two years ago that's what this whole thing started remember the playoff conversation. Post season. All of that's what did you like this about so yeah. So there's zero chance on Monday leads in this here why. Because as did economy the baseball's change you've heard of MRI machine 31 million. An MRI machine. It in the states or you'll. This is the test magnetic resonance which was the terror in it to him for. If he goes to sign a deal. And he says oh yeah out to 45 million dollars a year for four years instead of thirty million dollars a year. The team is gonna pay that for the elbow that there were talking about last year. When you talk with a new group. He saves us. Yes I heard you. Say this may or gadgets. Since even if he's good he's going to be thirty but do you agree with my point. You could be heard on the do you agree or am I just I think he could emigrate here. It was a man and his elbows at would be awesome and you know he's leaving more authority when it comes with a two days yet that's what else is there. Sure what is a good disorder well. That is rip on the media again at a guaranteed if you just Sudan Gerri and I and cursed us statements multiple long long hour. We signatures bushel scratch you know how we eat little more patient producers. Nothing. So Curtis Curtis sources. That's what's teacher bright and she doesn't carry coach what's that's six students and that's that's where Sharma Adams on right now aides did you think she's shirtless. The but we sit taking a little more Iraq that was personal and that is added thing is that the seventh and then I was you. But it took six words that lasts three hours. That it properly done neutral ships we were talking a ripple Red Sox. Did you ever laughed as they jump I ask about double reverse to principle with the line has been in the exile. To awesome display deep question he put group glorious autumn Bogart's life. It's grace. And vice Versa sorry football it's why it's quiet at saint. Just ridiculous but it. Do away with I don't I have a question for Terry beat when peace. John Durham market. Once trucks and a sluggish secrecy orders though I question for rob you went in there with a gun like Lance there crews. So it should actually be radar Evelyn Rick etc. it would Felix are the issues of wages schools also were basically just walk around this is a situation. What does that do at W dot com what's the future about three. I think he stick you on Friday Friday is he's going to do that on Friday. Should do more outside. That's that mark August this state you tomorrow yes. Not on the year went on line and then we'll get back yet Larry what guys but us GAAP and it's never when you say. Notes tomorrow because among us to migrate. One time parents well I'll tell you don't tell you exactly what he's doing he's gonna write something he's off the pot so oh. Yes will be the first we've heard about from Alex. Could I agree should be allowed to promote about a month now to protect and I I agree he's been very patient is this vehicle with a win this story. I believe yes. Yes I'd I'd look for our credit I actually did not all right if not the one New York. Yes a little tweak overlooked or not. We received a particular person reacts after the war former top U. Apple is if you average and actually good to be not that the difference I think. Yeah this'll be real. Real experts now agree that again money here. We get to you're a powerful guy last week. Don't. You this chart back. More question marks his first. Trade you my team's. Fourth shall. Well yes for yes it's locked yes who's there. It matters. You're guy Sasha Obama that he's not that good if I give you some odd in recent JD Martin used on terrorist agent. He doesn't use a hot chick with a but that went eight that was sister she's she's still around the shore or off. Next trading barbs at least it's not usually use to keep hitting coach as much as youth if your personal. Vote that is it's that the Alex Guerrero situation. All over them. You'll. Yeah ego. I just gave it. When you guys have a question wrote earlier about Ryan hit Apple's column about Malcolm Butler which drastically cut as the most books US okay. Animal oracle today basically saying. While we forget about the Malcolm butler's. As his boss should be seeing him. As a journalist you want to move on from that well in fairness to not having pitch tomorrow he's gonna say this at all and and yet it is merely that a right I cannot get a chance. It means. Run around read anything she's moderate. Oppose that rob is written more books and read it's actually true where is in the police. In different words. We should move on yeah they autos is to remain in the region. C wearers. It's good question you have to occupy. All the time. Quality quality fashion passing discussion you know usual magic dust Super Bowl pick out of football talk to rest. It just accept no real explanation like whoever did just that well journalistically that's that your that your attitude yes give up. Sex I I told writers write something to bull will engage in spirited conversation that's exactly about thirty seconds right actually believe that. Have been no chance writers hopefully with the right. That's the other eleven. So that leaves some of just enough to get the conversation going he's gonna make it on it and go from there yes well because you would be docket if you want be talking about market Butler. If not for that now. Now at thirty seconds of each and that's the at about portrait when nothing is what do you think yeah you'll ever get the answer anything more than we Alyeska is what was in the sense of where it's not enough to exit so no. No violence. The pages in the spirit and it's gone it is gone. Well tell us that's your right about that useless cruise line who was at Stephen but ultimately this. Steve what's going on our morning. Have calls in much it's the. Well it is Steve brought up that respects yes by the people the world at their retreat which are so core what affiliates who published at again down. Obama. We talked. Until rivaled by few model code it's expert and if it's so bedside. I don't quote out of bed. That is partly yes I don't want to sound equipment and Iran but it was coral won't back for some that was so there. Cricket. Slowed sales of yeah argue. Just a pitcher when you with the question Kennedy. About you and Jeremy yeah. Unimportant why abandon it hasn't network of plus or in the last year's sprite and seen cold that it was dusted the current drug that. I do that I've covered as I was at my comfort that I have three or 4 comfortable shorts I am part of that rotation all the way through. All the way through. And my last question is it is it is this a serious concept that what we're Martin spoke yes it is like yours thoughts on. Well I'm my wife Courtney Lee. Yes it's not a lot like quiet call. Of concern I hope he gets through the rescue true art cherry pick some adults some witnesses lift from Vermont from the train and. Where we're at that this we tomatoes off me the other day all three we went over there and have watched it was unbelievable. Can't expand it was a picture department which is I'm puts couple. But so we have a sort of broke his little face right there yet you're coral. Fourteen that's surveys so this. I guess you didn't give rob a lot of grief. Was first to duplicate it here. He took pictures of apps that what I have been able sleep at night well it looks like one again we'll do that fire that viral sensation that. For retreats rob was still blocked it. So you're mad as Mike. And a better feel really a lot of momentum. None out and I what I wanna set the record straight I promise you a retirement incomes up on the merits of five times it's ever tiger is not that bright definitely pays not to do as a they're excellent sought I would believe them but it's it. You think Boston Marathon anything. I have so I'd much better can have the view him monsters you're beast in Akron this year. Not maybe it's February yes now it was a heavyweight. That you don't opposing running like all right well actually running this guy and opera watching you should we ended February lucky chances. An effort to admit at least like the brain to know everybody is boring stuff. He's got that mentality yes to overcome I think it's a big help personally. You're able it is title for it may want to ask noises on on corporate partner subscribers you guys read together when you 2002. You were slow news. I think so I think I I think I could beat the red I want to train together. So we're gonna run he did he did ask such fast result of the Alley story yes that is exactly four hours. Up before our secure Edwards and the reader that amazing cap or out in threes all right let's talk about that man marathon guy red America under four hours four hours this. The book you read the last several miles of new ones yes I can yet see you do Tennessee Kirk you suggest talks which it was a problematic but yet. It's the ultimate. I do I'll do. You said it Rodham mode once you do that and I did not that's my particular road America and state Tulsa and if that's about washing my mom died two weeks ignores us right to point I'm gonna be on your team when you do ultimately be in that they wanted to do a half America first it's a tough advocates. A tough and you giving him mentally you can do not over. Hitler during the break out ticklish in this. As it. Dressed. Like they added movies that. Did you define up and take us about this I might add to. Give a long night as a road to pay extra to this. Wanted to twelve hours from now twelve hours from now. What until I don't know what if if it's commute on now though. What went so what they have got to edit one. I'll show you started ten yes start attack tonight but what's the Buick crossovers immediately or. Around. So shall shall. Kirk doesn't it twit pics is to meet the beautiful race to see. I'd. Makes me an in house. Yes the lowest we have. Just franchise you bring him back to market wrap the week. Every draw the vehicle while yes any else for tomorrow. John Bettis who runs that's going to be good that's fun I talked to release written this guy's having lunch yes we tomatoes. Who went on each effort to catch up next picture. Tomorrow morning it's. Who was the guy who's getting pulled over arrested that your group that's right.