K&C - Nancy Hale, 67, non-small cell lung cancer, Essex Junction, VT 8-21-18

Nancy first began to feel chest pain when skiing in Colorado. When she returned to Florida three weeks later, she became short of breath. Nancy went to an urgent care center, where doctors thought that her pain was related to a heart issue. After testing, the doctor diagnosed her with stress. Nancy, knowing better, insisted on further tests and was sent in for a chest x-ray. The x-ray showed an 8 cm tumor in her lung. After rounds of chemotherapy and radiation failed, Nancy opted to participate in a clinical trial at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute under the care of Dr.  Geoffrey Oxnard of the Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology. She received biweekly infusions of Keytruda, an immunotherapy drug that uses the immune system to attack cancer. Nancy is not currently on any treatment but continues to go in for yearly checkups with her oncologist. She chose Dana-Farber for treatment after a recommendation from her oncologist at a hospital in Vermont. She is supported by her husband, Dave, two sons, Brent and Travis, granddaughter, Kaylee, and two step grandsons, Steven and Bryan. Nancy loves spending time with her family, skiing, biking, snowshoeing, and traveling. Nancy is also an American Lung Association Executive Board Member in Vermont, a hospice volunteer, and a member of Kindred Connection, a Vermont-based organization affiliated with the Vermont Cancer Support Network. She has also started a lung cancer support group to speak with patients and talk them through their journey.

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Joining us right now is that it's hail from Essex junction Vermont and Nancy how are you I think if goods are also familiar story in Washington the pain far. While it hit treatment of Burlington. And and then I had some more treatment and Burlington and that nothing was working. So my doctor pat Meehan trial in Boston. So for two years every other Thursday drove from Burlington Vermont to Boston Massachusetts. And back home McCain. 216 miles one way I could drive it nicely. But I was one of the success stories. You had cancer lung lung cancer atlas it was stage accused by the time I got down here with stage four. And I think I've been very very fortunate. Start. Most this skiing cholera skiing Colorado skiing cholera and guess was in the wintertime are our oil producer Chris Curtis just went to Colorado steamboat. And in the summer and no lines from lips. At some time ago. It was a little slogan down hill but he enjoyed knowing that it he's not a response you when the winter. Iowa in the winter. Nights field day came back to the con donated goods like maybe altitude statements that. Com apparently told it was so big it was blocking off the air passages. In excess of the next morning I woke up one small but active role that went. Hewitt scheme with this site too often strange news cast excruciating. And doctor out there with you know I we were going cross country so. Five or six weeks later listen Florida and so I went into a clinic and they said it was stressed. And said well I don't believe it stress. And it was proven this story where it was approved here on down and down and now Florida so when did you end of life as far as. Its reputation. I had no choice wasn't doing more cable because it was work. Then radiation. Some oncologists. Now while I was sitting in fact they sat there one afternoon for 45 hours she said they can pick constituent Dana Farber. And on trial. She did. Until I started. I drove back and forth from month to make sure that I fit the protocol for the trial. And I did finally started infusions and it'll be three years in October that off the medication that's great that's great you're smoker in your life. I was it was so long ago that. Americans. Long association guidelines. Say action pad because a smoking right. There's lots of people get on Hampshire without smoking you're did you think it was a death sentence when your I I. I was given a 30% chance of surviving three capture stage Portland answered the Mets that's it right. It would have been farmers to your alive today here I would not. I would not do too so I'll do anything McCain Barbara that's good at what we ever do that that's what he's saying. I don't sing like those scale stated before Shalit quit the free spirit doing do you juggle. I don't chuckle at all I do I did do some card tricks as well and good hundreds accidentally. As far worse no we want to see. Whatever supports it with you Carter you're on suggest that now opposite Steve what else. I ski town I'm hospice volunteer on the American Lung Association basic import in mind. I to a lot of volunteer work. Do anything mechanic in fact I'm just starting. September 7 in Burlington Vermont and starting first on cancer support group. Because we in house. So I sit well with the American Lung Association. About me to use the conference room and excellent starting sports period stifle we have some good people you know because they can handle it well that's true and I feel very fortunate that. I was put in this position it's a funny thing went through a lot but. But now. The 41 bulges when it you know one point right sure. They had never thought about it that way faster when Nancy good records which were so low or no thank you so much of a chance to thank you.