K&C - Nobody in Boston thinks Michael Rapaport is funny; Callers attempt to defend Jemele Hill 9-13-17

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, September 13th

Hour 3 - Nobody in Boston thinks Michael Rapaport is funny; Callers attempt to defend Jemele Hill 9-13-17


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Callahan. With Kurt Mann and Gerry Callahan. Sports Radio WEEI. This is when it comes down they didn't see the value when they didn't like it maybe took for political reasons. They see value and into. With Schilling probably because of political reasons or they just something about his personality that they found a brief I don't know what it was they didn't like him. They got rid it and they try to wrap around policies policies you want him to go. Policies that they don't is it not company policy whatever days are looking for a reason records so they see value in and to know. I group. I always action write to him. You politics aside moved halted suddenly crucial and politics they grew to self operated as that they see value her overtures you know misguided and absolutely. He's right they don't care about ratings and don't care about quality program. Right they care about ideology they care about advancing their left wing agenda. Schilling was really good news for why even the people who hate on Curt Schilling there are fact obviously that yes you must think just his left me. I do but I don't think that this is driven by idly ideology driven by I think it's by driven and he's driven by desperation. I think it's so they put that shows on desperation now what I think I think they're doing right now is this is bringing attention and that's why they keep showing a baseball than ever was talking about that all we. All we clean up to fire him. I don't think they were talking about it nationally the way this is true. I disagree I thought it was more regional theater and and by the way this is a much bigger thing nationally and I think that he is innocent desperate think about it guys. Obvious I used to which is saying well we're not talking about MSNBC. When they set you liberal agenda in this area art centers are I disagree. I think that they're desperate for any idol and the SPN who is the person ESPN who is the equal Trammell who own terms of being right wing. Activists are from the I don't know the normal there isn't anybody they're not allowed to Britain can re favorite is that something that was. Positive I probably three those positive about trump trump and she get reprimanded. By the boss said you can't do that. This who she'd be the equivalent rights should be right leaning woman you know who's there. Alan Trammell show so the president of the United States and white supremacist and if you vote for him. You were able to practice which is not true I mean it's an opera he's not a white supremacist we understand what I'm saying news. It's I believe that ESP and right now is pretty much irrelevant and rape and they have a major identity problem. And this is an opportunity for them to wide attention if they wanted to hurt. You should think about nearly the attention that far error well that they want it want to talk about lesson and unity don't wanna get away from. Talk about last trash it. Here's the show instead of having this Michael Smith Susie zero tell him to go hole in Gmail and a half hour talk with the president of the United States he thinks quite surprised. We noted that a television had they had just needed to Eugene it's hard in talking about the Texans quarterbacks try and they have these conversations she. Those debates she knows. They're all left wing you know Tony Kornheiser and Michael will blow around them what can black stone in the and whoever else. Gutierrez is a little less fairness like in fairness. You could never have a debate as well as dooms them stuff and of what you're saying do your suggest they do all he was taken right well we're able these conversation debate shows. In the wrong left when I'm Kelly and I. Elena and they bigger Bayless I bring in Max Kellerman a novel want to forget forget the forget you post excite even last night. I guess and that suited to Michael Smith you suck and yours eurozone leaders in the about two Stacy your house. Trammell you see here's a half hour you say we're now you say what ever you want Donald Trump when you watch it but would you like to have a short challenges. But I'd rather have written and a rather average general and even in African. And talk about. Tom savage talked achieved harmless contract course and that's why we're where we're short issue set question also more passionate. The written Twitter work she's plastic trumpet right there are stuck with the Texans quarterback clearly she's more passionate about this right and are not really know what the problem is they don't. The that's that's I mean I don't title the Anaheim and our point 22 point is not allowed. Brick Brittany can we not allowed. You know but after Britain declared yeah he'll have parking detail views she was a really you have. She and found out who cares it's a ton of emotion is what she's kind of she's kind of positions are right wing we found after the doctor. Light eyes. Executed and yet the work I just conveniently agree that she's she's found the features of the sunlight you know I'm gonna take some calls 617 sevenths eminence of 97 we asked him and Jamal hill and we ask someone. Tell us that they think how you defend a policy that's just finished we asked them we ask for people who think Michael Rappaport funny. Anybody anything normally are yet to hear our calls from people with 62 orders in its easy grant Mike or supports its. But we called we just don't have anyone thanks Michael Rappaport phone that will keep working. Ian is an hour hey Ian how Mario. I got it up. Eight our Gary I got you one question. Is. You know go worldwide. President all by a deep into the network. Great question I don't know it's pretty notes easy collection and that to. No chance none zero zilch real. I yeah biopsy right of course of course of course. I like it I would I would I would advocate that in. It perfect world I would not want to know who would be fired I'm just going by the existing use pupil shall charity wired that's if you go by the policy nets. That's my opinion you look at the policy she should be fired or. Suspended at the very least judgments by the force. Says is I've you've ignored it trumps what's supremacy right now I have two which tries. The height of white privilege is being able to ignore his white supremacy. Because it's of no threat to you well it's a threat to me so you have this mediocre in his mediocre talent. Make in two million a year driving a mas variety to do was show. That nobody watches. And she thinks lights a privilege is a threat it's it's more to me because I think Jewish. Would it do that trumps an anti semites know but I think white supremacy is. It's Francies fourth. The white supremacy generally I I don't think the KK he's begun to choose an opportunity frankly speaking to you jobless I don't he'll throw ought to just say that's the point oh I'd I'd. Mark is an account hey mark. Garrett isn't the problem you've got people like. Utley. You know Arnold eager to see. Who just wanna be so aggressive and it go but law. From the Twitter body out there that you approve our third of the world and yet these people now are great to call out the other side. The other aspect of debate probable dale Barbara or like call Peter king of treaty at Purdue radio B ports are worried. To call out the other side when wood to metal hill called Austin and Hitler or or is that like rooting for pot but pretty urban Nazis she got discipline net which you can go on Twitter and call anyone. Did not vote. That motor truck are racist thinking in the exit yet connect showed how much of a freaking joke they are anchoring Rick. Stop with the redeem. Hedging and equality or what it is or you're gonna be yet another wannabe Peter King last Dale Arnold of the world are. All fish tank was not one of them doesn't care I mean I wondered wrong but I just don't think I think that. I think is driven by survival I don't think the daughter gets him married according to what it is absolutely no they don't listen she I can say to us Mark Kirk all of them I think that I what's the survival while I think what if he gets his wife is skipper had what I mean it's a million who are cases where. I think these days okay how to stay relevant. I don't think there's while I understand irrelevant by Michael's with the help heal the bill once accused of trying to make a point. Okay that there are ugly will Lucic and now I don't think it's hit the pointless and a statistic I mean you know this is. Why I expect. Go ahead please god of talent is not what they like to. Isaac and I like the enemy I don't I don't think that under the John and I. Justin is up I. That's been sitting there keep saying I need to push liberal attack I would today he's I think they're saying they think in a car that's the best way. For us to Maine to remain relevant is because the majority of athletes from liberal majority of people are an entertainment a liberal I'd try to get what I you know there's no I I think the majority of the dealers that security lightning hail. What's easiest. Average used to you the majority of America thinks pompous white supremacists now but the point is is I think their field this is the best avenue for us to stay relevant. Is difficult this liberal way I don't think it can ultimately you know we kinda pushing president elect Roger Ailes she's a wooden box and let's just represented. Idea. Good hey look you kiss he is he lets you know when yet to show little passion and I'll organize it keeps you guys got through the first two hours this I thought I had a great rumor Fred touch and go in New York to take. Yeah we do everything we cover all and we confirmed that are rumored it can't get from our rumor that it wouldn't be a rumor anymore is based on the similar to could permit them to get all the credit Kirk and Callahan and surely. Casey. X and and that means we never have you and again. Oh if I'll go to original vested interest whatsoever right now I don't know. Isn't understood is how it works Gizo works if you are alleged media these alleged objective media. Are all in the pac Edmonds some like this happens we see it. They want to support to Hillary will center in the tank for the want supports Melville even though she's really not under under the gun under fire at all ESPN I mean did SpinRite his just just this just posted ESPN issues craven apology. The Gmail hills accurate description bullish on Google you lost the multi says he has been apologized I'm gonna hold this up for you fellas holder of the cameras. Here's an entry there's this statement I read that you stop me when I get to the apology and please the comets on Twitter from drill oil regarding the president. Do not represent the position of ESPN. We've addressed this which are male and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. Period. That's it till they're Paul okay did spend get to determine the appalled apologetic tone Boston Globe the Boston Globe's. A depiction of this a statement shaping as the story is to say you spent apologize for about those comments out you know apologist for people hate from you apologize. When when. A chilling tweets as soon retreats as soon mean mark yes or or or the tennis analyst says Venus Williams whose guerrilla. GUE. I LLA but yet they don't you apologists and Hiram. Miley apologized right my apologize to progress from its its credit by the way. May quickly your argument for a robber actress kudos yes we should find podcasts with Dennis actually it's tight that I there's still a little bit bigger than enough about me this week I hope so I hope so for student Brad foe what to call him dreadful filed a brat brat Bausch. The ravaged she says that right and the Rosh. And I'll have to. I'd love to tell me I love that patients take strict it's a means it's amazing to me coach oh. I love it hasn't taken this is like why should be clicks and I would price from scrutinizing con have a conversation he has a job to do priced as to what's it to get my that's you Nick Price reality does his job since screw him I'll do my job money while my way great job by the great rob Bradford was into the Brad pollution republicans' retreat. Just a hi Ryan is in law on Lohan Ryan what's happened. You can ride right he has beaten up. In your area Ryan Ryan loved them right here. Right he speak up please. It's that nobody gets it. OK so wry low right. Now it's time. And so I won mistakes and. I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna try to go ahead run. Okay okay so I have full disclosure I'm liberal but I also IC. One thing that bothers me about my generation and the third safe spaces we shouldn't say whatever we want. And then have a discussion about it I generally believe like bad ideas get weeded out pretty quickly most people. Well you know multiple organ like yeah let's let's go back. 1850 when they were slaves not a means also on hold that view they usually get. And it talks on trumped that sure. So and so like I don't think anyone should be fired search for putting out social view. I'm entered just commenting on our on our our country should be allowed to do that. Old. And and so could. I'd also like obviously being liberal most of us tend to agree which are now felt that we think trumpet they get but I'm always open to. To talk about it you know don't just dismiss and that. People have a different view of him than me so I just wanted it to. You think he's a white supremacists. No I don't the white supremacists I think it could be like there's a difference between. Being a racist and being a supremacist right so you might think someone as western new but that doesn't necessarily mean one. Your country be run by just one group of people that makes sense. So for example slave owners. Hey where are not white supremacists they were racist but they acquired. Get rid of African American vote gathering and I mean they wanted in the country that is wanted to play. So demeanor is different cities it's been Donald Trump as a racist without column in the white. I just took an. He's an things my remarkable makah cultured Kirk. I'm shaky for the call appreciate the Kabul in an injured Matt is in Gloucester mass. Kaelin apparently that hasn't. Like the sound. Hey you do it yourself look good out there. I'm. Excellent all right well McNamee different Gary real Qwikster is about to be in the big big big big. Fall movie as a cap accord would say leading role but he a sport sporting a new operation do you play Ted Kennedy. I know why I plea Ben Simpson. And that room complete arts all the brother so I actually ABC news hoopla was interviewing Ted Kennedy at beginnings matures name and I forgot that while Clark policy. Which shuttle day at the Boston public ever made it made the cut and made the cut. Excellent it's not so the answer is yes Matt is a very good while I agree I did you secure at that penguins had great practices generation. Why don't you cry oh cute boys like it a little bit ahead start crying. You do that. Did you do who could just now I don't think I've tried I've sent a woman tried to do that point I could I think you know you couldn't I think you can crash site and I think it. And was doing a hell what do you think about. Through a turf talk at the it. I didn't see I I am convinced when Gary. Gary has an appreciation for acting Purdue because he's you know. Is fine actor. If you're an aspire announced earnings report was affiliate out that tells a little over the hill I think you have more I MTV credits and need to but you will be blown away budget shall I love us again I never questioned the scenario touchdown on my and hangar. She from some foreign country well those countries then somewhere else in America and around the country and countries because how do we not know her she's located I wished Gyllenhaal wasn't a Netflix yours or something like if there was another true detective he should be think. That's true that would be good he's also wanted to its surprise them fair tax that would LC government you wanna reply on news in the morning and again get your original your little position changed or can it I have to be honest it of people on Twitter to yell at me any crisis because you not original. A lot of regional. Quite a little bit and I lightly ran away you scare more personal originality anymore. We got a pretty good reporters again cause we can't vote. That's from and that's funny that's it reminds you of political route we anyone calling via our tell us how funny Michael Rappaport go away any birds still you know is reportedly checked him I would say it's. Obviously stronger respond to them. It there's a couple thoughts of setting up a couple times slim he's funny scene where the mom just mom thinks he's whack and even dummy of Spotify that is a good thing that's enough time and he's you know he's. She's the issue as to who render Richardson yeah he's great British actress plays Jeff mom. And it's not a very flattering portrayal Clancy browns moment. Clancy Brown has excellent veteran Josh and monster beats beats with the name of that Aaron Hadley. Yes yes it's iron that very good that's front of them that beaten got a different crimes soil Rappaport she's fat I'm. Is that all eat. And Puerto sent him when they went to Vegas he was the big stop Arnold the she's Jamie Foxx anyone to put him in the movie. Police I don't see an amusingly burns series in last the year you don't want. Mean obviously purchasers are here feel a scenario as always away when you see Sully when you see someone and it's a mystery how to get there and you look you see. His fame his parents his stepfather all connect to their own clubs drawl. You know players in New York. And by the original holes from the is too well but it actually forces was a system popular and he was with his sister first got established directors moments and big screen to bargain or grow the business you know he's appealed DO delegates so far yeah we'll hired Joseph home now because I would love to talk about JJ Abrams was the same deal I mean he's the real deal and these guys have -- kitchen adore me that's my battle. Like Michael G here I mean they're guys were town public. But I will be. It's probably. He probably got in the role in a city slick I was makes 91 when he was ten yes that helps when your parents are all well connected but it. Nobody I mean like I said people who tell me he's a left Winger he loves hill and Sanders and all of Michael Keaton says it Bernie Sanders guy right. But that's as I you can't just like actors the singers because there like agree with you political or else I'd be. It on B Clint Eastwood and I was ahead of us in the gatlin Brothers and that's not such an Oak Ridge Boys Kid Rock Gregory go through life really want to do that the IM TV page for rapid weight famous for its long he's been obviously she's prepared to do was hole on the cancer organ that we know you've heard something a guest book atypical animals. Odds bad bad good to new additions story middle school crisis in six scenes chuck Sully. Ice pass a lot of water cup and this is you know when you're at a law and order special victims unit one episode you know annually said it's kind of big day fear LoJack for what should check for me in Europe and or behind that like this. Check is in Maine hey Jack. Hey guys aria. They Jerry you're lied about being in that movie idol are back to detect yet EP it. I reacts that in there the I am the acting it is never beat I don't I don't isn't easy I think he's lines on season he Zandt and order. And I'll tell you what if you don't know why there's the guy as the morning goes in and updates. And out by it. And I say what does this to be released a boss well they just sold it so I don't know if they were released they mean there's like you said Byron Allen oval. People these worth 400 million dollars by Bryan Allen and attain is they always make any lucrative Decker now. Yes you got the book totally and they go on get counsel to make it August employment that he merger all of this is the question of well understood no it's I would like to see a but I can't have a price loved it great review. Six months of which is set at seven these kids 7937. And Jason Clark socialistic. In that regard to restore that Rappaport has echo still of anybody who disagrees with us as anyone Alex Rappaport. I would say we got called the most hawkish course but it's is nobody likes him through commercials for the English noise issue with the personal hired and did it comes. We use for your name and how I used to be the calls spokesman and is only like you I know even you know compensate for now all the time on its other. But. It's your level of 99 cents of while I I think that curtain on an approach and Richard do you come in the form as he wants it to me think she would sure lead should do so again I think it would Richards is out maybe musicians on virtually everything pointed to marks the third and it. Originally yeah. Rules are bread I had a vasectomy and passion that could pop Warner or they every day but it totally open Marty broke the Levy three. Just look at this guy it's a bird it's a place to sue. Sue Bird sperm Antonio mark you got that super sperm for real. Fourteen kids three since you've got a vasectomy you've got Neil deGrasse Tyson all. And the game he doesn't know what to make me. Still look and show her more from Marty Evans kids she says Russia. The call is out from the from somebody who thinks Rappaport is funny. Were in our number three now arm. We are deepen our number three in our number here for quite a few blisters and you she's you look at if you are often do you looking to text line and nobody. Nobody everybody has tested like grapple with diet and as they say occasionally well what Gary said like he was good cop land. Don't know he could not find so let us tackle funny. So it was a movie where he was so it was a buddy cop thing. But he's basically it sort of solid season solely for five minutes is fine. As an actor I mean she's been fighting an actor who plays the same role. Race for sort of the dome and you also miscast in this somebody I don't until the Sunnis from Massachusetts and but I bought him. That somebody. To take over rated text of this column it is not what is beautiful girls somebody text that is I don't think they're government. It's great I thought they were heartened Donald. Is needed more than ever before. Go congress go exclamation point and kind of least there's not there's no longer any you know. Rumors about people helping him tweet there's no one known though congress so congress go exclamation point. Please. What was this all goes topsy ten minutes to an event tax cuts and tax reform is needed. You know what this does plural thing because you know he sneaks. The originals right. Her boots you know what why can't just culminating like you do use them more of them that can't spell deliberate I think. Right up. He does not a doesn't read books or does it read in cult is books that are about him now his books. Like it's just saying that what we have to make it will raise questions. Matt is that down a run on him that. They got to vote on it. So call about Michael Rappaport thing I don't personally is funny regular friend particularly funny don't ultimately all that well. He also picked all those who monies from movies like beat the spartans out all right so this certainly tell you Ali and all our. I just give us a call in South Africa interest and a half but on a personal and so we've reached that point we'll people can't say they know social communities you know he's. Yeah lately he's supporting some I was blown off a mean Portnoy hired him. Or no hired him to incite any place in New York. Today when you know you know. As well as anyone in this whole thing parade rooting so hard. For the New Orleans Saints this Sunday at all what you would yeah he wants would believe he wants that. That thing you saw last night driving home that wreck on the side of the highway you juice of the big ones at the pictures with the saints and everything's on all the weak right if I you mind bill coach amount did you tweet up that video you're driving home from work there's a car fully engulfed in Portland 95 and you stick your phone out the window just like video yet. And then go home and Charlie White Fallujah two additional OK but if we could probably authorities are either. And future because there was someone inside the home because they should be F bomb. So it's okay here's the deal say they shouldn't you show at night. It's what are not on the shot at the peace at the airport by SA. But the firing to pull ahead of me and I just pulled by ending the entire car was inflamed in that way it. Did you see the victims like I did not everybody has a can you support a policy where listen it's not me it's that it's Comcast I can't K we can take digital audio off that given the Kurds who figured out that no question about it when call I don't expect it trashy I have this INS photo in my pocket in my phone of Kirk me too don't forget that your second hand Jeff Bowman it's a great photo but it's weird lighting can someone fix that for us. Now we have the ability now got about loyalty. Sears and while it. May even be here answer yes it's not gonna work that's. You know picker should try. Well how would I got a black and white version truancy and missed it looks kind of artsy. One tweet that now it's kind of weird but is that good weird artsy ticks ticks and artist. I talked to go to work couple of artists that's up. Not terrible she's source case excellent radio. So Sunday when you're home his or Ryan was on the line on Boston Globe every book he. Everybody new wings and rooting hard for the pigs to get the one on one of America's Ryan all armored saint suite that states if you in this job Europe for the viewers to win you are wasting your time I'd heard about these Olympic I think you root for the you know obviously here for Hatcher. I'm route from a man TB twelve down by the way. Penn bullet Tweety got the book I'm going to go in the problem right time tarnish the book and talk strategy visible in my crease all of the book. Who is a better than Tom Brady and the team has done more to publicize the TB twelve method. Then we have afternoon no real sad not I would stated minute hand them your appetite etiquette. I heard the talks about it I don't I don't think it matters because I don't think you're on the illicit equal mystery. Well I mean who who who would do more to promote the book. I don't think he thinks like that night I adamant about collateral that's not a secular guilty biases I decided actually agree. It's radio at San giving the book might release it on par opposed to that form that over the hubbub it was a Simon Schuster. Where that car so they don't know the word that we wrote plays and his town for a book Tom Brady pretty. Digital type to what you mean what you wrote in Boca who has I don't always credited there's no call there on Wednesday. As far as part about that Simpson's survived he thought may be done yeah. Type the word is a problem makes you hire someone I agree on who will be probably Casey Sherman writes everything else he's coming out every. The strategy does it does on the super are on. You know when citizens right policies he's sure a couple of weeks ago but yes. Anyway. We should be getting that book I'm looking forward netbooks I'm sure would get that book with the next. I'm sure goodness utilities and look through car had a copy it and look through it is its books but we do expect like diagrams and and arrest the exercises and recipes all that stuff like that could you guys Brady below. Oh books notebooks if they don't give think of all the beat writers and all the books and honestly in Cuba on the on the run amok. I don't know I've not done this opponent outs can get ready that's going to happen if you mind if you think it highly publicized the book that we would be the best venues the best you know Beckel as a book. For a and for sure but also homer gave it to boomers in Europe or it's going to be so how will she called a shallow. Which was at boomer and torture. Touch or boomer. Are similar to move Fred Norman what is it now caught boomer cars writes it's gonna be boomer and culture. It's agreeing to a loss of two winner right there don't you feel like your hurt countless tolerant of the moon no rooting for the saints gestures feel. Place this is one of those rays could lose this game now I couldn't get it they could lose games 4942 hours there's still Norris could this is the worst pass defense in the movie doesn't matter. It's a bunch a rookie DBs can carry the last Sam Bradford shredded all week last week you said page it's no chance in this game of chance and chance the chance doing it again. The saints are illegal opened on the field you don't like it was an added element here they just lost true and I might I had a bit I don't think that adds to their focus I don't think it better for the for the for the show and for of the patients lost it would be alarming yes we didn't start so you want on the loose right. Afraid of Saint Louis with you not want him someone on the win. I want to win it Henry from the wind and yes again before jewelry from the seven point favorites as the break it open the floor and outside to take the saints repaired to parlay that I would take the points OK here is you've attached to Monday night that I did this. She's the patriots come back to earth if the patriots. All considered just another team to the fans stick with them to know that generic game or two but the how did you come they've become like the team and fans or it's sucking him. Wrap programs that become residents where he wants T even look like that Tea Party. But the team the team and a two back at what. What what is what is so bad early editions also worry about that right I could it be that bad it's just suck yeah it makes you. I would hope that there are getting blamed a third minute YouTube got Britney should wait we've seen numbers you're here legal it's drastically down so when you have the enjoy music so yeah every act I mean I'll take your money but a bit anybody that anybody that media card playing and the media was claiming the patriots they want the page to win is why it's better stores of Venice or do for a long we desperately looms as a week before and I mean you're going to the table so that gonna win some games I think you're gonna win this one. Is it possible when a couple years Shawn Watson plays tomorrow night and he's on fire he's great and then the Houston Texans game becomes a little uncertain it would that be good should be great. Yes but what is yours a possible pictures rain they've had down your pants thinking and I'm so well to quarterback gets old and six well no automatic quarterbacks crazy could happen because Actividentity noticed but the patriots really don't have any players. You know there's lots of players on the defensive linemen you know everybody's ability of one you know to have good corners I do think he would have good receivers even within amount. You know and how they could have admitted that you don't have good though I damn thing. They have a tight end. Is he gonna be healthy entire unit these team is banged up there's problems whenever teams that now but but okay in his party game they are part of the game I'd deal with the liver and they do. If it's. Really that Belichick talking now is he gonna say what times you. San when the Rehman dole is right now but he can't and they'll both address each of his life that the only problem is that. It gives you criticism range but there. So. Oh. The questions. Which. Go. Makes whom. He is that it still salute them accountable. And tired. He's an every week's reviews it's just refer it that is a rating scale for we're talking about sounds like random spot I was on the street course like Comcast always silences her. Whatever I don't make those decisions you know he gets Baltimore loved ones. Who don't want to. Inside runs. He is a little more options when he's in there. Gaps that we. Cutler would have retreat as a receiver because. Visibility moved out here is what's good question cut its. It's. Well look let's play it yeah. City of the stop. Let's hear from Switzerland 10 and life is on the line answer from the cup at 56. That's that's an element shields opens. Player like. Hands and they chose this match. So. Be treason and. Coach told the police have. I. Was very nervous. What's can happen mother nature it's angry. Bills bills that's. Do you say whether Emma Dole's plan was he pissed at bazooka that he talked a lot of the saints a decision best possible time. Angle ponting whose real. Left footnotes left foot often caller we know that. We don't know did they ask my notes with a safe chemicals always time to its it was a Wednesday yeah he's they had vandals played enough. And knots Wednesday final Wednesday occasionally you wait for there to every single media in these guys warplane and comes up this afternoon Snow White. Who can read the report. Need to know you do. But yet the picture to the way I am this Olympic patriots in a row obviously saints. 35 patriots 31 that's a pick right now stick to a patriots own two. Oh wood to underweight to dine and set 6177797. And seven power forward is more your speed stuff as well in Iowa credit card is what he did you know that. I heard finally heard from credit card is if you go to protester. Good question what's it isn't that who knows of these quality of the apple gives is yes powerful Kurt Gallagher Gary ten ways.