K&C - Officer Chesna murdered in Weymouth; Mut is a major hardo 7-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, July 16th
Hour 3: Kirk and Mut discussed the tragic killing of Weymouth Police Officer Chesna and Mut revealed himself to be a massive hardo. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. I'll never forget that. It's too severe it's something you not expect him to wake up to and that's when I heard enough about gas and then the shots ring hollow. Multiple shots multiple looks like oh my god. Oh my god you know and then it was just dead silent. There's another neighborhood theaters trying to get CBS to the Conficker hit. I some witnesses from yesterday Weymouth. You know just a terrible story. Awful Michael just. Six years yesterday. We soft from Weymouth should serve guy and Iraq and Afghanistan before that forty years old. He's got a four year old son and nine year old daughter wife obviously as well. Jill yesterday it was somebody yells randomly. By and it's a horrible horrible thing in the fortune beginning I think almost used to it which is even worse for such a few months ago Sean Gannon. Who was killed by this with and which creep we've been arrested over 100 times and strangling a pregnant woman are resisting arrest. Punching officers punching people domestic violence. A long history for this idiot who was one of streets. In this guy this loser yesterday this absolute scum. Who killed us officer Manuel Lopes a twenty year old career criminal from Weymouth I'm reading from turtle boy here. Last year 2017 years arrested for selling cocaine to children which is true after fleeing the police. 56 underage people. He tried to sell Coke to. Called federal Reston took off they finally got in the cops every followed him before they knew we was he has in criminal history. And this guy who who deal Coke the children. Gone absolutely no prison time at all. I know monitor nothing free to do what he did his driver in the BMW claims he's homeless so we're gonna find out today by the way you the listener. The Turkmen and Mike Weir's camera or Chris her for help fund this guy. Which is unusual at all. In the justice system allows to happen again. And again and again we're gonna find this judge we think we've pretty good idea Chris yes we do we may break it by the end of the show this judges who let this guy walk 5000 dollar bail. Steele later freed to deal drugs free to do whatever free to kill cops free to kill this poor woman is or innocent bystander. Just he just in my game member again the slopes got this plea softly softer drew his gun. Yet they rocket hit and had beaten with a rock knocked him out took his gun shot him five times. And then went on the shooting spree after that I believe Tora Bora this seems seems other places too. This caucus will be afraid to shoot because of the pressures on cops now god forbid and pick up how would look I think if I would look if we took his gun out and shot somebody holding a rock. What the left the liberal liberal liberal side trendy and to mossy America would say. They would say always pup doing going after this guy oh you're attacking a non white guy white cop killer on the other minority. Don't not a policy guy with a rock ready to kills who found them ready to guilty should dump on pops all the time again I've done it too. But this guy was going to do his job Gupta should offer shift our. And he's dead he's dead because eight Lopes a creep of course. Beat the judge allowed to happen see Charlie Baker who thoughts and prayers Charlie that's who he his team beat Charlie. It's sending out thoughts and prayers that he did three months ago with Dan and supposed to be getting some freedom actual stuff done. It preventing this from happening again which happen and it happened down all except acting grew into our thing. And nothing will be salt and Augusta about 61777979%. Of the budget calls in the first hour each rides meet. Knox is allowed to happen cop killers are all over the place right now walking the street. 5060 arrests forget the hotel which is and the Lopes forget that they're gone they're take care. But but but they're gonna be more. And more and more people like this and nothing is changing nothing. And you talk with a judge side of it will get his name at some point there's also DA it's got to explain to rewrite its own family of a judge there I should say the whole legal system that's the other half from here why was he allowed to go to we think is some sort of a probationary. Pretrial diversion which was stay out of trouble for X about a month sex money years whatever laws against one. You'll not be tried he was selling cocaine and two miners he would run ins with the police in the past. What was it that made the DA wanna go soft than this guy not keep me in jail. But allow him back out on the streets after the arrest last October on 5000 people 5040 dollars. So I DA acted as I noted that judges Michael Morris and ensure that yes that's it the American guys like these ESPN they rejected it known they no comment yesterday. What was it today what did they see what was. In this this twenty year old kid what they see in him the city you know a lot and I kid you you're you don't go to jail. You're good stay clean for a year and and they judge by the way. Drug tests didn't Wear a monitor while he was out on probation here. That's the other side this besides the judge cited the DA what what he sought to let the. Skewed a judge released slopes on pretrial probation with the condition that he submit to random drug testing. Believe Lopes attacked off your chest with a large stone we beat you in the head with a Caroline picture right that we're here because the rock and it has its large and yet he had about wood had to be within a record strut now is suffering you throw the finally if I mean that's we read. He felt the ground Lopes grabbed the gun and fired several times which has had chest killing the officer. She suspect abuse began to arrive. And lo drama bosh each month for the change fire with the cops part is weapons three more times that's from the one we still know her name yet this poor woman Jesus report family. Struck the woman in her home for sliding glass store killing her. Authorities yesterday evening as of last night that's a Sunday night withholding her name as he saw her next to him it's a horrible thing terrible tragedy obviously we know that. Terra board Reno. And everyone will do the best they can't help the spin me out. But you know we need solutions here and nothing is happening absolutely nothing is happening Crist support god. Great. I know you saw the Arctic you've got one accentuate the flight. It's a short ears we under under Barack Obama actually labeled as a huge Cambridge police acted stupidly. All the mile track has now coming home to ruse just to quote. I want and I feel about that. I market and won't play Jerry target but there is few I'm with you there is some truth to that there is. The police have at least American Alison we saw the woman South Carolina there are times. We're police officers do terrible things I don't believe the police officers wake up in the morning and say today's damage for the black I just I simply don't believe that I need to write. Again all the so the cops have turned to the bad guys now and all the people who were who sprinted offensive of the people in the world to get attacked by the cops are quiet today. When he hero I mean are you rope. We've got certain Iraq Afghanistan did this for six years is murdered senselessly sexually because there is no reason. This dom who should be dead today I really do wish the yup recent blow his brains out made a chance and shoot in the lag this creep is alive and roaming the streets because of judges. And lawyers and deals made from people who know each other Elvis backdoor crap. Did this officer is dead this poor woman is dead near and we have to grieve. Because of the failure of Charlie Baker judges of lawyers of everybody involved I wanna know when it's gonna add weight what ways did what what changes the conversation. You know. I think it changes and it's a society at all other politicians. Yeah I'm talking from your present on doubts start calling out their politicians who were able police. As you'll stall controllers. Problem Chris is it that the president does that if trump does that if he says that you know that protect cops cops are great that. The people who hate cops or does continue to try to change their mind no not at all change of diagnostic look at trying to your Tomas. No shot no they they believe what they're gonna believe I was and it's not it's not trump standing up if you as a voter. On a local politicians in Massachusetts that you're not gonna stand for judges who are lenient on drug dealers not the first judgment. We've been leaning on a drug dealer because it's considered a nonviolent political life open at 6177797937. Just as I said you ten years ago. The buddy yours just got caught. Coke to six at liberty to existing arrest Rangel to that references to rescue rights of fleeing. Think resisting arrest massacre at a huge afflict fighters. Selling cope underage kids resisting arrest. What do you make five years yet to fight it figures like these seven years drove in three or four. This kind of went to jail sounds like you never want to distributing cocaine to a minor possession to distribute cocaine and resisting arrest any fled from the scene right what's pars is in a restaurant. I guess whatever is the whole thing I mean he's and he's really essentially in spending jail. I'm certainly important arena right now with the right to stay tied into any time now he loves has not ordered to Wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. He's due back in court on it later this month I guess the first torch that has a date so from on October. The possession distributing eccentric with due back in court what eight months later I guess there are gonna say at that point at the end and arrested. Okay Iraq or trial and a part of the pretrial diversion watcher writes it's is it's totally seen him I always tell your points I don't thousand laborers homeless. He's got a bunch of monies driving around the BMW. Which again would either humans come from your you view your funding and I'm finding them all be all of us are suckers with the Massachusetts really arts on full dumps. Glad to Somerville discreet and that's good eloquent. Regardless I love your you know you let your emotions take the most together people get accused of crimes thousands and thousands of time all the time execution accusations all the you can't just hold people without bail this is a key. And it sure that it gets infected it'd been pickle aren't sure. Why no why no why no monitoring bracelet. Well that that's a good question I don't know they won't let it I've admitted some guys get a bracelet on that's typical that it. OK then let's let's let them all out at that your argument looks at the mall but let's let me that that's your argument on why don't why happy all the why haven't at all. And we've had a lot of sex offender if they gonna go molested you why why do it what's the point right they were average sank. No not at all I was saying that this is gonna just leaked through this can happen extract it's gonna happen in this search for a vote. You don't want to yeah you think the ten which for example from three months ago was unavoidable even arrested over 100. Times. Well what you end up happening is well beyond. Answer that question as you know the answer questions about not not what I'm a lawyer crap I'm asking got a sandwich with a much more than 100 cases to his name. And he's walking around and eat Gilles Shawn and explain that to me. Yeah assistants really that's that's a but you can't say I did it. Listen you have to tweaking you have to fix it you. Like everything else like everything else it can be better correct. I agree with you you're you're solutions to hold people doubt they'll sort of in jail and a few others. They say that 5000 dollar bail and no bracelet and no nothing and he's drive rather BMW he says he's almost to me. I does that make any sense to me it makes no sense to me at all I'm a while I don't. 61777979. Through several come back we'll take your calls you to do on the stories of being tracked further. And we get back with a give you are our auction I'd much government integrity thousand dollars right now that's correct that's that's not an awfully hard we get back 617779. Degrees have no grip. Sports Radio WEEI. I don't think either back I know he's he's my little cousin you know but this is definitely shocking cases I can't imagine life would have. Right you need something like this happen and he's just my little card in my final and I can't. Like seven something like this happening this is its honesty really pays its heroes it's very crazy. Plus suffered scrappy I guess I'm. The three at the cousin of just if you Lopes. We're relic once the once she agrees to pockets are talking now coastal plain because what he really is sacred to say I'm not talking here is my sweat the if it's true I mean it's true I mean you know but if your cousin from her cousin you do your whole life and he did that. Privately say I don't believe this would publicly signal that the office said no that your cousin who's a pop for selling Coke to miners and god knows what else may be would be surprised if you drive around BMW and is that runs of the plea before. Yeah locomotives Emanuel Lopes who killed our future as that would be. You know tediously cowardly act yesterday goodness does vomit my hope goes to jail for us was like I guess. The best we can do this to you unfortunately. But for off option Chaz and his family. Obviously you're brutal week in he has no way to tie into were about to do but we're we're giving. Way. Chris Reddy you can pitches were were who don't are so we have four dug outs each secret to our spectacular we have a on field access to batting practice. Dinner with the entire cane seat crew. And an autograph rookie bats. Marquis that's bad for the 912 September 12 Wednesday night game against the blue jays the current high bid is 8000 dollars we can do better you can call us at 6179310937. It's a bit to the OC can't it would mean Jerry before the game to be on the field you can see all these guys doing their batting practice of great seats for the game for his Red Sox team that's rolling for the best the former seats in the park. For that it's your night the weather be perfect early September best time of year to go. And he goes he's Red Sox teammate who went on to gain and who the hell knows it might this I'm kidding so that ventured that you deal right now 6179. 3109376179310937. For that package and 8000 dollars right now if you double that data without us. On the field. OC batting practice and for best seats in the partly moved to a bunch of other stuff for his wall Libby want that night's going to be or 6179210937. Every single dollar. Our ghosts of the family of officer chess and so they go I get the thoughts of which he calls anybody unity if you three and he threw it meant that the radio Booth visits being underplayed. Overture to a package a year ago. -- up damaged huge fervor Joseph the quick note if we take these calls now. This Carnoustie is playing so fast and so firm. 113 yard par four par five Carnoustie driver sand wedge for Dustin Johnson these suitable for 100 yards Lance to nick meet tomorrow. This is this week at piper show this and we're going my team's winning tomorrow by the Tiger Woods' tee times he's going with Hideki mounts a young man who Russell knocks that thing Thursday 10 AM eastern Friday 5 AM your entire show fried dough or Friday if you're here Friday to watch the tire around a tiger wire on the air I love sports. Barry is Barry's and blacks any act as. Hey Kirk good morning guys how are you more. Hey I just want equality you guys some props that you're able to put to support her I didn't actually put a lot mean that perhaps. I was up my pal that's fine there's this stuff and sports are really wanna get to today but that's why you understand their cronies also again this week I mean you know we we can't run derby had organized. Our game but you know eight. It's it's it's on leave out it was me since beginning the awarding of course at a carted back I didn't you guys. I don't listen Barry. I don't care about any thank you very much I don't care what anybody says I don't respect anybody who thinks that the it's that the that the Tom parents who thought is not one respect. That's it's like Tom and everything. But he lives they pandering world where ratings don't matter. Pressure doesn't matter can act like you know he's better than I hate people who think the better. Stock and one. Although I don't I don't think Tom Karen much like him faced. So I wanna thank you guys yeah my partner actually all of which are wrapped around control it now. I'll then I appreciate you actually cannot achieve their. Ubiquitous and you're big lesson of the show Stoddard are items you get the sense the curtain and and himself will be great police officer I think I think I wouldn't know. They want you want I would love to do that and Ronald asks will you be saying you be so scary. I'd be scared fields are and I'm a lot of ways again that bank used to what what is your what's your take on this entire situation. So I think it goes beyond just this one incident. I think that would also knock on the judge's. Criminals back on the street the question. Dan I actually LA where it's at doubles and it comes as we subsidize some and we're held all the fire and everybody outlet but boy it's utterly all these heat for not adequate credit market and yet black. It's a double standard couldn't shoot somebody Eagles will be used excessive force was guilty in a public court. We can't wins but unfortunately 2018 social media is. Pays you guys out to be a bad guys which is insane you said court of public opinion Scots the court is so from the X I think I think most people people around Scott talked to most people most people think you guys are good guys do a good job no doubt but the liberal extreme left. Of social media has dictated to make people feel guilty when you guys are trying to do your jobs. I don't know how you do it it's a scary time I it's go to the scariest I've ever right now. It. Once it is important and until. And we're just opening out in client or you can Martin that we make your time. So I asylum it's actually my time you know recognize chosen sure their at bats he's also is that people are sash majority. We've got to try to work out the right way and I don't think shaft a short Orton more involved in murder. I don't know some new ground in conducting. Held accountable for the crimes including Nikki and and all courses themselves are split into their husbands or keep the ball. Thank you start appreciated thanks god I do appreciate you drop a note occurs before saying much the child to police departments that turns the barriers up. And roadside checks that has not had too we love our friends and child I as you read enough here muted when you're drinking while you're having ice cream in Maine that is a doctor has not enough on my little brown used the same ideological tailings Douglas was the first thing he said yes and labor is called Colin Braun. It doesn't happen is that he says it had excuses anymore. Your noses are hesitant and make sure it and I did a Google search grew connected what are you talking about. I can question from what I can send you a picture. A picture of the menu that have seen a professional bought since then we talked about some things missiles and professional nominee of course not know why would you do that. Your. Where we yet here we're found the clock right now in seconds and murdered. We want to hear Mike in Boston which tradition were at that time what turns your first segment. But it much yeah those Fries and I suppose Fries. We thought might once second. Delicate part of that I can still draw two coming down to dinner what are you can certainly get a duck politically active for the daughter of public diligently I didn't mean half afterwards stock. Before either one of a potential but he you know that didn't work this out there are so right Micah it. The drugs that he doesn't it doesn't penalize it with us the hell are there any letdown might go ahead what's going on. Why you little little one on CNN speaking against the police with governance and a good point Derrick. So brave nowadays these are almost on Lexington and so I didn't hear about Bristol this morning I'm so we Greek arrived so many. Brent that a cop they're great people there are underpaid and you've got these jerk politician to have no consideration. That it is unlikely then do they want account there aren't that. What does Mike what they are they also like to you right elected position these cops is the bad guys so in India last call reference Obama. It's not just Obama it's the nationals political sentiment now especially on the left. They're gonna make these cops seem like Baghdad because of pandering to their voting base so we have a guy like that yesterday Chaz and Ahmad SP Cribbs I've no idea the situation. But I would not be surprised get a gun in his hand. He's got a rock in his hand he's thinking how is gonna look if I shoot this guy right how's it look like. A white officer shot a minority suspect who's holding a rock in his hand that's how would look. As opposed to ensure the dot Wii but I'm not. We could have done. When his leg or something that would actually find buy for me it promotional media people this poor guy is thinking Jesus. On the be the target nationally if I do this it's it's such a I feel so bad these guys that last caller stockyards are. In these guys they wake up they go they don't know what to do this point because. Because eight politicians. Should probably point these judges and judges. And the lawyers and everyone evolve these cops can't win just. 99.9. 99% average is trying to who has got back I guess the question nobody if it would double the politicians and allowing these judges to make these rulings at the social media response is always going to be. To be anti police it's so right Michael has their bad news it's such a great point these politicians you know you I was immortal do they might. Shall tweet how how are terrible she feels this officer you know that's a battle that's what lap. Yeah and I'm not a politically active person but I'm going to be politically active weather is running against term November. I'm gonna help mold slime ball I'll do whatever and Dominic got seven people that welcome people like it was that one so your. And Charlie go way out you know it's not it's not it's not just that it's not just the Democrat in either Charlie Baker is claims he Republican he's not. He uses guilt these anybody on this he's thoughts and prayers Charlie that's always does when it comes to action nothing live. Man can't can't get it done. Take it up politically content can get it done totally flat said he's opposed to being. You know a leader in getting things done he just sits or takes applause and shows up it's pathetic shame on you Charlie Baker your disgrace on this. John West Springfield. Eight I Gloria I'm fine thank you on good day I have the incidents. In here at all. It's but it could take some precedent to do it and that's winding an attorney that will go after these judges and sue civilly or wrongdoing. This idea essentially is saying is almost image garabedian who did the whole spotlight and that type of guy that's that's a good question you don't here's Elizabeth Warren yesterday my heart is yesterday this morning. My heart goes out to the family and friends of officer Michael says a million military veteran of Weymouth was killed one duty we are with you Weymouth what what is what what does that do what is next for the system was assault nothing about this is it's an anxious dom empty words by dumb anti politician on both sides pathetic. It's your fault your politicians. And judges and lawyers making deals all friends of each other to all your crap. When city getting things done instead of getting things done. When we get there were down with him I'm wise is not working what are we doing. ITC's this self TC was gone. Darker admit it you're hoping that it will walk people and I appreciate you feeling anywhere miles please I. Come you know so good start speaking out about bad cops have been continued out usually would. What it what are you talking and what are what are you talked so so so on hold on hold on hold on so intently until good cops start speaking out on bad cops. Guys will shoot good cops at three sank. Well it's always gonna happen that's always gonna happen do you see do you admit it is my contention denied that percent cops are good people would you agree with that. OK then don't what is the what do what do we what do you that I really disagreeing on here. But they just a tribute to OK it is a product mig I don't. Actually pulled him back because they're cured but cop and you without equal luck working with you. Speaking out about why. Sure I'll get a good looks at us cigarettes that it's so hot but said Richard. So so this cops not speak out some random pop what does that do with a guy who should be in jail shooting a good cop to death yesterday. Whereas at risk risen connected this year. It's all connected at all connected to pick up our secure. And you're out all these bat you have to back up and look in the mid major public works in your. Somebody out here criminal court let apartment and and being shot. We looked at old at all. All they're all big headed into the being watched. I areas that hole is a tall order total reached all the reached total reach and I'm bouncing up and I don't see how connects at all. David form with David more. Kirk I don't. This is obviously my tagged onto something obviously mourning the it's obvious. Despicable horrible story and we all wish him a new lawyer first of all. I'm talking maltego talented ones. It's a total what is so many variables to play in the fluctuations in the I mean at the same though lawyer. I agree you say it's no pieces of the two most like saying it's enticing. It's a lawyer problem to judge promising political problem. Social media all the world to DA problem correct. The judge that judges of the judges are partially if they are. Okay the response. Blair about the right word the use. None of my the most they claim otherwise guiding on the street David is tied into a judge that the reason why I think you're right about what is tied into. Yeah judgment can't retired. I explain away I mean I don't know the dark I don't know a bit but. This that you could then why. What white defending what you wish strangled your white defendants charged my missed. I'm just saying that back at it. And so the judge felt absolutely horrible. Goodie should have been a jail Tim what can you guys should be failed one what these two emotional what do what do I missing when I might not getting walked me through. I guess we don't. Yes we do we don't know details who went through that the guy got arrested trying to peddle cocaine. Sure sure Charlotte for a second got arrested for trying to peddle Coke to six kids. It and then they let him walk. On the streets. The data which arrested over 100. Times don't look a lot. I don't. Kids of course is. Our anyways what. I don't know. He's all of whale was well lotteries no monitoring system. Just basic keep your nose clean it. No issue drug testing he was not a drug addict he was a drug when I'm Diana who knows he's got he had it intent to distribute it was you rests with any possession that day in a word about was he addict or not instead of or selling cocaine to miners are couple has a huge 61777979%. Wilbur. It's mostly listen to morning TO. Sports Radio WEEI. You're laughing and that he and his suggestion that the sound. Again after a blank out like it was for the coast is not that that's into the desperate times times in short suggestion it was not insurance maybe you may be out for for dinner tonight. So if that literally launch could be that's up. Why counsel their burgers well changed everything will buffalo wild child forced to make me go get other nights when around people who knows what to. North of that over this long night 617779793. Sevenths of Chris Christi caller whose image was at 930. The armed police chief. Robertson who lost his mister Damon in April and some very good things assays are thrown at him before go to those calls once. Might ending on your mind here we've really answered questions even quite support another quiet all been very active in the show and emotional it was priced so far OK it was awesome segment ice cream I think that we gonna know the name very very soon. And he's gonna feel the heat of for a curtain cal and listen you know especially if the judge we think it might be yes without a can't confirm that but eight in the cross hairs before. We reach out to his guys and his emails well Kristin which is already using it and I don't know known known we don't need to. Askew because he's about this most idea and it's is yes ma is a bore again elect is with twenty. It was to teach your nose back to our boss Jason wolf right. Why don't you people but what is the decision Friday I was a Twitter for awhile vacation why you got into the hole wolf he's one of these guys whose turn out to be whole not goes news Scott. But is like now placating Chad Finn who got fired. In DC with the between Alec he had the guys don't talk with the read and understand what to do in between the quote that you hired Mike's death. I saw that late afternoon product and so they responded I'm not sensitive said is he said quote you Kirk I care about you by as much as manic bumpers. Dislike Jews should execute these fine as strong is fine but he's he's become an always taken a stance against the show host who is ratified bear arms from time keeps the Houston to me you know what most might want radio host in the city. New ones selling air time audited drunk or Curtis on Twitter. This fall on way right Brad. Eric personal thoughts on the stage Jesus. Is going nuts or does not like in tweets about. I saved the radio stations which are which are disease wouldn't. A descriptive. This traffickers. Who I think that'll be about three to. Sanskrit. With the assistance if we take these calls its U wanna get up on Mike's. I'm going to get. You are Jerry's and tomorrow's world live tomorrow from pine needles were guests are inside the finals tomorrow. I have no yes let's make sure that's the case and get little humid for mornings and thunderstorms well potentially by the BB day. Second game a putting contest in the play green. Line FaceBook that we play. I don't know I don't know from officially I'm gonna be the shall not even earlier in the copper. You bracing I don't know. Yes we're putting what was the pause that for. Because I was working at this kind of short nor the legs will be there and they don't bought the thing right now I'm gonna Wear the copper fit he actually it may Wear to the races the while these are. A lot of golf career Accardo dating oh yes he. What. What YE. Where'd you where you played this week he or yes it's well they just swell while the ordeal is such a hard I'm RC. Right the car is what ST Callahan and get it like being a hard and of those Utah it's okay. If my parity is Rod Wheeler is brought up because he brought up you a national picture I would have had a picture yet either on again tomorrow and the belt at on the Internet thirty years and 37 years old thirty. You're you you're relatively in my knee bothers me. Soluble in a golf cart hit these well shot it's well it's I want well. It's a swells right between the pudding you're gonna take a forty swings how's it being hard. If you because you're doing because I don't want was well why they had a lot of attention it's that it makes my need out of her Alley right Bobby backed commission which he he's got an explanation given the priest is such as Europe and yeah. Priced at a UV racing its personality. What's going house. So a couple of light aircraft are because it helps me. Where we lower I don't know it's well I do only days yes. I do when I'm doing a torrent of water once. This doesn't swell up without like a lot of activity or twisting swing a golf clubs objectivity it is when he's doubled the creek and tomorrow we don't know the neighbors need to race. Now your regular Wednesday Wednesday's official we do you ready for Wednesday. Remains what time we're doing that with Hillary until yeah winters here. We're a work and think if AD could call Wednesday eating him. Musing musical challenge it is what it week should make me laugh yeah mutton courtesy of science campaign get my don't know what you want to recruit you before. We kick off our facilities to 8 o'clock 815. Ortiz thought deeply. About expertise that we goes on will react here are three active why is he weak for a busy week. Saw adults. Washington. These. Stress definitely this is well below it and and it and it then it's. Delivered self going just give. Give me the course he gave me advance a member of of lets up. Thank you your first name into the last name or last name so first. Yes either one. Robert. Is that peak. None of us. It's. Plant plant plan while back you being. You need. It oral. Green to be pretty yup. Very fast spread through the recent future. To me world yet another name is anyone more god. What's that name that's on can. Keeping your putt or is it to rocket assaults and never. Got it. Those people weren't cite them doesn't exit that. And it. I hate this feeling. There's there's I have no life you princess says isn't engines are different. I don't know the name of the song at a sings the songs or else they and a total commercial. And and I. It's. Well yeah. Ben hill. It's sunlight he would as a. Basically you've never hurdle for the new listeners. A human drama and any modern music no spice it up a little bit no Jimmy you may know that's the point that's all eyes across it would people is your show about unaudited a lot of younger listeners who have now got Apollo like I can't think English is like you get stuff right. Occasionally yes and there's some. An energy modern meaning right. Anything from 1980. And beyond. This push from the and I watch. That was nice that he's eighty's yes. Nine seasons later well that's a classic rock when nothing funny of freedom in the model pilot error Pearl Jam are something that now Arnold and I don't see America fall for your trap. No Barenaked Ladies now now we're not you know I hadn't. Two weeks ago 04 comes it also is that last week yes he's very meeting was you and some examples are snubs ever what was a basher drove stunt be drawn to Bradford dividend of three people. We'll see you mocking him. There's been bred to fight. Which would have done that who you drop you would you rubble yet I hear I've never I never a battle without rob anywhere noted in a hole podcasts on that not a terrible note with you with rob. Who hosted you assets to do on your excellent seven that's I mean 617 pieces are also on my podcasts of what happened. You should come on my iPod and that's what you said responses that. I think I'm sorry Chris who joins and I thirty. RD armored police chief. Frank Fredericks that was very passionate enough a few months ago when after again it was corporate good and we do trying to distort fourth may be able name is judged by 10 o'clock direct.