K&C - Officer Chesna was murdered in Weymouth; Mut is jacked about his big night out with Gerry and Kirk 7-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, July 16th
Hour 4: Kirk and Mut discussed the tragic murder of Officer Chesna with Yarmouth Police Cheif Frederickson. 

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He's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt Mann and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. The tragedy. When any Americans cannot trust those who are sworn. To protect and serve the pervasive and persistent distrust is not based on myths. It is grounded in the reality of unjustified. Violence police forces should look like and content from. The neighborhoods they serve all police forces not just some. Let's be trained to deal escalade and to avoid a likely put upon them. But police are not occupying my arms this is America. Not a war zone and policing practices in all cities not just psalm we need to reflect back. Reality we're pandering vomit bag just puke I mean really wasn't thinking like that I really police. So they should represent look like. This place they cut that's that's should be the top that's the answer video look like number protecting people. Right you know great I mean if a minority of the State's minority neighborhood minorities fully qualified for the job awesome with a 1000%. Four white guys qualified for the job great hire hire her. So did OK it's 47% would have let's get 40% like that think like that is so scary. If there are people out there are returning to mossy crowd. Think like that is supposed to say that's coming to Maastricht Ontario police officers not really that killed on the care. There they're there they're there to we're way happy when he killed people because it allows them to further their agenda of a much more outspoken on the other I always say that says we are so I don't I would say don't care much of non conference event. But they don't they don't care as much. In and you put who has been warned. When you get the sort of conversation this spot going in America they're also on what she's saying at the pollsters say is the police are bad guys are pandering. To your base that's if you're doing is trying to get a gig. Well you know it's up like this happens between a possum prayers eat rings hollow no one believes you it's. It earlier about police officers go to event like this what happened yesterday with this now slain officer and the caution these guys now have about what's going to happen that then he's doing that that Liz Warren that sound right center and it's I mean that's the yellow caution light right there is that some guys worried about Liz Warren and the response of what's gonna happen if you don't talk shop Ackerley correctly either want to steal caution flags while right on the track right sir I'm gonna start it sure was one messed up the other day this million Amazon only on the any of their 2018 I doctorate and was my favorite idol alum Prosser awful right right I can't. Put two sentenced on them doctor king and that's why it was on like that that we just used the wrong example member we trio was smoking flag. Now that was a good again that put godless is a thousand of these right. And that Hershey putting yourself in harm's danger. Nobody works harder. Nobody cares the most which are right women has had a positive margin like that that's that's where rat right now words. He can't be honest I've real conversation in most cops do a good job most the time. When cops kill somebody. They're doing it because that person a bad person occasionally other mistakes made short even then I think we got racism until black eye today I do not I don't think cops are racist sorry. And their people were racist comment may be police officers some not but people say you know what. I'm a racist and a younger. And work off with police force and make it a me do my job and Emma had a chance to kill that random black diamond do I don't I don't believe that is a perfect of course that's perfect. But it does crazies his ward. Once you believe she doesn't believe that she knows she's a pain she's pandering to a base that wants to believe that that's rat right now in America. And if I'm Alex Scott who called earlier the police officer's partner drive and or an option agreement rupture anywhere in America I am so scared I go to work this morning as you know you know. That you are you are up against against social media politically so one officer Chesney is is there face to face that I was a rock in his hand he's taken. Why should this guy if I shoot this guy. On the at the police departments and that Justin Masterson and women here we go all over again think about if you kill this guy yesterday shot in the head was just say Hilton public disorder on the. True that it would be all over the headlines of the disorder in the morning show which sadly much bigger than the story no doubt be the biggest soda in America and armed they would say. Unarmed minority killed by white police officer. Meanwhile you said all offices in the country are worried Massachusetts should be more worried because there are judges who are OK with letting these drug dealers back out on the results of any GOP it's it's a frightening time. You know the officer was port 42 years old 42 years ago just this year veteran he was an army veteran he had a daughter and a son at 94 years old respectively. He goes in this house the the half hour before supposed to be off 7:30 AM he's off at 8 o'clock this guy's throwing rocks at a house for analyzing house panels and has been in his background for a long long time. He tries to engage in any ends up dead and finally a random person nearby and wave it ends up dead because this moron we'll takes flying around shooting the police officer John. He kills chest and takes the gun again. Bash is just we think and head with a rock knocks him out takes his gun shoots him five times takes off of the gun shoots the cops randomly kill some poor woman in her home. In America I am convinced to be the biggest story in America take into his wards of the world will be leading the charge. Against chestnut if you kill this guy think about note UW should of Donald's out of the sky. Be the biggest story in America let's go to law. Matt who's in what. Now it's up. Hey guys gone on from Linas. I didn't know the opposite personally very obviously seen the scene around you got. And now I'm actually went to school what appeared. A whole who did it in Phnom. This kid should have been mocked up a long time ago. He's had not only and I saying net does not saying. You know people struggle and instantly got out of place eyewitnesses in school. Key. Tuck and receive it in the middle of the school. I don't know why this kid that in street fight. To hold all of you. Art wanted the plea pursuant to school with the slopes. Are went cold lol yeah okay he was in use again in troubled times every cent. He's in trouble time use the dirt everywhere in. Yes he. He did something middle school went out there that should have been immediate. This kid needs how well you didn't get. He took a pair of scissors. He just got from the guidance counselor Nazi to prepare citizens in the middle of olive. They sit and they're sitting right rated schools yeah everyone's ala anarchy where you're going pro with the senators. Oh. Yeah. Unfortunately sadly didn't die from that must be honest every drug he'd be dead and has to be deaths in this woman's means it's too bad he was successful that's who's trying to get my advocating suicide god knows but. This guy is indictment also very serious thing. And you know he should have been taking that if that was a plane is in his life should take care for that that should have been addressed another huge issue in this America right now in America is mental health. Tony good you know Chris from Wayne as well he was sit next to Lopes the barber shop away and win the data points were two weeks ago. Stock whose friend for good twenty or thirty minutes he talked incessantly allowed appealing drugs hitting his girlfriend getting in fights and being friends with people in the bloods gang. It was so Blake you're the funds making at all. With what happened assuming no that was in the case keep sharing the story matches that they got from that PS by the way he writes much as abort. Plus one. One billion. But you know and I know I DO people making the case for Jeff deal in my market but you know maybe people it is is quite bubbling under Malick there wasn't trump made people so sick. Of off of was Warren stuff like this meet this hurts. Jeff deal as one of the guys who try to get him Tim feeling the judge who allowed. I'm Mandel also told the teeny. To not serve any jail time as a drug dealer because quote is not a drug addict who's dealing to fund its own addiction rather person who made some terrible judgments and decisions that made. And for that we thought was the best for his family. He's one of the guys Jeff Diehl who wants this guy out in Feeley governor baker says he does but has done nothing ducks again. Adam is no action that is on election as governor they'll actually from anybody really no action on the stuff. We did this three months ago with offs again and we're doing again today wouldn't do it again in three weeks and six months and nine months it's like these shootings. No solutions at all so we get back we're gonna speak to whom Chris. Armored police chief frank Fredericks an occasion was very outspoken here in his own officer past three months ago play some sound from them we'll talk him she would change. In the last few months my guess is seven novel what we'll talk and we get back. It's KUNC occurred in Callahan Sports Radio yeah. For the future. We are going to take Sharon's. Death and push it forward with the help of these men behind me and they better do it. Okay. That change things to protect police. If I'm sick of it. We have. Yeah. Book getting crap done what I've noted anymore. Attention to everybody do you voices. Well but I don't know I've seen that app and anybody ever. That was frank Fredericks and back in April after the death of Sean Gannon. And he joins us right now. As she Ferguson and personal good morning and secondly I think you know here we are again I'd ask you what's changed. They are good morning good morning portables. My heart goes out to wait a police department are such as the assembly in the unity there it all the good in Sweden lyrics but what is changed. You know what's changed. Take a look at April 13 in the current reform bill quicker changed the tea Sharon was bird it. That was a change what you need if you really be eked into that what we can't do now are believable. So. Moving past that what this change. Oh well what what don't sometimes I'm sorry no I'm sorry out Oxford and saying what was in that bill. What that bill Woodson was coming with some things you can't use in that building that stated the bill that correct right past the day after. Okay basically. Anybody under eighteen we really can't arrest them unless they're cute adjudicated Jew and I also think about that elicits a major felonies like. Some of the trespassing. On city schools like that now we can't do anything is what people all well and I want them to do. But. But that's what would you last week that when it was Shaq. Two days ago so and there's a whole host of things in there as well. On there are a couple of beneficial thing for them but generally speaking it was an outcry and our justice reform bill that's in slow. A bunch of politicians and set there and put together and. Governor baker signed that bill he was OK with. This site. So I guess my what so I guess my first court my guess my question is so you know a summer with a lengthy and unbelievably like the criminal history kills tops again in three months later now it doesn't seem we on the orbiting at the losses. History as his long but he certainly has won. In the same thing happens is guys walking the streets driving a BMW. How how does this continue to happen. Yet it is baffling and also at eagle just it it's a little lower order. Wave it in Java in the last three months. Two police shot and killed them to a who's been shot. Then they change that this significant change in the the attitude in the criminal elements. In the and in our readers you know remote speaker Ferrari. But you know how that happened why is that that. It seems to me in my opinion is that this this does that allow to happen over the past 34 years starting with Ferguson wouldn't. We have lack of leadership of the popular stop right there at the attitude we sought supplies they'll really battle. You know it itching to permeated the criminal element more so. And it's sickening and it's alarming I mean I. You know when I look at our option is it just announced today it got these young women want and are out there of the day. Was great attitudes but what not would describe the unbelievable. Bubba I mean I look at it is it's a problem from everywhere it's a problem with the judges the public the lawyers Republican politicians I don't know I look at this and I say I don't really know. Where to start and it has to be leadership somebody has to step up and knock him his happen nothing. The leadership respect. Actually right. You look I've learned a lot about how the legislature the government is where it's watching this stuff closely. It's an abomination it's unbelievable how things can get stuck in committee. Didn't put got to watch that training bill that was you know which suddenly get past which is great. Well it's it it shouldn't you know the senate has an urgent it's attached the blood. The house as occurrences in alone. A piece of legislation. And it seemed like the fighting about who could get credit for it beeped while the clocks ticking and nothing but get it done. It's unbelievable so it's all politics is the right thing to do they open we are but it's just sitting. We talked open. The the politics of it chief there in the ways you let people listening now you're so outspoken a couple months ago and since then he continued be outspoken. What are people supposed to do because when you when Kirk are talking about this you make it seem like it's helpless but I'm sure there are things that people can do. To try to move the sport of things that you think it's the police chief there in your arm people can do. You know on a a daily basis try to get this thing move forward. Well it's it's frustrating because it's like to take a while they just yet she's adept when they see you. But nothing happened but I can tell you what we had the amount of support you see it. In dispute and no word yet he's at another hospitable to waive it but we need to join together and make sure that our citizens we are really protecting. In that they get. In ball. But it tied because they you know when you get us senators. Voicemail and looked at bullish boxes fall. Like what good is it. Is that is that we is that mark your Warner who's not all state senators Jason's okay you've been in new districting Internet. Right but let's assume that's not. Mean we're talking armored police chief frank Fredericks and obviously had to deal with the tragic Sean Gannon three months ago and now he's talking us today about what's going on Weymouth and that's I mean I feel it. Oh what I mean you know YE's baker doing nothing wise marquis why is warm why the league wide the local level is is it just feeds it I literally don't understand I don't get. Well I don't know it it it goes it has its frustrating well I can understand some of it because some elite laws need to be changed have to get the as desperate or what. But when they don't get there he he can't do anything. I mean he voices support here in the but. The reality isn't it's got to get to his desk in the political ball game it's who like it tried. You know try to do budget they throw so many like ought he Luke think that nothing to the budget in the budget that they they fight over. And nothing gets done like I don't we policing we get stuff done. We have to move forward we can't be sit on our needs and then. Worried about who's getting critical what we need to get things done in this an example. Some lists it as such no breeders'. I think it's also I think it's also the culture now where you extreme left. He's scared people in the thinking on and I would not be so I don't know it all I won't get into the mind of of option shows I've no idea but I know how would've looked. Due to those people how he would try to spread the message if he you know this is is this this creep is bombing had this rock in his hand and he shot this guy. I you know the liberal side of extreme liberal side America is said look at this a white cop shooting an unarmed. Nine among and our and our minority with a big east or in the country have been totally unfair of course but I wonder how much that fear plays into it now as well. Quote you don't you'd have to think about that how did this based we will never really know sure but but it's you know eight is is getting a little it'll get. I'll be back with locks their. The kidney. That there's no fear of consequences. Only magic consequence of what about what do we talk about the frustration at the legislative process is it fair to say chief there's a frustration with. That certain judges in this state or allowing people back on the street after some very serious crime how I mean how and why in the world how the world was the tenth which on the street I mean how is that. Yeah it doesn't it it makes no sense when you really look at everything but there'll erupt pieces so caseload stuff that that allow certain things happen. There's also. A cultural thing within that this system and that's what we talk about the system. I think most judges include people I know a lot of them they're really good people but they say. They become judges and their in this system that the acceptable way of handling things that we do in Massachusetts. That we all in policing it become numb to do you just sit there and except that tell our guys go up they don't worry about what happened caught. You know you get technical they've kept the bad guys just keep the world at least it'll catch and release and that system. That the judge has cut into it's like it's acceptable it probably it'll certain cases. That attitude has to change and it's OK and I don't think you have to change the law are all in judicial system. They just need to force which already did it have a different attitude. A different attitude there's nothing wrong with state rate the worst people and not society from the good people supporting that she'll. Parade very long tired of this series Torre to hate to admit it. And reached rights Rio writes his own epic game. That's league baseball game we talked about three strikes it's gotta be less than that we're talking about the safety of us citizens. Don't leak at three strike. Well we appreciate you joining NASA. Chief treasury appreciate what we'll talk you soon thanks so much for joining us for comments this morning. Thanks again thanks I mean you know I mean he's he did I mean I can imagine you please help us I think I know I cultural Oreo what happens in the court just go get the bad guys think about that brought your your fighting to differ punch of fighting judges let these guys back in the street all by the way your fighting guys that many Lopes. Ralph they're trying to attack was the most honest she it's on or right. Peter pilgrims. She's a cold. So Raymond Floyd and plug against certain. Yeah what Curtis challenges. This is all this budget movies up. Totally against them. You meatloaf. No way. We. Game ultimately it's the the rubble waves documents and I HBO's excellent job you premieres tonight also have a good day. These guys are comfortable. And then. At all. So what point crush now you be teeing off tee it high and let it fly up here are beautiful pine sales boom this is a dogleg right I'll have mattered yet every meal while the listing ads are pitched better Ellington really for. So are really good guy at the area basically audience of the quality need braces on. Regular glove just play you you're now a glove like golf and a different light up you won't go to Google and we played together you won it got to go out never won a golf club but ever in my life ever not once and now. That saying you're you're good you need braces on the grace of fake hobble see that massage tonight with Jerry. She's couple's massage and my dad here chairs at some point everything leaving Boston for so forget it. He's not a ridiculous. Burger. UB UB. You Curtis stepped. What you're allowed to get to hear them to be in tomorrow at 10 o'clock 6 o'clock issues should the fun starts at six. What a day tomorrow is going to be here excited what a day of golf. The big excitement can be nice and warm. Definitely on the voice of the finals that commercial airplane pilot a commercial take pictures 2000 and is led by an update that. So soda it's weird actually offered did regularly note sounds good it's clean it's unusual finals golf club. Anything. Goes to Democrat rift there seven years ago three Olivia and we stumble a great show what a great literally the shuttle home. Gee if you don't you're playing tomorrow. I don't know I'm ready I'm played twice in the last week and I am dominating the core I well playing decently I when he scrambles to add up you're not playing bad. We just drive up the show George and make it. I don't you make. Legally nine and to make it appear in simply that some him aboard process which thirds from Michael echoes give somebody forget that the the sports guys with a local media celebrities will be tomorrow. Richie Mike and Nancy I mean guys we're not on on the idea and we know those people there I believe it's just achieved it's the rest of mostly Red Sox and a former athletes already and that's what Michael is your Romanian bobs from love golf was NASA plate umpire ups when he's a great compromise that's the point is an event for the until we once. Here's he's now playing OK which will be there. Which will be there. This too much song in Saratoga. Delayed pick it needs to be reckoned highway it restricts the which is a great song off integrates it through Kenya fairness or look river river out correct slots on the ground. Bruce plays a river in order in the last toward the song was over talk whether it's either river it was about time. Some boring story. We're counting down to your visit to goes he goes cracked October yes yes. So broad overview this year yes definitely yeah. That your what is that. The first mister so to direct again. The Drake Muslim holy drinking uncle from from. Cups of my street. It's unbelievable the loop brownies nobody nobody has to them again Jim Rome would like he's the guy who takes the X seven sips from Madrid frequent anti during the break on the last at a cost old. Although there are irritated and Nvidia are normal this week and driving around the streets of Vermont. These smacked off it's Friday is or Jim Rome noon Friday afternoon snack off week from Monday and yet I don't do react to you really you know. No law you'll where you indication yet. Or immunity. Poll is Monday it and organic UV New York. The New York this week although it's based reply me Saratoga on next week what are you really don't know now. Are you. Know we can be excellent driving home from some. From court. The court involved right what do you say we don't know you're talking about the opening we cancer to OK you go by yourself. What about snow. Some friends but it will. I agree it's going to be that I've no idea for him humble enough with me now I'm with believable to go unanswered at this freedom here. The jerseys wanna talk about that's what I like to hide it tonight 54 I know I wanted. Me to bomb the niners. No notion. The driving sort of not now towards the tour school I. As a supplement form. Otherwise you on the there was the lines I was school of school actually love the stuff happens a lot of a changed man. But the Diet Coke. So we're back tomorrow morning lives 6 o'clock legal plenty of updates in the stores in new judges we know more about this that it is the Atlantic amounts because you know days like you to the judge we think it is to have plenty of reaction to that yours is ready to go. At 6 o'clock. The meeting guys may talk with them tomorrow who goes into day life goes on. And lose about it right. Ozzie may brawler they're all excellent journalist and then next. Again as the afternoon then we're back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. With Mike Dennis and Gerry Cameron hype from pine needles ready to go play these stories we play the song. Reloaded the we're back tomorrow morning's launch was the first time I go to make replacing what's the best one yet what's the most popular on there that I've never asked either.