K&C - Patrick Gilroy loves Al Horford and lollipops; Headlines with Curtis 3-13-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, March 13th
Hour 2: Patrick Gilroy returned to K&C and defended Al Horford.  Curtis once again handled Headlines. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt commit ahead. And Gerry Callahan. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Would you have played. I asked. There was signs a book but yeah this case came into Denver which is interesting. And now Sammy Watkins to Kansas City Soledad yeah. Any any others Al Roberts John Roberts in Jacksonville las robbed yes you get. One stud wideout coming into the UFC one lead in the AFC and assume the Pate is like Denver again a year. But I doubt that I don't think so now we don't this year and his team to Kansas City means Kirk cousins the Minnesota. I think I mean it was gonna happen anyway yeah the it was a free agent that's interesting. Miles. Mean when you think if you Kirk cousins you look at it Denver led the jets the vikings. Wouldn't you. Would you prefer Denver I mean it just seems like. No no place for quarterback right here who hasn't he cousins and the vikings so close now but it's the vikings now now the guy about. Vikings have like six quarterbacks and yet it vignettes that it will be cousins you know cousins they were ranked conference record McIlroy here but that's what we'll get to get to kiss and orphans as lemon yes and Al Horford at 840 money at all Walker's ID 55 and would you party you'll be happy with Patrick he's gonna start up the good no pigs that it wasn't that bad driving in. It wasn't for me it was that bad driving for me once and we just greed disagree. And shoot some strategic and offset it mean the first time but it usually is don't you miss you missed placing anger we both Mac and agree I would have made it I really tougher driving side getting. And penguins have assured her beauty and neither of us senate on future let's there's a better vehicle better equipped. Vehicle for better quipped you know it's available for our cars better yes Microsoft some but I must say the viewers that a big SS UV yes. I'd like which thank Gary. A person formally shot that we should appreciate that your differently when he gets. Yes. But yes but I had a balloons of cousins went back because of cousins for Minnesota for obvious could be advised by the standard to talk to him again. Was gonna how much guaranteed that cardinal he's gonna make thirty million a year first like sixty you're Gary keep definitely over the rights of crazy them at least. I'd be surprised of his flock by that money. At this point. I think Minnesota is going to be very trendy pick to win dress and these are drop. I'd rather grow to more it's more sound similarities ceiling is more interesting this is you don't know if you gonna have the next superstar where you don't pick the pages 49ers extra miserable ones like that would be good yes there is value. Atlanta Atlanta an Atlanta. Which is not a bad place for so global now. I've been a host of mole and I handled no I haven't ever in Minnesota ever again as the worst governor ever happen Nicole place ever ever experienced in my life to see the new video and congress' time. You forget how cold and so Pulitzer Prize dom still ahead of us are still in what was going but we should note that was those are a little different area but I was up a walk from the hotel the ball but you saw that bridge that was discovered in snow and why why is it won't go in there for quite. Super well Bob I need to sit there. Then. Important posts that. And it's a mean I don't think you several ways I don't think he's ever retiring and never. Really 85 feet. We then there and plays the coach Kurt I went downtown for that bar stool thing that you didn't look miserable. The all the state of the mall there was like down there if Casey Smith shoes you should it also. And you're walking around it was freezing look outside right now. This is what it is in Minnesota every day one degrees colder and gotten a bit. About it. A pact oysters beings what will keep you updated these these sightings dominos falling Paris it's no Nate Holden who's yet to help boy we have it would be first on debris pile council is gonna get dues money whipped by in my yard Austin. About Texas Malcolm Butler Tekzilla. Detroit Detroit business suit like it to a little. That person hasn't had a thought it had a lot of fish and partially in the mock me the mat is out 111000 power outages Allred in Austin. Really surprised kind of material in the power of which at the hotel can handle basic training there. I can't. A vigil right here on goes to the summer what was that yes we got a million or for an hour so you're on what you based on every night now. Like 34 nights a week. As a bloc it's a lot of fun and having to get on doing on the record that's a wicked time attended to what's been in India sell lollipops. I get to the office around nine. Like coach was right at his house in excess like that's what we do. Elected they would do agree with us to does a lot of people would know only ambition at all in this business. And yes let's cut his virginity anymore thoughts on the matter well I happen to think that people in this business don't put the time and effort in because they expect to do what you Dicker and sort of had a meteoric rise and not. Most of us that do this for a living. A capital market 300 market to wonderment and worked your way up so I got it Eddie you heard is gonna do when you look at a Texas politics of the Texas experts thought. I. Now that's that's that's part of the deal so how does. I was a lollipop sales and make a living in 2018 retirement mr. in the breaker and understand what I need to restore the door. Not so on sound as usual isolate the corporate for Wal-Mart CDS right Walgreens like I'm all these sell lollipops at the to a free free in the bank the Friedman my guy who cuts my hair. For a while popping out yeah it's free my doctor's office yes they had one yesterday was somebody has to sell them to the bank and that the bar. And videotape given to the mound is nobody gives a more like designer he's under I think raw format designed to my mug in my group that's my haired problem the design a long putt she gave us appreciate that and they gave customer we. You stoker's you brought other customers like yes good. So he can or at least we sell other candies well but the lollipops represented 80% of the business why it's a forty million dollar a year business saw and I chocolate once you brigades chocolate so while it's possible to idyllic. Life. It's really hard business because he can only ship job at six months out of the year. Otherwise you refrigerated trucks and containers and it's very expensive never Fatah never crossed my mind is to feel like when Malcolm Gladwell. There between ten and two I'm talking corporate they can portrait but between 95 it's all about all our policy and Lou. We're like now I know you got a vice from a car class February and that I would agree I'll have to what I say echo it that. He can kiss. The you know defending your guys you cannot be green Schneider jump in it in that's right that's not what works in my opinion shore. And I don't disagree with you there but I will say this when it comes to my defense cornyn quoted Al Horford or hog it's not it is not loaded and made out to be I'd be Al Horford IP is the guy that he's always better off if people had a hard time with corporate contract he should have said it went so excited he world's on this same next month he was this same guy when the Celtics -- so it's not a surprise to be any change your iPod. Let's not truly close ups and downs you know since the all star break these these numbers have been. It dropped again as pat pat pat pat Patrick I'll release Broncos are packed and he's an intelligent talented and you do don't you want to what's the big deal. It's it's just what I got used to being out. It's. Patrick comet would be edict or for a great player I think he's a very good deal because right now but I think but I don't think he's worth so money that's the argument why so why aren't an issue I think it's an awful human being. And a terrible job and got their but their people get mad you know like he's not agree OK so a 130. To fifty is what about we set. In the MB yes yes OK a fringe all star in the highest paid player franchises but that's okay because the Celtics needed to over extend to bring a guy like this and and what happened after that the dominos started to fall and they got Heyward the next the CP if he had a stretch for average eight points a game and in two rebounds and very into what's skill you still circled the wagon as a great leader that he has we understand he does all those little things is so you don't never allowed to mention that these stats just -- credit as a matter do you that he's having a portion typical season. Often by his standard. Because he's he's continues to do other things in the Celtics are winning the Celtics were winning would be a much bigger issue. But the Celtics are continuing to win games so what's the issue and not an open when the Celtics brought in the Big Three ten years ago. All of there's there's this right now as well that is Garnett argument media and it was so don't even really wish that you really because we could play the sound right now Kirk from Danny Ainge and from senator Max will saying exactly this and also the mashal says he did by coming up and he did I apologize Pinto so the guy who signed Horford to a contract guys paid by the Celtics agree with you sure absolutely like here and those guys are those guys are in the you're all the problems are in the did you think you'd think that Horford is as good players and that was held yours don't so much of my point is it's if you bustling argument easily deploy the sound you to help remove the mercy of champion okay. Where he was should have been in BP I think he's an offensive player of the year what does he won the championship. But how many times ball I think it's important here it had sort of yes yes final fight next year he did something that cut corporate whole neighborhood would never ever do I understand that the UYSER it is why I don't have a in its final four years in Boston beat anybody on the radio did lose reloading on the radio and start crushing Kevin Garnett had he writes I've only did Kevin Garnett was a fourteen and seven guy fifteen and eight guy Albert what it's been a guy this year not this series what thirteen and six the right etc. so even -- and take -- pasture he's still not as good. It's gonna defense players Horford is he's on the defensive players Garnett said he was what is it you know aren't. Give me tells a similar role what Kevin Garnett did he is the quarterback defensively this for the faster what are. What exception of his first year. At I hope god it was a great player he was I all of a highly ranked players in history hall of Famer. And BP for that well yes right now maybe second. Third. Of Al Horford was a necessary signing for the Celtics team and I don't exist or disagree without them I would carry night. Are there is no matter what Horford does yet. That crowd you. In the blog crowd are going to say are gonna insult the intelligence the past opens and you we're seeing things you guys don't see. Aside that's the the best and his take a look at blue liberal he doesn't know basketball because he. Stockton with this cruel mean spirited nickname. Average now she doesn't really believe that you didn't do things Al Horford is an average basketball player I don't know about. What has always blue has done a fine job of explaining himself. Yes as all the time orphans a very good player but Allah and his other part of his argument is that he believes that Al can be it is twenty and ten guy he's disappointed that he hasn't started a script like that could happen. Right of any had to pay a toll injury sixers are usually based upon us today. You held the same sentence at Portland eat or is that he missed the season he did you play you missed the whole season and public opinion yet on the yes and yet in the same player cents look at Al Horford in. Was it offers three point shooting is the most fascinating article. Standard and you know like his first year in the in his first year and rookie Atlanta. Nobody knew he was from three point land it would take to retrieve them he would he took five. He hit none. The next year nominee took. One. Writes this I was thirty year third year he took one any hit your five. 141. So those first three years he was one force have been. He's an immune there were guys start you don't see that Democrats say more network that matters path exit two before next year all 41 next year five or six. Last year. 86 for 242. Cent to adjust his game to continue to deprive this sleek new fresh she kicks himself couldn't afford to Riverside for three and here he's 43 very good three gesture he's average on average twelve points and seven rebound this year thirteen and seven point five. Mean those are those are good numbers not great exactly it's a good really good player and I grip putting is thirty million Islamic web site like Horford are as the players want immediate argument with the media agree certain groups like Abby chin and and and it really bought passionate circles I don't know you at all Patrick but when you hear someone criticized Horford yeah if it's your right he got. Like so what have you chilled at what do you care. I mean I Q when I hear it cites additional lollipops. It's pops them and they sell to the garden. But I don't sell to him to mean Celtics are your team and they are so which Celtic are you not do you like. You love mark Smart and I think Marcus mart eventually is not going to be. Mark as much a great player but it is low. Aurora ill will or won't he or stealing and greatly greatly according to a great player for any team beat beat for this team sport does what's in the ports different he's not a great player that's what's gonna happen he's gonna get priced the Celtics won't let Celtic while digital sound like do you know like. Daniel types and Ebert got it up and on the roster and we rekindle liking them ties Sweden who opened on the rise hurts I know I mean I shore he's hurt and that means more minutes for a birdie spurt forgot we sell your fate. I mean there are guys on this team that frustrate me yet there are guys newsroom that that is on that angered me but I get angry to ultimately though it's not my job to sit here and tell you everything that Al Horford isn't. Because people sure its course and it's not it's part of this yeah that is it is obvious not united not shilling for Al Horford. And Tony Awards it stays like this sort of that have an island off by senator John part of part of your job. Not really because Al Horford is this guy that. He's always -- got to go back to was based in Atlanta he went through the three net pre pectoral post post facto OPEC Ahmadinejad and that the streets for the read these articles when the Celtics aren't in coming out of Atlanta now it would go through 1123. Weeks stretches where he was as awful as he was post all star breach here this has been par for the course for Al Horford for years and years and years as having the worst statistical season of his since 2000. That doesn't matter to you at all. How well does not. On to lead the Celtics do more than a citizen that is that he can't average he can't average was averaging 32 minutes this year that's right. We know that 32 wears thirty to three last year but go back to his days in Atlanta ass about your talked about 2009 he averaged 33 fives less than two minutes became more yeah. In his he's averaging twelve point nine points seven point five rebounds four point nine assists really good. Good solid here that's it might actually do it right there these are Gasol player dvds are closer to great no I think he's a very good solid play look at him what's the result sucks. Argument the argument is when when Luke comes on there the air and yet he these arguments about money and its arguments about who this guy. Is supposed to be he believes that Al Horford is a guy that should be a twenty and ten guy because occasionally he flashes that game so that's his entire argument. I don't believe and because this is exactly who he's been with the exception of one or two statistical anomalies earlier it's pretty shaken. We we get ten out of bed. This argument socks and lose time even disagreeing with you I've heard Lou. Yeah acting yet he doesn't dislike war effort. He doesn't he that's the patient you also need to go back to win looper started as he I I can't just an argument on the fly. It is hollow is not the same argument that it was back in the OK good so you don't like so who's a liar. Unaudited I'm not a liberal that's fine. I didn't like him as a player and only now. Lot like this we're getting some terrific player. And some idea. Anything more available for a show. I did up until she started the corporate happy hour podcast. Did you watch the effort that our climate doesn't need me and I think unreal sickened and I think as a point yet there's anything she said it's anybody's you know that she would call in do you show regularly and just talk among a wonderful Alan Hewitt yes that up for. Who served that's her job I don't promise that I know and it's also at B Cheney's job she works for the Celtics that's why I say that's what she got that it's on your. The top box that's never been true because that's not your job we don't even have the Celtics on the station yet so once that happens why do you feel propeller what you don't you feel like you should be more of objective. Sure absolutely I feel like they need to be objective and I and keep it you don't get to listen to choke as you've got to work the next morning in the tech world injury. When he's got a bad answer that game and I come on after the game of course I'm honest about his performance. My argument isn't about Al Horford necessarily the player is he worth the money is my argument and of course he eats people always associate Al Horford with the opposite course he isn't noteworthy news he saw Al Horford useful point two games were thirty million a year isolated on its own pretty obvious that forget it means that teams or leadership Z thirty million earlier in the NBA yes he has. It's because dorm went once he willing to offer him. A hundred million dollar contract that but that's what he's worth. Why the deputy shoot up or use our annual whatever you get -- here which is what another station might say yes that that could potentially regional work but I deliver but I deliver numbers begin my job Horford doesn't hits but if you go to new York and you get an offer you could bring that opportunity you've got leverage correct correct Al Horford has leverage under the free agent but as a means it doesn't he's not pump logic New York may be wrong. An economy. It's possible but right Hillary's sounds like Max element of the newness that he has agreed. Sound like that Edwards or else I'm born and Gregory here. Never spent today as a grill you'll ever spent his day outside NATO and and you never identity that's got assassinated. Here all day. Among like fly so when I'm here I'm generally in the office -- follow pork you fly places sell all the option to go to the corporate headquarters for all these major retailer Dollar General Stanley dollar dollar tree all the all the grocery stores and public safety walk in with like a big bag full on pops like on the jolly guy and say mine lollipops of the past. That's pretty much it that's the occasionally other lollipops salesman you compete as always is like ten men in America yours literally had like a professional on the board. Don't know engines start and hogs are it. Callahan auto parts is let me get your arrival. There are couple of an individual guy who's the guy put a wall works of course that we got this guy Dan used to work for our company and now you know you're pro now he works for considered children to lie there it is Timor and they'd bring in you know Pratt India South America. Ought to cancel at all. I want him a solo as I was I was selling janitorial supply and I try to cells. Like I do like that a host of Celtics pride on ninety the actively. Yourself a joke hoping to get too big an actress becomes like a full time Celtic. Jock sniffer and and hang a lollipop. Something. I love what I do. Very little touches everybody got to address that question before of electing a you know so if this is it if massing out here is doing ten to 2 AM. That's what you feel frustrated. You ought not your typical off the rails like at night I just lose it. Of course that you beat duke but I actually find one of Patrick's ransom at you at time I called certainly offers only very very good player rightly told us that he's got to be at least three countries do you think your better than he's on the year we did. 66 yes it was time. You know. I think everybody here's pretty good what that moment everybody pretty good I think that I can sit here and I can compete to do anything and mortgage mossy I am as good if not better than these houses are right I think that you know I didn't show that Angela yet today great guy I offering just as much but I can bring. I can bring it to you would agree you'd you'd you would claim to be smarter right than than say grow the commodities are able to open dorm Washington's accounts or intelligent humorous that's no you know is number two and so what you've heard me and Kirk for years now what would you. Do you bones to pick us. You know. I didn't like the way that everything went down at the end with the you know because you mentioned it that I've been listening for years have brought here. And and I am confident that yeah. I mean I grew up with the she loved this I hated how unceremoniously he was sort of it got me plus in the arbitrary thing but I agree I think you shouldn't affect a lot. Lately and get tired quick I understand but do you guys feel like maybe now pushed him a little bit alt. It's got to be awkward spots Steve when did you know it's going to be I could tell you it is yeah. My life essentially run. It's not a big deal we can ask the dance around the sic a tackle people on here every day went extinct much distinct problem that I have that right so let's say I say much much eating I tried for years to get one months his best friend let me get so I'm not gonna throw him. The boss. My dad got an additional pops the rest your life just yet that's that's it for enough. Maybe he's too nice and I am at the most while I do hate trump and I am not a pinch. You but I will say this I am married to southern Republican. So that makes that hole out there and that makes it very legitimate interest that would you I don't like little. Yeah married Las Vegas aidid did. That's good to purchase an image repeated for no reason not to interfere in bits and I didn't know better and better Eddie's pretty indeed matter what you say is repeated. Wiki joins us. And owners of the team and then we its basic eye on all the credit all of the key figure back so basically what you're saying it you view that says he thinks he's got a mark on us right axle. Even talk about your dad assailed do you think that. I I I beat it and just as good as much. Just as good as much better than OK OK okay that difficult and who's gonna did you reach out to Dino did you return to you when. I think minnesotans on the Twitter yes and and call me at back of corporate messaging something well. That's at an Al and that you would say that right woody did you do any pledge of me was in the pictures that Al Horford anger that's when I brought it to hoist its weird. 561777. Point 79% on your headline is what is it red lines yes and we're gonna do you iris Lawrence. Stories that Kilroy cares about we need to would you care about we can do little something through that what hole crossing. I mean equities the president. Among them unhappy with the fact he's the rest of the whole thing we can elect is Hillary's story on this list is the occurrence it's kind of a visual artist services that your headline. There's what area. We have a couple great stories for a year ago. And at lives. Kirk. Callahan and headline. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind of producer Chris Curtis I can candidate dialog city. The man who before his massive weight loss rocked the world great moments like. It's more how much rubber brick free audit records for ticket and a whole secret foot ropes will you'll see things that I would not have been if I hadn't Ringo Starr ya go cart jump target but this is now clean and need new and improved Curtis. And now we'll get back to the driver to drive itself Australian dollars if I had in my head of colors what numbers did you. I colored it or one. Eleven. Yes. Seven Warren. 51 well gristle and what's your eye on the ones you can do a great three students community Mo up for it yet. And it's either jungle garden jungle. Fantastic guests and it's time for Curtis courage and Callahan whose lives. We have a couple great story for years ago. Before we get to those headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard document the prestige 1800 here you have any interest at all and in this sort of like drop. Herman that we talked about this bracket yet. Allies like the idea I mean we've done big stable the last couple years he has to do DOD DNC double these are just be women in the military is coming on yeah that's the what men do not like what impressed anymore else you go to checked out nobody wants to do right someone pointed out that Bruce Bruce Henry oh wonderful front court I didn't notice for Henry. We McCain are all huge huge. Sort of a few extra measures here before I was you know she's attractive did you did look better they'll talk way more turning door for a torn here at quick weather update. The snow is literally sideways to see handover is gone sideways it's a map yet it's been white and it's like Independence Day it's a that is why everybody that's safe tonight to have that not that side what he called perpendicular when you go from here to win the New Hampshire. It's resolute. And don't like him even don't know who doesn't like trump I had a chance how to hustle like you Celek capitalist. You're you're out there selling your business guy. Time to appreciate what has happened with the economy since my man. Donald. This I'd like like I hate I don't really tax break as a person I think that's your adrenaline I think he's in that nobody likes and as a person. It doesn't matter about what is not that it matters some extent he can be don't tell me what he said tell me what he's. Don when you don't like when I grew up my parents would easily ignore what I'll I'll answer questions like my thrown look at me. And they would say you know you wanna be the president's and he can be the president opposed to go to my kids life is that the senate that you want it's only 81 disappointment. But when you look at truck and I tell my daughter Chuck Todd bills up to tell you gonna tell you daughter's daughter on these two great countries kick ass in crisis. His desk and analyzed 93 right now looks. She's eager tell leader get wouldn't say it's only what he's done at least he's the question what he's done that you don't like. You me and you'll go to headlines give him a fair now microscope that. All right rocked all of charts aren't those aren't we got your cup regulations if you wanna do this thing with the option. Yes OK you don't like this. And the fences it's true the drops are funnier when there unexpected but that's okay yes I I hear the drops from curtains open wheel. But that's Telstra either so readily to date I don't do this public. I'm saying he will talk after the show in the finals to do geez now there hustlers do nothing that have been. Okay what it expects. Rough day yesterday for Hillary Clinton she was caught on camera following downstairs in India. She had to be grabbed by whom Aberdeen and a couple people on Versailles and she spoke twice then there's twice he's the musical once he got into. In the footage is unbelievable the walking I think the wish he walks is weird and fall and she's she's as U2 mania it was personal. It was an area and yeah it was she went global. This is consistent now yours yours as president and I ask that you think she is and I am not enough stamina enough for a president and the opera but it's it's a weird. We think it is. She's loans at all. Overweight. About what are you allergic. But. Again allergic. It's all right well we're very uncoordinated and she's always been and she can't walk downstairs struggles was fifteen sets of stairs that that fifteen Florida. I was only fifteen existing dancers. And the you guys Gilroy and minute and wanted that person. To be leaders for liberal issues with the Red Sox right in the game in the Booth for the Red Sox that was that was on this project that was my first really good way issues. Really laws. Well he's not or put them. We're the cops which do we have left them last. There's the picture right original purchase. Back. Whales to rise and and that's. Just. That's Lindsay and maybe you know races. Starters those strict sheets is two guys in the bath a what chemistry. I won the places that represent two thirds of America's gross domestic product what is she to so I'm one of the places that I won the places. Are optimistic. Diverse. Dynamic. Moving forward. And his whole campaign make America great again. Was looking backwards I would say well you don't like 5 o'clock. Loss Donald Trump I would just done a higher with a doorway or CBS I don't I'd I would you know she's made enough money god she's staying walk in the woods for the rest today and relative for the next it's your fault zone woods and mr. right but but she's she's won those places that you know. Our enlightened analyst who won Detroit and Baltimore and two other Chicago. And playing quite. And credible health juices people look down on trump voters and they point to her I mean you can trump he's a bad guy matures the headlines again play the rest of and you play the process boy she's a call all twelve support services. Hillary is a broadcast today Obama. And his whole campaign make America great again. Was looking backwards as if no zoo like as much for people getting writes I don't like women you know getting jobs I want to hold on. All of you don't like wind gets the job is like black people getting rights is that what you said yes what rights it would with the of dean Hiller who was elected president right to vote yes vote but I sleep like what was she 200 and a lot this drive cars right either restaurant streak of one of its. But what what are right she played the keys to this again she's saying that Libya against her in. No you didn't like black people getting rights you don't like women you know getting jobs you don't want it you know see that Indian American succeeding more than you are whatever your problem man is. I catch them in us dollars. I don't see any Indian Americans team more than me unless you white America succeed more than me but who. Talk remotely as the warm there and they picked up. Black people getting rights. You if you vote for tribunal on black people get rights. When women are good jobs car dropped. In this next election by more than one last one. And without getting jobs this was set at the India too there a conclave last Sunday on at least for trump god knows but I would say that women who have gotten jobs since and I don't like people lost rights that's an issue. I think that's the problem women. I want limited troops you do asthma and soups as a woman my production near full time dissident who won and that's what led to a boy she snapped. Go ahead and wondered presentation that I didn't want uttered yeah that is and what either one. What's that as the Packers have been given my just emerged from god Christmas brings the ball in his loving this Tiger Woods resurgence now what's next. This story red the island these charges that you wanted to defer to him you have no lives and excellent let's move on. Okay Katy Kirk was talking about Matt Lauer yesterday she was homeless helpless Moses and it was November and the helicopter partisans did do good job trapping crash survivor fascists and yesterday India Hudson River days. I'm literally crossing them off my list I used to wanna going through enough of the right Gloria. And I want anymore I am so hunger right now. The five passengers who died were starving trapped in their harnesses in the Hudson I'm able to out of harm's it was upside down right yes cemetery last power for five hours. And have. Respectively concluding line I don't legally he's a pilot where to get out no problem I didn't like and our leaders having dinner at long form that's old and is. Or gate and I got insurance he's just thirteen 1250. People Massachusetts are currently without. Which counts. It's the oh Chelmsford so bad news. My. Chances at some major power outage missing so about it is timely Sudbury Sudbury that it will be loses power into the humid here. It still in bed would even care. Let it. One column that satellites and I've brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew pressed he won 800 get here. I'm telling you this this this is I'm starving right now starving its eat a bar protein but hey Brit I forgot about what you want panel and which ones are I don't home. I've variety your machine has some laurel Clark candy machine but the ones that there once bouncers on them like. I don't know I don't which would like you know ladies and you know I'd feel like a title kind that is. Those national cookie knowledge analysts are excellent all alike you know those are good for him because there's no flavor of those terrible reprieve from this tolerance out of the bag super. But we'll get to some like had issues. You definitely not collect what I have to give Nelson any which commons. Chocolate I would I have the Allman talked about them on the beyond looks more energy to skip the I do in real all the polls correct I do. Do I trunk full of candy at excellent editor and owner spent the first there's who said we gonna give you the the latest in NFL free agency Neitzel was so far. It is still patriots an incredible hours of scripted some lots of action yes face Keenan's first domino fall they seem to. Denver. And I would get affected if we talked to Gilroy about Brady we're gonna do an actual audio and guess she's one of these people that know quiet hates Brady. We'll find out what did you think that front here and why would that be because you don't like trump into pro V one of these people thinks agrees friends would trump I'd never made a connection. I'm a little more Patrick do what we get back. I truly am living the dream selling candy as much his as much as I would love to coming here and do this each and every day mr. Bradford. Candy really is it if it is the green it went ice. Candy is the dreams. Short. Yeah. Brush your teeth doesn't it doesn't let you kids these buildings. Think Jews oh no they're not allowed. An all in all at once and a great while they can have won the notion of my aunt my kids are nuts when it. That's a really cool them gladly give my kids sugar it's obvious no reaction to acquire endlessly amusing that this country and that's what he do early Christmas in the east the only connection but it's like a one day affair so Halloween they can have Halloween candy from one day and that's not good dad's not around so busy Allen right undone and generally gone travel to narrow limited me to drive back from here in New Hampshire I much as I couldn't go well despite all Kirk says it's bad out there on that it'll be fun. Look outside and tell me is them that you'll if you want today last hour I'll run outside. No problem due to 3.2 six at the New York ID six every day thirteen and has not yet. Blown face I am for Justine every sat on chubby but have run three marathons molest by year's Richard pastime 44 that's two Marine Corps. More jerky jerky camera into the Marine Corps punch and cake but I'd. What are you laughing for mr. it's a good race really program really empress of the Greek Americans do when you and I go to crack of American race I didn't so it was impressive. Cool race. It ends it. Arlington national cemetery is at us. Of course you haven't done I've known you you're all talk you gonna do a marathon in every state right. As you do. I've done marathons and five states I've set only forty the go else. 52 ago passed a yes they 50 lead over. And claimed it was gonna do that. As it was a goal talk about and knew of his word I was a goalless you know you see when you aren't some you want someone to tell me what I mean what does the government feel squeezed you peel the jacket obviously whichever pick in the business district is actually playfulness and not you know it is definitely what is a year ago so puts an awful did it would what is going on Saturday and I understand it was beauties driving today be to me that okay. On the Olympic hockey hockey yet to find the bar that doesn't balance is off. I'm starting I was gonna give you wanna mind that changed my mind we get the terrible salaries it's thinks. One of them is good to others around which the moment. My favorite to fight. If you can you can have one of these dink. I. Term on like. Double pass these star correct. Good I deserve don't have that's why your mullet participant. Well is that discipline when just a food tonight and just eighty power but it's in between India and aid is because they can I can handle Qaeda and now. I don't like cameraman Peter. Even reporters Carol LIU block I satellite delay he exhibited fat boy that normal human beings eat my standard. Any normal human being the top rated that I don't know but he's a fanatic that it's all mine here from you assign you know due to every disrupt or. I actually Travers you love New Hampshire we had the original we'd like strawberries. Boy you tomato I can burn out to graduate them I understand them. You don't have to pre doesn't eat dogs in whatever shape they don't help your inflammation or going on next. I am on this weekend and on idol this week because there is in front of an NCAA now what do you listen to when you're running. I generally isn't a podcast or watch TV if I'm gonna do something inside that run outside reported to weaken and inside two or three days a week. Would podcast to listen I listen to Scott that the station puts out with a Woodward and listened as its had since that licenses to apple knows that a red army is an Italian Telefonica and a that's exactly came and went very quick. But I I like audio to honesty so this one public we're alive that is play on zombie TV shows stuff like that you sort of get into. Because when you run what you run thirteen miles inside like last week B of the weather to run inside you have to do something it's going I read thirteen miles inside. I did that once I finish I'd love it's so boring I love it I look I prefer the treadmill over outside you do it as that's the real that's a good thing thirteen miles on the treadmill so it's easy idea once and I almost my brains and so it is so boring. It's forever it's the only opportunity that I get to like watch an hourlong TV show or two TV shows because at home I don't I don't have any time you know naming so I. It's the only time that I have to spend an hour to between myself and president yeah yeah they hate people say well I yeah I don't have any time boarded. We we established what I would do right between all the oil going you know hotels all the time right. I didn't I agree to hotels to watch TV. Occasionally now that accused I do enough to get the nuggets and runs in these things. I don't health insurance is miles everyday thirteen miles and yes while Chris Mullin curriculum Winfrey today you believe that. He ran six miles everyday I guess it doesn't seem like a locker room agreement and we can prove it right now sacrifice turbulent post about it is easily done but two you don't look like a writer that's it I've never had a run up on water right now on 3040 pounds that are than it was my last marathon arraignment last marathon to six. To get. Now and about to tell you ran a marathon route to a sixty yet as more than rabbi and a way. What's happened I always see guys like that what's the while I know how to do that amazes me that when I trust me. Occasionally see like. Husky people riding bikes but really do you see them running marathons what's that mean towards it pencils six miles a day thirteen miles that we can you can't you have to weigh less and you know this makes sense on its own it we Lee. Candy I hate. I'm on the road a lot restaurant food economy and so I don't he had to help these guys tell us how Jesus I could eat healthy if you want to have for the fun of doing what I do for a living is using the company credit card and having nice meals. You drink to get us on Internet access occasionally and a bastard drinker amateurs that's that X and it's beer you know that's my my drink of choice and I know that a by a limited those. This puffy face would go to Texas Austin and it's just asked me for Max Kellerman on to write a letter to us on your rights based in New England that was Max from new York and New York they grew up like in Manhattan has moments when most of poet his dad was what did you watch did you get the chance to see Brady on cold. I've watched the pilots. And much much to drink the beer I wanted to the Dolan it's everywhere. I don't know what you look like when you get Botox I don't know what I know what's called Al Brady obviously he's theme. I Q he's gone the basket sunken cheeks he looks very unhealthy acute but. You know look especially just strained my usual for him what's on the show last night I think he's east I would challenge to fan right now. Like he is it something missing in his diet that causes that that sunken cheek look I guess reality to walk Carty that was doing water running. Never mentions it in the Yemen than it actually does that we think she might be gives him on a treadmill one point. But he didn't spread but he does that thing was that of the last vanguard. You know and and dragon Guerrero around right. But he does not appear to do like doesn't run because of health for almost passed like he's so full me if you just don't eat. Guess but you have to eat if her grown man if you view the place sport if you eat. He'd only he doesn't mean I was in the book. There's just recipes incredible amounts of these recipes in the book in the very few of them look you know appetizing Alley at the sheets sometimes you. He said he told cold there eats cheese are organized and I am cheating we're going we're going to you. What you have or where we're joined now. I'm around maybe a better mood is emea comfortable than a woman implementing if you. The business if you didn't get all of a plus I want back and forth Sunnis eat when I'm not here you just get comfortable with his neighborhood say it's amazing chair lifts. So sad that you can double you just look you just have to ask her registry is earned a break now when you stiffest Kendall questions not just look at Seawright Kirk. And I care I mean look at that wears a helmet had what is the source of that anger is being shot he took an umpire cannot be an angry come that we used to give each other a hard time now moderation and laugh now analysis be clear now it's like. Kim Jung Turkey right here yes you can avert our eyes and bow down before him yes you edge and you you're comfortable that let me answer basic questions you'd like feet. I have no problem with the rejecting get the hell out of here by a model in allowed to have this happen this let me just Kendall rates paid to write Kenny. Can jail I don't I'm not a defeat I find in general discussing men's beat women's feet I'm sure the child's life is a wonderful woman beautiful woman he thought I do not wanna see your web. Do you think. Much gonna get the job in the afternoon because I do I them and I'm not raise their first choice I have no doubt he's fit in nicely they'd like him. They get along that good group or I guess the question is what kind of what our boys Kirk and he gonna do when mutt gets that job that's a great question. While I don't know the answer today yet but I think I'd be more display mocked the main. Well in my it's gonna turn at home. I think he's so pretty easy gig so he harbors some. Thought he may wind up careful I mean he's made it clear our show he wants to be with us but. I wonder privately he says the opposite them all that brings no pressure because no was given him a hard time no ray I mean no lie right no pressure but he's with his best bloody Keefe. And they talk and you know who's just as a Japanese thing -- better from the time he starts every time he's in here with us he's defending key and out so I agree I agree I think I think I think I agree with you. Adding my wants to be a match and you know you and I agree that there's nothing easy at an afternoon radio gig correct he did nothing you've never exaggerate not to the six. Perfect but this is the best job that has some work here you nest eggs have to settle line you can just get up and laid up well he tends sometimes fifteen minute set that. It's a great job for drinker to Japan implied that things at night. Greatly from ought to try to mean the roads are wholly open rights were all over the place this video where I don't see any accidents reported on Twitter here and Obama but aux Jack knifed tractor trailer the deep creek is shipped. Twenty questions thing right now. Once these two's cut its. For have been nice to Alex now enjoy the rest haven winter Hayes Boston they're doing and what a change of seasons open us. And so that is Italy. I hate that more hate that instantly have been there smells are Joseph Roy's always see Susie on again aren't gonna kill the dollars it tells us in his groove and actually. And again is try it. Good luck returning back to win the Soviet backed out Texas on camera too caught up and right tires on that he's ready to ago Tai Anderson who between that room what was the tweak evident we're make a phone in its. There needs that everybody support and it does not slowed the economy gets his moment at 830 in a blizzard you joins us per gallon next.