K&C - Patrick Gilroy's touching tribute to his dead dog Chloe; Does Tom Brady want a new deal? 5-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, May 22nd
Hour 4: Patrick Gilroy went overboard in honoring his dead dog Chloe and Ken argued with Kirk and Gerry on the future of Tom Brady. 

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And Callahan. With Kurt committee and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. About thirteen years old six. And required surgery. Lots of money big decision but we did it and it's been a blast I think that shows but a lot of fun if you're a member of the family and she was touching goes that way. And she came home this week and things were looking better and tonight she passed away about an hour and a half before. I had to come here love coming to work every day because. That's a great thing and so I'm still getting over that and she was fine 6 o'clock it was sites when my son. And we've become friends together I've been out of imagine that in the case so. Gonna miss you like they'll say you're in Huckabee. In in Gilroy is defensively he lost to him with a good point all all all. We've. He threw just I quit the show which left left. Mr. Selig out here and we're good thanks. You lose and we remember nobody died don't know enough to bury anyone in the backyard correct. We have via. The epitaph. For a quote. I have it it's and I sympathize with the sudden and very critical us and you know I would have paid for surgery for Mike would you my father would have. It rolled over in his grave and I was there I happen. The thought of you know paying real money to fix the dog we can go get another dog right. No reasons as one dies because reliving too long these days. And the maker of typical people do this there I'm telling you Dick Anderson people are big on the surgeon with the ducks thirteen when my dog surgeons like seven don't rationalize you which it was stupid do you would do the same I would not the issue willow and I'm not at Clyde blows as a Shia market pain free steals issue I'm not it's a really. And that and advocates and their tears in her eyes and Aussie lifestyle Christine Osaka singled out and hire you one active life. Who enjoyed his life like these cars again how it's. In excellent always approach to what is its right exactly. Bikes and scooters that pay for all this is like as to this so this a week before. Chloe died. Patrick Gilroy favorite lollipop salesman's then sunk. A bunch of money in surgery for his hold on that's right the dogs thirteen that's like putting him hip replacement 210 year old. That is thirteen times seven so that's 91. In human years 91. Wrecked. Right thirteen times evidence is manual it requires surgery so the money you know you don't teach assuming. You don't do right you're just saying he's had a nice front she's a nice life wrecked and then you don't you do you go pick up a new dog if you want new dog. There are available everywhere organized rescued a cryptic. Clyde of the truck from Tennessee yet. On anyway week after the surgery crooks and that's fine Patrick's sad that can work and I don't have later to pro. But this burial from this great story and is insane. What's the personal to the ten hours you have. To do it all this that's how it's gonna dig a hole and then you go to what does that cement here's a gray seal with a small concrete patio and here's the bench demoralized her going on the concrete. To memorialize her goal and that's what they mean is her hissed then. It memorialized harbored this thing called on the concrete. That's right yes I have no idea. So I'm confused so etc. and on the on the east. Concrete to have. An epitaph which now owns. That's that's all well and could not mine on my parents is says together forever right but only short sweet well you claim you know that's the case. I don't know how openers when knowledge together forever and now are answered yes this is a little word here. The other ones I have to go on and Chloe Gilroy is grateful we joke. One reason sure. I thought you would love today. But that is nothing. I thought yesterday. And days before that too. I think if you would silence. Have to speak your name. All I have heard memories and your picture airframe. Your memory is my keepsake with which all will never part. God has kept you in his keeping. I have you in my heart. I touch your leg that one night when no one was around. But that subject. I wasn't relevant to this site. So that's I'm sure there's obviously some of them get Gilroy is kids in the public focuses. Appropriate face insane like I listen I get actually like high enough of them quite guys no question. But this is in you have a nice memory no one loves him and you get another dog and you think you year old dog. But did you. We you know we figured clue about Toby a lot silence about the smoking they were told all the time of Tomei. Take a nap cultural let's kidnapped me OK but are we cuddle so you're okay we sold. We do the woman owner to resume just like oh she's some thickness of these big returns back to hole your particular. It's O and so I don't think about mom my mom and dad but he said all the time literally there on your brain when you wake up and goes right so that's a tenuous Kobe can you guys. Toby is going to be five also should be significant yes and that makes me I had a few dogs Toby is the best is totally just if the greatest toll right got away from you guys from him he's lost a few Summers ago a supplement right so if Toby with some of the family be perfectly happy I was since she could take a dog. And and have his mother right with them but it should the mother and head. And that dog wouldn't lose in sleep to go to bed at night sleep all night to be five people. If you don't know about bush had run away from you it is only you he doesn't care what you he cares about me doesn't yes he does is if it's always say if so what some of the family today. It adds only treat them they can you. She would miss me. That element of the stories we're drugs like much the same thing dogs Jess thought what's wrong. Dogs that fifth walk fifty miles to go home right like there was a story smelled it was a store the other day where the dog. They tell them off like fifty miles away like try to get rid of them. You came back to the camera try to get rid of right and have great sense of smell plus the this dog that was in the news that six months ago. Looks like part the bullets around here. It was the longest ever at the at the shelter at the Imus BCA there was derelict in ten years. Finally someone adopt them in two months later brought impacted election too much and I was back in the the vote is dying days. But. I would never have this kind of grave site for my. Didn't support it pets cemeteries are creepy even before some movie or book yeah pet cemeteries are little creepy. Your memories make keepsake group which I'm never part god has you in his keeping have you in my power to freaking dog. And if it you. You can can of the mom liking it more parents can get another town that's. Good ones weakness not Albright originally no one is calling in defending you'd dog people did there on my side. Your dog person to a caller fight goal for but I know I'm right of windows since. The biggest stock personal world would adopt or not we get lots of its cars on the if you want to excellent seven service at nights at night and again excellent guy says he's dog and cat the cat died. And they bury him in the back had in the dog and dug it up and brought the cat back in the it's cute it's not a guy says he would two cats that died he just threw one the grill. And burned a mile and into actions. A secret. I'll know get someone won't solve. Attack Q it's Albert Rhode Island dale Bert. Hey good morning. Kirk. This is another one your like suicidal act ordinary you really that much hot was he picked up the week where you go bankrupt or could have a wuss but that's cool but you'd have much of Hartley yeah Darby you don't think a tool looks like a I bet much. Machine to a family. OK I am I thought you had done if you have a Albert Albert Albert you asked a question I'll answer okay. I we care more about the dog dying you I would bury you if you died composure your wife for your parents average lead you on the grounds are on the way what party left him but but that's your point but defer Clyde I like Clyde. If Clyde died a few terrible my daughter I don't I'm not a dog person I've never touch Clyde and talk to Clyde I. Don't touch them now I don't know we'll run a Z here's the thing over my shirts and their votes and the like touching on the first chorus that's what I serial killer pet effect. Granted it. Like something you know indicate that beat on people wanted to avoid public will be meted out third I I and I don't always work but there are a lot of people. Notable at the feeling netlabel Cubans. Vs their tech if you will while. Humans are worse than pets I agree humans are worse. Oh absolutely 100%. I'm not saying to Crete Greece I think that all of your medical. Boxes but I mean in terms of hearing that but for dog a couple weeks ago Michael. Tremors well we certify a developer Sergio I went and I did it big debate about it. When he got you red you've got horns while gold you've paid 3500 also it's also a tremors also pretend dog and one. There's a day he had little little birdie what we. Although there over in terms of what we did no pride having an MRI shall we do not have. O'Brien problems he's dog and it'll. Al birdies calendar is that thing in common you have a little brain nominee if you already yeah under the lights analogy potential of the dodge EU to have him have a brain scans together okay Kurt. Kurt. Yeah. It's not but I stuffed on lockers are he said. Thanks out. All the violence as a janitor at a mental hospital as 35 articles has started tremors. What's emotionally spent and on college. Always view the procedures. And that was the team. He's cleaning tar gospels that clean huge. Well we were told we had to and they had to extract to him and Johnson gingivitis and some other issues would you say this is clear eyes. There's a mirrored others are an example for the documents rubbed his hands from I always say that when like I was a kid we didn't do any interest reform because he's he'll figured out the costs at 7000 dollars. Though was that 3003000. Dollars left three houses all pain. Think that's about right you have dogs scanner now. Alert alert. List they have house in the price. Florida's mills like crazy in here and or more cannot you to tomorrow law and take it all better so. You sound you sobering note to you you look clicker commercial for some cold you settle for guys with the good news you know she Hillary has the strength in Carolina via the what are you taking office. Yesterday a combination algae and its speaking you don't rate and you're missing something you die it's on sale items he do you get vitamin anything. I think for six point ice cream and that's true you can play calcium. Mean ice cream onion Kuester fabulously how much I mean you know kids are older. Sick sick care okay but it wasn't there are no colds and you know few of them deserve around you would never critical portrait that is true that is the poem to comments that are called the cast were greeted key issues. Militants say he would get too excited chimp and called you get a solid and I'm like Michael moved them about the first cold Adam. Okay within him the gig and he got his own person STD two if he improved a runaway. What do pattern as bisexual I don't want to wanna get and we have no choice that you that's torture case you're gonna. Looming in the corner economies in like a lunatic not working like yesterday without the death of the no room. The guys that rhetorical. Device. The killer send us this himself no entrance of oak tree and asked for the premiere of the great. Yes so am I to believe that he says we memorialize her. Going on the concrete companies a better talk shows these right I think I think you're I think the doggy dog took a few senate hasn't met for urinating on an accelerated more story to compete. Well that cement and decide they woke up this. Prayer in the it's ironic that that's kind of edgy it's just a way to do it well. Mean think about it on weekends people are born on the ever off the other Nazi of this graduate this year. Chuck James Texans twenty hurled at the same amount should tune opener Andrew Speaker showed a they're confronting me Gilroy and James I'm confident. Okay dot that we could pull that off at Virginia Gilroy who pursues us old guys there was Twitter handles Gilroy on hoops yet who's better. Nobody James truthful and loudest groups at trial on Monday. All you're supposed to ride and ideas Thomas and I don't know stoop winning as a joke and is James on the afternoon shown on Thursday he's tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Tentatively lives. Now if he gets in trouble again the whole goal. Poverty aren't they checked she's. But it. Well there's no it's the coach yet. It costs these Bruins OS is a really close dale taxi Jaffe and I'm a network anchored at television person. I would. Like to go out tonight at dinner. You're gonna ruin this I'm trying to I'm greased the skids former landlord errors fears the mark alien myself. Let us say first this first. Rick was there now crew announcement proves we're project the adult hockey camp warrior Iceland is starting in August dale goes lol. Let's go sure it was a it's ID cards are the showers individuals. There's an orbit group think and just think from a camaraderie perspective. 99 you really didn't Kirk where it hurts go. Oceans. Still standing there Las Vegas nights and happy for the same time I'm sad I missed my friend I'm happy as a chance to get a ring. City is that right right delight red announcement is good frame of a habit for my friend says you get a second week. Gonna ring already police part of that group in 2011 that's not the end but I'm really happy for my friend went to jail. Always say that to me. A me I'm always happy for you dale dice clay a Catholic listen aren't so. Here ago dog died in bu I see it probably describes an insane story OK it's OK Greg Greg the craggy and Tim Burton. Hey are you guys so do Obama also also worry about Ferrari you're out. Senator. A year and a half human league in total well. Yeah yeah I. Major wild man. I really had to fight through it and true or an Obama. I'll buy you out back in the day had a under article published my my kid and little Havel was. Oh I took my earpieces that. Air to win the trash book that your throw went. Might my puppy dies in my at a regular. And let. It heal. Belly and you don't look upon all of it goes like every. Actually. I have no idea I had no idea of the stores in the U dog drag dragged you know our drop dragged year indict is this. I. Tis we're just happy Craig you do so well yet so we're. Still that was already talked a little focus before account called assembly. So it's like vodka whiskey dogs country that probably give Rico a quick click right maybe if it was you know some sweet thing election lumps bumps and regularly test. Like we skewed dug into agrees to save as it is on the ground actually he said so which crashed or one lap leg lock them up. What can I do not know. It's underage drinking to thank. So he killed his dog would boos he seems fine out there and seems like he's back on because they are well. Brady's they give them these digging in he's been a complete pink about that. They got really good rough alone in all of the sudden Toms can show what this sort of weasel move they get rid of the kitten and now all of a sudden your view of delegate thing around in you know having a gay old time and are coming up all of your work outs fraud. Like I'm not look at data and say fraud. I mean I totally agree. Fraud. Most popular front yet it's right in front is that I don't think I mean I understand that he could establish some kind of chemistry Jordan Matthews and I understand that. He has said he gets something out of OTAs in the past. And anything anyone think he won't be rated. I think you'll read I think I best prices for the two different work he's being definitely be consistent beast by the shores and is changed. You inaudible believe this is about. Guerrero correct. Yeah I you would know but then when you're a relationship with Guerrero who last week. I do they can fix is over contract issue as I do think that major is always some level correctness we some financial thing balancing from bridge perspective what's his contract he's he's not happy his contract. Three or four year deal. That's is always want two years left he's 41 yesterday was the plate to fortify its okay it was not give Belichick is not giving him I don't I could be wrong and he's human. And I don't think that you there's no sense of urgency to it. Unlike ground crew whose. Gonna show up with some news extensions there's as early as for as to when your two years left he's got to pay now this is healthy still speak. He's not only at restricted grapples does he have all the leveraged just go back to go there are other options as he's got a contract. We can't read he's gonna sit out he's 41 do you think they'll Texas traffic here so you think radius all the leverage. Oil honey at all levels of two years left for new deal and confused because it doesn't play ultra screwed. Right all how do you not playing that on what's he gonna retire or he's not there are now think Belichick thinks Tommy knows how to be there. And there you don't you think Belichick thinks summaries which retired he gets a realistic are these. He's still working out he still text him Tuesday which you have to play do you think. Belichick expertise retire I don't know we don't say so than than the Pentagon and you're done and you've been notable and rock star promised. But Kraft explain what the pigs and charged. That the you do when your 41 of two years left there's no. Sense of urgency for the team why it. Yes there is point two million dollar cap this year predicted lesson that's different that's different that helps them do it is bigger than radius again vault was pressing about it but it helps both parties while I that's why that's why I'll probably get them red carpet but they're not doing it because don't have something on my god Tom Brady's retired back. He's thinking I need upgrading salary today brilliantly that's not to show after saying that he might not ray Bentley this shift in the disappointment not be back. Why do you think will probably shocked by their by the red nothing at tweet anything Los Angeles the biggest you know stories shift has ever had lies ahead. He has not notified the white and red priest opened survivor I read one tweet from any of those guys on priest and all baloney is the vice and Ella. You just say get these are you doesn't he just done a law it's subtle. He didn't he get the answers he did not three months ago it's it's sufficiently subtle tweet us contract and lies I'm themselves public but nobody Thomas contract. He has a fault it's it's the last time Kraft talked to was that with when he did the abuse and he talked about Brady's contract to comply. We find that conceit and obviously in the past he's been extended with two years left this is different. This might be the last two years he plays you know this is a whole different situations on book Iraq below the all Brady's age. And contracts that has to quote. The great for four years ago right. And I don't mean I don't think I mean again I would be surprised at all Chris is right you can make that 22 million less in her culture to do in two seconds like that that's different views on the forever and always that's something militants us for the tease a tunic is Brady hasn't done to his head. Right you're the Brady's threatening to not show up in August. Gotham Chopra at the same thing as well as what you are sort of Brady shows up at the ages of new deal and that as a matter. Right not Gaza shows up you fit them in Gotham Chopra is wrong and and and whoever leaked it to shaft is wrong. I think Brady's doing. One can to me it. Known that he is on how I was doing his guys vote as I think it's more about Guerrero in the culture myself. I do too we could be wrong but definitely I wouldn't surprise me I can't picture Brady not showing up. Because he's unhappy about his concert in thinking. Some others gonna force Belichick's hand by not on OT eighty's doesn't know of first hog shaft or an apple saying he's shall would you and he. Right so and then when and what leverages the of that is I know as much as webos is really sick of equipment at a craft things different thought Brady negotiate his last deal with cracked. So there goes the crash site has talked about this and sound. Worried at all and then again he also said January's war there would be needed that didn't work either so it's a Guerrero I'm a contract and presented you'll get a new deal the question is Guerrero and I think you have sources on would you you're right they're wrong and that's it Belichick with Guerrero and Belichick clearly has not budged in the nation's. Not at all. Right which I get credit for a way I mean honestly he's probably taking one's view of his thinking him. There's no way compromised has put weight on line. It made he's made me Belichick try to economize or break a way to come also was Brady need to be like right I didn't watch. And strength can argue that they hate her because that kind of wish yet utilize them argue with everyone you work with you can't look at the and it's cross that line I walk down the hall have to avert their eyes I think to be fair I mean he's criticized these keys Chris has really do their job and I'm not certain employment. And the matter in a secret if he worsen that Kirk has been criticized them for injuries. He says see you got that guy hurt like that's I mean that's just always have a club that's giving me not if there's of this big blow up fight if you have this issue but yeah by the way. Press also always not right and giving Guerrero gets guys like crock. Or whoever they Amendola come over to his camp right by saying these trainers don't know what to do sure like that's unethical. In in Belichick's Kraft told athletic center of the Darknet and it's hard earned up oh that's right wherever first how that started. B 41 of the season starts Kraft said neither side is an issue becomes an issue will deal. That seems a good at that seems reasonable ABM and Brazil would be at a brings us I was OK Brady instance him out of character things including a but he's not showing up in in August it's taken that you know was it 40000 a day fine. Over a country that was mentioned how he would be. Bizarre actually Guerrero art objects of agreement pol as well reported and written contracts. Be written to be part of the agreement now. The week when a new deal and this is an asset immigrants. See that your deal is imminent the system Guerrero thing is we talked about us as resemblance to a 365 of course disrupt. In addition there was you think Guerrero this goes all day around to doing an about it is these gentlemen Nicole that's a good question. But it really didn't see you can massage your nose your boss you tick click a multi vitamin. Not east for a lot. It's a good idea. The and you're gonna slip of the Flintstones went to your kid was the last time to let alone to the white stuff we're about vitamin C is take that. That expensive to probably equivalent. Of like orange juice to drink them. What should that's easy looks malnourished and amino Douglas can hardly looks like it before those commercials and he goes to bed happy with us reclaim his kid cited a very pale. Yeah pale you know so there is some summer. Teeth fall out. Weights an issue right it's all child I think he needs some vegetable he tell you should digital short from lifting a week ago. It and so fumble and went bowling Slorc was our. Now my goal line. It. Wanna go about his show now we go to the street here you'll know it's fun to watch the other it's much more and more on the golf lists and I agree but I don't wanna do. One out to leave. Well we wouldn't have to do here really good down there whose penalty and we're gonna flat bread winnable I will figure right. Oh. This is that they go in there and there's people in good the team for staying in bounds right does he. Says he can. Sounds good debate does better view of Jesus. This attitude we have video of ten and benzene and they did show Pittsburgh together Paula goes. Only three years for having hair. You did the shows right. This means some like some broccoli or something he needs something I beautiful Polaris from the shows Sam Young I was Apple's most of the show. The doctor Benjamin button as a great superstar actress responds to and nobody is is he's crazy extremes. And now we need to know I think it was a virtual service. Can meet some some truly think he's he signs everything needs the whole thing. We'll also be close on there did you learn every day I'll say that yet there every day right. Yes you need bigger one suit you kind of getting little bloated. Yet this week again who's in tomorrow. You do. Test. Excellent occurred but before it. We dig as and that Scioscia or voice sounds. I was on the afternoon guys Kyle Draper isn't a rise troops that would back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock liberal pinhead puke experimented would.