K&C - Patriots get embarrassed at home; Gerry wants to trade Jimmy G 10-2-17

Mut & Callahan
Monday, October 2nd
Hour 3 - Kirk and Gerry discuss the Patriots' surprising home loss to the Panthers and the state of emergency that is the Pats defense.  Additionally, Gerry questions whether now is the appropiate time to trade Jimmy Garoppollo for a defensive stud.

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It's Kirk and Callahan real quick around the room score and we'll pictures protest guy Jerry count ever taken the patriots to win Lego 3113. Coach better pleasure and execute. The overrun drug dealers over and and I was you know very well thought out there happy we responded and there's 31. And the patriots. 28. Kirk Manhattan what. I had to fight back during the break were tears in fact I applaud all of the officers that night to be this is a societal issue for him a lot of in this point he dual subs the amount of damage and he's an activist who knows what he's doing stuff. Oh really done though. Did she much what my agency cracked up. I Gerry Callahan I'm Dara brown. We have breaking news out of Las Vegas there's an active shooting scene on the Las Vegas Strip. We have well in excess of 100 plus injured and excess of twenty plus. That have died we're. That did this obviously knew the logistics of it because they knew what side and Italy beta need to stay on. Officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect he is dead on Sports Radio WEEI. I'll give an update that this story jobs. It all right fine art of we don't know by now fifty plus dead 200 plus hurt in Las Vegas massacre the worst. Shooting in American history the killers now about that is identified you of course did the girlfriend whoever the wife whoever was looking for this morning also has been happy. And she's alive she's alive killers Stephen you had a 64 year old drifter in the series 64 of seem to have different age yes he is just correct then it's sixty in the corrected its cities indeed 64 he looks at these. 64 year old white guy with a variety beard and important show. Lived in a retirement community in mesquite Nevada and a nice place by the way. He's lived all over the place we don't have no idea the motivation the motive or find out is that we have is no right in snow FaceBook screens nothing nothing yet nothing zero almost see I guess if we fail we felt would have Morrissey is show goes on and we've solved but two hours ago us will find. I'll walkie dinosaur will stay on topic on Twitter Christian Campbell we know we don't oh racist thought at Las Vegas police department performed heroically. And there's institutional income at least one or two. Have died because we know. Casals won machine a surgery and is stable. But their numbers stories of the Mac and heroically protecting people shielding people. I'm sure that'll be a major talking point to any dispute in which slandered the department is about to race at all structure of the weeks ago did you apologize and top sports center today yeah Daniel was well into Mel Michael's. You know I heard you will see if Michael intimately the dress like about a thing my guess is they probably won't we will address I'm sure the patriots which kicked off and every hour so far. On sports center and the patriots this morning are doing something they'll usually do they are doing right now. At two entombed in the play Thursday night we know that. In Tampa Bay. There one or two at home they could easily easily be 03 a terrible loss yesterday. One of those losses that you know. Games like Houston happen once a year you think okay you know we politely what ought to rein in game and they don't play like this in a lot of ways worse can Newt goes up and down the field. 130 pastor of 22 point 9316. Yards three touchdowns. You saw Benjamin he's I'll punch so obviously they they did what ever they want in office who left. Are down numbers for Carolina we have those yes Marie here. Third down efficiency Carolina six of nine. 67%. I'm surprised it was a single that he did that seem and they also rushed for a 140 yards by government right. On the ground 444. Yards as a team that I believe it three touchdowns. On the season come in yet. Who scored four times in between five easily and the number of big plays hostess. Staggering it is I mean I know the front seven his questions and on the front 7 NEWS. Made up a lot of just jags just is but the back end. Some supposed to be some real talent invested some real money. In their quarterback that left corner in the area and there free safety and I'm very highly paid in don't know other corner is going to be very highly paid he's the study's start he's supposed to be. It is amazing how bad I mean that the it was so easy for Cam Newton it was hard to believe it was almost like. You know who were four based police in the steel and signals iphones you Gilmore is out he strove watt and struggled yesterday at least four different times and by the way that left that last penalty was correct that was apparent call his is like I. I have never saw tobacco but the Gillmor calls that I've never seen calls go against the patriots like this. It is amok in the states the reason their their losing but. Generally they get all the calls would you agree generally when you see you call a bad call generally goes the patriots way I think there were half a dozen dreadful calls. I think the offensive interference calls on on terra koskie inimical awful hair blonde cross they made up. They made up for the log on to exploit them on the next play and the on the appearance. I think the first. Gilmore handsome face I'd say it was questionable but at that point you know they're looking at you another call that clothes why he will do it again. I don't I don't blame the refs blame Gilmore in the sec on the final drive doing. On the filed yet doubles and stuff I find called normally they let the number of those go have a. Thought Sean was back the cultural it was a terrible which which is which was big dance offense fighters closer you'll write it terrible call I mean you'd you'd never see that hold on defense and running playing dumb ass Belichick. Why take ways was their age right exactly that. Well the first question is Belichick was something I was wondering watching the game on the fewer to. Why don't check not call time out. I think is he. Figured. That they weren't that the ball back why they run the ball they organ there are few gold position they're the problem all he will be an end up with twenty seconds. And you're trying to get to fuel that point you bright and you. I think you're just 'cause you just kicked what was his bugle unit after Katrina. Not a though 5850. Curry along right. Wanted to pitch its history explain that to me you didn't have a good answer a minute he had no answer all that was I think the first question asked about that made no sense to me. At all hold on so walk me through how much time as well for Belichick. Eclectic and and 2530 seconds because we use that time I was 47 seconds the veteran of the play that political rights at random but they run the ball couple times of Belichick uses penalty all three left correct yes it all three left. He called a timeout to freeze the kicker with four seconds ago which is dominating. He wasted time on on that if he uses all three wood to 25 seconds right with Tom Brady this and I think about this thing I miss the field goal. A bit of you'd wanted to push to give the game and feel I guess he felt like you wanna give them more time I don't know the answer. He's asked the question I mean exactly giving good answers here's a good good reasons terribly it's that nobody is question hi I imagine Baylor or Michael there are rich Alaska today but I was out watching it taking. It was kind of like the Seattle did a couple years ago which of course worked out. But you're watching it thinking. Once you called timeout. Our answer Belichick thought after the Stewart first down on the five yard penalty to using timeout with 41 seconds left try to get the ball back after a can of uncle. Marathon is going to be a long fearful that the weather channel's real long period so. Try to force as long kick is because. I so tried to force as long kick as we could force force and by not using Paramount. I guess. How does that well I was I help what's good what doesn't give enough time to get close. They're gonna run but the run plays anyway if you -- wall before they got to that that close what was the play before. They extended the bowl when you rent the middle here two times are right yeah yeah it's good news or she's sure first down. Chong penalty. Cam Newton ran for three yards eSATA on the middle setup. So they told me user timeout everybody don't want radio ads in my usual more place or that would have been the 46 cartoons actually ran three times. Six yards internal one play as a third down to kick they dedicate which are gonna do anyway it probably always. Carolina called timeout with 47 seconds left leading called the injuries from the headed Qaeda member so this 47 seconds left right to call and they runs up the middle timeout period page it's called time out. Penalty on Chung defensive holding right so meticulous that is 41 seconds left. He runs up the middle of the road because time all right there are eleven runs on eleven secretary called timeout then let's say it is 36 seconds left just say run it again timeout. There's 2930. Seconds left it if you want run again instead of kicking on third down what you might do right they did anyway. Call a timeout in you're gonna get you know 20/20 five seconds. Not a lot. What I seconds would no timeouts but they're gonna happen to them to voice their appeal their kicker kicked Canadiens on every time so you're at the 25 to twenty seconds left in no time or Tom Brady. I'm pretty sure to be the quarterback he'll say he missed a few of your pretty good shape then that I did you think you make it that's a good point that you Google you have always had a you haven't the thirty. Is that right at the third 3031. There was a forty yard field or rather for seven. 48 OPEC that at the third so you have a third good point he missed the field when I went analyst at that point educate them for now. Why anybody would definitely write imaginative use them right as a matter of time you have no time yeah its a good question didn't. Probably didn't cost of putting on thousands and well I think there were lots of other questions that I agree what the hell is wrong with the defense I agree and I tell you people today are gonna mark Jason lack of pork as he's got his whole piece in the gates accused. This whole preseason in a wide in the trigger buffalo. It's a really good question and it's a fair question at this point defense has no upfront as no playmakers unless you count high tower and you know he's flowers. I close my guess is emerging as one. But you could get. You could have gotten I think the first pick in the -- if you disagree I don't know but Cleveland was looking for a quarterback also as David did love honestly recall of the free QBs that were on the board right with the first pick they loved her up low I think he could have got the first but may be the sec I'll say I'll say this -- I -- I -- -- I disagree I did they disagree Hasselbeck they would need the incident in the first round pick potential we know that's not it turned out definitely got the twelve the tropic -- -- the first to -- they got offered a -- shore. Want your time of the twelfth twelfth you talk they offered for well picnic that's a guy right now who would Cleveland obviously. Who's is always looking for quarterbacks a mature. Sharon Keyser is holding up. Right now who's back more of a different miles Gary's miles care plan and who's hurt. We want him extensions that we videos they're always for who would would be. Would help them more to go up blogs miles anybody Acropolis that's going to play for this I understand that. But I saw a lack of form of the peoples in the patriots should be go to treatment out trade trigger right that's what can happen in seasons uninstall. Reentry due to tour for players that good defensive play good offensive players yes he laid it out of neglect of force that the two San Francisco. And I don't know all these players but some of Cisco for. A DeForest Buckner a wreak Armstead. Am. Erika Reid who's I'd like factory until that we've definitely taken the US. These are guys that could help the patriots right away. I'm miles dirt has not played and played all of this note about this one check out this when the San Diego pilgrims this washed up yeah. Joey boasts. Sure to New England fourteen league or apple. Simple question. 61777. And 797. Would you trade Jimmy grapple for Joey Bozo I would not myself why. What are you nuts because it's just record as a pass rusher is the next generations. Do you know forgive Lawrence Taylor that guy is. Great defensive play great pass rusher in his blood. He gets the quarterback was ransacked sorties within the working your lashing at eleven sacks last offensive rookie of the last year he showed up like a date before the first game right. Mean he's this pod why did you tell her she arbitrage ever happened ten and a half sacks last year don't and a chance while arbitrage or perhaps. I think for ones they wouldn't trade him. And you're you've been sending you write it they love him they love them they love their lives they don't want to trade Rodgers this much it's like this ever happen in football you have we have I understand I understand we have noted that the just I don't know I mean they never happen. Well you're right you're right shape right now right now they had Jacoby is that still in the fold. Would they don't want to trade him for a defensive players they treat a wide out there and it makes one case today about what it's a week or whatever but don't you really not. Instrumental in the office right now right bank added I think Belichick would Bonnie mr. Nelson because he's in position of weakness he's a position of desperation right now while he's desperate I understand it and I there's never sensed they're going fort this year. While all these analyses and me move then never admit. But why wouldn't you trade. And drop who is not going to play. Let's pretty gets hurt or from ground. Second ranked tramples on a plane taxis neither brave what's to come back. This guy Grupo soccer team this guy's jobs like it happened and book it was the prince of repudiate what is so big so they gonna bring. So Deborah grapple back next year and I keep saying it's gonna happen. They get a franchise him next year does that play behind guys public illegally right now I think Brady a system between the sounds apiece for. 5600 passing yards forty touchdowns and no interceptions and their two and 22 are the way they should have been one in three yes essentially Drew Brees right now a lousy defense and try to carry them 106. I think in a trade Jimmy grapple for defensive players in season. They're not but the penetrate somebody for some yes they're gonna make an in season trade and the touch they do it two weeks ago only a few years ago right that was she's. Yes the two weeks ago the talk was mark Malcolm Butler because they're unhappy because he wasn't. That can rate the number one quarter and it Eric rose planned well Jonathan Jones was emerging. I don't feel like you could trade a starting quarterback at this point to you knowledge can be worse. Campaigning works well without published with a good but yes defense this notes legacy could be worse than third quarter defensive football. Julie Jones right now four has four sacks fifteen tackles. You traded him for offensive lineman who was who was I believe. Work in the paint countered Lowe's has slowed in the day. Oil was named Jesus the first round was a posture a lot of them do something rather yet but they got to think of the picture that you it was a Malcolm Mitchell -- yes and they got to pick too but so what channel judge you know what channel jones'. Exactly what they need right now and lack of four on the CBS dot com points and that we're rights were CBS yes via ports that I mean you wouldn't. Once that trade back showing down almost five sacks this year and he is good for sacks and said that let's listen trotted how to look at betrayed us Jonathan Cooper but he Cooper right now an announcement from Pitt was he now. Two of the Cooper. They need defensive help in the Indian and amber Kenneth Jones here Christian leader Russians have this immediate effect the what you don't want guys who do little security I cannot. It wouldn't take it when you team right now traumatic I think we are we go to the point now we're doing classic patriot overreaction and Rupert dental it's two months from now. Yes well I was sharing the defense will get better not be thirty secondly of the unity good. How is the best scoring defense in the year in the season. Material last year a year ago wells to second or it's a good course right now and Richardson. The real games I mean. And add Stephon Gilmore. You lose who'd you lose across orange Rob Ninkovich she'll lose any slow Orion. The communication problems arms or should secure more scrutiny massive boss well I heard Gary ten anguish and the reason nix the deal is Thomas. And I mocked them for you did so on distinguished panel is on a roll you really hits he said no patriot would Neil. You write an effect. I was right about it next you think it's awesome I mean obviously can David Frost sock puppet comes around trees play center in front of our but I said to be under two patriots Neil when none has had to be over what was the name 26 at some point. Over 21 in the league and I was right about that the over under on muse over. See it right yes that would been across league aggressive nature but that's mostly because of one teen accidents have Cisco and how many they have swings something. Mueller's human and thirty all of them via thirty hosts Oakland's they lost right they suck they're terrible thing they would. Jimmy problems efforts Cisco got caught up. With him this I should sign this talent gap predict. But it is. And it it is fizzled out it'll fizzle out till presidents and so stupid about the Naylor. When balls and try to just tweeted something stupid. Here's the harsh truth of the shooters name is Mohammed said the Stephen lawmakers to be motivated to do something do something. She sees people do you know do something as deuce on what some are saying we're trainees in this way what to reimbursement list unless this effort tweet tweet right now twenty what would you like lawmakers to do. If you say outlaw machine guns that's the dumbest thing I've heard all day that that machine gun. I'm gonna guess I don't know for a fact was illegal. On the guess it probably was he was illegal it was already against the lone hunt tomorrow but disguised motivations of boarding goes on to the question Jerry's asking would you trade Jimmy grapple right now for defensive help if you could get it you gotta offer a great offer. Real defense of players. Which as good as you pointed out and you're right Jimmy drop below ideally probably will not play this year. Or next year I probably not mean I. I I can make the capital and we can we make its Pacific trade chose to impose. Get short order real culprit was ready to get benched he socks and I like watching managed looks on. I'm I believe a great run when he was 36 he's a hall of Famer matchup or fourteen next week rivers against Hewlett giants and chargers she's prices giants wrap for crafted to seeing you directly from eligible for the first giants look good. She's that just so that's that he's also got him them on the list public this one Landon Collins sure for Jimmy drop below why not do it all let me to really need that safety. Feels like they got safeties here's a question of if you don't pass rushes into the play maker. If you're if Belichick really wield that quote they treated in Africa prior to penetrate you backed up yeah a technical worker Erica picked up our car. That should be fine art 61777979%. You watch the game yesterday you concern about the spy agency number one. Number two would you trade Jimmy grapple right now the awful was right again your calls. Couple lines opened 6177797937. We will talk to Tom Brady who could hear further distort this awful. Story outside Las Vegas fifty plus did it says right now Jerry updated. 400 plus hurt. In she says this half of them hurt just China jumble of them in the fence stopping over each other people pepperoni children's crazy scene there are lots of video if you haven't seen it. This is the next big thing I will take your calls immoral we get back. I don't. Seem like you did a lot of the images that third quarter the second half to see a difference in his play. Now is a good player. Still some of the with those the Whitaker touchdowns on the third down for Benjamin was. Unaccounted for is there any explanation to how that happened in those spots. It. It is the third straight home game trailing in the fourth quarter is there some sort of I don't know similarity commonalities seemed came. All different teams. That's our boy Mark James of the questions. And answer questions. Yet turn you have on Jerry works. Much of a job that's your sock puppets of the spill trying to find a way to please use jobs when my Mike on you paternal your prayers on the that was marked cheesy was front row serious couple actual question I think every one last question Belichick is just asking. Is it asking no one wants an answer because they know there are gonna get it correct. They should just sit there it's we were in the Brady c'mon now or can step forward to tomorrow now undergoing ground up to see her right you've just given them nothing it is a great question you know what's the problem with the secondary he knows or is a good angles or sergeant Mark James crushing recession cut down. There oldham you know that the only question was what the hell's wrong key defense mean you have is not the worst defense. The number 32 defense. In yards right now the worst pass defense gave up 324 yards a game second or scoring defense. As the opponent to give up almost forty points a game more than the buffalo and some 63 touchdowns. And you have the great defensive guru the great bill Belichick's thinning them before you can he can tell you nothing he reveals nothing. Belichick if you asked a hundred people of the greatest offensive mind is the football history and win the pole and I don't think Matt Patricia is a dumb enough with the college and I might think drug he would Tea Party leaders into a spectacular school dropped out ITT's so nobody's really and they are absolutely lost that seat right now Bob social by the way. Got in the gone extra ordinary course leader from such yeah of course Tom title on those lines but today as competitive as you bars many of the guys aren't locker room in this sense. It having a Thursday game. Is something you look forward to try to erase the taste of today in today's performance as quickly as you can. Good portion of government course in the green. Obviously present football sox' first it's the games are generally terrible and really starts to go on the road but there's an anticipated in the age in this game yet but in this day and age where it became so violent and so many injured guys look at the stories today it's all about a cute Derek and Julio Jones went after another limp and often. O'Dell Beckham. Who limped off and look like he wasn't gonna play from month price came back. He is crazy he's selfish. It but he is a tough tough guy voice that he lost a team has lost season done 04 gone and now own four and thanks to a client. They can use you know the young quarterback drew absolutely. But number teams could still. The interest in the grapple but there's a dirty grapple and he doesn't play and you miss the miss the Super Bowl or missed the don't get the FC title game and you have. The great Tom Brady at the top of his game the actual Belichick. I've got it depends on it depends what the long term plan is if if they think nostalgia played two years. That's more valuable than defensive player who is not a big win the super quarterback is more important and defensive player a good quarterback gets a few yes it is but these two years now he's back now if you think Brady's not going to be around. And you don't have broccoli you're searching for quarterback forever. They kept temperature of the big torture us again I not you going to play for the next year I felt if you thick belt if you think problem is pretty big problem is the guy. You wanna wait two years that's Smart and being on turtle what are you thinking long term that's Smart you know you'll change what if all the time that you should do that's optimal patient care. Without the without reforms but somehow and in I don't know its case there's an image where before yeah when it's hanging on the stick. You hold before the whole arsenal was chase is the Art Bell case. I don't think so is that correct me it's undressing first person that's correct it made sense to him about it if I told you Jim for sale rarely if they were going to the super bowl of Tibet if the defense just aperture that article is so ridiculous chip sales. Perfect this there a couple issues. I I think you're probably right we know that can win the division is a classic early season drama all tell you what's changed is the the U lament. Billy O'Brien woke up and put my guide to Shawn Watson in a quarterback you'd think he'd start the season in mill here and Tom savage did I can't believe he lasted until would pick was. Watson outings the third. QB take a while I may be too risky of these now twelve was Cleveland that. If they even watches Catholic cult but he was phenomenally you know he wasn't cost the same guy you saw yesterday put up 57 points. He's just a natural born leader in twelfth overall. Twelve a fourth it was Cleveland spec. They traded Gregory the trip to Houston that was the pick they moved with him. Took the yeah obviously obviously went after a too risky and after. Somebody else. In the first round for me anyway. I don't see what I'm too biscuit my and that being great but how could use a did you pass on to show wants Patrick will hold it to them because she's she's right. So he went in the third QB taken he's going to be great I decide Brian Campbell tweed the patients are last in the NFL in yards allowed. Sixty yards more per game number 31. That's a major sixty yards management issues on defense and they have a very very valuable guy. Standing on the sidelines. Wearing a baseball cap number ten. Serving no purpose whatsoever I mean if you gonna chase to carry got to do it properly yes tritium right. Well no I want you know watchers would you agree that if they had a 100% in the pre season that they would trade him now yet we've been much for media. One to get a former first round pick yet he was a good news that us star news I would take the defense aversion to fill posts that whoever that is much more valuable. Trade press that after had a greater. Why wouldn't Brad bristles for defensive play a leader desperately need one yes I would although I think although at that time it seemed like you had such short wide receivers that understand what. Yeah. Well you know what he could take a check and make them so well. I think what they need right now our defense and it was Brady used to drive down 3016. He was followed on those throws they were on things as good as ever see me as I would I'd like to make it are so accurate. He's so Smart he's he's. As good as ever which means he could win the Super Bowl that's the most important. Which can have the worst defense by far you know chest defense by keeping Jimmy grapple around you think Belichick this year surprised brings in this. After the rule that I mean I guess again assuming the I think you have to be you telling me that you would see a grapple for two more use and waste these Jerry Gartman always used the UN do. I think that you'd get around him will weather make it harder known enough and that's about it yes that's my that's my hypothetically at night. Did you think afraid of the trigger upload they get to the soup now not enough I think I'm going to the gonna lose in the whenever NC tenth game of the first round second round playoffs that's your scenario well and you hold a disorder that probably isn't actually. She is how good is rock. Droplet that some. Does while shaking launch these knuckle to play Brady finally retired seven years grappled rating OH 33 you know what they could have traded this is true. They could've traded dropped below Sean wants. Why would you do that and you forty as a couple approach it is to shop wants a new TV defense you defensive I know that that's beside the point you have grapple you're behind because you're a bit if they picked a shot lots of you sitting writing an adventurous EB killing puppies and sort of a quarterback witnessed it. You yes you know I have to say if if oil output but boy yeah she would scoop that would happen six months ago I understand no idea they usually say to sit there when that would want to rotting on the banned by the way you say I think you could criticize him more for the doctrine in person. For different supplier I agree I well really when I'm warming but you would see at the time he'd received an we have Kyle van noise and then and I mean a landed Robertson Cassius and Cassius Clay and you look at it that damn. Linebackers were. For Carolina to believe in contempt. Mean that the best linebacker Caroline's kids. 54. Was flying all over the place and he goes under the radar because of weekly and and Thomas Davis. Unbelievable article here and there have one of those they don't have one of those came in the most of what we're no. Let's have Boston Mike what's going lack power came from. I and so basically if Britney is tender and logos and with this defense will probably go to an item that. Are we need defense now the bottom line I mean even with the T you think this season going 97 Mike really. A couple couple quarterback where fifty Trent I would be concerned that they were only. All on a payment this team is going it's. And I I think you're gonna get heard Brady can hurt you say at least you have grapple. That's changed Youkilis who global. It's not it's ongoing although again too much from this defense will be put you know role play this game students only look at and the angle fourteen to fifteen and one we play this game the game is changed now when you are told at Tampa they could lose that game and they will then with the brits who have Haifa are now. And then the jets and then. Atlanta. And then. The charges against that's about at Denver now about Oakland Mexico Obama we sat there tonight about it at buffalo now. At a Miami at Pittsburgh which had an I can be underdogs once all year that's that's gonna happen. As for what favors there where the going to be underdogs in the underdogs will. At Denver Denver. Mexico's slogans and we underdogs will see at buffalo. Pittsburgh. Mitigate Pittsburgh let me get to see a mythic place his defense plays like this level and at worst if it's a football year. That's all I mean you have to do something amended and take as up the street guys have been cut begged to commit to come out of a time after chapters is telling the truth they would treat for for sharper for drop on an offseason. Four games is not enough for Bill Belichick to crack as he has Andrea Koppel and I don't know you know that. And I think Belichick disagrees with me and others that. You don't sell out to win assume he's won a lot of notables it's always been to fix the blood pressure he thinks over the next 45 we got a position I agree. But you and if I told you trading grow up loan sure you can just post and I know we don't want not that I think they're going anyway. That's not the question of course an agenda look at bats though they're not going anyway they're not I'm telling you right now that highly right now they are essentially. Three games two and half games behind Kansas City for that home field advantage and if you know if you're looking at that we too insidious three you know agencies to which we have had to have hearts. And assuming it is kids and Jesse are richer game bigger picture to go there to play problem. That's true then lost that team here yeah that's that's that's an issue that's interesting. That's a good game Sunday night in about a ways Kansas City at Houston. Since Sunday night sounded like a longer game excellent that's not bad there's an idea of the patients at least which is good. Tonight is Kansas City again yet them. Home into one of the questions would you trade Jimmy grew up low today for Joey both so elect them they put names and faces on these hypothetical throughout the world barely play because he's terrible. If you say no you're in it OK now you are welcome but not to write six what trend for channel Jones no I don't. Doing six or 77797937. Richard patriots calls as well. Tom Brady would join us here in the final hour per gallon once again patriots must. If we might. Available this tragedy in madness from the patriots reeling in fans upset celebrate ourselves can we percent completion. That this was in the celebration view well in relation on this immediately again supporting character. The curtain talent show who will be re about double what it sometime in now April. People slogans like yes that Friday conference Saturday paper use them are real quick number one once again you raised ratings book number one for adults number one males and 554 and by very very very wide margin. So I don't think none of you missed because you listen if you like that big thank you usually eats. You loved the show a pagan because I think open listening yes they liked about Vega from liking something yes. Yes because if you make the best pizza and pick of the pizza place you appreciate you don't give them good he could he win you know so I don't think all. Sure thing Q and you should thank them enough leisure and each other patients and give them the warmest condolences I do that for one Euro liking you can get a shows in the station yes yes I do that. Now not gradually myself. Thanks to me and you can layered the two of us in the speaker thank you to a Chris cowardice and to all via all elect Packers know that's true for us the catchy new name we give us a casting crime that there. Rick L. Goal gave. Thanks to training who's sitting in those little tiny apartment waiting for the lawmakers to do something about the shooter. Thanks Thomas see end to. Ma and who by rights I. It anyway. Yeah and next thing weighs in is anyone else I don't think so America's burning people next to. Beat documentation that for sure and Stephen Shepperd definitely thanks to Joe's upon our bylaws. Thanks to Phil Zachary are bigger loss to us a sense that you have to live through. Really really bad bosses should be thanking us they did. One thing that's. Then office on the Davis but. And we have to think a plus staying the hell out of the way I supposed that is a look at the ratings are good that's that's true if they weren't good Corky you would be little trouble could be trouble in the job. It probably true but you every day you'd be meetings intelligence this does that mean all right all days are and you can't. He'll callers and we'd have an it world nauert John Dennis is taking pictures and when those of us as well who arts Clark's protectors losses minutia of two hours sleep for shows and acknowledging. And you know Chad in his fighting with our parity counts I feel pretty good right now number number one in the ratings since it was too good future. And that is true and I said last book that it was the best book I've ever had have been around long time. This book might be better wider margins in across the board huge numbers. And I'd just like to say that I was in. Four more shows this summer and you were I didn't think three shows that it was my point that we should have more vacation we can even losing parents in this book. I wouldn't have saw a mother in law. Judy McLaughlin reports on June 23 on a day after. The assembly should these errors in this book. You know he's sick and follow the there is. A terrific well. It is that's truly survive a point. Each of the nine this book is. Wouldn't hurt us Curtis who wouldn't hurt. Now we need his that's true to be around dogs but we meet Chris himself no we want him to stick around Tucker's divorce that would be bad yeah. That's true in this book we as alcoholism and by the way our former intern corralled the loose. Did. Rate he didn't do did you up he usually does the top ten moments in each book for us. There was so many in his book is the top fifty the dues us on the deuce thank you meter you know mom once can we re tweet that again and confidence eulogies at the top fifteen and limit his summer book and let me just say I'm not one single parents and your guy AG Roemer one time in the book we're number one. And he's a parole is over he's now 30. We have in this week. We and I went to quick break here because Tom Brady is calling from one go to another injury number you speak to me you're welcome to join the conversation as well like we get back after poppy Brady played very well obviously. But the patriots and 22 and really the worst defense in the NFL's patriots quarterback. Is still Tom Brady he joins us next month. Oh.