K&C - Pats fans love watching blowouts; Hasselbeck on Brady's dominance 11-20-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, November 20th

Hour 4: Patriots fans can't get enough of Patriots' blowouts and Hasselbeck talks Brady's dominance. 


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Skirt and Callahan. But starts off oh you called in 94 as terrible as it terrible phone him might know wasn't. I I know I knew it knew or know do we do much to think for yourself just because five. Go right to be placating someone all the time. That's the morning show on American morning show and I think Reverend Wright character absolute with current committee has probably go ahead cut my entire cable package. Because years ping gave that a word on a made up show her Mike and Mike you'll woman used to be a man so I'm now gone and not have any cable TV at all don't leave your humanity outside and if you do that then you're so dumb that I can't even pray for you. Good month and Gerry Callahan and it's say. Areas seen here as soon. Yeah that's right I'm setting outside the patriots team hotel which ironically is about 100 yards away from the raiders team hotel we heard ironic twist. I'm over the staying hydrated this week with a couple of this time but once Sports Radio W we. You know Gerri was just being very clear and let's not get a hard time plus that's what to do my heart. Slight criticism only slightly kicked off our report just in time here what your record. Her account and why blame Brady for this whole sort of drew explain what austerity team before they. But. I think we had my overture was pitching. Was sort of the heights of these battles with fine when all the bars and heart so you're driving around to get here the first ten minutes of fine bump. Fun is good throughout its uncomfortable a real I mean like a story guys I guess I don't know how you get three hours out of these I don't we have large radius is short it's a little Kate's way have bombarded now yeah. On his Lombardi. So we're asking them Marty questions about Jamie good before gets ugly I mean it gets Utley off OPEC are okay well I trust to yeah I say before and back on the air I said. After the job candid on the on the much song we get it in the past like the year. The most songs so glossy manic if he's so funny now we will propose my dear and his ex security picture. Hum but the question I was actually Texas a month song on the mud the name was exit requirement but the guys that the song you mention is so funny. And it's this I was jogging listening to a laughing like this and go on down the street countertop might actually likes and doesn't like he's so weird I don't know why he's your friend so I don't know your Iceland had no reason they keep thinking he didn't like it. I think he didn't like I think football and the most Friday it was can talk about art yeah he really felt like that. Surprised I mean please let's he hates Mikey the Mikey hates the song because I can't the sound may be Mikey would you say the podcasts is true Mikey such he has he is such it earlier I mean just gives life rapidly based on the commitments from amongst the U lies expert would you. You never have. Never have. YouTube was strange relationship and you were marked yes anyway I teased this and I like to pay off my team won they won't both all the Mikey stores to all things you said to me during the breaks about meek as well I don't know about certain things would get. Just certain words used scud. Anyways. I said earlier I don't know how this could get a great rating because this game had no suspense. And I'm a justified and have to do this have talked to breathe and talk to you might have flipped over red zone by halftime deficit I might have. You know taken a walk walked the dog I don't know it just. The game if your patriots fan appear in court nation member of ordination affiliate your loved us and I hate the raiders as a kid I hated himself if it's richer benefit most of America's epic game two that's the other thing. That's a four point game people on race is a local and I don't know I don't know of saying to figure for locally the race would be huge around the country and Richard and checked halftime star or maybe more Brady's brilliance is captured people's imagining you know I got only a blow a paid service for guys like that I did the numbers on the life 55 for 71 lets lets think him. I'm just and a 55% when he won the last two weeks on the road and execute them and it's taken now 605 tonight Jimmy Kessler said six tests as OPEC's. Celebrating against Jack Del Rio it's eight and one just talking 8121. Touchdown zero picks in nineteen muscle. Are these are two to two. Before the season started we looked at Denver at Denver and Oakland at Mexico City and said that his troubled that is going to be where they stumble and lose one may be too. They've they've won two with a preakness win without her. No I don't need influence and we're just so good and give it to the race so here's the patriots vs ratings on CBS yesterday. I saw that guy's music. 37. Point 19 knots of 37 rating 4 o'clock on Sundays Austin last time I agree but the game sucked. I don't that this man Rocco sentiment last week at thirty force or people like people in the us on the fox ratings were up to last week. Maybe the Mexico at some appeal not for me actually on anyone he came I'm just look at this chiefs giant says the chief giants obviously big upset it seems this is local or national. Local. Giants are still bigger. I hear the news. Eat half and uncles John it's a fantastic seven point 95 sort of make a young and number rams vs vikings was sucked. Not not right not as big. Plus these 22 rams obviously a combined with six point five there. Eagles cowboys to that's of that came at national appeal the first half sock twelve. I went to bed upon early in the second half was great yes you know 'cause people rate the electric cowboys Eagles ran up on the second level. Eight point eight while. Red zone this would be the rating from one to eight that's a big for the total windows yeah it one point 65 as a two yeah. Here's what surprised me bad Saturday night Celtics hawks when I guess people in the Celtics right now five. Six point three rule. And they almost match the rate the rams vikings Jesus the Celtics hawks I watched that I was with you we want us wouldn't it Bruins shocks now this is the big bad Bruins Thomas and I hear there's a strong. Pinnacle a bailout deal for the three. Right through to through how to lose some. You can Seles they need it to not a one no chance he cheated but is zero or. Back zero. Sight not instruments told once that in watching TV stake in V I watch TV and said that you like we can't go Danson to watch the game. No so yeah no I watched PC right now a lot of games not to right. Now you can look at what was the halftime at short game last forever true and that you really stands Curry's. No just in the service or the skins were empty totally empty look the Republican. Well it means CBC at Fenway Park I thought at a certain appeal to little vote was a cold who. The football fans football program for a blog just to sesno fuel football in the building just. More and went and you know BC's on a roll with the blue last week were blown up and up. Rams vs vikings head. Ten times the audience of Bruins sharks are you surprised at times what we could wake up market and we've I don't say. That's tonight at 10 o'clock is that at a time okay everybody watch television we'll tell you it's Wednesday Saturday night at 10 o'clock I want estimated time it okay can you check the ratings of UCLA USC. For me please short treated very well this showdown Josh Rosen San Donald had appeal and to moot if the Bruins were good or two ago I may Heisman voter I have to do my homework okay at Boston that did nothing and baker made no number clinched it already is a told a few weeks ago that did not dominate the field has already won it you did you did you see USC showed the number Boston did you see just Rosen man he looks good like he looks so polished so looking down. And on The Who will fight the coach obviously. On the executive but they're more I thought Sam Donald was a lock for number one but when you watched Josh Rosen you say he's got all the tools. And Heisman ratings in commercial kind of cocky and crazy but I am not that good or bad surprise you're surprised the Bruins did. Watch and hence they did bad to awful dreadful tomorrow expect your final it would beat them in the USC UCLA game point six ruff who a lot of Celtics spokesman coverage of this is like Dan Levittown territory. I hate to see mess in the Red Sox struggling this in the ratings really Celtics hawks obviously was on earlier and host they'll gonna spin that because he'll fight with Curtis about risk that's literally ten times three. Ten times the rate Hutus that was. I'll tell you everything Kodak's commercial I don't know but I do on commercial at all but commercials ocean port calls himself god created on its own homework amendment the woman gets stuck in the and that. Subway and she loves it and the other woman the bag Brett Myers was organized into. That's what's the active material would it like as a person dad's problems problems problems uncle who. Freddie uncle friend uncle Fred was at Friday's issue I name mine my dummy have room. Would give the got a dummy from Christmas you know involved and your private cynical. Yeah like everywhere he's probably the government instead yeah than mathematical on dummies anymore and probably. I don't know in a new dolls hate him so much needed dummy after will this was before he lost his mind he was OK for a while always delicious. And who doesn't all right what does authorities incorporated became a hermit does expire. He's expired and yes that anybody like him no no you lost touch you wouldn't tolerate liberty of to make a plane from Emily grew up okay suitors for years you'd you what you just. Not long ago vote. 67. Years ago services and yes men and three other people. Over a two Longoria. On counterpart that she did she lives in Michigan. And they found. Is house known and in its house condemned but who knows order yes it was a quarter lived with the dog. And that cat none poston and it just Politico. So with a bunch of paintings soon and the neighbor who really really nice neighbors gay guy who is so nice to care. Everything he could. He said. That's my uncle was a pain he was an artist but he was a drifter unit job he was just from the so painted in there and he says you you know that you want these paintings and you can have them. And the ice is one you might want things I think he gave me with me paper painting of me where you're like I was like twelve or thirteen I hit in there. And blow it was. It was awful picture of us about imposed for now another there were lots of pictures of naked ladies who took it really to you have to pay Macon women's open. And I gave Mulder again again and actually did them but I wouldn't do that yeah I enjoy it when I'm painting to see the pats. And that's you you forced me to lose track there also are impacted us go back to break my last two weeks. Now as he does right at Mexico City 55 for seven ribbons to brace for us about 60526. Touchdown Q zero picks. I asked why should I ask questions 615 Nolan called for an answer. Why what does Brady do that no one else can do. Onto onto you can only that now I'll take a break we're back I guess that's about it. Any word yet from van pelt we're just not respond to what the word out it's time to get the curtain Callahan. And submit the fans the cal fans watching guys out. I'm not badger just asking scoff advocacy it was him he raised the question. I said he'd you know he W bill we'll talk to a face to face we're willing to do will volunteer to all the Kirk Callahan fans don't Wear please let's golf and although we are willing to have that congress. Has anybody come up to me in an airport board game where four or court restored for restaurants. Or anywhere or for now he wants. Had somebody come up to me in there eight ESP and so you're stuck to show you start looking at that you not one side never did well Byron. To my I would say that would defeat if you like answer you sought in the most hideous paean Sox knocked him Hasselbeck which is the second but we put a call outright that the the art where people are that we have good. And maybe to help us to not ever wanted to ESPN's afraid to come on who else aspects and he joins us every week he's brought to buy new in the fat loss and by Verizon. Tim can you run into RSVP and tell that would like to talk to him. Our our run in normal I don't know I'm normally in the morning so normally so we'll talk to the simplest answer if I come under budget doesn't like me that's what quality does he got quite. Often rely on the we love you. I'm back I'm actually in love with you physically track yes if we can really sexy that the arm is okay. I've looked and I suspect but you know you get a picture of acute hearing milieu. I'll order. That's I thought you I don't know what is good for Elizabeth that's what I carry I watch affairs show every shot they need you should upgrade. Yet to enter into some magic you're right he's had the chiefs are good when the suitable I think you were dead on yet. So I think it's as simple. Configured put that the plant and change according. I don't think that they well I don't know if that's their only issue on. Nuclear. Issues. You know you hurt them and then. Alex mass. An environment where it was not a great commission to struggle in our news. The book on him definitely has been you know and windy conditions. Does not pro football. You know as well a lot of guys to. You know more restraint and that certainly was. You know pick sector are believed on the income registrar and escrow. My guess is about two minutes left in the title spoken and that he throws acute care. You can you answer this question for us and we bested every week for I don't know fifteen years. Why can't other people do other quarterbacks. Do would Brady does. Our troops really part of what would talk specifically what is so hard what does he do you are ample wide. Things where you're yesterday. Most guys do not do nearly as well and arm and I don't know that it's just because he's worked really hard on it or stage. You know they can constantly drill it but here's the deal. Watch Brady on. On would sit grows so what I mean by that is he drops. Look at. Are touched on the. Katrina Burton the great. Kris thinks that he's getting raining cook because they have a little shot. That response to it basically at a safety arm operated cooks like to open that way. What doesn't really defined itself the way it that he wants to so. Well it didn't start so and I mean experts. What all back from you know from losing. Right one now at that point. He ball out of sorts just like all quarterbacks and to do all sorts. Due to us or you're you were their setup to sort of laughed well now you have to really gather. Find your check down and get the ball well many times what happens to quarterbacks. It pulpit that we gather because your secret that we still are right the quote Penn State and being hot. And typically what happens on high grows. That had been set but it just aren't back technically we're kind of confident caught on them or that no. Saying that you get coached about when you're thrown under running backs. Is keep it in the Indus cylinder with a lot of hustling of their bodies basically. You know arm pits you know. Committees that is where you want to throw the football so. Look at Britain and how that happens it exactly was it. So you think it's physical what Brady can do and other guys can't and I'm talking just need. I think in terms of the accuracy on on really set the roads are in. Rather than most guys. That are that are arms quicker releases. You'd better that the other guys. But it doesn't listen but that's not to minimize. The mental aspect of it also Egypt but inflation could spell. That other adult. And don't have a lot to do list preparation as well as you know the plan that they kind of put together. The other prediction made last week I was surprised that no hours you said you thought that any minute now she thought Peter it was me next great quarterback in Reitman and said that Kerry did he says thanks Tom Brady if five or six touchdown passes right. So right now. What you guys. It's yet about the overprotective. But those what whether it's lies actually take part about it was playing great you know it's so it's like the that are talent he was playing great they have no. River towns danger. He he's been created bureaucracy is best. Weapon in the patented Kevin Charles McClellan who has been out. So you know they're playing a combination of of guys that would get on the available to most rosters. And if we it'll loosen best work. You know keeping them comparison what the mood in the global lighting and because there don't like compared say they don't want him. Be targeting him as a cornerstone of their franchise and so. It's no different than. Why they asked them to pick pick up the policy includes under contract to debate after it somewhere between like 1617 million. If they have realized that fail and Batman actor of anybody else in their record sucked in so he takes over those contracts from them realizing the suggestion to be the starter it's. They're the class will look at historical or those past weekend's games start. Bill will play costing. Let's look out pass the bills have now been put at present. There have been terrible. They're literally have a chance. To put themselves in the post season. At all while other it has to do with a Kyra you're important. To me it was it was idiotic to make the move. I thought it would go poorly edited and it was ordered yet but I look at it was no evidence of him than him well and play well currencies and spotlights. You know took this situation we're sort corpses in the current season or even want to. So I now want to meet me knows that potential. Do you think the patriots will lose a game this year. You don't have the schedule right in front of him. Only one where there that Brad Pitt's Aaron Pittsburg or other mental division rest of that which thanks. Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh topped 100 certain to be on a day. The Pittsburgh plays well which they've really haven't. Playing well so. Not silence. You know this third United States they look like they got back on track. The league would have the ability to win every single game that probably our guess would be favored in every single name and I think it's one of the reasons why you go back to the Internet early on and armour told it was at Carolina and it just kept locked in congress and so that rewards and the general about this patriot defense. You know I think it was good it was overblown from the standpoint of they always play with energy and assert and their boat sixteen all that. And hand they had apparently and so it was a matter of just. Basically eliminating mistakes where they just were. There were covered right the that they were supposed to be covered and you know you're limited this enormous competitive they are not so all. I can we'll talk to next week thanks. Art director teaches him Hasselbeck joins does every week that question from during the last it was a quarterback question of the week. From. From a fire Imus from TVs tablets everything's a museum he wanted to percent fiber optic network get fire severe. Well if I'm gonna stand has begun for a senator Al Franken won Stuart Smalley is. Soon going to be retiring from the senate that is yes this is accuser numbers mean I don't know what number or call two freaks who have yet to. But this do you explain this to me so what's it will will admit they guys come up next an app fox or. They're here they're here. Now. They have all the guys on James White yet Trey flowers and all of its axle could listen to mature to listen to them will be out in one of two minutes. I don't understand this is the Minnesota state fair. I was typical like for meeting a photograph of some you know just grabbing their ass squeezing tight cash figure there's no repercussions of what's what's what's this is like it was a really nice ass when you get a I don't put something on you I mean. May be pushing Arnold but a woman in from Texas told CNN he grabbed her as the minutes it's fair I mean everything FaceBook. Told the post when it happened it happened to you tonight news you can go to see his remember it but he has been. He's a serial roper who as the President Bush will on President Bush is an incentive anymore I just but he should be removed from office. Yeah. He's going to be a lot of them frank is going to be gone soon as well he should be uses com. He has he has he has our thanks to Hasselbeck initially some before we go out guys before all of us can just an important please go and got seconds reports on the University of Florida officials are in New Hampshire. Finalizing a contract with Chip Kelly all fine Borough. For a and a football guys worry populist talk about or we will let them afford and I like they have those guys on here today fall within the but the foreign aid homeowners make sense none of the problems make always talking about. Being touted. Alec this data these are bad ass and understand. You don't care that you killed on Florida. Do I care what cents. Does it interest you and can go to a BC we know that she's in oral BC does need it doesn't make of the NFL it's on here. They don't yet Seattle slew of qwest head coach the giants yes yes probably. All right the Big Dig as a nexus to them nation Hasselbeck and Brady. I continue please just to politely ask off impelled them to join a program that's all I'm asking. Be active on Twitter if you wish we'd appreciate that. I'm a podcast coming up in our soap summits marked Macias in tomorrow morning six clock May Day guys up next Richard listen to.