K&C - Paul Curtis, 51, kidney cancer, Milton 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

In 2015, after experiencing back pain and seeing blood in his urine, Paul thought he had a kidney stone, but it turned out to be a tumor in his right kidney. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and then began a clinical trial at Dana-Farber. For his clinical trial, Paul takes pills 2 times a day and has an infusion at Dana-Farber every other week. His hobbies include playing basketball, learning to play golf and working out. Paul also serves on a few charitable boards. Paul has a wife, Janet, and 5 kids, ages 16-28. He is an Investment manager at Fiduciary Trust Co.


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Joining us here this morning is Paul Curtis he's from Milton. And in back in 2015 Paul good morning good it'll come in this morning istar experienced in back pain and that legend of the doctor alleged to. A tough diagnosis a couple years ago. Right. Originally had back pain in the eyes to check their my primary care physician panel classic goes symptoms for a kidney stone. Stories that we do we have the stand would do first and then when he came back instead it's not a kidney stone you have a tumor indications tumor and kidney. And said unfortunately when you have a tumor there it's almost always cancerous so what the treatment is does it take to Kenya. All right so we set that up and had the kidneys taken out. And then your refused. Skid and after that it makes her cancer doesn't come come back. And I was given the option to help my followed. As Dana Farber and be part of the study with doctor Tony sure very. And I was good thing I did because. The first Danica about it cancers comeback. So is it we do now and is that the right place and he'd mention a couple. Clinical trials that and which when he should sign up for and so we signed up and working on that. So that's what I'm doing now and two for just about a year ago. Even on the same clinical trial for a year so far. Jessica Akron you know that's gold that's going well don't worry meter on for years while yet that's terrific secretary yes we talk to people here clinical trials whoa that means nothing else can do. What is what is yours detail. Mine his unapproved drugs it's a combination therapy isn't approved drug. Which I take twice today and then every other week I go to Dana Farber it is one of those days and get hooked up again and fusion is called immunotherapy. And spend the day over there and it flips a switch my immune system which goes and bites accounts so. I talked about this we're talking but the yesterday happy with my folks I was surprised are in the process with them. When you have these side effects now they have basically figure a way to make the side effects not so bad I mean maybe maybe years have been rough but it's funny of them would have. That's it we'll try this don't say try this don't submit content combats it notes it feels like that's changed while the last five years. Yeah I get refit it is a mirror every two weeks I get the full chucked up and they write a you know I'll monitor myself for as part of the trial with blood pressure and that type of thing. But than any issues I have. Is a special second semi two engine market we know we have so we can do about that and take it down there and spent some time there. To work on your watch TV. Yes. She's she is older guys and watch TV has never watch TV they'll have their phones in their particular site your view. We talked earlier today about. Watching people and open their allies and seen people go through it'll only help relentless beat when they go to the Latin and go to key moment. Who little thing alone I'm guessing you don't you have five kids five K chip. You know and their all they just hang around one. Bono the only becomes as my wife and she comes in for part of you know part of the day and thanks a little bit. That a couple of them remembers who wanted to come and that is really not that much excited to smoke them out all our non I have one daughter who's the nursing students or she had just so she came and well. But the other ones as it. It's not a great show here. No. Certainly when you deal with this and you're still. You're with a clinical trial is there an end date to something like that when you hear that is there a best scandalous Campbell come back at some point we will not be on matters is the foreseeable future fall for you to. To go in once a week and I think these pills twice today. It's it's open ended and I don't know that just management expectations. But and they also used the expression is treatable not curable. So I just. The doubts whether it is but it's not so so keep going toll tummies something that you look like you're in good shape yeah really. Thank you get to do everything you normally do when he went yeah I get to still work out and like gospel once we. And out so it hasn't affected it's like games at the same what was before. Basketball game yes the you wouldn't wanna see it's it's probably time for him and now yeah. That you care but honesty in the eighties these okay. Not bad. I think that is an openly express how Huckabee sprained ankle right now the biggest concerns right. Take that up gecko thanks so much for drugs balk by accident at all.