K&C - People are faking their outrage over Brady's interview with Oprah; The Big O wants you to know how teams work 6-19-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, June 19th
Hour 1: Gerry and Kirk mocked Tanguay for his idiotic over reaction to Brady's sit down with Oprah.  Ordway is obsessed with the meaning of the word team. 

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Kurt can. Child couldn't see my kids 101000 of the 121000%. Here a live fat prepare my kids have jockey on. With strangers a live nothing bit degenerate and what was going to bet on the whole he's worried about her neighbor keeps obviously a bit of we need all we need border security. When you receive BAT's for the kids do they know you don't know but if he's. See your fake laugh with -- committee ahead we're going to break down the straight interview with Oprah as if it was important to against the colts thumbprint is telling you what Oprah. I love the dialogue the double talk about that coming up next why would you change because Tom Brady's why do. God might help the team you're playing to your 45 to they train your replacement and then you quit the next year. Due to move when I heard you say I can see VA I was like off all our loans and he has never set and Gerry Callahan. We're booked for tomorrow so that's the note was the latest game right deal outside of the room well. Awful awful lot I brought this up to it Joseph's Obama the genre that powered the brunt of the outs into the it was really could stop that now you don't know you know until Alex sent home until you to be yes Alex is punishments will no longer could have come simply will be since you're confident. I'm no one's Sports Radio WEEI. I mean essentially. Weaver is being separated from his home. The spam right it's not right drag. The way and and you know we have the secret tapes he could hit the Greenberg wailing like daisy. He's since been desecrated for his his radio father Kirkland and LB is a radio uncle yes I know. Algerian. Daddy Kirk you can Archie news media yeah famous arguments or fights yes rivers and I'd like him you know are now. That's three right there is being taken away in overtime Amir. But there is taken away by thrown into a cage yes like like like like and frank when I play you know who's going to summer camp where it is. Waterfalls and golf and may have liked big goal pool record a lot of our video games I'll scrape three squares a day what you need one to have those blankets with pictures on them like balls like the Valencia parrots somebody wants your parents and kids. And you know your and you're just kidding because you know so dumb to fall for the all of us regardless of what do the second person ball their teams involved in this article I'll explain to the second quarter but it failure of its. Which team you Long Island. But rivers I'm here today again another another another war fought on our Hugo that you are here I was worried that you know when they came in after the show you were parents that. No Roemer said 00 oh what if Gerke can handle big me with the patriots tomorrow totaled so. Which is on anyway I mean we've talked to Brady you have talked to Guerrero that they don't they don't hear rumors on your eye and telling odd though that we wanna take any chances. Nobody talked out yesterday I'd. Called Alex he called me I called back we're for a and he called me three times in the forty minutes in between these guys dying to be fair and help as much steeper than not impaired and Tony cares if he wants to do it sure that's about. He's exactly exactly should say exactly much of what he brings is what we want to on this station here passion. People hate him but that's okay legal problem beyond any time discuss any issues will take some chances are obviously. Occasionally he steps and it gets himself in trouble is yet to go to substituted their opening of their new facility where it's good question and I don't have to sell you guys don't. Yeah outside outside. Well what do you and we agreed Kirkwood greens were nobody on that one YE YU disputing that. Here's what looks like next month and again can I guess looks like. Is he some sort of basketball practice facility it's a daily guards out front may be good to see the hot tubs in the cold tub so you be looking to do anything as the players get a ticket to dribble a ball to maybe take Sean May be at the excite them that's what Mac and masculine at all we've league's better Jimmy Kimmel Kennelly here. Pit crews terrible two he's one of great and awesome awful he said he played high school basketball in Texas has public would go to school. Maybe some private privileged like local schools you went to marry. The Kimmel American first moment. Although England as an exit 515. Don't don't at this it's that you always viewed the girl's uncle passed through her and asked that earlier often girls write. Them. But anyway. Played good today across the street next door about a media people cynical look. At the rims and the hoops and the impact sports I'm sure it's very nice I'm sure spectacular after her past and I've been looking in from the highway looked in the window doesn't think that's a distraction those flags of thirds of the drive for your good looks and all of embassy Texas etc. it's a wash. That's pictures of but let's curt Kimmel gives a full report tomorrow when he thinks of practice so rikers would that square at least that it is so I don't believe we will get to that that was a hell of an effort excellent work that's one of the things we'll talk what's objectionable. A lot of things to talk about it. Charl wilder back in music big weight TMZ talked about this and now it's amazing. The border stuff as well we wouldn't. I mean you know we'll I guess everyone else did yesterday we started for just the second if you want. Roemer is not yours we can talk a pre suppose. Every other show in the market say for an hour of Oakland and Christian Lou. Talked him calling. Really hyper focused on the spree in which I tweeted out yesterday and still believe his. People at the ebitda and I know I was about this people criticize us and be fake generally any outrage at all over the Brady sit down with Oprah. He's is so fraudulent. In so fake people worked up saying that oh my god but I essentially was a 41 year old quarterback. Is now closer retirement well five or six years that's that's motion to close at the end in the beginning. Yeah I mean I don't think it's very debatable all these point to these a 630 yeah I know that's true I'd say he's done. I would say they were zero news unless you want him you know Parse the answer about Belichick and even news it's slower down speed. So I don't beat and I love him he paused too long and let whatever I mean that it was. What you expect from Oprah. So little to new AG get the stupid thing about it we're spiritual beings and human body is something. Which is just silly and you got Tom saying. He wants an impact will purposeful life which he said a house side a million times the problem is I mean Oprah is obviously a bigger deal. But she doesn't tour any homework she's someone hands are lists yes the question she knows nothing about and she was amazed. As Tulkarm rights. That he wasn't just focused on football he had life. Which should read in my is scouting report which is not that when that report accurate personal. I mean he used pretty focused on football for a guy with three kids and wife from a business and wanna region's life you would say he's still. Focused on football there's as much as he was saying out as much as saved whatever put three years ago but yeah but I say more than most guys ethics and his situation. Yeah that IP yes I would say. Yes that's the other that Belichick answered yes John you agree and I think he does like Belichick and he kind of did wanna give a fast answer because you want why. I don't know what I don't know what people enter mass rightly ranting raving and I heard the guys in our station talked about I thought boy with a you know it's the means uninteresting or. I heard of state I can see the end I was item off all because folks. That is different and that's that is that's different that is the he has never said that. Don't know sat back. She wants and what videotape. To prove you wrong some hesitancy Euro rate she's the oldest I think is the oldest position clearly correct. Shall I say than yours too little writes it was 41 years old when the season starts right right. He's the oldest player in league player tech player in the league. And he's close to retirement. I don't know what you mean if he said I'm gonna play to a fifteen year awards a lot whacko he's a guest who say losses mine that rarest stuff so which is that mean. About advocates hope that she wants to play two or three more years there I think about it more now would you used to. First of all I guess it is that really do it's I say it he gets me sad that cost me as a sad. We you know we had we broke the story here. And that's all you need to know he says I will play toys. Now I will say this and we'll see maybe is my total different few years ago this year was a few years ago by our. That's. In his world sock things it's all relative order when he when he's not good anymore is when he walks away right you can't tell me. If he's as good as well as last year he's never gonna wanna play at the top of his game but his passer rating is 92 next year he's in new edged down 50% as a player maybe you'll that's what he could have suck right and I am not saying what he would he is definition of such define how he defines stockings were needed every right but he could. No we don't laundry room on brie was a position that maybe it's against the rules culture is the rules the German a final notes from he may show up. This comes storming here you Nixon to kick in the doors on man and I know you would it covers that absolutely why not what are they gonna do. As Mike yes 'cause my wife ordering because he's said something stupid five months ago. Okay why am I shall hear you Fauria and Mia you know the normally as a percentage in his life welts and dale. And keep our guests and Dickerson for us about it negative view rotted he's popular and collection that's a credit to him. You're trading the Osce and everybody claims that the globes coming after us or it was interesting yesterday and we'll get to Crist equities and the negativity in my coming after us I think there's only one there's only two people the glove was coming after receiving ten. You're listening to him the essence me for lots of reasons she for one reason because of what you do to cut its budget deal so I mean whenever I'm not saying you know. I'm again I'm trying to give you all the critical. I don't wanna. Able to globally this year and obviously announce this week I think you give me some award for that she grudge they should for exposing the bat well you know allowed me at the globalization at the big question. On Jerusalem's critic and I'm. A much romp at the idea that the baby Bruntlett Juanita Broderick remembering all the other. Wielded terror threat to bring a parade of debts of the vote to define it. I. Think or yeah. I can just say a half I hate you guys have fought on its title before the issue. Alt click traps importantly we're clay Travis that's on the also talked to. Travis tried. Make make nice again with porn get wants to be friends is better pieces to be an award. And why do you wanna be friends how does that help me into this I want your friend either you know friends like this you know watch writes just Tatum Marcum is putting things democracy can mark you have in your annual. Mark you know mark whatever pizza reviews by anyways so we have we have that we have neutral while the thing which is a big interest in the border stuff. We have Colin BQ for shore big news from Chris Curtis. We of the sports center get a ratings which are unbelievable it's incredible I love when the liberal media in slashes its own throat. Or shall I say blows its own mind reform with some of cocaine score. It's it's remarkable what disaster their new morning show as we thought these are rather remarkable we've got one too. Jim Allen Michael Smith that was my appeal a lesson they look like match compared their current all the family. They failed miserably in a year they were replaced with whatever I don't know to play professional sports I guess that put together they invested more and assure them that they are invested any. Short of the NFL. I think is still an option for them. A morning show. And they are losing their shirts opted to bed sharing your definition. The get up is down 33%. From last year a little known and on let's read the update update call starts Friday the other 42%. Thai news which we told who's going to suck when they move people around for shows and no one's ever watch or listen together that's the money Jones and public tourism is it's clay Travis calls that the everything's racist show right. So you kind of know what you're gonna get on a guy like me ma'am you watch on different people tell memories. Down that shows down 54% from last year's fortune. 54%. It's down 54% and sent down from some great award winning show. Is down from some sports in which was not doing well miseries when he gets whether pulled the plug right yeah you're not replacing criteria but that's ratings charter and against John skipper the cocaine has gone. Apparently left some some residue some residue in the war. Since it's obvious replacement date of this disaster shown here. Hole but it bankruptcies close these go to bed and he's here is the best athlete Mota back and it's that he's nineteen years old noted that attracted picks. Obviously you look at him like you take that it's noted that he's okay. Position that you believe really on television yeah this is failing again LaMont Jones and public Torres were. Not even like right wing nuts like me if there which is moderate. They just weren't left wing wackos. They wouldn't be on ESPN at all forget like the politics for seconds that com do you think they get to jobs report. It's it's all politics course unless they were doing drugs skipper to I don't know I it's pure speculation I'm annoyed right. They'll fix this Marty I know that you draft. Like I said you put cordial note Katie Nolan and Michelle beat I think you're gonna put Curt Schilling Keith Olbermann probably affix their work or fifteen shows with higher ratings and get in high noon on Friday the angels yes yen alone not including like an NFL show in June right NFL life been alive. What I am sports and especially what he's the comparing him to blaze a monster machines and all the other shows a quiet as it's. You are only down 3%. He's he's for these funds Pablo in Beaumont right he loves them yeah Sanyo affinity thoughtful and I hate bush I mean I hate to talk together and we hate the term premium we hate this and that and you know. Meanwhile nobody literally nobody's watching we told you know who's gonna watch nobody watched initially pleased with will be. Two women will be Sarah Spain and illegal. In the early eleven people will fail to have another pretend like they're friends know they'll do the show up a foul ball landed some guys year to last. And also fanned on on the field and hauled down his face. Angela and isn't that funny the crash happened at a high school game and Wisconsin. Right. He's going to be seen as a brand acting and games over he just turned throws the ball from women who vote at today's game move. The guy like best in the sports world today. This guy and look what happened Allan and hugged after the game I think it's great. I think it's great to I think it's great well we're not one that haters out there were not negative and and I'll go to the next show be around the horn. And we'll have the same people on most of the same let's go. A look at this the guy who's running and his parents fell back and. If anything being big game. Just mindless brain list contents. From mine was blameless people the start of sports there though without him well 340000. Viewers are right. You know why Odyssey though why it was racist that's a slice that's clearly it. That's why I mean forget affect the body curious failing and another show the only show that people watch on the airs at ten Hampshire where the only person people watch the black but that's okay that doesn't matter black bottom feeder. Yes he is a theater you know I I feel bad for Stephen and I have no. Familiarity with this at all but must be weird in the ratings. Are really low for your carrier lead and then you come and help them up again and you you know. Later on the day they go down about it is that you ultimately does sit and talk to that more men you don't go in Houston energy them. The disorder go go beyond this morning whatever and half hour 45 minutes of the B Greenberg and and Jalen Rose would be. Anna Greenberg look old beat up. Battered again Greenberg who two years and slept since he left the other Mike said there were John skipper as yeah yeah I mean this is a nice way to submit to. Goes out to dinner every night just made taxes but you know I mean like Summers like nose bleeds in the early summer and not have economic and Iraq. I'm not a lawyer revived by about but I play one on. TV what's the bright lights big city guy's name ode to American or American considered too American and character before even though that it. You. He's got these two guys in the look in the tired stressed he's make it six million bucks he looks miserable now. How Washington is on yesterday's horse opera was actually on get up the replay watch are permitted. The show started it was just there was Michelle beatle wasn't there was Greenberg and Jalen Rose. In detente with the NBA draft in June rose and it had been years and next day. Greenberg said you don't what he's had in years and Greenberg saw a fighter talking about something else. Just someone comfortable until June rose liquidity can to roses too soon. Since September oh we don't this Cooper's show up to another gig as yourself that you want to show ever and it doesn't look like he's closer to the cause of the payments he'll be look at NBA guy and another god is Travis said U percent in the action is no no. Off. A lead poisoning young hip right that casts. And he's an MBA right but if he's a white guy he would mean it was Tim lake but of course he's just you know here's Tim like I was NBA let's listen. It was slower to lamenting his interest and commitment let me let us could've we're supposed to do and out of say come and actually suck to shore sure. I don't know what you said a separate McHenry with you know Steris payers. Would that we are some skimpy yes that's you like right I know it's that title fights every Thursday can someone come in here changed his Frick insurance generally leave on soccer and it annoys me like to watch this on it is hates these rate in the game was Paraguay's playing Ecuador something. Patricia Iceland's population is not did I yet a winless streak overrated people toward penises on the field and scored only excel pocket excel right question. This is important to watch sports center I want what's cannot do it some aren't yet imports that just puts this yeah something. Now what we should have signed a coach Curtis to line on that collection the collection and remote don't put soccer on TV and I can't wait for Curtis is report if you missed it. We are hoping so elated extra he's gonna lie they'll do their job. Called an investigation. Of club Kevin Collins work it was a very shoddy it was very biased and the real spot eighteen right so if he's obviously they have three guys probably three guys American. Like 80000 each alone worked on from a they'll love comic blame us the blame halos right. They couldn't find a single error in the last six years other than a misspelling. So we looked at one random com fact they've magic. Coma he's boat gauges and East Boston. And got him Alfredo oh who they said. Worked at the bodega but actually was in gangster. In the bodega owner was complaining. Kevin column about it Alfred right now the whole thing was kind of suspicious because all tied together too neatly in the name of the bodega owner wasn't in there or guard Chris Curtis. Put on his new Johnson Murphy choose a lot of freeware and I think Boston as the strike knocked on all the doors and all day bodega stuffed table speak English. I usable by Goldsmith or you've two points easier. I'm born alive and let him talk kid there was a little bit confused older guys will will will get you can use as a just set it up and get to later. So did you import job for that inappropriate jokes was BT's as a three minutes so long it's a complicated story. If he doesn't pay to get to it. I think that what what what emotions and others. And I wanna add it all on teams were different teams the globe someone tee to yours that reduced that fine I just say this is in reports that. Their teams involved through team are different team defense team your right so I think that's that's also worked interest we have your way of thought. Were all on teams sat there and a team either team so I would be watching out right now because the other team. Is calling on guys how are a way of taking down business knows so well that just embarrassed and exposed. And everybody's got a team and no matter if somebody on your team does something wrong instead of exposing you hide it. And you attacked the other team does seem to reveal wait Hewitt have them. See who's trying to talk about the actual story. And he was good so that's what you want to appreciate Clinton's wants us to know the world different teams so I wasn't sure about that I always thought that I guess I was wrong at the globe and we were in lockstep. I never the same way I felt that way too bad acts as the size are out of their orders are union as well. Unions on a different team. Right 6177797. That features that bring back to bring the real quick trivia that is it was really mess arriving like foaming at the mouth insert now. Where was the most heartfelt we have them as we also have a lot of rambling glad I'm on this topic I'm award booklet you know the cell so intent when I was at such a concern because Brady is mentioned retirement for the first time ever at age 41. By the way focus not true because we use task but all the time he was get sick talking about it but he was. He would talk a shouldn't say this true so he's forty law that this is most have never gonna. I mean people accuse you made a good point penguin shorted to send a mocking Brady perceive the point of fifty rights and now he's saying okay. 41 my kids are getting older I understand the and his closer than the beginning in Brady said you know I think in the middle of my career. People with Sam Nazi is how insane he is the whole career thing to be right. He's 41 he is maybe two years left the embassy do you know the him. Love people did this globe did this NFL to accomplish the five takeaways. And 5 morning and I never won one was which Super Bowl loss hurt the most the next one is everything's fine in Foxboro that's the culture quote the next one is. Scouts got a right back in 2000 when the issue was complex picture. And then. QB twelve I can work for non quarterbacking legends to. All of this it's this is written by someone had to overcome I get forty we'll see that's what you want you want topic obviously. You like avocado ice cream. We just have a moratorium on references were effective rate that's what can you drink 25 classes a watered today. If not Brady's legendary dyed red regiment. Might still be for you. Roots the nfl.com. Writer pieces. Named. Nick Tony. Nick partly. That's his fourth take away from this great interview and the last one is. That's I'm sorry that's the fifth one at six we got nothing I. Until bloated crap. It's a bulk upload 100% local problem now owns and give us an I know no wake up if he's winding publicly and doing the picking teams don't win back giving wash. What's the you wanna play Obama. And if you why now tell me that took the biggest. Dink and move ever. Yesterday. Talk fake outrage who thinks he's walking now if he's what going now. Nobody zero nobody Caribbean Austen story Alex gonna happen it's not to happen of course what happened. On the banks that is Brian Hoyer and the issues dreamer. Who it's good question find out what's that Tony thinks that rated shows sooner rather than later as his words for retirement as well thought Tony would literally takes green ball out of his nose and puts in this model while I'm really that it's sort of what he has that's pleased that things. Again give Matt started come where's would you open these theories that that one millimeter again. Want to contract he watches trainer back in the fold these leveraging umps. So now all the sides hoping indicate that the practice. Until crack it's a welcome upload 100% local rock below know you wanna play or not. And if you want now tell me that took the biggest. Didn't move ever okay I'll play occurred to him and we are fake where 97% fake. What do OJ what number would you put that Hachette him. It is date whomever no one's ever indicated he's gonna walk now. And and won't know what else there right now I have well I'd blow up why ultimately cuts your sickness. If you looked at the Bob Kraft pre punch in the face right now kicked in the balls and take move to move holding via I was more likely retire. And and what tickets moved around upload and I'm Dan I don't have to grapple with here comes a time of Brady pretty place at all he's going to. The drop below had to go right. Britain is there last week. This isn't brought on two levels one that Belichick water drop over breed I grew on over I agree with that pride and to drop lower here when you spend time I agree with that as well. That's sort of bizarre per truck he was he was at practice last week. I agree I went by the way I agree with valuable post I think it was up to Belichick crop will be your break you be gone or bonds or Brady's you're on Tony's team. It is a different team this team Obama team on that team on different teams on it he's about to wrap Pernod no I don't want to know. And yes socket and secondly I do think that would what whenever grapples traded. Seven months ago did you have won that. Eight months ago while the past I think that's that's gone on coming wanna say the name. That being said. How it ties and debris that Brady was just retired or left I mean what I don't understand the correlation upload 100% well below the mountains to agree with. Regardless of it with the kids there the other day number so so we were perfect number reward accurate and mess rightly so BC's Brady's wife wants the law and nobody cared. Kids are in the pockets of this true. I think the people in the city just UMass Robbie as the bumbling idiot I may have contributed. Some of it it's a right of way but that that that's that's. Think of Alex Roemer Alex rooms a crazy little sidekick. Is kind of you know. In any character I think people have some respect for readers intelligence why he can't read he's not that Smart. I people sort of measure right Mets righty is literally playing hurt but I want a wretch like you think that's right Bob really believes suitable pre he's gonna reach. Of course not do you think when he sees too silly to throw up. But I am but you said and I agree upon Tom Brady that would piecemeal more. From the patriots and Stacey James. And docs are stationed. In the character gains. That's stationed there hosts saying most of vomit. We sees Zell really didn't. And you. How is that not a problem it would be if you set it to what you eat every time or baseball took a screen I want a ranch. I do I should all sick of our our insult freaking sick of super G-8. I I don't I don't need to revisit that we did a lot of last week but I mean when his she's telling your TV set a much of buying vulgar and vogue dot com. You wouldn't see last week I mean I think on Sunday was on the Oprah network for half out half hour. And hours and 45 minutes Booth rate taped so it was an hour. On the Oprah network on Sunday at 11 AM it was easy you know and it's not interest either at Gisele all the she's done recently is is vogue stuff throughout the environment which is really easy to door and they start show all music guide richest sportsman isn't too. New stuff now and now so how she seemed as well. No legitimacy is that the secret sort of you know fashion. Ideas of how you advance through bites which once had 779. 790 threes and play more to get to get these mornings with Kurt can count. Kurt committee and Jerry Kelly on Sports Radio. For me to leave this thing is about they leverage with the rock hello we get tired of bill that's sort of goes hand in hand anyway if that's a bell operates. You leverages you all the time. And now drop below is gone and has also what do you do now. And he's the only result and he's been at think about it and an Achilles I just look at the good move because again at three this is all about the fact that drop below was hearing now is not. And I think this is a weasel move it to you know if he had some sort of understanding with a rubber and now all of a sudden easy even if he's just floated out there just for kicks. That's a big move we don't move. A one patriots fans the that this thinks that yes at all that the result is that it's a big stadium I like people I know I but there is eight and undercard of fans I've talked to them. Who don't like Brady. They don't they don't dislike the treaty I'm just totally fudge figures here so we don't like him they don't like the fact that these we've been which shall wilder again. You can you know late tonight and drinks if you're exits. Give them with Susan p.s. Now that the Noah and this is different view that Brady with the Brady now vs even January's change. So they're people in this town who don't like Britain more about at least it's. I don't agree I don't think and we just likes Brady ethic their roll their eyes and the date the weird I think you want that to Beecher who like no that is true. You're wrong I'm right I'm on my team you need to talk how do you know. You've you've talked to people. Don't look anybody except I'm quite sure. And me know you like Brady like the taste of his nuts that usually don't like her rating. But they don't rock ideology calls people like Reagan among I am non is that good question do you like Brady are not Kirk thinks people like them in January. February but that'll recommend you don't call. Please call bill call. Don't load them up and serve African greens that are limited through Tuesday. Let's get to be getting out of Iraq Alex who's going to be it was going to be reintroduced as well that's but Alex is in here I'm disappointed so. But I'm glad you're here our bosses I mean I was afraid it was going to be me in a sock puppet bosses can be as homophobic as they want an arrogant and I thought we were. I don't work the very inclusive. Diverse company I don't believe they're black ball in the gay guys the way it is like the forties all averages don't what is the first group here. Don't seem right was it important that remote from the rest here and this summer that would be good show going and restaurant and thanks known restaurant frequently by gate. Match volatile I don't know what I read what goes through. It by Bradford yeah. I am she's your friend I don't know that. Please think too that show from Lou went to all they do the because it does itself use it wasn't me when I think it was for us. I think what you. A sum it looked up toward we will be fine we get sent out emails. What do unit. It really Wear whatever you wanted to hold the punches it's what it's imagine yes few weeks. Re not bring in non Turkmen and hates trading Gerry Callahan doesn't who's the game you don't hate Brady at all let's go to pat main iPad. And then I'll it's. Not that I I just basic yes. Brady as a player he's a great player Brady in the last couple years. He's gotten quite knowing I think everybody's just ago. Was seeing about he'd be well that method in it and it inflammatory. Diet it's great and may not gonna work and grow the way it. He's just trying to sell a product at all about it is age and everybody should have yet shocked I know you guys covet that. Is that backed idea he 41 years old if anyone doesn't think he might be done next year are in the ball it at that silly debate. You gotta lately forty sites in eight by the reality says that. Most quarterbacks apple or he don't have a. All the way he's going to get hurt and he's gonna have trouble. Rehabbing coming back from that injury in 93 years from now by the way he's gonna be like Marino always going to be like. Peyton Manning some gonna happen the back or neck hit 1050% just because he's 41 in the house it was a good. But in his mind not could not to be an horror yes but this might not good right I agree it's going to be his version his definition sucking. Combined with some kind aches and pains. Has anyone ever retire in their forties who's not hurt. I mean in any sport who was released. Usually it's us and we talk and you're Rivera. At your receives fee solve my god it was a believe watching I mean I I talked to Jeff Bowman Jeff as a and a I don't know how he does. It's incredible they've personal auto we're amazing we didn't it was thirteen you covered a variety of from ground zero and finance stumps that I kind of stops the arms Bradford and his feet were siege such pain could barely walk Rivera. And on his stumps about Jeter those guys work if it is on the football basketball. And news that a doctor was in his forties. It was close here's. Here's. Arnett those guys were then followed them at the end would team treasure your LA where they heard within limping around or think they were just not good embraced forget MVP right I mean that's true and when you saw appears at the end is not nearly the same player that's way it works yes and I think he had some on the issues Chara. Tara he's a freak you he has. Chart is 4041. Right. He's going to be a Max who retires and finally just gives in and gets the full body MRI. You say we have some work to do here but the tough thing Dale's life retires. Won't we won't use him as a man not scared that someone else ski though but it's not the same he's the captain. If he's really big. He's scary he rides a bike and you mess with him all the you play with a good plan to lose that is like fighting with real money you know on forgive and should the whole place up brought about that coming up next. At the moment he's he was playing in warrior mode in order to get through for him to forgive designating him as. The age did you play the field. Cut about four times a game that's it. It's you know it's easy in that plant around the gulf disease and it's hard. I guess walking eighteen holes is harder than hitting four time and how Bob Becker teases me legs have been beaten too is that the homers plan on stumps yes he's a DH essentially for the last. How many years or different past fifteen years of his daughter you know play the field for the Red Sox lets you in the nationally in something that if I Somalis like stumps. They reloaded the guy out big guys sometimes it is also how that happened was an extraordinary. Game. We're told rob his ankles were on fire. There were literally on fire fighter. It looks fine now he's out about charity things he skinny and we played it looks good more than fine. Hasn't and political times interview on my name noted and if he did. He wouldn't that is good news Julio Lugo but now let me play. Seamless and he would do maybe things too soon the need them and Nick Swisher played the Yankees or is it to 38. I game was racing trumpet and things don't agree job in New York or he tell you today was the income around them Johnny. About guy. Up when I was younger real time is game in the heats it Mickey Mantle playing in the sixties Frank Howard F Frank Howard right your big fat guys they've president thirties who Maloney had its pitching Maloney. There was ticker play two games in 1988 and was asked if I agree that women occasionally guys with you guys in his wife who played that game who is. Malone is worth Texas hello Pedro. Pedro. You can play any marketplace true pages not really and I would say. Prime shape at this point one think it like he had house value has not support around the city with a video of Bill Russell who do. It's an informative for money. McWhorter was that a cabinet I don't know that is placed no one knows who that is played two games in 1980. There's yeah whatever. Anyway so you see all the calls. We get to the Brady's toughness I all of saying edit their people I know there are people who say India. He goes in this he does that open football shut up and play football there is that the resentments and now we're Ohio. Not that knowledge this is sausages are different from the subsidies that means that a little starting. Starting with the six part each respective FaceBook donkeys here we should rejoice surety and take it easy pickings. Can be seen him on the tough concurred my head I don't know I don't know anybody on the notification without telling the people saying. That you know critics have said this picks. Between that between the trip to Africa in Monaco and the trip to the sleep thing. In the Oprah stuff I could see that basically not showing up to see people saying with the help shall play say that. They still love him because he's such a great what she's such matters always good I was always if he sucks this year Ortiz has that little slide. They're not a good it's gonna be ugly at some point it's gonna get a that I have you people take Belichick's side this. It never ends well you know I should say never it rarely ends well there aren't many. No Barry Sanders now. Would leave at the top of their gap radio leave an active or or John Elway walked away after winds of global. Now the issues of previous bad did you retire at year. That's for becomes complicated I think. Yes it will become complicated somebody has complicated now that I don't agree it's not complicated now. Object between Belichick and very much say big picture but trouble pretty loves them and an answer loves to have pretty telling you just love you really loves him now because Belichick it's junk food let's let go as a as a gun on that we are like that new units like people who eat those foods though it is like people you which of those foods and if like me in my doesn't it is like us portrait nice nice slow and purposeful. He was with a purposeful life. Just for a long time. I would consider I don't know friends but it. It won't sit home or friends what was that. Do you have a purposeful life and did not. I hope not. On you you have gives it a lot of work does that seem like the most part of things could ever say yes the bush or the summer of Jesus Christ it's a purposeful life I understand. If your father good father good husband good son. Who say that's a purposeful life. This in mind it's about changing people's lifestyles sure that's that in talking get enough people to stop beating whatever white power of white. Flowers and Chester and that's seen him if you're 55 foot nine and be doing this so you don't gross fought for nine years ago he's buddies have won the MVP. If he's living a purposeful life whose Guerrero secured cancers what to argue moratorium to moratorium on them which you want the stoppage of Bob McConnell is okay. Confident on Yoko Guerrero is that this is we've heard this I guess. It's not that created anymore right I mean you just have to separate you have to tolerate. The fact that the greatest player ever. It's a little readers. Sure but his heart's in the right place. I get well I mean is also that but at least to a free. Assault upon all apology on hold up well light pole and he's not doing these interviews free of charge. But oil's money he's making he's playing in making a lot of money yes he has he's rarest heart's in the right place. Now he's looking make a fortune right as break but I'm saying if you with their teaching girls are pretty separated greater grows you know can't secures and because of the Jews are locked in a separate Bradenton right Brady endorsed that should such an output. Look at the book now with the lifestyle now it's generally healthy would you say serial police gave discussions can be treated properly. The success it's important talk about I mean it that book that months yet. Didn't read it she should get to go to the whole thing read the four agreements that three of marriage you before I've no patience. Four points of workers who feel it is what it is really a small bicyclists Scott didn't forget that's the drink and get a gallons in every day it was pretty funny said I was multiply. Brother texted me yesterday it's it was may actually pictures it was much actually on the show we didn't know didn't know what was on the shelf in my. Was not very. What bullets must take women but things get paid like that he stays on the way. Yeah well. When we got him Donahue joining us he's looked in here in such a crisis the cell nicer basically. How's that different in the first two elected so that assembly tip money here. He's off for the rest of the week because he's too African draft show is off again until what next Friday or something. It's Thursday night is NBA draftees. You know I'm leaving early Thursday about 930. Graduation programs congratulations on which what do we used to have such a purposeful life for it. What downing much students Thursday night giraffe she yes go hang out to the Celtics like the pick notice I know mid nineties have enough. He's leaving yet so could you pick yes these. We don't yet he's an attendees. Can fix that that's why so people care what's self goals that he cares what the 27 can them whose two with a mark chains. I don't know it's a good NBA guy out terrific Dickerson I hope so. Doing Thursday were immediately Berlin he came to twenty minutes buy yourself a can do anything OK when you're and I don't want to you again to do terrible side with her cat and a sense Thursday's HIC. That he has that hole and Chris can handle aboard you know I can't say it's ten minutes. Ago we can do it didn't seem to win it I can tear gas just for you. Yes that's a good that's a good show. Ignore talk to this he's short ones. Albert island Eddie Albert and it gets Alberts doing that thing where he advocates are calling us come. Against al-Qaeda. Morning guys to work hard. Jerry. I don't know what that Oprah interview when you know he was about yourselves if you what's new you won't want how to. I. It it made me relax was very peaceful who's in new age has trickled into this was tranquility. That you're so you felt trickles they got his son Brady how much are. New mission to affect people like he would pocket that we had an effect that you look at that. Yes yes solitary chain that maybe I Albert can tell your side next film massive changes huge. Not a so I mean it's and I do you think rob it wrapped. Feels that. A boat it in months ago this guy who's changing the world but he covering you will. Languish in radical. Feel now that is quarterback is. Want to order excitement and that. I think it was I think he was that some answer I think he was shocked. When is almost 41 year old quarterback's head. I don't have much longer now I think he thought it was completely 65 did you understand greedy radio although I do understand Brady's oldest player in the week. What Kirk Kirk without doing anything. Tell looking at a middle point five or what narrative that has. Well that even these fights who's 45 numbers closer retirement and he was you know ten years ago is he said to open. Don't. You think it is this crowd or by surprise oldest player legally execute to some plan in place. That they want think you'll have to be black and white which stupid that it's. It means. I think. Most lacking when you. Do you what you advice in your own art piece of garbage. Awful recently. Thought you would you get older to shrink up you can call all quarterback. Our side of the country because it could be made public a conviction that. Albert Albert so a little outlets that they do Albert Alice they view that is entirely ignored it Albert Albert you probably Brady for that you're not that's entirely up Bob craftsman. If craft side if crap they're old I've got side stepped in and play that game but Brady he should is that you know what I'm in charge of this team on the do they think is best for the three. Kirk you're a 100% correct but I'm. Oh crap we know that OK this and that and yeah you look you want pocketbook what we're what have you but Brady. What web. Yeah some responsibility to play because. It didn't pull any human being any other person walks in. IndyCar site of equipment ready in your ballparks. In particular it is great. What you are not possible. Mechanism. I. Accidentally and that sort of questioning that or were selected. Claiming the choice like Marshall and who wish you great. Who's who or what Albert other other let other like two of them told him as a Rogers abuse blamed the question. Yeah first ordered it ought to let Google people sit on. The other end of a social call well. Paul has Ayers. Up. Well I mean it's a matter. Cherry or. Not all that odd he's my New York time. It's really Smart. Who says look to oil and loosen the Obama has asked Robert Pozen marriage. Okay well what's wrong. Struggle white struggled you know it sure is bout but you're the you're recently married I mean it's you know I'd be remembered for years what what's what's with Colorado but yet the first while. Typical transition. What's your transition. But part of our and it the most typical tradition. How motives are but I'm gonna work to get a real badly basket cases anyone throwing the feces around or anything. No no no I don't feel it infrastructure. That's did you look at mental hospital if it epidemic. I'm not sure why I just like shut up mud is now anybody's mocking you Albert the least. And yes. You think you don't. But Edmonton. The look of something but also with the Connecticut what you broke free and look what you've done with just aren't. Right guys they want that about 24. I don't much sounds like he's very happily married you on the other members struggling. I know I'd seen it. I talked about try to. Solve his baby who who who who go run catch Al. Real public view and it's an. Have have a during. Also listed there gives someone you see happen during like this that spot locked. And well like Egypt are in a while Eric is. They are the one in the world that apple Larry it's. It's it's tough talk about is not a word embarrassing it. Barry you think do they know a month could should be maybe you spent some time that you that you were placed at the hospital. Do you think I could do some good unless order is looking ahead the freaking jags. I can't make a lot of heads or tails of it. I. Who's dumber. That's who you talk to execute the like Brady turns us all the iPad app. Think what Tony I'd Albert's we did it's well it's showed wilder and Susan these overjoyed at Charles and Axel yes I do put X will do that right we get back. And and cherish a more whiskey and see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Me there Spain. Couldn't believe it happened that comes again. We know what this off season. Taking matters into my own hands. Amending the other ones and her mom. And here's how. And seed higher. It's true. Yeah. And see. The the buyer. That's what. It was sort what was going on the top woman doing this that Sarah's name. All fields are so everything what Jimmy Kimmel on all of them. There's actually was Steve Barton. Notes and what sort of again at her and her hands her her her. Her create that bailout she's a serious ESPN journalists write she broke into the industry expert and we guess here for their for an Brit. By selling yourself office he dated super balls was ten years ago should feel very tracked a woman. Interest only six of the time. To do it says that the that it no sex is involved example leave and we don't know Bradley could irons as. So they go it's how she became famous and now she's her job to lecture anybody. Who has ever questions any woman in the business for anything it is and immediately your second job is as old that was a lot of people who do. Mail if you give any questions at all it was Charl while the rights and terrible which it what's who's appease its embarrassing poorly written. In full eyes we questioned him and he immediately cover up it's it's because a woman corrected me that's like anti feminism you know if you write a lousy call your woman owner just like you guys to deal with it I you know Dan Shaughnessy is it high against crappy columns around board stated that you didn't. When I do something dump if you're a woman you know you rights and and lousy people criticize you. In a way I think it's you moving forward right but I feel comfortable doing that gets a good thing if it's if it's if it's in fact because they wrote and I was. But obviously there's so many double standards I mean shuttle wilder accused us of hitting on her at a bar in Houston admission. We weren't there we didn't do it we never would do it and we had via the 3 in the morning of course who weren't there to close out together hit on me. Whatever and this is no accountability site. If we said the opposite if we silly was with her college years you know pounds and she's just sort of she came up to my room and me pledge made something not right. I think I have some explaining to do and deservedly so of course of course C. And I was in charge it was smartest predict that up now and made a nobody and I talk to Chad from the bunny suit you know you can fleeting in that. I mean she's just you know and it was chests and friend right Chela wildly to foundered in yesterday's devoted to his worst thing in the second. This was was harassment part of that ridiculous. Wavy hair she was she that's her right they're going I don't want to be but I never spoken to a jeweler come through the car. And bring up your own rate in this story. Is it your way firing back at critics who said you can't get any. Something hot blood alcohol separate treatment or Tutsis strike on the mean that's our space. This is it features they did because our Spain cut mean tweets. She'll meet tweets which everyone gets some some people just blocked and so people laugh at them ignore them whenever. She cry in the because some actor re read them or read them two over and you don't get hit by car. Ha ha. The Packers and whatever city that mean do you. He can be a good note to Stewart to our girls. You look at the more you try it again which I take to please yet expect rag top. Affected cheese I think and I mean tweets and something handsome guy towards a loser on the basis of surprise. I mean no one else gets those Chester chicks. Hit and that those are those are pathetic and those guys socked in and we agree. For three bringing guys living actors they find the worst tweets read to us Chris Curtis played general. Mean tweets to us the Kurds could be as we are again don't know Reid and Biggio Twitter let's you all right let's let's of the worst weeks over the years and curbs and spoken. People tweet it's about parents about stuff but yes they have Frontline. Not say. Some not at all. And that's something the picture that shows you that's looking to life at ESP Livan has bubble. What's that it's taken industries are Spain's in Beijing and misses and management took Garros and you know. He balloons and I would call on snowflakes Toma. Who declined from a protester are gonna come on the show should reach out against that I don't even have to quarrel was drinks hit midnight great time and senator hammered out is awesome yeah. On told of their. Please limit yourself great great writer I tried to consider if you take your senator as. You said emulate. I like we bolstered each other him Alec he's like a more patient errors occurred to kiss on mr. hitter McCann knows that boots on bags and he said to their revenue few drinks reelect. He just story after if she liked him if you don't all right like OK time for your boyfriend. Did you ever year old suffered apologize I back resolute that it was attacked why that was in Houston is weird. Let's there was like there. Osama selfish we took a whack a ball I believe the next morning in the times in one hole. We must have been greeted some as foursquare the night was unbelievable yeah its problem that was funny. We had breakfast the next day and sober you were a little tired. We've got along great it was not it wasn't that's pretty if it was for a chemistry that's what the eighth. Curtain. I chipped it hates starts he's jealous that I got it party. It's a factor in her. That's true I do a touch of a factor in child wiles is senior writer for gentle daughter I'd say that's that's I would say it's a factor yes speak up and it should be you know he calls from across scores she was. My office just I would agree anyway so she tween outs on the issued sports of showbiz new jobs available. DM her if you want it to the position especially if you're warming now I'll I'll be honestly I don't find that two elephants. It wouldn't strike me as offensive as what I expect from someone like Charles wild even satellites are Spain's kidnapping on the girls packets but that's so she's a young woman writer she wants you more young woman right destroyed by Ashley don't have she's honestly she's there because she's a woman and she wants other people to be there because they're women. Yes according to recent series said he five outlets out for France's. 90% sports editors and 88 point 5% of sports reporters were met. Okay that's that's. To be a perfect world that would be so this report right. Sure public support which the percentage in the fashion industry. I duplicate evoke I'd love for Clinton to be a wise from the wise. Because of men gravitate to something's in women gravitate to the by the subway here was a perfect world should be 5050 while it's still to be eighty have to let I don't know what the percentages but obviously. Men are more main interest in this agreement that is clearly the case so Ed werder. For some reason this dispute but air disaster summaries. Usually off flash news opinion. Into the fence of men some may need not apply any others ineligible he wrote to be fair to defend child while she did not say that memory ineligible for this. She's just saying Richard for a woman at the job right. Correct. They went back and forth & Associates LP the best regardless of race sex and other factors worse if it resembled on story. Well unfortunately a lot of women and people of color who are the best ought to get passed over during hired processes. Every publication to support make extra effort issue and if she goes that relationship that that is. Absurdly due to that statement true. That is patently blatantly officials but the beaches and the way back you know she does not not right now we'll just call us going with the right between her moment. All of these tired old conventional wisdom which is but 100% falls right Pelosi she wrote to get back to court totally werder reacted. Yes I when I see her tweet I think nothing of the hit a nerve or hit a nerve with him but he's a white guy got laid off who was pretty good at his job and probably sees. Some women like you know I loved it Chessman dozer like that users do his own life and he's had some tragedies like he's looking at these women. And his hand or may be around when at rest as one cent a better than she news. That's only natural sure absolutely I would obviously he's more sensitive than you were two good points and ten is up for sure they go back and forth and turns and like spin offs. Well listen Jane McManus weighs in and brick and he's going and they're going back and forth. Robert McCann is as you broke in the industry by selling yourself as a dean of social media it's who bought tickets you've been to the soldier body at attention. Then you have as shocked to women and feminism. Yup Jews right ESP NW and decline is POWs terrific. It's excellent it's a spread it out of the undefeated and move. Favor proof. That the undefeated WB two greatest thing ever likable. I lovable but that are readable for the same team and don't and I love Wimbledon. Analogy of feminism Sara Spence adored that seed of that chance right for the W. Nuclear or words you understand or respect the site invoking W to argue disapprove pipelines for real now it's frankly nonsensical. And she says that she wraps up by saying a summer job I got there about to work you knew you'd like to find them they go back in the gets ugly. It gets terrible like the girls it's speaking of ugly I would say. Me. Between the two of them. It's much. I think she's more attractive and sea search search pays attract she usually really smoking hot missiles that she wants to be considered that anymore are you she's she's trying to be more time to be home or professional yes yeah. But he. Bristol it's got a boyfriend she goes on his side we have the picture view that was good that was funny. To the tweets that these spotlight treatment for experts standing at tennis player who's a little craze here which is deal. And he tweets that people in actually have a really long that's enough I relationships for the growth and that's going to be done by October. October yes wouldn't say I think she she hates them. Arch enemy so it's kind of disappointing way you'll always be one right. A picture ever really get past me now she's the one yet when I mean she was about that which have in the morning your arm in which she's with his tennis player yet. You know she's taken me this a question absolutely and our friend it's spreads a lot of all right I'm on social. They don't know that that's those things. She says through like you know if you think maybe she can hear transplant there I don't know. Exactly what your voice systems as smooth as some of your. Consider smoking the good lord. Athlete. It's about that your story get your system and she loves it's program. And a factory. Are are to come up 61777790. Three's and will we get back if you want to share. We could Spencer temptress curbs report yes I would like to do them I'm exceptionally excited that Aniston. I am about to have been overrated ego murderous. To do a great job at may have teased with a market me. More on the road just yet it's partly Tebow hit the road it's taken TE. I drove where it was partly rifle low island rumble okay he's are ruffle. I'm whom. Like he was the regiment movies. So you took your car and drove through that tunnel. Drew drew drove through it renteria driver off the Ted Williams and you found a place to park any Steve you went to all the body suggest some tees we will do that the whole entire he tees it. We did do the whole story not not salon to get to. I drive through tunnels and then and that's why is this is at work right alike is whistling through which this is what the globe guys you can do they were too lazy to do. Wouldn't point we can join let's go to 7-Eleven and I mean and happily it is essential tool for a possible book her. It's no the reason and that's all like that they go over.