K&C - Pete Cosenza, 70, bile duct cancer, Dennis Port 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

In January 2016 Pete returned from a golf trip. He had lost weight and felt terrible. His doctor gave him a physical, which led to a biopsy that revealed some cancer cells in his liver. Pete was later diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer. He was told by his local hospital that he had a very limited prognosis. Being from the Cape and all too familiar with traffic to Boston, Pete initially didn’t want to go to Dana-Farber, but at his family’s urging he eventually gave in and switched his treatment to Dana-Farber. He is very glad he did. Pete has been on a full dose of his first line of chemotherapy now for 21 cycles and has had a remarkable response to his treatment. He is doing very well physically and also works hard to live his life despite his cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. He is an avid golfer and a professional barber.


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Joining us here as we continue. Are a two day sixteenth annual WEE nine to become more on her you tell model get the aboard updated year and a second peak sends it is joining us from Dennis port. You're golfing in January 2016. You came home and had some issues where you golf let's start there where does where does he go on a golf trip. Myrtle Beach all how many days back off how many rounds for. That's pretty good it wise and you came forward. Feeling good C assumed you'd just hung over causes. They binge Clive Davis then you're in Myrtle Beach it was. And you're right. But I looked like crap and I just have less of maybe 1015 pounds but did that and that's a blood distances. Now scheduled biopsy whose outcome is that we found some can't just those who live up who. As if how bad it's it goes oh can be too bad because I've come out very anywhere. Today. And I college appointment. On the case. And a Cantonese is on that facility so. I don't paint pretty pitches and don't. Lie about it basis okay. What is it that he is stage four Olympic cancer Campillo operator can't beat Cuba. And when I was just sit there and I've known her since you support team for the first time amounts of open that was coming out. Nicest while. Allowing you give me. He uses a year to a year in where proper medication. And fitness and good notifying. Went to Boston. This is a year and a half theaters tree. Absolutely and I lost almost forty pounds thirty pounds. Yellow. Look like. Walking Dead. And we met that PG inactives. And we go we go walked in Israel where that gloom and doom after what we've period. And within an hour and a half we worked or chili's. And when he told us and now he explained it to us he's. Do you rate up. And I do have to say this but they found. The whole thing from. The belies a parakeet cats that are receptionists and this. Doctors and there's just clinicians. Everybody's nice and that missing that much nation is true yeah it is true that Rio was a little nervous have to look as if you don't meet any you know you know. I mean. If you had any experience with them and you have any questions like I I felt like it was in the box and know what to say what as sure. The nurses and you mean mine of information about it and no matter what you asked they will find that means if they don't know what vehicle trying to. And so how do you mentioned I mean you look fine. He looked he looked you know that in the months to get through now you've been on 12121. Cycles right. That are at this of the notes yeah around the house 2.0 ploy to OK 22 yeah. And how you feeling today yes I feel as you look good it's just you know. You know idea energy levels well sure before I got I'm to a really good visual played nine holes of golf yesterday. Next week and hopefully go play king got an excellent and you did it hasn't helped your game and you've lost thirty pounds. And now let them back at it it took me. I'll let Sama. To get out and a strength to walk now handle. It just. You know where you have to keep doors and exercise. It it. It's fair enough and now it feels so mind. And it allows you to fight this disease when you get to hear and half mark you say okay I mean this month now along to a half dozen. Question and come up. I don't really. Think of it. I'm. I'm just thankful for every day equipment like Kinect sesame. We're gonna shrink this thing down to a critical disease an added note that meant s.'s. Well until something goes well it will be like heart disease and diabetes. Where we can treat it maintain. And if we can do you view and picture. 345 years with the help you get now which is taking her yen Tokyo. So cute idea I think is to do the meanest thing hopefully sentinel to come down the road. You think without Dana Farber you're not here I've. I would recommend. Everybody straight game near the experience is worth well now I can have this treatment. Done down the tape and but for what they've done for me both mentally cases diseases to meet more mental than it is physical but it you have to get. Stuff that he had then taking. Trying to fight this disease. But what they've done for me I still come down every other week and get my treatments the. It's like to drive the case the Boston can't beat that I loved it. I love I remake catalogs. Stories of real we say this all the time traffic it's the worst it's ever been in the history of civilization convinced that. Yet. And if you're kind of from the cape. Italy like fourth data on the deficit. And it is an accident. Right. Peak well thanks Janice thanks so much and good luck in the Krugman yeah I was supposed to be gone eighteen months great run eighteen holes actually well. I hope. A you're you're Barbara. Can you look at months this Obama on the side try not to cry we'll could do with that well what would you do. It's where should it at all. It's just give it is a parent like I get my hand saying. He's got high here feel seven years old number of societal trend challenge pace right but this is yet about the Coleman get out yes my shower you're gonna go right. Thanks so much beat good luck I think you guys and I hope somebody donates bode well they will it will.