K&C Pirated Pete and Pats/Jets picks 10-13-17.

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 13th

Hour 4 Callahan, Mut, and Tomase make their picks for the upcoming games this weekend. 


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Kirk. I personally feel it's very important to lose. Powerful. You know frankly the NFL should have. Suspended him for one game at a would have never done it again the owners should be demanding this not the President Obama also rose. The rise of people in this country to make statements will prove to us they have every right achieve. You're not honoring stand for the flag that you won't plug Kirk Manhattan that he knew born paid her arms and. Oh yeah bad. Fat. I just wanna you know less about me very. I can just just. Senior nation it was. You know in picture and had such great relations with Kate that groups those talk have been played sound fundamentals Robertson bears and Gerry Callahan much ignoring what Friday looking forward to that with us. Sun shone through life. Wants them so little hair yeah idyllic but take his clothes off and as she gets out there chains something new meaning that a rope I pick a I'm not quite right I might but if you enjoy the rest of your wins. Enjoy the rest of your birthday and to the rest your body on Sports Radio telling you. Final hour on the fifth and final eight. And would you kid to love seeing you. Woke up that morning you knew the Celtics who planned that night maybe playing the lakers are excited you were that's so excited months what does orders quicken up just thinking of a shower tonight weather here in the lone bug now we have her with their Magic Johnson. Gorillas in the mist at months of the night. That there this year that would you show before the move aircraft. Plug after the movie come along and will be embedded in my parents. Watching our the voice tonight so you realize everything about. It's out. Now officially off the table she's got he has too much for it she's school he's not listening and sopranos isn't so we're all allergies get out on. Should know Jake Skinner in my life she wanted to be terrible at the official Kirk in Callahan outward tweets about this achievements. Or edit or whatnot is there by some and anti social she's chimpanzees and showers that's a tough. Although although I'm sure your queries or we went out and only some offense out of midnight Tomas he'll want to fly here if you were between goofy to me that's true Donna don't. He and while yes I am I don't guys you I guess I actually have a list in my house of all means all mean subjects. That could lead to somebody being fired okay. It's means I'll. Awe of them out lassie thing doesn't matter worse to recap Schilling and the duty that to Toledo hey you know let's ask a transgender person if it was that's how it works well for Paula it is silly you know. Secondly this is he was steering telling you and I now she was serious call the president white supremacy is clearly encouraged her viewers and I realized there's not many of them. To boycott the NFL or boycott responses. That crosses every line in the booked in you know. But will move on events that just about let's beefs let's see yours is about Brett is that ruled out. Looking for a reason to silence there. Where's the answer is Hillary's time pick any fire RV and willingness ESPN you Wear the dose they promote her even though she's on at noon in the ratings sucked then they promoted to the prime spot. And the more promotion for that show and racial history this is autumn time is estado before it's about giving it Aaron. To be angry right wingers who won one group that ESP you know he had a hand Hamas a bubble and that's ESPN all that this is very comfortable placed in the Tomas he bubble is only one in their tomorrow if you trust. And then you and they and they had each on it and you don't think she's there dessert to be suspended. I understand the idea of going to watch their dad's boat and again that. But let's also call this what it is which is. Trying to throw a bone to the people who think he has yet to what I can restore lose to suspend the first most of the time they suspend her with AA. Could have fired her. Thousand times over she's admirable job and they won't because she's like Q. She's a good moon that and everyone there thinks the same way every when their mates trump everyone there thinks global warming is the biggest threat to mankind would all of bunch of lunatics like you in turn. Too cute getting in knowing. Gonna move off here and I'm ready to move on top rated a tyrant like me with trial will like Jimmy Kimmel we just want. That's we as at some laughs. Now we wanted to cry wanted to hear Kirk crime would that won't play it's let's just amazing Kirk cried as podcasts at these candidates were excellent and very very his broadcast I highly recommended that that hurt. Kirk. Can't and so fruit Kirk that he will not play any we asked to do. Guy you have cued up now can now you always put it doesn't he opened Kurtz put it. Okay snow podcast a real lot of play pirate model today yeah bluntly Pete sell last summer air from Pete was a week ago today came on the show. It was a full breakdown of the patriots and and Buccaneers right give us the whole hurricane story fault Albert. I really did how's the highlight Pete's appearance here highly of Albert's life. And now he's he's eternity he knows what's big in this country right now a big topic in this country soccer people are down on teen USA. It's that but he can't. Go three seconds I hear someone talk about soccer so of course Pete is passion about this passion about soccer and he's upset at the US soccer team. Add insult to injury is Roma Florence is called it that that depend a lot topics on Google didn't go and coffee ice and Paul and Jack. Big time what an embarrassing loss at the worst thing is they're complaining get them field withstood sought out somebody's Third World countries play on how pastures that's God's honest so our players off you'll probably said this morning and ESPN. Bob Lee said this morning and he's big soccer guys use like. It it it made Hamburg from the accident Microsoft went I mean that's how. I mean seriously tradition alive at Walgreens and adjust bettered their immunity I think it's been an awful coach overall I think. Just awful stops and always talked among Bruce Arena when Joseph what she meant to go to get a couple things you haven't liked about. Bruce Arena just the repeat response to these woody smell food movement of players around him. He didn't change and trying to change I was Diana Dodi did know exactly and trying to an awesome flat and they might. Almost get fired before app that for the Costa Rica lost the personal the Mexico lost about that one which is okay with her -- the Holocaust and my love. Meadows Henrik it was worse present company is quickly by viewers at home and because Rickles was Clinton's last game actually. And then they brought it wears or did you ever moved gubernatorial. Level agreement was not in the coach. That was like six months at my house. Before movement thirteen it was it was saint LS which no one plan I'm fifty years old and I'll tell you. Since rusty when it were Italy and 84 a 82 when I need to reform forward I was happy I played out as aeronautics Olympics that's the first time right I was I was like OK this is great my heritage might might. Mammoth bones are unfortunately. Now. Relatives that follow the team told yet spreads well look at that's what that what that was what this is not the it would go on Christmas tour. You're stuck gonna take off soccer and make us that it's not it's never it never is enough. But that it was a ceremonies and tell you about grand finale and a fireworks. Marco about some time ago. The markets and their self or that people really in the stock. Maybe. I'm not gonna lie and a whole column written about the US team and pandering like on its grumbles when you know on the city for Ireland and ask you this week went in the US team was terrible missed a lot of like the world. I'd like to the underdogs so I was rooting for the US against two countries turned them into yet it's unfair. That is inferior right Ali people who watch his opponent people in Trinidad 1000001. Million how many or Tobago. It's 750 is at the same against the country of 330 million that's a good underdog story and happy for turn it again now they are playing for nothing. Don't you one half million of an honest I have a plus one point oh please get and that the World Cup a little bit. Not at all now it but I don't need team USA in ball a well you definitely dues we watch for you know watched Nona I public and it went in Iceland qualified Iceland did yeah anyway they were radio in the area counter attacks ST those funds moment he's rude for Belgium. Lights on low unhinged mentally knowing that you treating them now. I like suck Alexi sauce of people suffer. An agreement on that so why people are known ally. As they think it's a religion they don't think it's a sport on your soccer people are going because you have to really really really like be obsessed with soccer talk about it fueling actually like it. You got you should not be allowed to talk with I don't think Pete the most sensitive experience I I'm oh loss and and it's hockey fans pretty close group knows you very close mean sense playing hockey ads are pretty close since. That's players it's you know Campbell played on a broken out KST he skated fro I guess thirty seconds and then his career as a group. I you. Since million times Alex I like golf club watching golf I loved watching the majors. If you don't like it and you don't know it yet and I don't care you know like a buck doesn't like that the idea he had major and people are like that I don't care at all. But if you tell soccer person. I don't care what sport they get offended. I literally used to write these things and get eaten them all kinds of trouble. From so soccer people wanted to kill me how to back home me and he said he was with telemundo. Cities writing a column about my mother going to church and I was literally going. Confusing what are you talking about because I just watched write about your mother and I go behind those. Could you run about something sacred to me you criticize subsequent to meet a lot of criticism sacred here. And I say go for it was a Spanish language newspapers Seattle like care Tucker good. My mother neither my mother nor I are gonna read it's a go nuts but that is I'm literally changed. And balloons that don't take us seriously anymore and I don't think I think American soccer fans who did it. Where there are no longer like trying to convince everyone at its greatest sport world is given up any Megan nasty little baseball definitely. They've definitely given up now clear is given up as the reds fans here core I rate they make Rouse who owns the team they have yet safely in all my uncle out of things and present the ice Trinidad putting a lot of guys think that world. Fire hot and trend that. They go home. I aimed as a 1000003 Yasser combined 11 point three million people. That's like about the size of Greater Boston. They beat the great United States of America which is 330 million people Bruce arena's. And its coach who cast. It's MLS is a taller players play and MLS and it's a crap league offense well hopefully contribute that. All of that I mean Trinidad there's no excuse for losing them but in terms of why they are even in this position. The US best players play overseas but too many of implant MLS it's not a good enough sleep well this idea how many let's just better to whom. Pretty almond who. Freddie ado he's gone missing out. The Zurich for the years old and he's no line edit the nude in new flavor of the month is Christian ballistic but he's cool he's for real. He's seventeen years old nineteen years on the minds rebels and Russian Dortmund Michael Bradley OK okay it wasn't as Michael Bradley seems terrible yet I watched the World Cup he was terrible he's only there SA you watched it's a nepotism I ally there could put. I'm not passionately want to get a choice raider tirade like Pete did. You need the US they care that it's a good game it's got a couple hours to brainwash someone who now want to talk. I'm okay with that we also have Jimmy Kimmel went on that really is it's gonna happen now. Poor Harvey Weinstein. He is going to get ripped from the from everywhere. Coast to coast border to border he's gonna get shredded because then people gotta make a call to make here you know. All the phonies who covered form all of them have flex Matt Damon's and George Clooney's and Jane Fonda's. They're gonna turn on him now because it's convenience popular it's only way to go right as nor the place right. I think the only girl Alicia Lindsay Lohan and the players shields of UV she apologize or something and she was wrong achieved yet. Plastic surgery on her face asking. It says some happen where even the people that Donna Karan defended him the next day so I'm sorry eleven dude again. Mean he's in rapists it's hard to defend. You know it serial rapists even if you know we don't a lot of money to campaign even Hillary and Barack you have but I know you're hurt it's been a rough could spin it had been a tough time forum. And he's gonna get he's asking for a second chance I am so happy about this because I think. Pressures on law enforcement the pressures on the FB IN YPDNYPDLAPD. He is going to prison and hopefully as well as going to prison hopefully his all as enablers the sixteen people that work within. It's that they regretted not stopping him hopefully they all go to prison that will be great in America if all of the Weinstein crime family. Is brought to justice. Jimmy Kimmel went the only holdout left Jimmy Kimmel that slobbering. Hugh could. Who cries on Q. School. Is not going after in my right. Still nothing last cultural lastly it all shall. To its ultra and still while I turn on his his buddies hero Harvey Weinstein another. Hollywood phone. Mean I guess those guys can stick together you mean and now we hear but I know I know went on Good Morning America today and I know Harvey Weinstein came up wanna come back and hear that and if you think Pete passionate about soccer. Turns out he's a huge Miami Hurricanes and he Lou worked here for how many years the market important plus I'd ever would you guys ever hear he was a huge Miami Eric and it was a bit college football fellow member of doing an interview in Tennessee pick. Breaking down the BC game. It was BC their apparently as Miami tool here I'd Jimmy will hear repeat and get all the way until 10 o'clock AW. The voice of the cage Josie Kathy will be calling action he's here with us weekly visit with us right now Joseph how are yet. They joke. Great feet very very they're very well outside I think Michael ever nice screen to the same time as I'd be even though are capable when when Joseph is that'd be you for instance and the in the seventies when nobody. That we. Like them but I I was crazy I think it's clear to people on the sixth hole where I live on the par three. It would but that that pat I mean I think mildly rosier. Had a big boy growing up moment doctor and that gave the pass to Darryl leg of the enemy that David. The whole thing which is protect what. We'll look at their complete video was on the golf course couple that had never heard that on what a horrible brag gambler down. Some are fine we are through on this to South Florida peninsula owns the market now that I could see why he's the big Miami from machine. I'm here on the show claims he's not gonna push amount but I that is come. Questions for Tomas and I hate cops and you mean you have to admit they know how to do funerals men they this is gonna be so impressed of their setting up for the funeral for. Officer roomy GO. On the order to expert who got killed on 9:5 Sunday morning when it's crazy eighteen year old. 100 miles an hour and a Mercedes and he was out front on Sunday morning run on the Harley. And ends up dead 55 years old and they are lining up for his funeral. And it is going to be one impressive show cause it was a motorcycle cop and there are million motorcycles and cruisers and nice day they can walk is going to be a huge. Wall of blue. Always the kid who hit him as as we hear appeared to like damn you Allah that it looks. He's had an enemy that is what you have been in it right it's what he looked like that but he shaved that off I think. I think you're allowed to do that will anything the primary or in jail and I don't know much about it try to fight during the drag racing is 9:30 in the morning on Sunday as someone assuming wasn't drunk. That may be on drugs I don't know we don't know much he's in jail he's got a thickest and how did you get bailed out of these 101000 old male. Gonna do what two years may be. May be they don't go away for them before a bye if he's not trump he's just reckless driving. And in May be it's I was he's got a bunch of violations a speeding in in other things but. Yucca do more than a year to thank. I don't. I'll be surprised means the peanut prompt canyon and repeat offender. Among other question really is yielding yet Reynolds did violate human and it's involuntary manslaughter got to thank you got a hundred years may be a dad and he's eighteen. Mean Christ and eighteen and you think you know can get away with this going a hundred miles an hour on a Sunday morning on 95 I'd rather than all the time cops are everywhere it's special and suddenly this weekend mornings yes there are there they're out there amid an I don't know any goes across the medium which is not. It's pretty wide space in most places across comedians. Which is dirt and grass that's crazy and kills like they do everything let things happen exactly quite can you just kill yourself can you get in no hurry. But I can you discourage picks in now just killing cell death this poor guy his wife died last year. He's had two daughters and there are like there and there now leading the procession that there's all the hype has lined up all of please remember we have some answers or questions from Craig is in Sharon hey Craig. I did a great job guys Lexus Sunday morning and drive and committee the united back door to Massachusetts. There's about ten or 120. I was all the same size all that shook sedan that was being by swerving in and out of traffic. Driving at least under my. You can drag racing with ten other counters. Yet there are other cars and vault. I assume that I thought there was one other car when you say drag race and picture two cars. No it was more and that it was speeding by because I can remember him specifically because he was going. He went from the first plane to a certain lane cut back into the first or any or whatever they could do no. And driving like bitch he says that a few miles up I actually went by the swat everybody has slowed down. Before this new era to a New Hampshire state troopers got there and it looked like they were trying to lift the palace national audience that road. How wide was. How wide was the median Craig when you saw where the accident. Yeah it's sort of really slow down median us what that you decide there's good. Yeah probably could tenure at any side maybe sixty feet. Not stop them if you got a hundred they've got 100 vineyard swerving from lane the lane once you lose control your guy entered near and a missile now. Annan and crossed to the other sides this guy's just cruise around and on Sunday morning I was mostly. And these men whose life is in the by the maniac. I don't know maybe he'll get five view reality can he get out on 101000 dollars bail. He has sliced his role in definitely is the state declared an immediate threat to public safety. I'm URD at three citations this year in August he got pulled over I don't registration. In June he was cited for his involvement in a surcharge able accident Burlington meaning uniquely do mostly fall and April. He guts at root a speeding ticket so three different traffic violations since April chiefs. Well you won't be driving again anytime soon if ever. But he's not gonna and he's only eighteen he's going to be back and you know. Going to be free I'd never jitters had one of those ten car races but I'm sure you guys hang times as and there are that's insane artists on a highway sum it happens sometimes Arnold Red Sox baseball these two cars and they seem to be. Sort chasing each other more thinking they're racing somewhere reversing and yes I wanna know but that's enclosed he gets a New Hampshire mark Agassi. With Syria cops everywhere they've that's half the revenue in New Hampshire from speeding tickets on 95 I'm I'm guessing it's always it's speed trap. And if you drive that road regularly you know who you can't. Don't push it. And these. I don't know the other guys Kaka and hopefully that did that and re an above the other no look I'm looking race or the other that nine or ten other cars that he said a fourteen turn it on coming traffic. Torre turned into racing other vehicles 2013 Mercedes-Benz. C 300 right there are now and I had any of immersing announced this rich parents their it is it's stolen or what what was the question as much on it. Is Michael Ricky RC CI Berwick I'm sure they'll write some sort of write this weekend about. Never this race was on shore but they have it'll pay cameras in the in the choppers over the funeral processions going to be amazed and I do agree when he was arraigned on Wednesday they have they'll get officer's hand it took the handcuffs off of our lives in Iraq. Lou remains yielding officer. And use those handcuffs has to do. And they'll stare them down in court the other cops but this is going to be some miles this show. But we had collier's Shonn collars funerals up the street from my house then basically a whole town shut down because it was one of those just huge displays you know. At the same green home as a Kirk's parents Joker experience that. I I'd heard that I didn't do. How he transition to a but I did wanna hear we didn't get him yeah dad yeah that is training and ambient air current terrorist trials and you have such as Jimmy Kimmel would get to hear Jim little the occur cause. Canas or embarrassing ultimately three times Kurtz you cry and as podcasts at some nice things about mutt he didn't yet. But I think you're just take abuse that's my only skill and rating in the low I suck I suck you. I suck up my nite shows I suck on Red Sox. But can I can sit here and take abuse of four hours it's why I'm working tells the story you view calling him raw balloon please help he does he's they have brought us a fake news Cali and he does not say that need to does tell the story and it ever agreed to let him tell a story but there's no rules with and what I think you you sign up for a plotted now. Now we talked to Kirk off the air you know that something's gonna come up and I figured that would come up seeking here and that's why don't talk to Kirk recalling when I was arrested you can get that up on the podcast to him by the reasoning here that I wanna hear from Campbell. She be Kimmel is complete again but he puts about this he's not addressed. Harvey Weinstein now on today's heated trump on Tuesday trump all Wednesday in this morning on Good Morning America as he finally. At some point as to why does it starts with trump and trump junior gets a bit. Election next week. There any chance to get president John there. I hate I would guess that he's he's not planning to visit me any time soon. I think come he and Sean Hannity have date night. Those nights sell stuff to breakaway he's played well. Logo might go out. The canned laughter without that sign that is left for his audience of you know hyenas and it's just sounds so. Plant into laughter it is on me admittedly so used to not used to having those landings in the audience laughing and anything he says. I had. Would you like to have Donald Trump on the show absolutely I have a lot of questions for Donald Trump what would be your first one well I really. Maybe this is crazy but I feel like I could turn it around on a couple things you know team was calling you out. Along with other liberal Hollywood alt a leak. Saying that people are late in the game to talk about. Oh yeah idiot let's just start with that this is that this is an episode that this. Saint whose job seemed to be tweeting as far as I get tough but. All unstuck but don't read about yet you see us and India is talking when Dalton junior highlight the things he's is fused with him DJT. Junior. And that's who stuck I think tries not Thomas weren't yet to see news broad and guess yeah we down all the best with that said. I do admire that he's. Very loyal to his father first of all the Harvey Weinstein good people like this false equivalents as of that somehow is equivalent to what happened in Las Vegas I mean. Apparently on scene is not a person it is not a friend of mine I'm not in the movie business and hollow and that that story came out like I think. Moments before we went to tape on Thursday and we'd have a show on Friday so it did rested on the following Monday. And so you know of course I was it's a convenient now what what they're doing now is there tried to drag out. Any kind especially these gun nuts trying to drag any little thing getting comedy bit I get out of context and use it as some kind of prove they're saying that I'm calling myself the moral conscience of America tried most certainly never did and most certainly never wore. He walked off that I sat out the what happened it is completes spin control registry as he's at the end of that. This was please please put him on the morning show and get about our people is people are turning off the show. Don't relates to many now let's get some spin control on this and they add that I played at eight profiles never been higher all of your mark out at all that she his ratings go down meats because people like me hate them they're gonna go what we Abbott. People like you while watching those shows to the extent where I'm I used to think you watch it was a funny and now Mike away you know what are what. And I what is the what is the Jay Leno have now for the lose like six and Greg may feel that all they also integrate their boards got most people here is poised to announce its third and yet you struggle or has it on the air only five not colossal model of this. Does that mean I retreat open is going to be in trouble with a show like all eight at a late night hosts the all white guys as tools on diversity. As a diversity of thought at all and members all think the same way they say the same things number particularly funny they'll hate trumpet all devoted lefties. All of them Kimmel yes falcon and my point so my hair for a joke on all over. I would be flip around that's what I weren't watching TV you know and and flip around I used to takes it out any of them. I don't skeptically. Island and I did I would stomp on them hell on Friday nights have found myself flipping by air. Omar occasionally sues you because of who he was immediate conservative decide to sit down with him and take a beating. But occasionally you know in game Milo Baghdad beat audience that big wet kiss. X and he hates you know Muslim extremists he's the he's the only liberal as the guts to come out against Islamic extremism. A given that but he'll I'll watch that show and late night shows him with a SNL I don't watch it live the next day at this clips you'll win a watch I don't it's easy to do that that's it I nice and I asked that while viewing on Jerry you I hate wanting to catch Jack zero waste we step on Saturday night's what I I'll watch the open last week it opened with Jason LT and I was. Very impressed that was a cool open. Would you agree yet jays held his singing Tom Petty that was a great I do it it was cool and I hate to watch grown and it goes to Michael cherry hate those two so much. I take you pleasures and how bad there and how little. Humor there is in there when the show was that I would stay up exactly to that point that the weekend update and say OK that's what I do for the rest but not only watch but you're right you can Sunday morning it's all online. If you wanna catch and most adults can happen if the blind profile and equip it happens they. Something funny and catch an ounce on the morning. Aren't we had a comeback and he threw things can armed predictions on patriots jets and we have some breaking news in the NFL I suggested this this morning India that you disagreed Jarrett is the cowboys are raw but my prediction this weekend. Is that players in response to Jerry Jones again deal. I'm not as busted a couple weeks ago but much more than last week and one player is essentially cleaned the rest lead this morning in a letter posted. On line by the current NFL player. To fight back against the NFL we'll have some of that old getting pats jets prediction before hand the baton to the big big guys to end of the week. Yeah. It's. We love Protestant and here goes famous two words look at a softens the weekend. In a couple of minutes he also loved because free coffee Fridays are back and are happening now in the end of October only. At Cumberland farms. I said this last night on my show which I was listening to. Is that you guys this morning the NFL's to have a lot more dealers this weekend and part that's gonna be Russell oh cool of the San Diego char LA chargers are. In an usual public call to arms the chargers lineman said he would post a letter online Friday. Urgent leagues 17100. Players taking unified stand against NFL pressured. From team owners to curb demonstrations are in the National Anthem before games well. We can either wait until receive our respective marching orders speak up individually or find a way to cut collaborate. An exercise our agency as the lifeblood of the league he wrote in the letter which apparently can be posted. At some point this morning it is almost a thousand words and he takes the league in the owners walls to task here comes more dealing this week. Kerry will there be a patriot on his knees. What do penguins say. He said two things he said yes and no apology within it within five minutes ago quarter that they would be you lose in the prime ministers have it be known news a little opposite of what ever as you know jets have been kneeling at all and so no patriots either Saddam Hussein known Neil as a stimulus now and that the suspense builds too weak and that because the cowboys cowboys if they kneel through Jones as the heat come off the field. And the awesome I'm distracted by Jim Croce has them picture Austin scene in jango. They start blown people away and it's and I'll. Moving runway that's one of his best friends couldn't guarantee them that hey he wrote science instrument Quinton Tarantino just focus silence today happily grew last night said he needs a few more days to process low noisy. Rich Indian like you know man Clinton commands. And he's. He's heartbroken. I was I would say that card pro are broken for Harvey Jerry people a final score from you only hear today and one hell yeah it doesn't matter who just change it but. I'm gonna say they cover their nine point favorite yes I thought it was a 211 as an outside 99 and a half its morning. 3110 what he said month. Patriots 2460. Nastier on Connor why. And on your suggestions. Packed passenger in save money betting against the pass and run the ball a lot with a lot of running keep Brady's shoulder protected. You know watch tomorrow's balance of my children prior to kind of guy carved out my accent I your boycott is gone now I don't. I've Monday I'll be back with Tom Brady didn't hurt then Hannah and believe. Hopefully they'll keep it together and those who motion these days you particular polls show but. Two or what they units we Tuesday Tuesday when we got Roemer makers come back one of these days a little. Rule Reimer I'm one Newsday or Roemer. I don't think so I think later in the week strings on someone Icelander so they're in the world. She said in the world and Roemer who's making his return. And Kirk has promised to not today not to. And I treat him with and learning kid gloves with a good ugly war and it's going to be worth listening to it's always the mid day show coming up at 10 o'clock right here on W Wii yet. This girl actually. Jesus. That's what's trending well WEEI WEEI dot com. Could we can enjoy the rest your five.