K&C - Pirated Pete Sheppard at an LPGA event; Kirk is censored by producers 11-17-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, November 17th

Hour 3: Pirated Pete strikes again. Kirk is upset that he can't say certain words on air.


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. And Sports Radio WEEI. You can get over to upload a Gulf Coast and see those kids play where they 91 note club team but my goodness I mean. I'm sure appreciate hockey. And hospitality that the level ever see any of their games. Appreciate show live entering its thirtieth season unbelievable but you also got that you're a new team in your division this year and the clergy in the Jacksonville what's been coming up from Evansville Indiana so that's exciting as well. It is. I'm not part of the family more we still love that's right we're not allowed to have pure lazy shepherd. BO you know. A he. The guy says he he he added one of those yet the CEO of the qualities intervenes it cannot come off and they actually believe that there's and he missed his grand and her views on happy that you. Spilled some gossip site you know I had to tell the story about him and human knocked it really says you're. Swear to god I'm not a media means a piece trying to push but made a surprising but now it's an adversary cold months ago he wouldn't last a football. And I she's made us want to press. So why not. Oh god there were eleven LPG event of the GA event yesterday yesterday and mom. Beat it'll a good. Girls women's golf women's kuwaitis while there was some some young girls just Levys prepare and they don't seem oceans. And he was immersed in the atmosphere if you're single felony count Florida figured differently eat maybe maybe we get to these golfers themselves single lane and single lady of the lesbian persuade wanna odorless. There are many are hurt us rhetoric everywhere currently used to like listen I like it might actually do as you can and I do Bible mortgage ruled YouTube proved to me I'd like our friends are gay and lesbian you proved to me how you're homophobic you showed me that's huge stash of lesbian porn correct. Correct yes that's for a third Clinton at a we have you centerpiece for this event yesterday I was looking at some of the numbers of some assistance with a lot about that. What looked at all of not you know what right out of the game thank you beat that number does that was what I was looking at some of the numbers of some assistance with a problem. I'm an advocate. You know divorce it you can play interpret any different cut all of us thought oh this is actually out of these media guys are he shook his surprise a diversity the LPGA is happy about it. This happened and by the way it's not that diversity go to the leaderboard not it is not at all. Young Asian ladies he's he'll be. You know this is usually a strategically manage important image or thereabouts lesbian IC tops in Asia where there Asian player Asia as I can sort that she's out now via Torre got me to support this. You know out of the most of these eighteen plays repeat any different countries but then in August. You know for the that the spiritual the appropriate that the what were the lowest scoring average intellect and talent. Is up to 69 point 147. You know markets. McKenzie who as well throw. Little more to various sub seventy scoring average only five last year that's and that's the main reason only it. Awesome it's filled with this increased purse for like a championship like this you know it makes them play. Moore makes and then his tire being in better shape you know just gives a more. It just gives more incentive enough. Now he's going eighteen player as he could determine as the sky outlets where he's tough he's scoring average by the to start things like the as a tiger for the meanwhile the women. Summary sheet number one woods or in the world is not shape I would say that he saw a picture and Aaliyah change and paying his name I think there's still talk about who's the bigger yes she's got she's only seen a diploma enough that moment got you smoke. Jeanne thanks she's won back to back to Japan and China so she's there. Red hot right now it shows listen to her afterwards when she won last week she said should get off the plane and so we told her she was now number one. Overall into that you wanted to Friday's order to stick for so often called upon and that at the. I've seen so funny about I now. Often does is sell its stake it was probably a this is adversity he likes the diversity of via a Mike Mike what's the first right here is what we don't know what. What's the biggest down. When people come you blessed them or whatever is that as a pro what is. What was the biggest question your record. That you thought suppliers. So I don't know Bruce Willis and caddie shack terms anyway. What's the biggest fifty. That they want you to straighten out your better to within an hour on them. All of them want to get their distance back. Hole and smoke more people he's more more though that this there's no question about it and I don't you give your Fisher of lessons I'm sure you love it I was sick of people in fort that you just went in only know me I'm a pathetic thirty handicaps over actor Burt. I always thought you give a lot more you can learn a lot more no offense by Watson the LPGA watching the women play as far as I've always heard good fundamental gospel and I thought. That's that's that's the tour thought at all for any financial well. Some of those guys yeah I agree with that it will every race to finalize the mental golf you can learn more watching the women's is he really a thirty handicap he's that good. I don't know I and a Tug of waging a silent on July 30 yen up with him more Pete. We have our leader or a lap first round stuck up with a course shove it with mr. Kohler courses which is the only thing pre and she end this on our vertically on the spot I mean in the U. We need to just got to do to join Carter and Lopez. Not right now and she's Blalock yes. Not right now Bradley when you get a chance can you compile all the names just. Pizza in the names of all the Asian ladies this acoustic dominate the thing he must have mentioned as a whole leaderboard I'm sure there are sharp as yesterday we suggest technically doable shot happily first mud and I enjoyed your knowledge of the basketball game last night right mutt I loved it who's lost a game linking various defense and I appreciate effort on the very brown colonel Chris Kirk is a pink caddie just let's pulling my idea Russia which by the way but I'm not a big fan of this point five foot I'd like if I posted a valuable numbers it was similar run and Kaiser's it wide open shots and some run wide open fumbled its pressure the game got by the way the Houston Rockets scored nineteen points the first half. The goals were scored 88 total. That's how the defense that shut down Celtics and what you know when you heard Kurt talk and other people but Kirk. He thought this team when they were up seventeen postings gonna roll because of the energy the excitement the big game atmosphere he thought that was gonna bring up the best and his team. His team Bluetooth seventeen point leads in and I don't matter engine at that won't know obviously the crumble little pressure on our bright light gets slightly different now. Movement but what if you think about it. He used to be just rolled ankle that was that we you have to hope for Duran or curry rolled her ankle then you have a chance. Correct correct is that the only chance to have all of these goals they. That they would never seem to seven games with a Hayward now. With Heyward they can beat this team assembly daughters are not enough people to it's much better colts say you want to give you don't think that's the team easy I final you said he used vehicles as best team ever I said no no no you have an and age you sixers you what they've come around you've come around would you think when Becky last sighted in it was an. I don't want I don't wanna do this it's a regular season basketball game means not last one Washington about the one game I watch our well you think it would with carrier ring being that are relevant for large portion I think I would have to say he and and and curry gave gave up salary combined for 22 points in the finals and shoot but the only carrier ring and certainly that was before Irving was not good any by the way and I was Jason's it'll be as bad mechanically but Carrey's yes Alex will be the wars officers typically it's edited yet do you think it will. I would not bet big goals they would. Everything what is it about chance I don't think there's even more chance file and they got eagle at six but there and beat him in the finals actually well one of two or admirals and ankle. Okay yes Jerry in the coming in the series so I would say before milk for this fourteen game winning streak it's even with a rolled ankle they bought an intimate without direct. Could be a minister wanted to back away I still have a typical state and the series they have depth and the bring him. He midwest and it would sell off the bench on my dunks that he would go unlike Cleveland actually have you know veterans in place right OK playing roles in this system guys like Livingston a dollar for short actually west yeah. Although I love it or gossage at today's. If we go to talks to get five in the reversed on in the one of our face at least three to be at least theory we have three meals three what's the game. Watching him. I think Bay's Michael differs little analyst. Doc being that it's a partnership here real quick. Ortiz is welcome back to there's a quote here aria in Astoria. It's pretty testing. On fortune we've bull. We have Al Michaels call later reviews in terms -- worth and we can't callable push but he wanted yours have found that it's like it's because the world injury to quote I did not where it is right here on Israel right now OK you can Erica. This is the receipt it's inside your bills off 00. You love Jerry you know 000. Why he kept that right that's just quote. Keep that you Betsy bank. You can keep anyway it's legal this is according somebody can't say you could say anyway. It. Some pussycat for why and why not give it wants not a glorious this is no it's not easy he finally it's tough here. That is a I'm Mike is a great. I'm like pick up pick of the copious without writers on he wanted to talking about you can renowned libraries that have. And we'll do our book to meet from the month with our our crap I'm in the care of for unbelievable. Unbelievable. Why did you cut that out why can you hold to that I go. Intelligent you are well. What he's wrong you don't have the composure that you. Josep said you have to cut that word why it's an easy work and ends in June if it was tuna furnace like years. I didn't write to you yes. Based on. Why is he totally. It's in tennis today no not this not Ken's fault. Him Malloy the magazine has ruled slash marks they don't used were either. But that's toward the paint work regiment pop Jerry Jones calls because Jerry Jones calls Bob Kraft it was Eric our bosses. Exactly right I mean it's a blitzer is an FCC violation that is not. Course it's not show where that's about about going off the year. It's noisy it's a violation marketplace Don now Michael's injury especially shots pockets of the rule shot up in my Amare going up the air no one else is gonna talk to a seat on this printed output in my right. The right hand I used to pleasure myself noted Jerry Jones ratings what I want that right now the police what are we gonna do well well I went over ten. What we'll Bill Curry. My book aria. On elegantly dressed in music today and I will treasure but group about lists on wall and we saw what my parents. The cheers we love. You'll soon. But it in his. It's like going well I think I'm always stored in his hands and they can I. I I thought he quote I just lately say the case with cruel things get power. Don't know seasons just to just told you can get the sucked up a break our Marines of his life or into the fifteen page and have a story either I don't mean anything else goodness and it was it was cyclones are sent through to goods are good and woman who read the quote I would these two guys to. Free cats that better. Who were afraid to come on the show they're they're they're in their classes this race kid had a security where he'd come on the show it on the station they lit in hearts oddly they block is executed showed that it. This they they blocked us untoward they welcome all of us writes rocket had them on to play him dumb story reach out to both of them pretty FCC staff don't have a job or course. I don't care coach on the road here's yet they'll see acacia Aniston I don't have an FCC statement of our network why not. You guys know about analyzing your hands and he should have that you didn't bring up at some point. Unlike Q I listen to what I'm told them just this is all appliances according to sources to torture titled OK yes. A cordless according to sources with direct knowledge of the full called Jerry Jones said this. To. Roger Goodell quote I'm gonna come after you with everything I have if you think Bob Kraft came FDR Bob Kraft is a pussycat compared to what I'm gonna do. As chief Terry Jones quoted an ESPN magazine. Art argue if he if he goes all him and he'd he'd would you argue. You wouldn't even sensational that will what. With the other role as one Johnson do's exactly crafted to understand. There's a bigger picture here that. His personal grievances with the commissioner. Our. Jones can't get away with no spot in every way you leaks left and right should Wall Street Journal had a whole the whole thing at a CNBC and out of other owners supporting him with a fighter's story he fights dirty and he there's a lot of inside stuff yeah yeah every night right now December 4 fans came leaned food and football issue chief Josh Brown's story comes up to us by Torre after that I guess we get back fine amigos that don't you you won't. Fight is does exist is FCC violation that word doesn't exist is does not. But there's one story on it I have a ten page case study halls who were confined presents us we have trying to calling in the gym and Marjorie and we have Al Michaels writes we have Al Michaels and actually a lot of talking about OJ Simpson is okay Al Michaels and join us next. Into greatness and Kirk. Men ahead Sheri cal. More with kids see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. By joining us now is Al Michaels who called the he. Eagles cowboys game on Sunday night football league when that is 8:30 PM Sunday on NBC brought you by town fair tire also brought you by MD Anderson Al how are you. There. Well all week let them fight to quit but we have a lot. And we always wonder well we always wonder what it's like for guys like you deal Belichick Brady we we we gonna talk to Brady of Monday's Greg nice was very cordial. Belichick he's not he does one radio images and as usual media obligations but he's. He is very disciplined he never gave anyone anything what's it like for you and calls were there. You anybody when you sit down those little network meetings. Well I don't go for over thirty years and first ever in defensive coordinator. And of course sales. He's been he's been fine. What was done or all of them if you guys have been won't be and you're not. That much. But the funny thing is some years and I've been doing. Oh. For. The 32 years. Through the years the coaches have given us less and less. The court. Well there're afraid of saying any saying you know might. Don't want it out there. And a lot of this week when Aaron potency there's certain planned use of first. Of all of that note. We just you know ordinary it's different every vote. But would try to fight things. Out the city subjects that we we're not inside were not inside the back exit. So we just don't want it or talking about things are wrecked. So we go in there are about something might bring and to be more. This is. Of the ocean and anything else. We don't you guys probably knows. For yours now. When I don't doubt it. Only one thought that mark wrote they went by but we easily. And the way he's really good running out the clock having said that he slowed on those meetings with them. And you know you're always get a certain amount but to get an. And especially when work was so I'll probably wants is what all. As the code to do we're not worried about bigger area. Pretty easily been you know very cordial of those won't and it's his plea. Some golf. Don't socially as well. Top battles sometimes studio. You know stuff that's made underneath the circus knowing that in process. Not use it but in the medical was. You know what. Some. People might they. Born this way though that we won't so in those no regard for those of. How hands on we discussed a lot to a place and sound you guys I was in a Monday after a magic after patriots game. Depending on what he got us into guys talk to look at Dell a couple of years ago he's at that game to win against the ravens. And Collins worth I think sort praised it all the time where people boss didn't want here. Are you guys ever pressured by the NFL to say anything you guys have been told you can't say that you can't say that I have to say this or that. Not really thought that that was not a of course let's talk about it our finest moment is when it happened was the original. When he read the story came out and in was decision by the Roger did not lie. And we even have time really goes to rule book which Cutler verse so pretty much says Roger did life. Don't rush yeah. Right we spoke little Russian and Eric for game that we have real that back in yes. And we. After the game oh we talk about our. You know while. We have all. So well we were not pressured. To say anything or poisoned by. That was awesome Super Bowl. You know the fleet. Rearing its. Currently the onset of of that old thing. The same thing doesn't mean we were. We just approach it. We're reported in this regard we got. What story and what's respectively so it actually. Seen them in the back in Moses. Though. We can't you can't sergeant he can't even we were we were in Phoenix that we still that we to a shooting leading up to them and you can. Overstate how big deflating was that swallowed the Super Bowl that week leading into. What and we get that off the plane yeah edit rights in the microphone and an aggressive. So it was it was made in the rule. About it and by the time we got. I've been there in rehab and double. And are there wasn't meant if you look you mentioned. These people tuned in to watch me and I know a lot of times people they know those guys are avoiding the subject. We're kind of waiting subject but the problem is a way to completely do a concert recitals situation. From justice. In recent. Yeah. Even talk when you're on a well a long compliment that the what are. We have eight we started to it and then this sixty yard pass play or replace and I've got to go first and goal. We're really don't so it all sort of went to a third of everything you'd like to do in the game he just yet. Were you there are in the room when Chris calls were sent to Tom Brady who mean the and tell me you didn't duke is he lost me that day you lost a lot of people because it was so condescending mean did you actually say it that way. Yeah I mean to paraphrase. He just wanted to know. With Chris that want to have done an image to be at Tom around the so that was pretty much what he said this again maybe that it is in position of your I don't know whether it means. I don't wanna know what would say that particular circumstance that yes. What do you say because we talked about it like when we in my every week for a weekly basis and Andy's pretty adroit at notes and a lot of announced and much would you say when Cone's words set the tone. Well as the equipment guys. As much mean. The bottom line was you know. Not to use. And it was. Yeah. What's or certain location so that that's the best bet. And that's a great voice but way to describe it. Exact words but the bottom line. Though. Reitman I'm on a lighter note. When Chris calls were said. We got a lot of modes at all yet it's when he says that yes this Boston people don't use their arms don't mention as he let them duck boat my favorite part we've we've we had a good line play this on all the time you EU EU apparently looked at him listen you learned that I duck boat that guy has been a Boston a hundred times a believes kids go to school here you've gotten a fox for a million times. And he needed a duck boat access to give the ever seen John F. Kennedy speaker at Kennedy in the movie. Matt Damon it. Yet not. Support I think he was just out of Mexico City it'd duck boat reference yeah. But big redwood is the duck boat in their. I'd of course obviously in the oil and. I was a feel to know and we dissect every fruit and words you go. Or nothing else really. We love it I mean apparently you guys on and I've been lucky that meeting in the content business right no matter what we look. But we're happy to provide it we just was it copyrighted you guys that they afford. You know you're but I dodge sedan and get the best the best play by play gay guy ever our heels and a big game you spoke on the game I love it. I feel bad for you sympathy in some regard and I believe you have to go through the same thing once and while. When you make a joke like the Harvey Weinstein joked to meet not a big deal it's topical it's actually funny if it's it's it's huge it's a mean so do you. You suddenly see idealist and now you got to apologize for the social media is blowing up or do you on your own individually say you know what I screwed up. Well you know what I said they did it was like you know problem which in this you know right where I I thought to myself I made a joke of it. They work when they're really wanted to do is say the giants got worse press. Then he got that we so it didn't you know about the worst week. Yeah it was listening or you know. I I always. Effort this is probably not place. These people would misunderstand. That we live in this world. Against social blown of this and they social. And the me a lot of it is quite an echo chamber and assess. You know people amounted to back with the back within bounds or. You agree like younger Al Michaels and audio rates a lot of gallery. So they don't you know that. Do. You know it's in the mean it's not like a mild moderate or show and some say it. Would need. You know I don't look at it this way. About fifteen years has some bigger out of them on television. Why TV or more than anybody history and out these numbers probably. 1000 hours in 1000 hours were a little bit like the great Belinda in your war if you walk in and I row. And once or wallet you know you have to try to or April. So. Well fortunately I've only had a handful of things in my career. Where it sort of says things you know not from the there. Not necessarily appropriate. People might take a long way. So you have a you have moments and fortunately you know coverage often. Where you want insisted it was the fish are really backing him but it does that and our businesses you guys know. So to. Now there's not too as well. So there's no you know waiting parliament editor's note here. You're warned about this for a minute changes that says it's out there it's gone and that. I sit probably about human some of it in honoring film out about this. Because let's look at some sort of laughing. At the bell rings at the end of the story so you know it is expected fortunately. As they say and you know thousands of hours wide network. In the in the. Arts didn't speak of an appropriate kind of you know get a Zell and quality you know everyone you meet everyone's in LA here. Play golf with these guys Brady in no Rush Limbaugh or OJ Simpson. Do you know Harvey Weinstein. Good. What if if OJ OJ showed up on the first tee NC can enjoy and what to say. I doubt very seriously show up on the first city I mean I knew home record was probably. Cut it yeah see her. You know we knew we a lot of people of that because. All neighbors and no I mean actor when that happened in the Wheaties. Or and so. Acquittal all of that that was like a lot of other people of the world around him it's it's you know that's. Let's let's be clear that well this is not a farcical phone call correct. And I quote before. He got the Super Bowl this year. So I'm I'm I'm just this is my theory I hope it's not true yet the Super Bowl the Olympics coming up Yucca bush look to South Korea for. They you know idea of nine Olympics in this kind of. Yeah I figured I'd feel guilty and that now watch them play I don't I don't. Play golf and now LA I don't I don't. Know the Hokies. I might hear my theories tell me I'm wrong I hope I'm wrong is that you're gonna disables going to be your last name and Sam done after this you know Rico's two Rico is trying like crazy stabbing you in the back. And want the job. So you're not going anywhere. No see that's you know some not just sort of theory of candidates and Israel I don't. Right then nobody is an element of percent honesty here. Are unbelievably less pathetic career victory. I am lucky you want namely notebook it's it's not. These wooden. When lonely right now as sitting here saying. Discomfort I couldn't really do in my brain of about eighteen years and that sort of irrational and still do. But most importantly. The passion of of well watch other teams stay here. Go to a team and you know think about all routing or any game. What's been an overtime that's that's how it. Went singing ability and what they've appealed you know strategy controversy whatever great plays. Back and forth. Special edition I'm sure they do and so right now as we sit here you know. I think initially uzis in the whatever we are. Feel really good good with the Philadelphia analysis we. It would if they're treating obesity days. You know. In the Thanksgiving game in the next Sunday and we've been disparate. The. But jealous you don't get to go to Mexico City. Well you know I've been nervous or not all games. But he wants certain additional warriors won that moved that boat that was. That was one response is that mr. We've done. Was Dennis Miller right Winger when you I'm going rumored that with the makers. Transformation later on. Bet he made the transition above eleven. We used in two advise them on the post nine it was 9/11 2001 right it was Miranda none of I don't know occasionally get them. And then Dennis. We have done it in the night or we don't see it that it was open but it's. Actually broke his ligament in the hospital when it's. Giants on their audible when men. Dennis global food home equity unit. And over the next morning in the and so on treason among structure. It just looked. Up. And you always. I. I'd like to Rush Limbaugh playing golf when Rush Limbaugh can. You can almost it comes to jail than NBC. Smart as she. Lose. Sheets more gold rush to embrace or don't drop. Sheets more on the golf course trump will trump Brady or rush. Might. Our last question for me Al anyways is something we've talked about this morning the whole country's talking about I'd like your take on that plain and simple. Is Mike McMahon ski a racist. Oh. All right well. We'll talk to you. Guys thanks so much. Higher thanks so. What did my question get it out you wouldn't surprise now would react and react that so I can't think yesterday do these rumors otherwise Al Michaels to what might what does that mean the question we're. I. Question for me Al anyways is something we've talked about this morning the whole country's talking about I'd like your take on that plain and simple. Is Mike McMahon ski a racist. It. That's not better when you are saying and cause them hurt as much Al Michaels says it as a national NASCAR. That's that's that's where the people to game mis heard that shortens a question via wears out and go now the big game Sunday night. Els could have made though he Greg last night ever in Pittsburgh was what twelve degrees in Pittsburgh last night he's no interest and ask that question he's old inadmissible I think is a private plane he works Hamid the leader he. All right Howard go only days a year right right. He has is on the line are you with travel. By does a better and stuff like that that works field and on the that you days a year isms are mixed reforming these huge day trader who loves the stock market of horses to the us you got a lot of these you know you ask what did you ask my horse question I ask one question got cut the thing we ever questioner. Al and shout with your wife. Or did the same answers and opened a string receiver early. Why you ask Al Michaels a question that I think a lot of guys wanna talk about a moral opened I was yeah I thought was. Well we were offered the chance to interview him and I thought he was too in the game in Mexico City as if he's the man and there are enough and buckle and then Olympics you know interest. But I wondered as to the Safir said of the networks for whom he. Obviously Sunderland football doing well but. Overall we know the numbers are down as is part of an F I don't know today pitch Al Michaels to us. Yes OK I saw Jon Gruden on with salt. A desperate these guys and ESP NS and nineteen protesting yesterday don't but don't you think there's some of that where where they're feeling the heat yes number capital. And we got to promote on local talk radio gets all of the sudden it will not be an issue that's going to be huge yes they called last ones who have talked who Brent Barry yes rules about it as a pass that. Iron out by you regret.