K&C - Praise for Kirk on his 5th Anniversary, David Price mis-truths 2-21-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, February 21st

Hour 1. It's a landmark day on WEEI as the station celebrates Kirk Minihane's five-year aniversary with the morning show. In addition to taking calls of praise for Kirk, the guys discuss the latest David Price quotes in USA Today regarding the negative atmosphere in Boston


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Its current. The price tells USA today sports it is tough thing about it is just so much more negative and analysts negativity that's in this town sucks yeah I saw that story from about nine billion skated day involves Cooper. Border but for me it was an eye roll it. Britain basically the stern told the judge grandfathers were men and you Gerry Callahan. It's special guests of the earth that don't result I don't Jerry dart between I don't but it won't buy you pizza review would. Wolf what find that it. It's almost like happy. Paula have acted like not normal what they receive updates videos that I went guided by the fact that the field be site. Classy and crude minute hang around a little hole at the end it was a re the replied yeah delivers it. Yeah. Yeah. Happy anniversary every type net that she knew without Davis Las Vegas like dead. And a preserving that and you'll figure it needs that and come back to break your I was on an infant at CNET Networks have been doing good jobs you'll look right now. Never serving. And Sports Radio. You we. Happy fifth anniversary Kurt. But if you say. Stan love you yeah nursery and easy five years for us together I enjoyed every day. Chris. Or for professional accused of show and I want college now six point 7779790%. It's the super duper Kirkland and fifth anniversary spectacular. Brought by all our friends all wonderful clients or about the deal reached a last night and called me last night which anniversary talked Chelsea. Nice to rhyme or doctor the globe. At first you don't Apple's gonna cause a rift because I had my twentieth anniversary. It is not long ago. Nada. Room's. Door not reckless if nothing. That's what we're with me that day yes I was drafted. We were very gracious it's like Clemens and yes he did credible run did you hear anyone else note now cupcakes as sports. You know become that realization that you you ever celebratory. Of I would say meet Mickey five years more precedent that's a good point that's like something make you thirty point. All the people boss equal preach. It whether it was partly. Derek harper either and it's you were Karla I didn't I'll give you know that's that's that's the mavericks. While they confuse those they have. Watson column Pratt and disarm he knows. So over all the memories of me over the last five years I think that's important unit which drove them. Who has been an odd time for the station rally around the time celebration. It is almost like when there's death then becomes life. When my heart stops beating. The media slight if now number. And that is me on February 21 2013. Text from Joe's our motto. Who said you note to cast your hat on February 21 2013. Thursday your job so of the boss acknowledges she remembers. Oh. Sorry to mention that yet though. Not a word from him a boss from economics about you to say it's always about you. What's your right before wonder what's sort Joey caught marketed as well in the field reached codes that it is nice. Car was. Excessive. You're in the car that play it was nice issues that our two guests that day where Harry union animal park. Protests. Show I mean they're no Alan Branch what do we take office you criticize outrage knock yourself. I'm Chris I want to read and label in the yeah it is OK we get. Caught yes it was Herschel clicked on the happy super duper fifth anniversary of Kirk and what many moments. Mixed junior throughout the and we have ever drill coming at 7 o'clock for a couple hours on the one year anniversary of races room. Manic meltdown on the logo. Pick just one day word yesterday saying we hate NBC sports their currency on Monday later it's role and what we want to cited if you you know you think it's the people and she sports will be happy. Probably got to eleven that hasn't been America fight with him like he's wearing a fight I think it's up and it can be. You must admit it was a big day. When you're gonna tell me just play that don't forget dropped by this letter out to the jurors do the best estimate here today that we should promoted that would be done regularly been badly to relic in branch to most dynamic guests the stations and last year I thought bridge. Dale and breaks it up let's go about it the phone I want to have more boats. I was blessing what behind but yes also Retief. Rick that I have decided that's the single worst cast in he that's that's that is yet such a bold statement Kate tummy has been worse. You don't you don't really bad miss Kevin Faulk was terrible call and didn't matter what we advocate John vause. Compared to this no not even close he was oh yeah. I don't know him very Norman who heard it. All well Wal-Mart news. Not the. He felt if she still it was good keeps without it there in the process. Allan we'll. We're not criticized the show itself was terrific they did their best. Rich was my understanding is that that must have been some that. A summit where there's some sponsorship and that was. Well I mean it's not a bad idea that you might be disgruntled audience of eight and asking that celebrates a bigger deal than you know it's you it's bigger deal and our brother if you outraged talk about. But. Most of these guys they're. As the terrified. Socket. Which. Of course like you guys after the defense lists Eagles. Oh so flow over from according answerable to that's players smear or after the game global program sharp yet for. Pretty active. Politics that are good at iTunes could question who's most likely spilled they'll. No by the but there's. He's gone all these gloves Belichick. Loves don't know what the safeties coach who's that again. It'll probably. Let's open Swanson well that's good save in 3030 bullet to the guy who what you got married. I'm mature as a man yes he was getting water autism site. Getting married this summer. Parcells that you get a haircut and now I know you should support question asking joins us. So lots to get to by means he's not a lot yours RT 34 mark that day. 64 Mars only report shows that. Night thirtieth. 606 AJ markings to show up it's important. To you again. You say enough. Couldn't uniform and it's it's good news were all right stat but. Be. Good news newsmaker is not are to get the sense that people's. It's one day story with eight what did we see him in June in Boston. April so often do you see an opening day what is actually in the march rate. It is well if they. What is it opened in March correct yes West Coast mr. your game is it is it. Tampa right and then and I West Coast of yes and I'm in Seattle for a six games here is. Sports different this year. But obviously price as the outcome tonight Darrius registered row mean. Why throw try to diffuse its price to do. But it would want it does. Well I mean they don't like it beat. USA today but that's a pool party you read that you were done prices going to be taking excuse. If he goes priced at six awesome. It goes 1216 he's going to be big. And because went to secure the chance to please. And it doesn't forget it right stock or 31 million for what's the what's the biggest. Mr. root he told. Who were my choices. Everything jewelry store as. It was your biggest mystery that he said he saw. It Ortiz boot it many many right there are many many times many many number. Twice. That means many many. To me as an opposing player and as that's the point I've kinda mood. Many many at once though. You this was never booed. Sucking during the crisis time obviously against Tampa. It's a man with many tied with Mike Potts I even that is a talk it was every concentrated blue sorties over there are no. That massive hole is. To hear every talking about what all went for it caused by. What is it that figure out and movement. And it's ridiculous. But I mean if you did you Martina let's argue that price called Martinez. It's atlas. You should really really like way caters. The meat stinks I'll make it to affix affix that. True true love it you'll like players actually can opt. Sox ultimately this whole mess this guy who. Team that was and stick approach to. You wouldn't. Now exiting these these are happy he's probably not this time. Where properties. As it I'm. You can definitely changed. You don't know but he liked to meet the note. From. A so it's night USC today Hampshire. Where. Sword you know. It's tough years says he told us this is so much more negative. There what for negative stuff college route. Guy. That lets write myself but posit. My wife starts talking letter I'll just can't stay. He told. Judy Martinez that he will get to. Us from now. I mean. And he's not like this. Doesn't it forty. It's 32. People use this plus this is this this pathology here. I watched. Red Sox played a sample the whole time it's almost every missed ever have them. I'm absolutely not all kind of pathetic but that's so too the Red Sox organization other that price the last. And years that separate. Them and I've talked to just now want. Oh. Now Gonzales no true. On grass that's out. I mean. It. Could questions of course those first years to. Get booed at all John. That problem might. Get what you think I mean there's so. Josh much. A Middle. East this is not true John Farrell JD. Managed summit. If she Ortiz comes year please heart healthy. 24320. Igniting ails us now it's Judy it's his turn experience baseball's toughest environment where perfectionist yeah nothing less than a World Series championship is enough and has its contest where things can get awfully ugly or just hit to price wall's toughest environment and I here's. Cookies poem if your shorts and a tilted to David Price you know if you go to this jump especially not publish the book. If you're good guy struggle for me all right. If you state entered figured. They could that be chapel that's life deserves to serve most dominant beat him. All we know boots. Do you think Chris Sale even those who we are. Not America not. Talk about the financial put David Price your actual plot. What makes it baseball's top and I just New York's makes it tough spot like this more. But it's not good but as we've got to argue that the team owns the biggest newspaper yet this team owns. Kevin is right. The team owns television network okay so you got all these nets and guys and you know all these logos which ones are gonna make it difficult that sex. What I learned jets. Yes you did that I believe that that's OK Jack you don't let him ideas which it. It's only seconds. So it's out for toys experts artists like John. Congress' business politics Alan Branch who's the most there was no place silence so I say. News. Say yeah press countless gutless. Heartless gutless. Most gutless. Goes goes you know. Press bought some of my friends they're filled with people whose. Life life revolves around watching Dustin Pedroia walked in the shower and interests and that's what they think about it night yes in the morning. Will vote department needs reform months that's their whole life is if he's not tell them I'm baseball's not the toughest. Even close to the toughest sports audience on the whole. Things. Toughs it. Crystal ball might. Write a how toughest field. Office whatever their perception Philly stuff. But you know Eagles and we can get a couple weeks ago jocks for who which states that guy who sat right. But that your perceptions it's tough. Out there it's all perception in the New York's tough. Well it's tough it is New York's a lot of media. But it's tough for sport New Yorkers whereas a Big Apple where's the big local. Writer or player fights there X. You know what it's it's a myth. That's just it's a myth and I guess you know Austin's tougher than Tampa but it's not you know. Is just bigger than life for Judy Martinez has not going to be that quick that he's talking at least a couple of sports are pretty sure that's. Yeah Parker is not all boys all Pacific Asia it's absolutely it's a vacation. Go to a game this summer. Each year you know plain and nobody's gonna again don't we get to GD Martinez no body got. War goes after actually or yes it's clearly not that that's news Warren Cutley. Market like the case that he's crisp and everything you can do to a in the affairs of Austin he still doesn't. I think this year the state he's gonna what he has put up he's heard it we hear from sale you can just. You know you choose to you can import prices. The price as he has deeply price project work of course that's with the state you know. But I am I Leeward Islands nightingale where you learn where it's that idea that Boston's toughest environment is that America as the old Catholic as the EU. Now because of 3040. 3040 years perceptions are right out right but he's been around his really faulted for sure. So would but but if you're gonna tell you he marking its its really. Will do and how would you describe it who you know of the columnists I say I'll prices look at my agent right. Which again it is not for sale does signal that is right in the middle and means sure a lot of guys. There are a lot of guys were all over social union performed fine except BC percent. The final twosome. In Austin. And more and she misses. Energy Martinez who rule which to talk tonight. JD Martins can not only you know not get booed he would let him get recognized my uncle will be Hutus. Before the duke job after forty games to radio thirty home runs in the financial let them play like this major event and get booed. That's at Detroit who could not handle things worse last year. Every its food ever I was wondered did you ever hear boos for this. So yes it's a battery test for us he earned him up re read about it he going to be. You know beat the latest matter if it's it's it's it's a different world it's notes. It's a football world baseballs just the next little past two in the summer and you know. Get some sun bright it is I your home team. Price but marquis advocate to a montage of will be case it's. Much easier for sure. Play Martinez in Detroit. He talked to vote. Martinez. Include that we're at a price. I OJ deal you love the guys applause also told. He's acquired its hostile. Sides ever want to Arctic poppy many times. Really. No follow up and they legacy really when was the home were you in Boston and Tampa and Detroit course not enough. It's Christian at its Christian now treaty Martinez's term experience baseball ops Byron. Perfection is the man nothing less in the world search engine is good or but it just say. Let's say price exposure Martinez is a year. They went 97 games beat the Yankees the plants and good six game answers some. People say it's not a total tomorrow okay make sure. This president and that's where they can awfully ugly in a hurry he's right in our school. Packers leads. The source all the problems because it's an outright yes will we just played checkers saying that they didn't do enough teeth the tablet market I totally don't dictate because they go yeah yeah stuff and she. Another portion of them right fawn over him not enough not enough not enough. Not enough while more and and what do you give a guy who has everything and more more like I saw tears from. Tears in the eyes of traffic managers right yes it is just the opposite Judy Martinez will love here. Hello I'm ought it matter what it's like me useful like the city itself. Traffic but soccer because in games because it was what sports are your thoughts or wherever. Pay taxes is not a good team and good lineup and you know good park. And that's good as Arizona. Or Houston but it's good park. He'll do well who do well for a prime might might take away from the stories that prices exactly this person. All the stuff yet you don't question it's he has changed at all that you're stuck which is factory always you know people do not change right you'll never change. Yield you know what he's not great this year you're stuck with the warriors yes all. Yes yes and I'm gonna go do read our goal at third and New Year's state. I was thirty seconds to steal from the beginning or call were wavering sound shall we will use always were Jon lost this. Was well over the last five years it was one Imus goes usually when I'm here expert training among wood Dina and talk to play golf. No in early birds that Jerry Jerry Jerry. It took a tour policy. It was awesome for weeks is awesome Curtis and I made an appearance you'd shall I wanna an. Awful. Him and figure out here I was. So let's show. Sir we went to adjust to see you don't see them it was just great stories and it's it was in places crank in its wild. They the ones some ones one very wild witnesses were especially attractive yes witnesses. So odious talk witches. It would do that. That's fine yeah. And ours was published ours or no cost hearts of men we had to witness that was just some down. Time. Your shoes yes but McPherson sure I mean cheated you know that you missed the couple tees. That's one in the what quarter of an underdog but who cares right that's not what they get tired. It's like hooters with plaid tops. And it works down here it's such a float please it's everyone there's just like either Florida you know. Snow birds or you don't. The typical Florida are rednecks SEC logical culmination of bull to retired yet and we didn't. That amendment and boobs. We just drank. Artist Aaliyah this is of interest you settle too well he did finish and selected district that is most of them. You should. We miss spread on the show up after us earlier this week we got out of there change accuracy this. For resource of Redford's we hear us shall we can't. It's. Out of it but yeah no it's it's so there that's because of that comes to get it seems like it gets them and the thing refused to act. It's easiest to abuse him. Really though not only looks like a secretary for the mavericks just looks scared revenue estimate history. Personally shoot me in my. As much extra months much tougher than Brad vote as a rocket abuse Robert Zoellick cast himself as a boob that's what's it like it like. We sound like Robin yours while Hillary office to be joke about it guys can't do it on diet can subsidize some guys here do you guys can't. Rome airport Myers scholarly every other kids. She expressed that. Deficit. Surprised that he goes like yours. And Smart enough to know release yes you know it was. Right now it's too much but Mosul today is our most if I want this show. I want this which the morning and the first. Morning. Personal and be nice people here it is I think our program director yeah. Sure Madeleine now we are hours like those guys. Morning mortgage. On the history of the yet. So the first of what they don't write this morning. Ultimate pizza. Seventy. What is taken notes. There's no. That's. Should start at seven they're experiencing technical issues Lowell. That's a windfall for us. But he said he knows folks now. Portland. About your short of a little bit of the report yet is sock itself yes. We growth oh and the general manager walked up to us. And this that there and then just little small ball that. That's him accusing us of Forex balls that see it and yeah she would you. Shoot shoot well. Which it sticks. 6777790%. Less it's it's just talk about it's a rare today I have to celebrate Kirk and excerpts off days recently. Moments like this. We could talk price. Averaged. I've question. Answer. That stores while. It is it's it's Dallas but I still think it's been. It's fun reaching its analogue ramifications. We should. And those who touches were. Optional story overnight to movement as reached right but electrical us. On line mavericks organizations. Say two as. I would ask that that is. Use what else Everett station worse the clippers organization. She's human too but he these systems that's a good question. Underneath is knows that's that's six sept sept sept. 793 cent. Talk Q was from guys that your like. It's been. Five long years. Of life and death is the deal. But now we're in this. And this really is a day three and a half hours. For you people to let me know how much I need to you. You days mornings evenings when commuting. Driving home listing on demand podcasts fights I've had the battles I've lost suspensions all of the apps years. Because you're never having bills that meet your life ever when they hitter here and they will be whether it's a year from two years three years you be stuck with you know when these. Now it's the X on the morning will what las. I'll say about Oracle's wannabes they're nice guys you know just lifeless eyes you'll remember you'll never forget me. You'll never remember who was on. So you better enjoy meat beat gays who knows I want is my five year anniversary in the mornings about a year and a half court and count. Three and a half long years with John this injured. And forget our names on the first day. Excellent John F 26 questions. Jerious questions arose out that legal matter we hit by could dig out. What kind of evidence. Direct evidence widget I witnessed. With what's important note though and I missed out. Is how important it is to the station that's for sure how other port it was a stations cherished one that's true that's important note. Sets Jerry. It sure I would argue mean making five years works I'd expect. If which will be. Weak do we. Robert. Spot. So six what's at 77793. Cents. We got put it all they wanted to Dallas Mavericks next. Some other stuff as well at a relic one year after the fight in this very room where he sat right here right here I was hearing you ridiculous. It was a wild year what's that and we made him famous that it TV star you know author. And author that's right bestselling author rule book is coming outs yes with. It's been fifty. The biggest home to rest sister 6777. 7937. Per cow alive for. Apparently how it works I play. Here are back. Yeah. Yeah. The son. I. No. A lot of it I get out. Yeah. Yeah. Yes well what many moments that give you the last five years this show like it back. Okay I'm that was the night before okay. It's sort of like the around the station. That people have to be nice that's over okay that's not what got adjust to do that I'm not playing around. It's around in lines anymore. I'm going to be quiet. The other shows if they wish to change. Is out there right now. They show the afternoon show I don't vote on it by whoever that is the week at Joe's. You can change if you want we're court to keep right. To follow our net EX. Those are over. If you want her out by Ayers I want to be some of the egg wash it today for all. Ports I think. Sped. I actually Alter. The clocks around here has made me that's. Why he's gone again it's road. Back but that's fine but the putts if this station build it up. This nation the disaster you know it's of the great. It's not great with other great that right up but it but but would not meet the station is odds. There. Are other vacation week on a Tuesday it's Tuesday Wednesday or Wednesday at 637. Yup yup you're fast. It like it's a look at eight. Not there will be with our kids. Six what's happened 77 night 790 recently I've what five lines of what seven fault lines for people. Telling me they loved it not that everything. Without without leaderboard or disaster with your morning or. Night it. We cross that they that they every every data read this if I could get by rock okay. Ready for the ship is distributed this would be the right here in the hearts roaring. We've seen little heart out. Now leadership. And Hartley Gerry Callahan from four hours a day I'll talk a forum that's worked Chad Everett and it would basically be like to take off they were. The apartment and its name is. To get back left the show anymore. Packet there's leg at its. District six what 77797. I suppose that do that anymore I was not. A passionate that was not your (%expletive) Just let it does say you know Kirk. Twenty minutes and two of them meeting yes you ready to this red. What exit yet. Yes takes me two yeah me too response. To hang it really a settler. That would. It's just don't lose nearly naked. Let's talk it out nuts. And I'm looks at me it was great entertainment typical thing he loves it. Michael and her. Confirmation. Have gone up here I need to be cyclical and right. Sept. So. What did you have to while getting a lot more than what the boarding. Six. Without me without V6 right now he's the more. The pitch at different figure out what those two guys did that was to losers four hours a day right. Right well it's actually but you know it's the formula. It is a rate you know personnel and an athlete so it's going to be it's going to be. Jericho and art and Alan Branch Prius ads that today's show that it would eat that starts that's. Well. It is because approached those. Muted yet it was a before all. This great. So we can replace. If ten were paid attention we might use natural planets. What outrage all the it's. What my operates. All all. Like well why why is critical to put appendage that's. Residents for statistics this again talking about again player and a half without looking at and t.'s. This is this my. This is my god this ticket drop rate your nose despite. Its rat right now. Standing on the but let's Wendell. Not just get paralyzed that's fine that's that's but it was. If you ways you know we seem like yet to show you but we do about it if you can make fun of us. Jerious Kennedy about you know part of that part time yesterday they should play that's Xiamen. We can make fun I think if US Richard Neal they were that was bad spot right. A gradient right bad like that filled for sure axles they can play this now this is the I want. On gotta ready vehicle or don't forget that just picked it just. Dammit and I mean what are you doing. What is or who literally just auto faults that right which I can. My wife on Christmas pocket Chris walked over. No I know. Never touched it zero producer rate radio show. It's not a commodity cost a lot or want location we know guests so Christmas basic out here for. Bought two New York Post. She reached really port so there's what are we doing what it. They're not but I know that I mean they're how to split so so can we are not asking you to play rich keep or Dale Arnold global great. Ask your for a patriot player Alan Branch gets ready to go on but you were told not to play it was local. Which are white you what. If you due to open play and play. It was just asked if we'd done that you're late race problem is little more hesitant to just jump in with what great message that the I tell you that Hitler. That Chris Curtis. Gerry Callahan eases you. Pocket change that's Jerry's are what we privately he's gonna change to a minute break before the show. Chris is dot he's humble. FedEx freight rates. And so we do yes scared really even sure we work or not that's you guys. I'm telling you I Kelly you look I am not at. Say watch this the last item of the day it's okay. It's in doing that the last not look at right now this is the you enjoy it right now yes. Too little I finished she's it. You get right after graduation. A graduation it's over retired. I'm not done done done done done done narrowed dot com probably had you made it almost three days. This is suited. As productive 21 X equals. No. Well most of will probably be you know Campbell. On the Russian or a blogs will diminish but. Let's go to robbed on the ticket rub. There it's guys break in the morning Kirk British I think you're hilarious humor more a lot of more people like Brooklyn. So China's state sanctioned pitched change at all. The gawker. One rob loves you over one let's go to Andrea it's it's very knot while love took Adrian. Cry oh yeah. I'm I wanna say I do like. Cali and I love you Kirk and now I don't want to go anywhere. And I ask you cast your question yeah. Was unnecessary or even mentioned Jerry's name all this what what what is the point of that when he has this anniversary I had one yet. Hear what he does what apps won't tour for callers calling over the course of the week. Why did you make did you apologize for that might say. Well I know you really like each count Asian goods and we're not right wanted to quote I am. The article thank you actually reach out okay. Analysts Lee Kirk say. Even local might not in. A lot of dedicated Rick that they currently. Tell. Kenny can't play Albert Jamaican players. Who meet you you. If they do that matter what we say that it went. A couple wide open this is Kirk and and appreciation celebration worship. Day if you don't call you may be executed 617779. Net. 7937. I want fault lines cut. Our thoughts go to a lot of great to connect please jails. James go ahead. Yeah side and from noon I'm gonna cause his memories of that I love it and how did you expect as bowed out. About it right now what I like you do it sit there about you about right now let. I don't think James communities right now Toews James started it up before. If you don't while right now to me you're going to get in the heart five days a week ago duties. I'd rather. I like if you get myself back. You know bodies laying flat on the ground back games that state. It does change Connecticut missed call me garments of cheese. Go to discuss is robots got one somewhere. A wide open right now six what set at 779790%. Each row which Terry holt and I'd be vehicles good news is we've I want us it. He should look at iced it does it was a mutual producer. And Jason Ross talked talked about it you can make it. Always faster producers of oh look it's in the we here like it's like baseball that these are how does that work. Oh machine in the bag girls audible at all item nice guys that look like they're very nice very nice it might be. Medicaid. In Asia and Ross. Hopelessly and through some kind of that are the most normal one. In the whole staged. At all. 430. Yes you can still so stupid yes. It was two veteran who else. We look look at this mean look at this look at this. We will late they went over it was stated the standing with relic and Bradford and in the Curtis yesterday talking about weight loss. That blows those fifty that's goal. With 249. Want to write relic loss like it's awfully. Curtis lost 10115100. Fifteens there wolf on these diets. Rubs to whatever is one. Curtis gave up June that's all he did. He was consuming. Amongst 3000 dollars and undergo surgery it was consuming 73300. Dollars or seventy giant dollars a week in June. So it's not working gin and tonic and lost a hundred and it's cost us that was done. Which. You look at them I'd either tie it rob rob rob to June which are known which want to go laws awakened when apple that's. Which looks right I mean does. Let's face it notes write these lost weight. Those guys with the weirder group of people and producers are we beat writers accelerators and so is fairly normal guy produces and dads out losers. I think there are also pleased that it's yes. Like the pitcher Chris working adults now it seems like pork and he will you be at thirty years he will not how to turn calls Green Zone. You know that were important you think maybe Schuettler at. The times with that leads. It's better than me. But what you would add to be quite physically on my fight a white election year. I'm just yet no guess on you he might cookbook is six yes unbelievable that we don't want Celek was reported to be here. We get waters in the water. Last I was teaching your companion we are optimistic like yours Jerry's it was quite an ice. Here to help the it is important to good answer our knuckles if you if you hang up or not I was on the line Scott. Once okay hold outs if you don't. If you have after the break your. Don't let those martial anymore if it was to the new mortgage okay it is America we want the art social emotional. Huge heart rate Hartley Jerry's face we have nobody station could do we have lots of just people on Twitter that's telling us. Who get paid nothing you can do too much more than what we want it more you think much more creative talent forever sporting art Nancy would with a Lego bricks Edsel. You know we had to pick his. Literally worried about eight trade deadline in NATO this is suspect he's report operatives currently hold up my ever awed by anniversary. It's that you know what right now for right now as we speak it's exporting I don't let the adults it I was pretty. Pick up that liquid Emmys I don't love you anymore. To play yelled bridge right now what you don't know I don't want. You lost my love. Want to regain we'll find out six what set it set at 797937. I see the calls if you hang up. If you hang up you have tools which are Bradford that's that would put to rest. The trucks and whereas we're not the play Al brits did he drug you know typical cash it's your call your show your day. And he gets it I guess it's yours and this will be. It's about. He can bowed out to everyone else to go home I ever boggle does believe what it calls. For you to your voice to us you know Lisa better I feel awesome you feel all right yes now I don't look. You really do you do thanks to pick anniversary year anniversary station to double to. Both do a half a segment. It's OK what what would whose military anniversary of the house anybody. Our program director did mark candidate did it yes that's a general manager ordered Burton either sitting word to me you know Texas and Atlanta when it kept. It's. Said he thought you know you're well. Destructive it is plugs in the south Texas just FYI you blow upwards. At the stats. Are more oil. We get to the mavericks to. Against rocket. Ship to another and the to what 7779790%. I think it's very very irresponsible schools don't do that coupled don't play don't play a moral high ground and are you don't let them. You're better than that complex moral high ground on me we can play anyway that's not the Paraguay joke around you driving the guys are easier to open era. For argued that interviewed a portable toilet joke about Tom Brady is that the country. Actually got sad god I'm on points and Smith. That's not quite. What he did what he will talk you down the line I'm sure we always like to have you. Oden is fine. You don't towards them and this is would be that we these ports yet you don't forced into the ports are not allowed to put course. Oh. It away saying I mean. Make our lives. Up bags cavs. If Bradford he used to be that bad that's great. You've reached a run. Probably the America flag which you captured your bigger yes. I'm rob Bradford who is obese and run with a is use what I saw him wasn't in each. Of these. None ones ones yes forty yes. Eight. Five. He was obese not anymore obesity it's all these corporate guys you looked great one. Nude nude or those the ones who throw celebrities. It. Like the younger. This stuff on so long. People. I Red Sox reached the globe has reached out. Those very very very nice one on the black reached up. And they're against wells was. If you cynical of the mavericks' problems such as we heard that I've not yet heard from my friends at the morning jab. Rain yet we have to finance a Geneva from behind them and the Cuban the blogs. And once or. Wrong. I mean. I'm not sure okay. So called let's get a call. Okay Martinez for now there's a lot of heavy gym is next he's in Fort Myers may be guys that launch engines. Hey I'm in Mexico where around the corner from some key card but I. To my now winters down here. Umps say hello Curtis about a table your biography OK let's get to abortion. Please okay. Don't know what book were gonna get the worst thing just. Take it didn't take it slow from back. I only has little. And I put my Buick secretary for a layup while there was just. I only have one leg and I put my artificial knee on the floor to bend he. You all okay good I hear that please click against the war. And. Here we're about this thing Cuba. So. I took my time to make sure that I worship you properly. Thank you in. Appreciate you and anymore or on the corner if you wanna have lunch he. Well I guess yes. Sweet tomatoes attached and tomatoes that Leavitt there thank you very much. I missed knowing Fort Myers. We have producers of the hospital or minors and he's asked. When you wanna go to Richard employable I don't know which frustrates me for the first time this time. That's wouldn't mind you you can ask so what they got to learn last Friday's afterwards absolutely and said if we could say freak yes you sort of doing it. That's critical saw a little bit because this woke. I don't know that I would you guys you need one. Gerald. I got him. I'm done taking chances. He said it what do you think about the new Bruins defenseman he said that he said we hope that the banks have historically enough while Courtney it's all week. For historical perspective it's actually thought. We certainly continue that congress. Let's go to Lou and in Rhode Island can. Voice your allies. It's outlaws these guys when you guys I mean you Kirk made him very much no changed my. They said we don't changes access article don't change expert Robert 2014. What's Australia at all. I was at the open Asia that's our new song don't change we are not now can you vault. Well as we heard in the Tracy Chapman's. New. Shout shout. If you knew you die today which changed its trees chat. Great well. Yet if you knew that that would change this you know. What coach. Gently out. Just become and do it changed with the ID or change about it I would do you more compassion. But it died Fort Myers is ultimately right now or. The highway midnight. It talks drag it home like Michael it's like later today there are dirt keep in all great show. For milliseconds all day dale hole this don't you. Alert mean your traps me no doubt about it the usual have a volatile I don't hold 677797. It. How's that the song love notre. Do you exercise that was cut deals. No I mean. Actions. Though. XQ. Should. Have been at lake is it rates very good at Blake. Acre. Rio we want. And now I'm an AC it just like you well. I a year ago and I'm 93 that and I found got. Did you little bit mark shot up your continued that you're not a big Turkey Iraq general. Mean we're making pretty good take its. Yes they're all drinking it's so celebratory champagne Iraqi eighty right almost. Any hand. Leadership in order and that would take this line. Right pocketed move wondering about fruit that to very great. Lost I don't get it during his stint I was just so. Felt like why is job performance that on the line. It's worth discussing maybe could get a table sweet tomatoes are gonna change plans at spoke reckless. John glad. Hey John good morning Moore got power you can. Actually I agree actually actually I think it actually I. And violent as the attic so Kirk can make my day unbelievable. Outlook if you are all our path ahead the man. Jug of water to elect. Two different genre to Johnson called Fort Myers this we're told three and a little. Turn one that the default and they let that bulletin. Every time medal to a Red Sox game they always loot avenue at times I think there. I'm sure that's true heroic who knows that I didn't know and love yes that's okay thank you are. Six what set it set at 79790%. Of a couple of total for the first time this unique opportunity view. You can reach out and tell me how much you love me how much abortion I need this in my life right now. Would you be willing to take questions as well because it's odd question I hurt my microphone. Now what is why. It's out of keeps hitting in your late getting all excited and job. That's like this backstroke let's go let's go every word we got there we blurred. Really good productive day now it's time to go forward I. Could go to my life a bucket like John data security now in 2012. That's just not how likely rate of pay a couple of declared that. It's not to hopeful here we go up ticket counters would take. Mark you know how much money on this may 2000 I don't want collecting bonuses that it. Part six what's that it's ever it was a six point mostly. Because of her for optimal spot yet there was everything everything about her age forty what you're up to view this as do Atlantic route. We have to do update on a favorite afternoon show Imus and CMB right. The Olympic Ariel graduate too. And yes they probably did it anyway again you the that your previous top. Who the toughest apple got our. Wide open again this is the carpet and if you're. Celebration spectacular anniversary. Gallup we'll lose with him and we all of a guy named radio on this whole wants to. They don't always work. That's books that get you the technical. Yes. Thanks for being you took just six weeks it's. All over you. Toward mixed emotions in check. You always offers. But you. True. That situation or else it's you haven't watched that you're drilling Dominique if you. I wanted to kick you I'd like to fly to play through that it would work out but that's what. This I can fix it didn't look with a ticket to be today without the it's got to do with it right already stoked but. What the two. Reggie Roby talent to go for which symbols why I they are right now like public don't pay your elected. Art shallow rot Ross of duct. That's why I'm going 06 what 707797. That the good news is it's the fiftieth anniversary you'd call it atomic program that uses ever drove. From bought now from the stuff like that. Yes our friend at the drought will join us work that you did this what it yes he's been yes on the what your anniversary right that's right. That's actual drop would join us join us.