K&C - Red Sox clinch a playoff spot; Kirk is not a fan of Brady's book 9-21-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, September 21st

Hour 1 - Red Sox clinch playoff spot with Angels loss, Sale tallies his 300th strikeout of the season; Kirk rips Alex Guerrero and Brady's new book 9-21-17


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Skirt. In September and you have an eight to nothing lead bears. Communication is starting to. Why the hell they send you back okay. Guys around stupid milestone. All right we know with a seminal albums tonight represented get a are people talk is more with Kurt committee ahead at your Hoover driver like trinity over the weekend cold like god I was go to movies these days I don't. I want my nephews had tickets matched game doesn't. Let's stop to think about it so but I also love baseball I love basketball I like soccer highlight how slick are like currently not exactly the Redskins number one based on the nights and I would assume that decision based more of the yeah this is your seats and Gerry Callahan yeah. Our one was lots of fun we talked sports that's why we're number one garnered operable fool it's the Kirk can't tell ahead sure. When you talk about Brady went out of your Airways that they are there that we're somewhere quite work out why go play soccer so Hillary you know trying to guide the helicopter. What you do so honored sounding more time he comes on your show I'm. How do Monday now has enough. In point Sports Radio W. Who lots and lots to get to today it's wonderful world of sports wonderful cocoon men throwing balls the balls of women as well. Well most importantly women as well. We here's celebrate. Might it do we Jean king and wonderful movie. I'm looking forward to whenever he missed on artistic ability Jean king have the and we wanna that to a pox it's very history. Yeah it's another that's enough that we get to that for him. Strike you since celebrate the achievements celebrates three in the strike one of the great moments ides you know we'll work on when it happened sleep wanted something else. I shot. What's the matter you you weren't jello relatively Jerry's I was due institution for the show I was reading the book I I was watching the red sucks because I was looking forward pockets talks today at least you know 34 nose Terry Cashman at 730. No we it was it was fascinating guy. Hole hole. Oh well I was watching trinity I was on Twitter and the Twitter outrage was coma clothes and I am so glad John Ferrell left him and I wish that to mean for the ninth. I wish you'd start with gentlemen we could start today and come out of the bullpen tomorrow updated for the local or whatever tomorrow Americans. Playoff bound Boston spokesman Gary neatly yes congratulation. But it wasn't the UU reform arrangement I was correct yes all the big guys and all the BP games. As wondering like who's going back in the news completely okay with a Goldman back to back tweets and back to back we stupid milestone. I did see Simmons and is right amount for the ninth and like oh boy what happened now what Josh heralded it as often natives. Well you know what I. If he's right ram up for the ninth I would understand this is why would interest is how would that did she dug out Farrell did this. Because he wants sailed in to be happy bright he can do is because you won the teen. Didn't here's sailor with a pitch to be picked yes but the team was on the side given the player correct the players' manager like most guys these days. He gave in the player it's only his most important player I agree and that's but that's sort yards against isn't. And leaving take bloated and I don't want a sickness sickness do you have scientific proof like Tom Brady does you scientific proof good who haven't we get that forget that dominant twelve to twelve more pitches is gonna cost them down on the row now that assays are more likely you know he's in the game forget it I'd call her finger and everything happens sprained ankle Al pliable as. I don't know investors on the politics or more innings than he's ever pitched in his career earnings numbers in September I know he pitches yesterday and he looked great I'd like to get worked up opus I'm I'm Amman. Also I guess you should fire apparel today you pick that side before we came on air I know these lamps and we UG details on this is obvious shoe it was heads out of my game I'm telling ya what you are your mind what you look at secretary are terrific moderate them fake my I mean take moderate to go first please my game. You don't mean it. Jared it yes you do he needs I'm happy but let's talk cheese it's a c'mon don't interrupt you indeed. Chris Sale on your side if you act. Dale and gained is able allow. And I couldn't Todd Walker boy who what is it full paid for its Odwalla style barker said this and you know Kirk won't like it because it's kind of hokey recent look at that that these guys and of sale why the hell is sending him back out there they were happy for me at one and the dugout to the other hand clapping when it felt that things are facing Hoover and liking for me he's not a guy that it was miles an hour and a ball's coming against you think. And apparently also updated look I am almost it looked like sale every single struggling now I'm telling us telling him. Watch economic freedom it's a big issue it's not a big issue at all. Removing all looked up which would be and I feel like a month I mean he is struggling and he went out there and it took a twelve pitches and you're the first batter then you've got pulled out say this as adults I think that did outside its larger ups that I probably would have brought him out but the fact that you don't know the downside. You get hurt you don't know that that's a juniors over. Because you haven't hurt walking across the street but you know hurt like McClellan out of that hook is an epic go to guy that's have been 300 times in Japan epic it is yes it is yeah well problems tonight represented visited Israel strikeouts and the final I'll give credit he didn't pretend you didn't know didn't care. Sale wanted it and Ferrell wants to be at a I think it showed its pounded his first class starts because he pitches and they'll go. Good thank you don't pull that crap on me I will in the future and we just the south that's. Well you'll hear it gives us. But but sale by the way it was the least stressful waiting ever seen them throw all those he just went out there are these. You know facing Ryan clarity from Maine just threw a couple of couple hawks can you imagine a couple of cutters and as a joke is that would say he got hurt them. Hurt to watch anything. Her to blow. Oh did you measure Aniston is is a hardball comes back and hits and page breaks a finger anything it's also you know guys get hurt that that's how and I'd even think of that adjustment like overworked. I think that's what people pulled me I think fairway and kept him in their that you got to right it's open to attack an accurate adversity and what Nike he started to struggle fairway but yeah now hey nice try eating get it out of favor of what's this 71 Austin Maddox hadn't given up or run and he he almost did. The Doug would have been pissed themselves and that's tonight guys in the back that they want that China itself does have an upstart. Like you'd gotten what I got the record which is why I thought it was and he couldn't say you get a next time put. He didn't and home. I believe those three road games that as true that would have been good for the fans. But you know what I 300 strike on how first inning is not near as exciting as one in the eighth in my opinion that true while a single out. One more start is that is that you are certainly good at two. But yeah I don't I don't want sweat and once that record when if you want that the Yankees are breathing down their neck and a and yet you won again and I add to this ludicrous about an milestone that he pitches. Next already pitches if they bug but he would if she wants to prove thirteen is more meaningful if I 300 since I won a couple of people just your style. Depends where they don't know right on the tablet it is very great position how much we talk about last. Not much but what if they're not well they're a great position won't throw -- all of a sudden you thirteen strikeouts and next are no previous two starts -- at thirteen yes angered and the Yankees keep it close at a trip up he means he wore clothes and neither one what he's more than 3033. Public record at 313 I'm what do you 313 games every idealists like the cy young's 500 every I didn't I had to take every true superstar through as I was one of those records and never be touched and send him any time yes yes like. No Saigon and what's our president wants a plaster and nothing. Not true and if there defeat but please don't if he gives up a couple runs in the split upstarts that seat. Why nobody is denying post twelve OJ mock raids and get a free trade issue story today so retreats that sales to Pittsburgh to soreness and then that's different. That he's that you are from whose job that fouled that was silly stupid if he if you break with cinema but he would not pharaoh sent them. There is no way. That he gives you that way and I I don't as true now for sale ever looked more comfortable with so what's a little argument for the B today at 10 o'clock is easy golf fire a play that music in the ones that you just tried to make or my late last night that he got caught up in the stupid miles when doing much did but what's actually at seven does that. No but much on Twitter and there were a lot of people's open the flange yeah straight game shot seems lead the charge say why is he out there what did you talk like that in his talk with him personally my. Conversation. It's lately again. Out of the game they don't mind it as it was great that's so. It always trying to be met him would degree training tries to be minute hand. I would say HI three years in me and a that's possible now. Now now now nobody and you know he looks at Kirk is his hero is titled here's PDAs tweets not back to back director to a between. Sales coming back he takes it if you bowl to be bigger priority than chasing strikeouts. Couple tweets and and don't see one inning brewing sales season his accomplishment shouldn't get lost too contrived controversy. Try to thrive become that we've raised the question yourself what twelve minutes before. And he's not he was a coward to somebody and shore people want to Motorola deal onscreen dad has changed is always instinct is in the Red Sox and the team his guys his team. It's roses this week bush an answer. I'm looking at channel five channel five Twitter pizzas we are in xmas from point if you just waking up. Not live. Yeah I mean I can we really didn't read them right. There clinched the playoffs were they on the plane when they clinched a spot. On that we saw and so they might still aren't on not. A some celebrating in the locker have that was on the replacement plane almost pictures yet. Here's any biceps flexing his eyes set. Which some silly hat on I was on the plane or maybe I don't know yeah our I'm actually clinched a spot but that means nothing to me that one gave the last thing in the world want is that one game and it happened. And you could blow it can have entered the Yankees won that believes three correctly and three. So I'd say nothing now what is at least in Liberia they're there yeah. Data collection sold almost 1 o'clock in the morning some I guess they are point nine. I got on the plane was flying from Baltimore Cincinnati they punched their ticket to the post season clinching a playoff spot courtesy Indians beat the angels. Don't call home before you go to the plane and you're right from the plane yeah on the road yet. Right as president neck on the run it on the plane was so it just kind of buzz around Boston finally all back it elicits an. Yes Big Three get a said there either they were either home or they were on the plane. Smashed hotel California as a unit and picky. What hotel. They're artists since it you know more like don't call a spirited so it can be a hole you tell your home. Some make me since I've really you really is that you have today yeah. He's here. They were on the freight and put him to go to ensure profitable for a magic over six you don't they weren't Arty days I don't work at home I myself is when you're out on the right a lot of tourists to feel like I just don't miss it says you know you were on this well how could that how could that be at the hotel. Walking immortal 1 o'clock in the morning in Cincinnati what I can what are the Concord to. Did take that bond nor Allen had a place not far time to think that made it to the to the plane. Took off. I mean it's a pack I mean I don't Jerry depends which air you are already had a Diana was leaked. Came in the consulate. In. Fifteen. That was for the white that is the magic number so they getting me the routine probably out Cain probably worse on the as we make everything big they're on the Fred could play is that you're right it's a mark it out at least three games. And how many more of Clinton. And the plane leave that for me. It's a big magic number seen on the just clinched a mean it's just you wait seven game lead the Yankees never lose it was going to be a while for the Clinton occasionally this division. Was that he has done incredibly they went out curtain and and guarantee Berkman and desire like this for a sexy and that is a bold prediction I like it that even at but when I Hamas it's talking he's so much want the your. It is I don't think it was stripped of its 300 guys disagree thirteen I magic number is just it's just nineteen. 47 pocket baseball written about that just won the World Series 2013. That long ago our ratings are twice as big now as it were and I'm so I wish that someone of that talk baseball with a sort baseball today its I sit and my heart and prayers and me can't carry here. Over achieved. This year. On that right. Now on the revolution. That entity great rookie year as not he's not I. I don't see that I would say he's I should give it I predict you see now he's not judge would come up with that strikeouts judges. Doesn't matter was judge pitcher you just don't matter which are much a little money on Paloma or in my office moral over she. The Mets Marlins my mind. It takes now. I was image Marlon has its has over achieved devers obviously. Of all of the fields devers over achieved in the fields now how do you evidence in Yemen and other Aaron at stating it now you can play. Two nights in an extra innings it pulled the eleventh the defense I heard it was Craig Carroll told our guys in the afternoons there might be defensive replacements to bigger cut you did you gotta get your phone from the car you can polite tangling. This is the talk he's got me on the show originally saying that who oh my god is dead too proud take over that Imus just be known what is wrong with you I. I was I don't think anyone people don't care about the Red Sox is a little perplexing to me how little. Gets upset they used to say it's an overstatement. That I don't care as much they care about the patriots honestly yeah but who's number two n.'s Tom Celtics right now no. Please I think there are gonna compare ratings dale pointed this out soft drinks and the great ratings but we don't know are we don't know a dose of exercise this year boasts television every right now when I was sort of Bruins three the revolution for with a women's business Boston lobsters do lobsters which I miss more loans. In my eye and tell him not before relocating constantly I'm not. I'm not just wrong I am not doing it amount to investors and he's he's a police let's get some in my agent in just how can someone go to Kirk's house does men's nationals that I'm I'm done I'm not we need them until you're sad always turn batting average and you don't want you don't very lucky you. You and I talk on the phone and make fun of the other issues I guess we've just to elicit outrage detect we don't just recently X right now. They clinched last night I usually includes nothing they clinch Clinton and Al playoff. She did did sprays champagne or anything is NC video that's I don't think citing going to every clearly do this every year for whatever team clinches. We when we criticize them for over celebrating. Deadly clash or when they lost on a lot Sanjay. I mean Josh rhetoric in in Houston. The warriors. And share. And celebrated naked. The Cubans who didn't that's weird start to Houston to shoot. Mean now they just were late they clinched a spot in the policies on and I think they like into clenched their division. When you clinch the division and a little bit now I think wizards' playoff spot either way they went crazy. I realize there at Houston and the young. There is a big deal you know. Enough that you celebration was wise old so it's burned cars the problem he has eluded them smashed all the windows style books absolutely fine. I curtain on what Kirk's anonymous. It's. Gonna make an appropriate. What's exaggerated that didn't smashed Windows Phone books. I think it's. I felt like a baseball issues all they want the federal Mitch wants batting average opened until she is single overreact over cheap do you think he over achieved I've seen we have seen that that is getting SE AL laxity on just Clinton policies in past I have now on the new click on the World Series. And basically I don't know that I I've accepted that's how it is every little restaurant hall of stress. Mel Chris is that probably Chris says the shortest race. And your bank tenure dust bitter and it's who. Our. I didn't go there a difference I mean that you guys are same people are just way consulting each other beat people just going tomorrow open some of the younger sound in the big bullet veterans such John they'll just waking up puppy and telling the you know tomorrow you as you under rated. What's that. Retirement is under rate has. I haven't seen yet as inning and have funneled through experts don't read stories threes nothing unfortunately it's a Nazi death had not. But he's in Bogota and achieve this year Jerry. On the put the U next who absolutely and so smoky deaths are down roster pretty ordinary you and I'll tell your neighbors and other average there other banned group commerce Tom and one goes over achieved I don't. Christmas. Probably true that's true with about exactly yup. Upon the recently can be the Lexus segment of the signal to you it's probably not the risks and I'm just putting favorite segment ever in the I don't this Saturday over it she was what does that tell you. You did nicely illustrated as if you and I ask that question to an end run less Alastair sixty batting point. Three war. Bogart's thirteen almost last year 33 RBIs a point that. A current I agent there hyping it running out of the studio he's going after Cannes notes that are. That you can get the notes is just beating up on canned I thought I that party for open went to Japan weighs 250 pounds more than Kurt he's younger he's stronger and he's so afraid of he would let Kurt did and it was awesome. So really watching and even in doing parents like watching Adrian Peterson who's before you Reynolds sort of leave this why you yeah. And then he deflected a little bit to the public know what it's a sixty points that he's counseled about this site I mean it is a I saw a lot Jerry somewhere that Paul may Hillary mobs with market. Now this is yesterday clinched lessening its newsworthiness. And these other shows all Daytona is correct talk with all of this died in Bridgeport is rewarding thing K take it serious more. It is a boring ones who are more than ten penalties if you think it's born knew it was fine that's fine uncle Freddie knows she's TV personally like Patrice crickets these drive by things and admiral he brings her parents my performance at TV ratings hey I'm just informants on radio now you can get to bash for sixty. Why he's in such a bad mood because I'm about. They were terrible up I'd opera this morning ray and I feel and I feel and all I'm doing is delaying the inevitable Kirk is gonna attack. My friend to highlight the book I didn't like Jerry decide political initiative and I'm I'm I'm well on my way early I just started but I'm well on my way for the whole thing. And now not quite a quite a Muslim leaders of the show when those of us Lori. Too busy you know. Kurtz of copies. We are in the office of you do not show. By yourself shall and nations these peoples from our five I think he's alive and it's always my dad worked hard pretty Mariah Carey yes I am in realize that changes everything. Take this call for days now. Do it now to talk to Dave and David. Eight Kirk with somebody. Nobody that tend bar down the street from where yacht stationers and you know some currency. In recent yankees saw. He's not open the drown my sorrows or knew what I had down the idea that we'll have a quick drink and that I know where he keeps the gun in the back office. Below are wearing. I think what's what's so it just things we've gained all these new listeners we have Donnie baseball talk at all and Jerry let haven't clinched a playoff spot at all and they don't we headed talk when David Price aged and last year we did lots of David Price stock dividend we talk what you know that that's an issue. Right this is an issue at all I'd like outs nobody wants a toggle batting averages. She gets to keep that book on keep. An analyst people who wanna do reading Tom Brady's book there's several things don't get through parades but what kind of music we need under reading them brings a creepy I would say this is I remember reading. FaceBook and every now called the British music hit reading on my mind yesterday Gary always translate as this lots. Just listening to and I was just. That she's stupid as a murderous kid recently what he wanted to under read it. Read a couple of Stephen King books back back to back as a kid they Christine. And be terrified that was scary stuff I never read this book this book news. Horrifying and I'm scared host but man I would never you don't have to follow his advice its potential this year. This picture right here to bet that doesn't like most seem to push up with a resistance and what that looks so evil. A mine evil looks intense and it's scary. If you told what contents of the pictures as real thick and gentlemen he's posing for a photograph. Do you think the Red Sox are gonna win the World Series I do not negating gets the World Series no I think accordingly like I can't believe they're gonna win the division the 195 games in the police ended its sales and a grasshopper has been unbelievable that's it that's it sales not been great cells and bought we ball we expected I think. Politicians beneath the Clinton back in the site and rates. Or else records matter in the Cy Young voting can. Shall I you know back in the race because he cares about report. He cares falls these things than usual for Michael super brown and the dummy mind who have on the heels of them handers or right. No but this not. And I all of them okay there dummies Bradford can wipe. According to develop a mistake. He probably lives from back to front and despite all that's how did they manage to do this against all it's not a credible and good bye everybody to win the division one relation an amazing and nobody is there have been restricting their. Real underdog did you have nobody portal billion dollar budget for drew from a pomerantz nobody was about a crucial baskets. And olive game tubs and out of us that more. It's into 45. Sitting. Or as. Many. RBIs Europeans but it's calls six point seven cents a night at 790% of residual I was over chipped yes it was not over achieved these phones wells strategy pleasure indeed get easier you know he knows and every of the year under achieved I think because. Over judicial personal assay. I think he has this Cy Young winner is slick setting records for losses is set records has been this close. Would you say that to the Republicans in the mood. Mark and it paid. Craig Kimbrel. That's what I suppose but he stressed clothes and is supposed to be. The primaries definitely achieved in these over chiefs at two levels of port spot. It's. Yeah maybe maybe meetings with game three start. The what are. It was sufficient. You know like interest others perky. And I I and not why have not picked someone else does not excuse him at church and tough crap that's the way I understand that's to me it's nice letter writing and acting David prices of freak. Stag room do you really think David Price blogs bull pen now but that's the second set against it he says he doesn't ice using its sore. He hasn't heard much know you're I think you're about to factory besides that you know one. He starter in the in the game for because five irons are good habits doctor five innings eighty pitches Uga I agree it's not in the B rate note he asked me who I what do you think it's going to. It is going to be fist. And lose in the first round mr. Believe that swept hopes I mean I don't know. Doesn't totally and notice if they get swept see you do another games are stationed on two and four I yesterday. And massage Obama went home every night he terrorists Ellington bush well I took root for. At the Republicans are station yes wise yes because it's a good your company and for. For all the presidents who are yes. Lot of Americans yesterday I want the game with the record record. What I didn't take my break and that's not in a hallway and every. Establishing separate rules here grateful for shale. Through Detroit portion should experience or records. Initiation. Yeah it is our Hulu and yeah. If we all knew that that that number was it was him who eventually arrive the tenth giving out there it is me. Charred wreck that whole thing which. Is. You never talk in great genes that supports that conversation with yes. We we do have the seventies we do have Bill O'Reilly talking towards the gullible man Imad Lawrence O'Donnell. A couple of Boston guys. Lawrence woods alone like grew up here I'm I'm and I'm embarrassed to say it. But what I had to hack honest to god he is to us that I say am I to buckle I can't rule and a hole I can't really looking down on everyone around him treating. I'm not other country watch a shot on treating all the little people like I could see myself doing that just pissed off it's not possible. Acute absolutely electric I don't know levels he's pretty well knows your psychological you pretty well. Oh yeah I could just tell you do with huge jump on can layers. Back that happened that is punch and a liberal with like AL I don't brotherly liked you put heat on the other little operation project for the other little person on any dog collar with a leash right. Which he's never gonna live down but you person in Florida where he can retire the rest of life now he would matter a little person. Leach. Went out Everett rents and apartment isn't like a three year leash if you go. That's humors me that's and I are allotted time we're not gonna violent taken seriously stop. Racquet doing the right 1617779. 7937. And by the way we have an announcement for mr. brain dispute dates we do you know there's no one told me that's official to badger busy as as you read the book and booking mr. brings a lot of stuff what you're. Senior yelling at the TV screen some batting average and you know texting back and forth with who was at. Lou Lou and I were her Eagles who were your never world war and it never I was so we got on a disabling his last start at 300 batter ever you do better than their it is seen Osama closer as we try to call we get to play by international Olympic at their issue. Says. You're forgetting. Did to Tim and Joseph average of any grief when you're there that's IC even though they know friendly and yet you know maturity Emeril pals. I yet and he knows you're not you don't approve of all I'm sure Israel around them use them it's not pretty but that does is makes cents turning that we can make fun while everybody knows and god knows curtains on all the mid day guys all the afternoon guys mocked organized mafia but yeah animal I was gonna give you credit you do more than I do. Right I do to area here. I make fun of people to get the demand for them put them. What he says is a Mac does that make that one guy off limits or two guys should say two guys often make our own produces our own co host our own. Cast your dad is. Attention on each and every one BI I don't feel like a little bit jealous and self deprecating humor Ohno did indeed do I don't know I don't know how much sure I think their people between them to who who are our current issues well. Why can't they just say laugh at all what can page dump on us. Exactly low hanging fruit if I'm Mike for four hours 567 hours a game they can do whatever I finally. Absolutely elegant one that we showed you. Now but today if things on shirt stimulants up I think I'd that he thinks. Has Charlie don't you get out forms of fame aren't that was terrific I do agree days after it might get a bottle. I don't think we got to get to Tom Tom Brady's book Kirk read the whole thing about bush and bush got a real disagreement on sale like I she would have done contrived if I'd used by Itochu gone technically this is being we could use my I touch you gonna bash John Farrell and I was gonna defendant but he's fresh bag year. Is not you know he makes terrific playoffs and it's I have to get a contract extension to gonna kill you and Lou advocates more now. I can't act here he is now. Of the total World Series. In particular caught my worst nightmare why do you care who gets. Just think he's terrible and I think that he has sent from being successful as a part of the job either and I think as a bad person that's why I asked him. But Tampa. He's a bad I say hey I just think he's a pad manager but I think the whole thing make obviously David Price as a respect and I don't think these players really respect him I mean he how loads crusade our eggs view is stretched out like some obvious respect him. That's my thing I just of these players are. And I think in I think if he gets swept in the first round is back now I think they saw that I was the other day the waves talking about a foot to Brodsky. And I are the mid day guys talk about this at like. If they if they fire if it if they if the rusty fires Arabic to prosecute. It's about his decision and now worked but what is the key of I due to the safe. The year that damage it did interview that trip it's been for Mars again now we will blow assault by now you know last year. A much tougher but it doesn't matter who does not want to pure that you have gotten him I don't goes up please log does not get personal. Irish open Mike and his guy couldn't keep infidelity admin help and nice of you appreciate that it's just journal a journal string together words as they are related to us fresh out of my brother and come in the exit and then go out. It was uncomfortable but we're not talking I just ran right well we thought we. When I won here when we get back Kirk is gonna give his book review full book from your baby Noah. Now I got it I blood trying to unite to leave the room and you can just do your own thing I mean ultimately just stop. Upon hope you hear you have to stick to the clock I don't care ultimately military things that you don't matter anymore OK okay when we get back Kirk's gonna give him the rear view of TB twelve the yeah I well I must all do that and let me just say this hole on the secretary before viewers in the moment. To be successful may hugely successful talk show host preparation matters most. I decide they don't get this book annually when the station to the I read the entire book twice like my Fred Thompson's gonna send me come on you can't trust Tom Brady I know that after in this book that had a lot of electric lights was able to dampen readable book every viewer portion of the sporting maltreatment look I bought some elected lights did you really last night yeah yardage and I X it's just a little and this little packet yes I'm mineral horse slaughter dollar. Who was at CVS I was in line waiting in a Greg's full packet like bullets haven't used yet. Yeah I use I will now I don't mean to wives and I think he just put water. He has engaged charged any but it looks at the pixie stick with those arrested yet. I anywhere we'll do that will we'll give you carts full review was you know turning on will be -- the floor do you Kirk luxury you read enough about this had to destroy have a party started out here are just. And we have we have large so don't go on animal hero yes yes. It we love catching tantrums. Like on a hot Mike does it is nothing better there's no better so in the world them like that O Reilly all right crystal Casey Casey Casey is pretty damn good boring a manageable Laura Ingraham good one a lot of minutes her yet he's always been great we should I'm kids did so much prefer you can never played them enough these these are headlines there will be doing the best of NC were where Larry O'Donnell that's a good one that's a good one. Larry Dolan is O Reilly's. O'Reilly is king for Riley's is so such madness is all about Alec Baldwin on hold asking tough not scared Mel Gibson Mel Gibson number one. If the deal once a week that crisper and Chris Burke yesterday did this decided yet is is not on this level but yet he did. Through them but. He he wouldn't be talked about Larson Dulles Newton is stuck in all across no question he's up there will play that we could back and Kirk on. I have read the TV twelve method book how to achieve a lifetime sustain peak performance Tom Brady is quite simply. On the most frightening book ever written in the history of literature it's part of the idle this curious I got a read at night I already knew it we get back. We yourself I'm sorry you said you were aware of all the specifics in the story. He's suing yet some occult supreme green to be an infomercial for. He claimed that he has studied 200 people that were dying of cancer of the needs of other diseases and sit two years later all but eight has survived he later admitted. The FTC to cook the entire thing he's saying you're not aware of that entire part of your business partners history. You know about that. Part of it hurts a good idea which part would you didn't know and he did not party don't know about. Are we talked we've talked about you know several things it's as its release and he dealt with that Kirk and and that's part of his life and that's. Something happened thirteen Carolina the talk to become a talking. Go to business with its. Who knows if I signed commentary like he would easily pass the organ and Lawrence O'Donnell if he's ruled Thomas he opulence chance. That was two years two years. Following fifteen as monetary amount. That was when the Boston magazine story came out to which was excellent which you know Jerry and I cannot. Full agreement pre I think we do agree occurs creep that you said that of course of course ignores surprises I am that that's the only real full length story it's been the what the bust magazine net and in Sports Illustrated and the biggest news. I mean woman actually have a real conversation and grow awareness of how wonderful its polar Jim Bob holdout changing all ought to follow that but I mean. Now Brady is in business for this guy now is he best selling book in America in this book is I believe written by house really has. Co writer called Peter Smith is at his eyes is that Smith. Peter what are Peter north probably not Peter north and missing. Think it's Peter Peter from a bit the Brady Bunch is Otis if that's you you're good yeah here's something they. He is a terror that's who is great voice button yes and it's all in the first person I mean it's I believe Guerrero that's my. Matt that he helped no question no idea I don't think Peter did the typing summit later Smith. Peterson thing I think it. Yes but he was told to by career. And Brady kind of weighed in my guess let's not disagree or not to it is a self help book in his. One of those books. And is a million of them. You know that's designed to. Improve your life yes your quality of life yep and imminent sections in bookstores of these things. That's where you find Tony Robbins let's me by seven habits of highly successful people in your earlier rising section or. Usually yes someone gave me a gift that seven habits which might be more of the bestselling yet self help books yeah yeah. You read to me I tried about it was a terrible awful terrible. And I and I still say the book the Brady loves. I I could all actually made it all the way if you grew right at Orson myself through what orders or agreements form four agreements it's very hard to get heard about 7% of that Johnson has yes on page of a discredit. And it's hard to read it's not exactly all breezy. Not this is better written but better re. I guess I mean yacht a couple of a central take you where you read the whole thing. Mean I did the best that you admit that it's not poorly written or poorly constructed notes would it is essentially is. A 300 page infomercial for the TB twelve center right which nobody nobody disagrees with that you'd you don't Pritchard of what's it with a great deal 29 dollars was put typically handle to learn about ways to fix things at the 212 a that you. It's sixteen dollars and tiger like that's true that's arguably current listing prices keep closing price is 29 I thought it would cost hundred adults like that that cookbook I can't make a you to make it marketable team wide audience that's why cookbook is under more on yet but it puts has put this impeachment this book is. It did Brady says here's my my thoughts on brain exercise in each one learn more I have an apple TB twelve. Here's what you should drink but if he should do that spend the TB 12150 dollars all book is a pamphlet it's an infomercial deep debt total lest anyone denying that. I mean is like Andre said that he's publicizing and he say this it is infinite and it was dangerous of a Bible like something you should follow currently around six I fly balls when I first compared to buy whatever he said was it was indeed Nazi hate. This is a a gateway for TB twelve he hasn't said much talked to us briefly in court and Norah O'Donnell and wanted to push ups and Norah O'Donnell. And I assume is gonna do more he hasn't told us these in this one admitted to a more causes the middle season but. You can't. Come over the book takes on number one on Amazon best seller list so not not a single time not publicize the garbage number one quality so as I would say this. Music anyway that meant anything it is selling it is it's a sort. In an and there are things and then I'm sure can help people ought I don't doubt that not a single time in this book not once is doctor quoted or sourced or anything. This is Tom Brady announced career what career did we both his boss to magazines for him then a few years it be inducted Guerrero hit. When you when you read this reader disperse for Boston magazine and you hate him more and more I would just say that. But with this is his career has moved on and instead of climbing up of people in the past I believe he's now the comment number. That's all these kids worked for the excessive battles are key it's worked so how is it if it's a calm and it's an amended the work is not a con talking with. True so far I wish all sorts Danny Amendola has gone. Eight were to Julian I'm not sure I run rank how tournaments on great as a condominium and no religion and a great I'm. I fraud Broncos did him in goal as was Super Bowl hero whose names are on the mind control panel on my. Very interesting means higher you know this picture up there if you can't have to read the book she great great which value of its customers and it's race race he would tell you that he never gets hurt anymore. He doesn't want his image don't hurdle because plays a different position all okay put Brady says he sees these guys you rights and against these guys working out. In each he's staring at him just feel so bad they're doing it the wrong way. Well wise at the whole life you can't prevent every was that the wrong way for Brady Brady mess. Before it blows me a lot of money for Guerrero. We gives agreement is not married at sixteen games to your right so so and so what's different. It's an in the book Jerry it says what if instead of excepting injury as in habitable in a part of what it means to place sports trainers and coaches begin incorporating viability training into the traditional strength and conditioning system educating bodies to absorb and disperse. The forces placed upon and the whole. You read the book the whole thing is that if you do liability trying you don't get hurt. It's the other stuff you know who hurt muscle yeah I mean it does the same and play ability province concussions. I was very distressed that I personally secession watts careers other issues that Brady welcome those guys sign on and about concussions and arguably the index to working gushes Amish once the book. So this is not about concussions is bringing up in his address it. But it's it's just really these guys use other terms correct print or injury obviously trauma brain exercises but it's weird stuff like this. Every day we deal with excess of positive violence coming from our cellphones TVs microwaves light bulbs and indoor environmental pollution. It may sound counterintuitive in my belief negative buyouts have the greatest benefit her physical mental help increase our bodies. Al calamity and when is this your ten levels and accelerate healing recoverable amplifying their levels of liability. I'm a relatively Smart. If you're if you're some guy doubles is trying to it was a little weight your read that you sent when he or maybe it's not for you what it is before him was a four. Other quarterbacks it's four true believers of the book says talks about we'd we'd be out for the book house for farmers and workers I mean yeah. There in Intel I think tosses out how this is for people who practice yoga about an Arab parts of it since what appealed to the guy in Abington in 2013 BTB told some of the world's leading experts in brain pass play excessively. The brains lifelong ability to change it change your response essentially other inputs. You can pick of plaster city is your brains liability. Our search process scientist brain HQ. They were this to develop my brain fitness frigid temperature find out about it TB twelve. Brain HQ dot com wire or what that you get throughout the book it is just a promo for the book I would be against capitalism a public that was advertised that you liked how well. Alex I just a couple of years researching the past mature as a result of high tech apparel in early 2017 conjunction with. Bios America sources we partner with under armour to launch a line of bios ceramic recovery recovery sleep where. Who who are The Who the sources who are these people. Was he talking. I don't know doctors don't have just never ever sourced. Bogeyed numbers here prejudice or bibles to page 67. Which gives big draft natural pliable I had I settings. No you read he finds pre and underneath a graph which hasn't accent why access like mom most graphs you it says illustrated not representative of any individual. Involvement indicative of natural liability trends that means it's not actually any scientific proof so it has eight. Gratified that tells you where your liability goes there's action in no study done I'm plying ability or hybrid. Liability is in this one Kris RG one study a study done and play ability and was with for the mom. Undertaker is associate this Miller and liable when a vehicle mortician theater direct an idea it's about liability as they prepare a corpse for a funeral okay that's this. One of these stores one of these. Reviews mentions liabilities only been studies. On and ball but if you ask you tracked muscles by pummeling he says it in those vibrant middle rollers are available at TB twelve for a 150 bucks a vibrant as well analyzed cheaper phone line am rooted don't know this is an vibrating it I B twelve what's the best. TB twelve days she's been here tangling with a says Thursday's that talked about his work and out and he's getting in shape that what he's doing doesn't foam rolling. Go to carry us out of work for news that's maybe we did not have to tap or go wired or before but. It speaks to the full I don't like to record figures I don't trust. Guerrero at all so I think he can be. You know fooling Brady completely made its whole lock the priest played as well pretty I just playing I think there's a great player I think or it was a culmination. Is a combination of bull obviously he's thinner. He's not muscular anymore he's doesn't look like Drew Brees or Andrew Luck. He looks like you he's thin he's gone. He's pliable and it works. At a corpus Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time at this in the wreckage for one else now it doesn't but he makes the case and you can accept it or not accept that. You know he's his lane and out there. And it can't I go back to you if the proof is Tom Brady you can't just say Ole Tom has done well so this this works you have to look at the other players who have worked with Alex or other people forget them to britney's friend you start watching descent I mean maybe there is that you talk about other players and talk about Willie McGinest I touched on when we introduced him Guerrero. In the start of the book I think it worked well for Willie McGinest he's a true believers gas but yet and in your. That India to the creepy testimonials at the end of the court outsource you know these people are just talked to a how they met Al accidentally changed a twenty to protest the Muslims Tom current it's it's frightening it's incredible it is Scientology's. Plain and simple it is pliable Sino Scientology's. Belief that. People fell from. This guy in the volcano's pulse has nothing to live and just around and promote. It's little ponds they're gonna come on the ground. To call you think that's as we even this knowledge where has that same call to stop process was as we have it's the same thing but. You know you're talking about things you don't understand the need is greater media and radio and I hear her out either because lots and then you understand correctly much of the radio address general understand the maybe not but why why did they understand why this Tom Brady is great quarterback is he is why does he know more about. Science and he'd because it's his life well not only had a more about the Red Sox and he does a martian life. But he said his right and he sat right in the beginning but. The thing is I never applied myself to academics is reading books were taken away from my time and a much greater passion and time commitment for sport so it's basically saying. How really an hourly signs he would Xerox didn't defers to do Guerrero what his career might have heated mayoral glimpses. Coordinators and talk to see they are you re snake oil right. Waited from Mexico simmering universe Chinese medicines when she no longer exist and even eastern. Holistic I mean it's kind of an analyst that means again. Brady is a bad guy. You'll never in his fingers and different groups trying to won't issue or top our news I read these stories excited and helpful in New York Times robbery is a great guy. He's a creep he made his money in his bones selling fake interviews to all people fraud and killed one tool because it. That's an industry when Brady should not go in the business how successful it is. That's a disgrace is disgusting but it works for I don't care and you might do there it's discussed in view notes they had to. A good golf pro gave us some good tips good lessons it not in that range internally and through. Since because if in and a past like he's got his life edit the fans for breaking it. Let's hear just gave it possessed it. He's puberty that this call pro helped you gigs okay yeah. And I found out ten years ago he smacked his wife only music and what am I gonna say Europe creep the first operated by the ten years later accord him a beat England is the profile of late news of the world so by definition it in the business all pro about a bit ominous say I mean of course they know what when that's girls golf career is young and he is is what he is when he got it figured how true. It. All pro he got better because some golf pro would smack his wife or he's not selling books and selling higher this with I guess we're not. This is what if the book is about golf municipally duplicates about it. This book is about you know the maturity twelve your ethnic germ rarely Graham's past is skinny people I know if there is OK let's understand that there. What the supreme greens and on the net. You know mental health fields on. Hey what would you prepare blow to compare the supreme greens. Like what's the compare I would like Tony Robbins are like what I care now you said he will do what he's well. He said it's in Madison world the same exact words can't block us from there. Conning them out of one. Which is what this is the quiet book. A book. The Bridget TP twelve but the book's not gonna like it can this. Would not say it again so we'd say it again cut and Guerrero is a snake oil salesman and his past is. Nauseating. Reprehensible to this book to be he'd like to rarer trying to make money that's it. Well. Brady's I think it's working and Aggies make some money to. Here understand you Guerrero is. Luxury of that history is he's gonna make more cerberus figured out somebody else on it happens to be number two house of the conflict works amateur works as a I really doesn't work and how that hashing out as if this works right. I he's the proof among it has all the. Haven't shared he's not prove that it is like in his like hey why don't approve it doesn't work. Now why is rob my wife's shopping mall and seen as a slapping us more credit and commercial chemicals and other okay. A lot of them are now take a lot of it and let's take let's go to Julian and general manager than tournament has had a great career. Let me get the sense. They're great command air balloon out only over achieved he's made a lot of money and other little tiny and isn't he is Reynolds guarantee you will not every great get rid. I believe he's not because I forget what surgery hip I don't think doctor tells them. Point Sergio can agree with that story ahead read. Read it right we just would you want to read message sure Brady goes rev up party rating goes and talks were doctored doctor seizure of surgery and her groin. He throws a great decide not to to a priest has Scruggs heard once sense he's growing he's never going to hear that he says he says he's never going to get injured. He's good he's president beginning part of the book that if he would have been doing this method since he was fifteen or sixteen years old he would not have her she would not help paint or had injuries. That is a big claim to to sell. With no scientific accident. They're two days he players working extremely hard at doing the wrong thing he says. It's wrong and it's his opinion what do you want me. Doesn't make it clear this is him this is in dock and not annoy us preach you know this is or is it everybody she didn't he says it. Over and over what they were calling me back right behind him that should be that the title he works for me when you would would you read to them. Georgia reduced. Yes like 6177797937. CB calls and get two guys a couple hours while they where you are in this book. The book frustrates me again it's not really even abbreviation I feel bad for Brady and the way he's been scammed by scam artists how's Guerrero. It's peddling some of it's fake cancer Jews is TB twelve method which you know. To I'm not really sure what I'm missing you guys talk with 6177797937. Per gallon withdrew. Street yet Albright is a few things here. I don't doubt despite all of this stuff too saying I'm not saying that I'm missing the whole thing hard sell as little creepy. I will say they'll apply ability to mean this is a word that in the medical community and I won't eat what what is this what is is he to me like it's not something that's been discussed by actual doctors know which by the way does that mean I mean up or go to write her public image is an added that doctors will sit back and test like why not test actually you do what you can duke when you create a method to strongly. Which approach we we need to break and we have lots of phone calls world when you're lifting your arms exile he can do about it. Well actually probably more like we have break can't. Besides they explain it to you. We had to break. Went nuts are you working at some let's stick around at this show I was going classroom meeting as well as with the boss I don't win over oh we cannot push it but not. To this point at the same me Rachel's ratings for the last yes same meeting but it's not about ratings so vote. And sponsors. Sales are going yes we'll have seen it would that we were we forcing them to go to whatever another time another day of that artists. That British student at 617779. 797 is now one line open it seems that people pretty mixed on this I like that the calls if you kill me some people can Jerry's trendy. Why don't wanna do will find out if that's your hypocrite power to his.