K&C - Red Sox launch in-game anti-racism PSA; Gerry bashes sock puppet Ken 9-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, September 19th

Hour 2 - Kirk and Gerry discuss the Red Sox new anti-racism PSA, as well as racism at Fenway, with callers. Tomase shares his opinions about Trump.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. The whole country starts pick and roll. Something he wanted to be able to come off pick and rolls a wanna be able to come off pick and rolls I want you would have come off pick and rolls I wanted to be able to come off pick and rolls of wanna be able to come off pick and rolls a wanna be able to come off pick and rolls I want you would come off it. It's funny book. Nothing he just added realizes that it's America as well I I think had missed that always took a month two hours to find what you are wants a mood to. So angry which is. We replay. Certainly played Kirk's win in the last segment but if that doesn't make her look good in your sock puppet in there won't do it I was gonna look. She said I was angry. Now can we can you want. I'm not angry at all I know you want your area known very much like that show I know you're going to do are yours you're derailing issue with you. Eads. And in eligible rants of a white was slow your notes dogma was time at the end. Add videos. We tight you it is wearing when he thinks it would Tomas you come to the realization that your a psychic and the better off will be I mean no fear I hate to say is don't ever talk to you anymore that was 1997 assists I was stricken but now you're along for the ride you would ever got a lot of collector check. Great check the collected shut up and go home and come back the next best is he so sensitive color. I do sort of a little bit to a more people ask you mean huge the finished. Skin. And I'll do if Clinton does not buys substantially so thank you you mentioned earlier substantially so. Just here's what you do OK you if you figure out the text on. Now learn how to press the implement all auto recent tactics every two taxiway in Texas I want to do. You take Africa wants the molecule in the B if they up touch and Richard talking about Chris Curtis again I really think you are in our head and yet you are not. He is at no cost producer. Our lovable animal on Chris Curtis is completely. Taken up residence actually actually. I don't know when they try to steal when they come and try to deal for him because that's inevitable and try to take pieces show right yes yes so they gonna come after him do you let him go away at what you do. I don't think that's an architecture is so consumed with hatred. Yeah it did exactly exactly. So hateful I don't care for him at all dog collar and Curtis would you take their jobs a bunch of Cendant I work Imus and that is an awful us persons that we're going anywhere he's going to be here when he's like 65 years old is Richard guy carts and I have written into his will Curtis tested in Booth yes how that's the way he should ago. In that. The dog collar. That's so insulting that happen is that really font that's on Friday. She's its hand and see the weeklies but if something else it's not work he's a piece of garbage. Alabama courtesy of the Kurdish yes she sets you imagine what he's two behind the scenes call boomer its own. Between ticket I get some ideas elect bounced off and they have to fix boom public doesn't boom they edit the fixer show right now is this true it was a tough fighter John. That's a big solutions of betray. Red carpet top of the mound I don't get stop in the middle fired John. Wooden over the Internet you'll be so deferred argument flash okay. Yeah and it's and that the true story other hates him too. Some people I never like while ultra outlawed I don't have a good job on Celtics as Dino hated them my my hates him you know rates and somebody else who else or you. Dale dale dale and its brands and now the different bitter anger towards somebody's sort of a who do you think that don't do broad talks run more pick and rolls this year. I think girls I didn't focus and read the president is right and obviously basically bounce the ball. If your little sock puppet played the hole cut you would understand that that the crux of Cairo Irving's you come off the nationals. It is on the court I mean if he if if he. Had the ball more if he was the man he is personal relationship with the brunt my play was sound manner on its political 500 is that is the is that division going to be interest until Halloween. Candy and Kenny. I think it. This is just what I can tell you know we have Gerri is if you look at the Louis thought about it in there he's so happy Kirk is happy with many of her legacy and have it in there at six mile raceway yesterday Alison this. Just wanted to please me at all when he is nothing like is there personality because he's afraid if you elect a little mouse he's the elephant is the glue and told me he's lovely eulogy wants her. As an out of view he's afraid of you there's a difference. Is afraid of these leagues and feet almost yeah I think I mean a lot of action. Because militant elect Joseph Pesci is small and seen scary guy. He's he's TV duties Billy bad he's accept an effect on. We're going to guess may not immediately that won't respect us need me that's his whole life is pleasing Kurt many and it's pathetic. He's a forty year old engineer. Smart. Accomplished. Can why he's gonna child eventually wakes up in the morning says I hope there is me today. Is life it's sad really is what's Saturday that it seems to be excessive Chris Curtis that's not. Being obsessive. Even sat out excessive partisan the other but the wieger Curtis am says that public elated that we hear more the sound he's obsessed with this picture of of Christopher's you against my objections. But it caught a leash on Kurt really fierce objection you almost like I was sort of violent elements are against you put it. Leash on this Boston College grad in there. And he went along with the ID US Scully what's next level there where you. Playing productive during live their replay ripping me on Friday right now that's what they're doing right now playing their there they're saying at themselves that allows guests are. Cholera and he's he's you know what they're cycles of aligned and they need to give. That's what it's odd. That's still back for pets is that meters Curtis won. Like I said today's what so tomorrow's or Freddie comes into the picture that's right up afforded. The same call fit right. Come on over take a picture opened the caller told a half. An innate music all over across the street. Think overall fuel food now we have this dog ball at him cables and yes it. Herta said rear admiral said if he if if if Freddie you know sprays in the remote cleanup mode that is but for now he's potty trained he is yes the conclusion on the paper Slater displayed on the globe Google he said. He's a guy you're we have we have tonight right here is that it's back on the rails we take some calls. Lots of people as usual 12 months he's here and then a pouring of love and support is there's never ending audit I love our I love math last week he's my guy. You know what. Racism is all too real lakers. About know everybody's racist I knew that I am I knew I could get thirty of physical and it's easy to -- full length films as some have you know have actors from from Red Sox you know like make two to three hour you know it is the right thing in just happily David Ortiz are seriously that's produced to Turk television I think I think it's about time we started dialogue that's when I think we need to have accomplished to date on the cross border have relation -- any famous African American entertainers who could activists are now he two good question I don't know the answers now as far as I know a cliche but I have to remain. Let's start with the market east and Marco aren't. I don't guys longtime. Was her first time caller doses. Just in an incredible subject I'm glad they're Kirk right about these you'll business you're in the whole work. I mean early exit this whole racist you wanna just Castro leaflets and incur a craft it's the paper. I mean white shorts all the stuff but the ball games like I can't I just when difference. Apparently some people need it sadly. And it's and you think it'll affect people question. But I don't think they'd I just about in European hands it's boundary into Cuba. Why don't have to do one thing. Have to say that the hard core guys that that it just isn't so all of races is it's completely ineffective ours. Evan how but the people who aren't hard clipboard out crazy out of their villages dipping their terror into chaos as racists right and maybe there are people who would sit still insane way we'd be seeing America from those revolution players up on the big board will change their hearts. So why don't you go fix that I don't wanna fix that I wanna go to the ballgame and I wanted to see in her bed at ten to get a big hit a smaller one actually and at all. Still we argued I don't want apparently it's not like clockwork orange hold your eyelids open to watch you can look down you look away actually I don't think it's I don't think it's that much on what is your question on your kids via the add that that part does I don't care that. But the AT&T think they can fix them is so they don't think enough to what is or is it pandering because that just. We have another liberal epidemic now that this is their life and now that heavily CP is considerate Sox are hiring black people and they're going to do. And listen that's a totally for workers I grant you I know you I thought I don't look like that it is let go ahead the Cuban Allison. Now also said this to eat this is a racial. I think that's a that's not gonna sit there and it was just so I mean look at that. Hard to argue actually went and those guys that's my little Middle East direction and it looks like the Romney seemed the whole time art and unbelievable. Scottish Socialist Party shag shipments terrorism Burlington high sharing. I'm Gerri a blanket like in my car I'm just kinda bad been done many Red Sox and I've never heard racial slur. There has to Nazi but he's high fat disappointment I told you. And you and your head at hearing his voice is your head I'll tell the story and 1992. On a cheese just the other day down tomorrow who was well what was the last time I sat in the stand they don't. The bond like. You have a sentence and since 1992. Why would I go I covered the Red Sox Terry why would I go sit in the states and I'm Brian Hill I have now got people relaxing place on Jolie has friends or family of towels don't wanna go to gain a market hit a game yet as a student know we sit in the weeds out yet we recently outside the park as stated its baby steps videos and. Yet if ray is idol cry of the liberals. I've admiration. Contributed about four guys that Ollie don't lie to rob anybody got all its gracious early my question is 20. They may say a white people are rapists that black people are racists you know the problem was a black people have a lot of weight and as many as white people have. Tremendous. Amount of answers and allies that that I've done the numbers sharing the international. Excellent point. And you know what they should Harris show me the spread nation has amazing nation have civilians in a black people being racist gains to be fair about this what can we be oh yeah it could be it could be like Fred Sanford yellen on keys away. Let's go to Billy Mitch has tied the listless. Yes yes this is gonna work I think if you remember about 530 years but only if there's also are ranked rather than what I. At that argued in later if he actually they actually stop the assassination according believe it or not it's with a video like this site that this. As silly as we think the idea of aquinas. We now that's true that's evidence based I appreciate that. If that along with with Hamas unity of the thirty are a series. They're asking yeah video. However nominated for. And on I was I think it it bit foreign language category they get about currently worth are you surprised and I was surprised and disappointed. Surprised and disappointed that there hasn't been. And racist kicked out of Fenway since may. Or June. I noticed and I was disappointed yeah I'm disappointed you bet they get there all night basis and who they're laying low for now yet. Beside him in their time because there's been lots of an iron African American players I'll lose a guy in right field and delivery date. That those racists never yell gamers just that happen again either bets that means it's never that Bradley more yet it's now in addition to the video to be shown regularly all the teams have been used the program will also include other initiatives some of which are being determined one. Potluck breakfast it had been something like a mile path of what it's like war he just has attempt. Going to be like the gonna what was that ask and a hug thing I go PS AM. That all of I'd love match what does that tell you all are right you have to ask you to find in a Lanka. A black fan and hugged him and it you're black planet life and give maholm is that a serious out of Atlanta black people racist Cheri just sent mr. black people can't be racist there are no they're mostly race so let's say that there's an ocean didn't say that I think it lives due any black people are racist and doubt now on honest on declared not -- people how he know it isn't only black people that's -- near my in my country. David Ortiz on checks Bradley and they're good to know counties from the Dominican answer them truth Marines in Watertown I'm Maria. Morning guys a morning and lets them. Listen I am just like I am so sick and tired or having these types of social issues shoved down my world. When I want to just watch a sporting event and get away from it this is a colossal waste of time first of all. I want these athletes to be out you're getting ready to end it there gains I don't think I'll do that lives in the way. You know what charm I don't want to hear from you. And yeah. I says I'm gonna stop and I'll stay in my corner continued. Hey don't even talk. The other thing is if the Red Sox truly wanted to have put a stop to this from the beginning. They would have reported that person named in the paper that's what you get this to stop okay. You make an example of the person who initiated this whole. You're right it's it's a weakness in its mossy kind of flounders when you bring up the wide open no weakness. I think that's a week I'm with Paris and reality and I wouldn't but all I will say is just because the Red Sox know on the Red Sox on the globe doesn't mean that information is automatically go below the record is odd occasions because he likes over all of our time. I'm just telling you the Red Sox don't tell the globe. Everything what's going on with their team have an instance like way quite like anything. You know the glove doesn't break every story and every player of the Red Sox are signing back missed let's say this is if this to say this has been silent all this what's called the highest rates I agree it's different but what I'm saying is. The Red Sox don't share all that the fact that the globe has not print of the guy's name to me is in a shocking. So you have you have to racists that we know one in center field and one in the in the Boxee was that if you and and the idea of the divine light in nineteen that's true of what we're too he might be dead bolted us or the other these tour alive and well. We don't know we've his name no identity nothing and they get tickets and yet they've got all five teams make in PSA that got no stores on the front page of the papers say and we have this problem that we have to press I'll ask you this place we don't know either of these files was you know that they could sign Willie Mays needed. I hadn't heard that so to. It's a good point I want to buy. That when was it. The other thing was 1997. Was actually the following weekend we they're gonna send the rare admiral out to the bleachers that he's gonna live there literally always its advantages we are going to see your adjuster. I couldn't be zero auriemma went out that relic went out there who couple reliance. After everything was very disappointed they were hoping that place before Klansman in wasn't. So would relic to sit in writers. Relatives of a city courtroom he would have been because somebody didn't he didn't carry nothing nothing yes us to do just like always like to particular and tell you anything comical Ali gives. I'm the exit on the coverage that week of some seven games wrote Boston's terrorists. I do that I'd I'd I am willing to bet you cannot go seven games appearance. I know what I think about fifty million. I've never heard word you can you've ever we could we can tuck those in need or won in here and if you never NASA sat in the stands and said the bleachers never. Ever I'm in I'm wants to meet and yet and inadvertently perhaps I remember that I would. Yeah videos I mean that happens I believe it yet upon so why is it's so shocking that it might happen some other. That was the whole only rates also reason Russia says it OCC revert proof that happening. He did we hear so like if you prefer this because nobody recorded it like. You know those travelling dog races nobody said they heard and you know anything bad ever have nobody may have easier it is not recording did it. And it didn't happen for recording. Not one person and they had to be 5000. People within earshot. 5000. Not one person said the errors vote when you're at Fenway it's you can only hear smaller also I don't know. Six and I'm glad he showed he could hear how do you hear it but he may I think people the first row and he was yelling at them. I thought I hate people behind him are really going to be O who's next who's two seats away. Forcing its way in the yellow fellow race that's a class action that's that's really a story violence unbelievable honor or was telling me at the house Martin's. He compared stupid. I mean you're an apparent headway that that's not let's not make among the keys. And just and I'm having second thoughts if it's above to be more headlines robs Charles than they rub. Guys want it more you know what's what are you later this we don't go to Fenway Park in a lot of you know what is your wac. Social. I don't go to church to go. Out to the talking about a going a little wanted to. Hear or be out rock. That's. Sending. So we're going to do what they want to do spy. Within the guidelines are a proper decorum. To do hold onto things don't want it's not necessary number two it's not going to solve anything it's a waste of money. Time it's insulting to if he's not your money who cares and it's not even your time it's you're somewhat exits and can't Y represented people who live around here at all. And Mary rapper who do you represent. But the way I am you know what I it's recasts economy out of citizens like year old now. Exterior. And I would add your making ends meet I understand Nichols. At number three to that is sports in general is as colorblind a segment of society is we have. Maybe the military may be sports sports mean literally. No 37000. People stand in cheer for Jackie Bradley in key bits every night. They don't seek colored their hat and Adam Jones and Adam Jones they stood cheered for him you know as with the media the chief leading the cheers yes for a guy who made something up to make the city look that so. The idea that that's definitely that guy did that Fenway Foxboro the garden is just populated with with him in a Klansman is bizarre you can look somewhere else you know if you like but. Not very fine how many of them and spend way way why we always go to the history take its inventor races IR stands out in front of thousands of people who yells the inward. That's it and these extreme that's Pratt street but you're angry and yet you believe you agree that no doubt you believe you have freedom of the players said the same agreed not that nice. Not that I can accomplish nothing. Videos yet. I don't know because well I'm not. Unlike you. I don't I'm not I don't think that everything is well and he made you think everything is well my follow your predictable a play. You think everything is pointless activities I don't know if you won this issue job I try artisan and I asked public house I think and I Stanley John Henry's haunted by the racist past for the Red Sox. I mean look at this this is my guess is it viewed this pictures a hundred years 1952 Red Sox employee yearbook covered. And I'm sure are all very qualified Smart on a hard working guy he's an active rural split you know. And and I don't they supposed to just have. Affirmative action policy clearly they don't obviously don't care about that stuff races though it's obvious issue threats for. In addition to that it that it and have a video. For these guys as well that's what this adventurous 12 he's afraid to come on this program so I agree. It's not easy as. We get into that at least help and it shows that he not been unusually c'mon I show the Jimmy Fund. Yeah who are asking questions about that he said he didn't come into an hour with some thoughts for you look up. Pat on Friday radio I carries and I was like that Sam and me were the only two people listening are afraid of mean battled Kurt and where is easy. Is busy running a franchise running them baseball team again he would come in here a week. We've rumored to be asking for months right. And this would have these after this one tomorrow he's afraid to answer tough questions ago police 61777. And the friends sets tonight fresh but I like. I worked I covered his team are not that you're working with them. I've worked with him I forget traditionalist British excellence that is that it's not Beckham at six point 7779. Seven arts and give myself the predictable that mrs. Let's put it I mean fire eagle predictable you know I just tried to verdict on this issue of predictable on the side which. Receive an unpredictable and stir in the hole. I think that I've been reasonable. You've been unpredictable. Yes a kind of fun that you call Calvin Hanik NC he won't this is one on his or talk to las doesn't want this for teacher a good liberal you believe him do you think you tell the truth to him McCall's if you could do column to a story. With his perspective as we haven't heard from Monday count them involvement WB you know on on mom unpredictable doesn't have an idea crimson good guys. XE you're the good guys yes you believe everything spelled out of them with you on this one on Wikipedia get headlights. Each time once again for. Headlines let's celebrate Donald Trump. He's the next president of nights. It's a great day in America. Everybody who works for Libya should be proud the makers want the guys pull the wagon ones the ones in the wagon lost I mean it took me about ten seconds to jewelry. The victory before deterrent to enjoying the misery of others floods that matter why I'm here as a including our good friend Judd tomorrow SER I I've been better than that. Gerri yes today's update brought us to Nazi yes onion. For lose lose. I wasn't getting any memory that show what's right now that they know. Now galleries. Are me in the fetal position against the wall on Lenny Clarke who's like we can share microphone now that's what I was a good over here. I was so good that dated an Emmy best Phillips is at war on staff. Did you those that that are now would you wait not relish no I didn't three it was a 2 o'clock revenues. That would have been trying to illegally went down or that usually and that Euro cup Butler forested. That really happen and get around when you're gonna put on TV I got all the and I think it was the day both Hamas and Manning and we're mocking promptly said that the Obama administration wiretap trump tower there it is not a trials right again please tell us. Tonight but at bats. Difference that's what a typical so you you weren't wiretapping you count your campaign manager is there is talk to yeah but that's natural result problem. Meanwhile toy is maturity and a light heat and that again I semi side for lose public posture as an apartment. I consider it a problem with that he's right. They want to write noted first that's not I was offered the White House exactly what happened what we know that that's fine an industry that he said was Susan Rice though I'm more like secret meetings and and make it started this club what you're doing it there hoax why don't you talk by said Obama wiretapped. Trump tower. Exactly. That's nice crowds at what was right he was. This before witnesses before the elections and it's out of Atlanta wiretap at a Ford was calling from time. Who was in compound OK who's been it was in one place and from that he'd like what do you think that is a campaign manager I'm talking now to him I was trying to arts out I was tasked. Just can't afford not just campaign manager that's always a matter Jesus that I mean you can't admit you're wrong about this I thought it was now that's actually I do definitely not on that we tweeted about it like a Sunday morning and you you instantly. It's hard to believe the president's crazier than the you know on Twitter will be. It seemed crazy at the time Trump's never heard it and spend it any firm that. Market opens could play feature this year. A bottle is out of control and editorial Amanda poured it on with you know why does it happens I don't know it came as is the airport dirtier. I don't find out which if they just tossed his apartment what do you think. I'd say no let's say I had an alignment is to lose like I would not be surprised while you just assume. That's not easy you let me in order to obtain a wiretapping to obtaining iso large or whatever at all you actually have to not only have some proof. You have to reapply it every ninety days and they were able to do that almost without it there and then you have no idea why none it's totally secret you knowing you well know probable cause they had it and so is dealer yeah I don't know Jerry thing we have so many ties him to Russia you have Ukraine and all these other places I don't mean if you have hard to believe you you that much better hale manager of a much better hailed a dime on them all manner that's not true this it's that you and I'm not a good fight again wrong again to mossy. Wrong again Tuesday and trump said that he thought it was not trump was right to wiretap trump tower they listened to the conversation between the candidate and his campaign manager paid that back feel any Irish from Obama firing a filthy dirty campaign Obama is it's as sleazy as the economists are learning now I mean most of us knew all along but what else we. Don't money for a while city. Shocker to ban liberty where I learned how vote wiretapping. The parents of a reporter. That sleaze and that's that's that's what we do that story right that's why such a somewhat similar songs of learning new war and we're learning more we're learning trump was right. Doesn't matter and now this matters because I learned with Terry Gross and never miss an episode fresher Terry Gross. That is going to present and at times that I get down to you what you're talking about some ways that same morning in that physical react right. That was me act like this and I thought this could really really happened the election was what two weeks I whispered yes when a woman on national governments want to know when she was we innings was mocking. From because he says it was insured accept the results. And some sin that's against our broadcast people in top American. Style format that truck is he with you so what is he supposed to say yeah no problem. I will blindly accept the results that matter why well yeah that's how elections work her you don't you don't presuppose that if you lots of -- she's seven months later remember she's a calorie is this terrible she's terrible on that and I'll sort it out the results yet but that was so close that car. Oh wait a minute wait a minute later and got out of the car that's why not go into elections saying I am going so blessed with that it was castles said we'll see what he's happy to give Florida were Pakistani truck was at 600 votes should count now of course he should I. Both note that front minority decided that he was gonna question legitimacy of the election no matter what Clinton is that the lot apparently by the Electoral College which by the way she now wants a number and never heard that before this election when I I'm with by the Electoral College standard Hillary got smoked. Right in the truck over 300 electoral yet. Now she wants to horse we can also it. Acknowledged that it was blade razor in March and she won the popular vote. Yet not even tonight about the states that he won the Nevada state he went and you've not heard me say. Overturn don't watch. President trump. Saying yeah. Yeah yeah I advocates to. Tom Brady's father I would argue on you but surely you don't see a butcher Hillary Terry goes smooch OK so moves casesa I had the read this twice this guys as it's the same thing we should between freedom assistant and asked him particularly given its answer next week on the topic made maybe writes about in his book QB question. QB that he was that it says we all know Brady is not the White House and we thought he can you know even the pressure. When news is now fans or whatever or media. But maybe there's another reason why. The militia to that these teams about this yes it took the he was like hosting surprises by pitchers in the post show after watching these two pictures that you took involved in one picture of Seth Myers give him yes it out as teams court of Korea. Is like a hard karaoke that statement he's. First place it was kind of intelligent. To I think mostly I like him better after that's exactly what he's one Akron is what are people you love him now right you respectable day I well I anyone who can be self deprecating mumble. They run so why here's an hoops hockey teams you about why he thinks very natural the house. For donation to the presidential wipers or was it took to to be I think they're all very close what I did say is somebody should ask is now. Why Tom Brady didn't show up at the championship or why do you like the right here. I'm a 100% know what might yes I sign it. You know my guess is is that you know were. That could be some. You know which is typical mean to give you a little bit of jealousy there protection and possession. Of Tom Brady and and she probably in while no nonsense and did it was that communications are from trying to save you under the TNT guys who say okay you say trust what my head protecting from watt. I just think that she's she's possessed the problem and they've finally have a great relationship which by and while there. Because. Because because it's just like on. Is this might not so you think is Russia and these changes ocean hi how are exactly know why they want to show them why why does she herald Maine where we relation between him and he balked at some point I have no idea I don't know the real real reason what does that mean. I don't know the reason I'm not one you guys are not an investigative journalist that snoops around these people have no idea why that's why it is Iraq I'm just saying to you. That my guess is rigors of vodka. Or maybe wasn't or maybe somebody else I don't know I just think there was a possess in error that. You know cause of rub. Didn't exactly go all in on it made by the end it could have been telling Hank online I have heard. From sources good sources that they didn't affect the it'd likely if you sources on amateur wanna bet traps. On advocate said you know it was a dark smoke from watching Diana democracies to Gaza since the break and you know talks that power she. Because if you had to Wear heels. A seemed like a modern he's right. What I've tried a major economic front compass set he he he married to work it was as dominant but did you answer answers that. You're the daughter yes I do as well I exaggerate adopt that you know I'm an eleven dollar and your real. Hot spots. Are setting that at 8 o'clock o'clock or my daughter perhaps I'd be day now. Odd yes Hoke I can't I'm unless it is the worst things that. It just psychologically what does cause a person that's our Internet only English at did the worst thing he's ever said Hubert is a McCain. That's the worst thing users lets the thing that I thought would break him Iran experts on yourself and never come back from the if you're going against them. I'm going to be getting her name. The sound yeah. A but okay outfit and I think it's caramel cheese right to Giselle probably hates trump and his. Right not to elicit questions via the pig if you the first pick in the draft of the worst things trumps or percent I would take my first degree McCain. Mine would be. I like pork. Well that the reason that's not the worst since 'cause his base he's OK so. Any tennis I stand and I would say that you know McCain. I know we discreet and politically understand it is a hero. Sure I mean he did spend almost what three rise of the concentration I mean you know. And it in the camp. And he could have breaking his army is flexible forty chances we get out didn't leave the front page of the post mixed they respect recovered on boy dollars at the bit about his right. Tamoxifen that's hard to pick one yeah I I would actually go a beer vodka one because it just shows how pathological lead leaped out the most calories exist said Gavin group that. The homelessness was own daughter you know what he did you know let's let's go else is saying he's only dates hot women that's him saying he thinks his daughter's hot. I thought that what's your favorite thing you have I mean if either real estate oracle and Donald if water well I was. It was safe sex but I she's yeah how low liner notes that come from that's when you Williams. What is wrong with him. He never says that of a Tiffany and busy enough for a fifth. He sees that we have a great excellent writer of the kid the ten year old Molly Milan in from standing there and it's just words you're telling. What are you doing Barron where is intimidate a it's you to see me at times I was not happy with that if there's such a bad message interview chiles however labor law. The the professionals that can't be that bad guy looking vodka. Come on up on me. She's so good you want to make the trip said that sex said. He can go. Mostly through Hamas ago that's so creepy. It's like get a real game of phones field through a gap does yet. Accepted yeah no middleman and yet. So it was 71. And only she. Then you because she really wants them each of those weapons is dead and the this you know he gets it yet achieved third. It's headlines brought to by doctor Robert Landry feel better and I'll tell us Unser and others about your former bash on the president manager Rhoda. Yet there optimist I feel better okay there are over right back.