K&C - Red Sox President Sam Kennedy joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
President of the Boston Red Sox Sam Kennedy joins Kirk and Gerry live from Fenway Park at the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Sick and he promised to match that I have surprised decided you're a man that let's. Santander president of via Boston Red Sox who are. Struggling right now. Deep slump we fear we can on three game losing streak to breeze and it's the right where law exists where all is right the world group world aptly forces on you got rained out today dollar. I. You know you love about this these days guys it's. It exposes the to a view frauds. Etc. and now it really does it's great coming here she you guys. Actually be the real people that you are nice guys care. What you guys and everyone do it the station. David fields. Joe's our bond noted to me that everyone Kurt Gerri thank you guys were. Put this on it's been seventeen years it amazes me were able to. Raise the contributions year after year after years mostly us but thank you and people like you don't want it. Well that morning showed does set the tone in and you guys have done it literally for seventy. Starters and hopefully even believes this is no friend of curtains actually you about and that's kind of back pocket my comment was it had to be hurt because he's he's just you know crazy enough to not want the credit that even a guy needs a credit doesn't want the credit that's a crazy I don't know so not the case not a case that no that is great thank each year anonymous friend thank you everyone who's contributed. Jerry and I were talking outside it's not about the Red Sox front office talking head hurt you guys it's about the stories these kids. The censure her messages she's unbelievable she is one of my heroes we. Worked together and team Tripp every year for seventeen years. It's an easy to see these kids coming up genes either. On the road with the team leader two week trip to Fenway I stay. Mike Gordon went owners as a credit to you see that joy it brings and just to get away points like by the way she she says it doesn't want us to talk of them are bad that's too bad she talks about she's set off here and on. He's just the greatest says whatever you need you tell me let's check he and his wife Christine unbelievable. Foundation and its huge supporters far bird and Jimmy Fund and leases personally. Recently well. Vice president Philly sports groups John Henry's Time Warner's. Partners largest owners of the company that owns rights so that's cool Roush Fenway and he does not want a high profile low key guy up too bad we're we're out here is ever there sitting and receive absolutely acts at Fenway analyzing huge Red Sox fans supporter he's huge source for all of us and he spends a lot of his time machine tools operations. Goes back and forth. And he's. Very Philanthropic. The way John it's all owners aren't. This I think we got here 2002 was important to double down relationship with the Jimmy Fund and 65 year. Partnership and we arrived it was easy because of course you all for you know was patient we all knew his story and together let's go back here all Austin he's. Just returned it to this relationship to its degree we're talking with the release yesterday back that he tripped just the idea of the win when she first thought it would disperse them cheated that one was for a excuse target. This first execute the idea that the union pulled off it is crazy but now they just do whatever it is as or call families just that he's dives over it and it's what she said some news out of the forty kids which when you think it on its own right you don't really know what's the lines are no big deal forty kids' sports is it. Our productive for twenty to harper some of these kids to get from here to you know ten feet away and you bring in them orbits. It is unbelievable it's remarkable and the chance to keep it out of the clinic or hostile at all or just being at home weariness on these kids. Are not able to leave their homes and they have to stay there go right from home to the clinic and then back and so. They get a lot of there was dust on the road Richmond training here at Fenway and the doctors Jerry like you said nurses stay in the hospital there there on the floor from. And they're usually up all night in these people are just absolutely remarkable. What they do for others and selfless and a lot of money that we're raising today obviously goes to fund not just the research put the work that the nurses at duke and those that nurses and and we said. They regularly whoever's there and it has ever been in the hospital you know the nurses that take care you dated hate those are the ones that really we should be talking about thinking for all their hard work as they do that the the real dirty work. They're just unbelievable we love having this connection with safety was sent to Kato took on the feel we're talking quite. That was awesome I I don't wanna give credit to the wrong person. It probably was Sarah -- are somewhat on her unbelievable team was trading you know by the way wells we should be talking about as rock coal yes that guy is the real deal it is not a show up take a picture photo op ease in the clinic who every kid's name they would come up to proxy server you've ever mean of course you know hide their utility Leo good to see you. He's amazing he believes in this. Partnership relationship is always there used lightly and their just. Great and they're all in on the G before Jesus and he could be the best ever yeah he is just absolutely credit buddies a guy who's had to work so hard for him he's achieved on the field and he really gets to connection. We with Jimmy Fallon and he is always available to decent team down and do anything and everything they need. So Kirk's pointing out repeatedly this morning it's down to seven games and logical pick to detect an uptick doc wanted to see what this team's made of and under little pressure while speaking of the officers say I told us up after the break to pursue is going mr. dark jeans and today's news is that right image flying out right let's let's not break any athlete or fake news guys got lots. You know week two it it has been a remarkable season by. You do realize you can 345. Game stretch where things don't click and so this has been challenged us Tito yesterday and thanked him for stepping up and help. The yeah it's our favorite when he went over 500 vacant we have tough stretch out right now and it it's gonna be we are taking anything for granted this. The goal we set it from spring training you guys catalyst that is. We got to witness division one team that created so we've got healthy and some injuries Chris Sale we hope will be lackeys. Too little bit supersize that shoulders oh. That's way to knock that out to rest which is exactly what he's doing. And I know it's hurting him to be on the bench this guy is for those of you who don't know MC. He is alternate competitors he has pissed off. It's not. That starting rotation right now he'd want to get back on the field and contributing. That's where his teammates he's he's a warrior but he needs some rest right now that's what he's getting and hopefully we can kickback back to what. It's the biggest the last two years I three wins defenders of John throats he won the division one night frequent World Series. That seems nine days it seemed like things are somewhat better this so much more. Hope and optimism now would you say core is the biggest difference or would it be Judy Martinez or something else. It's really hard questions answered as you look at AC cheese pizza. There's there's out scorer in the titan iron it out in the clubhouse but does happy does that happen because of one person's presence it is because all of a sudden gee Artie is in all of that taking the pressure off rookies and Ayers. And the others that's a really tough question and answer I think. At the end of the day what you're seeing out on the field whether it's third base shortstop left field center field right field. These are for the most part a lot of home grown. Players that we either drafted signed the international market that sort of arrived now in Boston there. Own star players which are captured in Major League level that's what. Baseball's all about we have the ability Boston to act through free agency which we've. I'd done. To browse in his team to a great job. Martinez and for Campbell and Chris. Cancers account. So what will seizure what you're seeing these players and assistant Terry I think maturing and coming of age if you will. At the right time. That core of the team with veteran guys who want. Success in the post season that's good recipe but. John Anderson well last week. Baseball history always remembers the post season so accurately Woolsey that's a big question excellent. That's a great question and answer. Let's see I would have to say what new key that's just been doing on the field day in day out he's he's got that story yet dignity slight smarty yet editors Nazis JD analysis Judy in key with the kids out on the field yesterday and I agree it was a special moment all these guys out race is simple. Words what these guys they see the current one game and I would have helped him but they added they really do this is a group they love each other. It market one of coaches told me so this is realism special what's going on here it is a great that clubhouse and we're excited about it you know doesn't make inquiry fodder for talk radio but we'll keep working to try and find something. To bring to the table I'm sure it will column it always does. But we've we've really enjoyed this season fees and enjoy it went to the price if he opts out laughed we have not true good point or if he keeps performing it that. Yeah yeah. Good point arts Campbell thanks so much. Appreciated thanks appreciate actuary keep it up guys us.