K&C - Reimer attacks a caller; Ordway is worried about the bullpen 9-12-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, September 12th
Hour 4: Dakota in Braintree called in and challenged Reimer and Ordway is very worried about the Red Sox bullpen situation. 

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plugged Sports Radio WEEI. I'm ready report saying this in Connor. I've Tom once told an NFL coach at Aaron Rodgers. Had patriots offensive scheme an institutional knowledge on opposing defense is. He's zero for 7000. Yards every year you so much more talented than me time. Brady is an up considerably. Better situation. In New England that Aaron Rodgers has ever been any Green Bay not the comment about institutional dollars. Bobby had a beef additive that they would like it didn't. If that they're not that big that it doesn't bumping into it including human after the positive the patriots. We just plant that's obviously Stephen A in cliff can element where when. Was there insinuating that Brady's cheated his way to. When they went and I cannot be in flight is Brady in such a better situation Aaron Rodgers has ever been well yes you don't because of the internal disagreement you don't regret. Really what are in the same place same coordinator was reasonably. Sane head coach goes wrong answers. The whole time yeah it's. An anti and is now we just said military has been better. These mean Brady's I hasn't always been surrounded by hall of famers. He's got. Crook is probably his first full time off and we had Ross loss for what a year and a half right. Matter few years (%expletive) know all I mean Welker. When he's up for the whole thing and they're gonna say he's a product the Brady pregnancy Brady made those gaudy numbers. Because he played with TB well that's one boldly say about Nelson. Kolb and Steve Nelson non I don't know approach Jordy Nelson to drag their Internet they're gonna say product of errand runners up. They're gonna say they were good players but they. But put Rogers took a benevolent. I'm not knock him. Mean what's your question. You same bradys in a much better situation in rods and understand why now and you know what. Unlike what element I'm willing to say I'm wrong. No idea the the first thing you think about what you think about Tom Brady effect okay staples such route was that situation the last eighteen years right right. And when you think about Aaron Rodgers say different coordinated approach which right. Think that as we talked about yesterday they're both spectacular hall forums all time greats. The differences like you start Monday sons and then Monday. Rodgers gets hurt so much. He's obviously go much much better roles are based on his talent shouldn't of more than one ranked yes absolutely and you can't be the greatest ever with one ring when the other guy in the arguments. She is not possible I love Rogers. Here's more count to break because he's more athletic they both have good arms Rogers has everything. It. Understood Alex the whole Peyton Manning. Brady thing why the crap on one if you praise the other of slop I. Lots I think in this business I don't know why the crop on Aaron Rodgers if I'm Brady fan. It's a competition. Top. The only thing because Larry Rogers as he easily won one rain. I think he's still a great quarterback is certain broken collarbone in two years the knee injury was so we'll see I mean Brady just never ever get hurt that's the biggest if we can report an injury report nothing McCarthy winning guarantee you can play this I was taken what is three. Towards their skill what does he has a real Cigna surging to Aso Brady goes on only council comes in patriots went eleven games on the that mean Rogers goes down the Packers went one like for you in last year in total offense at it everyday operation is not not to not when it should be Rogers is five and six in the playoffs since the Super Bowl and. Andy's I mean he played seven games last year for the arts. 163. Straight years than nine in 2013 so he's been fairly healthy but not like Brady. I don't know like Brady saw. We're tired of share stories of knowledge Rogers kit Lebanon and so Matt Stafford limping off. He saw other guys Indy won game one on banked up. Brady never limps off now and don't usually get like other guys to write to settle down whack. That's one thing he doesn't get hit like but but that's because he doesn't allow himself that. Not entirely but a large part of the result he does get hit it it gets us edit. Only he gets separately knows how to get get yes he does not go to our global twelve years ago a Miami the sue got to him. Because we were the it was meaningless game. And senator ever to get hit new look like his new book a little bit it's always and he was fine and he just doesn't get hurt. Which is why he's lasted this long which is why he may last longer because. It doesn't usually ended just as you get older you'd get creaky and old and you know it ends because. You get hurt already also if you don't heal as well but he also doesn't put himself in the position to get hurt far. Rogers' staff heard him. Stafford left so what more. Mobile quarterbacks moving around many patent on the clock or like Brady went on to great Britain and this day and so he lied to because they don't. Run and they don't allow themselves to get popped you know like like put so tar ball like that that's why the of the Favre. Brady comparisons a terrible one because our put himself in trouble all the time as always hurt one book my point going he was not always are we always played right but he is always playing with some but there was a higher percentage of favre's I was really handling it 4041 a yes and deep tissue Amazon's system big east. And of that that he would get what are risking his body all the time. Running going to Arafat feels in the morning when he would accept them and kill mr. I think he feels great. Do you think she's legal we Mississippi I think he feels great he's got a he must mean because he took a lot of hits as illegal marijuana medical marijuana and sipping nice shot you'll thanks and you know it's nice to have the most conservative religious status as a country they allow sports gambling now. That's okay eight and likely gamble and red blooded Americans like sports all I like being now they like to bring not necessarily sports gambling. Dakotas and greats we decode what's going on. Hey good morning before I get a Patricia Alix you need to hope that that term does get reelected because you're basically you're your Sports Radio. Career is on the line because this comes not reelected there's no use for you on the radio. Which it will because you need to be anti trump and out of the audience was again. Chip and haven't even that he was saying that Dakota most the audience hates him I mean because I mean that's the reason my came back in twenty sixteenths trump won the gracing never happened tonight. This is true so what I'm saying is you should be you know get on the charm trained for reelection because it will enhance your career and launder that your lawn. The more by WR a there and that is no lawyer but you know. I had have a nice morning to what fifteen tons on your on the that's a good right. Alex will be good if I wanted to get back to the radio how I'd be in the one. Cheer I'll be here that this is what do we know these Dakotas greens she's out I'm slightly higher but I have other things. Why nobody can be on the radio has ordered regard it's why you're climbing music -- I do because humans have you. Problem participate. Today talking about something that is actually relevant which you have no relevance is term does not know office. Bottom line. What are your clay you were on hold for 25 minutes for some lame awful Matt Patricia points a diskette to lose. When we got. Okay what do you what do you think is like so after the point when I bring up something that's Belle of the ball Matt Patricia are you gonna go back India hypocrite. Or use got together away aperture point. What I don't doubt before actually didn't. It's a me on I'll be the judge let's say I've the microphone and you'd Solis. Don't actually do it all works as a microphone as well you don't count Alex Jerry does a cigarette no control of the conversation right now. So one. When it comes to Patricia or any the other coaches Belichick to hire guys that can perform an eight got a not that they can be head coaching counter act with Belichick is doing it's got to what these guys get. Under the the wind and org organization. They have to. To do what if things in their out of the vacuum and that's an issue yet that appointed Bob Brady yet that's too true kitten have a guy that you can fall back on Brady. Case in point Matt Patricia last five games against that New York Jets. The price at the game. But Josh McCown OK 84 rating. Fitzpatrick 151 on 997. Jill Smith. 89 are in an embattled the other night 116 so did Matt Patricia against the caught awful news he looked jets. And make these guys look like superstars some bottom line is Matt Patricia. Really not a good coach and can't stop anybody. If I saw about an hour ago the patriot defense is doing great under Patricia. 00 OK but. So when it are you saying that and it's a valid point or you. Cabinet than an hour ago a racket is exactly what I sent. So that was a new door for so. You brought up the fact that page yet. Quarterbacks may account that. I do not how to write about it QB rating note he didn't mean there. OK so basically you wanna make a blanket statement because you know that he thought that you don't bring that evidence became so you know what. Under the of the application page is defense wasn't good. Points. And you said. No idea he actually stats prove that you can take it terrible New York Jets team in light but Matt Patricia events took a statement. Saying everything well. That's defense wasn't that good on the map a trash that was a statement. He can make that statement. I anyone can make your statement to decode but here's my question why are why is any good coach he's Smart. He sounds like a pretty good communicators you must be a good learner reserve. Whatever is rocket engineer I mean the guy will learned under Belichick Y doesn't that transfer translate. It is it is intrinsic as it goes back to the bikinis and Belichick looks to bring people that he can teach in a vacuum and isolate and concentrate on a few sets of things. When those guys practical outside. Their boundaries they are no good and that's the problem with anybody within history. Is unsuccessful. They just. Some but they're not even forget unsuccessful disaster trust McCain was a disaster. In Denver but usually had a game maturity plays. The patent it plays them at the niners' home against the patriots at the cowboys. Packers mean could be. 0141 and I'd think it it's going to be ugly who cares what Matt Patricia Alix anything else to say to Dakota no he's definitely got to let him go yet a lot of stuff going on he's been on for five minutes or. Anything else Dakota. Can I take your job and our peoples throughout OK once again to run for reelection which adds to the purple. And it you know what I would never call which you win some hockey on the station I can I can tall. Ally I don't know how you survived an attack put him Braintree wing and thanks to Kona. Thanks for Coca-Cola again call again any time night when he called me into mossy minutes let's station needs more Dakota amber range you wanna light on can you want and that's 1994. Was asked me to hear. Like 1990 force content they want their radio back and Alex they do. Guy you all all he mullah meals anymore and now he got to keep me updated because I'm blocked any more do you know tweets. No not yet he's rated Busey assignments if you like everything her mom's story. We tweeted anything up anymore what it was my second look because that they would do you know tweets. Make me laugh. Jackson poorly Jack. Our legal guys act. Riva is way more ointment ticket slightly in its diplomats Baltimore the last. I think that the crowd as we view on that one jacket and Reamer wins. Let us all work a job coming to work on though. Hey I've I remember you would not that it saw I mean obviously Dickerson at all they got. Radio Iowa the casino beach and the Samuel Jackson you have a Jack. I don't care about that like their belly so so ball all the coaches that lead ballot check. None of them have Brady. We got to do what Belichick. You know what Matt Stafford is not terrible affect her tone currency Brady picked them. Is pre season and he's he's put a hall of fame numbers he keeps doing these thirty. Thirtieth 31 step over 4000 years and industry in Houston up he's going to be hall of fame member. He's not ready but he's not awful. No bill O'Brien's got a quarterback probable agree. Doors had not announced on Watson exposed to be good. But you know none of these other guys. Well Jay Jay Cutler was in Denver for a transferred Daniels who maybe doesn't mean he doesn't quarterback problem if his quarterback can't read defenses of this quarterbacking at C. That defense is our calling out he's plays. Before they even happens that for maybe god lots and we talk about Douglas Stafford may be Patricia does have a quarterback problem if it's quarterback can't do the simple fact that we because the defense knows what's come and you blame the quarterback he went coat a platinum up Obama both. While I'm blaming all the you can blame the ball we give known they are more quarterbacks I don't rookies not quite what world you've been in this league there was a guy here there was a guy before the game that 40000 dolls on the on the lines to win. Because it seemed like a lot that it you know could defensive coach. Ex patriot coordinator. Going it's a 21 year old quarterback on the road accents and he lost they'll lost afford to let them to win no spread easily get a win like fourteen grand Moneyline. And I lost at all because he was so short. And I it was kind of think it through who's gonna win easily too or chew. A total home and everybody loved Arnold but he still kid and now line's job is a damn good job as far as head coaching jobs 19 games last year ended relatively speaking a quarterback who puts up Watson numbers not Stafford and you need dates mean some decent job if I I I don't look at Patricia is a failure because of what he did and when not saying it's a failure because of what we are not what we're. On any worse it could not been aware you're right on but Gerri we've read the columns in this story out in and out Detroit. Plus it's gonna calling him a failure it's bad already in over his head ranks as today's contest that there was a bunch of them Sen. This was a disaster earnings. It is potential mutiny because he's too tough on the players. You mentioned here not knowing when it's you think you would hear that about Belichick not Patricia. Hope clothing though tweet blame cap they're eventually wakes up fan stops dry heaving she'll be the first to admit she went toe around the back in the last night. They're dates on those were with that. December of those 171716. Street chosen the courage though. They may place our pockets are sock puppets are entrusted me anyways I. You know reboot release more original most of the time he gets a little sporty when he got his own. You know. Right and inside sneakers out of B health. Though between the two leading Mikey grace. Never came G yes that means I'll always be all good track is retirement you know how long their next. Please just go right June. You know their concerns reflect afloat a flawed and the won't use the only. You can't. But. All of a waiver cripple a daughter on a second it. Lying on the movies never wholesale agents on a good old hasn't been back. But I'll give you all wouldn't there you're doing it in there aren't you kind of hold your own if it went and bought it with any animal shelter. And then I'll always own record huge call it as much when you're out with them because we're a little bit show. Which others that Joseph Jonas mosques around nobody can work with Tomas each of them Joseph and I. Lab where he is dreadful I'll do it any I don't like I can't all the so what you on. Yes I brightly football might fall out well. That's not my fault that's commodities when the boat Joseph do have you heard Dick and James have you heard fun with Dick and Jane that's a great show did you. It's okay but it. So little produce 48 different technical. You. It's Saturdays geo news somewhat what does that mean you have to do work. Are well thank you are. That's high praise thank that's the best show on the stuff from Austin Johnson. But are you practice safe with me. You why is James in the in the number one cheered you're not a part of it is contrary to various demands. Europe your old Obama tune older gonna run your long Iran airliners relatives in the UIE I never were I never hosted the a national show. What the general should my Kindle than you think in his early for I don't know it was like in his late twenties and I surprising sold as a news I don't know if he admits that. No we did a good it doesn't realize what I was different when trying to get Clinton wouldn't vote for Tom and I don't let those are rubio. Head of these voting record label that Martin makes light teachers you know graduated high school back in the time it bounced on policies texting like sixteen you'll never rest. Other but he said that the system seems to have I. Thick enough skin which is the most important things he does he contributed yeah he doesn't write but he's still afraid to come into a show with us or somebody more odd. You yeah you do all that. Excuses is boss won't let it the excuse before he was the show. I was up too late it like getting up early in the morning. Now I like Sean and I ran rampant their you know I I knew I'd love being up at 2 o'clock this morning on my on my way I was never there is only got two million remarkable work we both like yeah together in the morning you're doing better Saturday burgers at 331 at 730 this is a big time Hollywood. Stop. He's nearly four kids a wife and a he says he goes to bed at 730 you know what that's alive it's not possible. To go to bed at 730 or wake up at 230 what and the juice your kids cherry picked we were heroes are trying to impress that. The right of all it's ever forgot that 9:30 am crier chamber recovery. Last four I was wondering that earlier. It's an hour and snack time and smacked and that's backed out of those three Turkey scares 11 AM to whom I talked to my children and introduced myself and my son meetings and Merkel. That got the best part about it all three of those together it's not just barely time to time. It's worked polls as well you're gonna wanna out sorry Alex I wanna like I wanna like Wahlberg makes so he's put us on the map to each state is Brothers song he's almost as annoying as remember but his own although nobody nobody is what is that noise is our guy extreme. He's a degree you have to just showing up ready to go. And Callahan I got to figure by the way in the gate you got so many tech fall right back with each side of the creative out of your mind and you might rock W. EI. We are gonna Stephen Wright great and vols are suddenly he's the new safe. Stephen Wright is deduce if you would do the same thing we've done with three of Iran's or other rooms and the reason we're doing this is because. Dave Dombrowski did not built. He's strong enough bull that changeup his instrument he's thrown ball with with great velocity. He started in 9394. Somewhere in that area it's it's all the stuff he's throwing the cutter is in what he's doing the pitching well what is the velocity have to do. Even runs on 930 yeah yeah on Livan does ninety there isn't nasty we're losing. Arts market you from the outside because that was in the Gaza and that's. Noted pitching guru colon or way Tobago who. Result will be honored to clock to explain this to me the Red Sox tonight David Price fix them on the go for their hundredth win correct. Yes hundredth win clinched yesterday nobody is particularly. Ecstatic here it is not a lot of joys are the easy after watching yourself on the other rock star went deep for three run bomb they won their 99 last night and nobody's excited and because fans are actual players ball. Most people on X is that. Is that is to know when he's doing the Yankees when is that. That's next Tuesday next Tuesday and Tuesday night took it and I gave us too many moves to the whole game and I'm like that's not a bad idea sterling for a game he's won an. Fourth the president is what representing. Who knows the pit it's professionals that why we're supposed to at least 11 inning I mean it's about what is different Larry I know we should do a whole African game Red Sox I can't quite and the territory for two and one reminding you what what if it's a 12 for its like when they bring in like celebrities in the Booth. As a 123 inning it's like mistrust subjecting you to use the right John don't ask him to stick around. That's a kind of national 25 total I've there was definitely an hour and a half last night. It was a bad actually wasn't it wasn't announced 800 thoughtful what was the fit form 1000 like an ex players unlucky new Woodstock but they used to applicable weather guy from channel point five in unlikely spots I don't know I don't know what I heard LeBron say we've enjoyed a relationship or something that association I can't and Zhang ping an event might I I think those guys do his son and I channels about accountable but there was a Paul we would agree last night there was a poll over the place -- sale correct yes when one inning 26 pitches and then the Ruble will depend very sharp and you sit and I don't must've seen some like that before I don't remember to spring training or an all star game. It's hard as a guy sort of run in the outfield. Right on sale last night I I don't even know watching it whether it was good or bad did you guys know I think I knew wasn't great he is. Is Jane was back to the entity out why they thought I do not like that it doesn't get items like the only portage it all these in his office was to go forty widening the eagle Ford was laboring six pitches. What again what we gonna have thrown for fourteen pitches in the second inning and home right mom available batter that just pulled out of the one inning Greg that's a little weird. We'll know what I'm saying is jury if he's limited to forty or 42 pitches you know running imam who went wild ride him like I'm six. As. In the beginning. Little erratic obviously. I drove a pitch count a little bit which was London bit ago from. Second or third inning. So we don't know he has. I'm reading nick from 24 days until that game one of the playoffs yankees pitched six innings and slights when he's she's not your race. The first game will not halt weapons ready he will mock. We get a reporter from the show on the scene might remains. Twittered out so I don't jogged out the time to. I'm guessing. The rest of his working so much out with the story throw strikes as. I'm out of that element but it's not that that's acts like. So this tax is a bad thing strikes I'm curious that you would ago says about it when I think pitching you know I think. I think. The guru Jim Palmer. Dave Duncan but there were rushing play to middle and apparently me confused Chris salesman not a couple of song being on what does it matter of commons he is color his first Christmas that was nice changeup there's been this isn't simply a dictated went to the Anthony been involved in right Kenny Kenny live on 96 with no movement did he seem headlights are going tweet last night. The fastball with a 9897796. Minute tail down inning by inning exists but so eager to cut down Lutheran so it was a wonderful stock we've operated velocity. It was a bad bad and has asked did he could not see these guys work. That means it was excellent yes he says it was a rat use and we've ever won anything you believe everything that was the stuff was. I wasn't particularly when that happens so. He had a relatively he had about that another guy struck out twice its potential problem is expected the first thing fastballs so slightly slide. Did your change of shift. He sounds he doesn't know all the pre and post game holes this yup there's been tremendous it's not put instrument that was knuckle. So does he pitch again in five days and he'll do lag three innings just 606060. And then. One more after that. And in the playoffs. There's going to be some real anxiety on Monday but I don't think my friend Kirk is going to be you'll handle a salesman right. Do you tackle one of us. Will be slightly within our purpose as it might exit very worried about Chris Sale amount is where you might you know maybe. It might do actually throw yeah seven innings or eight innings yes yes. What are we have tomorrow by the way Reimer back. No we animosity in Dickerson tomorrow. I don't count on that's where and what would happen a mud again months you know does he get arrested Davis and Haiti so David is member the company won't paying him. To actually go out and get a baby sister or her girl next door once twelve and now they said that's a limit and Denmark's zone limit. But well we'll see him. You can cry apple most people was so bored yesterday about. You know talking football basically you wanna do the G don't talk to Los Lotus oppression you did a great job our ticketing appoint I've been articulating for a while and everyone laughs at me. Plus its budget but the polls in Georgia isn't right to we're not letting any. He Democrats cannot devote Jimmie each day you can vote in the primary to decline this issue got and I will be right back here you see if before we wrap this up with real advocates say one more breathing really dumb thing I think you can see. I was not a true gang and tell I had my first bout six in the Callahan. Ocean destroying the club welcome the club US with Harry you're exactly say that I've always wondered basically is like a very. Resort WEEI. The would you like to its two radio from you very loud guy when I look like Tom Ashbrook numbers of the middle ground you don't want to satisfy me and god knows I'm I don't of course acts at a value you after the show on what. Your apple that show you make the show run tarnish. As for you wouldn't be. Now it's your mistake a mistake as you think of that that you can all single issue single handedly built this announcers handedly bringing it down and we were single. Dismantling it he's like well with the Obama legacy why not leaving here in other I think. And even here in regard. What do you mean Juan Williams. What I do now you've been doing to the journal both Dina who built which means you think we'll show you think about Warren here Kirkland last Muslims 342. That would be you know came unglued would be to get back to your rattlesnake you do have an academic at giants we've made it past two years I believe. Just two years September 6 two years we never acknowledged that we anniversary because the partner. When the part you've been years that they don't acknowledge any of my favorite stress. The cupcakes that people. Last year but. Occurred don't want to five years. But Reimer I'm glad much in the next day against everyone's wishes as to give Reamer here. I think should be in here in the morrow yes or people to deep bench after averaging almost our people and our look at tomorrow. The suit rather average trade Roemer for tomorrow suggests. That that's I would give up my spots and agreed to I know you should be animal. Tirelessly to Marcie gets bored with the on the football talk. The crossovers rocky binational workers are good at 1130 today Tom Curran will join dale enrich. Very excited about that thanks for coming in Roemer Dick I you tomorrow I'm here along for a key that is back tomorrow should be wearing the same closes word we're tight think all night long does it look I'm not dominant closers. And Reamer excellent sounds good see you at 6 AM tomorrow. The blue jays sit at it 321. The blue jays city sixty here got three suits well first of three which the blue jays.