K&C - Reimer has an awful media column; Ken Laird has the latest on the Machado trade talks 7-11-18

Mut & Callahan
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 4: Gerry and Kirk call out Alex for his weak media column and Ken provides the latest on a possible Machado trade to the Red Sox. 

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He skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead. And Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. I guess right coast. It's your choice of the risks and important book the final American legal votes blog from Boston Red Sox. I don't know I don't know. The group credited surfaced. Going to studio he's almighty and all my make the computer wrote the text is still time Kurt we get six. And got less than seven hours Turkmen hand Jerry challenge Chris Curtis. Can't Laird and I would say muted out streamer 2.0 a solo flight so I three point let's make their work it there there is on the program on this right there instance he's been okay can move B minus he's been nice though. If these uncertainties about the bush like me to do it took the most slapping his more if that's true knows my boyfriend to send a team Edward and at eleven. Those slapping knows what they want pitching and a that's a dangerous time did you instantly they can turn against troop its role reversal. But it would have retirements. It's what's best. Hold. That's LeSean McCoy said tickets for a quiet me to last few weeks and only you know as much lately. I think once Thanksgiving once he's been close a prison as a space he threw his wealth going to prison yeah take a little longer that I would like they're going yeah. But there has many new famous anybody's don't know what it was last. Morgan Freeman Freeman yeah I went away 2000 weird one now. Music really creepy old team super creepy stupid. Shows interviews she can't totals and taller and waited too well you know. Tony I'm gonna love pregnant women. Tell you that goes on and it hasn't felt this McCord there's going to be an expert story because the guy who is corrupt story yeah. Is you know one guy when the bureau and we think is workable McCord I think is working when McCord. He's going to be a pretty intriguing villain yes he's gonna flip. Honestly no drama we we know McQueen no McCourt gets to dateline episode we'll know according to which the figure out what what he's gonna tonight rosenhaus is gonna sure there will be some lawyers and sleazy lawyer is going to be cellphones video's been given again untrue and it's it's to this story is what happens at the NFL out cookie today act of the united I think it going to be there or did you -- -- that's going to be looks at how quick they act what are the other rested this is going to it was gonna Rudy Chris Higgins suspend him for a year and these are typical prison. Duncan is sort of had to write it doesn't matter other ways a thirty year old running back. He's washed company. I was sound you can usually used. You know traditional. I reverend Jerry who is or what do you I'm not doing anything. Yeah that's my lips are cast may mean like. Is that what you don't not to Nancy you hit it up so I've heard and I never heard it stated. I should I just noticing that finally get that duplicates is a huge agenda maybe that they would put the thing about for awhile. Needs to be sure but I think my my overview for awhile you view the Cosworth for for a couple days you put them. There wasn't a time when positive through accidents you can run your mouth on yours and not enough that I and that's a perfect. Another thing of the margin. Oh amateur what you want me to due to exhibit located and we've done it all find out what they what are your fine you for what I am I I thought you more in the past I think at over rated GU been gone for so long. Apps takes a hard draw upon it for the underdog team talent I'm not a medium town it's what we have. Has halted aggregates for calls and we like to look at that I'm delivering. Excellence in fair. The techsters hate you they do you hate is basically connected to another of acts he does you know as private life as well home folks out there which is I'm real and I'm what expecting count and it was all about the Genesis you're getting new people voices correct in an orthodox talent so I am like I was sexual rights ally in the eye on the air here. Public almost just about this time around for 695800950. What I segment when you were in order was added to the boring stuff usually always tell your JT now he. Did you ever mention your day talking we were talking new and assessed a walking around everyone notion to see me why did you guys totally make you had no idea. Skiing before I came to believe that you reenter the first time on this but I was a second time I get no question out there and waited until 945 why they asked it. Want your vote at about anybody that other kind of like an of the inauguration of the things about you. Yes he played that ultimately was good things about you but I'll start her from off for this welcome Melissa Leo much of heaven on earth don't you know well I'm I'm honestly for that now for. My voice and so he's on the ground tackles and read her. And a result. I saw Massey world was did you ever on the air pretend you're working in two matches sounds awful really rich with glass. Not like a lot because she's hot bad news silent appointed Barkley stabs at Penn putted from years old. But it's still little uncomfortable time boxing is around doing that though I've ever talked about that he wouldn't quite these are the worst thing from his every in the big show this was so crazy. The swimsuit ministry the threatens the umbrellas and wacky idea that if he's in the make an issue obviously America's it's awesome Adam on the covers and again. Only wasn't on my account that ugly sounds like my son reduce costs us to take I love him and he's he's a range and he's that you try to use that among the hardest to the other small would you think of the sample put on the back a month. We'll also bring all bodies and understand the polls in new bodies is you I don't know and I asked him I got feedback from women were not happy that your handwritten poster wouldn't honestly all the way yeah I don't I pretend to choose attractive she was gross boot supple. I sent myself was I've had quit just with women heavier than that like you. For went to appoint yours of course she was wanted in your pocket and we're bigger we're yes a big. 33340. Dollars now unit godless where it's been like Prince Fielder was prince field as a matter fact. But in Portland that is sports live together like role in the sack now I've temperature ordered rolling at all occurred. Roland I found himself in after the downhill. I think it. Or has got to get into doing anything that's troop at a recent outside the Wii some a couple of weeks ago it outside the office at that but he's good at that he's heard that. It's watching or we walk around it's fun to see I'd have a bit of thought anyone was in deep those class of schmoozing but order was up all the hope FaceBook connect advertisers are Izod Glen for the first time in months a couple weeks going to took the Mike three minutes to talk about how the Red Sox pretty and shall actually hurts our ratings on us but doing. And that's about it. The Renaissance that's the worst sort of where the worst or our server sit at a better singer than norm and the to the media call. What the media console but so I submit people every week that's what you'd be happy with we got this week an immediate yes and trying to build the beat that's illegal to be which everybody wants an ordinance journalist like mean Jared. What you got to try to morneau watched the original idea people at a time sources you were you shouldn't no shortage of a dumb story to you today. Now as it was inside now working on you one. You should know that if you rip people the more critically on the more readers what did you ripped the station. I I kind of now would he wouldn't want to do republic bought just hypocritical station. I give you permission to be critical of me it's up and which are essential if you feel free Jerry. You could be critical of me why my guess is I know Glenn incursion will be fine with that is an ideal economic contents. Dale O'Keefe is different story on the outing and a sonic had planned a cable to what you what you would call call monologue went home when imitates him in mock him and route he can handle it. That thick skin that's going on college not a one yet elegant about governing the history of the jet owners are you have to do people peoples of the people around. It really your problem is unbelievable. What around here a while excellent world's oral history watch that's oral cancer in collier both of them Jeff Brown a year. You guys aren't real obviously guys are silenced and into news yes I am heartbroken mother I have to what I saw that I did you criticize 95 and much criticized us. Chris I read any type if you do something worthy of criticism I look at what do you think is that the least interest and show to you on the station on any stage. I it was again who is that that's that's here that's not me easily you biting in it's equipment and apparently share. You can get sound that happy with that question you're completely by apple. After ethnic Russians and sound as we hear that might that's what it was most militant and fugitive with. Tommy Lee Jones hit me yet. Least interesting show sure catcher in. The pressure on the well there's this seat if there is. When you pay as you posters. Saying I got a little infant do you defaults and what is given multi atmosphere and I think America like more or a couple of Jessica. Beard on any stage. Junior and it'll women's British. Not me. It isolated actual depth there than actual act. I stop. Mr. are overreacting. When eats burn something I'm not perfect for a two edged the sound is going to at all. Clippers and the district is now Roemer you're an expert I am and checks out she didn't smoke smeared her name. Now why why they sock. Hunters point you would. Only say yeah. Deletion court player Oak Park. On the phone and it makes me. Signaled that you left which means and they sock puppet Latin morals is real look at current snow out your health care in my lap and comes nothing else I want to listeners to laugh. With the house just packet of English on the question is no disagreement at all no debate a series you don't think she's hooked. And yeah. I think she's I think she's intractable mature economic. To lean to busting. She could shape she's I mean she's. Okay I'm like voluptuous yet she's just said the softball player in the back of the year's been magnified a more attractive was. I do what I like to embrace differences. She square wanna make up your team member on the left a pitcher like a lot of you know Willis they've achievement of made yourself look beaten a moderating meet again I'd I don't think that's the case and I don't and I think LeSean McCoy my guess is right from wrong great. My guess is hired somebody is eating its computer might be a recession in its history behind these committees in a firefight a couple of years ago at the off duty police officers he's a bad guy. That's right kids I never called sheep between an uncle and shady someone didn't. Google search and said or prayer or prayer halls and shady more than any weird that is hard court and she even have friends with him first when he adults who called plays nicknames that. Little problematic in order not only can it it was you against. And I didn't you're familiar with him to and a. That's revive it used abused and I had some big amount that. BG should like that you be on the a deeper on the answer Jerry doesn't. That's fine just talking its advertisers through guys like Edwards. What was most you Mick Roemer. Then all shrieks. That much money. I Rosenblatt. Figure you. A lot of vote for him you gotta go to mariners dot com slash vote to vote for jeans eager to make its way into the all star game the send cigarette hash tag is trending but that it in of itself is not a well. That's just sort advertising for the vote in order to do you're due diligence here you gotta go to mariners dot com slash vote. You can vote for Jeanne and sicker to get into the ice every day we'll find out today get these calls we get these text in the second man handing him a minute hand. And sometimes no I agree and we all agree you can get tiresome but. But it. Yeah I want them when remember. The that was our afternoon drive host a contract post now to be fairly there's like hash tags and it ruins of two to win awards I don't care to voice the voice the voice I don't. Imus and you do not a new. I forget when we clamor. Because at home. Greedy. Every day Camilo getting his mariners dot com I'll blow Jeanne sicker on that final five vote list. What's amazing is he lasted less than a year here's a fix for ever to do I don't know that they knew their like are you you win. And he. He knew that it not be yours and he knew everyone hated them just didn't work. And I'm from from the first shot right there is never published electricity and the and every once in the same thing he replaced or we were. Count from C every one Norway output of one of the replacement. Right yeah who were ready for news you know but that's Mike's all campaigning for gene C guerra. Who is beating. Danny is that's not even know we have preview of hash tag vote behind me you can eat yeah hash tag opening in that in of itself is not vote for him like Sox had after correct and actually go to mommy got you gonna suck Stockar mlb.com leisure opera house the race course is a tightening up. It's neck and neck and there's been a solid ball by Denny's and these are talked about Andre tomorrow as well but the thanks so I concede buried there and over team in ruining salt stereo today good. Then cigarette hash tag is trending seconds ago or send secure hash tag is ten. I was in full she's okay with Stan. He then and. Any dancing he had a scenario once it personally that he's got a shot in this rumors that he asks some rumors. Speaking of rumors reckless Harkin a sock puppet in their he's big in the MLB rumors. He said the Baltimore Sun reporting the Red Sox have called the Oracle's. And required the services injectable or some this morning Manning's shadow and I've been I've checked the sacrament Obama has some holiday and the Yankees are such a big battle from what I've heard. With the and I think the Red Sox will do this with the with the euros were asking for a bit from correct your cat is they want pets. That's yet they want sailed right. What pro which prospects they want. Want any lumping. Rose rose we did that debtors Armas junior who covers what what was a three players in the Yankees jury Red Sox. Beat three good players three. Portal innately players devers for sure now. What ZIR woody play and little less energy and I think a little little wind she's a shortstop they let him criticize you what I said Ken lay it on some and boring I mean he's probably does not boring. Yeah as if you're good shortstop any news you don't wanna move. You don't want him back to third. So I think we're really involved in what's the judgment would carry becomes reality time here that's what I don't know position please now Jerry. I just told how we use your Mina shadow to prosecute members that he was a villain here went to a yeah counties he apologized from last year that's writes yes. Will be usually play here. Second I think. Who whoa what did you need a degree or play. I was on the bench as well that's second. It's true that's his position. Which opened their base. Synutra neighbors. He says he says it'll ever going to train as they don't patents or don't want unhappy many were shot you want me I think you'd be happy here. And third yes we assign long term reported third. So you're renting for a month and a half with since about two months about the banner and what you don't you wanna treat like five years of tempers are two months of missed shots and I don't know that's stupid baseball is devers have a good year. Of the rest he's been not only sixteen years old it's gonna be good. He's got some time at. A time only 25 so we can make that trip. What's the trade Ebbers from China where wells involved nobody. From the Red Sox. What your goals for the Mariners on each noble teams to which team if we we the Red Sox would you make that trade much time Musharraf. You might not. What's enough where they're at the time for the wolverines. Are just agree here 200 million dollar I would not. I would not either miss new regional of course stupid and money on you would make a retreat. And now it's a Wheeler and dealer is at the joining us he's just on got a lot of chores look at a great weeks of debate dentistry yes I was gone. But because he's not sign language you can keep the Yankees from getting yes. About 65 he's a devers for two months of missed out which side of the treatments. That you don't know nobody here we go up there above there weren't going to trade that we noted side. What do you found that he had tingling fingers let's defense harassing the shuttle would 300 million we're behind I'll. That's in the Osce fifty split the difference right hip hoppers not too and he's no longer know how personal business he's only 25. So what it's hidden to twenty years on the GOP yes and still in the Nadine hundreds recently you want to note we heard exhibit 400. 300 opinions and you're 3030 million per year away pretty good nudge at 1030 which he's cooked. That's that's an angry had you overpaid and I don't as a matter who had this year but you don't know. Pattern is getting Kennedy title January instead that. I believe I'm with police contend this year. He leads the league in walks right he's a good player a document there is that the best play baseball. We're not to I don't think the best player under baseball's available. That's true. How atomic veteran Patrick loved Evers and what you have him you know a lot of fun watching Hannity and actually youthful smile really aggregates need anger I would not make that tree which you were not. I would not unfortunately that was you can argue with you but I wouldn't they have disappointments in the wrong apartment I was close races into eighteen you said pretends even to fifteen. 250. It was Soviet 400 million is OB IPs 368. From he walks a lot. Great obviously it appeared content but still everything's done down so PS is slugging and I'm in new malicious cup which goes right he's overrated. He's overrated he's overrated player. Yet in just over a thousand but he last dynamic if you think of guy who sells tickets on you and wholesomeness and wouldn't care tapes could name one player who sells tickets. You know I know you say and undo an argument on does pitcher Celtics to do the guys Amitabh. I think pitching was born to watch what was coming of cameras we just isn't here or not go get a beer when he was coming. And we did your he would not go get a chocolate chocolate milk truck I guess. Trying this year and was a single person more charismatic. He is is Harrier. He's as they can stop in Michigan and he's fiery he's a Mormon needed interest financing level and more easy to get out especially to there's a lot there. Others on the field runs in the walls Lieberman's. I suppose I don't I don't what are we doing was off three days tall on the technical talk and they Ingrid. Wanna do is say thank you everybody today is. 710 day thank you and everybody listens to this nation. Thank you for making it part of your morning your afternoon your mid day you're nice play by play we'll see oxen and etc. and we've just been so it's you. And airports and on here and realizing. There really is all you outside. Yeah I guess advocate Houston at 140 eighths wrote it with the one that told Fauria any other players on the team elsewhere in the NFL in the cafeteria. I would appreciate if you wouldn't swear was you community religious guy with I guess he's I think he's worse and Saul he's of executions all I think you may be right. You forget what this means Fuller. That's on incidents or. It's 710. So I am well and he has put you back on Friday and I am tools that now when those kids got to locate the complete heard that they go to I promised him his voice now. There Arkansas can only go back and I promise limit speed to him surely yes one absolutely. To Fries summer hey I have to pull out there I had to think someone. First. Chris currency John Kurz Chris Kirk just donated to me if I'm right in the PNC again you're probably via my last for real rodeo. Now and I said oh my letter begging. I did get an email from Jerry speech there was like first or donate the million the money but he I don't notice Chris Curtis does. You guys don't have donated donated enough you're always very generous Obama Goodell tenure fine don't and I don't at this morning. Are you donate. Fifty bucks she did on the side about these east I apologize thank you all donate I don't have donate it. Can Leonard you don't have the money you don't have to do it in the so tax deductible. Matt agreement with him and how about that also made him a big fan and consumer awareness bass great guy wonderful to great. I'd put my step aside because you and and Brad folk you have some work out tomorrow morning 6 o'clock from the start the fight he did 6 o'clock media guys up next outs in Friday and you talk soon. If you go to lectures to the good news parcel it's good news is sort of this PMC go to war. If you can donate to anybody who totaling manager at not just me and see you tomorrow morning. Gerry Callahan I like his opinions on sports I wanna hear them in this entire mornings they go by. Which Jerry doesn't get to give us his opinion on sports and I think that that is a wasted talent.