K&C - Reimer returns; People call in about Dino 10-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, October 19th

Hour 1 - Alex Reimer makes his triumphant return to K&C; Dino faces harsh criticism.


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Everyone should stand for the next story from a Roger Goodell NFL commission eleven years in office three stores are also very important for us to honor flight if I. I played all right did you have any knowledge of the vote that we getting money giving eligible if indeed this transaction they had said actually no both questions and past life. So I thought I had its of one person whatever god you believe you stink with Gerry Callahan the fact that Callahan did move on from you because he saw the shiny new toy. Well it disappointed me Jerry become nothing but a list. That whole element of disloyalty there the white but walk but what would your one word to describe minutes build the kind of Felder minicamp complicated. I haven't listened cut you ever consider coming on the morning show know that they ask you know. And Kirk man Jerry count him once a back on Thursday well. Time for reasons that are in his and his alone he must be ahead look at him when I told Chris Curtis stone and always listening to nothing. Partners developers more he told me a pretty personal secret talk simply put the boy and I pulled in this file was off limits because of Oklahoma. He's dead he's evil he's still have to pick he would just ahead of people don't think that would place. Sports Radio telling you. I look at all the palace intrigue in the second out tree this year we'll get all the deep stuff I wanna get this. Before project home again. There are people in the media in this city who were real or fake their real. Who are making the case that Jae Crowder intentionally hurt Gordon Hayward they just need something to talk about I think maybe it is easier elements that I am not. Honest to god I don't know emotionally Dino it's it's been had they ever have given us any shows. It was ridiculous and ever we've made I don't think I was goes steaks and they had to get propane right out of that cigar at. And ash a Toronto star Colin Ashton hasn't passed and I just get I don't set the alarm you don't just get up when I don't I I I didn't think there was really a thing. I mean I would say we talked about yesterday because because ED check mentioned it says the right. There was no malicious in this you have to be sound of of our friend Michael Felger talking with a certain. I was in the run an accident. Yes okay I mean I didn't think that was real honest you're gonna say good glad I was saying it too wasn't it was a busy taking phone calls from 96 year old. Now to sort through a tube is a tip to those guys up talking baseball maybe it was just on secret that's Lebanese descent outlines the enemy of my enemy is my friend those people hate you in the heat means well if the penalty given everybody hates you welcome back. Important. Hey hey back when we. Carter undercut them I think Trotter I thought that was a dirty play Trotter now he did not find out exactly can't predict what's gonna happen out what you make. Really I did not know it wasn't aware that I was listening to Iowa all as all those I put parameters and I was her race for them to talk about deals appearance of the way or that you can challenge which I thought we might upset them they hit. You can challenge was wanna borrow more successful bits. And very popular and I think as a mid day talk about a lot of lot of text is depleted the president yes friends in the day. Did they mention in the afternoon did it did bother them they respond with say Tim Hasselbeck challenger Tom Brady challenger Jerry calendar per minute. I do not hear mentioned I've got my challenge for next week done a very good idea fort it's done. Well until it gets boring to me throughout. Right the president were able to do it though no weight on advanced. Threat that was that was some sort of government. That work on the hill Soledad by Politico I think Apple's next time when put some weight on non next time you can do would do whatever curls fell again clean and jerk I challenger. I am Gaza and it's it's at the gym again a minute run on it before the show again next Wednesday. I will not a change again like it this past ones I will run in. I could like armor like a military man myself I closed my backpack run in there shower changing it back here. During one point in time answering one Peter King yes. That's some possible you don't wash people said that last week here yes I mean I thought that you could do what I paid for you I doubters man and I I Coutts right benching the bar would no weight on it's kind of pathetic trying to go as fast as they can't we quickly can you eventually if we put forty fives on both fans can you Dina tactics and so I think we need to do bent the station and shot. But some accused of part of the show yet. It says station part of this afternoon shall participate out that would do a great fans do you think anyone's mind that anyone could. Compete with the month. Gotten a little much for 404. That the current I do know that. Furyk and participate. And Fred too he's on weekends. A lot for it can tell as I've been there are doing that signals calls yesterday. For his little jealous of the fact that people want to talk we could open market sales called a portion for which it forever coal they were good though they are there were dumping on us it was funny. All the calls hate you Calgary were at least and 65 and over. Again announces them talk about the sport that's not baseball major did listeners just the tip they'd do well in doing great. And lots of listeners in the in the nor couple people like Cuba the ones who hate you you're right that also picked from Oakland and they all listen to lean on me for twenty years to admit that shows the oldest on the show I'd say they don't now how much. You would much more much younger. Much hipper way back heat especially like you mad at the midday sky series on their that it took that was funny than it was a great segment but he's a night at least it Lou made the point it's like your show anymore I don't kind of set it at that. It. Those guys that you baseball the their format roundtable. Because as they sailed to the final hours without you if you could see you what to do and then maybe breaks the show who okay. You'll do the four less alternate advocate get a call and you told me in every test that's the that's true you know you guys that are the most hated guys two most hated guys in the station did you guys have a good job I'm not nearly got I would agree. As it up a two yesterday it's returning hundred replies like 95. So now. What's the it curtain time announcement return on account ID NC Padraig paused at a a 100% in like 55 on what would you respond to these public through them I did not respond like I I eyes that article I did it re tweet one of the positive one virus because I missed mine and I I think they exist specialist dad was tweeting I doubt that if management it was was was Clinton angle to assess some between Clinton was Chrysler's fault. I was not going to open by really thinks that I felt it really doesn't insists he's strutted EU. No be contrary to have a dirty play. Of course not for Ottawa which means it's play I don't know fifty times. I can't want to. Now now still hurts it still hurts now of course the dirty play that silly. It's like put them vulnerable spot and used in the call it's notable right across your crosses tested again acknowledges no question we don't have. So get this straight our show our show stake right. Right away I always thought now and I'm 97% stake according to the Boston actually get that straight so those guys all think. It Crowder had a Eric crosses pass it ready backdoor Alley oop. It Crowder decided to let you back up in hurt he would. They. Are looking back to last year at each year we're sure. Yeah right that's why almost a year initiative in which so there's a racial component to Hayward knew they're gonna run that play. Yes certainly a final in his prime position on backdoor piling up along Gordon Hayward swore to do your talents that I am quick assesses habits. Happy accident. No it was dirty play as many as anybody as anybody actually think that. Caller and he's real I don't want to look at number look at what to one more time on TV side there's really Crocker never go for the ball. We'll Roswell. Mean he often played defense without going for the Beaufort if she's still. Tight need to get a full day out of high injury toxin they need to add more elements to me that's what they did as you just opens ball when you defend the pick and roll is all for the ball when you play Google's own we don't. Mean. After them a lot of experience of guys jumping over me back roads and dunking the ball but you know what that's like yeah yeah it you're watching the ball you have lots of experience they don't don't put it back to war wrecked. Yes I mean if you try to beat him to the spot right and yes and you don't know what I mean what's that about. I don't know it's going to be good friends hot pink. Who should it want to executing she's really felt like you know. You Yahoo!'s your home or even think it was a dirty play a whole crowd is the Celtics while. I think he's just afraid to criticism because he's like yeah that's true. Caught yeah. On other things yeah Alex is an Arctic sea's most on the call to hunt takes what they run with that. Alexei the stupid hot take a dirty and he's only heard I'll show you come folders so dom can we get I need to fund the replay again and make the case that was dirty anti find it online announcement as well and I hope that online I don't need to see the ankle adjusting to see that you don't have undercutting crime and undercut them. It's too but I really I did not know that there and subsequently got triple play in Chris. You know it's tough critter out something saying Alex is on mount and Carroll Leo they originally listed as we wanna moviegoers Errol wrote back Selz fans regroup in wake of Hayward injury. Celtics fans were in real regrouped and we regrouped to tear up when I don't do size medium yes yes you know her past that think that was pretty cool. The mom. Did you think it was cool introducing him as part of the starting physics my it's my and that's going to be a child and have the video message wolf sports a lot of spark much how much she did you and your worldly that your world that that should be the inspirational speech and you win by thirty. No I just thought it was cool and and and make that little speech was whom Mel IMO these arguments today did. Don't do it because that was his. There eighth here she moment. Our to do my teammates. We'll okay. We're here here and there was even close killed. You it only not in you departure a LA highly begins in the herald's at all. Not sure I know street excellent good job Celtics island and whose idea that was it was excellent take the film at two weeks ago. It's a false. That was cool course. That respond and win on in their home or are now in an 02 hole much of the get out of this than not the Yankees and now now this is not eggs will be tough to come back from the seller much more baseball than. I do I watch golf. My watchable but did my show prohibited no people were saying that. What you want you to show that Jimmy Carter intentionally hurt and when I think of him because I don't realign out of it we had you know one knees stations did you do you attribute as we. Executed the appellate issue route to get analogue -- night I'm happy I'm so glad he's happy in retirement. For much of won't obviously you get that all of drop outs being back amateur habit tackle these two things that the nothing. Yesterday was. So it was bizarre it was so it was great race played all of that at all that. Great radio I'd that was great it was great deal they just process they they did before you anything about carrier route from what's on second is it that they had about well and then just move on just kept peppering him with questions about you. Again and it a mile or to them for nineteen years no it was not so he said. You know that's not even nineteen but it was close who's eighteen. And ten months my opinion my opinion is that he hates you more needs me. Well I mean he. I think he's disappointed as he sent me a yes and he just hates you what's been loyal to you it was right about where it all went. A if that's the truth when he told the story in the finger that's which is so true you'll that you opened it predates that. Oh pre dates of that was the end of the clearly toss and that was the point where and you didn't talk at all. I'm not sure when we didn't do Monday to stop Parker in the I don't know what what happened. Hope you're really trying to chat up the public it was just one day he hated me as much do you view. Yeah to him. It was uncomfortable. You like a hundred no issue. You like being in comfortably you like us rights that I don't think it is that it back to. I was and I was. Yet that's see I was gonna be the liaison there concede guys were fighting at have to but he didn't want any help we're good candidates for us to believe it will that was your first game of first segment. Say. They what did you think. Well it. I think I think it was one or what was the date on how long after that. Me. So that was in May and then August he's left but the thing you sickly or talking these last two days. You were here and I was chosen them immutable last letter from a whole time he would our show on service dogs yes I was showing was in deep. Well yes and we did as well we do want showdown in Connecticut the golf tournament and he was like. Who I guess he already decided he was walking away. So that and I think that's exactly it was like someone decides he commits suicide so they're happy Flag Day that's what it was like. We laughed we had a blast and the next thing we left in the last night. Call since he's quick. Yeah it's exactly after the show that well have to show that Thursday night if you that Rick. Melissa our show now is we have more listeners now that we did that obviously. People listen the show now art shows usually younger it probably don't even know John it is. John bad night before to order was saying you know c'mon tomorrow men and chew up and sure enough the next day he wasn't there and that was it he just crawled away. It was pretense of I'm into his sobriety and and and lived his life which is fantastic. And he's unhappy he's pretending. A weird it's weird I'm happy he's sobered retired and he's going to be back he said he wants to be back at Christmas holidays right and in the summer. I ever consider coming on the morning show for like return a one time engagement have a deal. Now and they asked him. No. Is it party though would Malone really and that was that you Hus tweeted out immediately the invite us. And right who's wrong he's admitted I asked that I told person Wendy Ward here so to bring John Friday and just have me John to a show. I kilowatt and so Curtis we headed out the invitation that he sent them on on Tex I'm sure he's just missed it. But he no yard between the loose and forgot right but we don't like we don't think he's good guy. I don't like him and I did I used to think he's a good guy they didn't end well. How did you hit it didn't didn't end well I don't think he's a good guy you think he's a good guy a narcotic kick and while he's down I think he's happy the cooking cooking steaks for cap. And I. They're gutless and I mean but Curtis apologized to for blaming his alcoholism on terror but continue to expose it opens. You with him. What caused all. I'm like it can chorus. I can creep whatever it's fine I'm glad you guys got them on he's afraid to come out with us that you said to me last fall he's afraid of he is definitely for you I don't that's fine he's definitely for you and he wouldn't come back. In the dollar Meeks he's the last couple days he was on with me and we had fun and and then you came back and he never. Ever returned and he goes into sorry now to talk to us pushing types proportional far before that means far far before you talk that. I I would I would tell John that. I thought he was holding the showdown at and try harder and he admitted that to us Curtis was there and and you were me and it's three guys who he is just huge draw in the lobby of the hotel where I'd be used rocket for Myers there that's my opinion I could be wrong he came down. Poses these fees doesn't he's hurt the show the other guys teammate as amended teammate. And then what he says he's a go to rehab and then he didn't he came back to rehab a few months later and Kidd who obviously I think John. Says she's sober that's fine if he isn't fantastic. But you know he was he'd be there was some stuff there that we never really recovered I'd. Certainly talk about the last a few months whatever it is how along. Do you think you back in my view do you feel like there was still pushing you out that they behind your back that they were pushing for this. Yet we know why I can't tell you packets I I can tell I was I mean I didn't have all the week at a meeting it was bizarre and you got inside edition there this yes and the boss said. We have right here we wanna you know. Move on from Dino right and you and I walked meaning said that to happen right. We didn't they initiated we couldn't believe we fight for John that beat you up to me it was hard to punt from he was well if if I was like the first time in rehab in the second on the first that debris ego he went ones. Right but it was some outpatient thing what if you got called the boss today and they said they won once Berkman and I'm guessing you fight and now the parents I mean that's fine I would let's let me so he'll be appropriate date of course that sets that's what well you've sold me meetings recently. So I would say as if there but we'll let the beefy callers. I well I remember Clinton. Greg I was in the room for yes well please see one that does that bother you forget. To be called loose yours and they knew because the immigrant encryption from Florida about as a if it's you're out how do we get to degrade pretty obvious until a month propane tank and TO can't do weekends come on that's. I don't want to he wants to fill and I forced him my friend until a couple I know what a legend like John can John wants to December 24 with Christian Fauria and we and I can that it was a writer. I then will believe in Jesus Christ and I will celebrate Christmas with him how to its feet Christian Fauria John Wells. Are doing that debate all of our playlist on this to me was the most stunning thing says it. Consider feel good work with you guys in the summer or over Christmas. That the units on to it don't do it. It's the guy he can't beat him in summer -- to -- and four days since he's the only moment no vacations and be with Fauria over Christmas awesome Christmas Eve some football talk with Christian you know should address it can't rest the starters are not protected good question is Alexei but got the show perfect comedic guy's an excellent job yesterday I thought you know like you said they'd there it is dumb debate which don't care. I think again for Tino came on did you all the greatest it's a certain reading from a script and he's talked about the things he does during the day we have that you can clearly hear him coming up. But her big day for me as an example I already. And washed my car to last maiden I'm talking you three knuckle heads now. When I finish here I'm going to behave and here's the big decision today black cap launched first of the club and then hit balls. Or quite hit balls and then have lunch. Then I finished at that. You know what my propane tank in my barbecue real empty. I've got to get that we feel that welcome home I smoke and Ashton to on the back deck you'd like that one for you there then. Around sundown alt fire up the girls throw a couple of stakes on for Cappy and me that will watched designated survivor tonight in the new Navy SEALs. This system shop I nor have I. Counsel Harriet you know was on that you get a Red Sox Wachovia everyday I love this I leave that alone that is excellent it was you and and how well I'm in my eyes flashing back and the spectrum. Let me what does non flash that you pick a worse picture you just losing my hand if you look at my left and it's it's it is actually squeezing the chair and you know ha yep okay great debt. These decisions know the answer order we have more question. For me for me. Stop that got away the show I wanted to view that's all. And we moved on so far so good note that callers we're we're having a good the numbers seem to be okay we have. Been outside of the top spot since outs left. Well I'm part moles you don't anyway nervous about the a little Cassie I don't I don't think not an effect as part of your regional uprise. OK I want all right that's true that's brain first book you guys. Crushed the competition I was there. And we've broken down the numbers for the various third wheels and Alex is always what middle of the pack. Well now so that spring I think dropped models I was classless to cut off on his own Bob what's the was a bit easier we'll have Fordham about was that I'll say this though I would I said the other day. If you would sit there once a month ideal for you would not usually do once and have these can't stay with a score two once. Once sure we're not weathered the real thing the real goal will be to get him on the podcast we could swear. I figures yet you can't get this guy you heard yesterday which is you know. Don't get pushed the buttons I've never been happier you're happy I'm happy world happy I'm so happy I never listen to the show which is where. Harper can carry on together. I swear to not add at W Roland I meant it I haven't listened. I swear on my grandchildren. Go there than the other. It is out to the Christians the spokesperson for I'm mass money and he wants and he doesn't miss it only wants to Phil and Chris well. Thank you don't and he starts to push the system that. It. McCain also you also that there are few things the one that's yeah that's too bad I agree that was it was. It just in listening to that voice and her long time that brought back a lot of weird confusing memories fill. I that you gonna you know some solid victory would take about some ways of Philip Richard enough and I always felt like you know wherever. It actually judge. Rose Rosalie I want it. Right I just that we're running in my exit I parred sort of shaking sweating thinking oh my god figure those drives in the morning after. Seventy Red Sox went over the queens saying it was mean for Matt Barnes. The Barnes Dora. I think all quiet Kirk in Asia reacted Kirk and talked to mean. Line Jeff tolerance. And comedy wind off. We be doing a lot of lose ward tuck. He was too Jessica duke but he's doing what we're here I was trumped. Is as to that was his statement of support issued an all in on trump rupture between the liberal rate as last year they use a pro game marry it's hard to be trumped if you look at Twitter in the text machine you know these these to be conservative too but at least Oscar. Didn't have the techsters all from people when he talked to other than not they hate listeners are far more trauma people on Twitter you come out favorite and profiled I only have a front people in my Twitter feed. Really you're listeners are mulch from people other and not eat artists are more conservative and liberal W conservative and you hate trump I dwell on annoyed trap you voted for when he talked and notes pathetic ones that voted for Hillary this criminal on. I can't. He would want her as President Clinton is present disabled when does little to watch compass you have the choice to people just like I am very trump is very proud of the guys that pick and pick him again a hundred times over which letter. The show brought Cuba. That's what I want to I don't know but I'm gonna go through my property and he. Ninety keep it out through Jesus. CEO. And some help or help or Catholics and those guys for Kathy I think she sounds a victim herself up on your day is what he did survive were Dino and cooking steaks. It's slick they. They get motivation was calling. Loneliness self heating additional carrier Irvin a little and he just does ever wants them while you sit on Twitter he blocked me. He has his desire to be you know it's it's over sometimes at everything he tweets and so we talk about. You Jerry do you think Israel's wish I thought balls that morning I mean how are you I think you listens listens to them to other shows and our shows and the talk radio guy. It great and some. Mean yeah he's into all the issues that sustained into. No I don't this morning Paula you know or what was your what was your biggest take my biggest take away was the callers afterwards and he unit I realize that. Kirk is just have the greatest day of his life is nothing better old caller who doesn't and then the other end and they. We all agree and the people. I. Really. Editor at sports in sight yeah I read and I went and went from Dino talk about how much he doesn't listen. To these call as we hate juice and they don't listen bright note you listen nobody listens and as those guys at who these people in the race you know who these people Laura. The room giving us these great rates solid majority its effects and I -- court was right he says you know a lot of money you're buying people off you'd say that legally I don't know what that means by these laughs what was your perspective and paying people who listen right is that what you're doing yes to fight Islamic bodies to Vermont yes it as artisan castill listeners but that that that segment to upset at some point today we'll -- those calls and I will do what I always -- -- -- it's helpful ones people like you were really upset. When in the meeting us in Europe the woman dumps on the culture war thing it's more a lack of loyalty and talked Shia and I'll forget that stuff. You two things you're proud of the fact that you don't respect the call yes I am yesterday but I like an uphill dog stories about what is broken ankles all night about my question. You wanted to buy when you go in the meetings like that want to present a united front Jerry and you do not. You might like to go to the meeting which Enos said he's upset that you for lack of loyalty. Yes my electoral votes right do you remember me I mean course. I was yes you can however now been over the years I was I'm not oil gas you Morgan aside thanks for your side I am. All right let's cells take some calls. And I'm Patrick. Tunes jigs and movement in June what's up WA. Compared to. It. We just what's with the New York that you just what your wits you know. I know that's that's totally out which I'll put you how you treat people. On an ally. Don't know these trees mean but it that you treat it like. That could shock it's not true it's just. Somebody's stupid and that I listened to show told our Jim Johjima and I remember listening to listen to shows is a child as teenagers or young. In the callers suck idea the car like Hampshire you went out of Arnold's take hang up on the stock yes so I decided I'd like other people like Jerry Dino dale. Go away and all shocked at their jobs. I decide to say when a color socks I'm going to tell them they sucked in listeners I don't like that. I know what this is like 12345678910111213. Fourteen. Fifteen is enough brought in just a random number to tell you. So you imagine what would it don't know about that. On this man now right now. I am Jim a degree last words as the great go run a dictatorship before you go enjoy. The rest and there's a good idea. I just don't get I think everybody never nice to anyone that congress shall we Ali. I thought it nicely nice yes shut out now shot I got a call two GO just. Phones. Given differences at this meeting the other day I Jerry undercut me that time Jerry's its magic products. And that was coordinated. Yet the left the region feel like you'll note note note you know like. We hang out your friends and pay your friends Wilmington you gonna route 38 somewhere where were they doctor golden and good night once you have to do have a Beers you breaking each others ball Z nice to each. I don't try to be my friend Rick UP I do I do here. Do you bust balls yes somebody and IBO light product probably sooners. Matt five years so what does this do it. Like I would say obviously with the tools within the region had nothing I believe that it I'm happy Fulham and how good your home on to something that was not an epileptic. Keep it intact beaten it moderate GO. Faced him face to face with both the truth. They are just straight onto walking out today I defeated 46 overs listeners and ACC is lifted now he's in a place. It's incredible but it I don't. Want to personally did you spotter that four the four times. I know you could have been five which forest forecast 45 as 180. Yes sort of as it was on me. Eight there are tentative and it reported that there on the bar and tried to catch him people still see I mean it was our I'm not a big guy I'm not that I am I can use that you'd be surprised. Invent McNamee a serves as rose more than he are pressing match jets should as a through his voice as true that is I think everybody just wait them out. Take it from anonymous and my quickness and the rest. You lost anonymous encompass these when I was great I would I would get technical content now emotions. Probably eat just eat and I saw agenda ignites it is important. Late night. A lot of people see this the Peter King challenged he missed the yesterday it was late in the show of your early morning list that you missed radio gold if I may say so myself. Kirk men and left to the studio. Went on the stairs across the street to the new bells Jim did a cent on the bench. Return to the building up the stairs in the studio two minutes and fifty seconds before Peter -- could finish one answer to one question and my guys did that with the Peter King answer in my ears though that's a good point hunting and I guess all we had it turns Bryan Dan following you and FaceBook profile area. Yes guerrilla style one of whom O'Brien's lieutenant Marine Corps he knows we don't quit doing interning for you guys he needs to kill time while some learn employees have been in mutiny of the military pastor or does this free time he goes through enhancement flies jets EST drills that are doing it myself and at the end you do that you were hardly answers you're not stable they would give you medical tests and no. He's gonna fly the plane would build a temple that up next week though. He's picking up it was funny just short not what I could run down to the gym you think that the guys Scott pressed the people of my effort to shower there. He enjoyed shall I want to do it percent of the curls that orbit did she something else that essentially take a shower that FaceBook live guy's gonna go in there with him. The going to be like you know Rose McGowan watcher Harvey was shot or get elected. On much of the shower though. It's time. Yeah what's there all the time he has anyway he went back here Thursday. Let's go it was a great performance must distinguish it was mentioned to you here prepare for the answer you were sweaty when you get back Q dash to wing of your work you do I gotta give you credit and people could see that work is FaceBook life means life so it's no longer alive AV and watch it on ice just out from the right. So you can watch on Twitter yes you can you can volleying can take. On the website is while WCI dot com gives enjoy about Alex he's into synergy he's into supporting the impairment random person now should be and needs we don't know who gave his life I know but -- there are certain people in the station ignored your performance such as such as the afternoon show us a noble so what if they hate she would think it was unfair to Peter king of like I think forty still that he hates me which is okay yeah so slow right but they but they know you to listen to. It's already I think he hates me to if he Celsius. Would hate to select the way we do we show that you know M Kelly. I mean I don't it is chords and he's more drip but he'd probably hates us is and appreciate the way we do wish I was trying to think it's electorally. Mean he's an opinion. You put their shows that it was for America I think that I couldn't stop listening and they may extend the calls when Al Horford who pickles will occur Linehan yeah which presents a contrast that we try to. The room. Explain to people every day like this Al Horford calls were boring now curtain and and calls were good and they were mocking well taken because they legally if. I think McConnell and I don't think my Franken there. Surprise you about that and the addition yesterday. The arising position and I wish I got 41 of the polls who was talking about maybe get some new terms for cash and he's now it looks that'll that's he's now. Smithers to your discredited and Monty burns said Arnold you Douglas Moore shot you what should we get so he'll play that's something I can we have that no question fully rated. I know you won't mind played some of the calls and hate TU which I was thoroughly entertained by. Bush who was a city like she'll let me before I got hooked up what you call you guys are disagreeing of liberal rock and I don't know all the guests you have on the kick Howard Stern's ass from you I've ever get it should we were walking about outfielders Greg Bedard all the time I was on all of you imagine being on the show your part I can't question that's really we we have added ten questions don't extra I don't. I don't know what time listening to Dino with Greg Bedard this is not he deals fall. You know last Greg Bedard this give you an idea of the kind of person the dark as a person that eagle. He said Bedard to pick on you know what you think about going to the front office that Al team Garcia I think but I think it. Thank you Greg and that's. Right and a great guy and underling Hamas into BG and answered I don't think he was picking them that question in the QB general manager I'm guessing you know there's been other media people and open front office regardless people who use union remember that interview at all an interview with him I don't I don't either but they're certainly we applaud you on the show found out we simply Sharif and on I don't get them on but I don't remember I don't remember ever have become ever quite big idea Rapoport on the island and remember Ramon shots. Or non David Brock should cross only just pass and Chris medics and Marc spears look just as Gary Peterson. Mike Lupica thanks to Greg Bedard Boston Globe Darren pang nice to get an alarm is Jerry and Andy Adrian awards and. He Whitner ski. Anyway anyway is it because I was a fight with that area Peterson's yes I go there appears via reduce it was a great guy. Imus I was concerned that he said Dina said we should have Muncie boring hockey guesstimate that David was ordering the opener to do. Perfunctory boring nuns wanted Chris price through Buick perspiration Matt Chatham has been beat patriot tests. Greg cosell. Alex here rob Bradford Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Anyway it will play some of those calls from people who hate and hardware deals that new calls once more than deals and it was great stuff. And will and reintroduce themselves to Oprah yeah service what did you alas I fear of talking I mean that one time you popped in here we realized the crimes he'd committed. And we that you don't think free all the drama was pretty drama that I wanna say June 5 or something ending June 7 that was an opinion lunch it's. Good looks sentence he can't remember passing dead date for pride weekend June and a life yes it was a Brady. Unit was up I'll still deadlines up. I'm right it ruins my pride June 7 at this race through seven. Or five months he lifetime ban per gallon vernacular lasts about five and a quarter months that's about longer than anyone else has been. Mean Tran he's been like speak and a million times that's true or crime or is Regis I'm on the ball doesn't care. Decisions and issues and she's worked with her knee so we wouldn't between pictures of that each in the last night. Some potentially working not working. She's this morning and it yes he says in the world but anyway when we impact groundless homeless estimates will take some calls from people that you and why why why don't hold hold a rocket or Barbara had a clock hold onto that is on the head a little closer king and to expose on the brakes six. The suggests at least six stick to the airline is I have tropical. Yes it is gruesome that this was very spot right there that was over there and of the place was different shape different to the finger stuck in your face yes indeed send you gonna bite and are there any coaches on the bears' staff used to play for the patriots which at that moment. Where you. Six once it's set at seven got a threesome play did you get to this point on palace intrigue and I do wanna hear from people. Who agree with my friend Michael Felger. That Jae Crowder. Intentionally hurt I'm a watch it again so why I hit his his deal all three of us will watch again the break enough I won us one of us when you come to watch the ankle just what's the dirty play by Jake and I do I need one of us to take the the side that he do on purpose I do though they Hayward knew he was signing a four. But it still hurts. I would you say yes yeah it's a promise of 25000 dollar check to him that this you know put a nail down the Madeleine went lard takes its dazzling eye over. Better break your ankle sprain. That's right I they items for Michael all the time that banner I weekend. And the doctor one time said you know. He sprains or back him on exactly when you break he could resent it. So it's a spoof an posited that the the oh this group was first and no. World. Something on the seat on question I'm no doctor but do you think it would angles here. You think going Hayward. Sprain an ankle as well as broker yes my Richard broke. In answer no I mean that's certainly relevant aces to Asia worked as you'll join Citi and a 83 round after my boss if I'm gonna guess. He he did both unjust and again yes. I wanna watch the video as you share your house from the videos. That it would be less than nobody thought it was a nice touch an exciting moment polite I'll ask it and that's not a hopeless really need it. The homeless the I was asked -- right track cares write songs I have empathy for taxpayers can you give any empathy for hardware home to pull that speech they won't comment from the start talking this you know one hit wonder and street light system for homeless children is that where the parents. Of them almost two. When equals yeah dropping kids off. Let's put it from the current. Stance than the children have parents and homeless families it's almost parents and their kids. But it sounds better it's almost but it was told they searched children home with it talked about currently declaration would show up. Uplifting thoughts on what you and my knees every day right. To copy of their. Of their of her speech. Leo if he needs if you cents a copy the speech or read this trend. Obviously. Would that be you can watch him again I'm sorry but I have to look away because here he really not at all. So who's accused of an accountant is Jake are federal project crowd it is yet. Trying to box him out with doing doing anything easy if you watch it and it's just do what you do you defend basketball in his body. Yeah I was in order to cry now. Iraqis degree. Possible in the world fixes true to win guys it was to show the showed ample but on this. That was dirty play by Crocker now in intentionally try to snap thank you can't predict what's gonna happen. What you make sure to get them. And you put them vulnerable spot and you said in the call people right across your cross disaster began acting is no question did the other question thought you know collection societies had hair crisis that has told UNC properties but there are a mess right announcing I would say I worked at this is Mike. What are you talking you'd think he'd do this on purpose. Yes he undercut him you know would break his ankle but he tried to drill and actually watchable you backing that's what she's dudes were that's what you do if you look at it it's hard to watch with a outs in the ankle if you. One got easier. But would you watch and we router does what to do we put is back to them and tries to put a body on him and keep away from the basket keep away from The Who. I'm assume that's how it's coached Wichita through the secreted and played against lot of guys who went up an Alley right and done it six once said that -- 79793. Certainly here from couple dummies if you actually if you. Felger what. I'm sorry from our fine yeah I would if I say Kirk is mean the calls have sent instantly get him again you're semi appointments are now should ultimately sent in the meeting now. Of those I actually that was planned a group of course some moves of discipline to stick the incline me to be a discipline and I don't PSU narrower. Per ounce acre is very calm on the plan was to stop a very little and Kirk couldn't practice and we're hitting it the economy what's the pyrrhic Kissinger minutes I've for a and it now. If you think if you think that I can I wanna use art for somebody who's Smart for. We'll fix that this was done in action or it allows us is gonna make the case Alex you're new here. Okay yes I think router was very angry acute for Hayward Aerospatiale I think he's probably mad about the trade with you grab the ball was in the area backing up looking at the ball and we're here across disease. Articles for the ball never brought us a job clock someone out you go for the ball. Played basketball. A couple of obviously get a tremendous threat that I won't go right. It averaged 46 points a game I think that is it that story and it was bonds' place for record every aspect of golf club one day and weekly is for him because he shot 62 isn't completely done. On take Tony's that the main Tony what's happened. Egg order guys morning. Art I love how you get. Awesome Tony a lot of great traits commitment weakened the toll from Maine likes it. And I and I love the guys who are jealousy in the mid day at an afternoon bill. While you could smell out that that that even Jerry you'd agree all agree with them quite smell jails without question because the bingo he wanted to be part of this write him and he's right about that we said no thanks you wanted that and he and you say that's me all the time thank god we have. And end up with him shortly you know actually I do sales are likely but that would've heard our show and it would have hurt the mid eighties he's done so well in the mid days don't you wish that that more racial more like us. I wish it does oh let me zoo but I wish we would just work from six to. Get it which you. It's time. They tried that at that. That's. Ruled what did you think when yeah truly that was a terrible day at all. What did you think when Nichols Hussein and the only reason Kirk it gets good ratings as people stuck in their cup I heard a couple guys. We priced it. I don't know maybe the rate people have been stuck in their cars all the time some morning shows do better than others yeah. Right now we're doing well against Tony. What it was and how much dirt to like it both ways here I'd listen you got. But would you agree that Howard Stern ate what he used to he's off on Thursday highway right that's true so it's treated at a hot hours turn it to me it breaks my heart mindless herd server Miley Cyrus and just lick in the feet and sat in the east to be playing name is genuine non now he's got a phone Intel and I'll generous yet yes. I'm a shockingly. Little friends his his wife he had no idea no idea. And that's what's happening literally grilled them on one's wife years ago is Harvey's wife design. Hours wife's wedding dress over and did you chart gave a tour because it figured for I guarantee how we and how are we spent lots of time again ashore on the on the head in the Hampton yes six point 7779793. Cent reckoning calls so I guess where where I guess children natural when somebody to tell you make a case. By Jimmy Carter's it was attack was dirty and Gordon Hayward. Obviously it's even talked about corporate news in the presser before the gay people ask we have lately with crawler after the game and we'll do that is Acer oddly likely. Okay good thing for it to contacts wanna hear that the best reporters in the city. Albrecht it's really. I've gone nations that share publicly yes a lot of credit for asking is it seems bizarre and stupid and I give your Carter cars answers but I would say we just real question. I know but but think of you that chance where you might snap out Carter as he's. Sharaud some accuse definitely gets ready for just as you ask them kid me about show might get that from them which is always good you're TV there are some order. But in that crowd does sound kind of surprised taken back but the question doesn't. Because it's absurd absurd it's absurd. And the then we're supposed to believe this goes back to last year. I'm gonna guess just gonna guess to a crowd that thinks it's pretty cool. Now maybe I'm wrong Saturday and moved to. About this but fixed pretty cool to play include known to play with LeBron to be on the winning Planet Green I had to -- ready to -- probably has some. Oh feelings for the Celtics in gaming in each problem problem I can and yes well and guys are always we feel that we've been activated but you know you could have been traces sacramental and that doesn't lead to that. That's just the stupid and right you blame and Hayward look at aortic and that she was hurting innocent man and he for that and we talked about the terrible thing was off on each and instead they only three that is possible light they didn't have is you know wasn't anybody would accuse him last night it has been so much sympathy for all you heard any kind of weird thing I care not at all actually they have router is out for the with a fractured ankle deep in Irving did it I swear to god it's 603 is the first I heard this I am sorry I must have been on a loop I did not realize it was a thing is that. Those achievements. Yes there I just and that I was they see this film improvement tankan. And while so why should be designated survivor did you have lunch first and a golf balls I can't remember some days is excellent on this it involved ghost cried I did not know it was a thing I apologize a minor thing it's just it's just surprising things Crowder intentionally hurt Gordon Hayward it's it's a thing that some beat people accuse us of being hot takers on the island that really is. That is they take of people he says BofA Wright he's usually I think that's just that's just making something up just to get through show you don't have the guts to talk about stuff outside sports that the coming every day. And do your thing and circular we're starting yet it's a soft spots and they need to speed comes up I think the current season is over it is Wednesday that it's even among our. Odds are horrible that it wasn't over because it or lose and already in on the adequacy and you fire the coach. Yeah start over. What do you think can. Are you back to get back is back tonight. There's a role young guys on the team. Development like the celtics' young guys. Ordered back to 2013. And then gusher that is boutique at this time. Teammate Chris is in Providence say Chris. Wanted. Look the last radio a hundred what do you see and says he wants to. 300. I am it's actually it's actually it's amazing to watch. I get these legal logbook saw you guys are lying under the video that showed that you angle on our side of the court I've seen them. That didn't speak probably naturally turned back like he says Gerri. Yes it would and it you gotta let what you see him kind of jump. What would stick it out when season ticket about it singled into right weight Alberta perennial Arctic. Which Camelot. If peavy didn't get hurt if he didn't get hurt he just went up for now you put into it no issue would you say that that's a place that you make as a defender. You what it did get her out on octagon after cougars didn't know she had been. And. But I am I'm just saying forget injury just say can't you landed and you've now got company ran away. You would not say what Carter did was across was was crossing the line don't. Probably not. Adding that on the NBA national employment there watching them play in the U what went wrong there might trigger it out as they want to know it's hard to play right the next hour. But you don't Indians think it's about. So what is it about every all the time you're in the hope. And the ball is up to hand you sticky about all the time. Now when someone's going up our values when your net additions. Currently it's an instinctive play he's not try what if what if someone's going up for a rebound used to camp out. Is definitely a ball go to critical project if so what if you picked up. Kristen natural player of guys jackets turned in that that it's it's a natural basketball player probably. I just really on alert and crowded does have some type Kook L will plug socket and. Again and again I want to Milwaukee threw it back to around that you think. While that balls in the air Crowder is that the ball these things I hate the Celtics Haywood took my spot I should be there should making more money in America at this guy I mean Cleveland playing with a broad. I don't think you did that but if you watch our network sockets you know I'll let. So that was my first game I want I was 200. Yeah I saw that Louis and a lawyer reducing credit card or not people now know who sees these puzzle that's a group that. Yeah and that's different but that's that's but that's different. And I live here I don't know I just silly it could be a small piece of that. What are appreciate the call and thanks Curtis pride and back a long time it was a nice that was very good I was just I wanted it this golf course back and forth like. I was I am I can stay and these guys like. Like as it comes and always say we. In this town but. He's never gonna talk to being mean again we can't say what it'd just a general manager doing his job didn't like you'll hurt fuels now rain hurt it hosts betray. Of course. Why that because he analysts do he's just he's a guy who got traded one bad guys went Oscars has surprised he plays the next day in the playoffs he plays through injuries he is not so offensively I think also holding up job. I don't that you can be he's emotion do you think because he played after his sister died he should not be tradable. No of course not but I can understand why he would you'll be wondering about but you know I gave it all can't have powerful ways and so he gave all the organization as Ainge said today well. He said we gave all we had him gable that's how it works you've I don't all of the good thing because it because as it was all heart. Plea after his sister that played in Julie direct hit Asia solicitors office of guys he could trading got he's gonna cross some of the trade lists as missing and no trade all things and that's true though they can't see what they can understand what things can meet the angels did the right thing but Isaiah of course you'll pay about why wouldn't wish that I wouldn't hurt. Why would you be surprised this organ Morgan is an idea of what's his light. Like doctor about election he may never be the same again but and he built the sting from the ground up he brings Hayward here and now I can't reap the rewards of it I can totally understand why is these animals jeans open he built this here in balls distinct from the ground it's two years. He played a big role I shouldn't be doing all these items rerouting a few more after two plus. And I thought he was gonna be a place to be an essay that he was gonna be or Italy I was gonna go to great I read you stupid that's stupid to think that somehow. Age is supposed to hesitate for 12. Because you all heart because you can I knew that it has a most guys are you ready I endpoint of you'd. And you made a great win but free agency and an essay in a while again you can it was a place because we always say that players are disloyal when they sign elsewhere but he's saying that trades are reminders that the power is always with the ownership in general and opinion to players anymore need to look out for themselves supreme you know we came back and who he doesn't mean that he's been I had an image Ray Chambers prouder. Cheney crowd orders will his feelings are hurt out to crack and I'm realizing it so you have to be quite as they got the call Isiah Thomas when it released a wire his feelings support. I don't think that Jae Crowder played as an egg roll the Celtics as they should match with him out of his life at all. I think is clearly wanted to be if you want to that I have never been the he wants Tyreke reveals that he's not somebody so I'm not saying it was about treat it like what you saying game should think twice ever read that I think I can Anderson that's why do what I am saying books I can understand why is still. He's he's thinking with this part Isiah like we all that he can't think with your heart that's not possibility Isiah Thomas feel differently a year from now. I think he's in he'll definitely is an hour now. Watching this Cleveland team not a good thing it's a win if it's always so surprised this argument Austin minis well it's not he could say I came back and played it was as its trade me and shoot me on these guys getting per week these guys are damaged there would be that's the way I don't know maybe they are. Meet up with Michael Pickett really fortunate unbelievable benefits. Getting traded as part on jail you're gaining you look at these guys is just use the volume boosting you know pawns on a chance to exactly and and Danny Ainge got traded to figure it hated all the general manages to trade him to he'd jammed vocal whoever traded him eight and I'm never gonna talk to him again. Seven treated. I didn't stay fans shouldn't be sad working on an exact wrong way and a grown man should say it's part of the deal is part of the June trade plan picnic. And I thought it was OK at the time. Factory where you'd like because his wife who age social club there sort of Hispanic. You know how to buckle your video is I don't. The FaceBook video you take me coming up more challenging going to the gym and doing the bench sat on the bench. In the time to Peta can answer one question every ten watched it. I know he's watched and tweeted about it he was furious. When bully who was once an endless and watching you some legs I didn't listen to it until I listened to it and listen to deal listen to. I say that would Curtis embankment and a of the securities qualities that you listened to until I listened through my hat that I would have a panic and I. Know that I was too while I was doing it I publicity on their stuff till later in it was quite honestly think that I wouldn't happen to play is pitching does not stop talking it's unbelievable unanswered to want to question in the honor and on and on it and police screwed up the clock for their own tail magic dale right now seventh and true it's 7:10 am taken atop the weekend. And never gonna show before I know but when I'm that they can't we should they and I should try and margulies it's how it's not working well I think could work better you get good all things can always get better a canceled it was 6 o'clock you guys have gotten worse at the clock over the last few months used to be ladies have gone up. I'm not when they so I was a wise or worse. Because I was by Joes are honest and I'm just saying with sticking to that caught and not saying it doesn't mean you could learn a thing or two from dale indeed accurate notes. I think people's. You don't think you should. We take that 1058 break you get your little clock. Who grew in every ago. He's so our team coming up 61777790%. Ninety not think inalienable socket which is I think their stocks powered to his.