K&C - Reimer takes over for Kirk; Ian Rapoport on the Jimmy G trade 1-12-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, January 12th

Hour 3: Kirk took off and Reimer came in to support Mut.  Ian Rapoport discusseed Belichick's trade of Jimmy G.  


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Its current and Callahan. With Kurt Mann act and Jerry Kelly. On Sports Radio WEEI. I don't think we'll get on me for this night I outside too when I heard I think this has said its us yeah. I think Kurt is in unbelievable radio personalities certainly as options will be missed in Vila can't see works the hardest or cares the most but I can say this nobody works harder and nobody cares the most. Nobody will soon close well necessary we'll stay on YouTube morons oh are happy right as Kirk's. Back. I am yeah you're worried have you would like I'm gonna stick currency can forward with their livelihoods. You know. If Kirk left they were afraid that you know the be big changes are on it but you both know you gonna nighttime gig. I'll that you got a gay podcast to people out there. It's taken the world by storm not these dollar this week if I didn't he was buddies I know used to be homophobic but now he's an LG BT. Activist high on the list then again you know he's like you. He's made a chance for me that's true. I explain mindless and you know I became friends with some gay guys I never used one in the room now you wouldn't. Buckley and some others are friends that's it he says he humanize the body says yes he says Simi wow Don Dotson his friends are gay and he you know change and claims. Patriots this waiter who used to work at a place in South Beach to go to. You know less I think it was scary rumor though Erica again you heard it yet I feel so bad thing or did come up and come up really musical numbers situation. Always is remand. That we had that was very interesting and fight it he just it is time people on probation are free to check in the corporation where he's at the world where Jerry so that's your latest gave podcasts on yeah actually yes it was pretty. Seriously get. A listen along is that what happened. A good if I said our current minutes and I say now if I gas now that's good to skirt those new podcast that mosque the original each is gonna come on the last few weeks and wafers it while it waited for I'm waiting for is up to quiet I think catcher was to bump him because of Kirk's issues yet it was a minor factor. I ammonium. I don't even know that it's that was the reason you do is the product he wanted to podcast this week. Could be things you know hold all wielding all the power now days so he may want duplicate that here that's a good point I wouldn't blame them woman all the big poster doing any gals doing a podcast now I mean you know we need Clinton and Holly's doing one when starting one thank Colleen it's a real honor to call it it's gonna be the old big show butch LJ billboards that's good identified a retro podcast that I like our news. Theater as we did you guys while you were listening to the did you think Kirk was series yes a 100%. On Yasser but it does he was like taking some time I didn't think he would go away forever he wants this too much and he took a year we would have to write that new show to give absolutely but he would I would sit there hoping you were part of its name please quick please. Not really because Kirk has had my back in this building many times of Kirk leads and lose a big advocate here. You don't ask you to the rule would you keep that footwear over. We're over that bridge you're no longer on his. The death was not right now come the only one name out there right now is that would be and it's Mike McMahon now a monkey man I miss this new legitimately fire right you do that. If you miss this is a black person or hard it's Steve's joke about my son I just was a mocking his second in the eye with a novices can throw it he has a lot of crazy yet you know these guys like weeding out I mean you know ideally are so it was would you hit him right in the Bible. Little chart that really I wrote a loud yeah that was not all of them out of headphones levels political freedom and I was encouraging is gonna punt would have been fun. Hum the mud sonics go anyway from last night from the moment can texted me last night at the end of our show that I that you wanted me to come in for the final two hours mutt. Why is in reached. This UTU. There's something going on it'll take the title since I've talked about this I feel like sometimes Jerry's like that disapproving dad he's he's bothered by how I happened at fact that on the England and Tyler and Kirk's all of that was fun because I know that if cart were to leave -- wade take Eric's place Monday to Friday on the sharks had a I don't but I absolutely I don't know if you've earned commodity Canada can see more likely categorized any shot of that happening some shut out suspect or it would work in and out or you're allowing. Hand now is ice is fluid I had a thought or legitimately those ways have these ride neither can and there's no oxygen left in the room and England hosts this round. Think it will likely out because there are you and I could argue you know above politics right now we greed runs and we the only guys. Who have the balls to admit that we voted for trump in this hole for Ginn company. Well what I still think voted for trump to placate you yes again I'd I'd vote Democrat my entire life than to summarize that boy I'm a root audible for Jerry I wanna countenance a pitcher he voted previously. I have this was the first election you voted every news that an eighteen years. Republicans all the time every girl I go years. Yes that's right. Right down the ticket right now with a degree too much now where and so we're chiles would see that I think that we've worked for a living you little roots punks you incur if that's your thing and now Jerry that your type rich. Young guys that's for eagle for ya know I I just explain T amok that I would have Alex cook so we could fight you and I agree on too much. I think management no one it went much bigger part of this steady present a Holliman that they get their trying to out work Alex out of this morning shift when we get an important to me on six hours today so I've talked I didn't say I did say get Alex in Harrison offer and the chance. Spoke to the task at once as you do anything. He or ambitious are dedicating his at bat well and I quite interesting to Chris underdog by this anti ice and off from the chance we'll see if he shows up and you did nets to your credit you are. One of the only people who will show anytime anyplace and don't ask. There were like at four how much work it paid or anything UG shall I went from glass like the big show on filtered days exposure occidental and it's all about us usually off television and you can. Hear anything on how to get paid to do the show. A graduate work. That's true you guys will be the leading candidates this is the urgency is more look at these are two guys are getting paid zero doubt that's the case were Macon send Ken spring training saved a fortune they dumped on the Tino walked away retired the and that was shares been filled by you paupers. And other then. And is normally does he writes mas is regulated Tony's gone look at Kirk at river. Had to say let's not press anyway which is what. 400 bucks a week I don't know what it is it's my damn money. Outshot the ten they showed up at the Bradford show last night I was sure shocked so off the records and softer and Bradford said it had ten ways agreed to do stuff with him like a hundred times we said OK final finally do this on the got to make almost EP anything. To show up to that thing last night I saw that we look at. Happy to be there did you go to it now we are under a month now to Rachel you you were pretender on month 88 I do not going to be attacked and it's happened before now it has a mile lapping free. Was it for you that they digital or recruit yeah three Martinis expresso Martina I mean unbelievable artist that you read what was in the Dan martini and I was. Diet now moxie Diet Coke up moxie of thinking is what else there was very little alcohol and he would Hayden that's. That's what chemistry do these huge Beers and was in the loop law in this while blogging is a nice eye and then like massive they elect quartz. As much with those predate that does not I was a martini as I was at I'll never know the freedom act I hear that it now. Every restaurant has like twenty different Martinis. There you see this as this this is the issue he and his big deal about how Martinis are different than it was some have. Apple it's flavoring it some have espresso and for the president please different than their original Jim on the original Martinis chin but now are going to explode. Yes with the with the except for you except me and Arctic express arts I was curious habits and might sound like little you know here's look what's in a martini. I thought our they've got vodka you know it's in a Martina nothing but vodka or two and three dollars and you know due to recent columns of when where the cocktail onions but they used to put removed from the mountain that is kind of maybe they waited for the remove both lash. Let's talk to Steve McCarty Steve. Jerry I couldn't agree with you more I just moved from New York to Boston and I'm so glad I don't have to listen to those guys in the afternoon shall prince process. It is not there already should be brought in his grave about what you don't that I didn't show. He'll be back he he loves the fact that the replacements are terrible he'll be back. They just there's there's no alternates show and you know I've listened to get a little urgent. You know Jerry if you would Kirk give those replaced you know patriots and Red Sox were giants yankees you know I'd be very accused them are yet to conduct our best parts. Are able to speak your mind. I think what it's pathetic when I put on that station to you still get 660 appear a little bit advent of the eight but. It's a pathetic but they don't look at station and and you know Bloomberg's got his new ready post and I just think it's you know I don't know who they're placating to vote in the growth. Teens are summits is precisely cleared to play came out with cash and they're targeting to their their program to the team thing than an hour. With the owner of highlanders booted CM eight boomer a boomer it's the most moral in the afternoon show just into the general manager that they and is the most boring radio station it is so corny at Sochi EZ their bumpers it's like editing that's simply I invest -- explain Kirk's. Issues here is the people who put that on the air. Our he thinks they're gonna tell him. What to do and he can't handle but they haven't yet. Know little things are accurate and thought they were dead in three Hodges and there's not a lot but third if they admit it even look at Turkey gets upset because I want he wants them converting their eyes letting them do not feel so we're right now they know about asset management has been around me whenever round tells people now I get so angry. Some and you're near the one you're when you're the one that you need the money you should be nice to them. There like me off salespeople and even talk to me all eyes really now. The top. They will pursue that that podcast to be so we gotta talk we are taught when this all back got a lot of football this weekend we finally football game yes not Charlie Weis we're gonna talk to a guy who knows a lot about be coaching vacancies and the patriots Ian Rapoport NFL network is our Friday football guess. He joins us next. Start game Callahan but Jerry and rebirth. Counting down the patriots and titans on Saturday night counting down to some coaching moves we think for the patriots coaching staff in Rappaport. Of the NFL network joins us he's brought you by our friends at town fair tire course NFL network insider. At rap sheet in this weekend full coverage of all the divisional round games the NFL game day morning. I'm gonna start on Saturday at noon EN Mike Jerry and Alex are you. What you're airport area you tell us what the coordinators were heading into the divisional weekend the expectation was by this point at least one of mcdaniels or map for she would have a job. Where are these guys standing appreciation of the specifically is it as simple as waiting on the giants are waiting on the lines. Well I think they're both in our jobs. But it's an interest in the late this year has played out you know sometimes in the past and you keep your weight on guys. Europeans. Don't leader and hire some time to look at out like last year I remember correctly you know the gaels pulled out of it Snyder's job. Basically told them that you not taking it. It became very clear this culture shock even though it took its still early February to tour finals that it happened this year you know it and so. I still think both these guys could end up with head coaching job obviously there's a lot of mutual interest between Patricia and the lions. Go to charge are also pretty interest in him to get them. They got some finalists I'm not sure he'd see this sort of favorite there but I know that like in law. And the Josh McDaniels and obstacles job. Is very interest in one excellent saw yesterday coups. They are focused on authentic candidate she basically the only options of getting it. That they talked to we still alive so certainly don't make a lot of sense since. I think things are lining up well for all of these guys just might takes. You don't think Ian that the that Patricia is already done in New York because the daily news is you know us all and they say he's their guy. Yeah that that's not my understanding. And don't get me wrong they would they like me use gasoline he quarter finalists. He's a guy that. I know during the interview process they really liked. They said they wanted to an experienced head coach obviously he's not. But you know he's a facility like they also like pastor a lot. Josh McDaniels you know this is certainly someone like during the process as well. To me you know I would say sure her Patricia are probably right there could charge shot. I'm just not sure. You know if they would even offered because. A lot of people think Detroit would make a lot more sense for. Token they how long can they wait I mean shouldn't this be done by now the they have these windows they can't talk to Patricia again. For awhile right. Like. I believe they can talk to him. After the AFC title game I remember correctly it's or let up or will probably bill. On this you are an agency this year how to play out because Nolan will. Your team's one officially commit two years ago when Eagles are gonna hire that Petersen used on the playoffs with Kansas City. They sure put outward like this is going to be our we're not gonna come out publicly but this is art and everywhere you look at auditions and they're the higher. No it has done that this year unofficially officially however. And so too late to probably most speculative. You know reporting coverages I can remember those of coaching searches in part probably because I don't think anybody really notes. So what's the story Ian with me Daniel he's interviewed the last couple years for jobs stayed in New England they interviewed with the bears for the higher. Matt Nagy instead it's not getting these jobs because he's pulling out want to stay at the patriots or is he just not interviewing while the teams look at his track record and it scared away what's the story with mcdaniels. Not where he's done well you know I mean I think every year it's a shame that he's a very good candidate. He is Odyssey is work with the quarterback is whatever we want to whichever order companies from you know political situation. You know knows about but also a regular school he could have Jacoby percent if that's the job for them. That the guy he really helped develop and that's sort of surprising guys who played well this year. It will adjust you only get one chance to. You'll you'll keep only the second got one switched to a certain extent put extra. You know get a fair question on fox which obviously disaster. He'll only get one more crack. And he has to make short perjury supporting our job. Not park actually pulled out there's been plenty of others and opportunities. To take eight to signal it. Delegate it is warmer times so it's got to be perfect. The Turkey job with a lot of sense if that. Came open and I assume the Arctic and ultimately never now. American culture. Wouldn't you Lockett he's healthy and make a lot of saturates. It I know you tweeted about it when Seth wrote it last weekend the look inside the patriots organization what were your takeaways and and how much of what Seth wrote. Had been if you heard around the NFL this year what's called the patriots. I think you know certainly good portion of it was stuffed hurt irons and stuff so happily. You know detention. The issue list with Guerrero I think that was real. You know I never quite heard the Tom Brady teaching Glock or stopped under the pretty treats backups. Like you know he's either really helped some sort of get to watch and learn from the master wrap it at all at JR here's. Page one of the plate looking preached to you know it's not really like sort of in the movies right. But I never quite heard debt tensions between rating Glock or some archer that was the case. To me and they ain't saying that that's sort of a lack. Was the business and to me in a couple of traded. Because when ticket contract extension. And the work of the franchise so the only other option this week it used to be awesome she has. Is to trade at the last possible second. And used in this church for the first big gains. And that featured in the the last possible second to me got made a lot of business sense and that was sort of a huge missing component of the article. Is it your understanding that. Sampras the only team Belichick talked to and do you think Cleveland would indeed have for the fourth pick in the draft. Yes it is my understanding center and you'll and they talk I think Belichick wanted to make sure McLaughlin definitely placed. You know one because he like straits between race to you really respect the people there range. Culture and just like straw or the person who wanted to be in good spot. Why wouldn't do it's fast that it's it's bizarre. It doesn't seem like belts out right because you're human. Really traditional Seymour to the raiders mean he's made other trees resent good very good major players I calls an outcast destinations. Yeah that is true. A lot of times. Those situations have been after afraid negotiation any member. She wore armor recruiters on countless remember correctly tried to extend a couple times. It didn't work and it extending Wilfork trading action more targeted correctly. This is one I think it's okay that Belichick wanted to send him to a good place that it the other question. Let the ground to get up to 46. It's very easy of Brown's people such as soon to say now. I never heard I was on the table for the on the ground made an offer to draft first rounder but there are shall ever go to. You know they're gonna turn one out in the articulate on Arnold really the hindsight Jeremy. Well you had a chance off and he didn't seem to onlookers. You think there's anything fishy Ian because from my standpoint you reader port patriots on the call one team all while some ballot check. Tears drop was well being over the betterment of the team over shopping him for the best you know for the best package that seems a little curious to me but you're saying not historical ally to. Also got an out of the position. You know mates make sure they did a decision once a year or several times here that I mean it's still in your signature. I think it was very nice it's also some immigrants are. It's not charity it's also something that. Big serve the patriots. In a terrible you know you're really the option of getting to business transaction or to hear the option. Maybe the patriots would have gotten a second round pick and a third and fourth or something. But the outset that you have to face and once a year twice a year it got worse. That draft papers hadn't seen in the it's floating out there when talks about the price. You know look at second round series is pretty good at all. And deter the fact that they take a lot foreigners extension all the books without stand at the ball is probably going to. He only played two games if you are now he's responsible for games he got injured only played two games in two years that it. Well how much she's was to get personal without little spirit. Hey you know it's. Big deal in the back pages in New York but is the one little inkling it through to the idea that. Belichick was thinking about them going somewhere else possibly the giants and were the giants' thinking of Macon an offer to Bob Kraft for his services. To me it was very fond of talk about to me that was never on any. Doesn't love the giants on the wrong is definitely the organization that he felt kind of appear. But that was another part of mr. Lester is entirely. How that actually hear her you're never trading Brady you're never gonna let Belichick. You know go to the giants not not ready I'd never even heard what he wants. Well that that's what it would take he would he would have this be the guy that. Who initiated say I want out I wanna go there then craft could start to arc of the Maris. Your right foot but I just can't see Robert Kraft negotiating shorter at the barrel of the gun like that and he doesn't. Either very very sad it is just like go go check if that ever came to it. I can imagine craft doing that's what that's what has gone on to destroy it from the owns you they talked about could these guys break out hard out. Great under contract he never getting treated. Writes only a one guy only who is. A Belichick's the only guy could see going elsewhere ever obviously craft isn't in that now appears Brady's not. I guess we also military could finish his career here but you know maybe not. And I I just know that I'm crazy I just can never imagined it. Actually I'm coach trader. Impossible anyway they never. Let alone the greatest coaches in NFL history guards. I don't want to talk about an actual. It and last of three I want to circle back to that the browns thing because not only the Terry Pluto story but. I mean last year last year Mary Kay Cabot was screaming from the the rooftops in her stories the browns want talk to the patriot they offer first round pick in more. Are you suggesting when they did call on draft night we're told that Belichick wasn't even trading at that point. It was really only a second and third this is a lot of people around Cleveland album is saying it was a forced. There. Really wow that ball back at two shades on six and at first rounds are willing talk the same for prop fall as they offered for AJ McCarron. You can actually package is and I mean are. I don't know if they're reporting. But I don't want to trade also wise and it was for a second there and you know again. That brought people in charge out and fired. For a lot of reasons and I'm sure not. Doing this was was one of the reasons are securing the future court with one of the reasons. They never offered a first round pick. The patriots never considered it to disagree with it considered high war. I would actually probably would not want to debate probably would've considered it. But the browns also was not even one. And that the patriots. Even consider consider. Could've offered Hersh is working cluster. I Ian Rapoport all weekend long as the game day coverage of all things divisional round weekend Ian thanks as always enjoy the football. I Iraq for joining us here and suggesting that all the talk of the browns' first round pick. Was never there which I find impossible you guys spent more time on this that I do you have a lot of time at night to do boring sports talk but I don't this is in real boring not boring was born last night. Don't don't alarms go off don't red flags go up when you hears people say. Belichick wanted to put she'd been a good player yeah strange. I've never heard of anyone say that about even like a bad GM and this is how great GM. And the great GM and I understand he likes and we play that's on all the time he loves them he is face like he's Sunday him. But you're gonna do. What's not in the best interest of the team which we always thought that was top priority right because you like Jimmy so much and and by the way when he made the trade San Francisco was as bad as Cleveland they were at the bottom there was talk that that that they might get the number one pick of Cleveland win a game or two. Obviously he's got them going on the eyes were on he won five games they now finished. They finished ahead of Tampa Bay and Denver in the standings because it Jimmy G but at the time they with the dregs. You could rationalize it may be football terms you know that Shanahan is a much better coach and a good place for him to be. You could say secretary in the Cleveland forget Cleveland there's there's thirty other teams. Why would you do that just as you like a player it doesn't make any sense dentist at five southeast patriots span. Totally political are great. And it also understood the browns are tying me value drop Loney Jayne McCarron. At the same I believe that H McCareins and a lot of pleasure to picture him you know playing in thriving. And Jimmy only played five have quarters I believe that. But he also came out of the page yet it has more value coming out of the patriots Brady system there would be sitting at Cincinnati absolutely right we don't know once thrived behind Brady that could be the first. Out but it's but it was a nuke on us and said sandy about Cincinnati and I think their there's something to that Belichick Brady. Mystique I think it's much easier to say and it's not sexy to say it. We wanna send to a place where he might sign long term knock them back but it's in the ass and separate Cisco does providing young coach. I'm not worried about to go to Cleveland to franchise years and then leaving. That makes more sense than we care about where it went for his future and on my actual people leveling as a wanna face the core of the brat grapple with the browns and hit the ground I don't get another four overall pick I mean go to LSU. Any true Drew Bledsoe of the battle exactly and Bledsoe was good Bledsoe went to a Pro Bowl. And got a first round pick and you said you got to get the best package you can get and he did he got a great. A return. In this case you get a great return the Cleveland according recession Broward trade the fourth pick in the draft you know to be looking around that pack. They're really good quarterback who would start off under contract for four years 05. It with an option yeah Olympic action so you'd Avago locked up until 80s46. So that guy withers Josh Rosen. Or Josh Allen or Sam Donald. Baker mayfield he'd be in your system and he will be learning and moonlight played Jimmy was. What 34 years until Brady was in on a much better timetable yeah I'm looking at what they gave up that they had the twelfth pick in the draft the draft time. They traded him to Houston obviously Houston used under Sharma answers mark they slid down thirteen spots to number 25. And they got a first round pick this year that it Houston's first trumpet this year and the slid down twelve spots for that trap for that pick. Tillman they would need a minute given that for grapple. Obsolete appeared imminent assembly browser needs other teams are treating Malta first round picks for quarterbacks are never poignant thought I know you have control over them but I mean what do you go with the shirt thing if you're more been franchise and he finally have a chance to get your guy. And you would spend a lot of time on these young quarterbacks Robert Rosen and Arnold and you'd get one support heck you'd get one. And then you'd say he'll be ready by the time Tom is Tom Tom's a freak he's going to be two more to three more years. But he's not gonna play forever that would be on a drag on that be the good time could be the the the time perfect time you want to get an extension let him go play a little bit and then bogeys here even more than that for five days you know to be sent today with the synthetic. Well checks African genius. You know he's governor Jimmy is Jimmy was replaced he got a guy is not ready to play the only waste claimed genius again this time around is if they draft they get the guy and the second or third round he ends up being drop aux sable's policy and acknowledge that all the yes they will. Yeah I guess it totally useless because in and we're starting. From two phase one as well mean the guy's second Abidjan Jimmy rollins' old 21 years old Rosen and Donald do you think there. If they play in August. The assay in pre season you set off that's the next Jim you'll know you'll not know right away your right is not that the majority also lots of dancing right here at 41 where we get your party compared to Peyton and I title game last five games very similar rounds here to Manning Tony 146177797937. Is the phone number your phone calls it is a huge game this weekend ever one pick in the titans a buzz in the area. For the titans committee here and win this game will talk about it with your calls Kirk in Cali appear more been franchise.