K&C - Reimer thinks Brady is on the decline; Gerry picked the Pats

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, January 12th

Hour 4: Reimer thinks Brady is aging before our eyes and Gerry went out on a limb and picked the Pats. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead. And Gerry Callahan. One Sports Radio WEEI. It's gotten better and we're. Good question. Is about Tennessee or we're tradition of this game years. And release further everything isn't going away and wouldn't let the treatment phase two viewers because it. We'll see citizens. Just thought distractions right now people come on. And why and why released the trailer of this page radio for the funeral of support trailer do you think Brady new message there was getting released this week. I think he knows everything about SSA SI which is strange I guess when he denied refused to talk about it be kind of in places that are eaten he emphasizes the release. That they made on FaceBook and the story in the New York Times that if you wanna learn don't go to FaceBook. That kind of thing right. But he does not want he he wants it both ways to be honest with the wants it both ways he wants and I said this about the document to which I think will be interesting and I'll watch it. But in the documentary literally says football as is life. Men in the brief trailer we see him too not content for salads are here is to have allotment a lot of my balance in his life. It appears that he has you know good family life that he's. A good marriage you know that he's got a vacation home in this moment you know he looks like he's really have a good time with the family. And he says you've been repaired be prepared to go to collect as I give a mind no we didn't which is commendable. There are some people that you don't have any life except football and I think. In own. Would be example of that than Richey in color me don't you see him he's a lunatic but football's is life or even James Harrison. I mean when I don't know I was poised to announce he's still smack around. Like he did when she wanted to benefited baptized there he chatted married of that good good grade and you know he he he takes great care of his kids I mean except when his pit bulls hungry and then the feeds his kids to the pimples. But there are people who live for football usually young guys right when no lives they just play and that's it. But he's not one of them. Yeah but the whole TB twelve thing coincides with football it's the same thing the longer Brady plays the more legitimate question the best anti foreign brands when you saw that trailer. The delicate like and I were no life now he's had his kids it to sell all the time right but in terms of having a ball the way he's gonna is Mary ocean breezes can cure rate family's gonna business it appears that he's got a lot. On his life. And still is the toughest game and that's commendable. He's not just about football. Deters having a ball weighs in the trailer gets released this week. And now and he's asked one simple question I'll watch this documentary doesn't answer that's a commodity and why don't honor he never avoids questions and we never know comments. It's weird but I guess. It's a bad look to suit their companies foreplay of him talk about your document why you want to do is be a distraction that I always the release and wide release because I got a call John is gonna be on the sees it doesn't whether it's in the candy it's not affecting his life right now. But you have to know again I ask the question about it if the trailer comes I would ask that you Monday. That'll be post cancer is not quite as urgent. Although I will no no we plan in the hunt Sunday in the a FC title game. Hopefully the Steelers. But just the bad looked that if if feud is what that would be three days before two days before the playoff game and they're talking about his documentary. He's Smart he knows that will be in that look. Then Venetian and released the trailer. Why not why. Because it's creating buzz our there it's well. And I'm not it's your question is what it would not he wants uncle waiting and now has an apple what happen if the answer the question would look like here's a guy talking about his documentary was massive tax gains of only asking about it right he said I'm not thinking about what everybody got me to put it to Mike played hurt you how it that way. What I was going to did you salute. My only answer requested around the country it would appear that Brady is not focused on foot no. And I'm focusing on the horse well locally patriot fans this NYC talking about this before titans game. Yes actually it on my guess is the biweekly they make it there by two in the the AFC title game the Super Bowl he will talk about and until then. You docket it's never be a place with Perkins Jerry on Monday said the most in my we're talking about here and I started thickness and is it really I guess that is the Afghan winter golf based there feel as though much of the game but it is a big game I mean. I don't know what the patriots and went back to brief answer a question about his documentary and thought I was gonna talk quite a documentary you gotta stay out of the car wood and little Kirk over he would he would. You'd say he's not focus now hole all about it now doctor can ask one question and that's why you released he made all right guys out says he's not currently not trying to have it both ways right in this is I wanna be asked about it or you keep it under ups in basketball is sensible ways you know be curious though when they release it. Second to be the two weeks we'll Super Bowl it is I hope so. So late January it's probably going to be. Maybe the week off week he's gonna talk about who's gonna have to but it does it again like entertaining to watch that channel like I thought it's going to be entertaining for one reason it's convert and that's all it's going to be you know you're gonna market Kirk's gonna market come and enjoy it. It's cut and I still many things we mock your portable is what I saw his raw. Stan is setting as they say it all the time that in his prime you couldn't get enough Larry Bird couldn't. Whether you talk in the media practicing. Do an African commercial you or you know books were written about him. He you know we devoured those books that any article know if he was in Sports Illustrated it was a big deal. Praise the same way now he's not nearly is no AG as a bird was but. And Brady does we devour because it's the best is the best player in NFL history he's the MVP Italy he's Conan a suitable. If you really want you know if you you have to understand that this is cold this is. The time I mean. Sees or thinks people not diagonal and he's gonna be over soon you may be here maybe two was going to be over will look back and so that was the golden age. Or for the pay major football and Tom Brady was the man. So right now whatever he does people can't get enough of yours generally. And you can mock the book in the document in a real person said that she would you laugh in their face right or if Peyton Manning senator writes whatever. I. Trying to call it like acie I'm patriots seek care I'm unbiased view Brady like out of you anybody else. That sets the no more critical I think del Ali right Europe patriot hey I'm not hate to my articles are cited on the wells are important context. Look at that state to make their case against the NFL Robert Kraft cited Alex reader was the story on Kirk. No it was not actually is different story at the CI I one year later to play each other like like again allegedly but I understand when people hosted. Don't hate them but they. If they mock remind us that yet to mossy already we got on these remarkable he is marketable and he knows it different degrees of it to me got the chance shark calling in fake. I don't believe it's fake ID is just he's bought into this but nationally. Much like the book you gonna get people. Picking apart when the documentary comes out like this that this is and we bring it apart if you wanted to Zardari said if it was Peyton Manning he'd been mocking it endlessly if thumb there were no if you took Guerrero out of it and Kyrgyzstan is Anderson danger. And none of us can guard career you know he's. Using problem using wart on Tom Brady but when the other and Guerrero. Or is it done wrong. In his seventeen years in the spotlight stealing from best buddies he's read that Clark shot a stealing from the kids and congress to put it to a prep school in New York snow lots of really upstanding honest people did the same thing like Kevin Spacey. Yeah that's what you know much about it at this is not at all. No no no actual Brady he announced it seems like it goes you guys but he's in business partners with a conduct and always. Scammer I told him take about in the the the Guerrero factor. When you think about the spotlight he's been under for seventy writers it's remarkable how clean his record absolutely as far as I know he's Derek Jeter yeah. He had two year alone without the gift baskets as far as we know yet that's it is not well maybe maybe Brady leads his out had a gift basket being on we know quite now those stores or eat any terrier dogs and another Fauria no one talks about community is hang around what trump at swimsuit competent and there are totally. I asked one data great answers and then what would Brady today celebrating the 25 year old Auburn will be saved him warn them against. These are not allowed 25 year old Brady had a pretty good time. He looks back fondly on those times and apparently he was the beer drinker he could guzzle the guy Michigan said oh wasn't us it was a patriot. Maybe he was the best additionally on the he writes the jogger passed your trigger on the team medical slots at 300 pound guys. But he could just shoot Beers and you know chiefs crazy broads like comedy Brady drinks now. A bit not nice glass of wine dinner once in awhile red wine that a lawyer which I have Hoyer. But you still tricks of the derby and Stephanie goes honest guys got somebody on that and I with Greece is some. Oral history which was excellent great thought all these people above Brady in what used to be like we're right Lisa goes on these guy interest like cattlemen and am until right they went to Montana if I'm Kelly when they go to jury as a way that I as a group they flew from the derby. Two biggest for Mayweather fight. There's no two of course alcohol policy everybody what what would you do with Brady amicable a weekend like when you do you keep quiet fidelity stretching sure you used to chase them right find it easier now females why are friends we league not a guys week in a still go to the gym like on Saturday morning we'll take a class this Saturday morning he's running you raise as Freddie Mac guy Brady packed snacks and stuff that's healthy that's right and the anyone ever gone elect of the horse race and not gotten drunk. Not that I've ever seen I'm Abbas with my credit my life my wife can not forget those things everyone else only other guys with we are all great he's not nobody designated driver they have limos in the private jets he probably has. Era red wine couple. While Welker and gentlemen Arlen Spencer wells and most disgusting. Ms. Jewelers and voters approve had a concussion prevention Campbell ports. Programs providing little slit would you sign a Russell Wilson's for flash cute he went to Augusta. Playing tunes we've. And Steve said he brought his own food. He said they had the greatest stakes in the greatest you know meals. And Brady's had his own guy make him. Whenever you mix in the Dominican team wants now what's that restaurant he sport is that on the door out right might in my head. Tore up footsteps from my apartment. Out commodore these till close once in awhile Alex Campbell and need to get mama's boy. He's like they're going into the game I TB twelve meal it'll let's go to Michael card Michael. Good morning guys and how it. If you criticize Clinton and both were holding is yes. So I think Manning is that she easiest athlete who ever lived. OK now you compare greedy lot and eat. Out all. Technically meaning have a backup great tackle the vehicle left tackle the queen's or all the first that your. You go the whole quote I was slot receiver. Or Chris OK for the last week he was he was he kind of a connection with receivers yet so obviously with. What who's pretty and a chemistry with granny can't take chemistry I the first eleven games what's the point. Appointed is that cleaners or and we lose our local call at eight. All the land so used that often. Let the act. I'm sure those rockets are you are totally healthy in my generally isn't all it's about injuries was about Manning's injuries. Many fell off a cliff because of injury now. Those are correct. But without saying that we were not compensate for the out but pulled the local okay. Laura had you had no it ain't. And it likely that I Ayman rump swab. You know the first highest order but. There's been a lot of inaccurate throws in the last month while a more than we usually see. Maybe he's hurt may be the killer is a problem maybe he's he's not gonna struggle tomorrow. But many fall off a cliff cause of neck issues he couldn't throw the game why did he have his two best years after after the next entry point policy when he picked because he had for next searchers because they cut up to him first well and on some political club. Tracing the fifteenth that touched down year I'm convinced he was on some march due to be stopped taking the HGH and 24 dollar and eventually it is known EG it wears off eventually eventually the neck police sergeant okay just taking away CH GH page they had taken a nice little think if you nail you think it could take a Chiat you can play forever. I don't I did actually get all but its way fourteen and you have great the next eleven games next surgeries accelerate the process but to wait fourteen is great for the first eleven games lousy for the last night's it would stop reliving how really real really real similar to break not how and why we. Eight Brady's Audi okay. KB you were the word wow he won the Super Bowl it was the worst quarterback in the NFL right when he fifteen and I here's here's the thing is it's not even worth discussing because he has it in tomorrow. These and the the game. Eight days later we'll see how it goes the B struggles of those games not only. Will those questions be known in the forefront put he'll be seasonably. He's Sox will he'll win the monument one he doesn't have a Texans game against the goofy no BS happy as a game like that against the Steelers. It's over. And the focus is 100%. On him. And Belichick and wise rod Rutherford Cisco lighted Regis we'll get all that patriots tightened this weekend. I'm Kirk in count by the way anybody who disagrees with Dan. Is immediately labeled a member of the patriot media cartel because Dan's the only one with the balls to tell you what's the real truth I don't I love I love what I don't want I I'd I just. I I love what I I love the idea that there's enormous climate and are clearly now automatically are not authorized an edited out here I don't wanna in this market next there's a couple of folks out there who want you to know. That they've got the the proof pipeline to god what they say it's the truth their word when everybody else says. Is just crack the but I unmanned rump swab. Right this division exe can be critical and you're right yeah I heard people in my body scans and a and I just wish on us come from you can't stand anybody case and the craft is temporary but. It just drives them nuts he's kind of like you know someone in new Yorker Indy. Then there's the success. Is and so over the top so you know consistent that that drives them crazy. And they see a put bodies on ourselves out a lot of videos edit nightly angry that he cheats are so successful not not go to the night but Sunday or so and I when they can cast or. Next Sunday and you serious he knows that the patriots had to adjust the outburst now and it's better for it does is they don't know he's carved out there doing his business he wants and lose trust me he wants them loose. I used to feel that way but the red sucks him back in the day when they had some really. Nasty people like you know Mac American rice and most of the people in the press one of balloons because they were just not. Likable guys and Dan's mind. You know. It is a better story than lose on that day. But over the long term you want and it went right as we all we all want the home team to do well nobody likes to hear about mediocre teams right. People want to hear about good tee yes you know really bad teams really good teams with the ones in the middle that it's TR you're young you will live through some cycles. Just can't imagine another Europe where the patriots to a fourteen I can't see it. I don't know why is an old checkmate. No solid Chavis is going to be post Belichick Belichick is 65 and Roemer is 24 so obviously he's gonna live through the patriots host Belichick. You know a lot of now do you see it up into my all this summer and into an. I live through son Scott you did one sided with Scott seek fuels and those teams that were just arable. They were iPod TV analyst for the games in the radio or moribund and this was certainly yeah us more relies upon shall some of Portman and shot more and more bonds is right right expression and missed the U terribly poll French and trump I don't I don't I hit the remedies that that is correct that guys he said. He never said anything derogatory about Haitians gathered in Haiti is obviously. A very poor troubled country never said. Take them out and hit up by dams at a wonderful relationship with Haitians probably should recorded future meetings and fortunately. No trust and C I don't know about where it went by eighties said it and I think it's perfectly I don't think it's appropriate I think is accurate now you know attack as what he's saying is that. Norwegians are morally it's likely to just needed United States and Haitians which is retake it which is about nothing which country is there a better place to Norway. Okay which country is better. Which of these peoples and are better educated. Nor was a graduate anything because when you take people from that country you would like to take. Educated people we're gonna contribute to this Asians contribute just fine of that rally are a lot going on oil volume just OK so back those so Norway that if the people from noise wanna come here and there aren't many is always a wonderful play access other pop doesn't understand but but there are some who wants to there's some people from some people in bad situations Sony won it right so that's our standard. As we wanna take the people from bad Jerry says that's who wants to immigrate curve usually people should that situation zero people want immigrant from or. Not -- is Manny is from Haiti correct so what that as a matter to us what we should be concerned with is what's best for us. Was best for America why isn't so hard feet of grass because actually need. That should be our system of immigration is who helps us and even that merit based system right instead eighty's like I think this diversity lottery programs wonderful this is big names out of a hat or chain migration is wonderful. Do you think he's docket kids we should let the mall of citizenship of course OK they were a router there brought her to go. Fault of their right that's what I knew you'd say who brought them here they're parents Kate you know who else I can't deal well you know that's how this will become citizens. If Democrats get their way. Who the parents the ones who broke the law near the house and use the excuse for the dark accuses isn't there choice. They didn't break the law they were when their parents do their parents hardware and people can. Parity to our economy they're not absolutely issue they don't contribute new leaves much citizens do why would I wanna bring him. It's it's it's fashionable it's not enough of any background so it's not due to act like the average Mexican gain citizenship brings an on the number twenty something. In the members we think it's something the Holy See something crossed the border. Recalled nuts how public everything crime do you understand penalize migration is. It's all or a used the terms Democrats know I don't want keeping families together and keep yeah absolutely got to get one terrorist he is to bring his whole family. They would have terrorists the guy who in Mexico who rhetoric that third I got the guys don't ram people down on the west side highway on the bike path. He brought I forget the number sixteen family members with them that makes sense to you USA tomorrow. I particular matter that a case I just explained to you but sixteen people OK all that well. I brought family members with them obviously he didn't contribute much emotion really want terrorism he didn't contribute like that standpoint very unification brings Hamlet with Larry in a white men that they Communist country Steven out of what Sony announced a line that. Was born here's assistant stupid. Were they doing with its immigrants and indicate Steven packs here we can't do anything about his point here I just whether we want to end here why do it okay for the quarter already here and call obstacle terrorist if you want pad Exeter at the westside highway guys terrorist. He came here through diversity lottery program we said you know what let's bring its more terrorist we don't have enough. Let's just admit that I've got to go to homicide that's where he'll get this out. If not sanity of people attending them and right now every day if you read the paper and you do if you follow the new thing you do. We got problems we have drugs come movable we have drugs OP lord's heroin right. We gangs who have MS thirteen I opiates who uses or steroids. Whose group polarized everybody in the Amazon you know almost always a GOP who the most they're the drug deal you know the most heroin comes from Alex over the southern border. You know where gang members know MS thirteen comes from southern border from that El Salvador including some bad you hurt your partner. People want to make it easier for the drug dealers the gang members to probably just gonna wanna make it 80 yeah. Hopes for hard working event all the vote will come here and work hard and that's what America's all about so wildly out of them legally blind we want we want to do what what what accordingly on everyone wants legal immigration but the fact is they're already here right and I had jobs they're working contribute to our economy so I'm allele is now. Dollar and they're not as educated as as Americans. Natural born Americans and not. But that's okay kids will be OK we will what will give you the doctor kids won't get those kids on their average age is 27 that's given that's absolutely true that we'll give you that tactic kid needs to facts I mean a political military and get a look tonight at Columbia but if you get exactly like you right back to kids by saying yeah device that tactic kids the 800000 kids can command. But their parents can't you know what your party would do you'll find that you'll say those lawbreakers who dragged their kids in this country legally. We want them to stay two there's like. Two million of adding a majority of the country agrees with the present and let out like the word used by Jerry Jerry's point about focusing on what is here. Vs worrying about who is coming into or out of equities at the base of it I think even his ass you know why Democrats who don't like the virus you know what Alex is racist wife Alex that's obvious you know Alex and his own fellow moon bats are against. The wall. The same reason they're against the tax cut. 'cause they know would work. They know it'll work it'll stop. Undocumented Democrats from sneaking in crime and I'll take a Obama deported more people in his funnier than trump deport in his first year you know what do you make Obama used to be a border hoc sort of Hillary rice loaded Kerry's sewed me all the time. You know why you changed. You know why you changed because you realize that the demographics are changing the you know the country was turning red just that we got it or something I would like to well. Rather than change the minds of the people here let's change that we are on how the walk to you know that some grass we don't have a law now so it's not working isn't your thing yes and it is is not. Yeah I think it's pretty Holloway sprinkler it's not right. It's it's immigration from Mexico is net zero more people are eating in coming here on the way okay that's got it has to happen if it doesn't happen. Trump will be a one term president and was the biggest failure ever. Because everyone in his base everybody voted for him wants wall Trump's gonna meet a 45 million by the end of this year Tania and Diane Chuckie Schumer Nancy Pelosi -- given that I told us that too that that meeting on Tuesday was the lowest point of his year in office. These low with the most embarrassing moment. Was your office was that meeting on Tuesday. When he and I am finds in it and land mines and loves it and without five minutes he took two opposite views and on doctor. In five minutes deciding is doing what it is absolutely vital. Share it but our inability. Love that I can all of the Hillary love. Bill of love this has twice that is the low point. And hopefully after four years and it will be low point is. I was cringing every Thomas on it he just sat there youth he thinks he said he'll maker I don't that's Camilo does a cheesy silly at Twitter account he's under an agreement it was uncomfortable. To Majlis or other anti hatred but to say I'm Ashley heard. Unity and it's slow boot up the that's Loretta lynch I'll honor chats you right Kevin McCarthy used to be kind of known liberal. He was trying to correct. The whose own. He's anonymous person until he understood what you choose hold on there's a big game this weekend and it we got a fix this today but people are waiting for Jerry's pick on this I go to the bank with cherry picked it wanna pick and a score will do that his his his foot is changing by the minute so why wait till Friday Latino used to do amendment pick out. His I'm swear to god I checked the weather yesterday you're wrong about this I am not tied and I had to drive home Saturday. Because it was anybody checking the weather all week your world changes yesterday and then change back it was fifty. Yesterday per cent in right now it's fourteen yes it's going to be freezing. On Saturday and it'll change Sherry school guitar picks and of course the mid day guys and ten. And so it was not an. Twenty but tonight when you made you mean by live from the odd question who could 1000. Sixth on an election take like some leverage being one of the torch Perry Clark guy Eric I can't Ari car gal. That's the south the scene of the crime less than a few other shows that I am last couple years getting my first time back the convention center since the Tony Robbins. Who battling so yes Cohen of Felger yes Condit for fellow that the case when you're there you got the big like for your son's been trying to dig yes that right now of his liberty to get to started. They don't like to start the cards you can see it if you ask nicely it's gonna want to do get no mas arriving pretend to be Janelle hill. It's like an attractive men and women showcasing those cars I will have a cocktail which an outlook the super. Highway. Subtle. So most of us are going Super Bowl by Kurt you me. I just aren't selling every day we're all gone and ultimately everyone that we do that we month and I'll be back here meaning the storm. I actually after they might work here is my last day I don't know when it depends York's. HR and curt called him about ten minutes ago view is not happy with yeah. Not a if you missed a month from Highlander in Kirk's I saw that the picture. It's walkouts and blood oozing out. How some postured to yet and it's violence. Can parent of one right. That's a big deal. It's it's going to be and where ten degrees tomorrow okay so Gerri I I don't yet said how you read this weather report it was never supposed to be warm as me warm tonight like admit that he sixty degrees tonight kick tonight six of gruesome sight that it is yet it's not of this. It's huge front coming in it's gonna drop forty degrees 25 Mott a 25 point five degrees kick off tomorrow omelet and when you're leaving Gillette went all the all the songs and only for two days is he 15 degrees and 11 o'clock sentinel are going to be rival right on the storm coverage in some global he's got I don't know how you weather anyway tomorrow. Thinking about people the chance to give up minutes of the rich and I'm going to be on your real football on 48. For a couple 8484. Hours and it's go around the leak yes I'll also roundly with you your football guy it was mock rich and I've not been. Real football guys like you glance it got a month I would be ready for a credit during real football guy and he already I card is gonna play nose guard right. I'm just kid mutt I play her have a great week and month thanks for coming in courtesy car will be fine a test yeah I am sure that libel issue before it heals fast feels that's who we find tomorrow. And then next week because we thanks a lot slowed again on Friday morning next week to Mossad and you'll be indexed because promising a publisher it was a mistake was an accident it happens I apologize if I've got the patriots very immature only eight to six I got scoring so doing fourteen degrees acts. I'm saying 2710. Petri says I really low scoring and you pick almost think it's pretty simple and that's it 4413. That's a good night's ten degrees. The opium Brady was so bad that he was obviously the jets you know I Kirk will be back Monday and soul Tom Brady we will talk to them for EA. Maloney and or where next week the number one mid day's show in the world. It's currently expect. She's just very that's what's trending well on WR UW TI don't call. Could weaken.