K&C - Reimer's bathhouse adventures; Buck defends his pal 1-3-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, January 3rd

Hour 2: Reimer described his adventures at a Montreal batthouse.  


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He's current. Get the rumblings out of Boston in local Boston media course I think grapples but Brady Belichick's hand was kind of forced the airport he can't walk to Brady got to move on from Jimmy G and I know for a fact here's AFC teams that we're willing to give a first and the second round pick for rock lol I know Jimmy who upload utility adopting quarterback what is the best players beliefs and identification questions launch or now with Gerry Callahan. President front this evening responding to the nuclear threat from North Korean way that the world is frankly never before heard from an American president you know doing in his right please inform them that I too have a nuclear button single nuclear weapons and other things but it is a much bigger and more powerful one and is including some bad things in my button work. Sadly familiar everybody god bless the united church had Kirk man who's in Reimer who an. Don't know what you are getting little Chihuahua Chihuahua. Part Embarq Embarq Embarq Embarq. Yet you want the weasel my point is I would never usual Ribery and snake he's a weasel who really want it now the room for ST yeah how could you. So if he Chihuahua in the goats the I'm I don't see it on Sports Radio W. Our school. Puck go in the first hour. You lit excellent we're playing later once. He there's Carlin would never ideas or yeah if you what I wouldn't we down on the exit presents national. He's got some listeners are frosted flakes for all those were yours. Yes yes with the delicious if you don't electronically you ladies frosted flakes as you're speaking to syndicates are cries out god and it will only get really upset and I think my projection screen storm honestly talk about. Frosted flakes and people think it's food poisoning him or. Richard you feel like some sleep and Bethlehem on every week deal I like him open to wait a minute. Thought that flakes are actually is a fluke. Good man nobody thinks frosted flakes of food I do I have known as an excellent you which of the food you're sitting up figuring. I didn't say it was healthy indulgence tough items on its breakfast food unit for every day off to where I brought it every day for twenty years ago Brad Richards thinking I mean food you'd think this is a treat this is Jill I think as food for pilot my mornings two to and it's awesome that's your corporate like expose him off -- that what you like an explosion in your mouth I many times yes this a sugar explosion and I'm I'd love to. To free up from Korea I was of straight sports talk. When I mean we have a big game tonight Celtics cavaliers did not test they Thomas on the clock on and bodies of ultimately now yeah data due out downs ready. For every Boston sports. Well they're not giving Isiah tribute radio because it is a price already Bucs called him. So obviously the public relations one bright spot reference buck reference the fans in the call up. Well you wrote he wrote a trip to the fans a couple of basic idea when he's stuck it out that's right this one he's he's due. More on some should be institutionalized. Through the Bonham lives but I think a lot like mail man in the crowd last Sunday it's does that interest Hutchison. You really you really are looking down and knows that mailman nobody gave me crap give them thousand dollars were to give them crumbs just. You're spoiled that you are just too little baby you in the thousand dollars went to deny anything what about in this market goes up pleased applicants like not Edwards invest in the stock most of these cars including while you slow that knowledge and those little iPad and you're dopey dad how. Old don't know what do for the island that is not lemurs like velocity upbeat view of the bottom 90%. Some crime I really gives you right you get all doc and I know and they give the bottom. There's no doubt about that I think we've got every you have very jealous did you have a good time a month it was freezing but it was a lot of fun. And the bottom and really look at old battles is freezing and I all I want. Yesterday and Joey after the show horses in the office after the show I'm one of the point now wireless beat anybody ever ever. Equipment and we don't as one of the latest of meatless or less than I did. The the show ends Joey comes in the system and turn to body happen exes fall. To. Can tells a story about his treatment and care industry but it appears to treat troops felons body you can reach out to me and called cars out here and offered. Look at them all together correctly and his accident though he did not he was OK we did not reach so I didn't care how intricate crushed. So this so is this so this happened. Enjoy the tunes that we had to go to Monterrey government happens chiles. In Joey said to a Kent. He was at the colder Montreal this weekend are now substantially in place now is that was seventy cents and honestly and anything that's like making it ten security admirable thing to ten was in the bird's Elliott settlers Spears' averaged it out I invited to wrote this one is to our listeners while some bodies relic was in Montreal including with the eight and it is. I invite him to a strip club I as well row to abuse trial you invited him to strip club if they want it something against elsewhere but yep they wanted to isn't that what you did. Every night you go you go to social joy it was today I hate that completely Nate. Getting yes they get completely naked and we gave extra. While the theme music it's things to swing and Iran coming in a grandmother all there all clean there'll hunter achieved which is a little strange to me it's a strange eyebrows that those hundreds and I'm not sure I'd hello and everything below it in its. Every two big did you lacked since I know to pay for. The elected but well maybe not you comparing it to Buenos what you're. Maybe the penis ultimately pass and I know not really into it also boasted that the answers are street's most of them are just gay and that what poll. That's the word on the street Chapel Hill and yeah oh yeah well. Look for the other guy Axel pointed host you've never been what gays group. Thank you breathe air force was. I did when we do this we did any of our friends get the a lap dance not this week OK in the past yes or did the dancers. Become. They did they raise site and again Iraq odd sometimes Aggie doesn't want backed program and I didn't picture I'd do anything out. And you went to strip club and then the bathhouse identical and that could then clobbered Bard and the opposite I went back as a once near easy to do it to ring in the new year what else are the warehouse -- -- goes -- as Berlin bonus isn't it and I tell you were in about Alex and they're 2 AM yeah and net in order is very nice I told him he slices vegetables that -- hanging himself right now is that what it was daytime ridicule but I won the murder rate in the ratings monster like the effort Ballmer didn't -- to you know it's a free society -- this is a little different experience because I went as a boy here at this time I didn't go with anybody in particular. In my in my shirt I wasn't going to be McNabb for you you walk out it's like you starring in your own point that you weren't friends would if you will only because it's a little lord you know that wants net. Who is fine that that was the advance of Friday could have sex with your friends it complicates. So. Brilliantly off we went in the bath honestly in like a hot tub. I yes yes yes there's a real hot saudis commune of dollars like most. He's jealous of me. I don't there's an apology idea. In the when next you just ladies I heard Chris column was sort of order. I immediate I'm not sure G I GC NN you are an ambulance right now to where paradise do you Wear anything in most are they doing nothing see you you do in the eight. Hot to hold naked strangers yes it's clean it's its core. As chlorine in it and shall I see remodel my website for a stimulus how popular times is right now 7 am on Wednesday and usually not too busy it says if you write your. It's on the GI Joseph reviews photos that village knobs realized Montreal DC these dot com yes resource every year it's gotten. So as I see these bacteria. Elect the size of in a little dogs were crawling around they make sure it's very hygienic they have or lubricants they have they can't handle watching everything and little labels and slush that they were out yet you don't you're likely getting in that hotel artist services include if you'd like spot. Price on a steam room showers air conditioned music snack bar glory holes. I know well Indian relic does not say well equipped play areas and each of our four floors. Giant screen close circuit video. But there's nothing you. These could be you know famously you know. Wealthy executives. You know regular business people who just want to get a little wild late at night pump on night comfort night meet new men and realize a few of your wildest fantasies keep coming back. As we have many other great changes planned. Maybe you open shot just I it's very steel pins we got to clean. Ops so what's stopping like a stranger from just like revenue because you're young you're small you're vulnerable. You lost to Jiten arm wrestling contest I was comfortable are you afraid worst moment last year large strong man might be cheques is say I'm going to have my way with. You know there's been horrible there's it's it's it was very nice yes because there's there's not written rule there's a code you don't take advantage of others in the bath past. So can you have rules it's consensual yes. Yes but you it is strange that ended as it does seem strange and that is when you continue this when you just go button last time when I was with somebody Yeltsin went in the room and kind of let her own thing this time I got the full experience you walk around and literally see people just having sex and and the open left and right. 67 people gang bang is Dina would caught just one that was laying there. One person when and another person when you make things Terrance do you think James Harrison will play significant ruled policies just at the edge. Willie said the idea is it a do you think Isiah Thomas should have beat the video for I I think it's very classrooms you don't have to we wants to leave many scam artist myself. I mean Jim Murphy this you are yes as owners as always with Jimmy Murphy there. I guess he was easy anybody knew there Knight apology and invited mayors I don't know why don't you have like ten Roemer and the art. And yeah like in my life. Look district. Have success rate of women in motels in Pennsylvania here's well like I did. It was a moment to moment and club before it without customs and home of the woman. Possibly but it lives is a woman now know who's who is a woman white female and done what she was eyeing me. And I said you know like fine we'll go but then I told her I was gain cheapest way that's always a deal breaker is used pretty nasty about it have. Well he's like get away because you're pretty call when you're doing in the great and it's equally restaurant you're noticeable is that that's the plan if I'm if it is approved by daddy Entercom. Do you elderly bath houses in the Minneapolis area. Circular that Jerry and I don't with or too little about what he wants to know is it cold there. Which it would meet would you do remote from act. If funds they know they I'm on one sounds disgusting other sons John firm riddled and dangerous as it sounds fine to me does not own potential but I had I was and where I was to sell Barger. There's no sound intelligent carrot sticks celery that's something sad faces of people watching eating food just crooks Ayman ala on this repeatedly ill. Let's go to Matt in Gloucester McIlroy yeah. Hey you Roemer you have been such a perverted society. Not only are you gonna go to America so you're gonna tell you know that right. Guess he's that was in there is an idea of course there are doubts. I don't see Mike Pence there and I'll and is asking if you're at Eckerd. And Roy Moore and his father's don't have them and father's going to be at the right and lord have to deal with you for. It was my life my mother's great woman. I'm sure she's not tonight at 80 and don't don't don't take a month pocket with a belt picture and its media crush on all the houses in 1980 sob Jesus dad Richard what about Saint Paul when the book suburbs is going to be nice suburb both candidates for the bath house why that's most looking forward to the simple networking is about that's just the networking opportunities like to. Connected other LG BT oh. Fear some great ambassador great team awesome. I'm proud degrees in the bath hosts you know. And football commentator yes it's. Commands. Jeanette made Tony Romo. Absolutely hey I am eight yards on speer magazines and last spring for being a hero as courageous as I am Africa now where we're here like I've for brilliant in the guardian lap dances from Matt congratulations for all four it is I'm very. Do you think that the evening it's possible he just goes and I'm fine I'm not a homosexual and wash any apple as a dvd dish towel for all out there although that it worked under exercise exercise opportunities at this these these bad things about house treadmills and you can exercise in different ways shall not new drugs. That's neither here nor Jerry I mean that's what does that what does what does that mean when I was welcome like 34 hours why I'm not against some hi I'm hugest wreckage in college you wouldn't mated I don't you I don't to a lot of hard. A lot I don't know not really doesn't like a bowl full of drugs from his ground against it it's got a handful of take each panel different colors I was a tiny Judy Martinez. It's energy Martinez Tuesday. Well known. It's such a participant in these endeavors on deftly side. One beat you don't you don't like about so quickly do you feel it like about those them. I think it would be kindred spirit Steve there is. Certainly if the two wildest and guys have ever know how much. That you guys didn't hit off. No not at all not at all what was it like I see the breaks I said as I said. You're your victim of a bad time you fall two months. What's the deal. Had this idea the hated meek coming in I think because he listens Thursday morning is here with anti fart about dark here yet he was angry I was ripping them from walking out like he doesn't understand or else the topic of the day it was it was a personal act. He walked out of the show so I ripped import like. Understanding with the always this much of a humorless practice we were you know I mean because he is he is hew more or less know that's what celebrity entire week with deep. Young man he seemed angry enough focus what apple wedges and I have no problem with that keeps saying that and it's a lie he didn't want a debate now you through yet conversation and you walked out and he gets it had no problem today but that's it was big problem debate and it it's like he did nothing he said you've got to talk sports Mikey get to the week on that with us keeping gates say sergeant Crowley -- actually I'm going on politics we made national news Jim Crowley the copy them on. And our RC EO called us so that was amazing it's all of the comfort sets up. Political talk Biden was involved Obama was involved that's political talk that's. And triggered a good point we other than that terrible said yes about that suffer and be very rarely do I always hard for resolution is terrible. Its war its court it's war issue when you said. It's more issues yet we talk about things sportsman's park as a dean has always said sports fans pocketbook issues yes including who's keeping gates won't talk about milk whatever you know Tito didn't want to expose it you know he came here last week not wanting to do when he shows you wanna do a Dino farewell tour after year old policy success Johnny what do you want to do shot right into mossy tried to engage him a little bit with it I checked the station to station got hijacked by Dino who won the public farewell week he got a good luck and I would say is I told Joey you may disagree Gerri I should or good that we're dealing out good luck and everything hi I thought he didn't would we wanted and it remains the slow a slow week. Interesting he's excited July do just what I was disappointed because I cannot play thought that fight with Roemer and try any intimacy and that he would relish the public you bet but what I was doing to a certain point you just take call after call after call quality all. Easy sixteen you was awful radio he just was not interested in doing was. Since it at the brakes has been talked no nothing nothing nothing of mr. weird you'd make awkward small talk which frank. Right that's and he would talk about I get older guys you're trying to anyway so when he was like left dot now I heard a couple segments and pretty do you mean by it. Spying on Friday he would treat I'd try to was discussed of my two cents to sound like you would be doing what's your life threatening to maybe not judicial and I'm well educated take those rescue is threatening to maybe not due to show as he got cute she she got used to bring a general. Into her I mean yeah she. Choose who's who says he's doing right he's trying to clear out there on Twitter are invited general the man but you want to but you want to come back. One what are my options. When you watch it come back. Due for another couple weeks come back in late July for ridiculously awful it's a he doesn't like like interruptions do the same thing again I I'd and you refuse to protect mossy you'd refuse to work with the media means I'm in my. And like I think I think it's it's good deal came back and glad that I know wishes John anymore bets are it's fine but which again. I don't know we we are always looking for a good for loans but he's not a good if not a Woolsey. Who would you want to combat mission now what's the outlook much is the question knee and asked me get in July that's when I'm playing what's your take today today I thought he made him a boring slow week interest OK you know it was it was insane magazine yesterday and now I don't quite honestly want answered no I think what's my choices did you did you watch you combat Angela no I don't I don't think it was out of phonics OK okay searches all them. A who's filling in we get through get our guys might lose these guys all week Alex and Monica mossy and I trying to and that would carry the regular crew and we're up. A B on board that was do we do this summer generally at last Christmas we was terrible I swallowed by hell I'd doing the same. We are like fighting for our lives here and you can you put these crappy shows monikers like I agree a 1000%. So so we'll do better job correct. Okay has apologized and now I want I want the Olympic visitors to win and let's not do what I wanted to talk with tax bill that ultimately get. It's at 73617779. Jerry its cage just to just hang on to. I'll phone lines on its last summit the public is a till well till tomorrow to mind. We have a couple lines open do you want to use the comeback at all I say no Jerry's always does have an answer doesn't fit right in the after mutual and I think it goes over there hole it or how follows destroy. Sports book out every 617779793. Said the couple lines open question is simple do you want deal back on the station at all I don't know. Alice votes no. Can increase or knows god germs on your conversation if you get the choice of do you know to mossy I think he would win. It's probably treated tragedy or media. Spotlight don't get you guys we get back is wells had such. Each time once again for. Headline acts responsibly you're trying and we're talking and saying it's going caught to cough cough to call Roemer I understand what you're coming into this morning trying to advance your your career do you think this is your opportunity. To do what Hamas he did. And try to get under my skin and somehow make a name for yourself with so far you've been at gently failed at 225. And on the fixture on morning drive here I'm on I'm on all the time I write for the web site they couldn't just fire zone you're getting a little shallow breathing your little upset. I just don't like to an object of an object to him on abject failure in your fourteen months and at that and I was here for just to its current house. It would be on the air right well that's what you do that's how you think if not today on the air apps I go back and forth and all the time on you know I don't think so I think I think. Well yeah don't. Next time for Kurt and Callahan ends. I swept out. Point one you know. Sure we never even less sure does which while he knew the story of my and the summer better than anybody else in this warrantless only step by step up on the on the it on the computer all day I'm sure he's great with whoever hits on the web sets right yeah 82 so I'm out found my dad's email which you red wines at a random segment in late July. Some knowledge on the with a quick final eagle Trace element of that. I'm very small very much distasteful that and instead some sort of agenda sorry ass trying to do was show late go back importance what you're supposed to do about that and he's a morning drive I believe. The name is showing that means that it's after you drive as the that was seen NB a so they call themselves and all will be right. We should get nicknames like that it will be on all of a funny you night. When RB KC's we should get the public sort of look at cool that I always said the station should have a nickname and I that we should contest. Good listeners come up with a nickname great like you can handle. From that station in LA the mighty mighty city ninety sure that we had a good ring New Zealand Carson that this is you know disguise on it stinks like in the station yes absolutely all releases gets ingrained in your mind very important nickname in the eyes is is already sort of boring name. I know but it doesn't roll off the time that he political and he something. Catch. Like oil Callista is now I don't have a desire of competition in the text. Yeah on the couch cushion you look at the whole show anyway Thomas. We Panama on him to say it if you don't want to rest. He had an idea and we have lots of Atlanta my aunt and lineup. I'll shut up for second different because you're part of the worst Atlanta hurt Friday that's what's really going to you know what thought I also think it's when you're there there's not an error I would hurt your picture on morning I actually some access to decent night's camping as I do summer I'm off on the way to spot. But he would read a story and slam it down just next OK it's just read that's and they act like story about someone that nobody's handling yeah. Timmy cherry wood would say we praised views were in headlines criticize my which it is true to some extent has been it would get through quickly. He was we just apparently tried to come up some good stories he's trying to find a reason not to do I want I want these phone call you wanna you wanna know part of our hotline was to begin with. Yeah Bradford England. Hate it I don't islands from foreign countries to who's the moment on the way it is let's really been a business that wins what would that label airlines story for. Malaysian airlines would not happen for office of vital has now that is woody dictator dies an authoritarian he the united 93 of crash tops are not now trump each on that Johnny Miller won the plane when the beat temple where there been any commercial airline crashes since 2009 see where that. Yes yeah. So much as you and I I would apparatus for sure on your rights and he's he deserves credit for. You know we get our played a role huge role that they CDC but in your mind even to survive headlines seeing headlines brought you by doctor Robert document in the press you 1800 get here here Richard. Callers hang on the C line opened feel the power to any moment. Don't go anywhere at least. The late Craig Sager rejected his kids from his own will now at Sager the second his son. Or the Twitter Tuesday to explain he was summoned to court over will he and his sisters are screwed up excluded from a don't want to be part now he's got to. Yes this could at least through the really young nothing like getting served pastor by sheriff and taken to court over willed myself my sister's not only. What are percent excluded from battalion of any interest in contesting in the first place thanks dad he runs. Averages about. And these are the kids who were by his side to the end. Now that the sun who also works for AT&T years at a different winds filled in formula the one hand I don't let the money please look he's gonna he's got a microphone in the yet at the Thomas B but find out which you visited Casey Sager Sager the second sister backed up his claim on Twitter. Nothing says it was an accurate shows or confirm the account from Sager the second ex girlfriend explain it Stacy. Sager second wife from other two kids drove a wedge between the entire family. Former NBA broadcaster was married to his wife Lisa we begin seeing Stacy. Follow but I thought it was saint. Ones are still married Craig met this POS. She's all that matters they should deserve respect. TNT NBA bestow daughter she's a solo home wrecker deserve to be known for true colors who agree that his son the son's ex girlfriend. Son's ex girlfriend. It's and he goes so we didn't get the holes this guy urban treat two accused Jesus Christ right because you know he stood the sidelines and and told you forgot to let you know and DC talk to Popovich. I turns out to be according to us is always son. It is the son he stated you poppy for blonde heiress turned this the same can't could. While that's unbelievable provisionable back when he didn't play again decided to his job so that's transport summoning my son's still work there. Had no right to privacy tips yeah. That's a believe what's happened this all the time yes this. David Cassidy died in owning his beautiful daughter and she was whose heartfelt tribute to them. When he used and what a wonderful guy once and then like weekly and she was cut out they could I doubt she was out of the well we heaven forbid right let's just say I get to forfeit every get remarried sort of thing wait wait that's stretch earliest stage. Get married and have a second family it's like. I mean I know what you're it is culturally it's Oden or inherent complete. Yes yes I would I don't hit your new weight and secure new life algae you can do you do if the pattern yet to be a certain kind of person do correct. Relative to be reading on screen yes like Imus. There are others that just ignore their first sort of ignores first thing. Now now accelerate I don't hasn't taught me some examples from the doesn't do that so Eddie do. Will you raise your kids if you love your kids and his wife is yet to see. Them with me if your wife demands he do. Than you do that or else is second what these young beautiful wife. I mean it's like ignoring you first why. It's different it is known as. Well Richard you were in love for use in years and the people in your wife says don't you hear the hurt that's. Okay about it's it's different accuse your kids are safe thirteen 141516. Years old. He wouldn't get out indefinitely it what when his power he's telling the youngest maybe they took Q life side. They knew about the kids you treat those kids like I missed it is why yes. Mean what I'd miss that I think for kids from his friend and never mentioned them like they exist and hole. The spotlight mostly his right I would say POS is a good description of people right cigarettes. And to tweets never tried to him when didn't. You're never intended never content and anything to do with the wheel when I found out because primarily expected what one is that if you put our heads down and move Helen. But 2018 am called a vacation because of the sheriff came by my fighting. Leave me alone through to pick the probate court via a state. Wow slightly widened badgering him if he doesn't want any part in it. Its name and I don't know he's is hilarious Susie here. But you know what but in all those people though who tweeted a couple of years ago odd crack Craig Sager is so he's so he's buying new you do these well over even right now of course he knew something dark was hiding beneath the surface it is in its. Against Virginia and those is beginning. Now by the wasting Dale's Dino has chimed in he's like owning Newsday is is out out she relied hash tag saved my name. Hash tag renting space in your brain you one that was sag got you call. There they're young all what got you law he got us through what he's listening or good morning to a call if you like you and stock outs if I want the right now be gloating but factories. Moving to Florida producer there you see us. You wanna take some calls I'll do don't we get back in Iowa the other the other big story I guess Crist gave to me. Is Korda I perhaps Austin Collie caught be caught be. Her salary going to compete with -- she's making seven million year he's making twenty meet only seven million a year for Holbrooke offbeat I'm very happy for hosts I love. So it is awesome voting got Electronica. But he would I rather I love her and how you want it they did it pentium line our whenever I was little when I watched it. Whine like the Greg why does he drink wine on an and I am yes they're just lazy here's signed his. What I like about it is when they get on the get route that scumbag lauer and one of the higher. When it was good friends is they're good friends. And one of his enablers she knew what he was too old and she looked the other way what sorts of important which is sponsored or the coast is to Savannah guy after Katrina pictured smiling she's like I can't believe that. I must say Ehrlich you're celebrating. Because a man raped the woman essentially getting a job number regulation takes shape I've cheaper actually I haven't had too much she boasted that that our center supportive texts and we so happy for Harvey Weinstein difficult if you can just enjoy what it's usually eating seems leading the at times a movement that's that. Related termination Merrill Streep she's gonna Wear black to the Oscars and demand. Respect for women this is one of Harvey once he's leading enablers most guys exactly what kind of person he was and pretended. And enabled him for you AO Scott and wonder if review the post and the times can see it let's break this will be between in this country right now we have C. Movie will be holding guys so open with. Which. The Q4. O'clock o'clock we're going to see is that if you don't account deficit picture of me I sentiment would. Like toothpicks at home as it wouldn't want the pregnant when Steve Spielberg has been a hate everybody involved in the AC unit on small. It's Steven Spielberg does it cap to go. Pay animals Schindler's List from the economies of our time. Communities so vote for real unbelievable. Spielberg just spent Hanks made Sampras I'm I want for sponsors I want trump to tweet above the post audio I don't know if the white. Did you receive a member disaster like the time that the many mainstream media the Washington Post abuse. Patting it I'll tell us how I touched him this win a bunch of awards against him great they are it's funny said it's just the browns forgiveness spotlight was on that watcher for a couple minutes. Title of the movie it. Holds up so portly is such a circle. Racial gap as a rookie all the reporters he just did their jobs are a couple wide open I want to hear from you guys 61777979237. That was headlines you gave your full. Excellent headline segment correct we sleep America. Brought you by doctor Robert Leonard when he had to get here I want to lines open myself with the field I want them filled right now people. Do you want John Dennis back on the station John listening good morning to him. Yes or no I bogeyed all due respect no Jerri votes yes. Alex Christian Kent knows where you're from new couple and so we'll get you guys L gets more we get back to our great bodily it would join us at 830. Same fine name. Where I take exception when he said with regard Alex you can take innings its members but the menu and to me he's done. I just wanna curriculum that I'm a little disappointed because I would have but it Dino champions. A guy like Alex who who has incredible courage. To come into the big leagues and throw his elbows around and stand his ground in say the stuff he wants to say youth with a wilting under pressure. This is a kid when he was like fourteen years old was calling Callahan McCadam. Would wake me to come on his podcast may even have his dad bring them to base for his dinner I was here now doesn't call socialist ethic that is why. He's here right now it's got incredible courage went up at any calls on a woman who wanted to Steve decision. Oh wow. While I was you know yeah I don't know whether it's you know encourages a little sore right here to attend the ball also default Carter walking that bathhouse I would say that Kelly Clark. So it'll walk and a host table in his closing getting in that we don't want to Z and assessed at the other hotel towel c'mon I highly let us just a sexy going her eyes were doing and when a code is ten negative analyst's identical. I freezing cold and it's here. A once when people into the wind and that was a big putt about a year and work out and I am going to. If I was the only one but it was anyone else in a ghetto like to be some old guy detonator and looking ago cut spending it is enters a couple great up by the pools of people and I wanna go in with them personally heat they look at she's a solid rock and a lot of soften their drinks and we'll food and being able to -- agent at bats is a little older I'd really like mid forties. Grossly must choose what you lust I can't daily and I stay away from about oh I I Eckerd bucks sentence yes I did it with. Very. Very nice to hear. Little off but by the kind Seibu by you and what's what Mac. And I aimed directly more bite me history the generous middle let's get a can do about that say nice things I mean you do have guts and I wasn't going to hold your hand out like I am I so nice I had just come back I am an ambush accidents that they keep the I regret I am this up Americans yes I feel much more content on this or wanting to you know the more often that you could that would have been good it's like anybody. You wanna fight Mossad but you must like your like almost like you're gay dad it's you know resort obviously looking out for you inside your fears that I don't think can be such a thing. Wouldn't implement his case Dan White on day to keep it hits right can opt. Now 2018 moment on an even mention that when in the open it's a talented deep used to be champion gay rights and we're still a knuckle drag there yet anti game Dinara tied an unknown authors pro traditional marriage not anti right now it's adrenaline it's I would put messaging I dare you say right. You got a big liberal streak to eighty not a the end of his run here. That was called Twitter. It turned him into it yes because that's what I does that vision the real liberal I'll absolutely totally. Yesterday ago. Steve on the other thieves and mark yes he wants to write Steve what's happened. You know I'd pick up at keynote suck at fighting noble. What hit them low were breaking down these Steelers bad decision in two weeks and play and audio all that crap I mean I was pretty damn good. I mean that's where he Sharon he. I agree we get to like hardcore analysis to use the bachelor he desperate I'd. Lisa Steelers expert isn't working steel mills 26 years slate that's get a break it down Steelers patriots like in two weeks after it under the left Russia asked him to loosen after Wally died in a candle warmer can offer week in initial crucial I get that. Billy's in Manchester with the ability. If we're gonna it would have been you know what is the bad old people but. Can't you might online and was OK with that I would rather if you could be twenty hours of programming X. Six Christmas at Keeneland for those 28. I would rather let the I continuous loop with my eyes open just like clockwork. Orange. Curtis saying and it probably beat the that's what you'll twenty hour. I think it's a much of the Curtis all bundled into a more to say that's fine. I was a reaction to a very Curtis Christmas. Chris skirts Christmas was very well yeah pretty good or all gadget right here much I did not Obama you routes now cannot agree to open via the tree is a holiday tradition. And also people love those songs all my got to get solved announce all the requests for next year organism doubled down you knew once new ones I was index Christmas Carol at least a dozen times you saw the great. I was raised in saying yes Michael Carroll. The most famous Christmas songs and remains Carol I was in the room with a second never heard this to must he had not eaters down Tamoxifen is what it's like this very nice seeing knew that song and you need it mean you need to muscle in my age he would do the good Tim's in now west or only Tim. Hey are the more I would say no for you know calm and no to. Big one you know what I'm you know. But also for many years. I put it all for me. At first and edited it that. Is Britain Tom radeon. On Monday mornings that's really what got you wouldn't have. Gotten it was good this morning I was in the six. And dom. I would hate to lose that Jerry has adapted. Two juries just this past yen hit you were like a light years ago and you know. You know. Didn't really change in at the demographic change I get a credit Jerry has changed I mean I don't know what you grievances. Politics but. I was too young now those skews young almost all the while in what way in my changed. I usually current. Chills pretty honest. You know on a did you willing to talk about other people's opinion you're able. Deal with some pop personal and I and I give a lot of credit to Mark Kirk yeah you know before that it was kind of like a sounding board you guys would say. All your right wing side since. Game we know we don't. I am. I like the fact that you're absolutely right it's like a regular competition you talk over each other a little bit I can't stand or waning global wheat. You mean yeah. Or is part of the worst person on the issue and I didn't he's his time is coming on I agree. You know you make you know I thought into what talk about all what's a yard. Went to college in the eighties it's our sports consultants. Exports were. That or would that ordering and a while they can tell that's the vacuum that's excellent now to use them like Scott to the point oh you're a may point to. Our. That right okay well thank you thanks to hang up on Russia might Tito wins he said that he thought it Jerry the White House doing the show was good and was it easy breezy won't you Alex what do you this. Okay people hate me and some people to put people know Jurcina was sure to hit him right and so when do you have as a show we just talk sports is certain populations very small. But between you sound so what are Woodruff what were fresh air to breath of fresh air because it's Howard this audience blab the whole time shots at them with a lump in imposed by zero right. But but he got that Indians were both happy. That's it I do is to make fun of those people to stick to sports he we totally changed its asthma shocked by John that is my right he was not so you know just your passport certainly the end of our show by. Ted's in Boston accent. They don't. So for the restricted radio then talk radio. And sports star Corey. And you know helped invent radio about what sports fans talk about. I work. It radio talk as sports winners and losers. In Asian. Glory laundry. So yes you know back it's like. Having Johnny Damon is it that way. My question is OK okay my question is we bring you the back in the summer say July. Is he's gonna talk about people attracting each other is the same thing again as he added I newbies and you card to play on all Amal. Was not only interesting it was good to hear nothing but sports talk and nobody and erupted everything anybody I heard everything. Google's good putts I honestly don't know where that alassane Dina who put much patriots games what you thome wants to do that sports grows in the car and there's more to strongest its recall. Secondary audience for cannon of an issue and it's untrue. On her bringing him back OK I I felt that you know. Christmas week is that like to get this week of the year for sports talk radio already caught Korea and he made it must listen radio it that would two walk yes. Yeah absolutely as an advantage of offense but my question is. Big does the same exact thing if these same exact bullet points it won't be as compelling. We don't know until that happens. I think I looked about his parents. Was the fact that I would concerned that it's not the thing about him doing fired. With the weasel. And let's be honest he neutered the Chihuahua. He really gets me. To some like finality I don't give up easily and it teaches just missed his point liken him by an amateur I would like what point in particular about I might eat any time that you ought to stop the fight after you went to salt that's what you thought might play. What you wanna eat you wanted to fight what you eat at a year ago. And he just talk about. That's terrible. It's not a back and forth speak well what do you it was a gonna fight we're here to fight that's our job part of our job is to fight carry diet and awesome fighter or whether they should retire whose number. Danny Ainge is number all I got to Google we're not I'm all for and against it. It was good radio because he'd eighteen gauge on his co host I'm Alex primary is. Studio today I name aldermen that to him as you'll miss a field that you could move yes yes. One more runs Chelsea Iran. Pig I actually know. Work. And then they're really wanted to know would be an old world. I don't know if Jerry watch voted that way pixel haven't. I Italy might change the world did you reach out to do you know all last week say hey thanks for felony and if I am not so what's again you know when you roll the BID attacks the couple times. Did yes we did would you say Merry Christmas now I'm on I eat eggs and you about we talked after the show about my kids and text to be something Lleyton won all right right attacks the mechanism just my two cents should've stayed in the fall with mossy. Because I could region text might take his people hate he did Barack fight with some people absolutely absolutely people they re off yeah I think it anymore I was you know as soon as he said he was it is coming back and who's gonna fill us all good he will battle with these moon bats and I will enjoy -- I'll be rooting for -- circled on Friday showed training took a trillion re Adobe the show I thought that Osce took a nap and re emerges gave up that's a must who's going to be along published can be in their just just would kill me just keep doing what that's we wanted to do coming and why was he treated like a regular show he's having a conversation in Dino could handle tech's 61777790. Through several right back and -- you join us later on in this war.