K&C - Reimer's love life; Kirk plays matchmaker with Reimer and a caller 11-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 4: The guys discuss Reimer's love life.  Kirk tries to set up Reimer with a caller.


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Here is part of the class of next off season 20182019. Bryce Harper. Maybe rich John Clayton Kershaw Josh Donaldson Daniel Murphy Dallas Michael. Charlie Black with Andrew Miller exact Britain Craig Campbell that is the Jeff Kasten timer. On the big games available next off season. And it's the one they are the beating that should. Get too excited that the was Bryce Harper but it shocked me was those guys will probably cost you as much. Financially or close to what's ain't gonna call. That's solar hot and muscled out mumbled to smoking or lobby door talks he calls features you can. Tax for people on the go play and if you're okay against Rogers Hornsby. While grade let's get awesome that's great chariots. And Rogers Hornsby played with. Who plays where hornsby. Was born in 1896. But he went deep house. 1963. Was a drinker you would hardly dead yet in the B 66. Good player. Is he lived as long as a lot of doors retired who has proven or a hobby or a little boy's body orbit retired along time. Bob you're on the that'll help you retire he's just mr. Kirkland who wore them but but I guess but it once he needed. What I decided people to assume between you know which is obvious always works that these game initial us prices astronomical which of course it will be the Red Sox knock in the trade for him. I'm in Dombrowski says it's stupid as your on Sunday morning I'm anti aging Palestine people that's immigrants as a long enough to get a take on. I am anti I would say that it did that would make sense according to give. I wanna give up the players that is now not and I don't intend to Spezza got to pay its treasury heads accident tenured there's. And starts includes a bull. An attorney endeavors that that so yeah as Lucas said they want pitching I love the players look like and lawyer did they have. Young pitching always nervous groom wells who would qualify soaring and yet. And while Rodriguez to present our case the player. The other guys have packed up to Johnson and these guys so forget it the second. TD Martinez maybe two years ago Rascal just OK I heard a lot it's been heard a lot of his career her Dombrowski said yesterday rub between us live from Orlando wants guys would durable which surprised that I want guys who were injured. That's generally lies flat Ford will always changes Castro's at the next thing I think it's advocate for guys were entered its undervalued in the market injury prone guys split a 159 games last year and as you go that. And he's only played 151 other time in his career. Don't announced it was such an unbelievable season for Gillick. It's a bad time to acquire and how much buys we Jean Carlos intrigue generator on the Red Sox this day a day you think you just say David I wonder Chris and Al wanna I agree. And create huge blows in April warnings actually. Was that an in there and read his books after a couple when I'm sad that he's hit like he did if it's 59%. It was great last year and their loved ones thank you because it's all relative or you're welcome and we did not create more by saying that people argue with me. It took care about the spirit of our which this country great what a difference no black. Not real people. Now for on the late in the make some big splashy six he moved criticism for one don't know what's on your love life elks well. There is irony transition note. I tradition conversation if it's like been single for oh about a year and you guys now it's out two out single forever angle means you're not married you out two outs to preserve our guidelines squatter if you can't get married to his own fault. It's an image if you Jerri at Jerri is what went to oh no and carriage for traditional matters we. Setting during his senate campaign Gergen avoid the conversation and if it comes up you'll say it's already been decided by. Yes settle law pluck. And climate I am and so I haven't been on a date actually since out too and I broke up so it's been like ten months that really an actual date somebody strain puts it dinner. Richard I would you feel OK but the public call phone calls just a potential absolutely only guys only got both Sergey gold star again here are here's the thing I want is knuckles or no he's not now. Yeah I mean again if he's been. Which tried to close a deal but he could you do that I couldn't physically couldn't do it and ended up. So it's either to get the specifics of congress that's the name of Mike Greenberg metro area and there's going about it again so what we were in out my college storm and now is that you know trying and I couldn't I couldn't they couldn't they couldn't it was late. And I immensely told him sorry it's not you it's mean and hey I think she probably got that taking cab home I paid for and you know I don't blame his father and his earning. Overprotective along with the process over and is a lot of power worse. Watson I can't use the phrase on lots one of foreplay. Before we got tickets I wanted to prolong it seaport girls easily fall asleep and actually believe in and eventually after like 45 minutes I'm like I'm sizes right has not worked out she was not greats. Isolate much better looking guys and girls these to come or how about a vote out of this with buck but like if you went that your back your apartment yeah. And wonder what's your name you deal. You know talked indeed. Now that the great looking groves but wonder what this summer and she won't do it again if the director and as who's director of direction that yet the producer of that whenever music's best looking woman. Phones she Christine O'Donnell. All right she's there she's up there they wait for. You're good ego now. No change not enough that is. Nothing would happen you that he doesn't believe in nothing less sexually offends me that cutter it's a covered dies I get your question in the B to new walked in to ride Gosselin right. Yet healthy thing exactly. There's been an inequity here and there a cute that choice for the best looking guy in the world of the ugliest woman in the world. Who are my options on the island Ryan Gosling and Donna Simpson you liked the big ones. It was like a who's who did whenever videos. That. When everybody's happy Griffin. And right now the seasonally she's she's transitioning into a martian. Who. He really is she's currently point to each year but it's like if I stop Ryan Gosling -- night talk about it and sort of be part of my my character conversation if he's complex rescue I got up front outings and some of the guy if he's comfortable at the publicly outing yes I'd be careful all that's true I actually the right awesome for Catholic definitely. You should be nice to sleep that's good and I got a suite with Casey McDonnell before like rash. Yeah it's even it's petty thief at. I would another look like it's see this weird place right he'll make the world a little weird plays unbelievable I thought it. The world does my plate and you know like I'm 24 have a high profile job. Decent looking guys feel like I king's high profile Amman I migrated regarding our in this event I say that all the time Al it was like having a good thing why settle down that's my acting like little why do great I felt secret I don't want it what you love gets in the I don't wanna onto a real relationship until I've tasted all that there is to say it would be no matter to support for kids. Until I've realized is anybody and you felt what. Most of my heart wants to be married if you have kids. Sure you'd be divorced when it actually. Because if you don't have kids in them that flight to skip the horsemen and sort of the going gets a you say oh well I can echo that I I would say it's a push again in two when you buy a house together that's changed and you're the hooks or any moves the suburbs elect in your life and yeah my wife had a friend a good friend differs. What a boyfriend and they got gauge it did for years I said they're not getting married and knock and get married I don't believe it's can. And they wanna breaking up it was rightly or inside the papers for the house together who is more important man that's true. That's the real the Toronto that's the real bright. You know by a host of on the I know you were two guys are gonna I gonna buy their undoing itself that's an opposing it on yes let's talk a Condo underdogs you know dot I wanted to I hate bugs really yeah. Both hands with a few days and once that. Odd but I am in my life make sure deal throughout wonderful fifth assist these. To adopt one from like we grew as Madonna go for her though Mercer some African village woman straights are the best looking kids generally. Maybe pinch you Gary excellent Sherry Apple Valley allowing them out loud they don't comical mix for its. That's it ago CC your you're turning down loud and any country what so what's the cost 617779. Cents and a I'm open to ideas but you like to make what happened. And it's just a look like do I do think. Alex's having fun I'm sure it will not take that away from you think of it in with a onto a real relationship there are no more stories whatsoever nothing I don't yeah I give you an only time a couple of the only time it's kind of stable heterosexual is jealous of someone like Alex is when they look at them things have a blast. Chairman you don't have it seems tire in commute this announcement out of it notified it regular job and one of Johnson eyeliner would mean PG and he's done not so much I was I spent the night beat them for the first time in the summer the second out of PMC I could easily get out as fast as you can. Spent the night Lisa server Lucas open this. Nice hotels whose days in. Is why don't you were an overnight peak I'm not wild day of the eight house to this just goes Sunday night notes Sunday and Sunday on calls for Alex here in August I'll know and uninterested known instance and I can't imagine when Halloween and use he was like it was knows about the girl like we may be talked you into the pictures to your sickness. If she if she looks the part polishing down anything finally had tried credit or it was I'd say he's not. He was not likely was a real it was real another train called this or call kilometers Booth and called it was very confusing you know we've had multiple shut down and I only know what you're trying Alex Alex is happy. Nice big sponsor you're not he's like okay I'm happy I mean there's some like I always there is or struggle in earlier with a few weeks ago I brought some at home and I fell asleep. By law we are in the act. And I woke up this albeit Rogge yeah well I think that's more critical to NYC now your point is that's what. It's like you to nap that's happening all of us he escaped out the window and never happened to you see him. Someone escaped out the winds Alex and let a couple of years when he gets bored he's gonna do adopt some cues from Malawi. He's gonna show home often to see who it is fifty pieces fifties you know make it that's when your life and she when you have to insulate his own camp fun anymore like this that's true at all this debris in the U wanna say it's that's not true that we don't know that's why I don't like to and willing to have that conversely I would've loved to seek Hurricane Ike is Coke. Al ladies. Three I like the store Bradford tells you scream he can't. Him since in the middle of a bar scream that I think Oscar McCain that's true there were wounded Austria flawed it's twenty years ago but they get a hold this job brutally. Root cause most gruesome thing I've ever seen. I would Brad however it's did you know when you're in LA it. Are you reluctant. I'd hit a couple times community but usually it's on the roads on the finest hotel robs government he's never drinkers. Just has like one. Yet is what it is that we mean Jerry anyone's on the show and apparently. I already trainee just apologize and and I have a trainees. Had traders too much eating she's at that point yet. I think so a couple of mornings she series she's had this was an 8 PM at issue is eruptions from me. This past week as well rounded adults in the belt on us just wants us knowing come and go easy on set and go to bed that you do not good at that time was flagged for those that right you're fine flag football. When times at noon Saturday morning's. Post Sunday morning Saturday moments that sometimes for the patriots. I'm done Saturdays for the boys I race for the boys need to drink afterwards right every day for the blues occurred smack him right this life that didn't. So that's it's a no date. No danger playing for laughs playing oak and yes describe I think people ought to have people talking on grinder who listen to shut up Greg during during the banned from the summer people at a major back a good pick up line was a yeah I can help you may be get back and lifted. Comic who really drill on you a lot of fans of among yes I do a month of yours yet you specific debt load -- guys pumpkins or some champions on I'm under an angry gay guys are hops right good it does self hate -- it'd have to address is that what they say the liberals are not you know you can give trump credit forget not only into now on the present he's not self I agree it's good that I want this kicked in little lesson he spent like couple days a luxury home ice oh they get to keep the semblance of to get away from his father to just him and his two friends in that hotel is what he's got like flying home in part on the road debris released is like a really nice place for a couple of days a that's what does it mean it does no question these three of them all stole from like a couple of leads to Australia sun was just on store was a couple of different stores and they probably do this all the time right. When they're in LA. And so we learn nothing zero so much and this is the kid. Who thinks in play in the NBA's sixth described as powerful states as follows I believe he's not in need in incentives in the lottery pick out not in recent outages was like. You know your theory is that he's once pets is finally out of what he has he's gonna take over balls vice president yes horrible no Lavar ball if indeed he gives trump credit for this. If he was afraid his son was gonna spend like twenty years in the Chinese is your weight politically Alter this. I'm not sure I don't think so a lot of them you have a great Celebrity Apprentice but away he came to react cabinet positions. The SNL limitations talks or not and on this he's our president and now. Although I like him Kenan Thompson it is terrible Ortiz Ortiz is terrible Lavar balls are blowing like. He's good and other things he's gonna click always like the fat guys I can mean cal Kenan Thompson's in the long run and Nickelodeon and us fifty years and what that means that he can't really find an excuse my case also what they can you Bedford we do not sure what to make magic happen here but still feel your neck. OR yeah I neck. Mechanic we'll talk looks at these two guys to guide books. What I am that morning and I mean out I had no idea what you look like well I mean. You're twenty or write the I am yes told the unit. Are pretty well look every day I looked better than I sent a team is good looking guy. It's explodes tawdry physically how you look in your staff's. I'm excited I live about 1982. Decades on Colombian. A rule 100% Colombian there. I am. I invite or at Columbia workout and. Yes I love that gas money and now. Now what you like to do like if we were to go out for the Bruins was would like to do you think we're to reject ago. Although I love you I mean I'm 1 though I unfortunately am. I'm glued cart circuit that look at. That's a tall it's in better shape. Then now. I say yeah. Never heard. All of a sudden what you sort of let it be a nice restaurant and then all of a lake during. Sounds like first of probably got the South Bend maybe salty tingle Turk who to re. Nick we can share and then we'll go over to a club kept after movement that your new hard at all just got to be serial killer is Colombian where counseling need to hear. Now do you ever worry that you might get snow. Beaten up. I've no one's ever tried to thereupon we have a Nikki bank for so yeah but nick hey that sounds good it sounds like a good guy. And I do like to go I've got rent a. Yeah I live unedited of veterans of nuns and closely who do we integrate perfectly as do like it patriots next to each and experts. I think we found at times they does that manager uses one thing out on the city. You just won't let you guys have all that touched my entire life. There's no space from that in the which leads to the Colombian Colombian all around that a deal breaker. We got to see with the Colombian where Catholic kind of dog never got the job. Jawad met up on us nice. Statement. He says no to normal that they got no I don't we don't last long term to be fun to go out for a night perhaps it's like that let's get the information cards nick next guy. So much can be we're gonna receive Bobby door playing. You're an adult and find parts of Alex all around the city to meet dismembered there's going to be certified on all of them in the find a leg here and I'm there and this is amicable eyeballs. Somewhere and they're gonna find out it was this crazy Paulson is down Colombian guy from New Bedford yeah I Arenas express our condolences here at least awaited. Six points and 7797. Night except the publisher there. Organized and absolutely a little too normal for me and I never Persia the grunting never heard that word I will include tires areas was I mean I don't know but I don't like the pace doesn't sound very seriously I don't won ninety whatever that is slender. That cigarette ads pretty gutless and has got a guy and when we get back or whenever I salute my my mansion on Hannity and for fighting back out trees and that's fighting back against here dark forces yes no it was at its media matters against these anti free speech people. I I applaud him not fought back any one who do that we get back Kirk. And and more with Kenny and see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Good morning avid gay conversion therapy doctor we've yet. Now if Michael doesn't have to have some trends ahead Alex you have on the when he really care records. I can tell you sure are solid negate that the other guys substrate get a guy Khamese but he's upset about a lot of time but true I have this one. It's all show up to ten before OK ma you stand up and show us it was a nice girl. Honey I love Mike and a Jackie is obviously he's a look at him. Nice like he wants he's got to take a gesture you know you read about all the time I don't choose to rim all the time. You obviously under the break ten Richard Herman Mars and suck outs brings much breeze energy afraid. Yes it's I mean -- do you make of -- stupid I mean he had earned himself a lifetime contract with the term loan write a given credit for that and we'll take used to make himself look stupid but what happened is in this sect members and he -- -- you know he doesn't need to do -- apathy is charming and that's why that he thinks because he's friends with me right -- forever which is true it's true for -- minus forever right I agree I love -- as a guy but it disappoints me when you attack can be little of demean him and he just sits and takes a -- -- this problem I have one example. For example of why I mean making fun. You say do you bagged his wife yeah fathered this child did bolster his ratings sucker should Ozarks he says stupid is this is a loser he's it's pathetic right. And he just sits there and looks that you liquor liquor he's just grown and has piled. I don't but if you said that to me I would at least fight back and point out that your Psycho. Who you lie all the time and point out these things I've noticed that much is getting a lot of money people dislike my. Lawyer gets nothing gets the JV amenities in hand eye watching honesty take what's really like Ike and he's left us streets yes on the streets like walking on the struck in the labor market and point out you know he's ever ask him Obama. Once and sure there's an answer. Amazing I mean he's not afraid to take his clothes off to play the trombone what is happening the WB he's afraid of you speaking of we had a meeting about that that's what really well it was due out at the check today for Alex rim we're notice that the account you are not doing it well it was subtle over the meat Cuban media that you even use it okay maybe. And writing basically that you said we had to be completely new but trust him. He wasn't letting him once he's like I Beisel Polly photographers if he does for the job done they've photographers like I probably you know write up something divot tool lawyers. Is essentially what he said it's like three days after we do it could be people tweeting pictures of hard junk to us on this. That definitely is a big deal with one dale which area wasn't in on an army that's trauma on open you don't care. So why you radio it's not that much not that you find anything that like loosely connected to be. Appealing now I find that the knowledge I don't get on I see it and I wrote the rooms are you more about it today. What's that chick it's it was an original victim she didn't want to press charges and says you know as we didn't into the of the below Bible of them saying he asked nicely and I do this. And that she said yes he still pull that out and no pleasure himself sure it was it was beyond history is so weird to me it's I'm telling you we'd be do this all the time people have odd positions. And ordered that one who is present director has like 300 when James told me he used to make them smell his arm pit. This and let them do with his exit. I don't know if not not for me it's not my thing and I can also say that and I don't get the judge Moore thing either. Like when you're 32 you could be with like a 32 at fourteen year old he could do with twenty year old Jews look young you'd probably be a lot of fun she could. He's 21 year old she could drink and going on dates as an actor. What is a fourteen year old you know Louis CK it's at the bit about what we heard it usually anymore overall it wasn't about fourteen year old girls it was about you know guys molesting little boards right I was better or the mounds above must be drawing an onerous and I I like that it was not funny but it was interesting and it was dangerous psychological that was ours is a monologue on SNL. SNL which is the most gutless. Larry David as a mom is doing some holocaust jokes that which the tyra was. Was it was not likely meant I'd like to know them you how has historically had Casey ideas with them on home. See people here my stories mocking you you're the point our. Psychiatrist command WFAN and they announced all not just me before I commend my man Hannity let's let's let's and I commend and Diana princess of leave next month there's been speculation. Has been rife for months who's going to take over me and they step up oral bright and we thought we knew because and mad dog too and this is to discourage Craig Giamatti that's his view with ultimately that weighs in Gaza because pretending to know who that is -- we're not the only greatly and he's going to be with boom boom yet so he's on the afternoon but he's in in the morning maybe we don't know. Oh this is history were terrific guys that it was who what was in order to help us to sported. Almost still has a solo what is who's with boomer now. He's peripherals Rezko via a morning how is John rejects. Anyway you bet after new I utilize Recco is a sport that's terrible. Here's some him at some point get some early on Saturday at his people call up to called Craig and Larry were ripping you around when I said that he really thinks princess would be good in Boston I agree. Give or hurt anyone more mistaken more misguided than that the princess on site here by himself. I'm in Boston mics and I'm simply that princess and never had a real challenge initially it's Michael K I don't know walking away anyway princesses and at times and they replaced him and I just wanna commend them because they did it the right way they they saw. Diversity right now talent not to vote took a global hotel and they would look at the diversity they got out time they have. The black man parts we usually enter conference. Wits right but Obama's name and where I did your sister. Stage yet Mac com. Could never guess I'm commending our sister station it's about time the real diversity and history that Carolina Bart Scott was on watchable Milwaukee Bucks got lost his gig on TV with boomer on CBS any demoted him to CBS and asked who drips from that pregame show on raping and boomer Bart Scott. Yeah boomers are dreadful show notes Chris yes I'm not sure on the shock and mourning is dreadfully you've never even heard it have I heard the show and not want to talk to every day. Every afternoon yes if I don't care placements out there what time do the mayor Kirk you have to. Two X. Would publish it you make in that out and it's mid day. I'm ever see US. Your web app that tentative never seen you've never heard you just beat the bush himself from ownership of fourteen guests on you that's a good show. I think he's excellent okay boomers go. Stop saying these are you know I like him I like three guys never gonna be on the show Jerry deal with not showing just a great football is absolutely you know Jerry's over open yourself faxes or a rumor we have dominion we we move on what should we get we were back on the show like I say yes what do you need to be ecstatic upon yes thinks we need to have a football games we've talked a football and we don't. You know Kirk what's Christmas I want puma sides of those rights advocates of you do some live -- surprise. Right this this is their solution and I and I understand princess he's going apartment boring show off the sports they're right every day you never heard or shall I hear protests every day at 555 McKiver madness that's the point. Anyway Chris Carlin Bart Scott and Maggie Grace a threesome on that whole concept of a freeway. Began here was perfected here that you on the station. Com another gonna try and a fan afternoons our sister station a fan Chris Carlin Bart Scott Maggie Grace Chris Colin White guy. Yes yeah a former producer different views on the princess the mad he's cup. Pickles yes I have a continent yet he's sobered. Can show us that continent yes like like that's adjudicated what did you mean you've had a terrible news. Threats has commuted to offered in the body or stores. I'm endorsement list and that's it yeah yeah. They want to shrink entity that's that's only a lot of praise Hannity too. As we're Alex has even Nazis or yeah Kansas imports and I would tell me yesterday I was in a wreck my current I am not anymore because core rig. Back down agreed that they were mistaken they gonna continue to advertise on Hannity did. The only thing you can do in that situation he fought back that's against peace you can also not fight back. He did the roller trouble right that's the right thing he fought back he called out these anti free speech. Mac it's taken media matters and he won god bless Oprah like Alex. Now of skis Kurt and Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. We staffing this victory trip luck as yet as a unit EI guys in oh Colorado Springs for the week and then on the Mexico City every category code from the air force can you don't show that I would love that some very cool please earlier enforceable by it wants. Because today's the day they'll go to the jets or whenever they gonna do in simulated Tuesday's team day. Tuesday is fun activities planned and whacking a bond together to remember the titans right everybody except Brady's gonna get Colin could trump junior is strip joints and excel. I doubted show for Mexico City before the game you know wild. He has not under Shia awful place so hopeful you'll auction bushel from there I loved him opposite. That supplies and that I would really worry about who we have ten way tomorrow. Perry is back tomorrow what's her sleek look like. Thursday's remains up in the air. And a Friday is of the mountain and from other way GQ doesn't always get it wrong have the story from enemy. First ever movie mogul of the year award in 2009. Who to go to Harvey Weinstein well mannered and if they are today Harvey Weinstein. He says I'm honored a love GQ but it shows you that they'd have gone from boy wonder to mogul. He's a celebrity that's enough of that ours is best quality guys aren't out to see is out the next week as of right now though. I think these are missed out there hasn't had a great spot back you know on our final break next week concert and way tomorrow I think Austria does not promote. Made big guys I think it would reduced to okay ex. Wife and producers Roger. She is described waiting and eating get to see Kyrgyz loosened her up and he's hopeful it'll do that WEEI dot com Jerry and I happen I. I want my unhappy with a just that you picked that day I was not here I agree it's and but she did a profile these two more on yet. And I just between you and it's on Twitter are on the web site a particularly hot check it out okay look at the photo just look at the photo prenuptial. We'll see tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. With Gary. Spears Akron oh cent. What if two guys get him down to negotiate that you can't get two sacks on the same plate with a court it only goes down wants. All you're giving have to sex that's the same thing.