K&C - Rich Keefe inspires Kirk and Gerry to be more classy 11-21-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 21st

Hour 4: In response to Keefe's comments towards Gerry's tweet about Terry Glenn, K&C try to act more classy.


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He skirts and Callahan. With Kurt committee and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. Boy you simply that this make believe world where everyone we'll talk. There's this talking. Poked in the chest virtual whatever it is it fair. It's just it's just there's nothing more chicken and because it's the easiest thing in the world do. That's just got campus chiefs' heart stopping at Peltz talking to Jimmy trainee does that rate right yep this podcast and again okay. We put the word out eyesight a lot of tweets about it being pelted. He wants to have the conversation but he is being said let some become whose face I'm willing to drive. My car being driven out there or fly out there myself and I'm wait could my driving out I have ten not long Connecticut can I guess maybe it now has ten hours a veneer myself but it's quieter. To Bristol talked SVP face to face happy to do. Or you invite him on this program which has more listeners his viewers to discuss a it's been a day so far any any responses cost. Nothing from Scott reached out it was different ride solo on me last night saying you honestly think he's gonna come on with you guys dot dot dot so. While I'm said he was. It's on operation time. What's the problem obviously work work class act were classy we try and beat up and wired again. In eighty offended by are glad tweet that's only just scoffs at the capitol might screw things I hesitate I was happy they can brought it brought that up and trying to get these stories 24 hours old that's relative breaking news. Yeah you think anyone just heard entry and exit one of Terry conduct. It's the state. I think also thank you can thank I think nicer than zest to the next thing the blogs and trending will be his blood alcohol level I don't V. A lack class here. Has the upper class if a guy flips truck with a woman who's now in critical condition in the truck with him. Coach one annulled the results of the accident report to talk technology nothing the globe might run that I'd rather talk with the catches he made Franklin. Ultimately it was catches you know that Bill Parcells than one draft that's not true. Parcells drafted and they were together for ten years and doing real and I enjoyed the entire. Descended Kirk sign off fun on ten praising monitor results stores I sense some sarcasm I don't think you're. I don't think he'd been arrested yet when I did the story I think he had one kid. That was won those first six. Have a story remember. There on that Sony's award bonus on well yeah I mean and cruel world appoint some scattered story. What's it that's the Sports Illustrated and I'll be just I don't like those that's disposal through deep dive this together afterwards on today maybe you'll achieve that. I bet sports history. For Taylor of the in the back page when he laughter for earning interest and let me know nothing about it how relevant papers magazines I'm not there when it was relevant it was only last. Sure yeah. Bank of its. Jerry get out the other sports Austin Kirk was right in the famous football called this a formal subtract correct yesterday dwelled on going to be comparison copies of that. What the rules on your calls from the sun. Before we we're the ones we can I liked the fantasy football league titles like he did Q and a.'s peeps that you and I know this dire start yeah. I knew that you had to take all that crap seriously course that's what you do right now is vote you in leagues like living yep that was never really could be planted again it was in nature had to do huge negated that works and so why did you keep going with that is that it's I didn't go into areas like on stereotype he's famous if uninteresting. You just fate that. Lets you do it was trying to ride unhappy people like rubble it's like you're. Ready baseball cards and yeah that's what you do and and you work your way right like I zoomed past him. I would say this too like against most guys and president had producers in the past are young guys who. Have no ambition they just sit and wait for elect promotion only wait for a raise a peso to accidents political candidate now you have. You know your own and Jonas lawful way you have ambition and I like when I was young like these guys are old produce. In my twenties like I literally would call magazines in the picture right and and say and you have to tonight deal to sell them they at least had an idea and a rumbling market which was making a comeback some men's league so called the Detroit news in the 200 free press is that cut right freelance story on the cover. And they said surely didn't 200 bucks -- join our fighting want to be playing here remember that big fight the 34 years ago that clarified that day when he was producer is accused it. We used to call me I was producing making it begs the come on my yeah that's what our team that's I you do right where I sit around most of the radio hall area called me and say come on money there. I anchor. The problem with I never understood like that Arafat is football club so I pulled the pan am mad I was in the pan am flight of the magazine and and corporate Israel of those things called and Hillary's right. And the story and they count I'm more. I don't know I still go and let them out of the pan am magazine pays much what I'm not probably not shy but that was just something to do something coming in that's why I outlets for all pubs that happened and that's why I like Roemer think Roemer helpful to what. Absolutely wished or more dreamers people just an Kurtz talks with a mock these Albany State but what is posted reemerge after dark. Right this is from us. I've a my buddy most senior and Bill Simmons ma right there. I guess this phone rings my buddy know and it begins this is Bill Simmons let's conversational right spread like pebble some time. And it. Can't remember during an underwriter. Animal death yeah I mean this is going your diet terrorists in and kind of gave here's your own music he's retired Eric is he's retired he's nose and exports than anybody I've ever met Mike all this this is like I didn't know any of this stuff that you do occasion there's no I can't do and can I brag a solid niche though with a little league world was inevitable something I wrote about wrestling for example you Celtics Iceland a won -- -- the high school wrestling writer of the year really Celeste toward a one what's the worst of right semi you've. And so it was worst I was asking him I mean I covered. Town politics in Norfolk Massachusetts and that was my first job to do yeah. And I even started up I was accused of being a tabloid writer in my very first job witches all of that. Nothing that's rant about this as the murderers and definitely as I wrote I wrote about. To selectmen who are at each other's throats and hated each other who wrote about how they needed each other. And so one of them who thought she'd like to me that point she thought I was quote on her side ready line. Lake statement before the next selectmen meeting and denouncing means a tabloid writer. Who was dealing and salacious gossip and African Norfolk or more every towns like that troublemaker right out of space assets for my missionaries ask I was out evidence I'm disappointed spend eight minutes of refresh Twitter know who's got busted yet and now everything and long morning. Yeah open for a someone in journalism or in sports someone else so I went and you'll find out another liberal icon Mike bite you know. Gary in new bank Campbell. Could be could be. But give me the opportunity you really should start the show within. He apologized to Richard dale and I apologize especially to rich that I didn't show much class frankly about my first person experience with. Terry Glenn well may be something actually tied into the half. Would want to creep act like that but I think what he's saying am I don't speak for Richmond what rich is saying this year you know he died driving fast and you're sort of piling on that I'm I'm pointing out my you I mean I'm hoping to conclude he articulated I don't mind let me just speak for him but that's what he said I think and I had lots of people saying that in a compare me to fellow contestants they deserve to die eight. I didn't say he had a common commitment to stay very ironically it found terrorists. Right now. We deserve to die now not that he deserved to die notice or anything else knows he's our numbers are you liberals saying this was arguing that point. Now there is no until just yet and the FBI we you have believed to have lots and got a great guy you're you're you're history scared away the way I was just gonna say I mean listen you know I love felt. That's that's it that's arguments it never was who disagrees with that. Lots of people who it was just respect let me let me get so lots of people whom we know I think that was there a an outcry because he said he deserved and you guys yeah I did the war in us and it was the airplane sounds and there was all the students -- hands of the who's -- adding use cleaning its complexities so that's that's why not outraged by the way that's that's fake outrage I agree yeah that's what people are outraged by and he's absolutely right. We got we deserve and I was about himself and I would later this description and so were under sanctions would. Would mean model Ingrid I you know exactly what I'm sexy don't that Roy Halladay and a six cost his own death now by just the disappearance unbelievable. Welker could you know literally hate what you saw him in the middle of bloody I have had head in his hand like Kathy Griffin he was sent. That person probably to yeah deserved it kind of hurts their albatross and yet you only for something it usually this is. His instinct a mean ball I ticket I know apologize who disagree with that thing I regret is not get in the way and I do regret by the way not anywhere in between. When I tweeted that yes usually September and I drive fast as I asked him why you have a password to his Twitter I've kind of struggled deletes and said to him. A plebiscite Terry should go easy on the Casper in and should. Could slow time values like this we're live music to also ask you tweet about Terry who says this idiot thinks I'm supposed to be classy. I've been experienced Terry Glenn as I've conveyed to all you guys. I thought it was fairly interesting Kirk as the enix intrepid today so I just guests are Kirk doesn't like anything I noticed you thought obviously contrasting stories we're all worth telling accurate worth telling in the occasion of this sport guys have to say like I said. I set I lighters that student and enjoy my Norton my friend I senator elect Terry Glenn every day with a month it was interest and I complicated guy. When I met him when I wrote a tribute to him this was before all the kids and all the arrests and all those on classic military. He likes to drive faster and easier Ameren Puyallup ago and now yeah I. What was I supposed to talk some more classy that I you know if I thought here's where here's a lot of juice your thoughts and prayers are. Our IP ultimately land here's the issue the afternoon showed us like that's because we're not classy I find that to be perfectly legitimate. Criticism that today you are not very class I mean I said Butte reverse cowgirl talked about the doc why why I mentioned and I Qaeda agents say that's right. I don't know what that means the I don't know that meets. Well you know what I meant on this. I have no idea how sickness. Did not deter the so Far East society breath of fresh air play realistically to how great she is in the Big Ten hired to count them you can certainly don't think she's right at that touched. It's awesome that she's the best bank our show should be less of as we fight a lot we get dirty because which means he opened producers we bring people in mock them. I'll be on the training these phone calls while we have to be ago. I think why don't I don't HY. Why you pointed Williamson mine we don't washing business we know I'm not likable I don't find it remarkable that more now. And we don't and I I wanna apologize for tacking which can I felt like you know we have shared feelings there enough. Now I understand the political overtime in Syria react. I drove like a maniac was this quote the he also had a clash between military. Tutored apologize for the governor let it play cause that is my favorite part and drove like a maniac was this quote the saw that a few minutes after I saw the news about. And yet. But if you know when you know there are the opinion on. So they were out just get out there with your opinion on there we go hey it's forever can he do one of his little. Person tweets that pleased with a picture. That's what well hey that's not an opinion it's a fact be when would you like me to do they don't like wait a month. So you when he I had an experience I always say if it's that lake house with a few of the UK both for Walker's daughter and a we'll do something. Let's see if you have already had a banana it's still an analyst. Oh did you really and yes your trouble sleeping. At 1130 could fall asleep capitol rotunda of the hands of the bad for a fun. You gonna you go back to clarify what kind of life is you're you're fully matching pajamas to the which are bad which asleep where. I Wear a tank top and shorts. You do underwear to the funny Tom little sleep where you know what that number has now are currently approved that the down previously square which is costly 200 dolls and doesn't Wear it didn't give it a try where the bombs opposite. Once you get the top Kurtz is in the room had that's. What do you do with its. Flies around does it says that Clyde as Jews and I hear those things are good like Mike refinery use and yet I think they're excellent wind of that every night that's when soulful life that your response to church he must but it really county schools played again played again I want their current standard of eighty tails of this acts we have no idea. We do and flipped over as Ford F 150. And and kill themselves. He was wearing seat belt we think that the tick with them was wearing the seat belt she's in critical condition. What does she dies we lied to question his blood alcohol level of fast he was going are we allowed to do that. We did with Jose for support and this week do what Terry Glenn is also a clash between Terri. Was when he was clear that. And drove it like an idea if you eighty attack that's what he did it. I was with him I tried to keep up with them that's called an interesting. Little anecdote truck try it some time. Given the shot a good stories you'll see your podcast and I don't I got a shipment is missing for a musical complete review. The door on the past you encourage the printed. I'd order a little slower is that as I plan on on my vacation I doubt it is indeed as you know I should volatile and I know you wouldn't care fight fight that fight. We got a picture carry guns and in mind we're not a magic cures and Osce Curtis or can find beyond thing don't we still don't pay athletes going to the honest answer about this is a clear that he absolutely and I guess I was offended. I was little. Legislation and that's why not ask I was I. Had advertise where and its iPhone and yes it is in Massachusetts a square phone posting in offensive. Ohio. I. Locked my opponent that. What a case you think it's time for us to show some class like pick for partnered on my iPad IPE. TG united. Professional actress not spent and prayers the a Dick if you like I think for far too long we've been we shot lack of class after Assad. Sick when what elders and our eyes peace push us that's all like my fifth or are gonzo. Any else to vote. It was a very short run for reverse counter but yet I don't know about that at a critical look back they'll go reverse cart com. This cowgirl yes the warmth and and yes that and that advocates timeout. Two raise the bar for jumped once bright. And we do more classy you're starting next in a big answer for really going forward went to war yes. Good to throw we're going to be classics show and it is I think we have to start given the number more office 617 cents and the 97937. The text line is recess is 93 said it's cook it right I protect ourselves and you can email the wall. We respond to the mall wholly letters sent to a success responses and if you want email us at whatever I mil -- to sell him at gmail.com cork will respond to all of them will promise that's actually what we come back. We have a nice. Classy says that every animal feed us now a favorite call she get this that the that the stock are going to be wonderful you hustled through that and we will left thank you for home was good all day really nice size and just as a way to get to motivate your nerves getting a lot of throw that question out there again your favorite side dish we all of Turkey right now everyone loves Turkoglu who. What's your favorite side dish amounts of the extricating GM's among begin to answer that question Jerry. For gobbles the question forgo those relentless back doubles a good doubles you know and those guys used to give gobbles for bad things good thing we don't do bad things we do Thanksgiving get rich quick ideas. The clashes radio segment you've ever heard in your life listeners. My friends we're in this together as a team next. And hey in. Which case you see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Trying to and that's just costs about class used seeing him. I like you Kirk I'm sorry I just don't know what class is that let's mean really mean spirited to return to negative down not class. Now of course yeah. All day for us that approach. Aslan last week military and drove like a maniac was his quote that I saw that with a few minutes after I saw the news about their gauntlet. Yikes. But it gets me you know. Stood up there with your opinion on the there ago but well sent back to say applied to that I'm not the criticizes all so I think that's articulate and I like and I like all. I'm sorry man please politics but you don't go ahead that's fine I just wanna say that. Terry Glenn drove fast that's my opinion in a short he did though. What's his opinions don't want timed it through fast maybe maybe. When I was proven he drove really fast short but that's just my opinion. It's a fact. In Japan to a fat. And Turkey saw the subway just my opinion which is excellent is excellent. Looks like it into this business this. You know. This work of criticizing people because I don't think that does us any good now do anybody any good now let's sit here for a few minutes if we shall. And the lines are open at 61777979%. So be classy segment this will be. A segment we tell each other things we don't normally intelligent which is like this Jerry you know like I told you before your eyes look at a picture looks great today thank you Jonathan those glasses are fantastic they're great look. Calming influence. 080222. That's terrific and really don't just show our character that you must wait now. If you have my debt did you did you both structured and it's it's an accomplishment. And interests of full time in Ellison made chicken enchiladas and subject number on it that's I think it's how much pressure cooker ongoing extort here during the recently mortgage trust and to me that's a remarkable no I know some I don't know she'll show us like definitely go play battleship my neighbors not battleship okay so do go whatever occasion. He's just express IRA you're right missionaries expressing he likes that you do I mean but that's but that's okay seven wonders ricochet robots carcass on him before I know and not much of a a process has to tease things of that these things when we get to the eight finalists for. Time man of the year program I mean I think there's a terrific choices ahead I'm glad I don't have to pick the content that. What we do that we've we've promised you would get the calls and I don't likely people waiting thank you for your patience all of you. Please hold on. I'm gonna take a call right now we're gonna say I'm teasing this going forward Kirk you don't lose your patients are losing their patience OK we get their playing time just so excited and getting intimate. I think it meters 6% to 77979. Threes and relax go to glory it was your humor isn't good line it was a fun plus mark and it wasn't my pants. Was tired. Five that he and Laurie is in Springfield Laurie thank you so much for the call good morning dump dollars you are funny. Good morning glory boy not that I mind that you were on speaker phone and saw action might actually preferred okay okay. I think whatever we're here. I'm very literate are changing. We'll get back to the. Is assigned to the sunshine in Springfield because shot is shining here and I don't get to your your voice. It's beautiful okay thank you. OK okay excellent yeah. Ticket what did you like to get to the point that's okay. I did one thinking that have a happy Thanksgiving. Really enjoy it and she every wanna have a great work. Which I favored side dish on Thanksgiving Day. I Chernoff excellent choice and it is an excellent choice do you under do you do you understand we resource it is about Charlie Rose is a woman in the workplace even affected by this terrible thing. Nokia that only a bit Sherlock I hope. They may Obama and I know I haven't been. Thank you Laura for the call have a wonderful holiday and I say amid supersonic wanna get into that yet but let me just say that I think Charlie Rose a few times I met them men of the few. Media events yeah the nicer enemy men either some a little Nancy had a terrific record them. We do we were swimming together and you seem very nicely and I like to say arm the whole weekend to think about the police organize whereas when you were swimming with the open about it is not doing it tonight. In your show earlier in the shower you know Kuerten but diverted my each hour thirty times weekends or condescending toward two sides to every story. Don't believe everything you read and then there's the truth and I. And it really isn't matches that I thank you so much for the call Billy the floors or. Or gobble. Local call. Apple Apple's and here's what we're winning the you guys are all yes yes yes yes you should get some point in effect be thankful for the student shortly this I mean you're courses it. That was one less from them on Google ads Gail could. Deal could turn to Susan and not so how's the wonderful news. And I hope it was I'm not true leader 1% Mexico will be that it's. Not as much about truth that actually hearing now that. Not now obsolete Baghdad. Of course it's no. I'm Billy thank you so much charter is much worse in television personality any of those people have a terrific. Thanksgiving yes this all classes I had hoped halls and friend in Paulo thanks Jerry's not. I mean it that hot and not at all guys. Oh good for you. Out here in the house. Ha ha here's here's the thing did you think here's the thing here's the thing get used to it that I. Yeah Bubba Bubba it's a New England where five men yeah king James. Oh well like I like it change of seasons personally you do and so I do. Go ahead Paul. I'm a little bit on the Olympic concerned about that contention. On the relationship between Mike but near key in the Tom Brad. Yes it's an issue Keolalai or his friends of ours from the program. Yeah it you know I mean I feel all that such. How can it hit whom you know just give that guy in the unit really that. Who's better looking do you think robber Irma. It's hard for me just say well if I have equal those odds say mud has a better body like I like them what does that chin. Dropped Taguchi and rob its nice guys might as a better body that's true they're both funny they both have appropriate amounts of chest here. If you put them together they have the exact perfect Manchester true. You know tomorrow I'll look for all sports are Rushmore. Now tomorrow is what are you thankful for obviously a notes on this woman still one of my favorites Moore yeah put mount Rushmore of things and side. That's a good will out of the month probably you know we do we eat you Turkey leg that can mess that we want to ask you gotta sort of let on how are you are of Thanksgiving meals in the champions that seem to mount Rushmore side dishes. Excluding Turkey of course right. Who will put the key ingredients on the one of those yeah. And that and I say you know you know me I'll say no thank you up on the received a patent that second piece of time things can now. I don't know I don't entire apple pie chart yes sir place. Andy is in Russell dale hey Andy. Good morning now thank you call I haven't yet. But I'm voting for people who aren't in the car coal. Let you guys won't turn on that so little fattening for me amended on the lips and eternity on the a. What do you make your own point empire is store bought. Another round crust you can sort of see that yet. All them. Our football is a bit quick note obviously terrific column coming up in the Boston Herald every year it's it's per published annually to great looking guys in saloons. I encourage you read it yet read the writer Kelly is not renounce its very classy it is very thoughtful and this class in the hos there is name is not announced like Gary's no no no no it's it's jittery. Yes. Chris is in Portland hi Chris good morning. Good morning gentlemen I don't sport that has long distance derby. Spots you'll. Mistake you for being so supportive but Freddie and were out of wedlock peak yet and that shows. Catcher are just true gentleman. It doesn't count is out of wedlock until the babies born there's still time we'll shotgun marriage movement that low shore. On don't you think ethics on them I'm not you know can be mr. George pants over this at the time on what the incident and they love -- are you convinced it's scary he's in not you know marking. All mean either way if it's if they loved the baby is conceived and love and that's fine when he is a little promiscuous it's like it's like they say with our friend Roy Moore I mean. When when when Mary and Joseph got together they raised a baby together by Joseph wasn't there I simply for the conception and Mary will issue about that and I know he was there I think he's in the room below you the Marriott. Our thoughts and prayers to Charlie Manson is a classy enough for you rich thoughts and prayers are IP Charlie Manson I think it's pretty good Jeffrey Dahmer except at Chrysler for. Children. Mean just apologize for stuff I did not pay off from the team's. I was certainly some good life really it's. Not okay so. That's a real quick I just saw the sun actually got closer Gordon like the Eagles are in Boston next July the garden. With their new world war when my son who is the singer to ignore him. And done listening to and the Frye and won't Walsh Joan Walsh stay tuned in Timothy B Schmitt well be that Joseph Walsh was still labeled the function he's he's I think is when he has turned around. Com and street opening them to Buffett that's bizarre its really should be Buffett as they leave. Act of course he's selling great fortune must be some when he makes as much as anyway I'll maybe not the rules phones but he's out there on top. Bruce and those guys stuck with that might be the last concert and whenever it's. Like Eagles like you know cumulative blast alone and in when you you know mainly their Jimmy knows it'll make them crazy drunken chicks backlash and that doesn't that mean. That would be glad sound that no longer be changed yes. We all agree that rose McCown be good choice for time in the year chewed my panic I have in my hand the eight finalists good or time in the air only here. Hum number one the doctor recipients and that is threatened immigrants immigrants aren't they remind they get a immigrants and refugees three guy. Three doubles for that Vladimir Putin and Donald. You guys get them Taylor Swift. That's nonsense when you are missing events that's insane the meat to hash tag spirit that's wrote I wrote us and I'm not going way too we play it Morgan hit. The meat to. Hash tag. It. Look at it to I don't know that experience and you and Serena will that's it so there is no rose much down to its feet eight. These across the bridge Lavar Burton well you demanded justice burdens and obviously we have to go through more Colin captain rich keep crap Matthew. I have to choose a go with the who told. Taylor Swift apps whose non political he's really edgy that your. And be the meat to hash tag with. And it's a really zone in supporting I think that picture of like the not the survivors but the accused but if you want to call. The victims don't they like to that. You put twenty on the cover of time magazine editors like the bill does everything right and alright. That's a great covered like undergoes a dollar and those Korea the Charlie Rose women and ashore shortly ever. All of us would put the cover and on loose on. And on her son Kevin Spacey wants if he wrapped short term Osce hurt though I'm working now. I Masayoshi my next week I'll be on vacation you're next. And listen you know none of us can runoff in Maine jewelry as fast guaranteed joyous Thanksgiving don't tune who worked on relax now trying to figure it out here training and podcast is up today. Yes excellent tomorrow training will be here and we gonna do the mount Rushmore side dishes and wants to be thankful for we gonna class showing have to be back tomorrow morning at six who is also a classy tweet about Terry and.