K&C - Rich takes a shot at Kirk; Ask Gerry anything! 3-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, March 22nd

Hour 3: Rich from across the street took a shot at Kirk and his approach to the show.  Callers asked Gerry anything!


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah I know radio you don't dog out of my. Listen I've been double over eighty years that we don't talk hockey is hockey talk. All Smart jackass Marc Savard could backfire is looking good there it is firecracker you park a few days ago put on a thing on. We'll wait. Just didn't have that. Yes wreckage of it yes. Can backfire on your mostly I cry firecracker. Again even from hackers backfire. I don't even know which have been at all it was a real anger and again everyone tells me like you talk about the sensitivity I guess he's the most sensitive guys their music literally. Like Fred puncher but he gets since that vote everything everything yet to screw you. Yes exactly because he can't take a Twitter criticisms again we blocked me initial blocked me he's like he thinks he's a cool guy that and you want to pull it and he's talking -- you saying that you don't want talk card that's whose car from a right there I guess and I don't want to talk I'm not going to talk marketer playoffs in the Stanley Cup finals Brock at talk that it Curtis to have more of what your politics leading a little bit more sound. Loved hearing your picture -- them to Felix could WW regular hurts the leader. Tampa Bay doesn't match up well with the bruins' system wise and take as good it's a real concern there though only did seem to all at once the Bruins to lose not want to give your opinion and I'm just very well he wants the Bruins. That's very worried that tax pass at it a trend at about five minutes it's god wants to talk hockey I don't radio we don't talk about it. Yeah listen I could never look for eighty years ago we don't talk documents is hockey talk. Holds barred. Yeah all present Tripoli. The hockey talk below is his own wall now OK and members of the jackass has me it's a Richard sank us now and it didn't guess. Columns you've got to just bought a monkey arms Hawkins in the back here at the plate and started to talk with hip match a match parable it's awful and Rosie suggested he was scared of Tampa rays you're about to worry as a scares Glenn a scared isn't. Mean you don't go out there at the TD garden. It's the tee you are totally out of bound to the tees agree my friend I'll be either a week from tomorrow with Harry in hand for WW be alive be rude to rest. I don't know boom he does that mean we get to areas podcast Friday wrestle mania to be able Friday after community opinions of one year in such good. You going Augusta than at the Breslin yeah. Much here everything's working Freddy's coming in yes and we want to thanks Thursday announced. It is morning an idea but. It's not always so he's you know got the big invite. You Harry's who thinks expert basic content very very excited so are there errors his birthday party. Prod Harry here okay okay he's doing his birthday parties share and his karate place. He demanded that for the gifts and give a punitive I just want to devote like this plastic nine shucks thing. All the kids can get excellent all of Mike's arms aren't. The Mitt being out over these carry those those four stars that you throw yes high degree those things for the so called you know from the white stars of flight but ball. All the all the sensitive parents had notes righty that's that's that's his birthday party that's not be so all the kids can plastic numb Turks think it's none jokes none chips yes and they get they hate each other with a right what's the karate it's a karate growers a soldier yet. Sensing Nathan's put together excellent so if he could do is rest I love that so we know what it is because I think of tea anyway. Obviously Hagan Nathan Lane well to contain it it's always get that picture I have was I don't know thanks a lot every time every single I'm sorry. Since I detonate it and these are they doing anything in little. Nice Tug on mrs. Jones and he's obviously carpooling with Harry six now. Arab six and April so it's vote them up the score I think it's just phase for a short time he's depression that notion that a carted into first place in months and I think he's get a little healer and I'll be wrestling fan. If it yet it is just that he or right Cassie heard wrestling observer newsletter that I subscribe to for years stories. On your podcasts and so it Roosevelt's don't live events to John writes he's had trendy. Today and there were a post that as soon as possible we is that okay we're not sure we don't delay US dollar. What held tomorrow you'll be up today exactly in and got Harry a week from Friday's Arizona media preview all right Harry couldn't New York markets this week he's on his on Miller keeps podcasts on wait wait don't tell me. He's on excuse me in doors on the door to door he's a whole host of its ads that comes with a talk superhero movies are yet so Harold break this thing we'll break it all down a week from that has to agree yeah I think so but yet you did you warn about this nine chuckling no overthrow. You'll Carter. Not edible. From Chelmsford you'd think they can't transfer of a non track and cannot actually parents all parents of the world now are terrified of everything you know I was not hit shelves are not them hardscrabble let's let's show his at congress last or that they give us which throws there you don't want Eric Allen yes yes good fortune Carlson from a that was that was sort of weird situation but it's fine. Shot with. Hey I'm for the month as we get some calls we acquiesced. For any questions for months. Yes as usual he's usually what occurred this AMA ask one anything he's sacked I think this could work with any of us except him and consume more and ask questions cat person B. You can't story of his what Google and she you know was born which town in the Dan Quayle though it was a while which is a true we don't believe that's true it could have glossy glory. Because that error has just it would you do it makes the fight Samuel what's the what's the issue intimate details of that. If he's going and is the guys white rear end. Is great. I'm been on a little more drama that's. Sometimes easy to catch is that is where Jerry and so I have to view those assets on the air right to know that that's I told him he wasn't in the bonus this year is this he thinks I'm mad he used to he's trying to do as well like I don't distance and I think there is in my mind in my basing this on. Jerry's Natalie that's fine humanist. Lower plug his cattle and even numbered another producer I don't know sort of that much to help. Alma where great producer she's a great button pusher. What that's what it compliment he is and I wish it really got to work we reset the bracket I do right you know he was happy with the facts it's button pusher I wish you the mind of the zone which she wasn't. So it's it lap dog for one Krugman and is disappointing that a grown man with a child and family. Is to sort of subservient. At some point you because not toward you know I admit I knew she wishes of backbone to one meter did it for years no big deal can don't end of the parent at this point and shot Joey watching Jerry Jerry we argued with Terry you metered yes all I don't know what I'll teaching seem mocked. As you got everything I read it. I don't I'll give you credit for us is our Gerri we'll say the Brookline it's a much different route QB but is a question a lot of optional philosophy you're only muzzle jump on some leaders of thought there. Should I do mean them as much as you do with that because if I call mine a moron every five seconds we'd like dogs that is immoral. Sometimes a really Smart guy. I don't think I guess is nearly as dumb as you think we're busy with you do that when you with a Jewish or less than a large cash loans partisans green. Force him to do you do. Why. All on. Why do you allow that call so font let's go to Joseph in a common Gould in my craw right now. It was funny I would answer but what's the answer. Was informed jealousy question for mud guide GO. In my head a joke when we have somebody needs as much but he. What are we what are we want to burn 1081. You cry over when did you actually realize your alcohol. We're deathly crowd over girl high school. Girl named Molly which you. Really you cried a definitely assistance did you make a mixed paper and I did not know there was on the jewel right and it just takes it high enough for her now did you cry and fun over. They're cried on the way home from the recognition. By the way don't strategy session ended and the naval bars. The recognition. And name that really else. All you've done you're through. I friend Adam who owns later right there. I talked a little while. Now very the Mets and turn it docket Mary have you seen model each kid that I did not seen are now. Now she's sort of like these don't like animals there she. If you look at it felt I was in our suggestion let's hear responses that hairs I don't really blame you and what was the other question Joseph. Once you there. Or not. I can't answer that you'd like August 8 there were some issues there for sure you need to give a trinket for a week. The whole day deferments that Mexican restaurant and her great spot to all of officially it is were amazing and that's in Gardner. Yeah refs are for 2000 almost stunning moment the summer when you were talking came way much used to regard to rinks at the restaurant regardless of who sways back and thanks for ingests wash is the size again is no no no no don't say that you want an economy fide you know that didn't leave either of them leave the seat personally on back I deserve every bit of the to a drive them back from New York you from my good reasons. We had dinner we had a habeas. Last Sunday Gardner unbelievable just unbelievable you know. The weight of the audacity is believable like this that the fact he did so that's a president who admitted his stroke. That's why it was as I've gotten to show what it's true that's true of about. Troubled dogs yet and and hockey. I can't wait I've been you know again I'll watch hockey all the UH is Ali SA hockey you hear about them you know would announce plans. Ritz Carlton now. Or and believe another in Saint Louis he announced that good college people he slept in a dorm Saint Louis that's what color are heard tales tales that he did his homework always at the Olympics he's happy I'm fine with the team because he had an exam and the class notes. Even noticed Harvard mile after class I did the way the Eastern Conference is setting up the play best interest signal from bruins' perspective I like the way deceiving set up to him. While the number once he obviously the wild cards right date that's huge and then ten to Ronald slug it out Ronald amok among us but I'm. What's him not scared of Tampa. I'm a little scared but I think the Bruins are aware that answers that are now more scared Ron Europe we are plenty today although you heard at least yep that got he will Air Canada Centre that. Atmosphere who only get Babcock and the air Kenneth Saturn that it's the right combination in Austin Matthews that Russell and all we pick the be police in Nassau particularly says it stands right now what do Seymour particularly this to beat the beat us is Lisa liberals yeah. Army imposed the the line 'cause. Trouble lately able they'll either finish ahead of them and get Carolina Columbus journal you'll lose teams or they'll get to. In the first round for sure. Match match up very there and I don't like. They are a lot of injuries. Occurred in and on other obvious she's a lot of concerns while Richard biggest concern. Injuries but which which which injure version silky white scarves birdies it's good news. Scary you know that's good 'cause I think you have to ski and starlets so. And so my products marketed beat back shutouts so it is not. I'm more concerned American I am more concerned I'd a young does he sleep in dorms to. Say. Internet and we got a patent instantly there's a good point who has more injury concerns Celtics or Bruins that's questions. I'd like passionate tough. That's of course for keys today is gonna wrestle with while the perfect volume this year. Saw as the Celtics yells for the year Gary to anger report of for the replay code saying or reporting yeah that's he's a whole year. B deficit. You be devastated Abydos it would I'm scared or care or what the Bruins are 15 points behind Tampa. Two games in hand and an ear to what seeking answered yes they are yes they are two games against Butler known known notion really. And I did it twice and credits CI ball on the crash actually care about the once you're down four points behind Tampa with Notre Dame and their rest their guys like Howard and 3030 S and included two points thirty rebounds. Is that good or bad it. Don't see that say that dog. Should do that every play he's one everybody has a great came to say what does he do that all the time he's on the great under achievers right or is he's gonna be remembered as that is all you. Gotta do we see him because it was size that body side of the most of pactel players and additionally he's probably made 200 million dollars to these numbers are you look at the if you don't know poppy great. 3030. Yes. 3230. Again yes this is there yes what do you think. I think that he. Again. Recover what Obama is Dwight. This is your your error when we're. Fault line areas hawks are who needs your house YouTube challenge of hockey don't. I don't think we'll ask you pivot right out of an idea that's me and locked right ala I make comments on Sunday with you at times. Maybe a lot or a major and you'll times of that. Whole war. Jones announced it was four or more Amazon is Saturday so it was on this with. No guest ever you know against it now when you know our guests could always let Montreal credit New Hampshire again shows great is your loan deal. Studios who does it isn't there's an idea yet all it's great and send us those chair. Are reducing masters also missed his exile or else pocket a microphone was why a different room and Aaron Hernandez killed we killed them. And then you found reports. Read treatment and his dad know what's going on and nobody knew he had to arcs and turns out. We don't promote that I should the whole thing like or weigh in retrospect you didn't know wireless that's true wishes that the whole thing like it. You remember this is people's. A pattern yesterday the star of the shows all its other seriously did the category they're going over the game with Oklahoma City ninety product. Or two and people out there depicted this he can go a long Robert water treatment plant should. I'm Nicholas. Yes it's a re waiting in the regular season you know they need Irving back. Okay and noble goal but only had gone back on you know why. Playoffs are different stiffer this can be a little bit short for them to the new N. The them back to back the station short patience wouldn't let up backs. Different game. Our toll advocate violence and much more ammonia pump inside the warriors have all much much that's rough that's urgent or when everything around us yesterday. And all of a sudden. Full. Court of inaudible got by how much more important than much blew up. 'cause you know the month is now may instead of February so we hear that bill he's more corn won't be interesting yeah seek Luke makes sense here. Do you. After here's hope I reached at the news as it more than I usually ask Mike anything that got reaction like who would believe Michael almost Klein models are muffled question sought. Questions were terrible. That debate that's the best is you're an interest in figure on the very interest and unlike that of the summer but you know what Appalachia area. I would say I'm Mike cherry talents of lines are open right now. OK you can ask Jerry talent to get beyond the strike yes okay anything you want including. What's the real reason he hates John Dennis what is the real he's save an entry in podcast. So sorry what the engine using it I mean literally before and it's actually a guy calling you a surge right. Miller says yes it's wild for how long is an eye on the bathroom area. Seriously I was amongst these 6662. Yikes I've done that I've never done before going to the bathroom and listen to myself. Yes she can do very right. You used the pleasure of self. And different go to bed now you just it away what do you mean our fellow. Are the questions you can ask Gerry Callahan who's been this market now so when he called and twelve years receive celebrates tenth anniversary at the station graduate as Jerry gave me anything Gerri any question you want right now the lines are open nine open lines you know listeners of the bad friends with this guy he's been your buddy for years. Hero war radio fob writer radio host rock into a war lover. Boldly don't. Asked Gerry Callahan any question you want right now 6177797937. Ask Jerry anything. He think he's an answer when it's about me. Dino balconies anything anything Gerry Callahan is an answer 6177797937. Ask Jerry anything and at 905 how we Schwab. That's a sawed up. I was wonder what you what you think when you see a collision like Trevor Riley had a Mexico it I hit my list of players who are helping your whole lot this year or kid Lewis which guy it was the most pleasant surprise which goes better. And you thought most of better. And he since sold analogy when the coyotes chasing a rabbit rabbit. As more a sense of urgency the rabbits run for his life you can always run into his dinner. Got to know it today to celebrate me today. Today is my twentieth anniversary sanitary wants people who knows and nobody cares so much of the rap. Correct note so this. Whoever is left standing you know and I'm doing everything I can. Release. I never got that who's the rabbit what. I guess I could get was to announce that it is the rabbit has more episodes of birds OSHA is being changed right when it was like this is I was running for dinner. So who was it was what I forget what we talk him and now for the Celtics somehow fit into there is reason. I don't think now. Now you're two ago now. We asked for questions from me we've got a question for you what do you expect from an interpreter and host file right over under real quick Romo today. Romo comes at you over any needed to and have all good you go under total over under them. Mean it's you know I promise you supplying some 300 yard courses. All he's probably played yes but not you know. Well is length the problem formed. I mean you know he hits it to sixty to seventy it's not it's not not good enough no I don't see these holes now well it's insane homey on the watch your bail on Sunday. 409 yard par par five that he that he went out of bounds on was so easy we've done he said I should hit three wood that it. Dana just hit my driver driver wedge yet on a par five wood which is valid but you know start post a half years ago I was still a decent length are horrified by I heard heard dial. I'm Linda. We see Ford Johnny we see 45 now you think it's par four. It's sick of it don't like when people sit there and just rave about the length it's okay we count if I'm technology like why aren't like they all that far they all do. Even the guys who don't have pocketed three grade I tonight yes and you know it's a big guilt they don't have which is length the problem form. Or is that it. Can't. Understand the effect does Romo hit fonts require I've no idea I can't I cannot he's about four. I'd be surprised if that's at 333 and anyway either farm but. Spray it may be just does them the short game I don't know. Right places limitation Alison it's a great move to give them against the match play I would definitely flip over watch full plate will be on the Golf Channel beyond. All they'll show that all I love it right. So they won't make the cut obviously nobody gets all the second here guys Romo but the guys who can't make that that Tor does he amid an event shouldn't be on the web. Come toward immigrants yesterday or they don't they were they want Pia. Don't boo boos from relative calm was a term called the reason now to Puerto Rico right. The morale is to call a resort and thought he unit. Now we have the Golf Channel it's on point tonight something I believe you laugh and smile and that's what he should do and has to have some games have a good TVP does is it being like a breaker grinding and sweating and that won't be good he is a stupid George so screws up to reveal who misses a short he's gonna. Yes the people like him. I think so because he's likeable yes he's in he's CBS golf this summer's well and in the match plays opposite. Yeah. That the Mets player can suck on TV there's always that potential that it's so many matches on that you that matches of the guys who don't care vote and then on so. He asked that chooses what she wanted me. I had mine really but you know and understand that I love to play along with do you understand that you understand. It would you rather have this funny stupid the to keep compute that that's that you were at a bar still. Must do yes OK guys Stephen is in Texas case you have so far it pretty well. Okay we'll Tor project are. Man I got a question or I know you have admiration for the military have you ever consider doing USO tour. And do what like. Let entertain my standup routine that's saying something that the economy and bring him bring money is trombonist. Sports commentary I've never been invited. Not since you do it again I am kind of a regional guide though do you have to be nationalistic got a big win but contagious somewhere in Iraq they want to go visit would you do it talks sports yeah you tell you would be the common I would love to back at such I don't know Schilling when he you know would post pictures and tell stories that sounded awesome. Which Schilling's like really famous fallen apart non. Quotient I hate the military correct yes Stephen. You got to connections. Jockey Nokia yeah. To have that like we just paying Iowa New England people probably know. You know consider on hale accordance son that's true. Be fun. All you get with Dino questions. And it's something that's. It probably took as many of those we used to not so much mad he's on the K pays add on occurred minute segment right now amending. Guys were all wondering Kirk's first how Warner parent. UB six B six and April. Six our patent people do what did you reply he supports OSHA are the spoke by ignoring the dog and I. We don't we know everything to play everything musically chairs razor blades steroids. Heroin drinking and down or are you. Yes going to carry a carry The Today Show us well the Benoit and what does not mean you see that promote the person not so much the rest of the guy's the man does include this had no groupies involved. While you're young for that entire house the wrestling groupings closer are. Actually I I mean these things work him out you know you know. Damage is what I need to do some alcohol is for a vocal strange cap so that looks tough. Anything else Manny. You know I get older you put Russell back. Oh Kurtz is terrible father. I think so yeah but we're having fun time rests on Friday for Portugal and obviously. You dale Richard carrier want to go to look report good seats good seats yet to be silly like it always is supposed go down are some fun at his trivia that's of some pizza before. You know just always tell all their loves pizza. That is pizza and we'll go into the event and will be on the Bloomingdale's. Concern that it is a chance Johns you may turn bad. He's worried about but I. Joseph open. Joking around the world champ now orchard it right now Brock Lesnar so will this be like a world championship event your Brock Lesnar is defending his title at the event Obama. On hot rod well a lot of money at a post list that reality there and eleven time world champ might lose it it is much that he triple threat match and when you. How tough fight with tears up when you go their egos will have no idea what's gonna happen right. Well again and so if a guy's fighting a guy how much does that mean I just. I ask. It's silly I mean you know Steve melts we're right that's a silly question I'm sorry yes what you did it's I mean death. So you guys going out that guys in the open guys can fight a guy with a mask in my in the fight in his chance he may lose that mask. If he loses here and we're not. We have had the chair. And haven't chair this whole blue chip break and all but two different the loser table. There's always brick and yes I was bird tables on the path of moderate table right now would break. Oh look see it Alicia we should do. Can Victoria when I still haven't gotten back on the Highlander and yeah I am not working now we'll get my revenge quietly but yes that's it for Ascot I'd cherry we're down to look at popped. Yeah no right. We actually we did last month from now we did as Jerry network Curtis Curtis is actually people need to hear from briskly and around the room yes next SaaS and look at ask him anything at owns them yes call me with their harvest your test candidates Don and individuals to keep breathing even though Kenyans. Asked if it was is Sunday an idea they used to do that channel 38 I asked the man is as the manager of the Shawmut hostess yes this will be asked the producers. Unix on. Curtis or can I ask anyone like that out because actors mine's a brand asked him that that's a Friday that's easy eagle touched all of from a single glove that you could sit back late like call call Olsen I would people ask me questions bone loss may do that tomorrow I guess we're going to have to yes but. And our viewers right now a recent conference we still haven't played Tony's home public media and did I should read only got go to new troubled song tomorrow okay. Who don't want a lot of course it has found no Oscar telecasts you got your Vincent. So and push him that mentally being much of a poetry because you know I've trained here about an hour or so who update the bracket is what we get back. 61777979. Resemble grip Sports Radio telling me. Still that they have decided charges while we're on everything. Perhaps. It's a favorite I'm not aren't things woods alone like Gloria I cut back Reagan's time sunshine that. Here I don't I think yeah. I not be picking them amend Dick Flavin. Poet laureate of the threats or something wonderful man who cares it's old and boring and stupid sounding too dumb home. They're like he's my best friend but he did them. That's true that your best friend you make Condit he's a casual for a dual good point now. Right now that's actually true and anonymously herbal essence it's really quite assistants I took knowledge of a sudden it's all about the best ours on our show our our showed her particular public funds are different skills to be honest. I mean like. Went but I usually don't label does not kind of stuff in Paris a little bit Schilling to make fun I mean you make a Dick Flavin and I've pretended defend him. Eating it's embarrassing it's radio I shtick what you like it played. As you ask graduate caps oldest boy it really a 10481. Lower look at my. Yes I would could also much I was right injuries after. Our Jerusalem Douglas spoke at your high school graduation no huddle and guys who. Usually the speaker sock elect the other drivers and educators open we all know what's gonna teachers yeah you got it right leg and stood up and tells Israel has so and I will always appreciate that demographic portrait. Yes to a good news funny was fifty years whatever it was awkward jokes veto I don't remember that chokes or just from understands us. It was good you have the comedian. Right he's not but he's not funny. Great guy is a wonderful guy. So it's legal because you Ryan's words abs we've Malone yes OK I like my poetry I like more tank yet anyway try. And there is tension in here at those two we'll see training our. And you know the other they were trainees you podcast and others. In the water may break right now that's true good point point you just got against a really good. Do the podcast is Kirk manner as a training very talking to Trent Tucker turns into question. That would be good notre from your play along with she added and he and that's the thing is the best. He's read these threats and our noses Greenland than he did you hear about it via a good salary and. I actually don't always appreciate that I'm hoping this is a primer who. Kirk's turn voice doesn't matter it's stupid. It's the content that that's good in the content makes ten wastes on comfortable probably makes other people are comfortable I can confirm that and I sit here and I just look I don't look at UN general. And the containment is not pleased to obviously levels and with that want this life molecular so cannot easily. He's only doing trying I think that's part of. That they had and I want to add them up and suddenly. That was the best. For any voice asking attorney about the salaries of NBC sports Boston people before and that's true that's right yeah I think you would really have to do. Right which can we once did a podcast and all told us before but I was never really know yet. Dina a million tangling talk he gave of salaries of everybody. And we posted it in an hour later they were Collins boss syndicate do that got to get them take out there and our physical screw. And could do whatever I was you know this place works security persona for the podcast we've ticket down tangling. Whose guess if you're known for fact but he guessed and all the salaries of all the Reynolds co workers are only close only ten where would do that that a mystery so blissfully go home to resolve attorney last night because it was national poetry day is analysts. I was a little bit through star of the show poetry right off the top tier. Just when you things. The Celtics will stink Marcus Morris picked him up from the brink move he makes a Big Three did you see that higher reading the Celtics got out of big trouble. Also here's once for you Gary rent direct ballots are blue carrier starts really stink but I like you both thank you very hard. I appreciate that Tom Brady is lady read books about how they're fantasy life looks cool was done little. Poll Iraq dead if it wasn't for the ratings would put them in eight straight cash and Tom Brady finished fortieth here then played to his 45. Abuses will receive he's changed his mind it's it all to screw the bills he read that your South Africa. Jesus it's my favorite part anyway admits he could even write the whole thing I could and that is I could run upon this your Kodak agreed to write something is dumb is that these and all of a line about I don't hurt I think to a featuring Paul Gary's. Owed someone that's a good ninety earlier there are. Now on the fly coach can. Chair but you wanna like I doubt I ever again we we could take a break when the public just when we come back to great teaser mortgage insurance finishes now okay. Now among them my show. Look at Shaq fake Chinese gonna do him Poland like as a whole its public wanted to lines onto hope home. I'm promotional. This matter two vote OK aren't I. Mean what this guy but Stewart last poets writers are doing about now. And we save nothing and I find it exactly. It didn't hear the voice mine. Announcement and the moon. And then okay. We figured there. That's in his gas. And it is very true. How pregnancy test him out and it's that. Yet. The figures blue I don't know if that's a big night Lou is yet to the plus and minus. Blue yet notebook adjustable rates. Five. All right time. I like hanging out you Gary even though you're twit. I never knew hanged himself in accused thank you that are. They're. Like yeah. I don't see a problem you can what's definitely. Gonna put. Fourth on the left. My nickname for you Gary is funneling yes. The reason for that is now. On this historic Q the Texas ready say she can't make it for the that she's on our way. She my economic slow it's crazy up there I'm rather bad time and cover the Bruins at that practice followed in the puck. Why no immediate panic for a quick now there's no word yet that works out works trying to record our clubs will rise of Marjorie and I. It. She's only doing the puck as if you happen to be in the same ball is not Hillary of course yeah. It is no doubt she's doing the show with margarine and yes there's over top although it's now and the anyone of PBS goes to work when it snows. Slowing to offset episode and actually stop now it's weird about it is no accumulation and I don't know amid doubts that lately about his experiences no effect in the dry officials say of I'll defend Gary trying to at least sort trying to fund means really that he can do is really the Tampa plant that was the first play that was bad chemistry lecture terribly bad it's because there's a joy it was complete joy it was a right. Motorsports. Side straight sport's sake because that's that's all I do. And they don't do so a lot vitally privately and believe. Now amid Sony wants to he's afraid he's afraid that is easier he would admit although not I don't know I don't know anybody wants type is ultimately to battery but he won we just at the star of the hour I'd think oh it's much harder than that you couldn't do it ought to. Market well you could do it if it meant you were never get in trouble. And yeah a great ratings it was work I get paid really well I can't ratings I don't and but Trafalgar j.'s Jerry seen as wanna do that I'll that you want change anything given the rate let's just fine young what did you think you'd think if Welker talked about other things Fredricka goes out now but he he's sick he would think that EDT good effective potentially. Now quality change no you do you'll hear a change aside this is like but I could see I agree with Kirk from one regard it's. It is easy to do that. But it's also safe and safe lots of people once safe Chad did you ever get a twelve actual tickets at his work if you work to be saudis. Asked must eat it by NB these companies have a visa thinkers now it's it's much more work to do it what four hours a sporty about Bradford at last and it at all sport or I'll just take calls when I'm done. You did that the calls recently around here give handled the lack of Bonzi big story. And not to I think a lot of people if they had to talk about things that you talk about and I talk about they would feel. And they can do it. The Felger can do it and it's dangerous you might get called in the Boston sure that's part of the deal a lot of people don't wanna do another I'd rather have happened once in awhile and usually. You know. You know a lot of people don't think that like her no I agree. Ollie covered it all tonight baby wanna long did it six so you're not give a thought not or is this travel call muffins but instead we do edgy stuff we do crazy stuff and that's what we're about we're here today. 940 right before and we'll ask him if he's well oh how did what and how well the Schwab on X boxes. Yes or else route although we doubled the hour. This that the spot breaking out. One especially true answer yes when I went o'clock here through recession that drag the green once on some go back in two months and cursed to dueling weather reports while we update the bracket yet true also weather reports well yes sure those guys both go outside right now into doing weather report in the fourth hour request as well as change dramatically if you guys get out there right now just much about mine was pretty good marks a pretty much you guys are out there together and do that we get back to senator dueling Horry did. I could do that they did a cool weather report together we can do what I signaling that make it seem like it's won a slick and hard to it's like you Christmas. Now a combo as adds I work for you can't. That's great care is subject to an update this sounds perfect in that weight power forceful student unions don't would you expect from back irritation. Over at.