K&C - A rough night for Jimmy Kimmel at The Oscars; Callers loved The Shape of Water 3-5-18

Mut & Callahan
Monday, March 5th
Hour 1: Gerry, Kirk and Gary discussed Jimmy Kimmel's performance hosting the Oscars.  Callers weighed in on The Shape of Water. 

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He's current. What were they over the weekend so I doubt that bug part. Bothered me as well most fewest goals against attempts ratings trophy that's on that Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez one on a couple different if we give a couple of numbers and I'm curious what. These means you may just power of I don't know honest feedback from the guy who you know very controversial. Appreciate feedback consulates with Gerry Callahan mind is that as a candidate apparently for the afternoon show I felt felt quite a bit over the last year. That's hard stuff but he's not gonna take your shirt off of thought here isn't. My best position is is six to ten show you really bad forget it I don't mind them on the morning show but I and I think he's way if you need definition of the word leverage. I don't I honestly don't. If I may be so honored to have all the female nominees never categories stand with me so. It's god Harvey Weinstein. Very exciting night Ryan what's going on for dear basketball black. Basketball players through schools showed in your work this is a night for positive activity on Sports Radio telling you we. I skirt Callahan show Monday. Morning after the Oscars excellence of its efforts 97937. Devers was to go through the doubled home run yesterday update that yes. After great week and it was the W I I think it was you know for instance I guess mark it was at the program over and it was. Excellence does do they just get together and it into x.s and knows right right at that you're ahead of butch and I'm. What other branch and now Bradford show me butch and with which with a blood there on luck yet which they have Anthony. Not what's on your head now what does that tell you the other who condemn the company had to tell me why it's vodka and what it was and it takes and scan taken office yet. She's through fall apart yeah. It's routine and brutal. No manner it will looks that looks different and much more market I think that they needed you know the golf club that time you're chipping balls and hit yourself in the Bible that was that we that was surgery. Yes. But I was happy last what about the future fell but widely out of delighted and America. Widen again because my hero is quite well as if that's not it's not a couple good. What Wendy you know there are literally look at millions of people shave their heads and to achieve major he's that fascinated by giving you looking more like it like when you shape your hey you look serial killer. Don't shave your the stubble there. That's happily have you thought about shaving or not that's to me gets going like that's weird. And who commit to commit to put this one just grows you know about when he what do you call it what would you've done you know call that we are not I don't know. I don't Curtis can you take a picture outside attack on a different and that terrorists the same tech ways of handling it yes you look scary could. Shares the same way it looks great. I know he's got more and and you should I when I said it would similar to why does it course. Populated it does it breaker supply your every wants and no one has any era on the show looks at me right yours looks great it does that cue from seemingly tremendous mess lines we'll get better there and tell Helio and everyone here Gary could use there. You can use attribute to have any product we're ego. Featured stars stars on the go back stars you know stars is just the typical neighborhood suburban. It's right place your delight said Sutton place you want the nets at the paper we need coffee so why does it. Soft as it that's that's tomorrow you have your head shaved you look like. As I was when I Christopher Lloyd and whose minister I have oozing sores and Brittany and militiamen and government at 7 o'clock tomorrow yes she's come an end that is at 7 o'clock tomorrow hopefully should be better which was on the phone. She was excellent she was terrible she was terrible but terrible the first couple minutes she was nervous once again he has pitchers really go shoes about a good until that stupid question of dobbs Dallas Mavericks terrible. It's amazing like this that. It's a guy like I want your sister so bad asking questions for guys on this for a long time you wanna hear yourself talk to TV thing. Eagle on and on and on. No questions too long on the did you think that was a good interview. No I did and an ounce of thank you guys did a good job until the Mark Cuban question thanks once you're going to Dallas Mavericks in Cubans who we don't believe it he's a liar when it comes with president who's. Guilty of sexual harassment and and also edit employee. On the on working for them. Physically abused a woman not once but twice so I think in the world. They've done right. Thirty seconds. While I was a good question isn't a question for Richard is the world of sexual harassment. And we know oblivious to it we ever sexually harassed yes that would have been that's what I asked in nine of its 800 vs traveling more rounds it's. I think there I think that criticism. I think I legitimate constructive purpose argued criticism all the time I take it well like take you know yes I'll take it as Arlo the Daryn unless you western like you gets forma deserve this is that it any criticism that and a never criticism doesn't bother me I just don't to a meeting with the right I don't change I keep doing the same thing I would say it's halfway ten went takes cruise is better than anyone. On it and this is the rules office and wait isn't there yet it obviously takes it better when you know he doesn't well he does it set all got to sat strikers that you've got anywhere says anything about crowd you wonderful podcasts yes and you get upset yes you can criticize my partners no more camps are somebody liquor to mossy actually Picchu and a debate in an argument if somebody legitimately be treated and he beat me five the theory you don't like it. I did lose it a fact you get you my job you do you go off the rails along the rail and indeed on the table all the belts right to do do you can't choose to tell what you can't just find back to you don't know Nokia to a when you testified he only Gerri common everyday this week bullfight OK I want about what do once they have Thursday as that sounds good. It's secretary's greatness locally. You get out about it the home and fell on the way the commode or not far from. Meet some walk around Fort Myers you're due to the visas to those places that haven't Steelers but it brought you can't take a little criticism that I cannot. Good luck let's and that's the existence of the wit nor the intellect that's OK he's excellent training guide to get back to Britain. Should I choose to go which I hope she's gonna be she's ready and brings it and argues in fights I have he's terrible doesn't bring us argue and fight that's over disagree. With what looks like that at all. Of course you're expected yes that's what we do get on the phone issue due out that's who's actually achieve it actually diffuse it with Kirk sec dot that tweet and I love Brett McKay and you know that horses worms and the other day. This injured politically we are in sync but that tweet about Jonathan Martin was read them. You're right she admits it's human tooth and I touch is gonna fight child that she didn't which was Smart. I think she kind of regrets it. I think so be it it Toshiba offer but I have to say Gerri tomorrow it could be the beginning. The end of the minute and family dynamic piece of talent happens. Kirk is at the top of his game. Major market radio personality and the mr. mechanic comes in there's a little spot Barbara McHenry. I don't get out of Kerry's not this is not my World Series well no but see that's what they did Jerry's gonna try too hard mixing you know. Just like to equivalent shares from the cables Mary. Kirk Cameron target practice. That every woman's sexual she's still young so me so holes I think he's hysteria took a more in this area to look at more than I do too she's good for wife number two for you jets and me as we've talked about it it's Joseph. She took a job I did to us that she's Smart you you know she gets a bad rap at least of Americans and obviously that Adam. Tiger thought there. A bit of time on some of January fox. If it ever happen on the woman you're clearly had an affair but if it ever was talking about it but here's what happens when you burn era nobody everybody thinks it's a Larry it's it's a true sign your phone. I. I think this is when he can't take he can't write a chair and he totally fabricate something one of the little solace I'm just joking one of the reasons Kirk intelligence. I wish there were some that words something nobody have you ever met anyone who's. Quicker to fight dirty and Kirk on Mueller's quicker to go below the belt and I'd say its all time he'll lines mix stuff up totally and it's tough to defend yourself against that you died Wednesday 8 o'clock we'll have well. All of the guts out here and see if I think that you know it's set up well through Wednesday. I'm all what are we gonna do. I'm gonna hurt us on this goes there is clear there to have a good old fashioned. I thought we did that every. Evidently for you it's an issue of good news now so anymore. That's clearly got that memo from management and also has an issue somebody else trying to bring this I just says is that it's it's amazing to say yeah. Contact us. I'm glad you made it today when. This came and untangle it time to give it is a Seneca you he'd tried calling on what's the difference in real stuff on line. Was matter forget their five if we we need to talk you know we don't shall we are G which you don't worry Giuliani Mike goes and you know Gary you know everything you know what I what I. And it's actually a fair question to want to know when I went on etc. 515. Five that the united it's paid from sick I was a minute earlier I get a patent six enlarge it and aged yet and overtime minutes. Yes okay football when I actually walked in and it when I was fine. At twenty of or fifteen over tenant you don't say anything. Jerry sits there with a true cup watching ESPN for ten minutes right year old good talking to yourself battling we met Harold yeah you don't say a word to each I don't disagree. I I it has to and I could argue dark and not me I have no problem it's I don't it has set as a segue to where you are you gonna I'll play all the. And I don't know now is a late start this morning lacy out. Took my time but you know what I mean did you read herald the speech you know that it was gonna smoke I decided not at all I didn't know till I looked outside until he got a knock out this morning and others now. Did you. Poke this is an old person discussions which start talking about the lucky young it would consistently go ahead and let's idea that it got a bit innocent young and now I know what she's when you start collided knows there's no Angel older people as old old people are no I didn't know is gonna you know what no two and is 615 serves in young talk object. What's hallways are mature about taking your job. Could be men who knows all I know that's quite happy accident yes yes so what are my dude is a big. I'm going to be at the update desk forty minute I'd say I cigarettes if you're hearing you here in the hole is its major job here. I heard a thing to be honest I said we make it traits straight swap one point one. And wait chewing scale in Key West I mean I'm not the guy. Yeah why not just what you won't Taylor today. He just as good as what we want them gimmick but he won't puts on annually combative to give up while they went through there will be in downside obviously toward the I had four already at 612 I have the guy. I have the guy the guy let me get someone at a guy from Comcast know that hurt though I have and I'm dead serious illness. And it was our bottle in a Smart well August is the guy they bring her to move on. All of this to Bob and it ought to rest or other guys are getting sucked into the vortex. Don't end the aggression out like anti grad you're still RC to job or job. I was never there secrets privilege that's. It's a talked about it we do. In the big the well are the kind of kiss me. Because what because he urged his marriage is perfect for this place perfect perfect oh god doesn't play him back and having you know make eagle mania like everybody else I was only in the radio I think he'd be great yet to my holiday you know why I like the big yelling like if you don't line because he would fight back. At the morning show announcing he would win at least let's fight back we are through more than a lot of palm are down in the red zone. Which I'm talent he crashed his with a guy that guy and crash he's the guy is there a hate him yes it always does. Actually that's just instinctual guide. He's got to. He has relation but but they're by GMX. Only fired the while now he and Thomas. One errors in English. So this hour that an imperfect guy crashes the perfect because I'm not doing that Jerry I am not do what what itemize what's offered you. Larry and yes I about politics like play what if Comcast dumps you. Right a movement and I'll leave in a minute video right union job and yet so when they fired you Comcast or wherever it is and politics over your job. Preaches for that would you. He said he would take it to six job in the after the acknowledge up no I would nod to the judge tell you something honestly. I would. It might be that Obama is the easiest gig I was I don't want I did rich and nailed to a fine job they wanna do their show back after Michael says he can he went yeah that's right now I don't care at a white grass is the perfect guy. As he's crazy enough. And his eagle sludge and dual sport though that's official is Kirk I noticed that's any of tubes are showed some he isn't yet but doubling in leash like you know at least you have a guy in there whose loud and obnoxious and scratch. As a team party against Alan him or Manning in check Rex is the guy Hopman. Cup and so but but metallic any be great any drive and pressure drug it's a crazy. All on Monday night congressional balancing. Bell Atlantic okay. When you're in the form three consider that is if they were Belichick in the same room Milt he'd unpalatable to so while you drive crazies because disasters because the questions would be longer than mine Botha to secure the football questions cast their. He doesn't care well that's true it's would you would you be right but I think Gretchen the guy forget to mention to you June case Smith has gone all of these sorts as as tigress first report by. Was your Ayers thing well don't want to me in trouble in the but he knew we wasn't picked he. He's. You can find another check that the deal young mature young woman you mean yes. I have no idea I really don't borders in Quebec and others to have around the only two Comcast I mean it NBC's port Austin I go in and they. Take a nap I do my show and leave it shows. I'm nobody nobody is disputing that never be believed yet I everybody believes that. I added we vet and outline now I ID gets a text from trading OK I shot Illinois she's coming back porch twelfth. She's islands still she has since she she was swimming with the elephants. Swimming with elephants trying to eat and you know I don't trust this one strenuous from the elephants yes yes it's the elephant you know pitch you can have you can have elephants. It elephant it's a conservation parks. So you go in the water you watch the elephant scenario Leo but I Freddie was trying to it was some sort of without its. What you what's so hard and it's just after China get the did you guys and that's what that movie that won best picture was about balls and I was directives from the elements of four point. Freddie is to sell in her element right now. She's in her element she's alone right yet and now she's alone usually save birdie frenzy after she is I mean I got a bunch of picture she is I'm sure you do have some children go to should make you an offer consumers looking higher friend. It's everything. She's a plane issues and in front of club Buddha temple. She sent me this thing about. You've got to surveillance and from Boston in Thailand random really yeah oh I don't know whose father Shanley father dig wells. That's. As Richard Cheney cold calling always read I give her credit or turned the trick is eat you eat we know she likes to appear in a world equity. Other fields but it we knew going trip to Thailand alone that's investing that's not only like that's not pretend I'm an only women did that. Let's not pretend that now that is really she's genuinely a that you feel free spear which is kind of feel bad for refute those pictures and she's by herself alone she looks handle I think she loves it and I think that the what do you think this train makes friends everywhere she does and I would hope until there I think you would agree would be terrible call you make friends I feel uncomfortable going in 99 along the bottom line at I might even Imus off somewhere that's fine the court to review around here you know someone's gonna come up to all of you. That's out there she goes to Thailand alone. That doesn't see the clothes on me it seemed dangerous state traveling by yourself as some people to watch people do it but doesn't that doesn't have any appeal to me now. Why it sounds like it's a fumble to stay home yeah that's on an indication that's awesome it is very quiet almost all around. You TV fridge offs. Olivia now they let him pass that the especially for my second week. And it yak and face a Texas the economic next check the radio again the station was scheduled to be on the set up a mug of your first it did work for yet Monday. She she yeah Monday guys a lot of vacation time that was just three weeks she was dormant suitable in the Olympics and the job. Who have you been over feeding her cats and and I wanna have firms and it was doing that aren't. It. So which were abuse gonna put written up in a Condo in the city she's too young permissions Kirk F she's a life she's Jerry's like she's she's she fits the cut project perfectly. Conservative. You know. And then. In Asia have a baby and Jerry will support Jesse Witten is he a native put on a press we look at is hoping perhaps not ozone and no doubt about it when I get by. All the you know the coupon or eight Oscar parties they Tony award yeah espy's. I was happy last night and this new meat to error for all it would. I was happy to sit down Kobe Bryant when you couldn't guys only rate one person that's that's not that's nice open and it was nice seeing get interviewed by Ryan Seacrest a couple of guys as well who have not had any patience issues that occur. I'm eye off the he's the best picture winners often lousy movies that happens last year moonlight was the worst movie ever made yeah. But I've never seen a best picture movie that I have zero. Interest in seeing none I cannot watch that movie I have seen Richard Jenkins can nominate it. And it's it looks like yes. Looks like some silly thing out of you know like episode three stimulus like to meet and what looks to me it's like when you go to a graduate two categories. Is that those weird ones likely they are huge and like really the bad openings for those scenes like I have no what's the watch Robert G Richard Jenkins. A section of fish it's not it's just waking up this sort of I don't know you know right now get Richard Jenkins and the fish eyes and imagine what we think it's weird bush will realize that girl on girl. I mean. I viewed this receivables as employees care Tuesday it won best picture us it did we just lighting up. Ups upset special got through billboards always Kirk had a free build like I'd get out I. I thought it through April boosted when it was going to be about. Shape or other water a movie about I guess woman having sex with a fish yes yeah winds. And if they ever wanted to make all it would appear out of touch and and just in in in in a bubble. They did with this is while flipping through big even on even a movie one click Q looks at that says you see yours I'm supposed to go watch. Like spent two hours watching a movie about 88. Human fish. That as an affair with a woman it seem strange doesn't it's not like I'm a movie it's just not. But I I can't imagine even staying if you flip and around the channels like six months from now on its own whatever HBO. Can't imagine spending five minutes watching it looks like the biggest piece of garbage since last year's winner yes. Yeah last is when I'm somewhat black leaders will note last year's. Okay defense of that movie election of the first. Two thirds of that movie was terrific moonlight was awful from the start to think I should lose during the war seemingly everybody I won best actor best sporting action movie who's good in the movie and like the movie that was. Yet but it was it won the analysis was. Rainy day card to Mexico's. I understand why one usually you know it's his PC element there there was time that like why did this one win as it is it time that it was if she's been the sort of epidemic of interest at all in London in when lesbian and Anderson which is integrated the chrome and miss having not won. Never climbed one and them yet did the couple rate inaudible missed Olympic and I'm not one official one in the past yes so why dog's jaw fruits like lust and not just not win lots of fish have been nominated so why does this have to win. These are garbage I'm gonna say that I am so I have no idea maybe it's a great movie but now I feel it I think it is a one policy because it Jenkins to endorse me artist now best picture this tremendous amount rentals there's some garbage awesome state no light spotlight are sort of a drug man Boller wasn't. Like hers sorry twelve is slave was awesome really never ever once again it's so disturbing. Argo very good the artist terrible on him. There in speech and mediocre Hurt Locker. Oracle's collectible slum dog millionaire excellent movie that's a good one no country for Allman lost piece of garbage saps who paid rash Austin hated the ending up retarded very good. Crash or excellent now all crash crash rate movie crashes is is is Hollywood left wing it and the last time it valuing real good psychoanalyst master. I don't 2000 gladiator the slap up next. That's right yes that's right strong muscular men sweaty like clay. At first I mean not immoral to guard Jerry showing their muscles I was doing a great part knock off gladiator is an awesome nobody is a great move. I mean I know it's no. What is the shape of wonder if it has been under water main that that's people watched all those movies including three billboards and get out. And Dunkirk and darkest hour and voted for this is moving about I was surprised him because I was surprised how little problem with that movie news. The fish is just unbelievable decisions I don't know. That you what you did screeners but yeah I haven't watched him do that fish that fish in the public Jenkins a sufficient movie. Yes that's why it's so what's the set a record of what happened with the plot I got a lot red watch really what Michael Shannon as. Michael Shannon as aside there's a need created this thing OK okay. This man fish if you will in all hideous creature at thank you who's who plays that was the guy in that cost you know it's a great idea. I'd grade Kevin Costner who this. The unity the hard who's the guy knows please the gory and administrator sets it yet. As many more that you probably is. Doug Jones is again pleased we have to be used. They don't aside are you go out and tell you my curiosity might talk advantage Michael Shannon got shot it sends a bad all right he's no Sally Hawkins Ari who plays the woman via. We recognize sticker we don't care action hot plays. Who should Sally Howard falls in love and she's the janitor is estimated the it in the evening. She cannot speak she cannot hear she relates to the amphibious man she falls in love with the ending she realizes that they're going to kill him and she is what you as I love it I wanna say or do I let him die. Are neighbors Richard Jenkins she brings him home and puts him in or top. Okay now that's well hey that's me that's so. Someone was in life church where it was Al and Night Shyamalan movie apology in my. That's a great movement I get in the water late in the water I ask you spot runner dates when your own weddings. I guarantee splash is better then that's the problem boys and girls but the problem is is that the amphibious man that that. It's just not believable ideals which is why did my best picture I have no idea why did three billboards. Might get out now. Don't know why Don Kirk now this reduces appeals to the older Oscar voters. Oscar voters won't allow the minds of missed Olympic it's a love letter old Hollywood. Accidental science fiction thing suppose I don't know but. To me that the plot of the movie works I mean I know what was that what was that movie would Dennis Quaid. On where he ends up so rookie none and none before it Dennis Quaid plays an astronaut breaking away. And it's Dennis Quaid plays an astronaut writes that. Kingdom and now know that Alan no no great American hero no on. Out more all American Europe celebrating always agree he now I know this Quaid. Bicycle rent a movie out of finally breaking the minister. It is I don't think a separate. Yeah I hope it's great. Great that it is better image for triple water I know it in the water. But I think that Sally hogwash like fish but a lot. But but imagine if you stayed up till midnight I'd like this you did an analyst at you know at the enemy is happens every year you know look for the Oscars. The giveaway nice toward the start Rocco was very happy for Rockwell good actor doing a good job. Then they do nothing for an hour and a half to give way of anybody again and I don't I don't feel you Dunkirk all the switches out the awards are all sound the same rights around and as I do think it sounded. Make up and you're thinking I wanna see any how many did Dunkirk in the winning they'll sound the four they said there at the sound mixing sound editing sound that might you know. Sound altering thanks so this. I. Represented big night for basketball. Was cold and that's ahead that actor from moonlight the big hoop player all right. His name. And know these things. Marshall. Arabia yes it was two years ago is yes I was of the night you won here before. Because he did present to us and that there are and a Coby yet and it's horrendous. Yes laden who is missing. But he. Affleck went for a walk UCF like Bob you'd you'd eaten out not to do it but you saw that you know. Outside none of the actress nominee spoke to write secrets before shows signs solidarity being un American obligors trying to support like you had. You you had Kobe winning it Seacrest the UN Merrill Streep in the front row of the big east enabler of every one's title which is -- she was just in southern appreciate you as your partner once agreed to women yeah I knew all about it and oh by the way liberal leaving their history played the rate of say like Annabel she she looked the other way that she was one of those people who one of them who was -- in new Rome when they would that was the term they used and they all left the young actress alone go in the room would Marvin all left and walked out that poor girl was trapped like an animal like Lamine alliance gave heartedly Meryl Streep. No it isn't I blame her 100%. You blinked Merrill street guilt and a percent for Harvey wants to repeat what yes and in a game what we throw this works. Just explain debated she's gonna rule he's going eating Asian what room. We went over a citizen leading the hotel suite that anything your boy guys when you know it was a young actress comes in say your name. Rose act now to ask the judge comes in the feel comfortable because his Meryl Streep in this among the women McNabb and they feel they're coming out of these women there was an American was in the revolt snarled streets it's wrote in a woman's ever said a few in the room that they ever don't wanna talk about her and I want to tell longer than wanna tell the truth does not occur. Right cheesy pictures all of these rooms gyms and some of the media almond eyes she's guilty as hell do you believe. Bounds that's out I ID if you want to Manto ago everyone she joked about it the huge joke about an assault call them. Ever put lines. I think that the industry in new chariots and you can't just put up or. I'll put on her and Matt Damon about a half it's three I think probably the most dupers I think I think that only get more data quality she'd had a guarantee that is no doubt about that. On issues I will say she was up offer caboose cheered for all points if you change clothes she's that you just from the jet ski. So finding out with a funny recurring gag but a catalyst by the way someone's who told him it was funny remember and someone should have told them that I unusual cycle tells jokes off a monologue beginning missiles terribly notable is too scared yes that's right he looked scary moment was timid he was awful Gerry. Oh you want it's what this is what I don't know this is what I didn't like about it is the black and white opening that they try to do blame awful means terrible that Kimmel did you have fun laugh. I think I liken it to her calf guy lat chuckled a Chuck Daly was as if he's afraid of the Weinstein story he danced around he goal. He made he made fun of the statue. Now that's that's that's his that's his humorous though and I know there going to be talking about this on you know on Fox News today while the nine year old watching Fox News. But he wasn't really that critical of proper parents are not at all I mean Modano and Joseph and we'll pass straight anymore jokes about the envelope right. Right I mean it wasn't I think purposely stayed away from trump in an almost basically you know we gratuitously threw them in like ones but it was a big deal now. The problem is Billy Crist was the best host videos whatever that is that is a promise has taken yesterday afternoon over my favorite you know obviously politically I don't like them separate file was good news little dangerous he's OK he likes to sing and dance but beyond that he's sensing and he's a little dangerous so you'd like Hugh Jackman did not paying it actually James Franco the good and I go back out to Franco is known for like thirty sending persuaded Kimmel jokes when it felt like call me by name for money. We make them to upset my pets. Some people Africans have regular is that now I am glad I was kind of funny what you expect from the two minutes in society it's not Netflix. Or put it on Netflix or you reported. HBO you get a different I can't believe they're human beings who watched that whole four hours I'm one of straight through. Well whole thing unfolded Oleg be put away some laundry. If you want to let you watch a Cadillac commercial every time I hurt and watchable sing those terrible songs from the body from the second part I guess at heart and allows the red. Always is the monetize those analyzed as those initiative fifty should just keep going and they should make seems longer you know like the clintons had just boom you're set up on the earlier on ninety years ninety moment whatever and was ultimately not wrong with those right. Instead you're there reminds us of the production we have here in the show when we asked a similar to end. We asked can a whip some together in one minutes undergoes back nine weeks American united and I think right away we go that far back in it and in the U. Did you see the New York Daily News is that they had a story about I was gonna be different issue than me to movement is change the Oscars. And they talked about that famous scenes that could not be the average included in movies today and number one analyst was rocking. Serious and I thought this would might upset you I don't know I'd agree and remember. You remember the scene she's. Rocky the first rocky yes rockers aren't you yes. And rocky theme Iraqi culprit. Such addresses spider Rico is a girlfriend now when she's their together and rugs apartment she tries to leave shots that the war and he corners that are I like. Note let's say you're being lighted nightlife you. Yes and then in the throes or in the bed and rip off are always does not he is just clue closed the door and that's area. A public but she was. I was asked I would I would vote and she said yeah he's the Paul is yes sure is it. Which brought to actually and so established. Like is it which to eat ice skate they did their best didn't do says some best picture and and I asked. Mr. beard since the story from the allegedly used you know some best picture winners are on lawyers and lobbyists. You want to be some of these some Maurice. I notice last night they did that seem in the DC to see Brad Pitt is talking seven in the car. Yeah talked in the backseat species may backseat at an ocean of space you I don't know all these I don't know I would know Dustin Hoffman either. Month options gone with the wind features a drunken red. Rhett Butler forcibly carrying his wife up the stairs to bed that's in the movie implying he's about the rape or miss his mean divert. I'm gonna move I'm hurt that shows Clinton and never casually spun XX is dialogue before angrily I'll click on his wife under the bed and finally spanking her. And rocky Sylvester Stallone plays and of the door that's an 88 tries to leave. These are movies you cannot be terrific agers really trying to leave. Yes okay so Adam you know now Iraqis are rapists. Yes yes she's stuck in the plug in the leg breaker and a rapists preach and smokes cigarettes he did swore the first movements or bowling movies where. Yeah on this few others here but them. I'm I'm never gonna watch and see them again electricity in the forever and never went out but Obama Clement number and they mention best picture winner. Kevin Spacey. Lusting after high school girl yes yes which is obviously as the format as a couple. But isn't a movie this year with army is not about them guys to grove high school board and fifteen I asked what's that about that too is an hour in the world where like. Because they're gates okay is that yes well that's what I wondered about it out of the plot is exactly the same script as the same. It's a man the fifty year old girl it would be nominated for best picture Jerry Lee Lewis meets the kid who's nominee for best actor in the movie to at least nine years you'll ultimately does yeah we saw him 700 titles is it that little brat the is all of this was. And that surprise a movie didn't win it. As a might be what's weaker signal a fifteen year old student holds a fish. It's quite a result these developments as shelters fill it out but it is a woman so it's lesbian thing well I don't know that fish is a man this is a man. You got so it may go watch where it was or read is not purposely cheesy like. Special effects that exit on purpose I don't I guess so because I think it looks like rule is that it's like Flash Gordon or something right sic writes yes it got lost in space yet I right is doctor Smith but whatever we want database did you see that they linguistics if you saw politics once seven. 779790%. The best picture winner is what they should with the the week of April should shape water we should do we should do an on line thing muted. When it thinks who the best finish in the movie was. Like that fish. Or fiscal one or the crew missed Olympus who looks most realistic knock yourself I want out or should bring efficient and Gary six flats and the idea how to have sex with a fish hatcheries that you personally today and if prize admission lady parts. It was and it politically he gets eaten wonderful things that this will have to assume that I've seen lots of fish have never seen the penis I've had never been sexually attracted to finish Vatican's. That's like a good piece of carpet that's true. That's going to be that's. A flipper. When you're dead. Ericsson tennis you know that I go back and unpredictable yellow legal which are acceptable to race and you're kind of afraid to get a good piece of macro client had a chance to earn that kind of stern has six would call from you guys ask us do you like rates Balkans he's proud of lecture while much of consensual or not I don't think it is you don't know. Can withhold her lady partner. With adult dolphins urgently love I'd call us and now let us know which should move on. I actually don't know if any a lot of movies either and you see right at him year Curtis about seed. The movies made over a hundred million dollars that under one million. It is now in an Arab world liked it a 6000000 and six million and we do have never met anyone who's seen as we've talked to nine million people seen in America and on the one who's seen not one. All your heroes who Wesley Smith and Jake I talk to Weston. But you know it's always movies too. Like the artist that law if you look the other movies via the arson nominated I guarantee either two or three movies. There that people still talk about nobody will ever talk of this movie right right ever it will never happen. Ever there was about a conversation about it don't 61777979%. To play more to get to Coeur D'Alene retain Gruber. There is here whether it's after. Here's I've all the awards given for achievement in show business Oscar is still number one no question about it Oscar is the most beloved. And respected man in Hollywood and there's a very good reason why I just look at. Keeps his hands where you can see them. Never says the root word. And most importantly no penis at all. He goes to the host of last night. Topical. In the middle of it he appealed to host for us. They would agree that's who should they have on their funny if there there there wouldn't you know it could hear in the middle of the whole thing guys nominated for you one last night screenplay if you get on it and I record I think it was a director. I know I don't know probably get a warning and nobody you know shot the dolphins movie but still. It was and it was excellently. As Williams saw yes she wasn't encircled let's assume it's terrific everybody's really never I've got to say now I'm just. No audio feed it may be you know it's. And you think it's an appealing. Audit feature after the divorce things again this I don't know. There haven't been back. The dolphins. Blog adult. I had to have them. But and him. But it felt like even like that the meat you think without the jet that was gonna sort of be all over the show us that really wasn't mean efforts are torn has that we speech will play like that it was okay. Then other try to lead actress Jennifer Ashley Judd some high commando. It's. She orders Internet. And or you don't talk that brought them out but right and it didn't feel like. What they're doing everything they could to make eagle weightless times and didn't really work. And he wanted to calls people saw this yeah we are supposed once again I can't stand it when I win my Oscar yet I will not say with I'd like to thank my team. Your team's so big part of it felt when they say that wanna thank my team it's so arrogant it is all I hate of one agency Mena. Now there are some design sessions are really yes as if they didn't say she India he began roto and Helen Mirren is like the hottest eighty year old alive. Mark bridges is a lot of people about that Eva Marie Saint she's 99 very OK she's older in the Oscar she didn't she looked and sounded good tonight is unbelievably great loose about Rita Marino. She's at 84 a dump the minutia. Right and even Marie saint Rita raid on Eleanor Eleanor and go humble alarm reiterated. You know excel. While these huge Nigeria's role in the meat curious as hornets want to give him that picked a woman who strictly one on merit you're safe know who's gonna give the difference in the dormant on her looks analysts say she's a great act additional Nam Cuba to the best actress alive she's everybody produce great milk not obviously not everybody straight street but McDormand is right it was sold could Meryl Streep play that role no chance not a chance no. But could meet to give sleigh yes yes no. Player fish host British or how not oppose she could have played the post. But I'm talking about the one week and a half away. She plays the divorce product actually. Underrated movie he's got us great and it doubles who wished Ron let's go to calls can't tie it off storm a couple of Kyle's in the car Mikhail. How the young guys it's I actually opposite water in Boston theater there was a product you. People there so people that you ever. Been attracted to a Fisher anything. Com I like. And it. And that's what's so you want to explain the plot their do we give the clock corrected that this thing shows up and it's created by scientists in this woman's fault some of the is that right. For the most part I mean I wouldn't say though I'm not circled created by a scientist but basically the fish thing gets brought to a lab with this woman worked that. And she makes sneak into the fish tank inmate kind of like get to know each other in Palma for them. She steals the official puts in a bathtub. She takes the field with a shout you put in about about one point he built a whole bathroom muck would water and that's where today. Fake porn case for the first time. Tennis and music is it in anyway erotic did you find yourself it's a way to by the senior now. Not really on it not soft core porno or anything it's reasoning pretty strange to do not like that movie. Traditional style particularly close off you know with the yes you do yes it was a pleasure safe sex you know I hate their features does a fish Wear heels that support this has no feet you'd like that a good note on it. How good was Richard Jenkins. We'll get home when known. This guy would be something doesn't reach rejected his. Tank was right those phantom thread costume designer mark bridges who won the jet skis and drugs and gave mania I saw no. Everybody a game of the great life jackets and economic will go on Mira but he. I was held here and tell me on what openings also it kinda tall but lessons here. And I saw that movie. And you know with my mother and my wife. And one. I don't know how to. And Lady Gaga Democrat was well I went. And I. Once when I was watching epic problems. But the terms. Hopefully through these loop it one more. That I was. I'll let the the mainland is in the bad job chasing. As well as Sally Hawkins was while it is doubtful it's seen as a bachelor applaud. It would easily from behind yeah that a lot of time with the effort to slips off shore and I didn't think. You know his hands wrap around the back and numbers around. How it would help and movies this. Yeah I saw. The editor Gerri do you want on your blog. Because I mean nobody they had wished bad actors and sort of drug to treat me that would that would change. We changed trusted us. I just eaten out. Yeah that wouldn't talk to the problems. Was playing when did it yeah yeah yeah and concede. Won't. Children god created. Made a hundred million dollars as that sounds like Morris this crap this this appeals Ted he's his appeal to the older Hollywood crowd. Cold War movie. Old school so he's. The older Oscar what you first said. Oh. You know Joe's a period piece I did not going I know about it was when he officiated. And nominated and they showed the fish in the back the budget was ninety million estimated the intent look like the school is the scene of a receipt and it would take it hasn't seen words like interviewing officials policies we think like Kimmel lake knows you can do like them with a mock Ryan Harris -- you know right. Now so funny sketch and and nice and blood can splash obviously she turns from a mermaid to human once she gets places permit but she's spoken hot. Now does this guy turned human. Ever know how does how does Tom Hanks leave like full time in the splash I was able to Britain as he goes whisper. You will learn to breathe do yes cigarettes and had a book out that's into the movie guy goes back him with mats yes she does in ways Leo she gives a malt malt. Yes splash would be 50% worse if continuous use of words obliterated when he's played them what to play racquetball or when a cool thing here consider that an accurate. These players I've received misled reckon ball fully committed society to break in going to be your first IBC remembering that they published a letter Panos forward Earl yet is it twenty copies printed and even a report he died in. What's the night before yesterday that yes. 29 years or yes to me uses that 24 years went on for years Jesus. To about how Michael seventeen what's the greatest can't hero planes trains and automobiles may be that splash is pretty buses pretty good the other one that's underrated because of Lewis and stripes Odyssey while volunteers. We placed on telephone Tacoma Washington. It's right he of these strikes strikes although it's not. It is a problem this slash span of I think that John candidate is a voice visually adds a kid when he gives the speech from white joining ambulances. 11 of these weight loss program as they wanna like 400 bucks is a plutonium into free. And they showed that sergeant you look at. It that I have covered it sheet of water Sweetwater which people ought to shape won best picture people saw. And it just sounds reasonable people sought who like it make you seem worse right I think the article sit through this how long it's. They're sweet crude movies and like I said not a good year. Yes I would say bunker was good putt for eagle bullets it's a good two hours I've ever seen that has no ending okay good club head out was good yet. I'm Kirk was excellent physical not a bad year. Good choices such a darkest hours good see I like the dark cars I luck omen night Donald Curtis played all you might push you off it. Swept why is very slow. Us. I didn't I didn't enjoy it did it was two hours ten minutes like three. Honestly it was slow he writes I'd like he's like Nemo like I don't know yet you know I'm really mad birds still lady bird was too slow from. Labored to rag lady bird looks like girls check of ladies you're like I had high hopes for those going to be pretty close hoping iPod and it's time we honor yes that's his aggressive write a great comedy great I don't know much crap it user anything we're sick and watching that. A lock in now on the red carpet. To be honored. Be honored does anyone really think that Tonya knew nothing of the Allen. Tell any little lonely planet. Does anyone believe Tonya Harding know in the league Margot Robbie does or Allison genius if I can brighten your it. A L that's it I I tweeted about that and TJ beam went right at me on Twitter I never responded but he said. I forget the offline Abbas said you know I I I find it offensive. That they honor Tonya Harding and make it to make a movie there. They can a movie about a bad person happens all the time I no problem that. Right right later here we greater honor you know and they are the victim made movies about Hitler but I'm pretty sure he wasn't walking the red carpet year. Eight. I don't. Remember a figs and a host of that was an image more ways movies about your name OJ Simpson may moves of a bad people but rarely do they get to sit there. With the stars of the table and for watch the red carpet and go to the Vanity Fair parties shall I thought was marching was the dynamic between. The jocks differs of the world. Who also on the B to meet two people Kobe because they don't know what to do with themselves and their their job is indeed they had licked Kobe's feet all day law juicy Stephen Hayes tweet off against even say I'm telling you you do that you get mad about this steep and women is a weird thing I don't know what's going on. Much of what it's about. But he does he does not like women's team basement he does not in my loves loves loves it Josh effort right now whether that's Floyd Mayweather who gives no EW OK. Say eat eat the defends what will this stuff we get past 617777937. On here's some I want to that's on the that's evening trying to protect what we've had skirts or whatever whatever errors that with Ray Rice it's bizarre Stephen it's strange guys. That's like Anna from the shelter wants a back of oil spill on the meter guy secretly oxide is what I'm unlike unlike. You know on the people may like Holland and I am okay honoring. Bad guys about that and Emma is with this is basically what they did when I timed right it gives. Yes they believed her well if you look I did the boy her story all the way to producers and writers ever an interview they say the very beginning like as a note appearances. It the following is based on interviews that make peace in the rambling and inconsistent on an article you mentioned being and I'm no fan and Nancy Kerrigan can imagine being in her or family watching this scene of that. Puts money in your pocket hard and get him at odds I'll lie and grow sitting there with Margot Robbie and rest that we do proves garlic. I'm looking at you. Looking around Floyd Mayweather V I need that it is only consistent that's a little kids that didn't talk pretty gets. It's nice I'm talking about Tom Brady being at Everett wash the code okay we talked about that. And then you're on TV White House talking in Atlanta to talk about possible that's what because I didn't know what it was awkward about it could cut and then he said it gets to sit out sick. Just it's it doesn't. And it did you talked inconsistencies you sit there lecturing Reagan what you Floyd Mayweather that he's about this big it's it's easy to get going out. You will apple obviously on the one talking that. Want all schools that don't play you don't play moral high ground on our you don't play the you're better than that we'll put the moral high ground on me we can play it whether it's not want to joke around and dropped the guys are you joking around. And if you go about how great it could cut don't act like you got set up on Stephen Smith. It's not like. He and what he good enough we'll talk you know like I'm sure we always like him. Yeah no apologies for. That none you ruined if you talk against a white guys know me don't know we'll never always Oregon I was. Is there a difference of opinion oh he thinks Floyd Mayweather. It was a misunderstood. Outlive us now of their during the Ray Rice thing we have that point Tony fourteen. Make sure we don't do anything to throw well wall actions speak I don't know what I'm who do. If somebody. Touches a female member of my family. I know what I'm going to do. I know what my boys are gonna do I know what I'm glad you were mama that that I worked for the world wide and on the law enforcement is the ball because the what I'm going to be tempted to do. Do so let's try to make sure that we can do. I caught it make a show that doesn't happen we also have to make sure that we can learn as much as we can't. About elements of provocation not it is a real provocation but. Elements of provocation got to make sure that you addressed because what we've got to do is do what we can to try to prevent the situation from happening it anyway. And I don't think that's broached well enough is all I'm saying no no point of blame to steer the violence. Very scary. He was condone or two Apollo whiskers it's it I suspect banked on their hours back yet don't yeah I mean if you Wear heels saw a law don't get my dad Welker don't women do what you do don't smell nice between that. Between the Mayweather defense and ass kissing which is really bizarre. Then last night so proud so happy for the black mama act Kobe Bryant unreal when you Cam Ward. He's been interest ratio for the last twenty. But still those again much or goodness congratulations grow so proud the real tough guy. That's relations row congratulating you're a guy who you know settle the rate case correct. When he was found not guilty and but that is no you know I don't know he pays no I'm sure I'd add that I don't quit go to court went to court. What color it with the court initially went to court it was subtle yet it's good that there was civil trial that the court. He admitted to an adulterous sexual encounter with the accuser but tonight let's abroad alternate and always tells us shout back don't get me wrong it as a scumbag but I thought. And if it was enough march 2005 they settled the civil soltys audited. On this as if they are right I think there's a thought it was that he said she says it and and execute their gonna come to a conclusion. Right she zones to testify after they you know it was OK so it was like the rock he brought wiper effect wife was used on one's choice by the seventeenth when he met her right to yes. Padilla now he's a dirt bag I mean he's a scum that. Yes some people but he was when I was a Curtis sexual assault allegations 2000. People have forgotten all about it courses have them don't even know it's from its word word of Ernie world what is this thing Woody's. Ask what is the movies food whatever it is OB Lucille in my dear basketball Colby's letter to the game. How come what is it who seem sure it's it's how he seeks to like that the attitude problem is that under showtime or something and I mean. You take a look at both posting about the other people who were nominated the other nominees they must've been like I lost in the crowd pump climbing up where you're like my life like and how you crews are sitting home going I had never want 11. And it's got. When he's won one don't be durable way. Them. Thank you Kevin as it was amazing honor thank you John Williams was such a wonderful piece of music. Who believed he'd eat at John Williams five minutes is the alteration. So of all order movies or whatever the short John Williams did the flippant I could not a league's regular have a high ratings in serious musical directors ever to the same Oscar for that that you win for electorate in a real yet -- Rockwell one Moody's reduced it eat into required to produce the same Oscars you know where that is it to go upon stays indoors thank final minutes or your victims I mean you're girlfriend's and their reach yes like it seats so great integrated speech was it just ignored everyone knows it happened in the stillborn. And Stephen bass is so happy for the black mumbo. Thanks so you think is a good guy Steve basic task loser like Kevin column last night called the Mary Campbell was urging oblige older sister. The sisters and they are it's the system against us he makes are also on record that widow Alicia promised even in when it. Or Demi needs said the women basically Mitchell beetle called and offered suspended by saying sponsor saying don't dress up don't don't. But don't talk back out annoyed but I thought you had a further point why why why he has such an I had no idea is that weird take would win what will that say that. Play her it's quite a Staten Mayweather Colby like it seems that he's rushed to the fence all the time but that's about that's right I mean I thought notes yet that you did knows about. I won't don't know he's fit and it'll conclude I just had a senate passed a mature with his wife that is his the falcons defense and I'm just wondering if he has some inner demons had no idea that I don't know why he's struggling with his homosexuality. That I don't know about them elect again he liked the way he went all of them Mayweather I mean embarrassment site like you wouldn't believe. Then this thing with Colby congratulations borrow. Says defense what's his defense of his affection for Mayweather never Maxwell even offered to us why don't you doesn't offend he well if you don't like to Kurt he said in the interview when he was released from jail but he interviewed me whether he really grilled about this can be found his lips and it was completely and we don't know went to a guy's closet to mean little in his closet look at shoe law this is still cause there's no turning back from like this. You know practically every woman in America would be jealous that is it's so yes. That's the ritual and Isiah Thomas whose boy to do that as are you walk in the closet at Floyd's house and a woman his what's the one can he lost selection and against them against African -- PT scholar Erica what has he does not allow it does that's you know that's the debate as regularly as I EST today you know Isiah Thomas Tom Brady material Centex agreed. So I don't file stuff. You made me go back on my word I was going to boycott the Oscars because they snubbed stronger and Iceland Jake Gyllenhaal who had by far. The best acting performance of the year. For some reason and you don't even have a theory. Your movie guy you don't actually connected and resonate with the with the but the borders or the audience and also what you've seen movies that don't connect it win before alligators collectively we got together and said that's not on what if you're an Oscar voter whenever an Oscar member and you see that why do you snub it I don't know. Much or what I mean how do you watch would chill on did not think that was an amazing performance I'll. And all part of the machine in and this is it Weinstein started this whole thing and you know and it's that the that that the scum bag that he is but he started the marketing campaigns for movies that's how. Miramax became so successful. Was as soon as he he'd be flooded it was screeners. Phone calls to all the voters it's all about marketing to the voters you don't think they didn't mark do you think they didn't marketing rights to the voters that voters as voters yet ought to be voter register send them a little letter and you know what to do a lot more than you do a lot more than that year so much value Weiner. She's not die I'm gonna see this strategist we are congratulations a Coby. Our might trickle watching a lesson time than they were both tied to the pictures that it's Melvin said black mambo and the row row row Brock I mean just. It only makes me feel like I've been fast in the business but he does also plant. Nicest men I've ever worked with. Well you know ethical treatment Italian moms and thoughts and Gary I have no comment. That acts like tweeted. That. It's all you need no more Hollywood that he paid tribute to Tonya Harding and low life and a liar and ignored Jim Bowman. They suck that's what I tweeted it's pretty accurate I stand by it. DJ being too we expect this is an outrageous take. When is it ever Ben about the topics that are good and bad movies about good people and they are good and bad moves them bad people. True but I think. Of course and then of course does it said many many movies about Hitler right and loved in glorious bastards used Hitler good he was couldn't that a military Hitler in The Three Stooges and some inspection but an and his movies as you know obvious heroes is a. Out whenever OJ Simpson's moves around to them guys on Wall Street the willful Wall Street or right to purchase like Bernie made enough yet yes the problem with that doesn't mean you owner of the gap isn't about winning by honor though. He that she sits that you want to read Conrad green she should write she shouldn't be no issues for the crap and she obviously needs the money. At Hollywood said this is a story we can sell. This is a story we can market but as far stronger goes Gerri I thought the performances were. Awesome but I that it was a great movie. All do you think cheap one it was a great movie I have no idea who do you think there's good reason to think was better and I love Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington and Roman blue jays real energy Joan all along and I we all know the Washington Denzel is awesome I mean the real reason. If he tweeted that first. What do you mean. Already still from that that's a great question. Indeed callers just I don't know it seems and approaches to me he might wanna start cold I don't know why should secure to the globe that's that's two and I say you delete that. Yeah he thought I'd take that I mean really when they find it Hubert stories off anyway they're probably go back to delete the tweets. I'm 61777793. Cent an hour to curtain times.