K&C - Roy Moore is done in Alabama; The tributes keep pouring in for Mike & Mike 11-14-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, November 14th

Hour 2 - More allegations have surfaced against Ray Moore claiming he engaged in sexual activities with teengage girls.  Mike & Mike tributes continue as their show is coming to an end. 


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He skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan it once sports real WEEI. Kirk can count my hands headlines hi this must admit that stands on the shoulders of its morning leading. Talk show thanks art specialist. I get yours mine goes to. One of the keep people of the day. You see who's stealing items you've got here a money always making the University of Michigan crowd have you heard JFK. Ask not what you can do for your country. But ask who. That's their right these are trying to think with the fans and try to teach Castro who just you know what the media would say the old saying is never think. There's your third offense a third on defense at third as well you know I would shift our doesn't. They're the number they play another starter is a third they get no money there's sixty offensive plays sixty offensively it's not gonna be sixty special teams plays. We talking about there is and always insightful I think that over the years it's been a no one of those today has been like did. Where you just think that you need food to it'd. Athletes could do more to help you know. I mean there's definitely pressure on athletes to you to do Moorer ActiveX. You know be more active X. They're actors two years to get some money inspired headlines. As there have. Get to. Atlanta for a few by doctor Robert letter document Preston. Pete Carroll Los experts at 1800 gators keep up headlines. With a starting where guys like I think probably. Roy Morse we should stars to story gets bigger bigger Jerry was found some not believing. That new Yorker story. Do you believe it now. Absolutely and what wedded to pay than I was skeptical about the New Yorkers for his it has some guy from new York and being welcomed the New York Times. Hang around it gets to the mall and he has obviously Greg Copley mall cop and a bunch of people. All off the record obviously was on and something we'll have people on the record in that story you have attempted to you know talk to people off the record many times it's not as he sees it that especially. A cop and a caucus gonna trust that new Yorker report I need to put off the record us would you trust those are damned good reporters and you. He brought more I'll tell explain the Alex you trust someone from the Birmingham News the Huntsville times or the mobile press register. If you're local call for local mall called for just a patron of failed dot com what is a just exploited via undergo. You don't know we made clear it's the media group the it's a bummer to have those of Hillary got so it is is these locals against a L dot com is reporting. This a similar story about him hanging around the mall. By the way they have another waitress in the restaurant Victoria from or there's an awkward one the woman did the press coverage of glory Aldridge yesterday right. She. Told in detail Bono took Rafer. They have a. Answering my question mr. Morris to cover and began groping me. They have another waitress in that restaurant corroborating the stores anywhere around a creepy creeped everybody you are just quite openly his eyes crawled over short term backside too so open about it trying handles orders quickly as possible. Mine out of the question is is this idiot is perverts that are easy is it that easy to borrow out and no way is sending out right and no way. I don't think that bright art people great artist there right now investigating the Washington Post and all these other outlets that are reporting on Maurice had a feeling well the thing is you know you've seen it this is what happens all the time people Jerry ask one of these people come forties you describe exactly why Eminem they're trying to shame these women right I mean this with us. Bright part. I'm more of our military why did what I stand for is but the mean in what he wrote I think that to reporters to Alabama then this credit could see his biggest story now can't Internet and airs its credit use this sounds so so you think reporters there. Yes his discredit ET nations there on the accusers whilst would break hearts and when we -- second half when imports relevant if a Komodo desirable Wendy Ward told the potions fourteen were you seeing his helper says is yes at some mold of another waitress and we have a Sampras more first Astra spoken and I told shook pretty tears later shoot sixty instrument dates. Although her mother would Mark Hurd well. I guess you have all the time to flirt with the girls of the ball to make every Friday Saturday team walking around the mall like the kids did. He's just while he's right what's high school football Williams who. You go girl. Just got mothers actually encouraged we don't do. Big friends with. Be friends with my way if you peer Kennedy's interview in its entirety which it did again last night. It won't have him need to knock that's an absolutely not I don't I don't have a visionary idea I think you get a five K but again turns a follow up his development I don't know yes you know god does not and he's a he's hitting it let's get real here at. You don't hear it he says the following up what we play I don't know what sort sock puppet played totally irrelevant cuts yesterday we despicable to me. That is a predator. Would you agree that made no such person whoever does that should ever be any United States senate. Of course nobody get to abuse as a fourteen year old. Age 32 grade eight sort of thing it doesn't matter if you abuse supporting your own nation and the assembly candidate I agree with that but I did not do that. So leading question it's a c'mon right anyone does that help align rite oh yes I do exactly so that eating question. From hand exactly what you wanted to answer my mind don't be honest he just got a massage on record someone who does one need to edit those should write your senator writes oh Mike Mike Ellis who that Tom might think here's what he just did it was a good job good job. Is it might of course that you just had them on records in commodities and has no he wanted Roy Moore day. So it Roy more than ninety zealot yeah that's now what Eli wants it turns out for more has to resign on Hannity doesn't think it's true that's what shortly. It is nothing to do what I am I think they heaviest I think with Hannity is. Is it is an that you did this unbelievable job it was a contentious interview. But it wasn't worthy of this of this anger against and went out their anger against Kennedy has afterwards Hannity and defended Wright more. About the last night last night and ran all the tweets from on the left wing media people who gave you credit it's unbelievable won a whole bunch of them. Game credit for going at more you've got to see him take his interview. Well Judy it was a contenders and what I'll know. That's how it was important oil went there the you'll be friendly territory when and what happened was I just said that he's with architecture and hit is a propaganda straight you'll and I'll deals journalist or anything cable. What would you like a mass that he didn't ask I can to follow up a few but he did an amateur and what else. Kennedy defended Roy Moore after a case we're talking about the interview I don't know what happened afterwards I heard the interview again last night a much bigger problem he left nothing about this in my fight at a much bigger issue than defending I mean defense a right left and right on what that's gonna continue. And stuff is done remember that guy and they and that's not and Hillary Clinton killed the DNC guys set the rates that hoax Hannity kept going without all summer there Hamels had a person stop food dogs and authenticated zone more on the against their other people and is deplorable set whatever Allah whatever he did a great job in a very normal to have blockage was a great job did a good job I think much might it have a very good. They're much federal issues my point is I would not have this idea and that led to any more often that it is saying is let's you can Bennett often just a beast that that's what they're saying now. Know these people seeking to cure a day coffee machines and mean what snowflakes honestly. Your side is very easily treated. Well it worked because a cure it back down so essentially apologized and we'll continue to advertise here so just like on Ackerman is something's something's happened precisely occurred in precisely the middle Hannity handled it just the way you should at least it's obviously securing CS bowl and the media matters scum bags who would they was yeah I communities in these people have jobs and work and spend money stuff but if I'm accurate in saying listen we're pulling out some handy wanna be affiliated with this deplorable. I do you know the how and eighty viewers how it's deplorable. Bill O'Reilly is set to resume O'Reilly bill already available until OK you're not Metallica. Colorado and hegemony of the film never have on again yes. Kind of activity your ultimate couple weeks ago I think that's where work is that the rich story that was disgusting would we have the talent that was really stop those ones would we have one now absolute best of touch of pride but it is settled on board and asked him a tough question not can't no you would agree him he's not just the right time I don't think so Alexi again. Because it will present to hear that through its public and it says. But around he's like a real handle being benched he's likable guy is yet he's not gonna kick in the door and and you know be available for Philip what we call it is not a date is by the people honestly you know I was all right when when is he coming back I'm sure people asking all the time when he's coming back. Well I wonder he's coming back it's awful not to Fox News nobody's come back in some form somewhere in the that Larry King thing which is owned by is no message rush and I guess that's their right on top again this network we all ERR. Act of war anymore passed its sub point Moore has given no he's not yes now. There's debased is still one of the senate will vote him out of office I I forgot how I told to this for this segment and this is random into the end zone only only eleven senators some parts all politics is local. As that blow little fraud Tip O'Neill said this is local locals. Have turned a little more even the evangelicals. At some point say man I knew her I know that place I know that mall and guys. And I a simple question who I know he's old he's older than I am but when has anyone ever asked. A mother for permission to date a dawn when when the daughter's like fourteen. That's a month it that's fine if the kid is fourteen or even fifth. When he's 32 and how come so it's a crime if these Republican senators actually take a stand against Roy Moore took off and other on the radio unveiled the sound of my doors that Democrat. And think I would vote for his opponent hasn't won the one that's why so they want everywhere mortally what I wanted to republic and undulating it's gonna be or might not in a drop seek a senators in the C voted for them if they had a conscience yup yeah. I don't do that yes we sell out of recent outer perverts Harvey Weinstein Louie CK yeah you sold out how many lives the 35 years RTY lending rate editors aren't we aren't outraged outraged I told out 0%. No but yesterday we it was a hot it's let's get right Obama will hold on hold this for a Democrat who condemns this losses in this enemy Egypt is second after this is a Democrat doing this. You think the Democrats senators to be saying bull for the republic. The absolutely over the Donald why can't you present company Roche and yet he's out here its vendors so we're gonna sign were discussing will help so she didn't write in somebody. Short with their why are you not right in the strings or Mo Brooks or does not Santa Claus by would you ever vote for the them while their Republican one Democrat to be because there are so few choices Roy Moore in the Democrat as a tunnel and not a pedophile Roy Moore is a pedophile correct Republican senator IT don't vote for the past president Clinton's Democrat reviewer told me give me any prominent Democrat Chuck Schumer yes would say open Republican. It'll get demagogue the press it's clear your mind that technical beginning of the parliament that the democratic with the I was out of here. This war is a load yet with with whoever with George WH a madam my Garrett to Matta and you know what. Like the Republican in this case are pure excitement in the Republican Alabama and Alabama Democrat she would say Roy Moore was clean the stop and his record she would say evil for Roy Moore. Over the pedophile short bullhorn to eliminate that I don't know even before then I broke out getting made organized our own well that's you. We're just up way more with guys off I pictured in the spotlight as importantly use your I don't little more than religion. I don't remember the names of all his opponents but I I I guess. A number Democrats. Endorse Gary Studds opponent when he ran for reelection. Holing his Gary stepped Congo's. Before your time they tweak this last but I can carry no no look at the people usually carries Johnny was Chappaquiddick tomorrow because it's tackles as a dozen I don't know. I'm usually killing a woman a check from the can with the venture capital I don't like about Gerry Studds a century Gerry Studds is he local congressman some people listening now. Voted for some voted against and thank god. He took it a young boy a a teenager. A page to. I Europe plied him with vodka and forced himself on it beyond Scott is a pervert Holland to me he's disgusting he get reelected by high wider margins each and every time how long because Democrats have no Al Golden along goes the more accusations and so what -- is running today I and just what what is it they're different cultures different climate. That little more seriously and they want to -- Democrats vote your guys out you know Leo Dick Gerry Studds had voted in every turn by higher margins just to the century a note stick to. Current climate I a year ago this year ago a year ago I was watching Bill Clinton go around making the case for his wife. A Bill Clinton's irrelevant it was a running for president Hillary Clinton was running irrelevant yes. They'll put it would be. You're gonna wait keynote speech but you and I mean all I heard was how Bill Clinton simply be grown any of that phrase that was prior to Harvey Weinstein a whole different era you feel different a Bill Clinton now of course she's woke up one day and realized he was a pit cycle Clinton was a pig but it never thought that it might have to pay what have you and would have voted for him. I don't normal no go against George Bush or against a tough choice Jesus. Who who's Warsaw I'd George hw or die. And I know how. 100% if you were old enough you vote for Studds the first openly gay karma and beautiful is enthusiastically. Pot spot even though he's a predator a pedophile and Hague. I and by the way as an apologetic he gets censored by the house he turns back on the house have with the globe. Even call it is it is ensuring that how sometimes and check in 1983 meeting right here I voted 418 the rate. Those bipartisan that's right and he turned his back in life but Democrat and how in my old house centric Gerry Studds and NATO Andre how did voters into her Butler cannot the quality assurance you'd say all of present vote their guys on the politicians Democrat Dem voters in this state love the man even though he was a pedophile do you think if Roy Moore and not only jettison pervert did how many Republican senators to vote you get voted out they were a lot will not -- I think I don't disagree is that okay if it all the balls rolling non non non allowing McCain you're gonna see myself talking to come out against right. He RDD that we endorse Lucas trying interest rates they sit and wait we wait for a while trying to come up and let's let's a Muslim has a terrorist attack by the way he knew jump right into the we jump to conclusions I want to Barack Obama for what we get Cambridge police did his finger too deep in the world the central you can Donald Trump is going to be beating his chest that. Endorsed Luther strange people wondered why. Trump knew some major public that eating IT guy bragged about committing sexual I don't usually a dollar trust knew something had the discipline to keep quiet about. This will not harm him and if they think he was gonna come out yet things on the guy's got her rest shaky guy and repeating what he annual assembly range definitely this week on whether to some absolutely I'm with when you read these stories don't you get the sense that lots of people knew sure meantime we want to know and I know why Allen whenever he gets to stringent abroad I mean trumpet question all right. I mean come. Notre return to east. The least they'll just typical while. Kelly Roger Els and trump himself as a sexual predator and I know I lost it and I'm not interested no no one's ever gonna be tough it's a legitimate question is George H. W. Bush and sexual. Not a sexual predator and the we'll partner is Culpepper and Alter right sort of weird weird though it is not a word comes four that's five now. I don't blame I'm an ohm at 2003 accusation that the recent ones that lends him the means should not publicly doesn't effort it's true I don't know does that did you read up on this story unbelievable. It's a new Yorker it was a nonsense was the CIA headquarters. I'm African first I believe it and they're all the same stories to. Which means he probably did every point is about pictures takes takes every single day. Because he's what he's an all his season is upon our fairway and because he's like can mean these are war hero from that you're a neighbor I know it's true word guys from the parent they think they can just closing at stake. L 500 feet away from an ordinary guy picks Jesus saw enough there. And chat weird. Just put their hands or they want. One of those at the results of a Barney Frank's various collections. Again another eighty credit card and a guy and even winning Ryder. No I got many unlawful he did not run alone as write his boyfriend right exactly friend I shouldn't say that his campaign did. And it probably out of his yet and see apartment now now it's fixed for parking tickets this pervert. And defended them. Among what you member's name. I read this last. How important this creeps because this guy said. Democrat they do vote people like that yet how democratic politicians turn on their own when they're like this yes again Gary studs at Porto don't get very richer claim is that he had on the democratic senator to David's album to vote for total that are published for the hands capsule jobs that you might say don't voters stay out of literacy as a group that they would never say why for the Republican ever because of trying to get the dodge Jones bodies have moderates in Shanghai a city agendas that tax gets take president over having had a pilot truth as it didn't. Over having a pedophile now especially out they stay out there yeah it was a war going TV it's evil Republican senator of course yes that's never happened the Democrat was a bit of my elected going to be Sony is they get written as an ad that was qualified or voice serious write in candidate. When there it's Mo Brooks whose strange or someone we don't know who will be a serious write in candidate you think Republicans are music. Don't fall for him. We'll see if there isn't worth more doesn't drop out on the actors continue reading and that's what the boats and indoors and of the rudder owed by the end of this we cloudy drop out. Who says they still loves to me who's in who's tells the drop out it just builds right by us and I got all kinds guys that's my prediction is this story from a L dot com. They conglomeration of all the local newspapers. In Alabama is and the most damaging thing that your side doesn't lead in the orange KS I think I'm guessing all the Yankee thing I'm had to go and I think a lot of these creepy old Alabama religious people don't care now really I don't think it was anywhere Adam's apple correct me. Did coat. As a defender for CNN this thing. He's right well when I was not real pain he's saying everybody has okay if they say cocaine use our coaches minority area. More which is worse what. When you as a line of cocaine that are assaulting a fourteen ounces sold in the forties and even a conversation I've known there and he's answered question dating you know like a seventeen year old still his. Also customize. Your opinion or more throw the lawnmower waiting for the war. That's bad. These are elected Republican officials and being a singer and unfortunately rules don't let any democratic officials would defend pat here and that's on some. Right that's nonsense OK now that's headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew pressed he won 800 dead air we will direct. And Callahan. Sports Radio WEEI. My Mike congratulations on an incredible eighteen year run you've provided endless great moments you millions of fans not to mention that the performance. This all star celebrity game like Colin. I understand you taking time off before the new show. Ingredients still figuring out these dark days. Please just don't wait too long you and I both can't stand to see healthy now resting. Look a little in line yeah. That was very eyes. She's just that's. That's pencil or pen so we're saying good bye to call him my colleagues say goodbye to those legends Mike and Mike Kurland wing bill will be together with goal occur the third or whatever name is now in Mike Greenberg who show is called get. Get up with it's got a longer tirelessly Kindle in Jalen beetle in jail and get up with a beatle and Julia an interview with your buddy from the Chicago Tribune the exploit these and it's a terrific title. Because Jimmy a lot of different things not just wake up but let's get going to be the best we can be. We always talk about you know countless. Sporting McKenzie who were making more money than we are ultimately exit this is the best example ever just that and also access to it's ocostas. Session but it can also like to Bristol you know not go. I because he thinks he's a special talent and I guess I understand why ESP and treats of us and answer them you know. A total Howell northwestern alzheimer's obviously nobody here Nancy dispute your talent and you hear you know a gift for what he does play by a player. What Gulfport all he says Larry where's this guy's talent was eighty interviews she's seeking different I'm starting it inadequate. Wouldn't it in and it breaks in the best of them democratic. Kenny yes back after that he's he's. Back after this he says Derrius record Kenny Chesney and Bon Jovi would item out Kenny would do that can't Darius Rucker on children can have a diskette to my Greenberg. It is she's written books that that Greenberg that's right what's his next book going to be fiction or nonfiction for your next book I need you for each enough time right poll published fiction. Because I enjoy that more than writing. Have a thriller concept in my he's the schema to read the novel by Mike Greenberg. My father's wives and novel might Greenberg 2015. You wrote why my wife thinks I'm in it. That's a book title average of four books have been low block is battling writer's block it is yet. Anabolic started laughing on their first show together and have never stopped. ITC's. The talk of the celebrities economic Tiger Woods. And you know tiger if that message he's partial all the time bullet once told them walking a golf courses over rated we joked about that. It is a discrepancy in my golf grew by Helen NASA should be scored. So nice take Tiger Woods on the air amassed and social dispute along great with all that's stupid he's been great to us over the years that's a thing as. But he could he go to the this wacky thing going relationship with tiger you know why that is because they never criticized him because that's what I think is exactly so eating f.s are all tiger went through you think you did they. Everything for like all of tiger's favorite things yes he did he did yes it went to the AT answered British you brush people. By the pot Ali town a million class he's like a nerd who outreach tee and I like an intellectual who reads in goal looks like a man or elsewhere probably medical team. In goal was making coffee. Greenberg says OT goal to commit coupon T. Greenberg says and you would be friends in the guidance has beautifully said for the you guys don't do when an absentee. You never asked at like eight. I June of two IT courses are box has a try concerts. Nonfat size Greenberg one of them could go come on farms can get a realty trust it tactic obviously my quote it whatever it is better and that seven dollars outside. I love this question back tier final showed final show the guys go from this radio show that no one. This distribution anywhere watch to a TV showed no watch he's waiting for the spectacular. Hundred million dollar studio to be built for a moment in my in my mind if you suspect your final show Johnny Carson a Bette Midler David Letterman and the Foo Fighters. Do you get of any band. Serenade you would you pick and he says it would be friends. There is record and it has your book jokes are friends in Topeka on our relationship. Chris great friends with us on Jon Bon Jovi. He's he's not an intelligence in this world. And this went for eighteen years by the way. And I understand ESPN just wants to clear the means to be on in various markets. They don't care for anyone listens and we've known now for a fact is nobody does. We see the ratings nobody I mean they. They were when they we did the numbers 146 then there are books ago 46 the book I went through there were four. New Hampshire stations to New Hampshire AM stations to beat them Boston no that's amazing. And there and amazingly. Or relevant unsuccessful. Radio I agree with entertainment. It's lifting. And while it is lifting. Your Friday showing to retreat lingo dropping the Mike after taking the one ship challenged this thing. Of all week left before you drop the might have a plane Friday wanted to and I do not under script dating eighteen years. I do it open to our show the first fifteen minutes otherwise everything comes from the heart. There is any I can say you'll probably be some of these he can use it meant to me what they've done for my life compared to my family. On going there and whatever jumps in my head though come on mine now so I always say we're not curing cancer. Went up on people burning buildings I'll be honest and we do was more important either that also if you made a tiny difference in people's lives. That's more than we ever imagine how well it was your say they like that you're really Dick you are made it different watching these kids cries. Any difference in people's lives and so every morning with a smile on your face on the way to work just. You laugh along with some a lot of an hour when the fat six play and a half million dollars says that a number ten minutes and next to each and his skating that's miss and after one's balance early on Thanksgiving the Gannett layoff hundred more on air people a little better. A building homes make itself Greenberg whose duty that's true they've brought on big name Tom Keating and yet all of its seeking to get part of this again option I'll ask the Shelby is off the beads. Yahoo! and she's always wherever she goes ratings war run offs. He is peers are doing snapped charities vehemently as a she's afford but she's young talent of what I am going to excuse it is come across virgin island and so true so. A communicable warmly needle me as one mile and warm and needle and that's weeks as the warm needling with the idea I was gonna customers have also warned Google are tales only yeah sail on to North Face. You had looks fine to pay for. Hill from actually gave it to me that's you get the grounds of goat will look going that you look good. And who could you look fine young to Wear a hat with us with with what to do with luckily. And this hour trading just coming in here breached slur sleep that's just trying to bat at Mike and B hip. Among where's it backwards you're it was a backwards by himself gets his hands asylum here when we had to come of that upon for years old was doing. Backwards you know we looks in the mirror sick so we're leaves the house adjusts it typically does this push ups during the shows himself to during the break I missed that and carelessly and a high. Temperatures model fight back on Friday. And now I've known critic two since pathetic that he doesn't look nice save and he ended any idolize you really know that's. And he knows that you know like I'll give you a hard time all warm. Warm you know warm it's easy to look we we tried these mormons can't what can I say I'm I'm happy to do that tried to conduct a play in heat in her passion appointment is an art form when you criticize the around the league segment. Especially. Sure doesn't he stinks. Until Easter egg should stay but it isn't isn't it since there's always put them in Melbourne some Chris Curtis flights back more than month and in terms fights for many. Her as well as he would surely take on the warm bath and when she called yes it's like a warm bath yes and warm hairy backs up. This tension between mutton strategy much in just a warm behalf and much. Tension between everybody try and so that's what we let me out like trash and you know we go to the pool together hang out that's very cool those slightly below that all the black children's rights and there is no live military coming on Sundays and I spent my weekend with a bunch of black children and great person aren't I special and I went almost summer ice who's side are three coming up 617. 7797. And 90% more do we get back after a I thought Alex wants to defend him one of the cover boys from GQ you pick you pick as I get freaked it was a fun on the side Kevin Spacey yeah Lucy Kate Colin -- and I think they it's their thing they put degenerates on the cover you pick which one you want those guys have we've worked this year. So tirelessly for parents that are delivering easy to aid for a space she's well. It's it's a trail title congratulations to gee you mean a man of the year it's contact you defend this Alex of course Axl we'll hear that next.