K&C - Sam Kennedy, President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox 8-15-17

President and CEO of the Boston Red Sox, Sam Kennedy, joins Kirk, Gerry, and Mut on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.


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Let's get to be back that you guys thanks for doing this this is it's such a special couple days here for. Everyone at the Red Sox in the and that's it and just. By sixty year saw Larry Lucchino Lee Nadler out there and it's just reminded that none of us will be here. We had to say if Larry it's back to 31 years ago I certainly wouldn't be here so it's it's just a special couple days and glad to be part why did you promotes you can now offer we've. Looking around I think our Odyssey guiding it was a recognition that that John Tom really happy with the way things were going to senior management team months despite our us and our ups and downs this season hopefully we've got a the group together and hopefully will be able to keep that management team together for a long time you guys notes team effort no not to do it on their own. It was a reflection of the confidence that they haven't in everyone from but I I don't ounce I'd never thought you would make this work is much too nice. Larry I understand how we made the proper proportion you know Larry Larry Larry nice guy Larry is the biggest soft and replica of the planet are you what you seem like between eight anybody who lives level report Lee nice guy we know it must and in dioxide. Notion well you know I I do play up your a fired anybody I play Ali absolutely you get the yeah yeah Panama blocks tire supplier. That that's hard but you gotta do it goes with the territory. I play immensely cocky all mentally Aoki on Monday nights Tuesday night you talked to some graphs and those leagues and I'm not also nice person time Karen knows of clear of president a couple of times rents out messy game and without the geology but you guys that you could handle I don't quite about I don't know. I played I don't know if you guys could hit a sigh I had issue which are new to raise money for the city Philadelphia if I'm out here. This Celtic get LB know what I don't know who's played professionally is allowed in the game but talk talk show hosts are allowed for sure. What is what it was when you bring in Mike and Uga like assays received a bunch of view him today. These are some repressed and walked him through the process of what you do is with a commitment these pictures to do. Yeah there there is and you know folks are Karachi and can in the great folks in in our organization do that but it's interesting given the 64 year connection between the Jimmy Fund in the Red Sox I actually think that. Relationship needs no introduction our guys. Know exactly what it means and how important it is and well we got him started this thing in 2002 with you all and and and we NASA in and we all came and we came back home I'd like to say from from San Diego where. Larry and and John Henry Tom Werner strip had this commitment to giving back and it started with a connection to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber is so personal for so many. Tom Warner's board member over there and John and Larry joined him and so let's do this thing so it's been it's been great and in look we try to do the right thing on the field which I do the right things in the ballpark. But if you can give back and be active in the community that's a really important obligations sports teams have our players have. Have jumped into it's so incredible to hear Isa server talk gets it. Yawkey way of Brookline have if you like are try to part crying people look at Abby like what is wrong with that guy. Be here at least to talk with the sincerity and the stories it's it's just incredible to our players have gotten behind Newton and Christian Bale looks. Your guess wrong once once played her once they do once or twice. I want to get him in the door and that kind of see how much it means. I asked for all the time I know you won't say it was the worst guys you have to match in many rumors here. Putting all your years what what player what one or two players have committed themselves the most up to kids to Jimmy. And I'd say Dustin Pedroia has to be right outskirts white tie excellent. She does say is Kelly makes you do a lot of things and it sure doesn't wanna do but he is he's been terrific brock's picture of who talked about him Pedro. David Ortiz you know he just think about the the list of guys that come through that clubhouse and Tito was here last night and we caught up for a few minutes Tito was great about sort of set the tone get involved and Jon Farrell's carried on that tradition and it's it's it's it's an easy thing to get it to you and I did that pan mass is an easy thing to get it too it's just such an incredible. Connections so. It does it's it's addictive you did you get involved in and then you meet someone like Lisa really and in at least it sure Ernie thank god we have people on planet earth like Lisa sugar because. The rest of us that work is Larry it was like to say the toy department a life like right what you guys do for a living what I do for a living. It's a joke compared to what the folks at the Dana Farber did you what did you read this in the offing if I did you have this disappointment and puke your it has really frustrating because he. You know Boston is for me it's the only place I would want to be still a place that you guys who speaks to a sports market. A planet earth but clearly it's not for everybody and it wasn't the right place for him it was a great place for some of the players have come through here so. It was disappointing and and and frustrating but look if if Pablo if if we don't the FAA Pablo and devers doesn't come often date doesn't make the deal from union as you know who knows maybe that was the key to. This season it's sort of turn things around what Woolsey still got a long way to go to blame you can blame themselves panel should you recognized when the guy is not an affinity here definitely yeah it's our fault where the whispering in these guys in and if it if it doesn't work out that's on us on ownership it's on management. We have to take responsibility for that and the Pablo the whole Pablo Masako was just unfortunate and I wish you played out better 'cause he's he's he's a fun personalities played well obviously in the post season and we thought that would translate here in. What we've conversation we're going to be happen eighteen months for novel price. You know maybe you'll see I hope he turns it around it was fun to see him you know in the top step of the dugout Yankee Stadium first guy hugging Chris Sale coming off the field this guy. Is beloved by his teammates and I know he wants contribute my guess is that it's kill woman is not able to contribute right now the level in Houston took to contributing had an. That's got to be very very frustrating. But you know what we're we're on a roll and we want to keep that going given that you won't cut its key games coming appears Bush's weekend. We want the best players and at some point via an players that comes this market reforms that obligate you say boy that changed when we look at some of the guys you bringing year. Based on the market how guys react yeah we always feel that way you know sometimes generate some times we get it wrong I think the hardest and actually I talked recently that David Ortiz about this. The hardest thing. There are baseball operations. Team has to do. In free agency making trades is identify players that actually can play here. And David said it well which it to who you put on the uniform until you get in the Red Sox clubhouse to get on. The field at Fenway Park it's really hard to do all the background checking you want talking high school coaches and scouts. That's what he'd get here it's really difficult that is our job at some sometimes we get it right. What's stopping you guys right now from opera debut makes it all eyes pictured. Well we're you know he is certainly. Warriors he's yeah he's just rumors he's performed. I think we knew he was going to be good but I don't think anyone knew he was going to be this good it's been incredible to watch and it be great to have a part of this organization for a long long time but right now. Honestly it is that conversation. Has not what we're focused on two or talk to them all down not nothing that at the moment our level and why would you want you start televisions. Two and a half years away OK amen he sees as a subject we've gone this many times a pitcher signals what would you wage what would Jerry counted Johnson helped set defense and justice hospitality and I Alan. And I I don't honestly we. And this is your offense like and pitches when they turned thirty yet well. But we have to let him use them once that the Boston's. Plan their anti for a protests this weekend fans to join us again shortly after some talk of tomorrow's things. Fair they'll talk about anything you guys wanna talk about will talk about where we're O is. Always here to talking and happy to do it but it takes effort today really means a lot of Sharia to you guys fear of personal losses. Jerry and I were talking before. My wife Los really close friend to break its recently. On behalf of are referred and Crawford we'd like to make it 101000 dollar contribution to today's effort so if you didn't they've raised say and I thank my wife and it can radiate an and a huge shout out. Might courtly swisher from him. Mike Gordon president of Fenway sports group he's John times partners everything we're do and FSG it. He really it's been a driving force behind so many good things at the Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund so thanks to my court she points and all the petty needs to be matches he hates to be messy but too bad Michael Jordan does he asks her would be neat and whatever whatever it is forked over and for a one Jimmy Fund. XX got it thank you guys thank you say thanks guys.