K&C - Sean Collier's sisters join the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd

Created “TEAM COLLIER” for the Jimmy Fund Walk back in 2013. Participating in their sixth straight Jimmy Fund Walk next month in honor of Sean.

Listened to the WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon when he was 14 years old with his sister Jen.

Set up a recurring withdrawal from his bank account after listening to the Radio Telethon when he was 14 years old. Family did not know until he passed away

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Hello good morning good morning pick a time but rush hasn't fallen. We have Jim ammerman in the cold and you and you Jenna article optical hi you don't get good good good so that is. In this region that's in a case any idea how you doing an aria good good these beautiful sisters reaction on. We did and they I'd read about this night for god. Came Amir forgotten that challenge. System that radiates through. Fourteen years old was that right let's change the self wild store which is this isn't on the show but believe convince me. You guys found out Howell was found out that it was and donating all year. So what had happened was in in. What was the first radiate out times 2000. One right right right and shot and I had a summer job together where we where basically just getting papers out in my closet and Tim have as the radio. And so we listened to the radio telethon. And here I you know we drove in and out together and that evening at a card and it would bring up the story some McCain's that we heard about it. So you tell it was really affecting him. And and he went home and he started a monthly withdrawal from his bank account when he was fourteen is fourteen at. And don't we thought it was pretty cool that a fourteen year old kid and it was at a house on lies that's talked about it but we we found out after he died that it he stopped. He did it threatens my whole. When he does it's nice so he did but thirteen years every non recurring for thirteen years just because it hurt the kids here on me on the radio phone is pretty cool. As unbelievable in his legacy unfortunately girls think that nobody and right but that's the kind of guy who was yeah yeah yeah absolutely. And his legacy continues on a man you guys must be so proud of what would you in the last couple years and legacy gets bigger bigger bigger impact this is amazing and yet. I think. I. It is it's it's. What. What did you think of the movies the portrayal of him in the and patriots on. Our tolerance and no interest. I can't tell you guys this this. Mark Wahlberg I'm about Mark Wahlberg I'm super heroes my homework superhero stupid you don't know about the genre it was good it was in theories seem like. A yes yeah records and seem like a really nice guys emerged friendly so that the kids at MIT in the move yet yes we heard me right. But chip moments that are. Witness say I would say for sure yeah it's definitely. So you do in the walked next month right. Okay no view bounty with the station but that much do you know money is doing is gonna have a team and he team okay good. This is the dump now for the last what five fighters this'll there's. This extreme Indies must doesn't know how hard it is just that you walk. And it's it's part of talk police cause this is the entire route. All right these two and a half an hour is he's not tough enough to do. But even so he's got Brooke I've run on the race I think walking it would would be hard on who you are supposed to our siblings has done well they've locked it and they run and they both said they would never I told I but fortunately hold on to take. Yeah what does that runs that they slowdown elected in school in the hall. Diving. Into. And do you have a team how many people on your team it varies eerie eerie thing this year we have. Maybe eleven people. And do you do the 26. Along is that about eight hours. But after that thirty seconds and you know I was listening to undertake and particularly now. Aren't out yet you know that's a good pace. I can't stop influence in. Don't want to stop too long he can make your muscles to translate that idea as much. There's an old and four he thinks it's no oil for a nice walk he's got no. Stamped into the waiting Cardiff zero card you know doesn't even like walking a tribute to number it does tell me get double socks. It doubles saw the blisters yes you know analyst and holds it against him I I'm not impoundment. I want not a about the I think he's. Everything's decide how it looks like tight shirt I opera house speaker Nancy Sinatra and won't habits of mindless thoughts as to cool kids there's a spray is something right yeah it that well think it's going to be peace kicked in people die. Eight meters when is it hopeless hot next month right don't nothing you put them in August on just on him this is just an analyst Paul. Sheets that some believe what what it border great legacy that is known so what is what is the what is the cause what is your foundation that you butchered walking with you your group of. So we have a team that we've seen it's eighteen collier. Instantly locked every year we've raised about a 125000. Dollars and screaming their team. Through the team itself. But that you know that's that goes out. And you he he gave every month for thirteen years and didn't tell anyone didn't brag. So people can do that if they would like every month. You can at the withdrawn from his check is a works. That's pretty cool. Hardly hurts at all acknowledged Greg where an honor to integrate with honor that's great well thank you so much and good luck next month Malone was decent okay thanks so much.