K&C - Sean McDonough previews the Patriots game against the Dolphins; McDonough is also a big fan of Sporty R. McKenzie 12-11-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, December 11th

Hoour 3: Sean McDonough joins K&C to preview the Patriots matchup on Monday Night Football against the Dolphins.  McDonough is also a big fan of Sporty R. McKenzie.


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Kirk. What were they over the weekend markets came in and bio care noise are both out Mexico I am and wake up Michael get it rolling into Brandon Linder and that's what started everything right there. Is your kids who. Did you try to get them to access the Eagles up. How crazy it just with Gerry Callahan might put me as he joins us on the hotline. You guys are pretty. Lets you. Out of Ireland that we have now lost Michael Scott was blunt and Kirk is in the cards all hail the purpose here. Or go to a little I mean you're a pathetic at some point you might be it hotel all headwear to Chris curtain. Or are there with a look at what one man Kirk made ahead. Boston Globe as a serious serial history of sexual harassment. Synopsis I just don't think it's good for morale to lapped car and Callahan talked about the story on WVU. You deserve your day of record. When the globe publishes a story it's gonna be very thorough and we're gonna say gee you know this is really good interest that the book of what's been going on. World Cup. Sports Radio W. I shot Madonna's own game tonight. Prius you would join us. He's a good fifteen minutes so definitely going to be good game but we'll have a good announcer at least I thought Pittsburgh was gonna lose it you know down the four games in a row these these last two games when they clinched division their five and on their division that they just replaces any in last night survived against all from down eleven at one point. I'm passing on I don't know I don't know not a lot of defense stinks them Cooper he's gonna have as well as usual enroll but they weren't role in Jacksonville we'll give them a tough. In Foxboro in the one place that's tight ends and when Alex an example take what you're saying like seventeen points. Look at the customer I'm expecting round one which would be the second weekend would be Jacksonville here on Saturday night and then round two AFC title game Pittsburgh here on Sunday holding Jefferson from the big fat guys security got the ball and yeah it's all security and I think that's his Seattle penalties to be a big factor he really just a really light up their Shockley got started going up but he couldn't quite know -- American and Georgia the climate pit wall -- could make it law want to take the Helm enough you gonna go he's mad when you're so angry at the moment and I wish he got up there which he did but I'm Tanya a number of those fans had backed are crazy to identify their oil well and stuff right on camera including the guy who started he can see him. And their troubles on the black and there it on a lot of black fan me more than that stadium much better since I was it was Scott Hanson gets rattled those moments and to get back to the game like I had quite an incident there we agree on the goal line opportunity here services but if you haven't seen yet Michael Bennett tried to ease out of the festival's great. Why is corporate. The streak ended period. The streak and that I originally profile about Scott Hansen there have been written says he's Sunday like the course and never public bathroom break yesterday was the first time and how many years four years four years on the bathroom break I don't I don't believe them and never did believe from just like the Stoddard the British Open. Guys like seven years old alleges that guy allegedly well has ten minutes and twenty times about the different payers got it on. No he hasn't officially giving us ten touchdowns in the big games and he can run them for a leak they they'd like focus on the game's its goal line stand he can run them takeaways I guess. Useful but he's got a like that secure lovers yes I'm just rhetoric from. How can you not to reds but does neither too much for him to too fast moving like it's okay. Want to show attitude but that he was three and on the other side of the field punts that's my I like that DirecTV commercial ship with a coffee and selfless and I'm not a red zone guy. You can watch deals colts three hours and items and veggies don't. Before we get Sean McDonough a couple things there's a couple of breaking news stories that's what we do you like about the clintons and we do breaking news. A suicide bomber this is the New York Post via. The kind high. A suicide bomber set up the device in the Port Authority bus terminal Monday morning the suspected bomber who had wires attached and was armed with a pipe bomb. And they battery pack he was taken into custody so I guess he didn't at some wasn't a suicide bomber. He was it failed suicide bomber they can pass the F the device. Partially detonated inside the passageway. To the trains there was at least one injury and the wounded. And the suspect was wounded and taken to Bellevue. His identity has not yet known. K last question do you think his name is Ryan O'Reilly. Can take his name is Brenda Weber Mario but how Lee and Brendan Burke took but it has been that you the united damage that cop didn't killed and and a unarmed person over the weekend though he's whites who cares the heart and you can damage your feet when the bomb off. Or Stephen holder is if she gets the most disturbing video of ever seen of late police interaction with the suspect. But nobody cares because the guy's wife and believe it will get paid vacations and nobody cares very few people care I can do you have to admit excessive that that guy were African American. That they would be well because there's and the magnetic there is weak stops shooting unarmed black. I don't either but if yeah why we added him to see me at the shooting itself reduced stroke in the guy it was a mass media know what to do he tried to follow the instructions. My allowed I feel bad for the carpet just click it and I want to say I don't really care much about Mario but we have an about it as your latest celebrity. You know many rabbis Chris knows it doesn't act Food Network after often followed by more outsourced or not the Bob Pablo. Possible in the seaport of little black all. Most favorite restaurant who spends on so anyway MR Mario battalion that I'm novatel at least four wheel and alleged that touched and an appropriately and pattern behavior that you're has been at least two decades wouldn't Seagram's impressed ounces. There's a breast crap moments as a tidy and rubbing her crutch right. Sought some more began running out wrestled his bare hands. I ask this question every every single time I think he's probably Democrat asked this question every single time. Wait you're attracted to him fine you engage in relation fine I understand all of if someone is next few clues on attracted you you want to wrap her breasts that seems so non sexual. I remember early casket is a power is power amber and yeah yeah we've sorted to Alex ask Michael girl dance in the yeah in bandages. YouTube. Model magnet resolution in disgrace shots Malia just like and the idea of like going back Arab elect crap because years. I mean the idea these being rejected her he didn't like. Motivate pace and do it right tell you grab your crotch when a drug you some people like they're different ways to go to shore. But I admitting this to says the allegations matchup with the way ESP. And Anthony board gain in these other famous shift guys are all. Crushed and heartbroken and disappointed one of their heroes that you should get rid of your keys you. No I don't Chris Curtis the fat guy from New Orleans emerald oh Emeril gusty Bobby fly the guys yells and everybody in that. Good to diners and drive and I can actually what I. I use busted there are rumors last night and he himself Earl analysis is already out there yeah I'd like I Fiat was going to be the next and who's the guy yells at everyone hell's kitchen let's Ramsey. And support women. There an inferior or pretended to Eckerd and look contessa Steve painfully slow and sorrows. You shall friend. Sure is not a whip up the popular programs shaft of a tell you Don Imus is its body. John cal Perry. I agree great shift lunch for months and he went in the kitchen cooked and speaking of which I am confident that is coming up unannounced or I believe that would set we don't have. Unfortunately Kirk is. News. Powering he's not connected to the names of the so I'm trying to I'm trying to contact the gentlemen firstly the globe didn't save him listen I spoke to. People who think they might have been accused by the globe said in every show to most ever for comment and he's really any of these guys they just wrote the story. Now this guy were about to name game to call us names of one Massa were about to do this at three different sources say it's you. Junior called. It's reasonable thing to do internal stability reasonable timeframe on it now that's fine. I did not immediately return recent budget that he knows I mean. And document the TD I despise the globe fired him right or at all no portion of whatever. Why is the wise little reluctant to name. I am not good I don't have a good answer I got tight physical content Julie Dolan and its ability that even though because I know they know. Physical contact Angela to a name's mark GMI case and UCK a Mark Foley field. Pervert congressman right he didn't touch anybody now proof of the local one Anthony Weiner told Clarence Thomas didn't touch anyone in a few years ago but he. The Clarence Thomas to need him cultural problem not release on his name no Norton probably added they're equal opportunity and it's it's it's in their own building I guess they know the guy. Either that or that guy is said listen. You wanna do that well played ball and what it means. Do you think it's a good point maybe he'll cooperate with the house which you not money will find on do you. Do you think the globe and part five when they talk while races Red Sox fans. They're willing to give the name of the guy who's been banned for life. Is it the whole month that I would always and the guy out of right now we don't know the report is a direct way actors Thursday. After Wright who hasn't policy wanna be dragged into it and I never never inject race into any stories or re never worst kids that doesn't hold up until we didn't even if he did the thought he did you all this in every utes east and the publicity and no terrorism on the show me asking questions I'm curious observers tell the truth that's great movies he has art. Six wants 70 geez. 779793. Of them work together well no we eat out and Sean McDonough had a heart attack yeah. Falling out tonight's patriots dolphins came out about Jon Gruden. Joins us next in the play by play guys. The second time tonight with players being immobilized. Put on dual core. But on the deck card taken off the field it's fun to as perfect on that hit them through. It's Shuster for Joseph I can't believe on this of all night when he and his teammates everybody else watching this game watched my age easier it seriously injured at C. That in the front of everybody's mind to deliver a hit like that that's illegal and then stand over a man who you might have seriously injured shame on him so. I just thought is that why you. That's I tweeted about. So with that I think that's what blew guesstimate fringe on well Twitter and you gave me a title with a more online so good like demoralized I watch football. OK so I don't saying we were all (%expletive) much Mike Hsu win him a beer watch for who sang what we're all thinking and most play by play guys as you know don't do that he joins us right now he's brought you by counter tired MD Anderson cancer salaries are Monday football game shot what's going on. Welcome Erik you know did like a sporting arm MacKenzie. Sport is its tactics. That meant a lot to me because to me he's the model outlook sports journalism really should field. Scoring average and he's favorite show was year old showing fifty intent taking their day. You might have been really that or we're happy to battle. So tell us Shonn is there any backlash when you do something like that you were very critical not only of do Jews should miss Shuster but of the overall. Hone a bad scheme that was so violent it was it was so dirty and you didn't hesitate to call these guys out. Well I haven't heard me say that doesn't mean there are people who were upset about it because maybe their work but I think the league. Based on what we saw in the aftermath Jerry probably felt that way that we saw suspensions on hit that really haven't been given that kind of punishment before generally when you saw what I look at did it was just fine and then actually got turned back to just be unifying. After his appeal but to shoot or suspensions stood so I think. The league after that game just got to a point where they said okay you know rather just issuing fines for these kids were trying to get out of the game. Now we're gonna suspend guys sold but you know and their reaction to that game was pretty negative and park avenue to. Obviously the rating some weeks are up from the last assembly should down. And it's all of million different reasons we're talking was last week Jerry united we do wonder at some point to some fans say the level of violence. Is it they tune out at some point is there a breaking point I'm not sure there is cherry thinks there might be I guess do you think there is. Well I'd. I don't know you know I think that game was so beyond the norm I don't think that's really indicative of what the NFL is week to week in the year that in my head football that was so far above and beyond anything else that I've seen so but I do think people are more highly sensitized to it now because we've just heard so much about. Concussions. Than the other long term damage to these players you know throughout the rest of their lives that. You know that has people concerned that's why people aren't let their kids play football and I do think some people watch it now every time they see one of those that they think oh my goodness this is the guy's gonna wind up with CT. Someday so. You know I think it is the turn off just because of you know what people know compared to what they do ten years. Plus Ryan Shay easier eight walk into that door anytime soon you we suspect. That's not going well you would you agree John. Yeah I would assume that is that the media. Spinal stabilization surgery still in the hospital. It's certainly in the get a time on you know as you guys know you want to two so yeah all that unfortunate kind of a freak thing you know and you know the game turned ugly at know even though the two were related you know certainly my reaction that quote you played. Was related to what happened which easier because all anybody was in that stadium and I assume anybody watching on TV. Was thinking about the rest of that game was right she's here you know Jon Jon Gruden I kept talking in the commercials about. You know there's a big play you wanna call it with some excitement on the other hand you kind of elected jerky if you do because. You're given what we just saw all of India cars off the field it really isn't that meaningful in the great scheme of things so. You know I've played you know I. I think. Belief and a lot of tough situations now that they try to deal with week to week and heard a lot of talk this week about the punishment that. The two guys in that game got compared to a bronze god and blah blah blah so you know it just seems like there's costly one situation after another that the league has to deal. A lot of us are out slot that brought stuff like that's coming from your network though they're pushing this agenda will blog did others is that you know they Brock. Got one game because he's YEV feed and black you get more games it seems to be. A big car is being pulled on on your network that it is frustrating as you know being from here a lot of people around here. For months with the SP it. Yeah out while I think there's a lot of it I ESPN. Feeling among patriots fans are back to the placate that sort of thing I can tell you I don't think there's any. To borrow a phrase from you guys favored Hillary Clinton I don't think there's a fast flight right wing conspiracy at ESPN. That the anti patriot night I do remember though what I got this job a year and a half ago and I that you guys were the first to help me on to talk about it and like you said you think they hired in part because they know. You know doing and hate ESPN so maybe buying a new Englander will help mitigate some of that salt. I think they're sensitive to it in Bristol I don't think that has anything to do with. Some of that commentary you just referenced. Netting attack tell us Monday Sean you do this from time to time is the just horrible officiating. Around the league got overall when you look at the NFL as a whole gotten a lot of violence that we've seen too many injuries do you think they're putting on a good product right now this year. In terms of the officiating I think it varies game to game. Yelled for the most part the games that we've done I thought this fishing have been pretty descent to the point where we joked with Jerry Austin is our refereeing in the boot. That is and the night not actually believe that he's there because. We've got a lot of weeks haven't we want for five weeks in a row and eating get on at all because they were so few issues related to the officiating and our games so. You know my beloved pet peeve which you heard Alex and everybody else does too is you know they're talking of votes ratings dropping and it just dropping and I can be the one part of officiating nick attributes that. Is when the game is over officiated and the other 23 penalties then the vast majority could be tricky tech things you know as we had that game the other night they called. Not too long touchdown plays back a kickoff return the 61 yard touchdown play and play from scrimmage and then you watch the replay and you're right. Where's the penalty so. I think that's the part of officiating that needs to go away you know Palmolive favour of an obvious fault that. Is impacting the play and then nobody extension impacting the result of the game. They need to called out but when you're you know run on the tape back five or six times trying to find the paddle and you still can't get and they just looked down and 96 yard touchdown return it and I don't think that helps them. It's apparently officiating is worse than ever it's terribly Seton every game and I give you credit for at least two you know. Implying that the the it to officials are bad the most play by play guys and a lot of color guys phils interest to agree would have recalled driving not cheap seat to be blatantly wrong pass interference call blatantly wrong it's only a logistical and technical what. What are you talking about. Right well you want to highlight for me just because you know that I realized these guys are human beings as we all are and I certainly make mistakes and every game that I do. And you know we get called on us in this Twitter age mean people are very quick to critique. In my performance your performance that's part of the public would be into the public job but you know these guys are the majority officials I've met a really good guys and fun to be around so come up they're trying to correct them but. As you guys know my philosophy during a solid back to start now with the Red Sox in 1988 is. I think guys be talking about whatever it is that fans are saying about when their homes sit on the couch watching on TV at a private home that night you know what I would have been taking was. Really that's a talent they just called back a kickoff return that's something that sold if that's what I think the fans are thinking about and I think that's what I should be talking about. When you talk to Brady and Belichick he talked him last night last night how how was that you get anything you learn anything to talk to these guys are now. I think we learn a lot talking to Brady you know I don't know how it goes on he's on your show are. On. Other than what I've. Tells us everything out some believe that it gets uncomfortable at times through it and support lets me be I'd be accurate. The now that Tom was great last night and bill was built you know if you asked in the question that he seemed a fine moderately interesting than. You know he answered that but did not Tom. Interest in whether it thinks it's a good question or not. And and tell us something you learn from Brady last night. While most important that I learned was those moms feeling better which was to me the most important thing that connect come out of that so I was really glad to hear that bill. There's a lot of good stuff here we talked on a lot of different. Topics that I am gonna. Well I don't play here because let's say you did just say that I can't take what I thought I might have been. He said that I remember that. It was interesting to me that they acted outside until Saturday in the snow in the coming down to Miami to play. He talked you know about a lot of different self playing in Miami over the years column. You know. Playing in the Super Bowl in a Minnesota earned a couple months. Yeah I mean do you see any way they're not going to be in in Minneapolis. I I do think Pittsburgh is dangerous. On you know I think to me it's that the patriots and Pittsburgh and then everybody else and. Have you ever seen Brady's numbers against Pittsburgh. Oh god had other history and epic. Most bands do certainly patriot steeler fans do and I think. You know the unfortunate offshoot for the Steelers up there right AJ here's thing and it's. Obviously less significant than a lot less significant than what's happening. Well this don't help. But when you watched that game last night of the Baltimore Ravens aren't exactly a juggernaut on offense and you know they marched up and down the field and can't work let's think that it could job but. Continually mentioning. You know here's. The reason this play worked as it was in a lot of cases the steeler linebackers didn't do a very good job it much easier to trick the player and very fast in one of the fastest linebackers in the league so I think that that is certainly not gonna help them when they play the patriots. Fractional Todd we'll catch up to at some point I'm sure a lot of good luck tonight will be watching obviously. Thank you guys. Merry Christmas happy holidays to all and we'll talk again soon. Irish are substitution on you was while banks. The campground and sported concede it finish. Yeah it's public enemy. Is I mean this is an original enough about me it is yeah I thought early on he's been great shot into a great job tonight we know that only guess what are you mocked me when it was like I was already he was only tweaking to the refs are bad announcers it was all me well if you watch the game and you didn't whom greeted him after the refs are we get we don't want to at least. And I don't know the rest. And others are now yesterday and then it's called the Philadelphia game immediately called them well there was of Google and it was good but the two of the board because the I don't understand you have to play again. Click Rembrandt with all the ransom leverage. And be the network fortunately went through each guy like who leverage there was nobody even came close to jump on another guy but I was fifteen yard penalties. And they want to if you're one of the matter haven't had a terrible things are terrible call and is the number they have the right to cash and fifty had nothing to prove your point eight incident say outright that that alcohol is like you know I don't -- it like it was silent about it easy to play by play like we don't look into it either now defeated if you think all he does say I don't scene and there in congress and Clinton got into a group would. Probably writing the U pulls of into the door to Rico me three goes busy but it's true but McDonough will serve as bowl play that play and analyst at that's where attendance figure that he has Sam's right now as those of two prices not bad John's great things about that and that's what I played. Great means fans Will MacKenzie said you love me even more yes that does help and tonight he'll try to make it seem interesting when the patriots team you heard those 34 and a sprain Brady anecdotes and can't wait to hear those on the air we have got a great and that's all we really gonna adjust and that. Pittsburgh as a threat and now I'm I'm I'm done we and Joseph Flacco Sox camp in Heathrow was the patriots nick falls. Who's going to be that's a good question it's over error body is gonna come back in on the team congratulations to the patriots have won the civil gone six for Brady's six for Belichick. Proper ordering if he does right it just as it courses our break ups as it goes second round pick is getting worse and worse each week plain niners they eliminated. Think of the first round Marty predicting will be Jacksonville here and there frostbite. On sat in Jacksonville home and then spurts our home. Pittsburgh stinks on defense and stakes against Brady. That team is coming here they're going to be great. Yes Roethlisberger had a break here and use skewers prospered under is damn good bye for 500 yards he has the greatest receiver in the game today with him in the NFC. In the right I don't the rams while carrier Minnesota. Minnesota Wild and now an attitude from me patriots at New Orleans may saints Seattle now the president lost yet. It can't handle wrote a couple of things that can do it one of their guys get busted for a that's right I'm gonna follow on in Atlanta an Atlanta. As a matter the patriots. Have to go to Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota. With its students and I heard that it's never been home to even suitable crichton no team played like home. Now the crowd is never. Particularly a little more usual and a big deal and a week. And it's indoors. Page to be favored by how much invincible against and the NFC team is an indoors. And that they just build a divorce. Is huge endorsement yet vikings play matters in this book whose. It's not believe have been reading fifty stores but the weather is in the open is yet predictable that that big plate of the last time receivers case Tina that Elvis song I'll tell me who stops them. Eighty jaguars and it changed in the Steelers stop its record here for it's important if she's at a course change is gonna come in here I sent. Not pro big deep entity it cubic house searches upfront they're going to pressure gradient with a things EG alleviate some pics yesterday and play borrows of Dallas QB Tom Brady at home and I'll nice as well yesterday and I'm not zero demons and the only thing is if Brady and announces the meters off aboard a little bit of the blocks the pretty expert thinks yes I agree that. Mean Philadelphia's Don all right we're waiting right now we're watching sports and Beijing teammate Adam shifted to break the news or break a say those three printed letters ACL. We don't know yet he says. Was sad capsule is in his last 21 you make a public face and obviously to side baker may feel he's fun to watch Kirk and you don't like fund I don't know. If this. Guy's saying I agree it's saying that Michael that's gonna get suspended but I think. That Nichols is a damn good backup but he was under siege he didn't have a chance as there is a drop back you can you know it is a Stanford worth it to see them interpreted to be like upset. Frankly I think Peter's point Kevin McHale helping out as a I heard he's definitely a tight right yeah. Fultz could go to the Super Bowl could win the NFC. This can now at equities and into being solidly as it falls again that's saints play at home against Lleyton at home against Seattle RO. Rams are some and Philly. In January the rams would be back in started the whole thing I would pick I'd pick right now patriots saints. US thanks fixed victory friends loosen. You can see the naturedly about Lucent's healing mechanism is all the birds are flying in icy lake of the sun's out a communion rise one point two billion ought to niner going to one point two billion suitable. Can't wait public legal now. I and if you know come to take it the Idec undertakes an awful it's going to be so African Kyle Busch I was going to warm suitable dreadful going next year then the next four years this where's the next year. And like that's I mean look hot and warmer and the most welcoming city of people of color according globe she's infection might only 84% to about why respond in Atlanta this could constantly and I got a big scene that Minneapolis casing burden. First decline since that that you can someone explain to me how the CO CO Poehler busted in Atlanta it's far from Jackson is or Saturday night on the roster. He's not like he's home. He's not so it doesn't have to be with TOK. Well by now that teams are controlled by Pete Carroll. This is lost control it was in 9/11 treated equally you like these extra brought an adversary story doesn't say it he flat out process polish last night that sees can here sees curiously similar diseases and he's he's 17 or six it's 77900911. Was an inside job he thinks con because he's the pats remorse. Direct and and tell us something you learn rating last. You know love. There's a lot of good stuff here we talked Lotta Lotta different. Topics and I'm gonna blow it by don't click here to give up today was it Tuesday that a typical wanted off the job might have been. He said that I remembered that. He can't help but a lot of different stop playing in Miami over the years com. Alex are you feeling transformed yet from Tony Robbins. Yet you know I learned that Bible let me today guys bad the fees. It becomes reality okay we learned that. You are you don't get wet. We ought to learn that not not get that dad. You know. You are you did you argued that it was like as best. I serve value as yesterday phone. Leader of Washington. Accents so bad that can not they can be good to know why you're so excited to felt like I know he's like oh yeah well heroes. And I used to intern for them at my heart beat faster every time. I'm lie it is a handsome man you have Kurdistan hung out that day spent thirty banging on DA last week is an issue entrepreneurs factory terrible talk show host I mean what's would mislead us along entirety. I've been official swelled up yes that's we learn from John McDonough Brady opened up to him last night he's he's played Miami Korea. What's it was a tough game down I didn't know that myself in Miami will the only and it's a legit course. Interesting to me that they are acting outside untested. They are a dirty team a flash at all it's unfortunate when that season finale Miami nicer than that although that game. Suit did his best on them it's who his best to hurt her you know tried to actually bodies yesterday before. I think it was Lou. You're sort of intricate hand the ball off right. If that does two years Visio game Maureen day loss kind of came down to a record okay yeah derail what has faced he's gonna try his best thing like he's out I'm thorough dolphins don't care about winning this game they would like to hurt Brady that's a fact. They would like their grunt too but then I'm gonna get child like three out of this game it's like seventeen point 25 minutes ago began yanked him bail is jail and I. But like yesterday we learned Brady will win this third MVP. Yeah once as I went to her Antonio browns gained some pub since went to people determined that you really think as a receiver who's more valuable and Tom Brady. Young receivers he is that we can great. When I was reminded of SP but mr. player I'm OK he's just spectacular. O living here do you feel sympathy. In case. Seeing them. I understand by Mike Zimmer hesitates when it comes and they need Keenan the starter for the rest of the season. Just gonna keep going into the time until now the kid's been underwhelming. Can't begin isn't it felt like there's an undrafted free agent sitting on the text he. Enough oil in the case keynesian VP navy won't be unanimously in the case but bringing them is going to win it you buy only eighteen touchdowns seven picks this year they had. Let's face it he's pretty good Ben Roethlisberger. After a strong for 500 yards last night you Ben Roethlisberger is now on the sixteenth. Rated quarterback winning 91 rating which stinks and is there an average now yeah and I guess sixteen would be right in the middle right. And Joseph Flacco carved up what does it were his fund them all god in a fidelity eat all night. Its ratings have in the 80s13 touchdowns twelve picks he stinks now he could say a lot of balls that is so inaccurate last night an hour before the Steelers let him back in it but. Reason when the MVP in the patriots not planned next moment first you know I want them to the taxables when he tried to next year's schedule deceived and we did get her surgeons was elections scheduled next have the patriots lose a B weeks six next year I thought Jacksonville was like a one game that the FB two game lead over a Kansas City. For the third spot and maybe know who does what we can hear what's gone. I'm trying to figure who's coming fox programs that first 100 at the wild card games early it's more likely could be. In Tennessee Kansas City regular tennis shoes crosses the cards a carry out its heart he is so help us all up. So you think either of those teams cans the first weekend. I'm so not only can you know I know this ordination is thrilled they're going back the Super Bowl. We are too right Kirkwood a very noticeable thirtieth for a quarterback he Asia soccer federation and Arab yesterday backed is awful. So it's packed and parkas marionette and that and the friend titans are going to be the first weekend. And then Roethlisberger. And Pittsburgh or or or public portals. We love big bad big offensive front. Mean he does anybody think the pay which is what the rip it does spread up yet Buick as the game. Last RJ bell said it was to treat it before last night's argent Nelson spoke wheel if Steelers win which they're not going to next week. Yes then the pay treatment projects but like that steal those last two games. Took a lot of the Steelers and another not hurt although I think bell got hurt last night sucked it up and stay in there. The patriots are going to roll and it's our next week Thomas cents a stupid now cup weeks are sent out are looking right past Cincinnati and Baltimore on that one has its eyes and their team barely barely there defense thinks. Anyways that's a matchup right now were to begin today would be right there will be buffalo textbook NC tennis and grew up. It we we are simple purpose show full dosage levels office excellent. Absolutely excellent UNC OO they're not as good with the Atlanta Seattle that I understand Seattle's I just outright you have. You know it would be good New Orleans Carolina Ryan Matt Ryan Atlanta Seattle Detroit from the mixed much to sixteen if she's buffalo at the some parents of buffalo and Miami wins with the Joseph Webb on my right is doctor went OK but if they win tonight they're a game out of the playoffs buffalo could be coming in Foxborough. With the wind chill well is what every match I was Pearman is he gonna be okay inducted. It's like really hurt or is totally out the year look good lie over. To see the greatest picture appointment from listeners are currently have them or doesn't say they added that sound you know I couldn't see the field and game was I believe was stolen I think yeah Carmen how about that that is I don't. The way it's supposed to be a little bit of the static shots as his partner and two outs podcast mind that I'd be happy. I'm having onto it like really this week if you like can debate the Boston herald's Steve Buckley that's occurred in an invitation because they solid Don but it agreement to bomb had never told anybody but I'm happy to do it happens Michael my sort of social experiences. You can you can link to may have to do it Wednesday on Wednesday. I am on Wednesday okay yes I look at after the show okay Monaco and I want to call I want to talk to according I want in our people. Sebastien gawkers reporting that the New York City terrorist who blew himself we'll try to blow himself up the failed suicide bomber he's alive and well in custody. Is from Bangladesh. He's been in the US for seven years on this. Come on we don't know how bad Bentley courteous and it was OK. For guys to spike up. I hope so and he was inspired by crisis is everybody's reporting now. First reported by MSNBC. Inspired by ice just MSNBC another reporting another ice is a glamorous hurt MSNBC report that running free in New York since fired anyone can tell I'm inspired by nicest ladies and one of those little a lot of loyal to me what's true and did a pipe bomb tremble when there are there's that they are people don't like all like he's a member of ice as he wasn't a member of ice it wasn't why me why he was with the dues paying member of vices are we defending his eightieth and that's a terrorist. Not to items 37 years old. He's a Brooklyn man from Brooklyn Brooklyn. He's from Bangladesh on the guest he's from those lottery guys like the last guy was on the bike path. Who came in a lottery outlets and Bangladeshi and that's how we right that's how we choose whether it's like this little they've doctorates. I'm definitely scientists. How to shores this is reflexively to certain venues that's not any you know like I said that's the same thing Tony would do sent into mosques in reducing the mosque global good the first instinct is hey hey did you know you can be sure of that ice is inspired him why is it -- globe depends guide you recession harass somebody to version arguments. Yeah it is what what makes you wanna defended you think because we BC inspired I speak I licenses here attacking western he threw it all involves do you think he's a Muslim yes these are almost shot his lone wolf you know that well what about whether it's on route your body Christi Paul -- on yeah how'd he get radicalized. I going to web sites and get than you know low rumbling end you following some. A powerful mum somewhere not long hours mesmerized as mesmerized mesmerized mesmerized exactly. Finally got really I don't want to be muzzled its too late now but I don't really an open whenever there's a terror a mopping up please make can be Olympic ice turned their backs in the lose means a pathetic joke at virgins and you die I don't it doesn't even know being in the and how do you like it hurt at least the the bomb explode off when I'm dead nothing nothing nothing premature explosion meant to be in New York City Russia I would you know kill anyone. Sore loser empathetic people. There this just hang them the worst terrorist that or before its worst and Richard really she scared the crap out of people on the air routes to point. Does he have to go to Max and relax in Denver or in college and that probably right. They just put him into a retrial over two years or whatever in the the whole thing inaudible read about more more about him upon a couple of things about him frustrate. Some good taxpaying people. Yes some legacy is 37 he's not yet with the news that four hour we. And earn earn I'm gonna guess who's gonna guess she's here she's definitely guess he should not be here. I don't know have to wait till packs come out of comic trump don't comment on this just in the past due to race in New York Post reported counting nicest people who qualified. One we can't do against bottom in the Penn station's harmony and I suspect your head if you're nicest. Like Obama team was nicest on gay clubs when it any apps was almost a martini guy that the sound we always have with him. We use the polls. It was found this guy who has first gain experience points in order to have a and her. Yes he was crisis or he was have sex with him. You. Walk through recording program and what birdie. Regard. Because that because that mask. Masculine was in masculine voice rose ET Al he's on the down low and he's mask hiding his mask on the Al masking and of masculine he's a masculine gay person oh OK he's DL people get to master. They can't but they had a lot of them to differentiate themselves ion mask the post I gently Lonnie seven world number seven but whatever. 27 year old Bangladeshi it says here that ease the oil the only injury now. Could be on Sunday only injury could be wrong the only injury is the moron who did not blow himself up looser correctly it. I.s that is goodness a happy story aid terrorist in New York City on behalf attempted to blow himself while he died actors that it would be just blow off like a leg when that he's funny and great you were on moment to you know as the eyes of every New York Times and make any mention of prices soared and the other none of that amount of custody in this story they would want to play it before and he's he's let somebody artists they like to be deliberate and thoughtful. We'll get back to Google period back him 61777793. Set forth in five hours.