K&C - Sean McDonough talks Patriots-Dolphins; Current state of the NFL 12-11-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, December 11th

Sean McDonough joins K&C to talk about Patriots-Dolphins on Monday Night Football.  He also discusses the current state of the NFL.


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Welcome Erik you know a bit like a sporting arm can become. Sport is its tactics I would act that meant a lot to me because to me he's the model outlook sports journalism really should be alt morning. MacKenzie is favorite show was year old showing fifty intent taking their day. It might a video that we. Where we're happy to battle. So tell us Shonn is there any backlash when you do something like that you were very critical not only of do Jews should miss Shuster but of the overall. Hone a bad team that was so violent it was it was so dirty and you didn't hesitate to call these guys out. Well I haven't heard me say that doesn't mean there weren't people who were upset about it because maybe their work but yeah I think the league. Based on what we saw in the aftermath Jerry probably felt that way that we saw suspensions on it that really haven't been given that kind of punishment before generally when you saw what I look at did it was just fine and then actually got turned back to just be unifying after his appeal but. It's been accused or suspensions stood so I think. The league where after that game just got to a point where they said okay you know revenue just issuing fines for these kids that were trying to get out of the game. Now we're gonna suspend guys felt. But you know and their reaction to that game was pretty negative and park avenue to. Obviously the rating some weeks are up from the last assembly should down. And it's all a million different reasons we're talking was last week Jerry united we do wonder at some point to some fans say the level of violence. Is it they tune out at some point is there a breaking point I'm not sure there is cherry thinks there might be I guess do you think there is. Well I'd. Don't know you know I think that game was so beyond the norm I don't think that's really indicative of what the NFL is week to week in the year about in my head football that was so far above and beyond anything else that I've seen so but I do think people are more highly sensitized to it now because we've just heard so much about. Concussions. Than the other long term damage to these players you know throughout the rest of their lives that. You know that has people concerned that's why people aren't let their kids played football and I do think some people watch it now every time they see one of those that they think oh my goodness this is the guy's gonna wind up with CT. Someday though. You know I think it is the turn off just because you know what people know compared to what they do ten years us. Ryan Shea easier ain't walking through that door anytime soon Yi we suspect. That's not going well you would you agree Chung. Yeah I would assume that it and the media. Spinal stabilization surgery still in the hospital. It certainly didn't look good at time com it was you guys know you want to two so yeah all that unfortunate kind of a freak thing you know and if the game turned ugly at know even though the two were related you know certainly my reaction that clip you played was related to what happened which easier because all anybody who was in that stadium and I assume anybody watching on TV. Was thinking about the rest of that game was right she's here you know Jon Jon Gruden I kept talking in the commercials about. You know there's a big play you wanna call it with some excitement on the other hand you kind of feel like a jerk if you do because. They're given what we just saw all the Indy cars off the field it really isn't that people in the great scheme of things so. I thought I don't eight. I think the thing. Believe in a lot of tough situations now that they try to deal with wheat to weaken. Heard a lot of talk this week about the punishment that. The two guys in that game got compared to a bronze god and blah blah blah so you know it just seems like there's costly one situation after another that the league has to deal. A lot of that's our house a lot of that brought stuff like that's coming from your network on and they are pushing this agenda will blog did others is that you know they Brock. Got one game because he's YEV feed and black you get more games it seems to be a big car is being pulled on on your network that it is frustrating as you know being from here a lot of people around here. For months with the SP it. Yeah while I think there's a lot of it I ESPN. Feeling among patriots fans go back to the placate that sort of thing I can tell you I don't think there's any. To borrow a phrase from you guys favored Hillary Clinton I don't think there's a fast flight right wing conspiracy at ESPN. That the anti patriot night I do remember though when I got this job a year and a half ago and I that you guys were the first to help me on the talk about it and wanted to you said you think they hide your part because they know. You know doing and hate ESPN so maybe their new Englander will help mitigate some of that salt. I think they're sensitive to it in Bristol I don't think that has anything to do with. Some of that commentary you just referenced. Now I think Todd tell us Monday Sean you do this from time to time is the just horrible officiating. Around the league got overall when you look at the NFL as a whole gotten a lot of the violence that we've seen too many injuries do you think they're putting on a good product right now this year. In terms of the officiating I think it varies game to game. Yelled for the most part the games that we've done about the officiating have been pretty decent to the point where we joked with Jerry Austin who's our refereeing in the boot. Bet it and they may not actually believe that he's there because. We've got a lot of weeks haven't we went for five weeks in a row and eating get on at all because they were so few issues related to the officiating and our games so. You know might blow that he which you heard Alex and everybody else has to is you know they're talking of votes ratings dropping and it is dropping and I can be the one part of the officiating that contributes that. Is when the game is over initiated and the other 23 penalties than the vast majority could be tricky tech things you know as we had that game the other night they called. Took too long touchdown play back the kick off return the 61 yard touchdown play on a play from scrimmage and then you watch the replay and you're like where's a penalty so. I think that's the part of officiating that needs to go away Palmolive favour of an obvious fault that. Is impacting the play and then nobody extension impacting the result of the game. They need to call that but when you're you're running the tape back five or six times trying to find a paddle and you still can't see it. And they just sort out in 96 yard touchdown return I don't think that helps the. It's apparent the officiating is worse than ever it's terribly Seton every game and I give you credit for at least two you know. Implying that the the it to officials are bad the most play by play guys and a lot of color guys phils interest to agree with every called driving not cheap seat to be blatantly wrong pass interference call blatantly wrong aides say Pollyanna is the contact you go what. What are you talking about. Right well you want to highlight for me just because you know that I realized these guys are human beings as we all are and I certainly make mistakes in every game that I do. And you know we get called on us in this Twitter age mean people are. Very quick to critique. In my performance your performance that's part of the public would be into the public job but you know these guys are the majority officials I've met some really good guys and fun to be around so come up they're trying to harangue them but. As you guys know my philosophy doing a solid back to start now with the Red Sox in 1988 is. I think I should be talking about whatever it is the fans are being involved in their homes sit on their couch watching it on TV and I was home that night you know what I would have been taking was. Really that's a talent they just called back a kickoff return that's something that sold if that's what I think the fans' opinion about and I think that's what I should be talking about. When you talk to Brady and Belichick he talked him last night last night how how was that you get anything you learn anything to talk to these guys are now. I think we learn a lot talking to Brady you know I don't know how it goes and he's on your show are. On. That a. Tells us everything else unbelievable if he gets uncomfortable at times through it and some more boats may be I'd be accurate. Now that Tom was great last night and bill was built you know if you estimate question that he's seen them side by early interest things then. You know he answered that but did not calm. Answers and whether basic question or not. And and tell us something you learn from Brady last night. Well most importantly that I learned was those moms feeling better which was to meet the most important thing they connect come out of that so I was really glad to hear that they know. There's a lot of good stuff that we talked Lotta Lotta different. Topics that I am gonna. I don't play here because I'll tell you that just say that I get I want I got to tell my head. You said that I remember that. It was interesting to me that they act outside until Saturday in the snow in the coming down to Miami to play. He talked now about a lot of different stuff playing in Miami over the years com. You know. Playing in the Super Bowl in a Minnesota earned a couple months. Yeah I mean do you see any way they're not going to be in in Minneapolis. I I do think Pittsburgh is dangerous. On you know I think to me it bet the patriots and Pittsburgh and then everybody else and. Have you ever seen Brady's numbers against Pittsburgh. Now I've had other street and the epic. Most bands do certainly patrons steeler fans do and I think. You know the unfortunate offshoot for the Steelers of them right AJ here's thing and it's obviously less significant than a lot less significant than what's happening. What does not help but when you watched that game last night you know the Baltimore Ravens aren't exactly a juggernaut on all. On offense and you know they marched up and down the field and that's called worse let's say that it could Joba. Continually mentioning. You know here's. But read in this play work and it was in a lot of cases the steeler linebackers didn't do a very good job you know much easier to trick the player and very fast in one of the fastest linebackers in the league so I think that that is certainly not gonna help the money would patriots. Fractional time will catch up the at some point I'm sure all good luck tonight will be watching Aubrey at home and I'll niacin as well yesterday and don't know now zero demons on the only thing is if Brady and announces the mayors often borne little bit of the blocks the pretty it's her ex senators. Mean Philadelphia's Don Wright were waiting right now watching sports in Beijing teammate Adam shifted to break the news or break a say those three printed letters ACL. We don't know yet recess. I was sad that solutions these last 21 you make a public face of Easley just like baker may feel he's fun to watch Kirk and you don't like fun I don't know. If this. Guy's saying I agree it's seeing that Michael that's gonna get suspended but I think. That nick Fultz is a damn good back. But he was under siege she didn't have a chance as there is no dropped packet you know it is a Stanford worth it to see them interpreted to be upset. Frankly I think Peter's point Kevin McHale helping out as a I heard he's yelling at my dad yeah. Faults could go to the Super Bowl could win the NFC. These can now it goes into being solidly as it falls again that's saints play at home against Lleyton at home against Seattle or aura. Rams are some and filling. In January the rams would be back in started the whole thing I would pick by the pick right now patriots saints. You thanks fixed fixed rate friends loosened. You can see the naturedly about it Lucent's healing mechanism is all the birds are flying in icy lake of the sun's out it can be in your eyes you know one point two billion ought to nine or 91 point two billion suitable. Can't wait public legal now. And if you know come to take it the Idec undertakes an awful going to be so African Kyle Busch I was going to warm receivable dreadful going next year and the next four years that's where's the next you're. And like this I mean like hot and warmer and the most welcoming city of people of color according to that of Cheesecake Factory it is vitally important and I don't I respond in Atlanta this could gay clubs and that the gay scene that Minneapolis Casey Burton. There's stuff defined concept that you can someone explain to me how the CO CO Allergan bus that in Atlanta it's far from Jackson is or Saturday night on the roster. And he's not like he's home. So he's not as it was so it doesn't have to be with team as good as well by now that teams are controlled by Pete Carroll. Is lost control it was in denial of entry through the equity and you liken these extra brought an adversary who doesn't say I'd be glad that says all these last few difficulties can hear c.'s curious and a similar diseases and idiot are these eggs 17 or six it's 77 night and I was hitting 9/11 exit. Inside job and can't because he pats remorse. A direct. Oh.