K&C - Shaughnessy continues to bother Pats fans; Tom Brady on the challenges posed by the Jaguars 1-16-18

Mut & Callahan
Tuesday, January 16th
Hour 3: Shank has ticked off Pats fans again and Tom Brady previewed the AFC title game.  

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plus Sports Radio WEEI. Some dot east of the list we got to mossy already we got Roemer larger with that at the right way it's going to be shot the at a table tomato cans period but. If you convince me there more to the haters enjoy each other's company I doubt it it probably don't know I don't know about that ball. Oh my god. Now at the table on. I'm all right rent. You didn't think he. Those are my guys my friends in the afternoon dale holly. Rich he's doing great southern tweet over Christmas to get Chancery tweet. Graduation sue them for their great focus well. Congratulations to them up and Jerry for you I I'm reading your tweet and even get. What's that if the jaguars coverage area has to sleep the bunker and patriots cover Alex that is the woman named later. You write in people accuse me of being weak. No recession or show a show. People he's just being sure that would say that if at all like it just like I achieved top price magnified angry that this is agitated where would you want graduate there's really one another guy's side spot on the title but here's the answer. Ten deaths have been linked to the time pundits who were toddlers to secure its military times. If you look awful. Will you don't wanna talk football I want potential total segment. This is the extent of my explanation. Two lines for an additional ten and re read your tends to search. He says he's legal he's set to review Epstein book a month ago he finally get around reading like border with good. Like nope can I get GI really I really don't read at all for summit author inner. So in my view of life and you have five pages fifteen pages fifty yes single spaced. The stories of fluctuated that Microsoft Word has it as a book like in Tampa. You would have been outlined working on the street is free phone don't know I'm not kidding look at the I think notes of these characters every single day Kobe wow. Where are you know years can you know you McCarrick and competitive to me. I dubious actual eye getting its name like what's it based off obviously I'd tell you I told Jerry it's set in mean in the winter winter in a dark and depressing and that's how about right it's either is it like a statement came thing in the county can come out of seminar in a note Tom Coughlin is welcome back to life scared by the is this the girl who who love Tom Gordon knows this it's not nosy by the way the single worst novel ever written. And I mean yeah I include like John Grisham like it's about I love Steve case the worst it's the worst book ever written and I and I think he didn't just is on the grass is what's his face. Grumpy guy from switzer was. Guy who's you know white one of an uncle who terror of looked terrible great welcome Chris kerns as always as a body that Chris curse like that book to know everyone likes it simply is only view it only proves true love or me who doesn't like and every one local bookie arena Chris I'm reading. David Epstein book by James Patterson. A walker and David it. Is that the same guy play short that cardinals one X nine. As partial recount and I'm enjoying this. But the only people who died two toddlers and eight seniors with dementia. Those cases seniors with a man chair eating tied dogs with a look like dummies in other quick candies and eat them and die because what good committed pretrial. You don't market that you think that in any event I what's the worst thing can happen and just think if you look at another angle that would be nice clear on your showers. Guests knowing it's like candy looks like candy graduates they bury fruity dummies when industries right. I just rises during the liquid tyrant of the brutal thoughts about this you're asking questions now I have always you think it's like we're gonna put out hot I think I think you guys are mocking grown produce and that's I think I'm not valuable work published or not so the issue were mocking him I was. And to some zone data during a playoff or used among mocking them. For off. I'm rocked I I crock was on Showtime's weakness on patella series during hosting stand up special. So on funny scene did a commercial would leave niece and a and that and the chick in the movie. What did you just the keys they put him in different scenes in the right yeah yeah well it's. A written by sports yesterday gras can no longer be funny because he elbows and Judy in wipe your helmet as racist thoughts whenever we think the ground now week. That was why that's always talk to us reform absolutely and it side headline patriots don't need to apologize for anything in this yeah I want to do this yesterday yeah Tom eight current and it's in response to you know the trouble Chauncey Chauncey and Alex Roemer. The people are going to be in the haters will be more fun haters ball or the patriots. Pajamas I think we all sound off on Chad could just hang out with him yet to pick one group and got Zahn I think he's a hard Shaughnessy who now I think it's a hard job. Like god car he's nice guy actions include but that as a matter Jerry Gordon would be like what I think is gold standard and Elin and their ball. Generally good reads and read them both but here's the thing if you. It is hard to come up with stuff that people can read I mean pick up whatever and he paper terrorists album right McKinney operating out of a good story. It was excellent source and the right about James Blake is he would like to catches. As touchdowns. And would we get to. In The Herald rookies make jags offense Ron. X.s and knows what some people wanna find out about network on Ramsey noted Alan Ramsey everybody wants to gainers Sunday they're fine. Gypsies Shaughnessy you know points out that this is an incredibly easy run to the Super Bowl and it is. But no one blames the patriots that that it is. It is. Eerie how things have fallen into place for them and it's a tribute to them as he points of course that is what's the line about you sit by the river long enough you're in the bodies of your enemies will float part. They it's the best that depict it's the trademark. For the patriots in the Belichick Brady here is survival that's what they do they survive and advance as I said yesterday that other organizations to react to things because of the truth hurts them there's no there's no question in my mind right. The patriots are like like like minute on the air who wants reacting you think so he get their heads right and they hate you or they emulate you elect Martha idolize I said that I said this the other day I talked about. Take some time off I decided just relax and such than a little work and TT does sneaking up in terms of caring and working. In a male in the whole year Netflix and focus on the novel so I was like onus now he'll be focusing on near. Grant Marshall Sean. That's all gone Colorado's got another substrate is the only against one side and on and on what was place. Carlos was companies David Epstein Pedro. Is it not. See funny line while and you work myself and those great line Internet to write to accept what it amazes me good leg that people like. Horton and and others can upset it's fallacy that. We'll look at sunny and he's heading up the patriots to mean no win situation to be the job this honestly from my other hand raiser has affected hombre because there isn't nobody it's on Alexander is saying is thing at the fans to be situation it was John C setting it up where the patriots went its tomato cans are supposed to an all out. How would drop how would you call. Jets bills dolphins are division. Those six games now anyways I have the jaguars to get these Super Bowl to play falls to its east actually was the best division in the conferences and ask you comment on it is being fair battle in big obstacles of course it's easier to pick its fault on a plane and take it easy out took him to upset you when Jerry Brown eyes. How would you call that path the Super Bowl. Easier than most. Yes and a sore back and tiger shot the shot ports have a good defense and I'm with Glenn you're overlooking. The jags are considered the path through Super Bowl who who's the quarterback for the dolphins this year. Kate clear cut through Tom Brady lost OK who's the quarterback for the jets this year. In town there's just become the well worn out of the bills this year it's Tyrod Taylor okay and then it was Beriault homer in and or easier to read foals are keen are partly it's the kind of Portuguese Brady. Portals full blown pass through the same experience so why. I may feel the need to defend so I think the patriots are amazing in incredible it's that this is that we'll never seen anything like it is a dynasty that we will never see the likes of again or we haven't since it's the most amazing run. In professional sports history night and I don't think I cannot remember an easier run support but they got it like we always agers are out that we always say what they've done. Is they have ruined arguments force can argue the best coaches anymore can't argue the best quarterback is anymore in our two best players anymore. On the put Brady Jerri one you mount Rushmore I've obscenity I agree with you Brady's on mount Rushmore. On mount Rushmore for all time athletes now the best dynasty of all time they're all gone all the windy all the arguments are drawn all the great sports debates they've ruled upon. Thought what's a better would you think the patriots run as the greatest run in sports history without it it does anybody argue that can go out and they've outlasted all of their all of their competition it outlast everybody that's appoint Tom currents make me hot but so carcass they don't ask mobile home park is saying is it. Pages so he'd apologize for anything with a basket party's short of Shaughnessy. The pages to apologize for other teams drafting housing quarterbacks in hiring dope head coaches. It's attribute to them they're like Mike decides astronomy out of the of the other teams get in the ring their knees are not in the wet themselves they are affected everything and everybody. And other than Tom Coughlin I mean who isn't committed to huge data by them. That's nothing if not a tribute to them. Absolutely look at all the teams and outlasted the Broncos are hot for a couple years and eight fell down it calls into what great of evens announcement marks nature might be premiered at jets but to cover shoot for games in a row. You write the Broncos had a run the ravens had a run the course when the government dolphins run the wildcat offense so here comes this team how many different teams if you've ever given to walk like you said even look at the NFC the Seahawks with Russell Wilson was Hideki immensely countered going to be nine fell apart. It but it's a strong. Man argument no one's asking who Pall over as we're observing that it's a remarkably easy run. We've done this a lot we've looked ahead of the FC title game I don't remember less suspense. I remember more people don't book their flights to Minnesota or booking their hotels in Minnesota. This would be the upset of the century if they were to lose at home to the to the jaguars on polish. That jets game if you look at is they were rolling and you wouldn't believe there are fourteen to beat the jets by six touchdowns and everyone's. Five weeks before that. But it lost that Cleveland and they won their last ten games and road we're killing teams. Haven't they are favored by ten points in game minus nine and yet just like now saying it's aimed at a Brady threw a pick early on in the game or something in them that they really got debris that's how the jaguars can keep this close. With a turnover battle in the turnover exactly and I don't think that only it should be discussed that that was brought up is too dangerous pollutants that Brady's as good as ever on the sound. I control the clock yes and they're team rush for seek peace and seeing this. Patriot. The type of defense is they gave pre. Bureau corporate reception on her first position I'm always right I'm always right until it's saying. It. She's just advocating actress doesn't eighty Sam writes why camera. Right that's now Iran is right there too right why can't you read Shaughnessy. Or even like I can't write read or listen rob Parker for that Miramax film and laugh at them out Kellerman I also this late. Parker's zero shot as he's so important in the city. And to me is eight not entertaining. Not funny he's nuts mod right now and not compelling here Mexican guy like what happens like heart on for the patriots what my missing. If it. Was told I was as corporate weren't patriots where at least actors in the other that was it and it was the issue is in New York he has sellers must be see that it jets fan I think the patriots in the you have to ask him now we just us that's our wallet with some admin are sugar to some of these head right yes yes it's the answer to all these guys it's. And and a good chassis credit he can take it he gets. Peppered W got you know but all of the you know these. It's a pass and these four nation guys dolls of show on his relentless that he gets endlessly results are attacks using motors and power rights. There are those who walked among us in the pages should do that they're going to sit their darkened dad's watching now how it's impossible dream Red Sox. Clutching dependent on one hand their gas and the other. Face lit by candles flickered from the shrine yes. That's a very good guys about Shaughnessy and I incidents that is precisely what China sees Pakistan got to. Current too but when you hear how she does like is Boozman the retirement families stricken the which AMOCO EMC EMC is working on it. With that in my old school Riley's story pre game he's an old school baseball there's nothing wrong with cutting saarc here in Detroit during the show. Because it's a more action item added yeah those shots that Meredith. Okay through a segment revenues W group home I don't know that suffer alone refine them. Who can't who's in the foam Pella tell when he goes all out should not decried. I'm. We goes all the people the patriots have beaten and BP's. The Kellerman thing that rob Parker thing I've ever tell Phil family every single Thomas again ago. All ought to listen all those people. It's Twitter it's four nation tacking them on Twitter they can't on election very sensitive guys. You know the TV guys they're all thin skinned and they get through we're all sides and every single time element case and he negative about the patriots what do we do we played a sound on this you know do you think. That exactly it's just we care open when it but it works for army that's your thing we can get jobs C let's the Twitter people get to know he has now. So that's a point he doesn't. Do you think Helmand you know I don't I don't think army but the patriots ally Israel exactly I agree I know that Kate you wanna know where this comes from the animus he comes from those people comes from port no nation comes from the fact that this is the only way he get attention and get any play whatever elements as having operating he played a sound that they don't care for and we react to so we're eating into and he wants is a high of just ignore him and no way in order that President Obama that works for us and it works for element the element is all they are you can actually force us it doesn't and isn't any some moron watch that show. Through it all about it at the highest ratings ever cast was there is take the ice apparently an audience and QL okay I'll work on ESP Kurt said nobody's watching it on his second race yet again grinning at times what is down their rating is good bye but first take is and then on its encrypted by their stand in his clutching skip English wow awesome again and and bodily same deal with this group militia saying it was Shannon Sharpe. He gets to humbled by patriot fans on put it makes noise sex in her element yesterday because this is bizarre. Think that Tom Brady clintons come. Yes I do in fact I think it's here now that was his first good game. And now seven weeks is that he hadn't been game against the team that won them once you lose there. Let's be honest Marty noted catches his own past because. Really patient even gotten by the change that was one game that everyone know that the titans had no. Way to win we knew the patriots were gonna smoke the titans and smoke the team got to score a lot of points but. Brady was I will say that's. Brady was better against the titans then Peyton Manning was at the same. Point his career now in any game in those playoffs they medics best game it was 21 for 37 for 222 yards that got the Steelers. On that were in that run home. But let's keep in mind that for the first time in seven weeks Brady was very very good. And it was at home all four box in the cold. Are against probably the worst team in there. Cold part has that the cold jail or against the quarters at forty right as should not be a bad thing for Brady. December 15 to greatness when he Simmons who was 24 I was Brady and that a struggle early B is great I was that would normally do that particularly gal when when the game was on the line script file for a big that while not a fed Davis holds on to draw that's different linebacker and painter as a pack. We did Brady looks like he's old you're old eulogy I forgot he shot all the people like me up ordered the Santa has yet come up and does that sound from. After the game and ridiculous from yes so we're playing now we're reacting to which is also argue why the sound of a guy who sounds looking more wrong I don't care that's good for him yes in the coal as in my eyes you wanna come on us. How does the cold and he's a little less time he wasn't gonna support unfortunately to date academy really did he show everyday you know if you're seeing this exchange model bolstered Stephen Hayes he tells Stephen A knows delusions and how does the cold helping forty year old does is not. He's going to come through against Tennessee big maybe it hurts them because it's cold I don't warm weather team headed by October or December it gets a little chilly in January its worst. Pat. Again made forty million dollars Chaz what are you. Man chest Weis is China's you this requires I guess on Friday correct and that's good news for its book. It Brady's coming up and if you come up next yes I've got we got off to school spirit excellent when I hope we talked to Tom Brady your next hunkered. Okay conversation with Tom Brady's brought to you by house was located north east let's go distribute TCU did go federal could you look at these TCU and northeast and it's funky joints and as every week Tom are you this morning. Why do more good where everything's okay with the Brady minute hand count and situation right this is a couple of Tuesdays and wrote later it is no friction is there. I cannot say cassette suffered a sham we rated writes I don't I don't wanna get a middle office. Are they believe. Jake that all may get off the school and I yesterday were. Yeah just. Awkward. But the fight harder as the kids guy at least I know I do I think our kids are brought to this image my daughter will be eleven my son's five. It's hockey fight harder to do your job as your kids get older and is more more to do we literally it's different when you and I were kids or Jerry your Alex. There's so many more things going on in the day I'm sure your schedule with the kids is packed every single day. It's it's a lot you know at third so. I love being a doubt. But it it it definitely different there 120 fighters all argue all the a world where 45. Dude are you need to do you get older just you know family dynamics change and they're just last time in the day you know it's. A lot committed to them man you know order Greece and indeed Citi that's why you decide actually by Expedia. Certainly their policy of air from my wife. But what you find it daylight is Salma a couple of years older than you were younger you played sports you put sports in your talent to a certain age. I finally how it's it's with kids now it's wholly compliant when he changed but it's wholly different. Yeah it's Bethlehem and I walked to school every day. I went to school those closest I'll let you know that was. You know you played front yard. You know my parents that drive yet where out like picket or kick up the system one think that expertise great. But it it is different it is our political play industry like you know what our growth. I was cinema silent film bad for you because. He's got more than I did music at a lot more but it'll play street hockey we play street hockey every day we played. Basketball he's got all the ball or something in the street Israel and now he is no kids in the street they're all. In front of the computer part of the game also traveled the start earlier you start younger in the van going practice but which I wanna ask is some about the documentary and made him wanna talk about it. The other day Tom but I see a contradiction here and as to your credit you talk about. Given up your life for football but then we see you with UK is your wife your home. It seems to me that you've struck a balance that you are. You know my father and husband in the sun and and a football player it's not you haven't given everything up. For the game have you. No I think football great you know look join our life and there's a lot of big sector pushed aside. You know like they're like all football players hurt the sport and there's no but I've Israeli archer. You because you you aren't committed it to another place for so many days. The other deceit and it's basically seven days or weeks for. Senator mark. Do you feel guilty can you feel guilty about that. No but I think at one time. Changing their schedule for you I think it's all about your life it's your game. Oh how cute he acted like you know check the exact route Sunday I'll be Djokovic. Rapist accused you know there's a lot of great technical loud that you are pick up. I'm very fortunate that I really love what I do about how much Baddeley gets shorted the stick a lot. And you know you just. That's. You know that's part of a ballot short right on. Is there part of you that that was concern about doing it documents like this in season where it may be a distraction. Usually offseason for the artwork was trying to do some we talked about but in February. And I can sit arch so archer what made you a little bit short. So. Folks are football. And elect with other things that happened on upbeat and it's a football to comply it'll in my life goes. Where my focus these could be and are there to be like spot. It shares. I participation a lot of things. Turns where it needs to be which is football and get ready would be the best quarterback I can be perky. What was the a goal of the documentary. Some personal things. There's there's there's. Just an opportunity. You know what sort of has been a lot of things over the years some have been a lot of fun to do. Some habit but I try today. You know you gotta have. It would opportunities you'd do it different parts. Do you tell your your your family just give me a couple more years and I'll be here every day you'll be sick CME this let me finish and Phnom plays laws they can but. Then I'll be here coach WLT with the homework does give me a little more time. But you have a Mike as part of my output that the daily conversation. Back. So what exactly is the timetable you give them when they when they passed to you. You know I. This is the question. It's very. I mean the work of the groups are like so. I'd love doing it a civil Bakken play. A geologic play you know at a at a great couple you know when a tip letter grade level there. I get like. But I can't help achieve when they're you know I don't want to be a part of achieve I think that's. A you know you're not through your future you're doing achieve real disservice that particular space and op plan that at a championship locals so. I wanna do when. You know I work. Hard at it like everybody Archie does he I'd love playing quarterback Turkey and I like kind of goes back. And they support me and I'm very grateful for that support goes without that support I could do it. Well we know we know you're you're busy in your norm the noise so we'll tell you when. Lots of people are saying this week is that. Jacksonville is the time type of team they give you trouble live for. Guys who get to the pass of the don't need to blitz that two really good corners they have the best pass defense in the NFL by far. This year is that would you see as I assume you've been watching a lot of that that defense on on tape so far last couple days. It's been a busy couple days because. You know we restructure some maternity care and really haven't seen much remorse here. So there's just there's just trying to Feldman. It was good because it really got a kick you focus where you need to beat this is the biggest challenge we faced boy here. You know we had a good offense they at the best defense. Yeah you know that's all it's a challenge that you book gets those guys you watch him play over the course of the whole season. You know if you could see why there's just a lot are a quarterback to throw. And I think the whole secondary goes their linebackers knowledge and their presses they take chances they got a lot of turnovers. They got a really good ski. I'm a quarterback's status under pressure all day and it's. Unless you get you know get open quickly out to a lot of sacks and that's factored in along yardage off guard turned to upon them. They got a good run game you know plates at a good season so. You know there's a reason why they're in this game I'd say it's certainly the best team we've faced all these yen if we don't play our best that one out in advance. You buy into the yes vocalists I guess I'm guessing internalized do you buy into the fact the distractions it can be a factor. New solid the Steelers but he even look at you guys obviously the office of the defensive coordinator. Are probably going somewhere else for a coaching jobs open with the ESPN story. Does that stuff play a factor in the building over the last weekend in Tennessee game it was not a factor at all. Not they were pretty focused on what we need to do we. The Genesis law. Are we committed to each other. Since really. She came back with a lot of the last season April making all those months that were committed to trading it. Needing to walk through practice or games that. You know injuries OSHA and it's just about that we're relating get away this week and I think the code. I've coached all checked. He does so many great things I think one thing if you just set the best phone. For the players who knows what it takes to compete. At this level without. Now that there's more hype surrounding the game there's more distractions there's more. You know people there's more to cover its users workers talk about where we're focused on our jobs. We'll let them what else do their job. You know. You know I got to folks on my job back. You know but I only get bigger from here so we just got a state folks or we need to do it stay with particular network and the fees and it try to do squat there. Continue what we've done you know courses either try to go Pia you know the best football team we played. I hit it from I guess so it would be human nature and we talk to us all last week in the with the ships were now almost feels that it's two years old. Let's just say story came out it's a Jerry and I hated each other and we work together we hate each as far as that's who would believe that nobody would believe we have all these issues whatever going for its up point. In the course of the week I would ask carrier he would ask me is something historic it's true he did you wanna work this out to wanna talk about us. Did you ever talked about a check after the story came Marty talked to you and say these are ending to this is or an issue here to wanna have a conversation or was I never discussed. I mean you aren't we talk all the side. Those conversations that get our product tree yet early we talked you know every week multiple multiple times that. It's you know about a great relationships. Again it's the a lot of things written and said it. You know that's again just what part of that. Being a professional sports and in a quarterback Richie years you know coach after do a lot of talking on a weekly basis but we're both focused on. You know the same thing which we always been coaches tribute I think for the team I don't to help working where that's what I wanna do that's quite spoke solos then. Hasn't changed you know effort and there or what to achieve doubts so. You know those things are very much enemy. What's your take on bulletin board material you guys never give it you obviously Belichick doesn't allow it but the Steelers in the Jack was all went nuts and after the game Jalen Ramsey there stood corners said. They're gonna beat you and then went on in the Super Bowl the because gonna use that to be discussed that already. It. What I've learned over a long time is that it's how you play it not what you say and I think. Everyone has different ways of analysts say coaches to players do. We do what works for us. You know those are other players are work for them and you know it game's going to be decided. To place the vast mountain. You know heights the best speaks with pastor. You know he's a really good player fox atomic they'll want him. Got a lot of strengths and you know he thought Richard very confident that's reflected in. How we place so you know more concerned about how he plays as close to what he says. I've never bought in any of those things you know I know what our offense is capable of ordered me to play really well score points though. You know again that's just speaks the height and you are trying to release state folks on what we need to do it the better stay focused more laser focus we are our targets. You know the better I think what. You think. Even mcdaniels is gone he's gone are you confirm that force now. I have no idea I really thought that I haven't talked to gush about any of those things that you don't talk throughout. To me about anything else. So it never comes up conversational. It. You know you're through whatever it was 53 times Saturday night the one the one everyone was talking about was. You running right the chase and young women are close to line of scrimmage neutral left across your body to Ammann dole who's just behind the guy. And it's a strong we haven't seen too often how do you know there's no defender there didn't seem like he even had time to scan that side of the field. Yeah I have to. I was really. Focus on Danny I could just held DNA is you know we product made eye contact and I could tell us he saw at Obama I trust him so much that I. A lot art or quarterback you know you're. If you're still out on the field but you'll have complete vision all the time but when you tell the body language at the receiver that he thinks if you got it. If that's what you can really be decisive figure really count on them receive could be your. I think any made double play make that decision to try to get in the body language that Yuki. He always does and you know he went out and high orbit at a great catcher of the state you know big play any game that. We're gonna need a lot of those as we a lot of tight coverage. There's a lot of extended plays against this defense could guys are open right away. So you know we've got to keep negative plays that are there and do your job or project of a football. Those are the big keys to winning negate. Guilty if you've cataloged them attitude and maybe somebody will. I'm really just in the doors had as many big catches for you in the playoffs is any player during this Robbins in two years ago yes he's got a lot of them. Yeah you've got a lot. A lot of big ones and it read policy institute he's just. He comes up big what was it I think that's the mark of a great player and did a great player are achievement he's been you know fight artistry. Game all you know law there. I had so much profit in at least he's been incredible players you played so well the other I wanted to either play well again. Sunday and it really got won't play well this about a cheap where you can have any lapses I think this team. Now that we're facing child you have every single. Every single play in every part of the old they're explosive at eight touchdowns on defense. That's pretty credit whatever itself there's another one. You know against Ben. This last weekend these guys. Can play football that they've played really well. If we got to work out for us. I heard somebody talk about Kyle Shanahan and have a conversation that Belichick after. And young couple weeks after the suitable and you know what went wrong what went right into this kind of airing it out. Have you ever done that with say I don't know Tom Coughlin ever talked to him. About the two super balls. So I'd never have I've. You know it is that never crossed paths with with those guys. It's credible players at all seat compartment. That it should. In the off season it's probably more. I thought so focused thoughtful well. Most of what coach call. That's a loss thought I'm guessing for you that's lost that that. Still hurts the most has to be their first night's loss right. And overall. Corporate order one of those playoff loss let's remember. You know tried to not want the most up contribute the most that you've been at it we got great chances that feel like we've been. We've been a team that had a chance to win every single one of those games and keep things are different and if we win and that's why would not come out of this week and it's. In outburst. Well played a team that's very good. You know just like other teams we've played in the playoffs and lost to beat you think about some of these real close games that we can edit what are your place since. You don't know which one or two plate that's going to be reported gains Archie just tried. Folks on every single one then keep your maximum. Focus and energy and I made every single play is you want to about a game bought gas in knows about one play and you just don't know it's quite going to be that's why are these. As focused as you possibly can you got to study as much in albeit mentally and physically prepared. The margin bears there's slam. And it's livable teams. Our quarterback question we brought you by north east men's clinic I guess that's this and the answer is I guess might be obvious but is this week. How's lowers the right word but it is with experience is it easier prepare and get ready for this game vs the first time. Your first AC tie the game is won against Pittsburgh after the raiders game at the snow game I'm guessing you must feel so much different now or maybe it's exactly the same. In overall effort and all yeah I'd say for me. You know I I think I've just learned. You know how to deal with my emotions for the week and there's obviously some extra. Obligations. Terms of our commitment Serb the league and so forth but it. You know I'm trying to just quit. You know everything I can't into an explicit you have to earn the right to play the following. A couple weeks has not been promised not at all earned at this point. I don't think that there's anything for granted. This is a you know works back in the play as well thinking we've played all season. And we won't be ready to meet the challenge so if we played poorly you know you don't block and you know our goals to move on so. Whatever we gotta do to play our best that's that's what got to do and not about poke it. Our Tom talked next week. Thank you art. Tom Brady joins us every week cut out and questions for. You guys covered it all I write dumb questions because I want to keep up with the interviewed us wanna sit here you know giggling about the reunion if you're laughing on the hair yeah. He tweeted out it's an out of king of Saudi we're talking it's always funny and my god why. In addition I'm like I'm really she's such fields I didn't turn my Mike up a couple of isn't the only answer I mean it was a great braves going in depth how deflating for all everything yes and again we did admit admitted to cry in your but I think there. Let the record show I'd look at Kirk appointment human in the U wanna let me tell you is that right anchor exit news I know that's at all I was gonna ask but the bulletin board question if you weren't gonna do that I was contempt and but it was covered you guys have the report with Tom. Lots of question as I report some of them so many immunize an incorporated is actually pretty good blessings and he's caused this additional relatives is open. I mean you know talk we speaking. This just seems you know like it's not a truthful. But it's like what Belichick could in on this so many questions that you don't bother asking because he's not gonna answer right. I think Brady's ever predicted. I mean now things have picked to win but has he ever. Since some polite or don't want you know we're going to suitable and like that doesn't now what about as a kid. High school college maybe you only do that once I can only do once and then you get it by each and asked brightly jailed Ramsey after they lose this week is ever gonna do that again probably not. Joining with them to do it again he was right. Let's try to we want to talk I don't check point is that Brady's that is on value warning other but Belcher explains why even do. Right what what is the what does he was a gain in the patriots didn't even really respond to Jim Ramsey Ken Ramsey they're out yesterday actually in there at yesterday's case equality he should become have a that are gonna he had publicly that into private right that is going to be discussed whether it's like you know. Perhaps later of Belichick if they're motivated enough that the British all known known and unknown that's how it works but not always well how does it work in the game always looking for more just the sense that level of intensity. A level of energy have when you take the field and the coaches' jobs to get Tutu that Max level. And he uses anything the weekend you have a miserable three of them are sure to do video seen the video many many times of very Belichick was perfect which is parade route to stupid but this is Belichick is Lou you know he's not a real rock rock I was again he knows why was he knows it's football I Eagles were the first emotion you need as much emotion on your side as she camps -- so the use everything that when the emotion that will play news. They will use Iowa and Ramsey. Wanna bet. Hi you know they're going to I'd I'd take it shout or what you all the Steelers don't hand them everything the off week the jaguars yes you are not looking idea. Absolutely happily that you like came back hitting my potential game where I am well and lands and they threw deep on fourth and one the Steelers had an on side gig at what point did you as far as you know I think that's because the overlooked job boards more now already and that's what's your idea pick up your thoughts on where it was 21 way to viewers' lives she went unanswered daughter's softball team gathers round coach I'm ready to just RF talked obviously are not my place to fight against such an overall he told him how does that. How does something all of boulevard materials for stupid former football players and adult coaches like Jerry that's what it's for now it from or else I didn't did I like Mitchell regrets what he said I do don't I no regrets what he said. Nobody was one of the guys that are right. If it blows up in your face like he's going to JPEG images when it's good because John Ramsey said now it's. So we decided that I agree on that point do I used to be and I was like you but I watched the Steelers jaguars game. On Sunday and I soccer has bird team and that's what we're confident overlooked their opponent not sliding down to anyone meet since I guess the only opposition it's it's a sin that's different tiger is a theological tiger that's different you know doing your job they're they're going to overcome coach talked about. Getting past the mis read in the papers read. It's in mentality they had ended in the third. Yes it may have cost to play the slippery. On the fourth touched up at 6177779%. Wilbur.