K&C The sock puppet strikes again; Manish on the Patriots 10-13-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, October 13th

Hour 3 The sock puppet returns and Manish Mehta talks Patriots.  


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It's Kirk. I personally feel it's very important to lose. Powerful. And frankly the NFL should have. Suspended him for one game at a would have never done it again the owners should be demanding this not a President Obama also rose. The road. Well people's country to make statements will prove to us and have every right she'd. Do not honoring stand for the flag that you won't plug Kirk Manhattan that he knew board gave her arms and. Oh yeah. I just wanna you know laugh about these very. I didn't just just. Senior nation it was. You know and picture and had such great relations with Kate that groups those talk have been played sound fundamentals Robertson bears and Gerry Callahan. Watson nor in my Friday looking forward to that with us from Charlotte to life. Wants them so little hairy yeah idyllic but take his clothes off and as she gets out that since come through and really need you need to throw I pick a I'm not quite right I'm Mike but if you enjoy the rest of your wins. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday. Through the rest your body on Sports Radio W. I couple things will get back to these phone calls you have every day set can we have a Elvis Tuesday. You know Tuesday and originated Q3 21. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. And are they did artwork free packet we still gonna do good week and this we have to do enjoy the rest you cry it still wants to finish them all what about this. Enjoy. Your weekend. Now on our awful I this is like your Edward R&R goodnight and good luck. Is that you know Kirk many and is not intended because his sock puppet. Actually mocked him in the open I was Curtis isn't all currents that's that's amazing I mean you'll remember on Monday but Kirk we're here now and again we're gonna get anything you'd like to say to Kirk about that just apologize I am beyond Curtis should apologize to put it together Curtis introduce speaking I don't believe you at all if that occurs put that together would make any sense and totally destroyed but here's the breaking news found out where why Kirk here today finally. These a broken heart no I don't know he is still dealing with is. Still excitement level still high you know what happened last night the boss took over Broadway Bruce Springsteen's New York show opened last night to that race he would review of the I was trying to get on Broadway wanted her to tell me we're going to be today and he's very cryptic. If accused down there guess Tom Hanks Tina face Stephens field worker many handles the only thing was according to Bob Knight is an Arizona. He played a 130 get a 130 minute performance. Huge reviews the singer keeps a set. Play lists and provides his back story revealing he's never work nine to five. That's all he ever writes about he's got the fifth fifteen songs in just over two hours. In this and all the stories he told last night escorted the deal that's kind of short for Bruce two hours. Not artists sixty seat Walter Kirk these this is the new and that Hamilton's probably runs courses and that's the long run when it's. It's yes this is the place to be seeing the Bruce show which he called. One run into them. Bruce on Broadway. Two Springsteen on brought so I'm pitching it I would rather watch Kate. Beckons de L off off Broadway and spend five minutes industries that she gets the seat. And the FAA never I haven't since the end of Xavier Barry values so funny but this mysterious Sarah Palin has actually her pale. Just too young for sprite missed the Springsteen. He's he's still around I don't know what guys are still I'll tell it like brings all these records. It's just that I don't think yeah I don't think he doesn't do anything to do it no wealth is their glitzy sequence. And Hamilton musical on Broadway journal thanks until July and I've received a thank god Tina Fey I went to high school he's catch show off. Bruno and him singer songwriter. Failure was there who else. I get some tickets and Louis airport go from Craig carton Ralph Lauren and his wife Vicki where there. Great I like to think government are these is real name Rel her lip shifts. As the lie that's his name. For X springs seem paid tribute to late and made Clarence Clemens at us on the references him the tenth avenue freeze out and be the last he must have some room he must. And instigating about. Throw peer into the US in this song for his old friend Harvey Weinstein because they were tight I'm sure there were time. Who wins and circles. The potted plants zone in this monologue an eight year old boy. I see nothing electrons here that's it's the first show my guess is that as he gets more loose about this than it would be okay do you want to join the sock puppet mark. Kirk on the first podcast. Got a little emotional knocking a mock yes surplus was emotional if you did that Kirk would destroy Hollywood now he will Monty might get emotional about something that would close currently trying to get you thrown in jail for that's true and if you talked about that made me cry when he. Admitted that is a third person I called after my idea interest in upstate New York. Cold and dealt. Hopefully save my job that's what. So you called Perkins had can you save my I told what happened I talked to my uncle was the first person I called my wife sec recycling Kirk a person's deal lawyer yes. Accent I was the first one out of 545. Was it Tuesday morning was that would I I like the podcast hockey goalie clock and go ahead Jerry you might I worked for crying about a cult that occurred on camel. I thought the podcast was excellent it doesn't mean. The chief itself together young man honest to god crying again. Weeping again when he said it was the most emotional best Davis is life right that's worth I don't wanna play it won't. Arnold can hasn't had no idea to kind of set yourselves you're. I don't know who's more afraid of Kirk who would you say it must you know I think so afraid occur yes mud or. Gotten moderate camp who is more who lives in fear more there are a decent. We terrier dog and cat has been brainwashed to the public he's just telling you man just like he is the hardest for putting Opel so again it is not true I would say I am definitely months months months months job is. You know both here on the podcast I don't while yummy dinner get made final four hours verified that the gas I I would say it again and with good reason you probably feel like. Kirk sort holds. York viability here and his future and sand. We don't see does but the culture. Marked. News lives to not disappoint her that's was is going what was please don't let me disappoint carted a big programs programs like that waste or just want to disappoint you think your agency guy Yuri is not mile much older than me and an Emanuel is always six there I've. Thirties he's like five years old that's a lot older and you and your worries about disappointing. Why I wore that Jerry what model Nicklaus at the end of the day. Again there's even mocked you news mercilessly. Mercilessly mock you for being hairy and Delmon. Boring and you don't ever farther back all all three things true what are SA chef. I very hairy I think I'm a man on withdrawal or. Exit died at that is definitely didn't commercial written your apology for the do you like Kansas and Kansas almost dissolves Kirk he's Smart he's got an engineering degree in a family wife and acts like a child around Kurt talk like a child around his father. When you were so. Worried about disappointing letting Kirk down. Jerry agony back. I think Ken is more about survival we need this is his survival mechanism Zeljko is like a hostage. And is that hostage to characterize any guesses how he survives. Fight it like he closes his eyes pix is being on an island he's Smart enough to put Kirk in the open crime. And he just doesn't wanna take the blame or bloody annoying that I go to Seattle are asking for the sound he's not playing. Yeah any time on play into orbit around the curves that left him you don't have a little piece or two that are created our family and we go well yeah actually let us down he's like the elephant afraid of the mouse that's what he's just being young by general virile guy and he's afraid. A fluke Turkmen hand 160 pounds of skin and bones a 160 pounds of anger works for now as Archie Bunker set of George shifts in a 110 pounds a hate radio Kirk is a 160 pounds I hate but. If he's getting too skinny yeah she's got anything disorder it is neat he runs twice today he's sick sick and yeah it's heats price was on sixty. That's not normal he should he should have for his height yet we tease if you average mean cart together we run once today and it's probably true of any of this can now knocking unbelievable and so what we're calling it looks like my friend that extra help you throughout the night or at my house excellent plot was awesome I'm afraid that comment on the squad consists of sensitive. Kirk components I'm serious policy you can make fun of his family commitment and you McClellan was. Deceased parents and he's OK in that fund has podcast and you lose it's like the one thing that he's really sensitive about. The news is podcasts which is usually great if you criticize that one little bit he can't handle it comes unglued. It's not the mob would know because he would never ever criticized applaud mayor of the with the light on oddsmakers made five you and I would just in here doing this in Atlanta when I I did or didn't do we bolt that it. We couldn't it's just so doing we mocked his last yeah I did indeed anatomy and did nothing of the sort. You can't make phones crying guys can't I just elect can cut him all right can't do that to my friend KE eight if you in this emotionally you can get it. On WEEI dot com or download and I'll let alone and I town and and Kirk did a really nice mailbag tuchman is adopting his daughter talked of his parents and your motto human element loves marked. And he cried like to click a little Kimmel again. And I'd and I marked them and can mark them and much sat assignments and who opened the key to me who might get mad and emotional moment for my opinion. Kirk. You yourself are you we're not gonna play our audio file that. But then today they go to the jets says they win that and then home against our and a whole. Are also ahead it's. Sad excuse for you did. Really I can't imagine go. I'll pick you you weigh about 250 right. At that dog usually. The only way to fifteen. All home to eighteen at least size three of 52 week you are six or you're at least 24 Belichick router you're huge and you live in fear of the skinny Turkey. Mean do you. Which had on the Poland nights and please don't let me disappoint Kirk I think at Denver at Mexico city's. Among their season and have a hole and I can't imagine going through life like that. Smart guy family wife kids. Goes through life please call him disappointments in December of the let's go back to call holes at Miami at Derek. Ask other McNeill yeah this liberal somebody complaining. Incarceration. Arranged liberals are more responsible and don't let anybody was there restrictive gun law that what it Eli automatic jail and our legislature. Almost an automatic jail time it is not that's why we have room hosts and now. This is not like to know there aren't enough if you haven't read read what a yeah. There's no such thing as mandatory that put that sign up within the state lines a vehicle with a gun one year prison. Income like one hand the amount of people who did serve the mandatory sentences you right. That's that's a little like they didn't they didn't fall through that slowly to note Derek and John my season if you are. Parents and their parent of two kids you're living in. You know in a city in Detroit and Chicago Baltimore here and in whatever Dorchester Matta panned. You sit back and and when you hear gunfire night UC gang bangers comeuppance pizza. No I'm really concerned with mass incarceration. You don't think there's enough incarceration you're living in a war zone if you're Chicago right now. Chicago had out of those before a thousand issue date is may be taken thought I was shooting still think the parents. You think the parents that the hard working parents and the kids who go to school every day saying. We have to do some Obama mass incarceration and you brits. That's generally live a guy liberal you I would have argued on the recreational felonies sign you've you've said. One of the biggest problems with life in the inner city is single parent alms. How many of those parents are and you know I'd ask and answer that the ones who committed crimes aha that's alarm that's when I think yes that's right that it. You think they're putting parents in jail who didn't commit crimes. There. Seeking solutions to problems that make the problems worse and so those people who commit gun crime and violence shootings now and I am certainly not gonna global exclusive drug dealing is that's that's one of are you sound like one of the events that is all dealers look long and that's. One of the offenses that three strikes you're out people agree that's labeled winning it is old news by this is what they're talking about and violates it won't deal with Airbus jet sessions brings it back on fine wrecked Jeff Sessions that you knew Bogeyman and it's all but two of citizens like Derek. Yeah go to the Democrats they want one saying that they want to and other FA NEU. Whale right yet Jay you laughed at me don't yeah. It on and sort out what really go. Thanks to tell me it is. You you're echoing. Calling camper next. Complaints about this country that we break up families and that's kind of solution do you dare he put Coke Russia's learned enough slope Brothers think. That we are over side you know what are what is its name Blanca. Blanca yet Blanca is libel Asomugha and that normally I thought it was beyond cows instead Bianca. Are Blanca. Blanca. And yes the about the flag and the players. I've heard many callers call in and say that the flag represents. The military and the police. And I just wanna say that the flag represented. Each and every individual ones country does not represent one or two groups. That represents all of its assemble. All of which. This country is united under. And we're in a country. That may be in perfect but the majority of the people in this country unite it under that flag. Strive. To be better. And hopefully all of us can keep open minds. And. Were we wish you come down on this Lanka. I stand for the flag all the and I always will. And I do not and as far as the players go. Calling capping it may have his viewpoint. But they're not it does. His viewpoints have no place. On the Plainfield as a matter of fact the NFL has rule rule number five. That states there is to be no political speech on the field or in the locker room. He can't speak to the media anytime he wants after but America. Do not being met at the planes. Because the players are only doing what they're allowed to do. The NFL. Rule number five which loosely stated states that there is to be no political speak on the penal or a lot. I don't I don't know and I finally got his break and learn what little book is now looking at ruled five right now players substitutes equipment general rules number of players eleven players on each side layers afterward no matter is right on these loans. Ending for the flight what is said. For the National Anthem is the place is. To his reunion and there is done and let's look a little nine inch. At the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All you girls that article five will do while all that between now and 10 o'clock here on Kirk and count. At this level and on the far. The NFL. Five which this week date this date appears to be no political speech on the field or a locked. Excellent excellent excellent rule plot will spend time on that he didn't have no idea of what's done that causes the break through five lost interest right around that dance. Wolf five we'll see if it's part of the weekend we know the patriots and jets Sunday amidst eighty degree weather and East Rutherford, New Jersey we talked to me he's met at a New York Daily News brought you by town fair tire getting us that. For all things patriots and jets so what happened and he shut the jets is both to suck this year and at three wins. Well look they did just accept the relatively soft part of their schedule so. It's not like you're beating. Giants and the only the last. Quote on quote legitimate team I think that they played this week two against the raiders may get blown out so. It's a good barometer obviously this week Italy is against the patriots in. As you guys know they went has owned this team for the last several years. I can't get a much clearer picture of what this team at all about. Depending on. You know what shakes out by around 4 o'clock on. Ardea our jets fans given up on Sam Donald than they've done sucking percent of them wanna win now. Well I think it's a complicated question because I. I think it yet I think most cities and realize that Cleveland so horrific that they're probably inadequate the topic. We'll see it for them dongle number one in terms of rooting for the team the way they split and it's understandably. Split because. I don't think they're very many sensible and we think that this team is being realistic playoff contenders so where does that leave you to that immediately. Five when territory six wins perhaps. That it really get anywhere that it's just gone sideways which is where this organization has been headed really for the last decade. Couple years here and there. And they're not gonna ever be sustainable winner until they find the answer at quarterback in now right it's Patrick for a couple years just account this year. They've been good stories from time and time that. Ultimately you need to find an answer out to tell you guys that you need to finance at the quarterback position and the best way to do that is to the draft so it's a completely bad date for sure. And I think if this team and look somewhere in no man's land in that five to seven win territory. I'm not sure that in the very many paying customers to going to be happy. British how vulnerable to the jets think the patriots are right now. A look at defense is vulnerable that's obvious penalty that's new. Who for the jets I think everybody in the league understands. That this patriot defense you know playing a slightly better than it did. You know about a three or four weeks ago is clearly. Vulnerable that being said he would you know Tom Brady on the other side and hit more times than he's been hit all of last season. He's so Tom Brady and so I think that the patriot there's still going to be able to generate points against the jets on Sunday is just a matter of candidate can get keep updated. Now even even though they've had some flashes. Quality play on the offensive side the balk when you look at the numbers some of the numbers don't lie in this case they're in the bottom of the league in total offense and that's for reasons so even though I think rejected. Now dropped twenty spot perhaps. On Sunday after the conveniently enough that you. I I saw her Matt Chatham former patriot now as an analyst a break is that it's the patriots generally Belichick only takes away the other team's best player. Problem this week is the jets don't have that. They didn't let it around there is no. Illegal weapons for lack of better phrase on the up and decided yet receivers that aren't necessarily gonna scare a lot of defensive coordinators of the survey Kirsten. Jeremy currently Robbie Anderson. Other tight end offensively yanking that thing is a quality player Belichick obviously knows that application note that maturity yet it necessarily scheme to stop him but he's. He's the guy who can make plays we any ads over the last couple weeks. They're running back situation. It is it flock blocked out. In all likelihood. Not a plate got a calf strain Matt Forte may play he's dealing with the turf toe that kept about a couple weeks but he did he does play. How effective is he's going to be on that turf so I had my questions about that let me do rookie sixth round pick. Election McGwire. And he's shown some flashes of explosive play but again if you guys gonna be. Able to carry you to win not that dubious to say the least so yeah there's no one dynamic weapon but yet they're really game plan. Around to try to stop that's for sure. You wrote about it today just the did the procedure here quarterback from Brady to drop below and the jets and and I just wonder amidst the NFL circles how you think nation how the league thinks the drop below ploy is gonna end up playing out with the patriots because as you write about the best scenario would be a team from the contract or Apple's not a sign that. So how does it eventually play out with him and the patriots and break. I think the great the catered to and I think unorthodox. Move and that and that is. Turkey that an eighteen. Really dedicate in this inordinate amount of money. Cap space they should say at the quarterback position and you know great what account for about 22 million I think into that in an eighteen. Let's just say for argument sake he doesn't suffer any concrete injury played it even plays well. Good authority that lets say Brady plays well he's certainly on his way. Statistically at least I think they're gonna keep Brady point two million dollars I think they're gonna franchise tag. Drop below and that number's going to be somewhere in the 21 million dollar range you're talking about the 1846. Million dollars to the quarterback position you know. Rarely rarely do you see that happen I don't think actually that's ever act patently but. I think that the Smart play. And then ultimately signed Jimmy Acropolis to the long term deal now look they're ready to move on from Tom Brady for whatever reason whether it's circumstance injury. If that's the case I. They're still gonna. Franchise to think rock will you do that that place holder at a later this offseason signed to a long term extension so. The block around the league is that he's not believe. Brady I'm sorry grapples luckily New England Belichick's I'll allow that he's gotten I think he had opportunities this past off season to make a deal. And you know poker as great as Brady is it for for everything that he's done for that organization. It's a business. He's forty years old to take care and so I understand that he's well he's sleek well. He exercises well. But ultimately the last I checked he's at forty year old human being playing in the NFL they've built guys don't laughed it can't forget that what they don't last very long and you know worst kept secret in my mind. In New England is such an eagle rock below is the future quarterback of that organization and I can't see Bill Belichick. And let him shake free. Certainly to the jets say you like I hear coney you he's having a big year in New York didn't cut by the patriots he does that we sacks though is he really. Is he making a difference as you make a place. If they played the first month now that you can play last week he's dealing with a shoulder injury that he suffered injections in the Jacksonville game week for not acting. The left and someone that he'll be a force that attacked you're right he did it at that you know one of the bad passes led to an interception that he had inside. The red area which really kind of put that game. He's big difference maker in the sub packages in the pressure packages they're using him. Well in the format front in those situations you know typically they're 34 base. But that they are using easily too restricting your right is that now. Numbers aren't there but the pressures are certainly there and if he plays on Sunday night and I still question mark at practice so we will see pieces up and practice today. If he does show up there even the very similar way if the patriots. I know for this football talk let's talk about the importance that how many jets will take a knee if any. For the anthem. But I haven't taken any to this point I wouldn't anticipate that they would they've been locking arms. They're owner Christopher Johnson has been a part of that day. It's it's it's interesting dynamic in that Christopher got the brother works for the top administration as you came back these guys know what he's out there. Across the pond but I haven't got any indication a bit of the ticket yet they get the teen. They agreed. Several weeks ago. The happy show of unity locking arms and looking to collectively allow a lot of them for sure are taking the same approach so. And let somebody to break free of that I don't believe that you're gonna see it be taking these under. Many shall see all plays out patriots and jets eighty degrees perfect for October thanks. And each entity or do Jews. Much. Nick is joining us we get set for I just got to Allah we admonished and I like like this could even want to quit on an answer patriots. He writes I would you do that it's from the jets' perspective and the thing I like about into view we are talking about earlier you know. Like reporters who don't wanna ruffle feathers he's not meltdowns and Tara good New York tabloid guy I'll still to Gerry Callahan line you wanna write to be read if your New York right about the patriots in your red dress up like the human Belichick and prayed with the jets team sucks. There that won three in a row right there through when the giants Miami's Jackson Rhode Island and they're tied in first place. And then nine point underdogs at home. But it is funny meant to them right and no one like these things while kind of want him down all hope howl Matt Forte it's. Eight list broadcaster this game I needled the files coaches sleepless. Aren't I don't like her mom and dad not a word I like Giant Eagle bouts than. My thoughts as you go from Romo out of outs in romo's Colin Powell is shot. And I have been known as I am homeowner out hello hello hello I hereby then unify outs he just sounds like a fossil. He really does you sound like old NFL now to give you that but Romo it's he's trying to be too funny I don't know who got an easier said make a bunch and show nation. Pushed dance I hate everything. Look showers. As the clean. Well keep beckons them yeah it's a bit of Asia and let them on. Lots detectors this same rule five of the NFL operations manual not the rule book. Says they have to be on the field and at attention for the year yeses of thing here about personal messages. By it says. Players are prohibited from wearing display or otherwise conveying personal messages either writing or illustration unless that message has been approved in advanced by the league blah blah blah. This is clearly gray area right and think about you as we gonna want Cardwell now Bryant can't Wear you know you can't put a message and cleats that your. If your mother your bronze idol black yet you can't Wear pink if for breast cancer awareness she can't owner of the Dallas come tells cops who were. Assassinated by a black lives matter sympathizer. You know you get so many rules we know that. In a rule against me home. In my knowledge one on GDP growth is set maybe he'll do it but the players on at these teams might including Jerry Jones will will hear from a true American forget rule five peach shepherd is it. As close a real American Christine we don't Pete is also. Just because on it shows a real America we have new pirated peak Curtis said Scoble here that in the 9 o'clock hour on Kirk. There's Rick we'll bottom. Demi Lovato says the I admit that I let me go to those who do have that dig deeper nuggets. Yemeni people just picked up the phone and started a Google search and. Service. Holiday in class today is trying to landslide but you know that's a Jim Nance problems much things. I got impaired at this or evil or Alec. No. This is still neighborhood ice ax. You think Dan hit a 60 yeah you Amazon's and Nance is over I like feasted and I cost just he's a hard penalties still good. He's fine but he's he's huge his sounds kind. But but and and you know people like him will play almost instantly things in the sound silly. But he does the footballs than anyone I ever honor and accounts were because of them calls were no way. I'd like Collins writing a column is too great look in his. Goodell rump swab that's one I love. The part about the cellphone by Jews are on the phone. I'm bucket cap for next you do like us from Roger Goodell knowing what was that thing where's the good though he's been nothing but. Scan that got every divisional playoff game against the rim it Giles and Elin stands. Good so good at apple and little puppy sounds. Talk about sock puppet soldiers OK so and defend count which is both the same spot. On the broadcast for the NFL. Nothing used what was decides what what was what did just happen Al Michaels adjust on about a minute on explanation about Dell's rival in Foxborough issues with the deflate the thought there was some points this out and they showed right. 00 and dozens my Ray Rice situation thought all right ride that careful condone that canal. Now we know nothing wrong on it but lord there I'd we have we can get to pirated. All of total weight options. Can we wait to me where is launching more opens we are good we have some Jimmy Kimmel on Good Morning America as we could to a one minute that good news for Gmail hill. The ratings are back down in the toilet she's out coached suspended with pay and that's the best 100 people. And what can I. Due to get suspended as a war that way here it's a round here I don't get paid a year but to Mel who got suspended with pay for a encouraging. Her. Owner to viewers that she has to boycott the well essentially figure Rick the other shows the tank waiting gets spent for that was back the phone comes close it and but anyways sure show on Wednesday night without her to Michael Smith. 87 in the evening able Eaton set a tough night today. She was certainly a threat for the last the last number we went with him two nights ago they've bounced up into the Ford reported yet without her. Which was not good news for that this could the back in the Torvalds has Michael Smith was I mean I. What a courageous. To speak as much as he did. That night on the SE six about her situation and act. That's the word right there deeply held what you said about that well is anomalies that we always look at the shows appease them. Unbelievable. Worst cooks worst cooks eleven. On the Food Network and should queen sugar. On the Oprah network. Has since the conflict apparent. You know you know and now is understood the do you explain. So look out here you're here what you say it's off with force it. That's what saved. The team alive business and in fairness season kind of attempts but they just suspended her for speaking out with these policies and for speaking out this and that or suspend their fruit urging people to boycott. Their sponsors. And this is your skate well geez take that tells a moral and she think she thought that was going to be OK I don't care where you work that's not okay. Belly up to our bar. Nobody has ever appeared on the show what it's. All code my age and I was pushed me Jim. Jim Brady the ESPN about who actually is defending Janelle hill say I'm sure what is this yesterday it's stupid piece that we shouldn't always spends just like NBC's all on the same page the home that's all it trumped all wacky. Tomas he trained liberals they all think the same way. It is you should if your radio show ESPN is like the Boston Globe it's like NBC there is zero diversity zero. It is real pain that comes on for eight young and they don't should they shocker right shut her right. And they and she will never it is so out of this idea today at ESP ESPN's liberal network as they are baffled because evidence because he played Travis says it. And and but what's actually the most laughable part is that. They are trying to respond to that are noble do this will suspend his personal suspend that personal address this. You can't win against those people ammonium priceless just follow any woman. A Wilbert a crazy liberal woman encourages love encouraging viewers to boycott the sponsors. They suspended with pay so she can you know go out and pick and as rudner miles around yet. And you think that's not evidence that State's liberal air reseller and read every mile husband but he's no sir. You know as much as I do that the people who are up in arms and like to get angry about ESPN's message ESPN and all that stuff. There is no pleasing men you could they could give ESPN a list of a thousand demands that they want met and ESPN could meet all of 1000 of them they go that you can anonymous they got him a liar Curt Schilling over right and win less than out Gmail they'll seeing Curt Schilling who was really as good as job there too low hills of really bad job she's got a job for life shelling out of his ass after. Re tweeting some dumb team yak they replace him with a woman who doesn't know anything about those that think the sport the game. Nothing you can probably agree that Latin what Janelle hill said and what Schilling pose like to Mel hill wasn't. You know I've felt they had much in my life only we have embellished or purses and we get a huge hero recess to me I'll all I chose. But let's put that picture up. I'm not I'd you know weakened between different curtain gallon to tell people they think that's it's in many universities real words you can tell you were those sound silly a medium rehearsals and a woman had also been a zillion lights are problems does that deer named Ben yes bid those are you. Or words today if that's not true every time you see that's his retreats to not constitute endorsements have to see that yes yeah that's that's. Offense and not blameless is also you know on what would be between used to joke it's a protest it was not protests against reliever. Right yes a guy in drag. Just grotesque it's that guy that I don't appreciate that I think we're all God's children I don't appreciate you maligning a good. Freak like them didn't. So back to work as a mode why it was. Fletcher. I looked like I let anybody else I look at our lives better and addressed you do. For the right there were 44 on the side where mum was gonna help us you know transitions are on breaks these I'm not under is 617 mosque and the men's issues and 97 if you missed it. My and his wife we're gonna take -- our together tonight because it's her birthday it is happy birthday she's just that's the gift that places to get her to see this Donna finish our systems opened substantially so charge low. B and they're in the way of the noise canceling an. Pulled together and all talking about we we got you'll. Pirated paid we get back and we did Jimmy Kimmel is Jerry gonna make picks tickets Kirk's not here is able to make an actual pick on the game and things that are doing the Yankees don't want to as a matter of Kurt he's looms over the sock properties in their war readable Booker can say you're worried about. Audio being played its may not your voice. Can. It's I'm all my one on your school hours. And I don't care I just shared that. My producer. Who's in emphatic so are you sad excuse for a mass producer you have an idiot. Who missed one and sometimes afraid of a guy who's not even here. It's rings you slide on Broadway will get to all that this our on going.