K&C - Sour Shoes called back into the show; Mut has returned to the scene of the crime;

Mut & Callahan
Friday, July 20th
Hour 2: The great Sour Shoes called back into the show as Artie Lange, John Sterling and others.  Gerry and Kirk discussed Mut's return trip to Saratoga. 

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The skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. So here is that the problem with Jimmy so violently Jimmy for a couple of takes huge. Porn star key Arab media. On a Beverly Hills gates is very similar to Tom Brady in the terror read which was comfort but it did a great quarter. You know what it's like you don't want to work it in the work ethic in the time and the effort you've got to. You know everything is going to be 112100. Mobile right right exactly trust me this is not good for Jamaica or applaud if we continue to see this you you're gonna see it in the win loss record of the 49 against Kennedy always Expedia and rip you can't get her. About was. Swear to kind of figure pretend I'm not know what a bad look it is so. Again I think that's the equivalent thing that would fruitless between you'll 49ers and the guy. For the 49ers owner the GM the coach why corporate sponsors yes bad look. He's he's young he's actually know he knows actually not points are awarded feed the Acer would if he takes its. And he's stadium on the big board feet continues today later you know I don't craft as a cookout at his place on the capable team and they bring their wives PO would have Jed Yorker who of them didn't Crockett points. I don't really not real picture with her group just next shatter whether writing of the close yes so that was it but there was they had a big you know Soledad back responses have failed that got a then record now. There's Italian back that was a bad luck but that was that that was acute points this and that's I mean you're you're issue here is usually talking multi access the sex change in Cali back they talk about optics back out again no no skinny millimeters since this is any doubt that these you know these people. He prepares to pandering curt that's what you do actually not this issue I have a long history only back to actually grant on the show. Same to Rachel tolls all he had that and her while she's a I have well I'd I have some odd physical attraction I don't and that's what. Yes and honest tonight obviously Jimmy does to a future me grapple mutual X. You could cope with someone like Libby COPEL. Or just his latest due I can I talk Palestinians dating supermodel I matter it's about these excellent opinions you've seen her rights she's stunning I telling you have a choice of that I am telling you I'd like this should I find your army of more attractive political. You do is take more attractive to work physically I would you. We that's ORI. That's how I'd. Because you're pretending it's on a book looks to protect not political with a new looks like every other in Seagram model I see it every earlier time. She looks look at our Coppola or somewhat colorful as you think to you she's perfect. To meet to rumble the mines less attractive he finds cure apple finds this danger I think I'm Rachel it'll solve more attractive to big Gisele you do know from me I don't know. You make you I don't that's an outright everywhere else in the swing you apparently so what keeps us on I Boehner I I don't care I'm just shoot it that you look at the Iman is going shot. Of course you growth slows Q she's very prolific points. She's large sum she's so wound in the case so it probably has a few. My fortune he just doesn't California in this 2018 and I don't think you're not work probably doesn't tell me brandy loved. That's positive for some little you choose your input abortion can or can't be in porn. Of course ships out of it in a massive massive ad slicks there was an NFL that apple is delicate and years ago cleaned up the street you're issue was it you know attracted your shoes she's overweight or hashish on my issue she's not attractive bright she's gross to pavlik he's dating in your mind growth 41 -- our ports story writes is how she supports cards for delusional rules. Large. Experienced ports roughly twenty years younger than you answered that look. And what I have to do with this he's gonna say he's beyond either huge stage she's supporters wants right as points that's going that's not true and it's not true. She's fifteen years old that he right so what. Which is weird it is yes just ten minutes we're being given issue it orbits public folders or witness that's different why he's a guy. Which were admitted we're now at 25 year old. Oregon I think I got my eye well because I've raised awesome I want I want got a which grapple with a quarterback here I love him he's a god if he were not afraid he's not a or. Dollar checked the craft they wouldn't be happy about this bad OK and then one. You know why because it shows bad judgment. And quarterback can have bad judgment. And that's believable. And so are being honest in your pretend go back in time digital radio you'd give way cash next note don't go school ideal I would do. Well I would do would you do. Peregrine securities there is a friend Jerry you know you're very rarely Jerry Ellis he's afraid of me to Europe's president has seen as a misogynist that's what you are it doesn't work like doesn't work you're always you always do lose god knows it doesn't work in human embryos ready to nobody that softball player and ESPN magazine was attract a decision attractive said it was such a look like anybody else. Using a he the issue she was not attractive use a word he said in fighter you know this at a news piece about this chick that's why don't we just hideous. Is social so I think it's hideous hideous looking. You're on her Twitter account now would you say some of those scenes are hideous. A victory she's bored what she's doing should look this is very bowl and because. Yeah. That's not partners and. Has great emotional hour hour does that have to do Linux can put. Did I get it that you can't carry certain during the fall where the candidate can add in the fact that phone call that's who we're dealing. Hey at least I was listening you know to pay attention. Ultimately someone he was paying attention. The light. Blue in its bumps are Andrew or not. Totaling three hours shoes sent to an excellent pay close Archer's RU. Good morning. We'll bank. It's as it in the ensemble cast. But if there have also for the mile and also wants. Citizens slowly coming out of a sense of explosion at a level. And this mavens called slow kill him you know if you had to vote. We gotta think in noble the mount Rushmore reform so. Earlier ago womb and it really is also more political and you know hard. Only company has to be a the envelope went let Linda Lovelace yeah. Intelligence and possibly. But I get there of those old goat cheese like other studies mother reportedly got Monica sweetheart. Czech Republic than. Also now blue okay punishment now there hasn't been a special wing in the port sort of saying put these gals that know I don't understand it you can't put it in the same breath that you can within a with senate visceral with Mary Jane was I was insatiable those X well. Micah Micah Chris have you talked to Joseph Benigno. The so. It was supposed to get my job. There and I hate that I was able to show that and get my spot. It's been apparent encrypt the human apparently. Technically I would keep that. We'd have liked. Good jobs and what would he you'll need it. Google also today who saw it different from two different hole Lou. Do. Yeah. Seven for it's like oh well not sorry soured at what either of you if Joseph loses job if you do you think that probably it may be hired him it's seriously did you be part of the star who question. But that it would yeah it would have. We don't like you know. What was what it was sort of like a load of musical within the hour. You're going to overlap between port you know they'll say that what the gals that don't make it in the news I got blocks and these states. Ordered out don't they can't read copy that don't make these basic TV movies. So together and the for the news and it'll make local those those little girls. Go to Gaza and the board which you can look at the sports get couldn't out. Right they have that looked like Maggie grades and those who oppose or someone ratio which doesn't it evolved. Erin Andrews and being dealt didn't make it really got it probably they probably would be you know without any industry. And what doesn't have a clear it up you know. I'm Bonnie Bernstein. Went. I went to the lie idle position a where I didn't show in radiation does within. I think we just got this period. And they'll wheel route was linked to a lab we don't do very I don't know Howard does black children were out you know reliable remote web that we could show. As I did the a bad that I can hit the war about it inject it gents that Dassault ballclub Jenny. I've heard a little less it is but but it was he was there covering the of that smoke and she was smoked all. I like to ask and Gary I would like public desk RD how he feels about hold these days do you feel like Howard is known to. Saving cats and you know in the view and whoever. The Rosie O'Donnell do you feel like that's the same I would that you work with. Well here's a day it was stalker who lives. Out of coral bounces you know I'm I love our lives in. We win you'll act. Yeah well as career I don't think he was that we go to for Bob Levy eating Dellucci got a mess out there and what do you leave a legacy by and so. He's toward his career Oreo once again on the case celebrity didn't do walk form any of that would. Basically the show's gun belonged to or maybe you get out and he's. Our thoughts I don't know if if if John had sued John and Susan never bend and then having relationships like these. But these porn stars and never had any interaction like that I don't know. Emerging web joining you know it used that can pick it taught me has done an excellent point about the today you know. Because it is an automotive John Lee Holmes and some of those other guys let's. Lexington Steele of the pet theater over the counter enhancements 4530 your that would have been sure of course also the I don't know what or lose I know. That can enjoy it. Oh talked about this season that I think sometimes the best luge you'd do you make it went you don't make you know residential schools. Beautiful road so outspoken out of the way. They plates had over the wrestler that's a 105 wins. And the Yankees. Should stay and we don't mortgage your future. I think the road such rom pays for somewhere between 200 and northern and a the Yankees relates the rest of the way it went fifty at a collects sixty games. And big big big just it'll be in the standings so. And join another thing you have to remember the Yankees so pensions total inconsistent. But also they'll be dealt only keynote speech at that one day and we've seen many times when Domingo and honest pitching. And I see that what that means we are well it's very stressful. I thought that I talked to sour she's himself percent. Hello sour Howard you own. A Wii and we talked to you last times and each incident that you become the boss and enjoy this for show. You gonna do that. Okay hang out with your hand it to the places saw that the best thing to guess god hears on the plants out. Yes I'm close. 66 W of these states. Well absolutely also the low low low levels those whose dad almost Obama roaches. The leader of Toledo or canceled well most of can go to the salute love York. Our world started our slowdown in the endlessly at seven to love it but I got to love up to Clinton when I got. We'll. All. I'm also upload got a Chrysler got out of closely but I won't from a boat I ever. Only outlet such as desert mountain rather continue those deficits grounds that it goes so because. Kilograms most awful source for a little roads without that censor so that's got to act now. A quack quack. I'd say let him. And. I love this list of the top. I I got a problem to digest that Jack sorry. I'm gonna ban private and think about stuff that bad I couldn't joke since 1970. Norris. The Who. In an idea about the a VoIP like crisis and we never know about the MD all right all of any body type I. They. It's. Thank. God or a crime acquitted irishman. I didn't know what that I'd get analytic. Yeah. And attribute it to Donald. What happened wedding or at bill went to bed but quite the police. Were. They sent out those swat team. I'm so slow to catch up here hack it come up with a model a model well you will. To bring on toys I really don't think she is very easy geez let's take some trouble. Somewhat troubled he's unusual these complicated yes Asia is complicated these he'd do that. He's very very strange although he does think of the vehicle was more attractive than it pays up completely Q did you get here and talk to America so now. Yup quickly I have his numbers that didn't call how good these are just regular voice cubicle known on how to say. That's regular horse to have that he lives like a baby when he's not. Doing his thing our content retired detective Nancy are you want to go door to the bush rose talked to Nancy. Someone who doesn't like me put right on line but talking and let's go Nancy's that if you rather what's happened. Hello hi guys good morning hasn't. I'm sorry I just couldn't let it go Gerri what it is okay for a man could date a younger woman but not a woman could. I mean just getting Heidi I think you're just I don't know how warm and criminal old Collins what senator is but she's not a porn stuff. Earth she shouted why is it true and. And parent not part of the subject that I am talking about I did was play. What a scary movie and Gerald. Besides you would admit I didn't say a pass judgment just said it's unusual. The president of France must call on his wife was 25 years older than he has would you agreement would mean Nancy that that's. On. It is nine usual but it not not okay. I didn't say how much oldest trump and his wife 24 it actually got closer and age that's true and I guess that's true technically right. But they're good they're. I'm sorry I just had to call you out on a Gerri yeah I was glad. But we don't pretend on the show we try not to Kirk does sometimes but we do they're really declare an existing statements on forever that a guy can deal and the woman but woman capable guy. Correct why that is I don't really open exists it's always been that way right probably always will be that way that you had agreed that it's all. That you know mccombs Morton's 25 idol gets bounces as she was his teacher safety top of the Ken's wife was. Twelve years older than him would say that swaps and usually at least twelve years old and her we think it's a big bonus kind of a lot EST date I think that's weird way that's for some reason. It's always yes this I'm older my wife by like a year and a half year old and your wife by what I've yes but that's that's. You'll that the your wife yeah a year crystal as easily be your your point and his camp is. At all a picture you know she east. Mean who dominates and that relational veteran. Yes question yes Felix he calls a mommy there's hardcore hardcore and again which always title is easily get that I've done that been there done that in that picture were little cousins and all you know that's who gets a movie right there. It is. Well say again that crowd. This six months old gags do you own. The second person pass that through this week Roemer and can that's right it's what 77797. Had a seven caller saying don't get Q and more. In headlines like a module contains some some news on WFAN yes then some more. Excellent okay he's you'll Cortez Sochi is a brilliant she's she's everything you future of the Democrat part over. Can count on Twitter. Sports Radio WEEI. Each time once again Fuller. Tantalize us having to have my parents watch my kids while I go to court of my life to meet my lawyer for the first time to go for the entire process of being and I charged and arraigned in sentence in one day and upstate New York it was. I'm extremely embarrassing embarrassing day for me and my family and that would put them through. The last couple weeks when I laid up putting them through when it comes to you joked about now the licensing and all that sort of thing. Going forward it was. It was a very embarrassing to to do what I did so from for from beginning to end to being pulled over to being. Arrested two being arraigned in sentenced last week. It is something that I never showed us time for Curtis courage and tell my hands and its allies much of a doctor Robert Leonard documents. Oppressed and 800 get here great friends doctor outlander. Doctor Matthew price you bring you headlines you take pleasure in that that you can cut and putting to I don't. It's sadistic pleasure until now he takes pleasure in one thing is make you happy. And those holes. And he knows that it make you happy deputy shot the please us a little child she's a modest going back to the scene of the crime yet correct. That is taken scenic route don't forget. That's true the changes everything there's you give any doubt is on the road right now. Now on our vote Daria agrees indices in Massachusetts for enroute to and wherever and off we went in or your car room. Now he's done he's gonna be sober he's excited he's gonna brokers not at a cracker to first appear to at least not behind. As you said yesterday the other day at the top since yesterday's good thought. We should put the call out to our friends of blisters in Saratoga sure. Four offshore people what pictures of my video of my updates on my. Business. Anything but it never our buddies are spotty cash damn that's a must on the golf course monitor rest right PD a month. Yeah and anything that month canonized him asking what the local favorite is. Added that that the fifty year old with the work and seven hours useful to go home. 104 degrees amongst the two guys are wrong she's heard the question hundred times we will would you like around here with tasted. I have allies though is ridiculous and what's your favorite. And in notes due in order to you know let's get to those. Headlines is hosted by some who's not creepy at all Christopher John Curtis the book. Well from what a morning person in the morning from one midday host who's in some who wasn't off water to another midday host who's currently. Embroiled in a sexual or harassment lawsuit. Joseph Benigno WFAN in New York who will be back on the air next week per usual equivalent to an uncle well that courses and I happen. Pending right rules and no should zero point 0% chance probably had some defenders. That's a draw in honor of cardinals saved. Point. 27%. Cut car and defend them Sid Rosenberg Bernie Mcguirk of course they do it's because that's what you do. I'm not surprised cause you know I knew he probably did harasser is she's probably guilty but the idea that they were the two and shots at 10 AM. Does that seem unusual that seems applause not implausible unlikely enemy right but you know this but if you would Rosenberg's a drug and alcoholic he said he doesn't remember. Being that way what's different and it not happening. Finally rest definitively state. Wouldn't you know I think you bidding goes guilty and I think he's guilty of harassment shuttle so I had to guess he's probably creepy feeling to be on the air Monday I do not and you'd like you know I mean analyst and allow under com works legally I've no idea and my guess is that you keep mafia. I mean it's easier to just say pick of the week Pataki criticized the Red Sox. What are we get there and he really. I think those agents that you got to consider the source and that Joseph has been on the air prepare part of point five years and had had no issues what so we'll see. Okay. Whoopi Goldberg and Jerry's friend judge Jeanine got into it yesterday on the view. Judge Jeanine and just tuning so. To gain. Judged you mean in what you gotta to refute the argument will be left the stage. And what is not legal and he you know iron on the air and I'll find it was pretty wild and it will present more on engines really Smart but anyway it's huge you're driver accurate this practice. She's Connecticut. Anyway he could to keep off the air and it sounds like won't be just lost from book oriented to judge as a genie. Good let's hear from judge Jeanine bait. Well I went on thinking that we would have a discussion about the book the true is that it was an attack on dawn Oakmont and anarchy. Aren't out there as Whoopi Goldberg on perpetrated without that were O'Donnell pop flies back or what I think. I want you to talk about the book act that black always. As a setback that I'm gone and what people did see what watching this show or not the way up the debt well are. Where we were all pretty. It's that you could end don't want all that. But it got worse what I'm glad often stage on are. Now they errors are and I say something like what the I bought for. Why ho why change. She came back they had I would think. And she said at you it might they literally. And yet they eat and you get the exact spot at this there'll be an actor Kirk. Her own not that bad why is that they. Our record Gilbert and grow and get the heat on walking out of the open like a dork who was fair or not over yet about what. Good luck there were a record that it now where they're every body who were critical. We're. We're way and land. Snowflake Republicans. Geez. Tom what happened if you suspect or nothing filing they fought on the air she didn't like that to the what do you coming on for I I thought it was perfectly. Reasonable to expect at that socially. And then that was at the system ginnies mistake she went on the view think it should not books and sell books judge. Interviewer of the views ever read a book they have a lot of authors on a lot and get one. And I draw its next week and I believe so yeah. Good an ugly tomorrow and go globe goes. They issued to them. You do to get to promote him and he was Stephen King book by the way which I just read like every 67 years you can writes a great book this is one of them outsiders it's called the outsiders. Holland Colvin is a major character in the book or reopen himself as a major care on yes they open like that. That forget it forget it its interests which god what's next or are you going as much Wednesday in game. Whenever they want to judge that means you do expect. Nightly TV past. President trump and last night I thought you were always in excellent I was asked him president from okay released an excellent 102 clip of Hillary Clinton discussing Russia times. I mean we want very much to have. A strong Russia because of strong. Confident prosperous. Stable Russia is we think in the interest of the world. The president has invited to laugh again. It's funny that promptly and it's good Smart to me it does and that's what they're it was killing trump yes and and if you've seen in these trick and this needs to go into meted impeach him. Our exit source to be seen from people who retirement impeaching him taking its madness and it's desperation. Mean there was an Democrat rep. Steve Cohen yet who compared it to whatever commitment to holocaust and and there is other that woman who was a Democrat a contributor MSNBC said it was like kristallnacht. The first day of the Holocaust and like Pearl Harbor. And in this kind of Blumenthal from Connecticut. Said it was like 9/11. So Connecticut I believe it was really affected by 9/11 yes his constituents I really thick oil he thinks to pump. Praising Colton. Was as bad as nominal that'll release is an elected to. We shall see the correlation I will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or crystal black and his madness. Talk to now. Blumenthal is sure Rick warrior. He's. Well my article I think haven't even handed approach I got really I guess those could take him here at the constitution. Never let the president take over right now. A look at this is the distortion. Of these in daily life in American politics is beyond the realm and thankfully former President Obama pointed out a couple of the realities that we know of under right now. I. Need to do that he sits there are mornings ago. Just by energy. And actually get to the constitution or the constitution. Now. Rewrite rewrite rewrite the constitution and get rid of the privacy loopholes they're potentially a no I think it's what everyone together. And right regret because a very simple and that's a big issue I have more ticket now Marty Walsh. With O'Keefe you quartet that is what would it would be top of the ticket you are right the Smart one. When your world an older man young woman so he threw on a share on top of the priority should be on top list. Should be kind of next in line yes well as Joseph Cortez did a great job of explaining by the way also grow rich you know she she prepared Westchester if she did you sort of position herself as as is pretending like like part of the broadcast right. She's a streak is she she she is she is not accurate probably hoping that it is pretty good guide what she understands the financial market and the unemployment numbers. Better than all of Austin T think that. Capitalism has failed to deliver for working class Americans are is no longer the best vehicle for working out there well I I think. The numbers that you just talked about is part of the problem right PK is we look at the figures and say I'll unemployment is low everything is fine right. While unemployment is low because everyone has to jocks. Shoot them attending the South Carolina it's on him employment I was a little more time in the development unemployment is slow because everyone has two jobs or the other what Liz Warren said yesterday they would ask for jobs. Is to sheet do you think she knows one person one person that's between western Georgia was my good Steve Robson to weed out it is. It out default question her insurers where Richard CNN which he says or something. Natural fall voters to okay no problem senator. He needs to people in your life you know work four jobs does not not just know one person has two huge ups correct and most traditional hadn't. No jobs yes that's right trust funds and right. For jobs for I was a possible. I know who. Was Ford jobs yes. Wouldn't it be conflicts every day night you host a podcast of the talk from investigative journalist is true and I'm an occasional correspondent you rightly factor. Not so haunting him on to say a waiting for the call yet appear warmer tablet and it. The numbers that you just talked about is part of the problem right PK is we look at these figures from say unemployment is low everything is fine right. While unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. If you have one job as an employer would be the same people the same thing age and it. You don't have that in that I believe that I education like such as. South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such. Sushi is is beautiful and assurances. OK CO cornea sort of very attractive woman attractive as well. Things just don't just as. In her own way but she's the people of the she's the one she's the hope if this were opened Chile's Jerry's right about this only because number one story Clark and everybody be shredded this of course there. Her career would be over there trying to prop up somebody's had a great great hope in the party right there was any action like this to be. Twitter would mock them all day to be right to go to. I any else I have one good news for you under one piece of good news you often discuss how you're gonna die of cancer because of fortunately you have this in your history your family thanked well. If you eat dinner earlier as you like to do you can lower your cancer risk by 20% according to a recent study was Terry wants Heatley socialist orchestra. Trilogy lately 7 o'clock accurately fourth there's four fours. To view is going to be fine do you like with a two under right. About him that easily for a project if John gestured that we make 200. Close I'll say 9604. Watched survivor tonight. Who's already there the BBC program as well as a group of guys headlines by two by doctor Robert Leonard document the oppressed he'd be we'll be right back. You see in the morning mornings when Kurt can Callahan. Watch Sports Radio. I want former team I think it kind as a listener drive again let's not show much any show not incur count okay. And I heard at times the bill Arnold show featuring which. And I think it rich now will be able to recognize and he's going to he's gonna wrap this you missed opportunity by the throat. Three things that are ritual that drew them together they won't see him more Richardson they'll all show which keeper I hear that way in which he would be he did say that when he was with only did I know that. When rich says that. I don't think he addressed it and he compared his situation news that Lou used to interview lose too much right silly. Like Claire. Early details like the alpha like every show us now I don't be here but with Dailey and Richard Steele rush for it well. Mergers and there is uniform numbers and lineups you like I'm not so if you want to do you like them batting orders tonight while we pick a random key for the category tonight. Want you I think we should do every team in a little worse. Could be good. Scanner could come to wonder. Good question in my draft showed ten out if you want that's okay in early on she wants she. In the throw out to the article horse where the head when I meet the base of the jaw so it is a war isn't only thinking of that. Throat last so so important whose job in his life I don't think. It applies to humans doesn't. I hit a terrible humans through doesn't care about his kids that's what upsets me the most of it. I will say this Theodore towards the joint years this is very generous donation to join deluge like we're thank you don't recited to you told me not to mention and I really watched and now I am an Illinois and the only anything. I'm told the Jimmy Fund it's all for the Jimmy Fund Christmas party. There's attacks on the you know understand the ticket so it's actually a 102 dollars real yet. Get easier yes that's weird isn't. From whom does a coach Jimmy Fund more note I would imagine not I don't know that I know you you elect losers at the when he's a credit card so you consider how acts that covers the piece you did did exactly hundred OK okay. A strong I mean Kearns gave as much you do it isn't he makes that 110 when you're gonna guess the winds. And and can you know you forget to boxer at the very generous state Hathaway makes that Renton I don't I don't. I didn't want any viewed you know however you going to be having to stop you how that works you have to go. You didn't of course I do I volatility 250 ought to get what you want it could. Legend because now the dude you're now a mom off on. Much donated very generalists. Unscheduled as much to those credit card you're missing if you haven't heard I'm running in the PNC again a couple weeks. It's going to be a tough one I'm not exactly. And talk like writing form which is one day. As one day hopefully just one day I'm. The budget to you never know more and Melissa. Never know what Lisa. Sure burn husband bill William and Jeff they go on. I did last year when I went out to beat them on. That blast at a hotel there was talk (%expletive) that area and then gore tonight to all the crazy bars and now. Just hanging out and keep them which is wild. And Kindle could get agreement and movie juicy Reimer but so a lot of Roemer like Kara I'm glad Judy PNC itself she'll on the planet golf tournament this year and next here guarantee it I mean. The golden next year messiah early you may wherein a weighted terms left and right here because I know and you're good dirt. Really good golf from fine to promote you really good got to play with. I really am not because your personality you don't hit it sideways you never have to look for ball and a fast getaway you fast you don't mess around record got to play with packets issues and I thought long and hard you saw me I was stressing recognized decision yet. And sorry I screwed your tax and I I chose Lisa over you chose the kids at least I just kids joins us. If you wanna donate to me go to PMC dot org or to our website right yeah I just don't get me or Tony to someone else to sling. 1923. People right right. Tony if someone at all goes to the Jimmy Fund to donate to meet. Lisa coasts strictly. To be Christmas party you bitterly should've told month. They don't do this because you're b.s and credit card it's it's just like Obama yes no doubt that it's more debt. Weakened budget improvement have to I would give them a hard time he's done in the past this guy doesn't have a lot of money is no money his credit card debt used to kid he is a paid a dollar for the college education. Told me not one dollar and one cent. And he's going to wish comes for kids and expect to go anywhere ice strip I have two young kids I have a job as night our do you have any dubbed it kids go to Pittsburgh state of it fair and right fingers crossed. -- work there and custodians department. I would say this. What do you think much budget news when he walks out the door he walks back into his house in Chelmsford. What's the whole amount of good question 'cause 500 a date gambling alone right. And that doesn't include dinner blues club house they're renting that doesn't include golf and gas gasoline overs finds tickets. I would say Imus at the reasons 2000 dollars and number I would say that's all you're going over a ball all over. Three he's a lose 15100 Campbell still more that three is usually so there. This is his teacher of the year so I office and say she's in debt. Saratoga is not sending it to go to dinner. You know have a few Beers Q&A golf in the middle of July at Saratoga you think that's cheap if a 150 bucks yes and drinking all day. A subsequent and if he's and that's seen money doesn't look for bargains even care non now knows that some critics are getting caught a lot of money that's had a lot of money it's so weird. It's a weird it's like on these guys who hangs out rich people he wants the original. You know what is always chance that he wins. So you're right that he's budget which thousands budgeted 500 bucks today. He's going to lose that he's a one day he takes a bath. And and eat a meal what we seem ridiculously when he admitted they're gonna deedrick and heavily so you know what you do when you gamble and you drink and you don't think you don't write you just spelled right Tony missing 2600 dollars most of going over was really grew three grand re grandparents. Dads can always go to technical high school and learned the world worked for him right. Which again again if you're in Saratoga this week you listen to the show I know people will be there make short photographs talk to a video right want. Yes like updates on Monday's radio awesome seem like stumble around yes we've seen before its foes of campaign which is so depressing. Look what happened announces subset of short do we look into it. I don't know video now we want to anything you've seen with the store buying in newspaper or a racing forests to abide newspaper. And it's it's tough to talk about is it a key come back to the were embarrassing and and that's at the top the list but it was certainly selfish it was certainly the injuries what I did. It was selfish. Selfless going back to the scene of the crime helps us out and unselfish ones right. Yes just a lively get arrested this week. Round we'll say detained not arrested like detox actually got the technical that we know detox but the caller we pick in custody in the audience over opera here and in the drunk tank yet tagged a drive that must have that Saratoga or score a lot of wars I say arrested this week. I'd say definitely arrested I think he's going to. On a roll right now with this parties drinking I don't think he learned nothing but some may see the video he neighbor Lucy Edwards flexing its gonna why don't teach certain site. And he is just flexing in all different ways it's so pathetic and so I don't think she's the one of these men's health cover guys and Ryan yeah. Short what's his name them Ryan Reynolds did you figure skating there and Robert and the fact that it barely rate because that's actually more angry if that's how I used to act I would never learn and learn and that's a good point amazing races or not. But he is happy when I should he get them the truth relieved that we kept saying to beat no one trying to strike. And what wouldn't what he prove by not trigger this for an hour and drinking monster they're going to get up and his knee was booked solid can initiate it. Whose throat was as though is unbelievable and let's take a quick car. On Paul's in Framingham Nicole. If guys are too quick point to vote baucus triggered bulky. Archie he did say he's taking the scenic route right yes. Great so no we got hammered in the cricket council are. That's but that's a look I don't these hammer he was leaving like early this morning even month I think he's boss has. Plus one may be gets to elect the New York line or something he stops off quicker and dazzled breakfast yet. It didn't didn't sit last week he's quick to consider where all right could you would want and see all the right. But he's at a public if you vomiting out drive Douglas. As in I covered in vomit in his house of text says the Hamptons Saratoga 600 tonight. They Jack up the prices to in this once he claims he got a house for 400 night which is not this past years as she's at she's unlikely enemy doesn't mean it's a real dump. But she does he present here maybe the people who live there of air with them they just went to a room. A lot of respect for Texas. I think he was so excited just thinking about going out there. He hates his life he does he hates he'd love stuff like this is just wants everything bond is just such as it is him it's got to be degenerate yet it was totals for every drink and write it Campbell and gifts all. He's so excited IDs and get smoked this weekend he's whose 5000 dollars. Then there's his wife have a breaking point. I would think they have no money. From that and that's on the importance but I was at last change as a teacher significant legal fees she's a teacher and he's one. Finals significant legal fees coastal last year well I mean in six feet five mid five figures Alec pork barrel. On the way back is the mex complacency crew gardener oh it'll find its way there's there's no doubt about that. And his wife spoke with them as they meet halfway drink and drive home two different cars together like 612 minute drive home. Trees is. I hour three coming up six point 777 and seven 37. Charlie Baker. Declined to join our show yesterday Kurdish. But as I say like me but if somebody's they didn't wanna come on the show and why pretty well with our but he Greg Hill home. And I B jewels that not good or good. I would be good for us open it will play some sound of governor bake right was what was impressive yesterday was he must've gone under the weight right. He had to frighten assuming that Russia a so we did any made it won't put the blue lights on in the bridges and tunnels awesome. But he said nothing personal but the judge I've heard anything that was CP does without with notably some sound that we get back.