K&C - Steve from Providence goes after Mut; The status of the shrinking Casting Couch 5-17-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, May 17th

Hour 3: Steve from Providence called in and eviscerated Mut and the guys discussed the state of the show. 


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Skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. I'm really an autograph after meeting and I wanna CPU do thirty deploying 32 conversation between Bradford tricked into. Because we can show Kennedy me the first twenty seconds of that show was pretty limited to a chicken breast in the dugout that's download. I'm good at tight a lot of requests on Twitter for that as well in my. Excellent. Forcible Sulzer. Up one nothing this Red Sox got last night tuna putting me. It's Celtics are one group throughout into tomorrow you know he's so three is segment for the Sox last night's White House demanding a trade the freedom hall of fame though Bill Parcells and some spots around your cars to record proves glove yes it did. And blamed shoulder now score went back at him I guess sort of Mondale deepened and he went back you know we are going to unveil and keep pyro dealing keep went back and later on the on the structure yet which I'll be a chain. Well yup absolutely. Which you you mean boo which or attempt I've been told action news announces nauert. You don't have he said breaking in from just we shall lead the Houston will tease I'll do whatever fine. Joe's a mono finally relented I am doing this is breaking news the fourth inning of the game tonight which. It's feast breaking news. That's usually a rat and hasn't worked it out yet she's Robson Bob stump the fifth. So arm and what he continues tells Kirk how how. What are rumors and ever wants is his previous his job I I don't expect music and I don't sprinkles is activist hot dogs grow their Noah. Oil embargo was the that was a drop. Political problems the subtlety of of a sledgehammer yeah. What do you what do you like that your hot dogs made in Puerto. You know forced in at the site and getting to realize that is a great idea. Which is filed off we will not have the grill and themselves Idaho. I loved it to 200 dollars which is always tall column tonight object in the group. It's you. So can you get to if you go to the game plan and you might Khatami commitment and thoughts on Libby walk throughs he agrees I think of that legend tonight only for the and to make it's it's all Beazer NJ where you can get item yeah we have everybody shaking hands. Yet if you're gonna be able Skype with Hamlet like Marchex is right now get up. And good evidently he put you on this flight via phones. This is ever worked ever Wear looks good ever looks. Just why did you call the phone and just put a picture of my buddy do you have a lawn he looks like one on the clumps you to those three don't want like hot inflated. He doesn't think he looks like when Jerry Lewis have to take the puddles on the ground. It that was what's the intent Jeremy Glick character. Oh. Martin Short Jim neglect and he's like yes we actually funny yes yes and then the attacks. And didn't let phones like the looks terrible. Some guys some guys let themselves Curtis how much for the New York studio for that fifty million all of like. And they can't afford to put. The worst Mark Jackson noisy go back to the West Coast and back to Cleveland because it's so much time between games home probably we knew anyway. A lot of requests for training in Bradford I'm not I'm not sure I'm ready to do it now drama I don't know you're afraid. It's a big desk I tell a little embarrassed that you made them take that absolutely not I do I think my reasoning for makes cents. Does but now we were not managements have been doing its stance frankly said when play sure you want to. You know it put whatever it to play whatever that we've got consequences will be with OB. I can't do listen to Kirk's well as for general that's the structure on us. So you knew the sock puppet wouldn't let that happen you name it you say he sounded like my point is. Management really trying had not have you I do agree that it is good opponent to the management and nothing to do with this is that he sounded he just is relevant the last 56 years to play at the played all the time Meehan campaign. Try to please you look at films now on the monkey you know it and it's like our understanding that. He could have come out if he won and venue hosts and he asked Longo who wanna come out he didn't wanna come out. Does that is that normal no Michael is on how well mocked in the same thing 2013 home mark that I don't wanna hear us young. You know normal level that it curtain and ran. You weren't crazy backed I was stature like me can do some high level hockey talk this was a national against Croatian national guess I'll ask hang Morton quite as good as Tim called gold goaltending great. Darren pang who whose idea was there pain touch. Understand those management told the man of Asia to help you prepare its oldest wants to dazzle us to put hockey guests we had we had to have who progress and we had to shop or not those were we were we were you know it was part of the deal with station. I don't remember was of me I don't know it was. What more incisive. Analyst says we want our way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs in fact the one analyst we really wanted to talk to activate former goaltending great Darren banks' bad or good morning how are you Jerry and John in Boston. Just real record gallon is official because in the fourth inning. Who's in who's in the Booth in the fourth short time we played three seasons mining district who sees in nature there is great though. Who who doesn't cover your record twenty sevens and thirty amount of ten that's onto it yet it's the ultimate for example I just you intend. If this week it's the fourth. It Joseph goes and takes it will siesta. Yeah it has a drink passage past the trade off being desperate at a job you hang on Joe -- couple innings off to hang with them. I'm Joseph does don't think he goes and I I can't leave the game he's the hours ago. Goes to the coffee machine gets them Oregon's walks around us after the village are desperate one of the great patriotic they did go to. Now they not we're going. Have frustrated with the way this is going right now GNU to the pants off and then no you're in do number two in throwing all over the action should file back who is an odd situation right here appears that you are cheap right there. How has your coming in that chair and. This is very strange judge Joseph lawyers a lot to do out there were species over pushed popped up. He's lost his mind be tried to have a security file back. A fastball change. Hates America today we'll share in the fourth day of this report will inevitably is the outlook report. I love the opportunity again I'll be there they want you don't have the populate those guys who had just as if Joseph or Tim where you would love to have them on tour. At a. It's a bid you'll be in voluntarily Tim or measures in with the fans like you like to do yes she was in without schmooze launched its kissing babies Aussie Shaughnessy jerking as wine at that places always for an actor in the games right at the among older gaussian there. The it was a CMC Columbia like things like normally in cheers it's C spot that shooter who controls what kind of club. Yes he's EMC I don't think that's it and we had this discussion in two Dell EMC Dell did selling MC. Gets a great spot. Yeah I mean I'm out before to appear before. They'll fund I wanna have fun you'll have a great Time Warner and you'll be excellent not a great time bill would not be great site and buy me an album that's OK and on the team player. Was when there who's gonna be that we know. Nor did my parking pass have a that's all I ask us for allotment or compassionate god. Some people there and hotel room belligerence made you know. What have a longer track right. Yes and take a hotel room in my minds and then you know you love your family true and on a great dad meant a great guy but when he get those two games he doesn't you know to. Receives an hour. My drive home. Measured it. Crater you short anyway where were we take these calls that sticks and calls. Which when he would take first. So much you guys have given by toxic it's a way. We are forced to Thursday an okay guy that's gonna Stephen provenance say Steve good morning guys I want people do. Very good thanks for a few minutes they are under a minute you know UST. Very carefully everytime that aren't true and the thought it was very classic beauty of the data support. Justice who was going to Spain. A couple of think being left out kind of summit which we wanted to go well as anyone who took all the looks good christening of the people are so incredibly is sort of. Sure Castro's restaurants are going to be there is a felony not a felony I don't vote committed. Also let me knowing what kind of front part of why would an ankle brace on just in the future. It's one of the reason why not allow it's corridor maybe we're. Did cases. And a million this the Republican tour been conceded the election. Well my question kept connecting. The final struggle to achieve bunker so you would actually a concussion in the middle America. Effect basically horse member mark set car more. And won't play an animal and I are. Most of which are the most parents were definitely wanna spend some one term they're cute shirt and it sure looked at apple. Go to Google play is working with them don't weight yeah eight. I'm. I'm looking occur would hurt small albeit probably the smartest you know. And it was an experience where the first serial and went into that plan. And it probably. Honestly wondered. But. I was tickled well you know what happened to the parents or her and respect. So I hurt whoever the person to import their birthday model extra bucks to skirts. While most cunning and we'll. Ask. To address for respect yeah it is and spend it as it is on the I really do. I think it also. And with that I'm going to be time to get on occasion but liquid circled the summit in Connecticut since late June Turkey collect on opponents and they'll look at what the horse from students sit missile adults. And so we won't know. Thought oh. Such as our new a couple of times there's really no revoked just it was so there. Most likely to order Valencia. When they're so much corner gone at pelican. So many times. That you could write a report of the Spanish somewhat of it's a good mother it's all good books which were both. And times these fights even appreciate that thank. That's the reason most honest woman was or should call. If you imagine how much. It's also squiggly committees pretty funny business come on that's funny. Let's raise the bar still classic and Albertson. Good what's up Albert. The gold guys much yet I think you what you gonna be okay. He's not listening mount Soledad ceaselessly isn't fudge find left call funny Albert Renault and Latin yeah. Fighter and they go out and. And arguably the skirt shot up by. Very critical favorite obviously anyone that it is not our future Hough. Don't say words like. Distinguishing mark before 1996 regarding the patriots it would look in distinguishing bubble anything that he did. Try to built on socially not coincidentally. Bill Parcells. Who is in in UK critical thing. Jon Hamm a was not distinguish. Are you I don't really good at or slightly disabilities that really just you just said nothing said nothing. What does it matter that recently hit the patriots all of saying what's music club shall any chill. Matt Light or what Richie seen more okay Richards what is one of the best defensive tackle. All of these generation not keyboards but. Then again if welcome aboard a triple saying that has happened or in it because you went up on the. That's what it's all out assault due to your popularity concentrating on us but we'll see fails look okay. Don't pick it could have some level of integrity or respect well no I don't know the technology. It's could be a complex it is. Stay above the team it's not about the player in the career in the greatest fan any mosque is not in right. And even on never pay attention to us any mas is one of the greatest players ever you know probably best top five wide receiver ever. He played at a precarious Sarah millions. It's. Precarious. So well so you can understand is predicting what what you. When you should couples when you know I mean are you what are. Got a got a flight dubbed mental capacity of the thing. That's a point and it's that the pointed out it's for these fans they like Kevin ball better than Richard Seymour the order of minutes that popularity contest. Albert never been there at that place you go in pitcher puts you behind sweat shirts and for it in and it. It's not be blown off. Yeah did you blown up its rules for. Outlets like pork. That's I think we agree that we agreed to a big deal. All week in autumn. I never admit this before they got a beautiful played I think you finally pushed me to say at the fans are morons have never felt that awaits them now Robert congratulations. Sony want I mean who came here. They pick people they like in like Kevin Faulk like Matt light of any thoughts on my. Or listen while she was. I was listening in and take all the calls you want. The so what happens when when Steve calls you just check. Jerry what shall it be different are you laughing to be called site laugh I was not we're definitely loud blast site. So lord to let me do I can't yell and could you guys wanted course shouldn't yell and I can't Uga you won and I don't want that on your show you don't want that you want Steve to get all those jokes and and you want him to be able isn't exactly a script to complete it is a is that it's unscripted and all that it's not and also I don't know I don't know I don't know really gross or funny. Not that Winona my kids all this but it is not volume that you eat it works for you guys you guys like it so I I sign up for that coming on the show about the listen the only real reason to why don't have to listen to which Gerri what's this. You should say whatever you want. And it's one whole thing is that you guys don't want. Yell back so screw us he yelled back at them you just you you term if I yelled back in and used a term my Mike off. Doesn't matter when I earnings yeah I know you've done a million times before. I'd take another call with the let's go to blood and Connecticut had but exactly what you. Gentlemen how are you and just it's able you. Any that Jerry curry. You guys that backed me up on their shirt a little out I'm a little locks out quick and you know when you sleep over. My wife I'd act again Alan I I delegate. Cookies and cream and Nadia Adam. What is cookie now. That he acts that if she did you know that night she goes. That would come home legal I actually thought about motel six we not even a light on why they left us you got shelled out. Psych class and I can we have to say fears are budgetary and I had big night Friday Italy knighted him. So why couldn't you stay there on Saturday. Alex took with one ballpark but on this day. I'll run on electricity. You know sensible. I apologized and I you. Number when's the next time you know it's wins next week of camp is is is Jerry Sager closet degenerate. It's a little which I appreciate his will darkness a small. It's yet that he's got up at 6 in the morning on good day off. To go brokered by yourself. Antenna horse races. If there was tech items and it. It got Madonna eight proud orders say. No question I'm all but yes absolutely and but none of the Ohio State. His group is going to be nice to have him make fun of and so mother befriends them that's effort callers mean the month it is like. And Carter really make it Kentucky real good to take communal. So right that's that's Tom cartridges and had looking up to believe because I forgot I should've known this. The patriots in 1978. NFL record 3165. Yards rushing. Russian girl. The opponent that your 1890 yards and almost doubled their opponent rushing. Colonel Sam Cunningham Eddie Johnson. Course ivory Steve Grogan he phoning in the broadcast whom yes and unbelievable an album was wrong when he's celebrate much killed there is plenty. Are correct 6177797937. Per gallon months and see. Morning show on Sports Radio WEEI. We will bring in Huntsville for someone. And we. All reason Jerry's right now through ninth caller 6179310937. And a pair of tickets to a C Boston take on Baltimore on Friday may eighteenth. And he parking pass for the Prudential Center garage during free ticket Thursday Reba. Tomorrow's game. If it's a district who writes stuff. Who writes this Garrett over the broad Exel who writes as ideal who rushed. Admin. Okay on the bears he received by Zelnick on Baltimore tomorrow. Any part invested Prudential Center garages and steal one in for free ticket Thursday brought you by town fair tire if you urgent cares he's calling original numbers right now it's not number. Each we're also qualifies for a fifty dollar Red Sox team store gift card. That's and I call right 617 that's who went 097 tickets are free ticket Thursday brought you are great friends and count your tire and the great folks. At AFC. Urgent care much for the care that. Which why art is. Once we treatment I think he did that right. And I'm the kind of above boards has agent who's not beats and right. As everything has to basically get rid of course its vision issues unity you know done what he's done for the year and he's the contracts that he's done for the year. Your pitch again this year I know I don't know that does sound like it sounds like they are hurting checking out that you should care that. They they had this. Player Blake's wire they've nothing they've nothing to do with and they wanna catch from the court manager will catch of the GM won't trade deficits in the roster that's educator. And should be treated. He should. And you were reliever can get an eighth inning guy for Blix why aren't probably not only I don't need to reiterate is that enough it's Richard Wright gets some loser who may pop a few good he's good returns remember him as spring training now he was in quake. Oh OK Jeanne good or not he should definite lesson was no batting gloves and know sweatshirts. But the got to read about for years all these prospects like Henry Jones is great Korean and do nothing to that you keep Hanssen wants and below to take it to pieces and usually I that they really have not given the chance writing John than any previous brevity still around so afraid these guys don't do this don't do that in the chilly enough. Now mean trading them for somethings what that would give them away is another plan to good hitter. There as well one court yesterday once a week is best positions catcher and as wanna play in a catcher. Z that kept tossing just mossy asked the question I heard Warren interview I got asked that he. Any injuries the answer was I'd like the other two better so it's never gonna change who is not gonna catch your that's the best position Jerry he's not gonna play you think think they should only come. Yes it is definitely the hardest hitting 138. Is not playing he owns it one century is has train once those are important why it is important because he was. Killer. There hazard for it he can't say worse often ask as you guys ask us now I mean terrible brutal unloaded out there are New York offensively you know it once and for. Like that. They think. Tattooed him and thank you edit and once you do plan liberal bunch of the show was once seventy Zahara and governments could explain that. That is that means that's less than 200 which is the man goes a little less and less than the chest and those who yes have excuses over relevant council. And why why shoot the shirt off. And then did the things that he's hard on I wanna know is right he is he is obviously the total do you ESP and to all the drama queen there. And you know he's. Can life that I can't get enough love child starred disease you know I. Art it's like it's like walking in the gym shoes off from the U sultan Amir recording your interview list. It's since that's that's. Did you ever tweet goes out. Currently when you drew post disaster such as separate toward him how much of waves. Public law until someone does not gonna start that a quiet nice job I'd almost you squads seem I would never squad I don't squad since you know now. Bad news guys seeing squad into me squat and I'll do my feet. Who leg press and out there you see me do that with the issues. She should be due out to deadly DC knew when to use deadly left with no shoes why watch it's it's more flat against the grounds that it's better for him which one. These are much can you had left roof. To eighty to ninety. The rate cut 300 you can do yes good for tweet that just did live to tell us separate much shorter just three times of body with his weightlifting and liked. A fall like twice I don't know his regular tour to make it combos. In those diseases so interest in any way and that is a lot going on between I can do for a ticket picture or go to the gym you're there. You squad three bills and it's good idea again we've bills excellent I sent out that's the ultimate Alex Steve problems with ever make fun no known you don't have security review it's like it was several workable Carson Smith yes I heard these guys don't blame the coach try coach playing the managers it was a dent in the theoretically the Atlantic but yeah all day work for four pence -- fourteen inning pitcher he was given at fourteen and there he was given the chance to back off he said nope I stand by what I said I'm not gonna comment anymore and that is that well I don't think. No I'll probably just heard him talk college in all of these guys are saying now motionless until platform. I think for. Fair. Or. Petroleum. It's for he has believable. It's so I think by contrast while outlook. Yes look yes like us are working out you want it doesn't look like a Dick. Now he has agent to McKee said and he said he likes it here in Irving but should stop saying no if you're a young player Fuhrman you know and in the pocket you know wannabe in this organization. Mean what openings are on the horizon ballot because of a lot of talent I mean he's going to be goes origination makes money from self an exit left center right. Third short second essentially. I'll take it true this may be your first baseman. Catchers booked. No that's it starting pitcher sent off voters get pitchers he'll be a spot W bush you know which of zug is seeing your borderline and hold on to your marginal or try hoping to get the big leagues you wanna be on the case right. Who all the same. White Sox would ever. He's all missing you there but there was an astute observation by Maloney. Glenn cities connectedness and sensitivity to this is there all six foot tall like to the world would end prospect says that your. But why are you got in there once you've won them say heard you say the answer that I can promise you. If you said the Oakland a's are all six were two white guys and here's why why would you need sensitive it's you wouldn't you don't because they do they'll look like that. Number Rolex stars on Matt. Olson they've Matt Joyce they're all the same guy I don't see ailing Intel looks similar play similar at Chapman drafts the tidy. Steve Scotty and these guys mug someone ale that's right I'm looking forward to go to the game tonight and rooting against price from that seat I'll be doing from this move it loud and proud is she is the fourth inning we point out because not in the fourth inning element podcast who seem like come on route tour history. That's that's that would so I some breaking news that you get you can never all that threat because of the culture portal and yes you will be dignified rate is the very dignified broadcast know who. Joking around what is actually called mister pollan and make make fun of and then as puffy eyes. That's and that's not a good move prices left and I could do the fourth inning as Bradford can use that right you did in the fifth inning is trending right. Are you do it as rob as an effort that's very hard to do. You could I don't deny that that him for you that. The auto weren't if enough may confront them months family and yet none of that screwed around with kids and your sister. Thames in camp and what's up Tim good. I don't know much fallen honesty he's phenomenal but. To think might. It's red who played red Paula didn't place eat at you when you go on slate of candidates out. You know when you're right around on him all night with that all three yards. And does and rob Pratt to remind you of Lenny on a mice and men on no. There is always a little bit little little room that there were rumors and you beat. They don't dump. Are you practicing Ciara you know the in between pitched commentary tonight because I'm curious what the goal will be before the games. It is an update before it starts and for the game starts in the three game. I thought that was the pitching matchup is yet yes that's important ones that so little 51 pitch to knock and say GO do you do unlike the Celtics score when you're doing or so yes yes. It's kind of a great update about the patriots remember in and that culture and I asked him until one dollar part of my favorite never cut of all time rule one I was a good idea and cans out of personal equity and recap was unbelievable. Ouch. You you gave what the patriots regular season so we'll get the energy area the glands get no correct Craig you know yes we have full cut yeah absolutely. We'll chat. Moscow. But they are sickening. Scratch. I. You Bradford as and to try to do. It's the next one scoreboard up there and it is thanks patriots were down thirty to sixty lest we talked. He tied it up with 24 quarter touchdowns including a fourth down and goal touchdown pass from Brady to and told the three on my left. Carolina Joseph doubts about the 48 yard field goal the ice the kicker the grand you know comes through winzip 33 to thirty Panthers as the patriots faulty sued to. First of all I've said this before there is an amazing amount of information. Is in infinitely Clinton's perfectly when you say mark Exel I don't think we missed the pitch. Well a million in against the pages that time that your call or two into it they got smoked she smoked opening night in Kansas City they were due to losses at home. And they were real doubts about the team you know the biggest story in the sports world the appointment to which really patriots through. It should never epic encapsulated it perfectly overall think. Ouch. Said it's been tough day in Foxborough for. That's today. You know wives threw one right Foxboro. Because on game there's only 1000001. Way out. There is a backwards. The. That's factual right why don't you do the lights who's doing your job turning a blind. You answer might want to do that happened in this jolly good job of is wondering. That easily. I had. Should we immaterial for awhile assassin for days for you hasn't gotten so he went ensued baloney course. Sitting in for him in touch ever met him yet I would say that yet we are all yes you have we did shows in all its troop against the patriot I would say Chris if you don't mind first three innings and I stepped in and there won't you give all that you'll miss one update though. You want an answer therefore give to second and fourth who. Enjoy the rest. Your third I want curt to do any updates in the first inning from the West Coast yes this is intact and yeah I mean tonight it's Colorado in San Francisco no score top of the first. Not a gains on underweight bottom one no score reds and Dodgers same situation. In San Diego topple wanna. No score Padres and cardinals about the same situation. And environment situation saying Manning situation. Tests it's all gonna change whatever was betting my mom yes online wants it because you can't you know how hard and tackle Cullen has no one has let me get the lines before the game. Sure. Why not should certainly Sox served by President Clinton people care about right now are Red Sox tonight. I've looked minus 170. With David Price writes who I would go I'd go Kevin Boss when he or pretty good I would sort of videos. You work your bet against that your I'd betting. If you're just price plus 170 golf terror all the pitch he's been good this year beating David Price I don't last three starts he's two and all the one point 23. I would say oh I've undertaken Baltimore and personal bag in my heart as they hate the rest I mean I would want the Red Sox play well the same time don't like David Price city yes. A popular figure tonight market is always let them get away you Red Sox are your hat shirt yep foam finger on my Tonya teacher. And if they were cruising the jockey you retire Dodgers one Jersey shares got a problem. It's I don't if come with time it shouldn't make Tom yup we have assured it's like Jed project Arafat open door yucky literally closing at the jockeys face today. Now they didn't realize that must be limited edition with you by the Turkey Callahan shall we talked with the other day. Usually the signs say he has a home here peoples how all that never sees the Arabic word was John's I see a couple of Kirk Italian he has a home here which by the chair. Is that pressure and we have the Arabic writing KS has a home here I am. That's right you have different beatings but that's a now stations grow the teacher nickel a terrible I guess we will also of course of the cheapest piece of Joan coat fall fight no more be handled like cotton coffee mug he has a home here and triple XL only. The cast off and I would much in line to the shirt like you know below those signs jumps to Lexington everyone has only gotten a couple true not does not represent what is everybody I couldn't believe all of your loyalty of your neighbor would you fight global within the entire neighborhood I'm surprised times I would our neighbor to central casting it doesn't have a club surprise of some I was in which city. Yeah ten ounces but you know it's one whoever sent it once the first ever gets that you have to then you have to get one without the person. I was walk by random house like it said that one of there's hate the diocese settled on the and Albuquerque talents I was gonna want complete we hate them apps that it has some accounts say all they hope she'll hate that Hitler don't romper sounded modeling here don't hate traffic Gerri good analogy see there on the fence was deliberate they hate trumps the worst out of yeah. He'll tell you yeah. Talking to Pierre McGuire these two series are going on the Bruins began. They're off season here it starts the losing their assistant GM Jim Benning officially named the GM in Vancouver your thoughts on that hiring for Vancouver and I don't we asked about it before it happened but do you feel like now betting is there. Does that open the door this feels like it's just a pile it on this point right now it's been cool. You know make fun of his kids one thing analysis and like I should call for this or bluntly jurors asked the great question and there was like two mines to great hockey hot button and ask about you lately kocharian was as you can take it for me different sock puppet you don't know how can like -- that I'm Chris pushing push around like can't we can't but I recognize that there are Vanessa wanted to that they think they're about you think that with us and it should. That's that that part of the show awful I'm I'm not allowed full time on the show I wish I was sure the shuffle I don't think you do with icy to actually do I get your your practically full time. The only real life without without the paycheck or the intent going to be your do you think yet still took a part of a basket I'm asking you know are not real real one. You've amassed and you incur the do you think mom wants to be part of such as agree it's one of the great questions that I don't think he likes to go to the ball they are Vasily thing likes to go to the park he likes to hang material exposure. But he did you know that it's valuable time and a half hour legislative front almost crying. I'll try as you listen to steal Providence ridiculous life and became part of you got to show you would no longer go to finally could no longer language on Tim OK yeah yeah and and I like those guys but this is is should be. He wants it has in using them on daily key focus on these things to do you know how hard it is to get up this early every single angle goes to bed as soon after. I don't Michelle I thank you want for ours to come into Asia would you limit to your heavy drinking just weakens Zack but I can't make project is adamant he relatives attended churches short. The deal Monday shows no school X update the biggest obstacle for yup and all the ops was the program director has no which you beat up now and doesn't unaware. Why because he wants them on routes because he's a brilliant hire somebody spirits right which is should not have which of these top priority when you'd pick up at the ports of the day in day but it knows it is. That's Andy's ever asked he's never conversation what would you want it not even like a half series would you wanna go their full public not it is amazing how low on the priority list like good program unions you know it's like a good chip do you wanna do a good. So and that's lightweight on the way who do we get for who were the problems that's what you guys who really we'll show without third person they had inhaled and you know. That's not true we got here you print and I know you didn't tear like guys by yourself is still really good agreed better than I relic for two hours agreed that was not good talk with bad news is worst performance yet. Yes I thought it was happening lifeless just called me we looked lifeless just had no answer was I thought it was the meat is it's not is not a good not a good drought moment. I didn't think he couldn't answer question was refreshed. He's just happy to app I've been known as I am among the poor around giving up on finding someone new Chris Kirk doesn't like anybody we know that tell my Wallach who. You know when Dickerson came here Greg Dickerson is not is not a bad he's not new to the market these new our show okay not that you hit an image was distant like acted for me today announced and you personally used to look I don't watch it every week now. Like once a week and you sit now correct. So there's not going to be anyone coming in here time otherworldly when Kirk's out of a lot hold can attack a lot of cars that vote is not in someone come and you tries you say I like him well I mean we had just never happened never happened Alex. Well you'd never happened Fredricka everything you're having them glossy you can never guarantee that when my and that's nice that's unfair charge I mean you never say even draw and why he's here. You said for Dyson like outs and he of course. Right away but does it matter if they're here that means that like them. What's the difference being that Abbott because like every one of those people to put it in writing my iPad announcement everyone of them you band. I'm that's. As true. I'm not come much. What's an exception everybody can't Roemer for read and read every turn and Ramon beat bad read every turn of the purchased on began as a trainee we mossy. I put this day went on here eventually you get removal. You've been you have got admirable Bradford I govern every band pro life I am wondering why is that so we recoveries for the pistons know but it one point more well for. Well before I wanna get him back Q1 of them quite guarded issued after the thing with oh the Curtis. There's not a purpose for us since I was sort of operatives and you would you know you've eaten I said when Curtis says okay I'm finally I would occurs immersing yourself. You know. Well okay Jerry we laugh I mean Jesus would you want them eye to slip records on it I'd rather be neck here's the thing. It is no one wants a miserable like let Kirk they don't want Kurt would be. Really really angry okay. And you know if we poured something on her. It's so you were all trying to accommodate. Well the event and what do they say they didn't want when this he stopped right there and boring. These are big loud mouth but nobody growers I don't think he's that OK we disagree right point and and I win that fight. Every time I shy because we had a man. You would be different if it is sabotage I want Chris Mason then you would step I wouldn't it. If he's not my panel Rebecca next hour accurately I can tell it's coming not an event next week we got the job to mossy get asked that's an idea I Jody I said this area and we wrestled that he's written on plus Imus. Well. You said you hated his guts attendees cuts but Joni Moore now passes you know hook. It's true McEnroe. Oh no and but and I said I was. You know 15100 miles away you looked him in the you use the whole thing you might as they can't that I saw really I've heard. I've heard people say things like that that you don't get that sort of in that climate. No no I wasn't the climate but no way to make it sound you know aware of what was going on I wasn't like you you felt it was a personal attack that you. Not the show though but. No no no no no no no the show. He said was to say who said. Typed up and these are sick of dancing around as we were in this. Which local weather sensitive creatures as it featuring a mock lab on here and now off announcing our vote at that was inappropriate must be greeted very good rating and a soldier. So it before. Are we just barely so we were in this hole and literally the whole room turned against me it was a fight against me. You know zone I was known showed that showed up only on their person shall initiate change seats during. I think I know people are glad recess and Basel. Decent amount of advocacy actually got a lot harder to my attorney said you know it's just too much angry white and radio and sometimes embarrassing part of that if I were with you would have sent me off to not play cause it to them was. I said if you're embarrassed by you'll be part of it. Don't be part of I don't I guess that I've always said if you don't only part of the show trend yet on which it's his anxiety for track he. And he tried his on the deal with us because of the globe in June Marjorie and she's embarrassing part of the show that's it I don't think it's because of headaches personally. Just wanna do it. So I said to her no problem don't be part of it. Let's be honest of the don't want. And you shouldn't so leave him tomorrow subsequently to run for you guys that said to Macias at your hell is gonna be. To radio future without significant approve it. They give a Texan and that Jirga she's not as and and weekends with Mark James and shows we dale Keefe if that's what I was zoo I would. I would say that it to them John Tomas he now glad to have Mac. Is wider and angry and I'm wider view bins you know vagaries gives him. That's true this is waiter but we say he's embarrassed to be part of the show sometimes less than I said that's what I said. Okay I'm out and I agree by a can be Ingram White House hopeful happen to be true same with you. So what is Dale Arnold numbering. Hello meet that price have you what do we tell tossing. Fred culture Michael Felger. I would say. Angry white guys I mean what like what I understand so okay so great but he's he's embarrassing part of the show us that find it don't be part of the show. But I now willing to. An enormous I don't know I don't know I've met beat it feels closer than. This next guy bad idea Harry Betty Alex actually tried it out back on tomorrow if they would let us about that and obviously the tragic office Telecom tomorrow to the month. So this idea and inflexible as an actor well you're inflexible on new people you don't there was all of those people and it did not exist now lives two years ago. Right short of Gary. So how can be flexible and help the overall market first we'll try and how people reach right here 3030 songs on the fox. Yes you know you don't want to know they don't keep six knew that he thirty people I'm not saying there and they're they're flex Justin Long telling us right people in it until people want the NB. Which are that you've been now experience Jerry and I got that outside of light I'll be still like them but first one. But that I amounted to student Greg Dickerson individual I like them and wish him well it opens help is great buddies in some way all wonderful. He image Buckley right great weekend shows he's on the pale at the late field at the a warn us and OC would be right anxiety. That's slot belonged to Mark James and we don't know Charlotte special marching to his political opponents Halterman because you because again it's all because features there's my guess you think it's a me. What you saw and because have you at some point. I mean you know always the older you just ask you find out why marching sesno took off our puke off. I think he's a operated toll like as a result W so I don't know the reason is their last show we find out someone who knows or likes and yes yes I'm sick of chasing mark james' music on your C a lucid Austrians music Mollison B Albert Gregory. Where's all welled well my name is mark chains. What do we know about the afternoons and they close to making the decision of dale said there were not construed Serena I told my dividends those IQ he said to me in the following came in here it's about and understand why they. I have a conversation on the air. It's twenty minute conversation wish to dale dale rich. Where we exports to talk sports now dale said there were gonna rotation they definitely rotation they do Mondays by sort of by themselves and any heart one date to mossy one day date it's it's it's a rotation give an example how much changes overpowered the field in the second quarter sleepless he talked with the rotation the dirty work. In my Mark James makes feel comfortable and Johnson today it's over segments what did you like 200 homes he's just. You know you can turn them off right that's true eye out for coming up 61777. 7937. I am open to Johnson must return what do you guys think if you care if you want to mossy back. Call on right now mr. lash shot 61 has ever shot a few thousand listeners what's stupid to say well erupted like 61777979%. Do you want John to my CB to muscle and come back we await your next four minutes until people have the opportunity to call it over Obama.