K&C - Tanguay blames Brady and Belichick for the issues with Gronk; Headlines with Curtis 2-27-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, February 27th

Hour 2: Tanguay blamed Belichick and Brady for the contract dispute between the Patriots and Gronk.  


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He skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. When I saw that first week you talked about avoiding temptation or something along those lines as that I'll okay broadcast showing the priesthood. This is Rob Gronkowski is it's about abstinence. Rob Gronkowski is never going to have sex again that's what I think he's proclaiming yes it's a little rockets being tucked away from good. That's what I'm saying. Volatile. Ex I mean I had right. It was Oliver Platt was for them laughing as majority picture fixable errors. You know Samoa area. Or at least makes them bastards are Canada's to me what these two do you what's that. You know last that are going into. My Kia and those of my ego. That's a charge yarder in the cast the confidence when it was very uttered out while I mean you daily news videos and lord knows if you (%expletive) off Kirk. You're done. Mean that's it and if you if you check. Or if you have pissed off each other 500 times past five years and you always begged me to come we always but we always you beg me whenever they met each other along. No I understand that which surprises me which am shocked at why you excited I'm glad giving you the second act your career. You see you study. That is about as fast while that's true Idaho well no but I I also the timing was right you needed. Sure he needed me because you're stuck with Cotto can but yes yeah. Where does that beat some but I don't Jeff and Jeff it's like in 1950s cartoon right for him and I put a little bit well. Dino Marvin Lewis all the Simon and Garfunkel. I pay our calls we get couple lines opened six once observed that happening in Cincinnati relieved. Now I set illicit. The tone of this to this part of this morning show was the elephant in the room. And I addressed with talked about it from last week and happy to listen to the Charlotte Douglas that you literally I was in the show let them your and again tomorrow. So full hour and seventeen minutes before so far it and in a midnight thing that I know has visions of Britain can and she's on the 32 years ago I really look that pretty. A personal that doesn't matter what was doing everything it was up there with Y I disagree with secure whatever right to watch predict every Iranians pieces of a very attractive don't know like eating. In emitting was not obvious pain she's in if she can't the way yes she. She did so solid of a year but I but I would I would watcher on TV I would say she's not real season and the torque she looks perfect. It's it was such whose core rate created it out of your TV I mean you're surrounded by these people not her she can look real Schuessel pre. And Adam I'd never matter if she's attractive nor I commit I don't care that much. I'm a big fan of her thoughts becomes mental health side from wanna get into this. This lunatic emotions during much will do that we do much yesterday to have more retained mortgages house yes he present course. Never in my library this morning before we showed him. That's what I ask reference in the force yes. Really not I privatize what is on the force yes I was inference what to Yuma. Possible liabilities. Indianapolis they would probably right I've got to imagine that conversation I budget good headlines good. X did you do this person charged at. So all of which are all real it. We again things are going down so really he's the golden struck tweets and your real quick here what are we four will get the calls the second brought tweets from. Pretty much figure that one of your destiny whatever Y Yates talked about his status is he your own future control your own temptations and your destiny will not just be reached just east always won yesterday. There are no such specialists at WW in the Middle East promotes. Yes so I guess the question given that this horrible story the night after the game the red get ready for the game right affected nothing news happened just three weeks. Is or something to this one or is some contract ploy to I say no I say that the patriots are gonna fall for Crocs fake wrestling tweets are gonna panic. They know the situation. I think rock is gone through enough surgeries and given his age affect you save some money. The fact he can do stuff for the W we make it though not as much as the NFL agreed to pretty damn close more than people think. In legal through no physical pain no brainer. I suck I said this from the start how he's coming back next year. I think they're Gradkowski. Watched Brady in and I do think this is all tied to Guerrero by yet turned pro gay marriage and I think I think if if you've clocked as retire this year. Kirk you could be right I'm not ready to go all in yet but you could be right when I saw that tweet when he was trying to be deeper philosophical I was like. This is not good this is like OK because Brady all of a sudden is in the Guerrero compound annual Brady's done is great. Power of positive thinking nutrition the whole bit in the works for him and I think rockets fall and I mean I think he's fought them right into the sweat the sweat watch. And I think raucous saying you know what. I'm bigger than team a bigger than the game just like Brady has just like how much are cast book happened during the Super Bowl. Brady had his FaceBook wide thing or FaceBook watch you know which I found fascinating. You'd Belichick released his document during within FL films and HBO used in thirty to thirty with Parcells are so it was all about Belichick it was all about Brady wasn't about team big rocks is one not me. OK and I think big clock is starting to think like Brady which can be a dangerous thing if you're the patriot I don't you talk. And that is he's got to bolt I don't know what he needs to can pre. And sickened about it he's thinking about breed like the bigger picture you know the whole. It was a hotel it rotted authority to hold Tony Robinson because what she soccer I don't honestly you know status. Belichick is all about all articulate your point break at the gravy style about Brady have everything why the ocean to be about me and it's never been this way just because Belichick sat down for whenever two hours of ESPN for thirty for thirty any released a log -- Huskies can any al-Qaeda during his who got cuts he's gonna retire from Pope oh no he's gonna go with two wrestling and entertainment because he's got to worry about himself for the purpose so I think she I think he's also pissed off about Iran's -- last year he knows that it's always been in his mind I think it's always been minimized if Belichick escalating you know I think he's actually thirty for 30 Rock would come back which I think it's all part of I think part of it I don't understand see the correlation no I think there's a time Corliss an opinion let's see if furthermore. I think when Butler didn't play. I think that cuts he's like screwed this that was my chance when the Super Bowl and a coach took it from the I think it's I think adding that may all be true among many that means they'll be true. I think he's banged up again the keys body might be a top party ladies just said screw it I don't wanna do this I think it's a party equity I go to WW Wii which I like Kirk and look at the tweet beat of tweet again currently suffers either crock Robin tweet. I think he's thinking in that manner I. I mean Howard is is obviously for some deals for the some. Yes or see your own future control room temptations in your destiny will not just reached our house and Tyler that hurdle for what birdie wasn't you talk to you and don't lump the two bills. I don't know if you alienate I. FaceBook what do you does that tie in the thirty for thirty what he's talking about what I'm talking about as you see your two leaders Brady and Belichick what they preach. Team constantly. Team team team and enter intelligible only get into the thirty for thirty during the suitable no but it was released or socially. Because he okayed it but so what is. That's a distraction. That's thirty for thirty as a distraction at all what you're feeling meat were you surprised that they came to a suitable now I don't know say this I'm just FaceBook I want Sean to break I was shocked shocked and shot on FaceBook a case that how can you not shocked that the Belichick that it's not really about Belichick and patients and some had 25 years with the don't really matter about. But the Brady's stats about balancing our police officer talker though you're stuck in the Utah the Belichick. Parcells and with this occurred but Belichick put himself upon the team. Did is he allowed it to big released now. During Super Bowl week Belichick doesn't ever understand I understand. How. I don't I I don't know how they I was out here does that affect me hey guys hello mutt and Jeff. So we had a crack he had a conversation with Bill Parcells port built documentary over the summer Giants Stadium yes affects the team's preparation all the wrong why well it's not the actual discussion when it happened it's the release of it and the attention that it was brought to say it's weird what is now let's say so dare talk how weird Al checkpoints at the temples. Suitable for the quarter stretch limb to guess that that's the meat is weird that takes something summer I think that it had no effect Belichick violate the Belichick and Parcells had complete control what would wins in the documentary yes so it doesn't matter and I think they can complete control when it would be released I agree I agree I don't know why would bill allow it to be released. During the week of the Super Bowl it's very easy character that was on dancing with nothing he would not not a talker all it's about pretty or what the calibrated its that is of great Easter break the week of the game showing video of him talking Josh McDaniels will plays that they like you bet I'll bet to me is that that is off. That is and I think you're wrong she's that's in what it starts shockingly quiet. While Brady is starting to think about his post career. In Brady is setting himself up after you place. So maybe I need to do to seems like yours when you the biggest bank I usually out Brady they'll be before that though I'm sure I'm I don't it was. I think it was far clinics that's I just said that sales of the good guys in the Tony Robbins and yes it did you warrantless I was not be no because if you take a look again what he said or what he tweeted. I imagine a croc has that posted above his mere. Posted above his bed. It's posted in the van wherever it he reads it every day it's is daily affirmation it probably came out of a Tony Robbins book I should even look at opting out. McGraw estimate how much next year. If he played he plays and as a as a unit the issues and I think it's a million rights agreement but I can let you make less than it ended last year and is blameless orchestrated nine million bucks right right. So I visit our driver Jerry Jerry does not only understands if quad signs a deal with WW we rise WWE stuff and ex FL stuff and those couple of action yeah he's on the side to make that you can make maybe not that but he can make that. Six and I'd say 56 million dollars on occurred what do I think he can make if I would put whatever seven million bucks he's not hurt. Correct so I mean you know if he's really banged up it's been conversation I don't quite. I do to today these are retire. I don't know yet mechanical is always I don't know arsenal I know I'm on the object you're all in I'm just like. I'm like 75%. There. I I I think before I thought there was no chance I think I may know Chandler now I think there's a distort I don't pass the point now we're joking around. You know all I sure don't we heard. But I don't know outlook laden I was saying I'm not a real good chance. In free agencies looming so if that deal if there's some answer goes that it goes actor a sporting MacKenzie take Kenny layered to make him feel better in the 620 hourly usage grows so. Did not asking any baseball players are going to wrestle and not asking what was and moves this is where. Gronkowski is an entertainment commodity just like Brady is in some ways just like attack. Yes and I think that it and that's what he says are they get theirs I want mine I got my head knocked off approximately a conscience wrestle like all the time to do is six shows a year or something. Whatever three shows a year get a look at the million bucks to them to get a yeah actually wrestle three times and you make probably and I don't really feel like ten times C Vienna analysts right. And and you'll make a movie right now to make three years now as yours will be the ex FL whatever that was surprising. I won't fight. But are you that you talked to a lot of them at all guys and they think that he's in the hall of fame out of all the orange apple is he's the best thing and he's definitely the way all the way football hands he's death panels well I wonder if the longevity Willer encore rocks the drama that. I don't he's banged up our Matt Matt Bosworth. I. Senator Lisa I would say that ID Matt I can't help you if you don't have division. And if you don't believe you are doing great that break activity in jeopardy I don't going to be very clear out and argued beating more clearly. If we talked I can't see it thirties and decided acidic rockets that you're retiring his Belichick to third on center at all the part of it I think once said. Belichick released. A promotional. Video during the super double penalty he Brady I don't really only crock even knew about that. Honestly all I think heat at all I think you're mistaken I figure underestimating him I figure amount might not just studies over. Not play Butler. I mean if black that that's that that's on those and ask them a conversation Steve the other ones different come out of all the Smart and hold on lineman guidebook which say out of those things to out of those comparisons to connect to your question it's because big rock justices. Widely have to continue to give my body and give money soul. This is a dad has a thirty for thirty. When Belichick gays. Doing his thing what happens Gary IA Brady's doing it because he waits at a boarding it says food garbage I feel like it's anything I don't care located NASCAR foundation I agree that I'm an actor right is say oh boy okay Tom's looking at this time outside. I I check who says I'm we focus on the game all of us and politics out of thirty for thirty out during Super Bowl Harry Carey. I went below the Brady stuff. I am with on the brakes to some extent you do Belichick thing you do need it's diva instantly on side given up our more than makes a morning hours. I blew. Good morning. I'm calling it did say that we have to trust courage here is that yeah I agree they show. You know a little different light came away with saying I trust his instincts. Because you know what to do organically. I'll just say this they don't for the senate at times a little different Reagan himself from the challenger exploded just wouldn't get through this together. Okay we're gonna get through you can you are an African track you can go back what. We'll see sorry war rouge other reference and I don't know much on hard a lot of Obama reference and just say we're we're gonna bring you through this I know two days at ten was to be rough for ninety minutes in these type undeclared bank to meet. Thirty all you know it'll hurt him at third next call my college from located we expect him to the problem. It's I could use you like it was just. She says begs me to come in for two days we will look at it and I did it and ultimately. If you wanted to go anywhere any week Yahoo! group. Am I going. It's a free concerts they do to set big deal yeah. Usually sets of you don't authoritative on thirty for thirty I think it's at night and it is an example listen to you missed it do you read Alicia would succeed in late I'll have the breakaway the great thing is good stick with that. Run with that of course a relief that you really think Robert house. The weakness who both said two bills is coming out talking with the 87 giants. On Wednesday night all Boiman retire Noelle I think it's up. Part of it I think it's our lord you're saying I think that he was thinking about it. My head hurts our don't want my brains to be scramble I wanna have a post playing career and I think a lot of guys think that way. Because they see guys that played before them but they're juniors say Al or even other contemporaries. That they knew they Watson and retirement of this I can walk. This guy can't remembers namely Jim McMahon wherever and I think that I would want to write he goes to that it goes to the next on. No partly due to yours and a place. Where you might think next you're completely right. He money he could have I think he's in the whole thing. I just wonder if the longevity will hurt when Jordan is a matter football not really natural game personal. We robber comes what they added that Davis is a good art how many guys through that you think is the best tight and never usaid do who's who in football the best of the position on the whole thing while gates played a long time in case is still is ouster of Robert Tony dye and Gonzales on his eyes Broncos I understand that they played for a more cost you in his first year I hope vetoes we showed that I was we asked you those. At times all times when. This board are so I'll that was even. Six weeks before the whole thing I was I was in you know maybe Borges holes and against I need to reach method to maybe maybe Ronald talk to us about that he has the hall of fame and podcasts. To stay off like a tea. From and racist hate and fear. I don't know I don't know I don't know that I know I just don't get those nobody understands that was among what does make any sense or its bloodiest and it's not again again you're you're at 70% their why did you give a hug and I'm makes cents. It makes no sense I was wrong I'm not quite as him Ecstasy you don't understand you can't get to that level one level. Forget Brady forget injury just give me Belichick I don't know MER I can't for blood that bad let other to a more important channel did which is what is our objectives in the Belichick part. Because it doesn't make sense I'm saying we slowly changing the argument. But if it's strong enough on social studies on an Ericsson and and and and and no one not know it because. The arguing that what this is Belichick point because if Belichick. Belichick on its. Would not make a good argument. I'll check combined with the other factors part of the equity only Belichick factor is the third for their release of the thirty for thirty and barring a Super Bowl week. And I think about nothing to do you know the crowd even knows about the bills he does well I think hair and your card it's absolutely the party meteors are the elite giants and yours tonight here's what the Al groh it I'll check relationship again and again class please with no. Here Belichick could have gone on with built in giving him a rub down. He could've gone on a problem. Or it doesn't mean I wasn't there was actually constantly consumable that's in the Balkans the clintons they released. Once you okay a much out UW WB a pesky who is agents getting them on Nickelodeon working with the blocking getting all of these movies used. You don't think our cuts he's aware of the two bills decrees what does that do with the WQ with the world wrestling it's all entertainment what is the bank acts. It's all documentary about the giants it's all and lakes and we'll begin with the rock that's just about it's it's it's about the patriots to. It's all united as it was in 96 Richard at its on the big picture maybe. All have more of a practice you don't Iraq's you'll grunt stake in its sole Robert Kraft in sports all have brought him prominent. It probably did he did his croc there's this Kraft sat down in the summer for Howard the espionage for questions. What what we can that's not the RK this is bad radio because I care stupid. I'm I'm a hundred bucks to pay rights IRA rack I am in a morass a moron and talk that podium and headlines with Chris purchases next. Each time once again full. Headlines. Oil is. All shook up Kirk did not didn't get it ironic. I quicktime inherited the US open a mandatory on your findings that at all yet she's got a lot better. Stupid you know what I wanna do it still may. I think all of its pros do it's time for Curtis courage and carnahan's. It's. I just went six of skeptical. Yeah play and I he's deployed season before. Wonder when he replaced either. Supports it didn't what are you talking talking about the quarterback who nobody yet again against that nobody gets a joke. I don't care I was just talking to you to your run here you know what that's drawn to say it. Headlines by placing unity measles and I'd like you eggs and we would like that you want you know shares Treblinka sports writer for EU during the break like couple ugly guy you would be allowed us. We knew chop on that flippant whatever it is the breeze and or field. Once you drag your fat and share your headlines is web adult conversation that social solved happy. The union imposed weight back on ID note and I am slender you have not yet you are not headlines your gross headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Mac and the prestige and the introduction did importantly. For marshall's fourth at 1800. Get there. And Chris Curtis by the lakers host the headlines yes I've heard. No enthusiasm that. I got cars that are. So a brutal story in Manchester Jeffrey I was currently being held and charged with murder reported two year old Winchester library. There were many warning sign ultimately just a library that's not a good bad doesn't make sense on the way to sell that good yet additional them to saddle area they're opening up today if you have an overdue book but in slightly fifty we vessel system helps the I dread. So in 2012. A student is unbelievable this is a story it drives me absolutely. Pregame notes guide. Apps are finding. Some very. I'm comfortable and very disturbing video posted by Jeffrey you know it in 2012 we sent this email to the Winchester high school principal Thomas win. I believe that tonight's post signified prove issue and I wanted to notify someone before it would become a larger issue. I hope but I'm not summoned to a friend the frenzy or incendiary. But I truly do not want Winchester medical students to Beatrice. And it's unbelievable this mr. element all of these warnings signs of many years and with them it was able to that is allegedly commitments. Murder which history as well twice daily where legal ramifications. He personally commit the murder which is basically that the library in the alleged he he is this Credo he did this yeah out this guy was allowed to stab a 22 year old and they don't look like I audit into. Cops want to get loaded guns and cause a much different stories OK listen to this his father also publicly but yup. Didn't jas neighbors told the globe. The department told herald they feared the Dow whom they said it. Try to break and homes smashed glass in the road shattered his own windows me threatening gestures to pastor by a Paris street neighbors said they were so afraid of you out. They were run to their car every day. This woman when she left her house afire in the go to work should residents get their children indoors to baseball bats nearby this past September. Yeah allegedly try to break into another neighbor's home. Shortly before 4 AM according to court records the neighbor to us to these known name to be with held out of concern present safety. Critical I'm on one told officers he was awakened by the sound of loud bangs on the golf club when dancers and so yeah out banging. When he rear sliding door this form reports have been begin social and the door but did not get in. Is arrested September nearly elementary school. Which concerned residents in neighborhood one mother from the it from the neighborhood said she had a friend with talk to officials at the school bug outbreak departure from the FaceBook. From base for polar teachers if he she showed up in the background officer rested guy reported appear to be out of that complain of hearing voices in his own head. Erode yes who bookie should question asked to use under medical care and yes for NASA is under psychiatric care. Usually based on bail the time and scored a Winchester hospital with his mother of the book and she'd said place on. Pretrial probation December ordered to continue mental health treatment stay away from his neighbor records show it's on either clear he complied. With the probation troop requirement this is so he read this stuff and just it makes you nuts Yeltsin met or honoring the murderer of via Virginia that's yeah I mean this guy is. It's unbelievable you know what honestly honestly. He's the sick dog I mean there's some deep woods mentally ill righty put away for ever gets what treatment he wants. He fifty doctors today and I don't care it's gonna help you be if he locked in the hat right room and get back from this crazy in a mental health advocate god knows. But this guy needs something needed to be done and it was an. The who's who's the blame. The district attorney. Police were the most probably just when you take a look at our legal is a high school is is how long can you hold these people at present legal issue what can you do legally. What can you do well rested and that what you arrest of how low can you hold them in organizers so much different way. And Mary Ryan's involved in this as well his chair around. Who you are so many warning signs there were whatever you know. The 7591. Calls twenty arrests. Reid broke a woman's nose went to jail for ADB's came back in his job waiting for the Red Sox it was dozens and dozen doesn't doesn't want judges just let them go. Let them walk the police officers let him go this is the same thing it's a wide area right about the way it was he'd he'd and is eating out should every port. Nineteen page that withheld never seen him and report that I ever report for Mary Ryan might advocated three years ago four years ago should be out she should be out today. She's inducted her job change for which he's done here. And had a chip on her hands on ready and I see your kicking around this thing as well you're you're the CEO at some point yes fix this. And we just a police department I'm not sure I don't know what role they played as I I don't know with a local police department can do. About a madman like this what what was best. That's my question is we all know that he needs to be off the street that this never should have happened or connect same thing was what happened with the weapons in involved in the park Richard crouse. Never should have been on the street never should have happened. But aren't legal system. What does it do to handcuff these people to put people away it's not that easy right all told problem correct all told Leo which is a police chief Peter McDonald says. These officers filed three or four instant reports and now and each of the past two years of wells one report this year. So I'm with the what are they I don't amid a wrong what are they supposed to do I don't know that's the problem is now that you're talking about legislation. To change in the law. It now at the civil liberties union will come out and then they'll make arguments because they want people to be. Don't want people being correctly incarcerate but sounds like this neighborhood which I'm often among familiar I know the name of I don't know maybe lives on our street and I sound like and it sounds like the now does not but it sounds like it was and it was a nightmare. We need people running to their cars a five on the space walk down the street they said that night they had bats next to their beds of it would wake up nice and these comments for this that I saw was walking down the street for the morning and people be terrified so there has to be something there when you talk about being a front of me are ones I did the morning that early in the morning easily reach out to me. Where's the theories yeah source I got by the car this year it's a me. You be more for the year. I'm afraid here I would say I don't particular item I am available from a puzzle I wouldn't noble junior what do you bar he's issued are if you had nobody to retire they're ready you would you were doing wrong way. From a year yeah Steve sprinting catch you. It's a spring that you could any brains of some Donald Stuart a fusion can hurt you only if you threaten your young. It is theory and importance. Adult right. That's a female as a female beer and or if he's there to present as the assault yes guests on you so the female viewer cannot hurt you. When asked who voters she would do what he she have a fallen or kids weather around him he could weather a case of the ago maybe she's big she's a second you can have kids cheated on me. That's a very serious issue if it I'm sure they have I don't know if you are now. It went but there IDF produce an I guys are gonna mail the air goes off does signal cop I don't think it's covered by their insurance I'll go ahead. So the president of the United States yesterday said that he would have. Gone to the rest cameras students park when I can't write that this could identify. Eve deferments from obvious now yes he was at a time right in with you about bone spurs folks -- -- yes yes you know I really believe you don't know until you tested but I think I really believe I'd run and they even if I don't have a weapon and I think most of the people in this room would have done that -- -- I know most of you but the way they performed was was really a disgrace. What an unbelievable he's right about that and look at that it was a disgrace America's atomic shall we gunshots were outside eligible have the guts to go to Vietnam cost five deferments. It's on who sprinted in there and with the void them don't want the seven year old fat Joseph fired them light your fires knew what would be done. At heart attack his fault wrote this site. Everybody wants to believe I got tired in that situation you would do the right thing yes and Jerry Jerry thinks he would've done that oh yeah. Right Mark Martin Alec hiding but you know and it's the people we ever expect that the 77 year old Winchester. 7078. Year old guy. Because certified risked his life got stabbed. Right I've been stabbed his shoulder I mean that's got back as ward got the police department park says. Although these outsiders establishing position it's a believable but trumps them. I'm so numb trump stuff like that now it's like exactly extricate itself on what president would you would you do if you honestly you're sitting there. You hear gunshots inside your imagination officer. Know your coach digger and outgoing and I don't think I. I don't know luckiest shot you know I might as well my secret say I would luckily because you're afraid or that you wouldn't be able to accomplish wet. That's part of it but I know why you always get any our family dog also party would think well this is a job for the authorities they must be in there. Think it's up what am I gonna do what I did you running and I'll know when it posts that there's a guy giving tickets in the parking pool on when I reckon he's now in this vital weapon rights of desperately went through what. I don't know if shots like doesn't like what am I gonna do. It everywhere they got everybody through the whole our heroic thing I don't. I am I don't I think you're being honest everytime I go the movies now I would think of is could this be you see some walking think it's a condition the whole place. All I never think I did every single time I think that and you still go that was sick of what what they do in that situation. We can do. You'll think it'll play in a moment ago on the plane I'm not a pleasure so protective. You know I'm a closet and I wish I get the potter many people now our. On the planes like if they get one with a they're they're they're fighting back now and that's that an article and a great game is over. You think that we on the plane or overtime. We. But yeah I bit the same thing or what would you do on your own but trump is not gonna run in there. He's in the he's so it's probably you know not prejudge Donald Trump. He's talking his wife were never used gunshots and schools and now he's everybody's doing it. You tell me he's an event tickets jacked up just spread to the building like Superman have a weapon supports gun show you valuable weapon more gunshots go. Equipment deflect the bullets were I don't know almost nobody would you. Or what to solitary Callahan but Donald Trump's daughter Yvonne who was subjected to some questions that would have never happened. Had she been the daughter of a Democrat president she was asked about the alleged affair is over although Donald Trump on NBC. Do you believe your father's accusers. I think it's a pretty inappropriate question task the daughter. If she believes. The accusers of her father when he is affirmatively stated that there's no truth to that. I don't think that's the question you ask many other dollars I believe my father and my phone. Sound IA I think I have Atlanta and daughter. He's 41. I've always forget Chelsea Clinton and Malia Obama I know. About as a senior about she's an administration where there were the rules and administration I was confused they're an admiral's right dissidents overdone and that's that's that there that's a stupid that's stupid but let's put all domestic thirteen year old girl about record at about talking about movies or else I'm talking about she has l.s ruling was a moderate ran for president tried not just a single question about her father's parents marriage. Well among some but how is that relevant. Paid for Jessica was tested by she's asked the first time members of begin master she ran she she's about Lewinsky she gave this answer to my. But the bucket truck is he is a senior advisor in the office right now while the stories a big story history's me two things they don't Jeff desperate. No you're republic and asked. I think it's a what did you want them to ask Chelsea Clinton if you don't want to mask about the trouble you just to be the same freak but it doesn't want to senior advisor for the president. How does your dad's intercom affairs or or bill that the president. And I'll trust the president. I'm talking about if this Republican vs Democrat when it was a Democrat could learn off it if you could one just them as a senior advisor someone would ask about the Oakland's affairs. So somebody from fox is a wide sales during the campaign. Ask who Chelsea Clinton was personals before me to write. Does what are your yes a big reason why you're right I mean. That's an immediate liberal of course they are but I mean I think so you criticize him pressing questions you think they should ask somebody else. Discredits occurs president has are asking good questions. We should you ask those questions are all the questions being passive just there should be possible sites he's just like. Like every that we Obama in the Gerald Ford's stock and there's nothing to do with Malia Obama and what the Messinger who currently do I shall seek on the or Monica Lewinsky. Well sure that's fine but like he's out double answers more than Monica Lewinsky record outright well Brodrick he's not office for eighteen years I mean you know. He's the president. And ready to move is like it's never been in history in a dollar would not openly campaigning for mother to have the biggest job in the world and it was not up to about but it was about her indiscretions her husband. It's been cut prices quickly talk about why he married it was yeah same story. Knew it's saying no I don't punish you don't run you know I mean you always talked about her husband but she's talking to Chelsea. Why while I mean I understand but I did difference days. I agree review because my first reaction was Kurtz like you don't ask him that bought she's have she's an official zero that she's it's either I mean it's not in the capital's senior advisor she's in the plan a which I'm actually. But the counter his the company and its sacred of sensible. Bottom that's about all that well it secretary of the empire the Defense Secretary yes yeah yeah it is eyewitness at the it's here it's ironic it here before. Or all of our favorite daytime TV show Allen had a plug your Harding on the all I saw this commercial yesterday with some real tough questions so I guess they really got down to lake you know been now. Taught Harding in this movie I Tonya yes. Where the water is great mom claims that this fuss is made up. Go Louie claims laws that's made up. I did on Hartford point guards publicist rafters to cheeks order for money Tonya Harding by the waist line all these years later Nancy Kerrigan. I'm sure Allen really this is hosting not a good person Tonya Harding would you say actually that's right sure Ellen really putter in the fire yesterday no question meals. First I should say. Yeah in and viable and healthy take this and you you made something of yourself no matter what what happens. And if this movie and in am glad it was me because I walk away from that going. I know you knew something was happening that you had no idea what what they were gonna do now and that's I think I'm want to happen and you use it that's and that's. I get tight not bad bad bad bad bad that I got that back. So from a story that that she made that's comes from time hard it's harding's version sure to Allen is don't. Watches is like I've learned from the thing that you've told it is not a doubt for a minute I did it's not a documentary shows is that zone that's stupid yes I mean it's not it's not like you know. Hole from both sides it's not a total Harding sold her rights yes filmmakers are Herbert come from hers her version of history now as a boy I didn't know. You can start a party sort of dummy again Jesus. If this movie hadn't been made I'm glad it was made because I walk away from that going. I know you knew something was happening to you had no idea what what they were gonna do now and that's what I got from the movie and then you you go to the Olympics. And then everybody had an opinion about you. They did the question now I look back and I'm just glad that my life can help other people. Yeah realized you know why help other people why beautiful inside. No matter what anybody else has loved yourself to move to confess to past in minutes a deal that is kind of him to play. He's done these dummies in the audience he's he's middle America morons clapping. Like what he did in the. Harding insurgents walked up to you and said she would say. Much like issue than Winchester put a net over this person dragged him away I'm here this I'm just glad that my life can help other people. And realized you know why. You are beautiful inside. No matter what anyway she's talking about what a journey well I wish I had no clue what you start to exit the show is every. Yeah I mean it's. It's a talk show Mayo Clinic on passage of the mighty polite. Channel legitimate sitting and having conversations I'm cheering and applauding on what is it it's a. These people don't understand because most of these people didn't follow it I remember like this. Is the biggest in the country of how many years ago it was 94 but in this is what happens in Hollywood a lot of these movies of course they'll get made because people don't want you to actually remember what really happened right they won it thirty years to pass an inmate of the story -- Jesus on that headline etc. I brought I will not see the movie because of and I are such a man of principle no I have a screener I can watch it for free next along like. Because I don't I don't think she deserves when there should not profiting off. But it's it's just it was a moral decision and it's much more of this human all of us German deep moral fiber idea said. Doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew prestige great great loyal teammates and that you idea or doctors or did report for march I always areas and my hair could not possibly more grave right now what. If you don't like the guy. I've never dyed my hair about I picked the island to strip them it was like dark gray and I have no right. So either had died specific part of my head yet I did that rebel with a white did this something dollars and edit those that would not I am I'm OK with the grades were not big issue here and you're very worried that your hair here is not a big concern. That straight the reduction of Portland marshall's fortune 100 Gator Brittany and speaking about. Mental health the dates and toward the SE 31 at that she I think she says surgery Welker will get. But now and they just can't beat them all those strikes to equalize feel hostility athlete that break. If it's the most random sort of it happens that I've heard other big court clover. You know court we'll relive. Is that yes. You know Winchester. Some nice voice is a message I know I guess this is the place to be for major league baseball players. Those are Nashville. Nashville and of course anywhere form we'll break it is notably national mass Massachusetts. Arizona Nevada Las Vegas event as a big place for these school colors announcers. And so California. Strike call I. Am. And why this is important if Federer is just amazing to me. It. I look Bradford I just love them to death he's so bad eyes so girls being so he's too so rob I love and I would say this every year Tim and I guess it's a stock and change like. If our charge the station and not the people in charge. Have a job I guess for some reason. I would say to the too nervous the world ten K I know it with the rest of the pirates' history is that right yeah in Bradenton direction pledged. I would say Tim I. Nobody nobody. Actually cares about the game itself. Treated like a talk show once a while a list of some notable that such an elitist inevitability understand I understand that your hair by the when it's very bizarre is straight ahead a little. Electrical chocolate products that it ops are typical that's apparent. But I would say Tim do the best you can he abroad bomb with. Rob is a lot of talk shows not good but he's done a lot of talk shows he has in depth knowledge. Read some wreckage path based fickle state of the union with the Red Sox that's all I wanna do it that way you wanna get into you know. I understand don't you wanna go through to go lower categories got that you know Tim could you got what you. What they may want to never do that or is it me on line is it me. Or maybe it's just because the way I felt growing up. It's where you felt growing up in the way FO growing up when you look at all the play by play guys in Boston. Yeah it's it's a you thing it's not real doesn't like there weren't that great either. They want their greater Metallica when I look at Bob will senator Johnny most players on Johnny most was I loved Johnny most like you did a great announcer you know in person is how will weigh in courtrooms good. I'd have thought it was mediocre. And yeah. I know right. I thought it was excellent hockey game at Dallas five times a personality and host and Gladys. Socially useless but I do you really want that to never second go through to go like Francis is not gonna go through letters of the categories is not gonna say like you know. A role bitch or. You know. Amateur and assured him we'll pitch. To pitch armpit. Or. A ash MR a trillion. They be against it because it can't think about it balloon. Based British calls among them baseball bats on the public not to seem worthwhile even have a speech they adamant when he got nudity just my retirement pay. We see here. Who he could be a tough letter dancing. Danish. Is a Danish wonder. Dash written paper. Disco. Scale build Disco Fishko discos and click on discussions going on uh oh okay audience there are bathrooms. That yet it has a bathroom humor doesn't it seem like a seventies again with the scene. When she's elevator boy it's a weird world their. Exhibition ash. Oh. I thought boy this stretch of strange world Gary that you pitcher I was watching during his breaks. I mean like I should do. German classic what does that mean. It old school Hogan's Heroes it's colonel klink well let's face Bob Crandall of those who apparently. Give me a letter. Gain game show garden. Which did you. Glasses. Call flashy. Golf golf. Sheehan missed luxuries. Jim sink ships. Chip hairdresser. Pressure HD HD on all four. Pale pops this one but the camp hog tied for the go to jail equipment that's just musical weird world what is it with hog tied. Illinois beat you literally could be time hog before slaughter that few as a legal also want to watch that and open that's legal to do that then too much what I would click on video website by Saturday when they do average auditioning to listen to my text three hours came as three dollars associate who watch it one day I heard ETC and do as much is why did they take each pitch sensors. I think in general muscles warmed up and spring train themselves to. Yet it. Sure respect well it is pre season for them to understand that but you understand them saying W car cares they're happy baseballs on. But they don't need to play the ability to pitch me any of thirteen teams from trying though they don't that you need to feel globally like you never sitter Robert K woody what you. Vera was a problem last year. But that's up to scramble Kendall's contract without sales contract with the Jackie Brothers and do this this year. But Dombrowski went to brush wise he's got a Dresser whose pitch. Out get numbers that. Well some great play by play men are have the ability to do oh sure like who. I associate academic league pennant shall cheap yeah I think McDonough is a great but he's on TV and he's out I'm here he's out. I Wear out in these yanked him get rid him issues. Mean the money football around them read both the blog reports as the ball the gourds obviously dumping ordered both of them. 01 double B money following her treatment for Pollard. All of the move him up from college. That's a great putt great best bad but I would guess there's an excess. No expense seaspan. Front gates at right back 6177797937. To back to rock the practice data show we're happy to do that you know she want a five lines are open right now 6177797937. Comeback in an 830. This could be the biggest segment and I'm not sure yet I think will be a widely. I think it can be great you don't get. It is she's that kind of backed down the offer me a bar is going answers by something you know I mean this is a diet Unita. Side okay only gleaned things are over.