K&C - Tanguay went on WAAF for more fun; Kirk takes on Carl in the car 12-7-17

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, December 7th

Hour 2 - Gary Tanguay decided to jump ship and go on WAAF. Carl in the car calls in to tell Kirk he's afraid to have a conversation about race and religion.


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead and Gerry Callahan head on Sports Radio WEEI. Other community came on my show anyway I would think whether that care about them yet that everything has been a better talk race all right highly do you rate. You have of this so much more fun words that show was born and where it's definitely more fun and go back and talk normally it will bond them. Right now I know where we're where we're talking about one thing and that's boots. Posters. And it. That these two things Hilemon. Charlie Baker left not just your days like that X pro he's getting paid by. While he's on the hormone overhaul on the air boating on the show you walk down is not only on the road a little sad if someone wants its. More fun beyond that let Odyssey late and you deal lacked honesty without pissed me off. Sure. I'm certain I'm having actual conversation. That's why I did it. So I know you that's a look at your face from hostages it's not I'm an actor. What do you get out at you would have I get out of one go to visit Hillman. Shall give more fun and I'm widget like after the track the other day and not being object if you more fun of that show. Going natural they never asked me and you're too lazy to go announced isn't it your own eggs want to rock if you don't get your eggs no do rats used to get TH you know he's texted me while I understand why there's so much more fun. This is so not telling us the way it works it is which radio show these things better. I think they both of their strike these. You guys have diary of what should I think is better yet Irina does say that's what showed that you have high ratings it's always took what do you think his. Pictures. On anyways I you know I don't I guess I was at a loss poly on doesn't idealist when everybody anything. I just act is in particular I think issues. I mean good answer Garrett but see what I wanted to do some wanted to get the clip of me promoting Qassam rocket and send it to. An easy target director. Or best yet Europe prior party it big in the Maynard and yes coming out on the salaries I'm I'm glad I have no idea what they're national census should send them down there for two hours. The toll destroyed ailments in a show like I outpatient. We'll go. Anyway for free meal without a disposable. And nobody cares what that stupid movie. Noble when I'm gonna do is I'll take the clip out of this morning and it's not a movie it's a series on gold medal Helmand as a carries those guests on his week that he's happy do stuff like that we're now. I know so I don't care about castle rock. I don't care about that stuff at all it's going to be great show I would get lots of calls to get to a theater district and stranger things come. Today it takes a big day by the way it's it's Pearl Harbor days Larry Bird bird which which I've always said balance each other matches and now worth anywhere he was April it's an even bigger day because we've been named to reach key date we've talked to. The mayor the governor the unit on reached he City Hall helmet and gets his guys we. Three different at America to come on the they've agreed to name this day reached key day in the. In my broad. You Keefe was spectacular. Yesterday with Michael will on limited limited ads had one of the biggest stars that he is Ian really. Was he was right keepers right Wilma was wrong we'll won new resources. Is fallback position was to fight in co apparently. And and tried to bully he could keep would have I say keep Keith had. We'll law on the ropes who display the sound before Richard calls what we've one line open water column as well. He had. Whole. Will one reeling like you wouldn't believe and will won it needed a a raft of new iPhone like like one lifeboat where have you McAuliffe you've got one for his buddy. Michael Holley said you know what. It's sort of great radio great compelling radio awesome radio raided the city will talk about for today. Instead I'm gonna step in in save Michael will bond because he's by Hal. Correct. Michael were you when you talk about these topics and utility tunnel at these topics on the year. The racial dot racial politics of the NFL. Do you hear anything from the NFL art are they sensitive about it let me move Roger. Who can airs at ten weaker question it's not yet know what actually it is wildly and after after keep in the holy not to I mean you write I think. Pending home I'm not wanting until I image is trying to go away there's no way outside one it's a TV thing notes US TV view think like like it is alike want to question. No but I thought it was a good tickets he thinks it's thoughtful that's politics you just asked the question. Why is there any feedback from players and lead the NFL about ray and then the question was asked by holidays have been asked later and that will outline. Feeds right into your argument he said no not really succeed in Iraq for him only your question the only question is Michael will on Alice how race is in fact here castle rock he's had no. To be great don't want you. More. And Tony I know you. I don't want to talk don't don't. And real answer. I did not get batted ball and I now know am I applaud you that did not. Yeah. There's there is these burying he knows thank you swine will bond that's really talk to answer key game. They're laughing joking detention these polling done right if I'm rich keep your average cheapest car in the hand and that's very talented team to put 05% from air. -- fight in Jerry's laughter like that I was I would probably slap in the face. I'm gonna dump on his head maybe maybe keep was passed. You know I may be used immediately Burleigh for the Celtics are some. But but I didn't hear after that I did not hear his voice once of that and now holly goes off. The tool is coherent corn ball up. Soft become parts of stupid ESPN show what is it they're licking each other's knots over nothing wall kick. Well early keep it will want hate each other's guts he competed well he could. The tension in the air which you never feel actual card for once you get the actual tension and joked I'm saying a riveted. About walls going on the whole city is talking about the dale Polley keep show for ten minutes they have. The policy it is theirs for ten minutes I've had its best feeling in the world like graphic and not let go grab a bite they've got it from being built mango. Michael always taken a lot. And my friends is that we're friends Emma still Jerry Klein during the break from a steal much one for yourself god. I'd forget which line was that what would it Joe's Albano had any brains and that stupid head clock if he would suspect I mean he should suspend Michael hall for two weeks for that. You've got work at this network that's worse to think Tom mart produce the Cosby Show. I mean you get a break that's I mean it's just a right it's literally negligent I believe. Yes substance stupid things to yes that's worse every government spent his guts. Have you been suspended no no no I haven't yet sexually harassed. I have been sent us yet. And that's okay. Think about it could you know I've had night sweats as a way to get correction I am. And nine and that system to tulips expletive prone nick and hasn't had sex for years. Year it you know something like this a much better without sects of the it is really as Jerry thinks life is better without sex and alcohol is a no question no so here's the fun part. Like what's outlook as I told my favorite things were you should use is easier. Thank you it's easy it's easy way I agree eaten my blazers out to them anyway without I have a life as much he correct sensitive or slowed in July cries of let's say that for December 20 states plus a frustrated with is that some calls billion. It always sound more holy sat with the Wilpon and does that and that so quickly that we got the clock we're all over the place now the clocks on my last one more question. Let you talk about their relatives and friends. In in New England in this area and you've been in this area several times. When you talk about sensitivity when you're here what. What what kind of things did you hear what kind of thing you just try to drive his car is that a good question Gary are you trying to push cargo the answer to your question after Keefe. In pain and end robot screaming at each other that is highly questioned the timing was these were when he entered. Yes. You were interviewed that I. I understand it is timing was not good I hardly what it was a good job as a card goes in three outlets do the show. If you more than Tom Stoppard assay results apocryphal. It did the future I'll come back we want to go back percent. I mean he outed him as an admiral of the key to that has cues teaches you waited and I'm not on. And even after they came after the break he should've done right he should gonna I'd Ollie you beat all the breaks are talking tonight and I'll guard beat one liquidity and I think I'll be O Avi which you should a god. As much. Shut up shut. Up stupid shot up there allows you write your fake Christian are able. Shut up you ask just to get bigger it gets later Donnie. Arguing this guy shut up go walked owed you something you've sucked in Iowa. Yes but rich wanted to say. But rich why did you say that. You know I just want everybody to get along here and we're just like you know I am Michael Wilbon. I mean Jesus Christ that's why it's hard to be a hot taker may it is easy to be taker but if you really wanna be thoughtful. You're probably not going to be Arctic. And you don't have any rate. Because what they had to remind you wait to see that book. Mike is said to me and in October during our fight back and forth to enter a ticket shows so I'm not always overlooked as a political race that's enough in and I guess he beat the book after this. So like thoughtful like I read books about football players I can be thoughtfully that vote. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady without talking to them should read about this little crazier and abuse shuffled all the again I respect the free neglect is a hole all the times during their racist. So I'll do it all day long without Kirk was a powerful Polly dec. With a thoughtful thoughtful he's sabotaging it hurt your own show to protect Michael will bond. You need to know. Over rich keep a guy fighting actually fighting in the big spot in item in the final vital us to have the fighting for each show. Fighting for a show I criticize them all the time. Rich is an awesome job is he a key to do today to criticize me for this might. I detection Richard told into the great shot yesterday. You did not I didn't actually back Yates judge and we quickly find out what was I mean this is off the air yesterday you guys from the with the producers are in. You find out off the air was detention was keep pissed did they have words. I'd like to thank rich keep on rich keep day were on enrich beef deservedly so you think rich he was not happy. With his partners on air partner we find out if somebody who worked with her ski after that show. That date since 6 o'clock and somebody could do. Good it's probably wake him up little balloon you know look at the spins toward pro cloudy apple T what evolved extremely. We got a Martin. I it's crazy. Hats. I love tension we just enjoyed the tension there could easily plug in atlas I could you know I'm shocked into NATO take attention and there merely to keep were so good appear I didn't recognize well one thing knocked him for a loop to the point where this interview I will never. Didn't sound like votes and we've had will Wilma many times not so Kirk's show many times. It didn't sound the same guy he was so flustered. Like he said I don't why that he sounded like somebody else I guarantee you Gary TU. That will want texted bow holy text will want to talk mom will be fun of a good time in the use all the guys in the morning. While the guys and after we have fun and then boom he didn't do the job of the abuse he she is star he rattled will one. Shrapnel to underscore that loud there. How do you saw installed right away you sub congress. And he was one bought legally have Soledad just mocking him and he said he wouldn't say dude. Will bond called due to. You knocked him for a loop he was staggering like Mike Tyson reaches for his moll got an apology in my life we have a lifeboat life raft yes he did that he can attend county rang the delta right right let's go to Billy Manchester, New Hampshire had built. It's time for pig vomit decent soul searching on that after the show and tell you why Guinea studio getting lucky here. Galen Polyone failure you know or I've observed holidays or away failure so all in all failure. I Akron to recruit new failure tunes into the Watson glow failure. Donny Marshal opened today failure. They don't all play medaglia in this I'm not fan I personally do you start again I didn't hear yup it's started employees and in my headphones. Yes I sit here. Galen hall you know. What way holly failure he all he saw failure to stand that the globe failure Akron post is that failure on Marshal up the today. Failure why is the calm in the mountain and activities now. Tough one I figured out it's not fair that's not a fair comment why because Dele Ali was not a failure. I'm going its view it gets me and he beat me in the ratings and that's why if fired whenever I get your ability to get your point loud and clear get it some of that's that's not fair Michael was very successful the global top what does that mean. Do you know that. Lot of readers whose time I'm good how do you know that I'm innocent. Is solid opinion aren't actually covers how I I don't know what to seal go to hot it was a failure to gloat that's wrong. Okay bottle I thought your rain that was a New York Times best seller and I think we can all agree the best and Mike does is write great books. I don't name named idol I love people at greater risk for the rest of socked the war room was I'll ask Francona book I like to you know read the war room I did too. With a two principals in the war room. It was pioli and comes from each if you rent a rental or purchase and read them back. It is not a good as I could do things Ollie is embarrassing and Obama should do something about it to buyers she talked to someone either have a problem with the amount that's always pointing any early tent mountain I was the program director and not a problem with that that was great reviews shut off the U should be suspended for two weeks. Kevin is particularly Kevin. I hope he does caller I mean literally in national and each. Shell point and in Iran actually call eight. On a legitimate question what did you. Buy. It you don't have a match. And in my column in not you know. Dog whistle Coke or not. I'll. Call me Al Ahmad. I don't want to write my. Check in and jump in. 08. Rescue speak for itself or should they will today but I mean it it's a point put this way. If you don't cigarette rescued you that's on key. Ten ways right it's bad job but the very next segment has to be. Keep turning to all and saying what the hell we want thinking ahead I happen ordered dale one like you do get idiots that probably 2 o'clock they'll compensate. Bruins outlet allowed a rip offs for repeat that which is what I hope that you epic epic battle Tuesday showed that if he if he is a real human being. And has a competitive bone in his body and I heard a guy yesterday he sounds like he's count fighter. Down deep he has to be pissed at home I'm the president of course we take his friends this is hurting his career. I told you get rich keep could be a great radio personality we've had a we've had to drop and I'd been proven right. Because we've seen examples of how about no I mean you saw black to Ferrell. You saw him go after will and it's not when Obama vision to occur this attention fine he can he be held down he didn't think. Kurt eskimo clauses and alcoholic was good radio. Keep should I should do that and I guess who's Correia maybe feels bad about it. His chance. We'll find out you write we you know some people who were in and around the buildings that we haven't Paula please. Tim Callan is a Clinton column. Kirk flying so angry at review what was it that your parents awaited. They died okay that's why so angry which you wouldn't which question what's your comment to your call I can I can answer him chair and fine I don't wanna get sidetracked into that though was he saying what's with these people always want to know about calling it. It's question here is that what your attitude at. Pollen pollen gets your point please it is a reason you just explain why he's angry we're all well we're here we're here to win we're here to win holy hurt his show yesterday I am here to win I would never do that. I cannot think of time in history of sabotage my own show it has been almost 24 hour. That's true that you want SMS their show was better than ours on the last day of the book the afternoon show has been on the winning eight days got pol what else. Why didn't care so much better people you. That's okay are very simple very simple and stupid. This is why you had an hour away if the commute from click and why wouldn't Lexington fly by helicopter atop this building of any people carry me down you're the meat food. This is why. Because when people drive home. Because of the afternoon show okay it was in the one or the other very often turn off in turn on again in the morning so if you're listening to Dale Hall doing a great fight. In May listen to Washington State who's a better chance of that they do that that helps us out which took the meat they show. Which again helps Dale Hall at which is again in the morning to understand we understand. I guess not excitement didn't radio off right. Yeah pranks certainly sounds so simple yet stupid. I did learn at the left of Howard stared submitted yet. OK I did I did OK sorry yes Howard Stern is a big influence on sorry who should be big influence on at some rain this. Jimmy my Ers. Beat Craig buster what do you want to integrate its regular personally while I'm till mis Howard's dark. So what I told the exposed to lord brought ray built Gerry Callahan. And why it equal rest puzzle and I want that now I love that boat dealer mode start all my post and might re. Well might might mean it's Michael felt. A and I knock off powers are okay guilty we want. Israel. And we're all day and I wouldn't say that call and I relevant right now. Now. OK your regular ratings are calling. After that yeah yeah we're number one number one want. Went up in the morning so we saw that outside when I won't ask all the questions as you want to defend Michael hall call is that true. Yeah district okay go ahead in the the pleasure of being at all of the little book signing you know him like he sends. Were you mean the book signing. Yeah it was a really nice Concord bookstore. Actually one welcome elusive at. I can see there's an area to present my met holly A he's a great guy that's always nice holiday season good guy he's a good guy or not that's a good guy total racist and it doesn't matter balls and I don't that doesn't matter when you think is a good guy iron. He's a good guy. Entitlement OK I understand he can mine all funeral he didn't call us racist he went to the line we didn't miss out who are critical in employment is still Leno didn't play all things that we went over it but I don't think. We wallet colander for now he's calling rip I've is that it on to get anything to say other than you met him you like them. I do think it is don't wait Kirkwood community. Don't think that's what it criticizes what it what about that. You know why you know why because because I've heard for actual religious people feel bad for them. He is always a fake Christian he calls people. In the religious and holly let's go to Carl that thing in the car Kyle get a little image here and it is I've never known to be religious I'll go ahead. LO. Had come. Yeah yeah. I am a life partner. And better. It usually essentially lives live a quiet place so mad at my bare. Michael Long of notre. Connell alternate the whole long ago all the time you need but I think we explained it. I think Kirk made it quite clear Angeles Jimmy with the last caller Karl. I did I'd be directed all develop where he ordered and are good and I'm off to save time Hawley. Explain to you guys in their old radio station that you and Torre. You know he looked very. Eight is that more important than the show and job. Mean what what would you not as safe in that situation. Well. They've got to look at these oh Kurt. That is boy no that's his job good job matters the job is the most important thing. Doctor bill tend to like that regarding play these guys' job to do good. To. So I remember 100. And that none there's only one way go comfortably to. The one way is to do it successfully to do well that's the. Utah one troll also died what are built tension. On your threshold where I'd pay. This bit coalition let me convert your are upset because Michael always do not want to go record. What did you here in the interview he left the glad we could sit out there because it's plenty to declare Dana do you think you think it's helped. Already. Didn't go out. Michael will you'd have to glad we had to get out of the way. Away. He would stay out of there when you. Which. Can you could have at least caved in court he could have made it could pick a particular old but he could not decide that in the world. A hundred feet that are Michael always. Why battle Mike Allred why quibble about Dell Dell always check out what wanna work. You do you think the best part of it was the best part of the interview was it wholly and and now will want or was it Keith and mobile. Or questioned why Clinton while we are just let it go why wouldn't. But why are you so that would Michael hole you don't want you control Michael will it might want to ask a question. Okay why do you got my goal at underpin the current partner. And couldn't coordinate. Just. Want American people that brought that topic. Or we can't we'll go double Kornheiser. We just in the come escort ads come on this morning said no. After an envelope but we're not that 10. No nos had done and always said comic Paul should nose will board. The what is black. Yeah no. More. Robert what color. What what Kyle yeah you've said you said will want is always board. They went I might and might question my question because why does that matter why is that a and. It mattered because I'd wanna build tension between what. I want we want you get close to listen. What it would split but don't let the fact that he always Oki. Cornet will want to keep going I will no one's going. To. What do you wait until then yeah you could not but what about you can come out what you need to go. Wet will actually act at night we don't and I agree he should decent jobs at peace okay so are you not collect we have sent a week if you're. Played in this Karl Karl shoppers can even listening to a whole show like this restart but also some we blew it. It's not the Karl shows saddened Olympic task that. But what could happen. Carl can meet Carl is Carl to shut him out for. You talked I am I'll talk for five minutes for five minutes on Karl are very much wants essays because cards because what others say. Also want to say it's all notable lack and that. Does that for me because they're both black woman's safe and. And also got a call Chris I bear walked. Just street and walk out. I can talk a producer at 120. Gas X 360. In or out of all have a conversation about race or religion and my meal right now would like to talk about what would you like to talk about. Eric what's. About more so he's taken against him agree would call Sierra Club and what would you like to talk about you we lets out. We'll talk. We want to know what Jersey's shots are shots. I don't say it again. Want to talk about one all you do want someone we don't just talk to wants to talk. To all the same no. Matter what would you like to talk. I mean girl that's all. I call it. An. I. Don't know why you hate Michael what's reasonable what's underlying reason car a year ago. They're more. What's the real. Your right to say. That. And I bet. On it and I got suspended for any comments that John Anderson once you do Robert. So it got off here. I want to talk to a New Madrid bureau Bork but I need example why I don't like Michael hall and Eric Kelly why I don't like Michael hall. Push it. We post all would attribute a bit more like. Corporations usually I'd say I'll say forty ID saying I. All that politics witness because we're on right now tomorrow. I'm active throughout the car. Yes sure. I think you're saying I don't like Michael Hawley quality shot up from 12. Always shows that he does not want have a conversation off the thing I don't like Michael Holland because I am. Yeah I don't like Michael Holley because he's black temperature for. You can get around it that's what you said that's just said without saying right and that that is only ridiculous as soon though that is so ridiculous for such insulting. Off. Because yeah I know that you know like what he sample. They're eight ripped it off there's resiliency you know you have no guts to I don't I don't but I opt out there that. Give an example give an example. I love being called racist by appealing and call me a racist at all call me a raise I. Picked a sitting down I don't get sick of leading a race. You an example of meat being a racist Wright got a lot of course or on the floor is yours and didn't normal person. A halt give me an example Carl if you're listening to me one example one no one watt. Of me being a racist and say don't take off the year one on one come on man come on give me one example one of me being a racist and I'll say you win give me one. And usually it's the question. I want it to be one example of me being a racist want. One exit. Rate this against the of the deaths saying it. The race card I don't I am not a racist I am not a racist or not. Which it would have a minority. The my five year old son blog and now he's got federal black or white. To be honest. And and he's a guy cheated. Judy Collins a school record. And should. Anyone that would let. Apple at a table on them I believe that's your. 100. A you citizens it's just it's it's that's the way through we mean. This is happening. Now. Everywhere aren't you that's. We've done. With colonel. We have conversational competition trying to look. I know you. Maybe she. I point. We we do headlines we get back. It was supposed to yes 61777979%. Takes more calls a couple lines open and we'll go to headlines with some big news which is natural I believe we'll get back to storage luckily the headlines is next. Kurt came Callahan on Twitter and Kirk yeah. We are back on Sports Radio WEEI. Kurt can count my hands headlines hi it's our segment that stands on the shoulders of its morning leading talk show British arts specialist. Get yours mine goes to. One the people people of today. Can see you see we got him if you got here how money always making the University of Michigan crowd have you heard JFK. Ask not what you can do for your country. But ask who. That's their right these are trying to think with the fans enjoy each guest drew just you know what the media would say the old saying is never think. So there's your third offense a third on defense and a third of that well you know I wanna sit third doesn't. Third the number of plays or not started is a third of the game how money there's sixty offensive plays sixty offensively is not gonna be sixty special teams plays. How are we talking about various and it always insightful I think that over the years it's been a one of those today has been like game. Where he just think that he lived it'd. Athletes could do more to help you know. And there's there's pressure on after. Excuse to do active you know be more active. Practice understood some money inspired headlines. Faith. He's the best. He was fired up despite this morning with them later headlines brought to bite. Doctor Robert Leonard and document the press to their doctors LB in the buyers and was different. At 1800. Did hear yeah he's or leave it or not. Like he knew he went down the film enjoys coming up in tomorrow. Could you monasteries and no pun intended equity. It's headlines and said brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard document the president wanted to get their. 61777979371. Direction to headlines and you have like an odd bit today Al Franken. We talk not an end and in the U now I think that's scary now in and Drudge is saying. I wanna encourage in the states victims couldn't stay in the C. A you're hitting it's gonna happen. This is all coming together. You know as Roy Moore is going to be in the senate now Franken is not what I liken it it's gonna drive all the right people and say I like is the courage you've got owes the born and Ed Markey to wait is that they all did as good coal mine about Dubai and from The Herald where we she just wouldn't. Commit she would ever want. I think this like 1416. Female senators. Denounced the Manson should be gone it you wouldn't for some reason she loves Al Franken right. He must not have ever stuck his tongue down her throat I guess not evidently finally yesterday late afternoon to say yeah I guess so he saw clearly there with a lot of these female senators got together because see based on Twitter within 1015 minutes and seven right this is after another Franken allegation yesterday. Outreach that we talked about maybe I forget by a liberal woman any media matters party right after the so what can meet Obama inauguration tradition of coming down her throat again this is what comedians right sort Nat how many accuses them. We double digits yeah I think it's Peter and I that's another John Ziegler probably between July John for John Ziegler and subsequently to but so Franken is done he's been resigned today right this morning. I don't know he's he was not committing but he. He's done remotely using tower's sides. Crossed the line. And you're he would go for Al Franken where SNL take him back Alex I'll know them well they market this week means enough delegates to go away that's an excellent point. Guys never just go way you think that all of the story today you're gonna Padilla Arnold QB on day two with the stars that horrible. Young began his round with like on MSNBC. Now loaded on allies on the we got into and we have this easily today in this in the pile that says that flowers is gonna. Lay low be regularly guide to golf. In the Hamptons in the Hamptons in regular guy. It that well pace that's on voluntary he just has to go wait there's no one. Altman met I was I was bushes making it of the Al I was obviously much much worse than outright and yet as it was so for as far as we know ours we know. Right I mean who know who knows if that's out there eight again team did but she did this every day. I mean how did you look at your kids I mean if you did this from if you do to a man loud and how did you seriously Mallard is carefully look at the guys essentially rapes somebody. It should look at me as a chance if that means it was evil animal he's a lunatic. He's a rapists should jump right hesitant on his kids who think he gives a crap about his children you know he doesn't or his wife Knoll that certainly. Or is otherwise I'd rather she takes him to the cleaners yes and monitor colors were ten million dollars Franken just presents it. We have to be more debt is are a source tells the New York Post that flower has no intention. Overturning the public place he plans to disappear. And play golf he wants to be a regular Joseph to play golf. And stay in the Hamptons he has no intention of mounting a Billy bush style comeback he's going to stick to his one statement and not the address the allegations again. The bush did nothing to laugh at pump. This guy's a rapists he he he can't make it billion groups though come back now. He's the statute that you think we'll Franken. Where Jessica hire a good point and I not Brian Williams came back. If he'd assault women know he I think about it and they're with their wit now but there women on that step to where referenda higher it would it would be able to we got a second notion to a shot. Of course he's careers. So is life is over he'll go to wherever retire to define a direction part of the divorce and remarry if you're Hamptons and you you say hey listen can you guys I get a single. And allowed to open I mean. It means gets easier play golf with him silent homage on the Charlie Rose and yes the component hang bigger yeah. It's not a class action suit against Harvey Weinstein picture. But that's because in some real money. Questions in jail time I don't Elvis costume that helps but he's you. Legitimize him talking you know. Fifty million problem. There's much more does he have a sporting spent a lot of true yeah blog posts and people up true that's a lot to ruin people's life and it came out of a company slush fund. Atacama is pocket that's true that money's going to be allocated into the right place Wi athlete number two Greg's almost the first one is the ball begins rolling rolling rolling Warren Moon who was a creek. No surprise that that hasn't got arrested for beating up his wife has yet that was the worst kept secret everybody knew that guys puke that accused of an ax. I heard some young assistant I assume and I and made her work on right and it does sleep it's not that and usually you make crews were on the view when her travel and pulls it off. And is he might filmmakers to sleep with him. I don't come with them. How did you when you're done you're making my dad's a bit and you'll Q do you blame the victim but how does the woman who works for Warren Moon say OK or sleeping your band played eventually she didn't want to impression it left like at first it's you know. She is a guy who is beaten women not so I'm sure she intimidated. How did you sleep. She probably didn't require her to Wear on underwear. And share his bed. During business trips when the chicken hotel in the clerks as you want to double bands are saying they are concise signal. And she statement please come to double is on the Pittsburgh for two rooms. I think he could chose chose not tasty soda right tell you I grab your crotch when a drug you what's the British did you sit flooded. With this smut talking who do Lucy basically do whatever right tell you I grabbed. I'm told it's. Not gonna go back. And that's exactly I heard us. This is mutt is famous speech of the interns started every year and modern nation correct them yes Stacey do whatever right tell you I grab your crotch when a drug you think you rigs off. I mean that is unbelievably gets women that their premier what is said to them in their dog period AFLAC cancer but this person for person. Nice person. It was unbelievable the retirement and he's a powerful man. What I. People to gain why say equity sets because he's retired honest to god he's who wants to stand forcefully. It was sick again I didn't hear. Bases do and I write tell you might grab your crotch when a drug you and that you rigs in off. In this society he's doing. See like what doesn't and tell a lot since you gave a pay to walk out split personality that's true. Your eggs. When us ago that had that is that is headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor brand's appeal everything from Robin Cruse. The air Los experts at 1800. Err on the back to all of us praises all the stuff. The the interview with will bond and anything else you want to hear from what you can join us next agreement with my must take on the team he's talked to leave it if he has something to say America CNN analyst say we're not very bad but I welcome mops about gonna come underneath funny Monday's to hang up but we'll hang up on which the chief. Yeah it's true he's calling us the ski can upload every chapter so what to do those will certainly help we're honoring him celebrating the life from rich keep today yes inevitable talk to much advisory Dawson was alone in equities for listeners among my coming on the network and the pedal but I'll tell you if Keefe Keefe is self preservation. It's all about your career Keith it's about you. You need to come on this should they go because I think we're gonna break though. I don't wanna read on this story Aaron care to me into the right side I'm not. I'm sorry yankees and I don't care well we see is not incorporated alcohol or Saskatchewan whose bag I'd like I don't like that does it annoy some baseball people agree that it TV guy how the manager and I like that but it nobody no Red Sox figured Arab governments not be enough interest expense to wipe up next year. That means nothing to still move Maloney. Just Lou. Now I don't care about him are 61777. 793. Said we'll get the reaction I guess formal puts more that sound as well. Was a good fight between every draw a breath of us. It was all I missed so it was a real there was some serious venture what was tweeting about it but I authorities. Statement last about I guess some things to get to my Komansky and he joins us. Skinny and seeing Kirk in Callahan. On Sports Radio telling you we. They see you would have right now you have like grab your profit for the drug use and that you Briggs during business. Skimpy Thong lingerie bottoms as night. Evidence that we have a pretty good for you to our show for hours I don't think initiative and more female in terms that's just me. And other bosses than in the pool room Nancy Pelosi Manson's girls dreams in my consensus to enforcement. Well if you do whatever I tell you on my grab your crotch of a drug you. And they could rig to. During this it's skimpy Thong lingerie bottoms as night closed time like this he's Dodgers quicker you made any defense that all. Gore or Lou. Again and I'm eternally I did I don't as well Warren Moon emotionally talking all order act that creek ordered not who you would not fight to the game all right you're Smart. Much still of the button in your office and. Oh Gary don't. I did a good first. I don't know I don't know why we're Collin Nolan we will queue up we were fascinated by yesterday's Abdel Ali appearance we are honoring your friend. Which keeps today we've declared to reach key day in the commonwealth asked a bridge goes that I actually first keys phone number yesterday. Yes you're sort that it was deleted the job okay was our way and you did like an hour whatever you do with key factors. Full time job. Howard Jerry you know it's it's just that happen every night. Was he was he beaming with his chest puffed that was in proud of his performance with the will one interview. On to your base without talking to rich number one death throughout the year you realize it was eight goodwill or. Show goodwill. In cycle and that she creates. I would ultimately it was frustration. Should I'm not I'm not saying anger I'm not saying. This thought ID frustrated that he would only allow that want to see. We're in Ottawa on my what would you say to him I would say to him. Who you're part of the show would be allowed jumping. I think that again I'm I'm I'm not the discipline people on radio that. Let's. I I believe that yet there were some frustration they're not getting a turn again out. That was it I can take anything else in a big takeaways. I didn't it later or broader things to do whatever I tell you I grabbed approximately drug you think you meetings you know. Yeah that's. That it well that's equipment during business scheme beef on lingerie bottoms as Michael's got a break black people to game. Is Warren Moon going to break prisons eulogized his criminal business wells again. As we always say practice so I'm some believe it is the only person mormons now as god oh god no but price literally. What are you doing I know that most which stopping only action was stuff and omens in his face you eat cereal. Dysfunctional well it's. Romans Gerri Willis. Has your body's a temple to. Much out of me on the beat you mention straighter at this morning do that and a lot of our ride drywall and no idea where drive you disagree it's crazy I'm doing it is craze I think you need to go three to 58 this will mean a better mood. You hell. Let him better on the air to agree that I heard yesterday right tell me about it you're awesome thanks very good yes numbers are you weren't even here yesterday after yesterday reached Keith was meant much better on the last book and Turkmen when you are no great shakes here. That was on by myself whose hard and I just does. Well we come Rush Limbaugh over here I I want everybody to tweedy keep the kimono show. A he and penalties of more awake yet so it's gonna help he's got a commotion won't be here our show took analog beef. Leave dale and Holley behind and in your domain and we don't want him on the show you got to think about yourself more there and you don't really think wears a point. We talked in the whole thing in the reverse count then. Owner and that's how they would handle lycra Briscoe girl who knows already I read. What what's what's what's the plan we present to look at that's. What's nine is that you should go to national okay. Contribute to organize he'll make them go national international think chairs she thinks and carriers carries generally. He's got to go to get literal wishes of the ideal you know it is evening. But there's no petition posted an accumulated national liberal but when you do while national I was like Roger's going to outgrow this vaccine that is already happened. It's -- an instant on what you gonna do I am I too much affection for you to leave policy that is because of because of your love for me yes niceties as your stick around I had to date my amendment protection and yet we're not there yet in a funny time. Years or months or weeks it doesn't matter. Dozen or so years ago we Jerry you can be doing this in two years why not unlike. On new years ago hang out beautiful pool of America that it had on lovely this time yeah it's quiet when you're hot and warm. Yeah I'd like someone should you can buy because I'm am enjoying publish a mark on my family's here committed yes we're let me give you got to Allah the price David Price has been dropped. How many times I'm not let into the future a few times he's had I don't think so I'll take it if you pick on of has gone on past. The them. Yesterday ten it was important to me you weren't here. Whose rates as first time since. During the show and again it completely just checked though. Yes yes yes you tell us why. On India in the young mocked the answer to slow walked the hallmark every above saying it's not like your major jury jury jury duty storyteller this tremendous story right at all. Mean I've never said it was that type I all I'm not I'm not supposed to make something enough you become sang like that I can tell you the truth to make something I think and one on busses and here we have an obligation tell people why and what's here in spirit at the old will the day before it wasn't just told people why it's reasonable amount about saying my my stories. Such historical before. It's that was a certain mood that's why. You gotta overcome those things and you and I was just four hours you weren't really. Now you work I was physically here for you physically for about 3047. Minutes who walked out from one segment always sought their story and I'll put it all what's exciting. I finally a fascinating India extends on the podcast with the you can ask him a statement tomorrow should finish out my podcast issue and Richard good forgot about UNC the back to back mailbag think. That's a country from rental rate that's a Bradford and those are my favorite podcasts but I also told MS doesn't passive aggressive practical if you want to get a good you're skiing he would do mock enough about me and looted. Unlike penguins who's not even paying attention to must I must failures of the first hour unless and Edwards Oca medical place aboard a south sound you heard Dale Hall he keep yesterday with will ball will definitely played Augusta and if you haven't heard Gary tangling with the hill man in the morning helpless on the grass on the map and I want your two idiots stroked him Bradford. Excellent well protest my about it. He just called the hotline saying why haven't we played he's very angry likely hang up on why you guys have promoted what crap what you need to talk about from and he wants real real quickie for go to break time porcelain and second if you want to tell us. Good promotion is that fair to promotion for us yes and it's going to respect between about opening in me hooked Meehan I didn't say all got to go listen. Relic and ran for fight. I had the sense it was a perfectly tweet about I'm last of its actuarial. Yes Bradford is so you know brought jealous angry bitter guy well I don't think rod likes him attacking the manager around his friend right away. Drugs out of a mop up on get this for real for him. We're easy you know answer five point six wants set aside 79 much in tomorrow and we're gonna do the deep and find out where this animus comes from this as deep seated hatred of people of color and how long he's been forced himself wanted to see us Xeon and where is renderings and and a voicemail that really back to bed when you know he went unless it is still last night I was until after that Wednesday that lady who sleeps at him in his room I've heard that's the deal basically do it right tell you my grad approximately draw argue. That you rigs.