K&C - There are real issues with the Patriots; Bracket of the Brainless 3-16-18

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, March 16th

Hour 3: Tom Curran laid out some real problems with Tom Brady and the Patriots and the Bracket of the Brainless is released.  


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It start in Cali hands battle of Bob Inglis didn't want to write my Newton's. Sure lesson plan that problem. Part five. It focuses on the fly bracket of the brain let's see was like make it re rack it here don't drop off she does shields welcome special. You're off on featuring two bracket buster bootsy boobs Chris Cinderella Curtis said I don't think this is good radio right there wouldn't. And Mike Magnus my nasty shall we how you wiggle in those key and now to top seeded simple teams collide. Ray list maybe it's Curtis mirror and didn't arbitrary who oversees much or go ever about eight dean Martin's. I. And Oates doesn't look good so far this forum for matchups so far it was 22 brown one amendment. Host YouTube yes yes yes yes yes fresh here competitors were so yes they got to split their bigger funny reaction. When he votes. Lots of. Jesus owned Korea Super Bowl dog bite out 63%. Or so what's the latest sound first before recess now. A nickel back and you're excited and you do it weekends but time doesn't leave. Who earlier I don't you can't have you packed already I'm looking up restaurant Jones and actually we get a stop for lunch they can between now like to break maybe go for a walk in the middle it's just work is not spent a few missed that earlier. Curtis lives insult you run in the parade route has won a donor wanted to pray he's sober as well get involved in any of that so. He is lovely wife again out of town official us cuteness so if you said if persons getting out of town for which makes sense I understand. For Saint Patrick's Day weekend where would you say to use don't much of Maine for sure yeah that's it I was like I like the Berkshire is because you could go there in the winter and they nice. Russia and its limits you as I did that recently won yet visitor brought this. Served notice who said all that's how grounds not to Saratoga opener marches had to tell. And I see NIC's two can I ski getaway place the situation Chatham. General Martin yeah call on believable as stated a couple of years ago Austin tremendous support. A gun there and it was nice under which was like let's just take a colony in nice went to him occurs where you don't. Allred ideas in the summer accents that makes you to stay overnight on the way you have to wonder halfway back from somewhere and sellers. I stopped at like Somerville on the way back that we are unhappy where you stand this couple nice hotels and some real ugly. We haven't wavered at all I want is crazy refused it was in the car honey was just got caught unaware and I rhetoric bed and breakfast at the parents want to hear any airport yesterday place bed and breakfast on winter hill. Blue collar town. And then second we get out of town that immediately sell like like we're a what I like these where we're getting out he's Joe's but there isn't as good or sentenced. Although this week itself is the decree starred in and out you're going that's when the results of our ways off what he's doing when the praise. I'm gonna be in Weston on. When you set hike again I think it's human like mile Belmont mount imagine off is always going uphill hike for the Mikey going to Weston. That's on the great mountains of what's were were to cult. Is just the Park Slope and it's a dog friendly. So it's not a Steele actually hike up orders a large implied that one of the Ohio Ohio Mercedes ouch words it's called at a height of highly. A threat does a coastal cap rock my New Hampshire first went from Weston. Siegel for a hike in west and then you go back to outlaw radical right that's awesome you have hundreds of the better part of it. Oddly cigar for a walk with your dog with a television but didn't you go straight to some of the for dinner America's rails that Exxon and feel we can find dogs of all shapes and sizes that review number one you can't beat that this is thought to weaken the effort right. You have to do it tonight as well on them tonight so label wacko groups yet we make it. Ottoman in my mind that maybe corn beef and cabbage you know probably some some fish you eat then at two and one. His greatest corned beef again it's the worst it's so we had this early. Why I never like to thank here you know like anything so true so good son must are not allowed. Him out of beginner like everything. Pulling a man of peace we toast with butter to. Go from that are now available little taste they have to give a civil case that obliterated volunteers trained by the used to VP tonight and who you know I don't think about that and I should be a unique yet this month. Not true that's true Kate one night me we. English often pizzas with them low fat mozzarella cheese she's very good you Mitchell if he was ever a did not why now. Pizza just eat like that she's an ultimatum like for the blue cross the way why we want you you do weird things that valuing chip chip. I did not issue did during well I guess you're glad dash RK yes. Not alive it's alive or a big daddy's it was a big daddy's we had I got my sandwich chicken sandwich with water. And I dated your bag pita chips Jerry now that is I'll let Lou I give us your coach that is a bio Soledad S and narrative big time vile violation Rita and ecstatic I don't know yes and I dealerships joy hell enjoy. That's about it sent out those chips or that people are living in I don't know I am not and I like the heat got to a 370 degrees here now. I did not I did a potato chips and hard because. I have sandwich everything's suburbs and which I don't know chips that's painful I don't that's like it nailed the audience crop cycles and setting a nail right to your hand regain pretzels. Axles for all of that's the most stupidest I went to Jimmy is on you and they don't sell pretzels or had to get a sandwich with no chips and to have lunch pretzels essentially sentenced ships to purposes or swing so what do I have wanted to genetics and giving a Pepsi for you of Coke and Ecstasy they don't it's they don't have chips it subway or Jimmy Jones. It should expect actually chips that some analysts pretzels as I don't recent shift a little pretzels in some way they do not some do some don't think of it you're right you're asking me I'm an expert. Right what you should figured out. A pita chips chips and chips I give up chips it grungy with a sandwich with a chip IBM I could Kirkland and was on a crash tight you know he had. He cheeseburgers and French for alleged image sheet date and truth she but it is I didn't I didn't go in saying am I some reduce occasion usage of Egypt WH I didn't we told god work right chips which he was lied to about that showed on the life. Okay William black is sit and in each of those apologize that that on some of what you have just gone very good. The night ships -- chips are accurate she goes Monday Kirk he's got my back I guess I don't I get her back and Allen those things were not bad but that's there were fine but they're not is it to their chips. I'm not saying there is good but they're essentially added they're crunchy and with the sandwich that's it's. When you go wait a total for the week and you can't just go to dinner when LC gonna do you gonna republic rising like simulating both ways to show. I went by the way what is the best that I didn't hear the drive Australia. And I went to a went to Somerville. The other day. It's. Awful awful it's like. On Black Friday and could you can get up. Like the road there's some hero yet to go to assembly where a mob girl can't park. There was line of cars. Lined up to get the next opens our houses that the police and exist and I'll fight you with those people go now five years ago have now if we get out of town. It is madness it's like a bullet hole on Black Friday. You don't want us there now than just an average system disease was just to see you Saturday this used to be a place with that old lousy mood here right billiards place and now now agrees saying. Your brother my. So there you have you remember remember a liberal media and Exel site was the blinds him yes she did I wanna just go to lunch at the Tony Cesar girls couldn't get near it in its madness there poll go to franks and marsh field of play the sound you're at some point as well it's a prank. Then there and they understand it yet I respect it. Our ages so appropriate that that Curtis would take is going to waste the weekend until it is dark. So walk at a place called cap pot walked out moments in the hits just keep on. What are you gonna hurt the number one ranked thing to do when west and according to trip advisor doc was number two. They are right now. It found Starbucks go away for the western ski track. Ski skiing at Weston. Cross country's area where would you goal for the week and was you do apology. Ought to be an onset and we are the rest of you who you go to some of bill. Already a pivotal moment alone. That's neglect. Is incredible. You have stopped. Mean we'll set the video camera how much or how much you bring one bag to bag for trip like that bring the Greek as the weather might construe my whole article that's true. And you know read the cartridge cars to small circle if we can you could of and I don't want it on the streets version offline you can drive we decided to drive that's a good. I got access to sell the coast from salt and did you know we get out of town. And I can only guess what this is certainly Mario was the right. It's in the restaurant hall Yale has sent a video right now stoppers they simply wrong. Cursed snob he's right assembly rose for tourists Tenet will be go like all of garden of courtesy that acts like he's seeking slime. Wanted the places the top of Soviet picked out your favorite like a postage who are average Manuwai and again just to just before play the sound can reset why tomorrow is an important day. Was it today it's. Wise and important they can't say we did the strollers well it is mighty anniversary. And so you gotten tired from of all your friends and family and is known. Okay when was that. I was in July OK the two major anniversary you spoke to all your friends of your friends about this my close friends so their people the wedding who didn't notice my guess is they're hearing about it. First book in the reason is what we'll get the technicals and the reason is. The reason is that my wife wanted to celebrate our ten year anniversary gathered by getting married just odds that we did the did you checked indulged in this kind of silly it's just that day. We can dimensional feel weird how it's always. Geez you know you tell your parents out them. For out there who would John Murray I think they were not Olympics and did you have a ring you just kept in the draw collect. You're equating Miller Lite and it will use that engagement so she Regis used. I don't know when you command waiting all I had to ring but I only warm there in the way. Ten did you do this just so this is closing a deal as it gets bits of we years ago. He's like to do is important is it was attending anniversary of the ID I was attending numbers. And we're here month was physically it was the date of your first day. I've no idea. You September October. Next month that's the day or spring concert of violence in February episode members in October. Kenny. His more recent Omar was if it were to count vehicles. With the date of your first date. March police. 2000 when we'll see and that's recent. He's gonna remember that eight months she felt that you should not dormant you don't think 2001 or two. This is probably some tradition rooted to like give her father. Fan boys have brought up over the previous game lectures also shaken from that as well no news yet. The point what's the date of the first time this guys. Know we are. It happens is when you went home type of Deion Sanders or head there it is again there does it and there is technology. Cellphone records at all. Sure churkin who would he was like climbing up the senate floor McMillan. It pollutes your wife is from seventy degrees warmer than room and hallway what's going on. This doesn't look like my brand of conduct of its its. This I'd Richie is a place while some people wanna help you out that you're ready for your big we're in your big weekend occurrence. Albums in less than a Calvin a good. Morning out on the yeah. As shallow angle on Iraq but. That's what we know to them what do you. Yeah I let down and held on what it's not much in I. Don't think it was off. I. Nutcracker. Are. That's we saw Melissa that's about marks all over it muscular looking up things analyst Ian Nolan better or two of the Italian forever my best friend just freedom Curtis speaker tap. If it's open and a a retreat that right away I it has added that we knew he retired myself you know what what it. That yourself which we got told you would retreat if you did them on the sacred. Callahan we talked and after the break right yes Paul's Framingham Naipaul. Kirk Gerri Gerri so besides what it would do what it's. All morning morning. I think I'm a little blog or give it its current story because I can you imagine a woman being solo artists the issue that's what. Publishing some muscle she's in control who she's a control freak accident will do anything did you guys senator pre nup. Yes Lou how much Rasheed get that. I pictured to the most of Katrina could move the curtain helicopter. To negotiate it yourself I was not a part of that little. Picture I can I keep pictures saying Curtis. I won't get buried on the same thing last for a state to remember whatever you'd like to Kristin DOS. As a dad and do our part they saw in the restaurant or shopping spot didn't perish. But I can. Won't say maybe it was at least my dad's points to. Alan. Baseball I don't quite get the much writes not that big debate is off that's all talk I think instrument of what your friends Fallujah in May activate it before you want illusionist. You of them who are going about Asian growth Ahmadinejad for some Jeff. Here is what a party yes like the night before Bolger opera aria okay pushover at the rehearsal dinner it is just so you know we got married three months ago you would think that's odd. I would say we'll logic that. Okay he says it was our first estimate the cost and I and my wife bought myself you know I don't so no no no body I don't know what to do it'll I don't understand. Bomb in the old days he did it because the the ones mostly to get them I would do to try to get some action look at the justice motivation to win a particular she's pregnant you wanted it to match up with the pregnancy right maybe. Bristol happened there. We don't think now if you guys already had consummated before you got married we assess him here again it's only twelve it's true. But this is her idea percent yes. There for secrecy. Ever have a problem it's just it's just funny that's a blowback from anybody significantly higher. Boehner as opposed yet so I'm unclear at what he's speaking at a school. I'm going to who knows it uncles and now wants no friends I'd like I do we have time to play well we just were suing to replace them. Played the first four yet two hours ago. Or employment and we say 6 o'clock o'clock this open until we get back yes right on time to any shortage of mystics open. Baltimore for Paris. According to what we've got Bradford other on what else would turn the upstate what are you know we need he's glad he updates okay. And them we got a big weekend where we're gonna go oh. I was saying national political global average stories you know I read these books. And you noble like the guys and personnel weirdo so now we're not well known before that first night strike in an overnight guys like chase scene Belushi became a crew Akron became the rhetoric in huge. National figures that's that's I just feel about how I'd say by about midnight Saturday you nagged the biggest television stars on the planet. Course we could have been column in New York right now or last night we would have probably. Of tools for some really important drew post abroad Goodman we were invited to a Broadway premiere we were real yes but we didn't wanna you know leave the show Yuma and Alex we have we can do we care about our Ricans on the show from there army can do and it's Sunday skate from Montreal to the point because that show from democratic guests special sort of fan I skip Chappaquiddick in a Broadway premiere in the same week. Well we're fans in Queens could've found a station right electric and when the city no question are welcome back but that's out trying to update. A television stuff pickets that he to get to be yet he's sound Curtis and might wanna hear this next. We went down till later before we went out. Curtis will be there so we get out of town we don't I was just going to do so Summerville on Sunday and my palms are like. Lake Ohio the best food giant announced today that's what's and we believe other coaches in the bill special teams coach Joseph judge his contract up. Unless Belichick approves I don't think you don't judges' leader -- report yesterday special teams. Marcus cannon in vile and bile care noise are both out. It's via Kindle is still around that and Kevin that they. Can trade them. The Kurdish Arlington wash the pages whose strategy is trade for guys she just before they get. That's why anytime you bring in a corner from her own sixteen teams who get cut you make double by Mike can't hurt. There's less famous McCarty did make that you lose Malcolm Butler was put on all pro two years ago yes and you adjacent according who's about to be cut by the winds Cleveland brown and it's a good move. Can hater I mean he is saying Twitter and his brother Abul I loved what three million bucks a year. Barton bird can't believe that chase some according mix three million dollars a year. It's it's a typical fast guys though for making like 800 grid I score for a coveted to knock things like recording companies of one accord TJ ward Mike Wallace in football you just totally become nothing like two years nothing right. I think honey badgers got. Let's all go wrong I don't understand them let's say they get one guy I I guarantee you the gonna get one guy gonna say well. So these choices honey badger. Ndamukong Suh Jason Terry. Or. Lamar Jackson Jason Terry with Jason and what's than Jason Peters is already upset. Jason Peters yeah. A mistake Peters that makes the most sense I orbit or one of those five quarterbacks. Anyone. Now I can do that a mistake Peterson makes the gazette at least barrels a great move exit plan and then sales Kate and I understand why this. He makes a million a year which is like ten million less than they're gonna. The guys who play in this damage solicit Wallace five quarterbacks that the Brady stuff has got them rattled. Build move some parts around move up in the first round and get one of those fired Imus honey badger you know who's always hurt you want to happen at its corporate. Great player when he's not hurt these guys and I guess Ndamukong Suh offensive and defense. I think so I think it's had a Claiborne died in past history does do I throw you say Claiborne thing didn't she's good Iowa it incurred. Ference is selling into a little late getting when you're in the Diallo. Italy for years and that's craze could college. Sales channels and checked object does do what would Saban tells me do occasionally occurs these Cyrus Jones right right yes maybe. Trust parents maybe I'm sure he does six of his nine and a half sacks in the one game in McAllen Williams when they had no offense some unknown left Iraq yet have that and I've I don't think who knows he's here. As we speak eyes in towns we're down shifted to accomplish us leadership Dolly. Could they know. Awesome X let's play this out we got a so. Explicitly real quickly Kurdish guys explain. Okay so we have four matchups between. Mike and myself are restaurants and sixteen Britain's bracket today we are playing. Each poll question hasn't dropped from myself that are going on Kirk and Callahan on Twitter so you've been here. Please be brought down an active. Realize you can't make the hunt had you confused by that. Now OK and hopefully confuse me docket could dump drops I think jerk like you said an hour or just embrace it right but to keep we have sixteen drugs tolerance of we will reach 32 drugs from 32 drops total which is having you drop off the drop off rights on some drop from Curtis vs one dumb dropped from my days lobbies for a short games so far there's been four. We've done for a repeat these fortune turned to rattle fox right now audience when his vote again. Tomorrow morning and wonder okay good Twitter. You can faxes to be like as well right yacht retailer show we might as well okay we don't caption contest the whole. So we have four drops each so go ahead the first was to. This is a somber at face our squad. From being bitten by dog after practice so this in the week so far today out tonight he got I thought he. You. City impact yeah. I get out like that is one opportunity to thank the Boston Globe for the excellent reporting we all rights as patriots a share a nation who bull in. Who retreated Nora RNC audience with Twitter account of knocking on and it's a great moment for you because Poland was the reason why I want with that story and by the way the people agree that right now I want the up in the voting on these politic here the Bristol while the doctor adams' affair. Yes and rare modern era piazza was done by crying apparently the modern ear Chris Curtis we're not many of those right ladies and sober for scores. What numbers in Japan. I brought it picked for one. Eleven for my anniversary and then. Aren't. Sure. 71510. Well gristle and once you we want to do. That's after crews explained that he was too nervous because own numbers and how normal and thought he would have a better chance to win if you let the computers and I. I will blame myself as always so to complain that might show up and unfair to him I think you've gone on for me it. Probably about thirty more times yes that's my faults while to the point that. Cumulative specific match 6337. Super Bowl dog blight. Winning right now that's that's a bigger moment John is now rising route not on would you say that's a bigger Schobel this system and it's at the Super Bowl and by the way much. He had he was picked that afternoon it's common that night according to Nora and me in the hell does not see you know this press conference. Yes actually I bought after I talked about it's in the blood. I'm retired after you know the third practice report trending I I say they're ultra acknowledged on a plate John repeat that they too should appoint our guide. Caters for matched what you saw all want to say racism wallet. She combed the boom boom boom. My wish you could screw local wants strobe struggle on its notes with it say racism abolish racism abolished that's rude of them wish that what is right drove themselves are now. But I have I tried and personal thing this animal house to reflect growth will. Pretty hazy about when the whole thing season and I went awful things we see 832. Animal house yet it really right now over in thousand vote you know I've been robbed flow notion that is not a about a lot in the old and Davey maiden voyage of the month and Maloney there are people here on a weekday in the cafeteria. Lou is open but takes his headphones off and puts his. Head under the desk when we play one. That's the first edges of baloney that. First this Maloney and we why don't we have that we can't the first day of Kirk ally Britain first if Kirk first day of many innocent Callahan we've Kirk let's get let's way way way back to 2035. Years ago can go to far back. Now our charities in turn interview OJ 25 years ago yes like it was yesterday yeah. They'll probably play it the other guys what's his face that there's a big controversy or Casey case in doubt his daughter. Kimberly dives that the bloody hard part of the debt the that was overs this radio stuff in radio stuff like the fifties. Statement. We can go back to 2013. Because I don't blame around shops are blaming it on bright he years among the bridge I don't doubt there's some some blame but you know the. Yet Smart we have everything safe from record talent show for all year and a half and we do other Dutch podcasts easy great supplier. This is so good crops or might you run against power thought go ahead and go through its first first jamaat. Well that was well what's so we've all thought forever that the legendary cut guys a mock me for their pick I hear you found that's right guard that any further Gail. Let's go to our guest Chris Curtis Lee pretty share the dancing cow Hampshire area which I. So there everyday in my life I know the meeting in my life that's not only do we I can hear that every single day a bearded overtime. All of the dike sets its a great. That any further dale let's go to our guest Chris Curtis lead producer the dancing cow Hampshire. We're bigger government. You can smell the jeers. At scores have come and this is boring old and troubled I think those are pretty close I think the cafeteria is open. Is right there with that I don't. I'll capture he's getting blown out 6230. Exciting one shot pleasure to be here all one word nice job there and that's that's not even that's not that it captures a funny cup that's that's legendary but don't put rarely ever get better from now all I know they're there are more than multiple cuts from that podcast in the bracket right couple she's slowed to a whole pot I hit them more about that part of paused as he's through he's duped the podcast is this study is the call women as Woody's. I'd go real wall more and larger multi just say this I think is a good month moment and I think my chances guide. I got to ask you Steve thought about it as companies you are the the best seat the American have a lot of respect for Texas they'll still love basis but that you manufacture runs. 83 down the third worst record in based play the American League. For your edification or very couple modeled on a lot I've iPhone isn't pulling up the post season clip on regular seasons at a post season. To be fair amount we were all drinking that their tendencies. I wasn't. Most of us had one beer computers. But a twelve month ordered it should focus its little weird. You were hammered I was the first stomach and can and I spoke on the phone efforts after an event be called to the driving home what are you listening to this for an incredible balance. Outside wouldn't rate at night late Edward Fisher right there yeah a little too late Beckett should during the show and saying please read it do you remember eating remember. Went over to over the Aronson you might sound like he's Limbaugh's and that's exhibitions. See that is slightly bent is at first I was would have been at 4 o'clock A veggie expensive movies or should we shall see us ever taken opposite. I think should be money so it's fun to be tubes wanna make that clear if Curtis this is drug cars and podcast. Oh good. You know these triple a daily basis you do things. Honest to god I believe your Buehrle. Eager to bring benefit California public. I wouldn't I wouldn't wish this job on my own worst enemy so here's schedule from a daily basis all of this poster recap and I am enjoying this. You're on the war front better for years ago that's a good friend and I insult not 5000 votes polled before brackets here's part two lotteries. And I brought out once it Tony c.'s Kudlow 60s613. Time we've got to win so like I told Jerry during the rates like tootsie. Curtis an idol. And no one has ever sounded drawn curtains right there when news complaining well it's true. India thirteen hundred votes for the for the for the Easter bull dog bite for slaughter numbers to where I'd now like you said. Animal house when the real competitive battles promised the science persons of forties yet on a 64 so we move into the next. More on Monday were they doing it for more OK let's get to be here for the next couple of whose in laws that has next week. I'm pretty open Monday Tuesday returns on Wednesday in them are pretty. And you asked ten questions eggs we have a pretty open we want we want them we need ten more Monday view and I watched the Chappaquiddick movie is true star yet to know what to do Monday. OK and if he says no that we're not commitment to in his performance in the movie panel right if you watch the no one you know you're you're doing apologized he's starting today records. I don't know like I don't know you were serious. And 4 o'clock on Friday came onto a bigger. Have to give you that matter I would think he wanted to if you don't want to don't do. What we're gonna yesterday. To Montreal so in my early. On an issue whatsoever that she sent me the email I can watch the movie and you know thank. Two options. The person ones it's excellent for that meet potential. Thanks the job somebody said you simply email you sent me personally as well from some involved with the film and watch it on line. Send that tomorrow. Why because I think it the movie too close to home field. That is why he felt some answer. And I believe that but you. In the mutt didn't get away with a that's the whole point of Chappaquiddick he get away with only driving home run off the road and there for me and my family and that would put them through. The pressure. That it was. So I do these drops about mine here. I mean we I guess we have to industry after this we always have to call them wait and toll I don't actually show month. I am once they played in the afternoon as well people do that great idea at 4 o'clock how many do we have we can wait till tournament. Is it Friday studs all of my next Thursday and sweet sixteen follow. Her or so Monday Tuesday's open. May be a chance for training teams that update on the trendy status. Kept quiet. He can actually hear the gunfire that background it's crazy. That's Chevy cruise and Eric who's a local television star I'm Kuerten in hand I mean national. Television's all that almost. Put me not yet what if it aired yet but the bundles you during their party breaking putts were breaking out sweet and you I'll Milton to stock up on being expert yes we both we've both also true and I announced notable sign with CA I we're sort of I Wear my Twitter bio yes it was sort of a Lister is now so it's weird like it's strange how much are we produce a come together. Sort of an odd couple about the show the show going forward. I think probably done with it what you tell them and they stars is one of the colon business Kos speaking or we're just gonna make appearances it two days right. He greets that kind of thing of coffee I think I'd have to prove your magazine coverage when and a Vanity Fair cover you look great. The new look because that looks good might be neck and looks tremendous I think it's going to be. Finally get ready remember like when Jennifer Aniston got a haircut like that yeah our follow ice I carry for the V neck exclusion she'd probably build up. Guy it's going to be the government's help they saw this figure too skinny guy Anderson to a point that young warrior work college I mean how many Marty book for the June covered anorexia magazines option yet on what our goal is that before after running world follow dad to death when you're gonna be that kind of back on the celebrity interview in the back and articles that's that's our world I made it clear that the the two horses amicable you know whatever it was it was happening yet to sell Cologne each time sombre and and what you said like yeah okay fine she's 26 but usually feel like at the same page and I pretty cut in half and add seven that's still under finally it's a lot of an opera I'm dating and don't come -- X hope that's not dating doll from junior she's at least on the right height for her Donald Trump and was look looking up at deserts of Hilliard mommy that's a very weird strange things right here if he's going to be dealing supermodels within two weeks and SS thankfully. And Vanessa is she must have massive offers right now already. From every tabloid every publisher and piracy pre nup I put a divorced dealers U monopoly they're looking for loopholes and over and a total food etc. loopholes just like the stormy Daniels so I'd talk to trendiest reached out to Trenton yesterday to see where she's that she's feeling that's you're always I was thinking of others tried to like your show until I think you know as you heard next week slap looks pretty good but I've made with you somebody else. Miserably with what is this on Google and I'll kind of open title but look at what is Emerson Fittipaldi from this and joining we should probably have him on Tuesday should try to use them so I said what's going on track here in Georgia to be tripped him talking why pond and come back in the interest. And should the worst whoever it last five days. Sort of voice who shot she talked a program director last week she still struggle with some issues. So she's gonna be on weekend on Saturday afternoons only going fortunes of several good luck with that okay. That is is that a one hitter is that for that get the sense it was. Temporary now Coca. I wanted to have that that much talk about trips begin and I was kinda some weird thing happened on the trip I don't know I satellite don't know. Just friend that's on their pictures on the on the that rock. I saw as a kid you shouldn't. True but I was wondering if she was like in light in round that you find. Meaning and purpose in life. I don't think we were on the grip everything that train was never in the last I want us I think there was always joked well I as she and I were far. Six I believe the hostility issues or me or you think it's more whip. I do think that we'll too dangerous none no not even a bigger issue is I don't agree with parents have told that he's with apple at the big issue with the general thing. Which I don't think is a big deal hoping that this this is what we do you know that we've done stuff with units that we I don't know why this is so upset and appropriate what are we to blame for everything we do know for unity Roemer true we. You write books show us show and write me and we need right though the five of disparity Twitter account. That's your call to open up except as a good today at the meeting will have a definite sense that an increase should be sure a definite and you yes definitely optional. So trying to he's gone. She's done our IP. And it's a matter degrade tremendous run option it is the tree voice filled his face trying to go it Fe train may become a third person on the show. Right. And you have to we have to. Valued assets got to keep the attorney just because the fact she hasn't there yes I don't get a sense at all the tragedy is upset with you right I iShares eagle eye and a sub and that's a mistaken I don't get that sense in any way shape of she'll get bored that TV shows so that's part of its overall I was watching Holland last Stanley Keogh in opener join relevancy it suits you know some people like it's our guest is securities may states they basically you know that the conference in memory of tax data or. It all off on these photos crazy. I don't try to come and have a good I should at least that's he's reasonable yes yes or eight to ten she gets fees are. Well figured. I want to Moscow again now that you we anyone else that you want to chase away who hydraulic and for a couple hours next week. You have to. Guess I mean one Tuesday is different to be sure he's still in Florida Miller please go to weddings and tomato truck and he's going to cease breaks you know broadly in the front row which should not it's it's it's. And he's paying 300 bucks what bodies sadly out of my teammates on this ticket and go with them from the sentence month cheese's. Kirk was read his truck seven grand. Right our guys summit 7000 my idea and drugs called the 300. Yes it's racist in the nude much said he so I'm we saw each for what. He bought for 600 he sold a pair for over 6000 item that is gonna go he's gone we had another pair of tennis writer is compare. And who you bring him to apologize to my jumping all over to me you talk I talk you talk act as Ali Gerri I forgot the rules on the way yeah likes knowing around. They told me you're able yet. Are we Sega but Obama get to dissipate it we'll get back. I do wanna say to by the training now's your chance he wanted to come back to beg for trying to come back on a couple of try and Eackles she got a raise now that we governor everyone else we have money spanned a diplomat will do all we get back 6177797937. 61776993. Set like a couple of trying to calls it a try anyone hear from you if you think. It's our fault mediate fought to destroy these announced to us that she's leaving the show she's gone on that reaction and more. Our force next plane pitches up to get to. Planet patriots and the Bahrain and GRD and all that stuff some more popular this hour overtime as well. A preview our big weekend and Aaron Hernandez anything else wells missed. Yeah I'm flaw back but tiger watch we could we could go back to Curtis is weekend when we Mitt you have as well says Saint Patrick's Day big weekend yesterday's anniversary all Curtis has decided he lives in south leaked these stories for not wanting part of that parade Sulu gets ripped out of town Smart move right yes. Greg.